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→ Paper Doll | 01

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☆ pairing → Jungkook x Reader

☆ genre → idol+singer-songwriter!au, drama, slight angst

 warning sexual themes with smut in the next chapters, mentions of past unhealthy relationship 

☆ word count   → 2.1k

summary   → When the nation’s little sister, IU, gets into a huge scandal, your agency seizes the opportunity to thrust you into that now vacant spotlight. Your self-composed song Paper Doll becomes an overnight sensation, and soon people are itching to find out who was the one who broke your heart. All hell breaks loose once netizens discover that you used to date popular idol, Jeon Jungkook. Little do they know that it wasn’t him who left the relationship unscathed –  it was you.

alternatively: a story on the consequences of a hit break-up song

01 | 02 

a/n  → so basically this is me being coerced into writing jjk smut 
edit: pt i is more of a prologue

[+11,435; -2,003] this really breaks my image of him… proves how you can’t judge someone from their personality on camera

[+9,386; -1,983] all this time he was pretending to be super innocent haha all those stupid fangirls throwing money at him blindly must be going crazy

[+5,903; -1,234] i mean everyone goes through break-ups, but he was cosplaying as an innocent guy who was scared of skinship with girls all these years.. lmao he’s super shamel–

The words on the screen in front of him all blurred and bled into one big stain. He quickly scrolled through the hundreds and hundreds of comments, each more condemning than the last. A steady pressure was building in his ears, until the only thing he could see or feel were the accusations of a faceless crowd, all jeering at him loudly, fingers pointed.

It was as if his entire life flashed in front of his eyes right then, and he could suddenly recall every inconsequential and significant thing that had shaped his life the past seven years – the hours and hours spent in front of the mirror rehearsing the same steps over and over again, the taste of soggy ramen Hoseok hyung had let overcook last week, the screams of fans, the sound of his alarm clock, the look on your face when you told him it was over. There was no chronology to the kaleidoscope of fleeting glimpses of his past.

“What,” he breathed, hands shaking, eyes wide and disbelieving as his phone fell with a clatter on the table. He desperately wanted to ignore reality, but the stares that were all focused on him kept him grounded to the present.

Of course his first scandal would be linked to you.

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Twisted In Lies (D.T) Part 1

Summary: It’s been 6 months, since Y/N and the boys spoken to each other. They’ve all moved on. Y/N even has a boyfriend now. But what happens when Y/N reunites with Ethan and Grayson? Does a reacquainted love occur? Are there more lies? Will more hearts be broken? 

Word Count: 2,883

Warning: None

A/N: We had so many ideas for Twisted In Love, that it was only right we continued the series! So, SURPRISE! Here’s the sequel! As you can see it is called Twisted In Lies. Why? You’ll see as you read the series. Feedback is always welcome! Let us know what you guys think! Make sure you guys keep an eye out on @sniperdolan blog for part 2!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Love you! :) 

( the boys are 20 in this series.)

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Reader’s POV

It’s been 6 months since I’ve spoken to either Ethan or Grayson. The last time I’ve seen them or spoken to them, was the night we got back from Playlist Live Orlando, and everything kind of blew up.

They ended up working things out, and I’m glad. Thank god the Dolans Twins were still together, and from what I see and hear on social media, the boys have been doing great. I tried to keep up with their videos, and watch they whenever they post but it was hard. I missed them. Before all of the craziness, we were friends. I missed being their friend.

I think about reaching out to them, to see if we could try to amend our friendship, but I wouldn’t even know what to say. Grayson was in a relationship now. He was dating a 21 year old college student named Gabriella. She wasn’t a model, or a YouTuber, or anybody in the social media world. She was your normal everyday college fan girl. She was really pretty, and they looked super cute together. I was happy for him. He deserved to be happy.

A lot has happened in the last 6 months. After all that drama passed, everything has been going great. I now have 4 million subscribers on YouTube. I have 5.9 million followers on Instagram, and I was 3,000 followers away from 3 million on Twitter. I’ve doing a little modeling here and there, and taking on some acting rolls for a few shows. I’m so grateful for all these amazing opportunities I’ve been blessed with.

Tonight was the Teen Choice Awards, and I have been nominated for 2 awards. Choice Female YouTuber, and Choice Female WebStar. It was an honor to even be invited to go, let alone be up for 2 big awards. I was currently in my apartment, getting ready with my best friend and my roommate Lena, and my boyfriend Cameron Dallas.

Cameron and I started dating a few months ago. 4 months to be exact. A few weeks after all the drama and stuff had gone down, I was asked to do a photo shoot for Calvin Klein, and Cameron was my partner for the shoot. We got along really well while we were on set. Cracking jokes, and just making each other laugh. He reached out to me on Twitter a few days after the shoot, and asked me to film a collab video with him for his channel. He was a flirt let me tell you! We ended up texting, and snapping each other, and went on a few dates, and now here we are. I really like Cameron, he makes me happy.

“Ready to go beautiful?” he asked, holding out his hands for me to take into my own.

Cameron, Lena, and I walked down stairs to the front of the apartment complex, and got into the Uber. We were finally on our way to my first TCAs.

* * * *

We pulled up to the venue, and as we were getting out the Uber, Cameron and I were immediately called over to the blue carpet. We walked over to the carpet and waited at the end before we were told to go on. I haven’t been here for 10 mins yet and I’m already seeing a ton of celebrities and I’m fangirling a little bit on the inside. There was so much going on. People interviewing, people taking pictures, cameras flashing everywhere. I wasn’t s nervous as I thought I would be, and I guess that was because I had Cameron with me, and he’s done this like a bunch of times already.

“You guys are next.” the lady said to Cameron and I.

“You ready?” Cameron asked. I nodded.

Cameron held my hand, as we both stepped onto the carpet. Immediately there were cameras flashing at us. We stopped and posed for some photos. We took some silly ones, and some normal ones. They wanted some pictures of us by ourselves, so Cameron went off to take his pictures, and I was over here taking mine. I did a few cute poses, and headed over to the next part which was the interview.

* * * *

“Y/N! You look gorgeous. So it’s your first TCA and have already been nominated for 2 awards! Congratulations!” the interview said before placing the mic in front of me.

“Thank you so much! I’m grateful to even be here, so being nominated for 2 awards, I’m truly honored! I hands down have the best fans in the world! I love you guys!” I said blowing a kiss into the camera.

The interview carried on for a little bit, with questions about my channel, and what else I’ve been working. Now here comes the one question I’ve been dreading the most. Great.

“So Y/N I think everyone is dying to know. Have you and the twins talked at all since all the drama happened? Do you think it’s possible to fix the friendship?” she asked.

I did not want to answer that question at all, and I didn’t know how to answer that question. That was a question I was hoping to avoid, but of course it was going to get brought up so am I surprised.

“We haven’t talked, but I mean I have nothing against them. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things, so I couldn’t be any more proud of them.” I said truthfully.

Thank god Cameron finished his interview because he came over shortly after I answered the question.

“Clearly everyone is talking about “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” How are you guys feeling about being nominated for Favorite Ship?” the interviewer asked.

“I think we’re a pretty cute couple, and I think the fans would agree.” Cameron said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Before we let you guys go in, we have something for Y/N here.” the interviewer said, before walking off to the side to get something. She came back with a surfboard and I was so confused. Was it mine?

“Y/N you won Choice Female WebStar! Congratulations on your first award of the evening!” the interviewer cheered.

Cameron was cheering like one of those embarrassing mom.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much!” I said surprised. I was shocked to say the least. My first TCAs and my first surfboard! Tonight was going to be great!

* * * *

After the carpet Cameron head inside to meet Lena, who was already at her seat. I was seating down when Lena looked at me and kept motioning her head back, and mouthing for me to turn around. I gave her a weird look, but turned my around to see what she was trying to tell me.

It was them. It was Ethan and Grayson. They were sitting literally a row behind us. Grayson had his arm wrapped around some girl, who I realized was his girlfriend. Well I guess this will be interesting.

The award show went on, and it was time for them to announce Choice Male WebStar. A category both Cameron and the twins were nominated for. I was feeling so conflicted. Of course I wanted my boyfriend to win, but the twins also deserve it.

“And the winner for Choice Male WebStar is? …” the announcer paused as she opened the envelope. Cameron was holding my hand the whole time, while he was shaking his leg up and down nervously. It was cute how after all the awards he’s won he still gets so nervous.

“The Dolan Twins!” the announcer yelled into the microphone. I looked over at Cameron to see if he was upset or angry, but he wasn’t. Instead he was smiling and clapping for his friends.

As the twins were walking up to receive their award, they walked passed my row and Ethan did a little double take, as he tapped on Grayson’s arm making him turn around and his eyes landed on me. I flashed him a small smile, and he just turned around and made his way to the stage with Ethan.

“You okay?” Lena asked me.

“Yeah, it’s just weird seeing them since we haven’s spoken or anything you know.” I responded truthfully.

The boys gave their speech, and the fans went crazy! We went through a few more awards, a performance from Ariana Grande. Cameron had just won his Choice Comedian award, and I couldn’t be happier! They were announcing the awards for Choice Female YouTuber and Choice Male YouTuber next, and I was honestly freaking out! I was up against so many great YouTubers, there was no way I was winning that award. I was in my seat talking to Lena, and Cameron, when someone came and told me I needed to head backstage.

I was waiting backstage like the one of the backstage crew members told me to, but I wasn’t sure for what to be honest.

“Hey stranger.” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I turned around to see who it was.

It was Ethan.

“Hey!” I said, a little excited, but a little taken back at the same time.

“What are you doing backstage?” he asked me, nervously running his hand through his hair.

“I don’t know, they just told me to come back here and wait for something.” I shrugged.

“What about you? Why are you back here?” I asked.

“I don’t know either. Someone told Grayson and I the same thing.” he said, putting his hands in his back pocket.

There was an awkward silence between us for a few seconds before Ethan spoke again.

“I’m not mad anymore.” he said, causing me to drift my attention from the floor to him.

“I wanted to reach out but Grayson said you changed your number.” he finished.

“Yeah I did…” I paused.

“Ethan, I really am sorry about everything that happened.” I told him.

“It’s cool. I’m over it. I just miss my best friend.” he said flashing me his award winning smile.

“So friends?” I asked, as I was being pulled in for a hug by Ethan.

We both took out our phones, and decided to take a selfie. We posted a video on our Snapchat stories, and posted our selfies on Twitter with the caption …

@EthanDolan: “Ran into this stranger backstage. Congrats on your first TCA @YourTwitterName! Proud of you! 1 down 1 to go!”

@YourTwitterName: “Look who I met backstage at the TCAs! @EthanDolan”

As I was putting my phone away I saw Grayson coming from around the corner. I wanted to say something to him, but one of the crew members grabbed me and told me to stand over by the stage entrance.The announcer started making the announcement for the female and male YouTuber nominations.

“Good Luck.” Ethan said from behind me. The crew members had us standing in some kind of line up in front of the stage entrance, and I had zero idea as to why. Grayson was standing next to Ethan, paying attention on his phone and not once did he even try to look at me. I guess he wasn’t over it like Ethan was.

I smiled and wished him good luck as well.  

“And your winner for Choice Female YouTuber is…”

“Y/N Y/L/N!” one of the announcers yelled.

As I was walking up the stairs to get on the stage to accept my award, the second announcer started announced the award for male YouTuber.

“And your Choice Male YouTuber is…”

“The Dolan Twins!” the second announcer yelled, and the boys came walking onto the stage behind me.

We accepted our awards, gave our speeches and continue off the stage. I had some interviews to do so Cameron waited for me backstage so we could go together.

“2 awards! I’m proud of you babe!” Cameron said pulling me into a hug, as he placed a kiss on my cheek.

“Yo E, congrats bro!” Cameron shouted to Ethan, turning around giving him one of those bro hugs.

We made our way to a room, that had a beach theme going on.There were surfboards, a little swimming pool with sand around it, and a beach balls getting thrown around everywhere. It was pretty cute. Ethan, Grayson, Cameron and I were all getting interviewed by Tyler Oakley.

“So Y/N. You tweeted a selfie of Ethan and yourself and Ethan you did as well. So can we confirm that everything is good between you guys? No more drama” Tyler asked.

“Yes, everything is good. The past is the past, and I’m just happy to have my best friend back!” I said, as Ethan pulled me into a side hug.

“What about you Grayson? Everything’s good between you guys?” Tyler asked Grayson. To be honest, I didn’t know how he was going to respond. I mean he has even said a single word to me. Not like I expect him too, but I figured if Ethan got over it maybe he would too.

‘Yeah, we’re good!” Grayson said, fake smiling at the camera.

We were all answering a few fan questions, Cameron was cracking a few jokes back and forth with Ethan. Grayson tried to interact but you can tell he wanted to get the hell out of here as soon as possible. I mean I’m sure this has to be awkward for him. Seeing me for the first time in months, and I’m here with my boyfriend who just happens to be a friend of his. Someone bought out an envelope and surfboard, handing it to Tyler. He opened the envelope and read it before turning his attention back to the camera.

“Congratulations “You and Cameron’s Ship Name” you just won the Favorite Ship award!” Tyler screamed. Turning around to hand Cameron and I the surfboard.

“Told you we’re a cute couple.” Cameron said, before giving me a kiss on the lips.

Everyone in the roomed started awing following with chants of our ship name. Even Ethan was chanting it. Cameron and I pulled apart from our kiss, and I turned my head to look at Grayson. His eyes met mine, but quickly left as he turned his head and whispered something into Ethan’s ear.

After the interview Cameron and I went to go meet up with Lena before we started heading out. The TCAs were now over, and besides the awkward tension between Grayson and I, I had an amazing time. As the three of us were walking through the hectic crowd, Ethan approached us with Grayson and his girlfriend following behind. 

“Hey Y/N. Do you wanna go get some pizza and catch up? Cameron and your friend can come too.” Ethan said eyeing Lena. They never met before, but Lena being my best friend of course she knew all about him.

“Yeah, that sounds good actually! Cam you want to go babe?” I asked my boyfriend.

“Yeah, I’m down. Lets go! I’m starving!” Cameron said, wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Ethan, this is my best friend Lena. The one I use to always be on FaceTime with.” I said introducing Ethan to Lena.

“So this is the infamous best friend we always use to hear about but never met.”

“Nice to meet you Lena, I’m Ethan.” he said shaking her hand, flashing her a wide smile.

We walked outside, and somehow managed to fit into one SUV. The car ride to the restaurant consisted of just jamming out, and taking snapchat videos. Well all of us except Grayson. He was sitting in the front seat on his phone the whole time.

“Babe are you okay?” I heard his girlfriend ask him. 

She was really pretty. They really did look cute together. I hope she treats him well. He deserved to be happy.

I started making small talk with Gabriella and she was really sweet. We talked a little bit about her, and school, she was really nice. Perfect for Grayson to be honest. Meanwhile Cameron was FaceTiming his sister next to me, and Ethan and Lena were in the back seat talking, and taking selfies. If I didn’t know any better, I would say Ethan was even flirting a little bit. Lena and Ethan? Lethan? Okay I would totally ship that! I wouldn’t even be mad if they ever dated. 

* * * *

We arrived at the restaurant, and the waiter sat us at a big circular booth near the back. 

I was sitting next to Cameron, followed my Lena and Ethan, and with Gabriella and Grayson on the opposite side of me. We all ordered our drinks, and Ethan ordered us a big pineapple pizza pie. 

We were eating and making small talk amongst each other. Everything was going great. The vibe with everyone was great, everyone except Grayson anyway. He was pretty much quite the whole time, unless he was talking to Gabriella or Ethan. He made small talk with Lena here and there, but as for Cameron and I he didn’t really speak to us. 

“Does anyone want anything else?” Grayson asked, picking up the check. He offered to pay the bill, which I thought was sweet of him. 

But I spoke to soon.

“What about you Cam? You could always go for seconds right?” Grayson said, smirking at Cameron. 

Great here we go…

through the coldness

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Title:  through the coldness
Pairing: Kim Jongin/Reader
Genre: Dance instructor!Kai/ Journalist!Reader
Summary: Everything goes down the hill the moment she realizes that her life wasn’t how she had planned it. However, maybe she could use her ink to write about her friend Jongin so she could finally reach the success she always wanted. Yet, as she gets to know more about him…she realizes that she can see through his cold stare and find the warmth that he never shows to anyone but her.

Part I: “Your place or mine?”

Due dates, mere numbers in a calendar that were hated by most of the world’s population. There was something well known about due dates and it was that it shortened your time in a way and it was an excellent way of pressuring an individual to the point of self-blaming and stress. Authorities used it as a way of delivering responsibility and receiving it at the same time, which caused most workers or students to plan everything for that date. Some decided to spend their times eating, going out, watching series or simply talking to their friends until a day was left and they were on tears begging for more hours to whatever was up there. Others picked every single second of their day to perfect whatever was on task. Whatever person you were, you still felt that tickling inside your stomach that welcomed someone to judge your work. Her due date was that day and she had been working for two weeks straight to bring a good article to her magazine so she could finally get that upgrading spot in the place she worked at, a weekly article that was on the first pages. It was a dream that she never forgot and she worked hard for it the moment she entered said company, so she was twisting and playing with her pencil as she saw the boss’ face when he was reading through her article.

Kyuhyun, her boss, looked at her through his small lashes and sweet eyes, but they didn’t show the excitement that usually plastered over his face whenever he read Baekhyun’s adventurous and eye-catching articles. He had this small over his petite features, one that wasn’t too pleased and she lets her shoulders fall a bit, looking down at her hands as she expects whatever correction he was going to make. She thought that the article based on the most known artist on the region was exciting, even more when the man was as old as he was, but Kyuhyun didn’t see it that way from his point of view completely business based. The man fixes the sleeve of his black coat as his back becomes straighter; placing down the big amounts of sheets of paper she had brought him to look into her eyes. He calls her name in that voice full of disappointment and she sighs.

“…You know I love how you write.  Your words are the classiest of this entire magazine and your style is…captivating, really.” Compliments, the best way to start a correction in one’s work, they were sweetened ways to remind someone that they were still friends even when you were about to put a dagger through their hearts. Kyuhyun interlocks his hands together before sighing. “But this…this is classy, beautifully written, but it’s not new…how many people have interviewed this man in the entirety of his life?  The same plain answers become dull to the reader’s eyes, you know?” Kyuhyun runs his fingers through his brown hair and she nods her head, trying to reach for the sheets of paper with determination.

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Levi Ackerman - exclusive interview with ELLE

I’ve always wanted to do a magazine cover for one/some of my sims. Fortunately for Levi, I was able to find a recent (and decent) screenshot for the purpose.

Edited: updated image to include date, as well as fix the unreadable headline  

( v ̄▽ ̄) イエーイ♪

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Can you please do a reaction for Namjoon when you break up with him because of fan hate.

I’ll try my best. Here goes…

“What are you doing?” Namjoon walked into the room, watching her start to pack a bag of her clothes. 

She was pissed that much he could tell, there was no organization, she was throwing whatever her hands landed on into her suitcase. 

“Didn’t you hear me?” If it was one thing she knew he hated, it was being ignored and he came over to where she was, grabbing her wrist mid-air. 

“I can’t do this anymore. Those…stupid…fuckin, army bitches.” She snatched her wrist from him, thinking she could pull away, but Namjoon was stronger than he looked and he held tight. 

RapMon rolled his eyes, thinking of his militant fans. “What happened now?”

His voice softened the strong bass of it, lulling in her ears, but she wasn’t trying to think about that now. Right now, she wanted to pull the hair from the scalps of the little wannabe whores who called themselves fans. The things they said, the things they did, god didn’t people have any empathy for one another anymore? Wasn’t there any common decency? She blinked away tears, hand coming smoothing down her hair, moving up to the puff on her head. 

“Mama…” He turned her towards him, hands snaking around her waist. “Talk to me.” 

Tears fought to dive out of her eyes as she spoke. Putting on the same nasty voice that she imagined those girls talking with. “Oh my god she isn’t even that cute. Look at her hair, how does he deal with that? I hate that daddy RapMon is with her, she better take a long walk off a short pier. Need I go on?” 

She broke down, sitting on the bed, hands on her face as she sobbed. Didn’t they know she was human too? What was it about her that, made people hate her unnecessarily? 

Namjoon cursed under his breath. To be honest, he hated that too. he despised those hate-filled, bigoted, petty females. If they were his fans, then why couldn’t they let him be happy? He didn’t run his so called Instagram however, the PR did. He had talked to them before about blocking and curving those females. He had even told her to just not look at it, but he was realistic. he would look as well. He looked down at her, her sienna colored skin, glowing in the warmth of the midday sun, stroking a hand over her shoulder. 

“Baby, you and I both know, they ain’t shit. Them females got no jams. They are jealous of you. Jealous of us. They want what you have, but they can’t have me. I’ve told you that from day one.” 

He knew he wasn’t the most comforting person, but he wanted her to have strength in his words. He wanted her to know that it didn’t matter.

She looked up at him brown eyes pleading. “That doesn’t help Namjoon! What if people said shit about you. Things you can’t change about who you are? Wouldn’t that hurt?”

It would. Though truth be told he learned long ago to brush the haters off. His skin was thicker than most. Too much: ‘Asian men don’t rap.’ ‘You don’t understand the struggle.’  Was thrown at him and he rose above it. This was something different though. 

“It would.” He answered softly, kneeling in front of her, he grabbed a tissue from the desk behind him wiping her eyes. Pressing the tissue into her hands, he grasped her fingers in his tightly. “What do you want me to do?” 

Her voice cracked, throat dry as she spoke the only thing she wanted. “I want it to stop. Today. I want you to get on there, and you speak.”

He already heard his PR manager in his head: ‘You can’t just say those things, you’ll lose a fanbase. You do realize we are marketed, and based in Korea. You can’t just do whatever, Kim Namjoon.’

RapMon sighed. Rubbing a hand over his blue dyed hair, he watched her face go from it’s soft expectant gaze, to eyes of stone and contempt. She could read his face, standing up she moved from his touch closing her suitcase. 

“I can try. Baby, it’s not up to me, but the next time I’m on interview I will..” She cut him off, walking towards the door. 

“Will do what? Say something? When it’s too late?” She watched him still on his knees, looking quickly from her to the door. 

“Don’t go. I can fix this.” He stood up quickly, but not before she opened the door to their room. 

“It’s too late.” Turning on her heel, Namjoon watched the women he loved head down the stairs, and out the door. 

With it’s echoing slam, he cringed at the reverberating sound, wondering how had everything gotten this far. 

I hope that’s what you wanted! Thanks for the submission. 

anonymous asked:

I'm so happy that you got to meet Steven!! It's been a goal of mine for a while now. Anyways, I was wondering what your feelings are on the rumors that Glenn will return in season 8 are?

Thank you!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ I really hope you get to. I know you’re anon, but I’m rooting for you lol. He’s just perfect and anyone who loves him deserves the honour of seeing that perfection in person 😂

As for the rumours, are they stemming off Steven’s interview where he said if TWD wanted to bring him back he’d be all for it? Because I would too. Like…. I don’t care if we got a scene of him rising from his grave at Hilltop with a dramatic close up of his head as it slowly fixes itself back into Glenn’s original beautiful features with a huge glowing light behind him, making his body illuminate in the sky along heavenly music in the background as everyone watched from below in pure amazement…… I mean…… let’s go???

But let’s be honest, it’s either gonna be a dream or flashback and we’d be damn lucky to get either. 

The Paparazzi ( Pete Wentz )

A/N: I know this was significantly later than promised, so i’m sorry. Unfortunately I’m going through some medical stuff and couldn’t use one wrist yesterday or today so it was difficult to write, but it’s finally here , so I hope everyone enjoys!


Based Off of the Request:  Can I have a Dad!Pete imagine where after you’re like 15 (he didn’t want you shown to the paparazzi as a kid) you start going out together and the paparazzi show up and then you get interviewed by them and handle it like a champ (then an entire day of adorable fluff)?

I fix my hair nervously one more time, as Dad comes bounding down the stairs, and straight past me. He makes it a few feet past me, before slowly backtracking and narrowing his eyes at me.

“New hair?” he asks suspiciously, noticing my purple ends I just finished that morning.

I gulp, not sure how he’s going to react, “Yup, did them myself”

“Love it” he says with a grin, and continues in his path to the front door. I smile happily at his response, and watch as he moves into the kitchen. 

“Are you ready to go?” he yells.

“Yes, Dad,” I groan, “I’ve been ready for an hour. I’ve been waiting on you remember?”

“Oh right,” he says, popping back into the room, “I forgot. Well I’m ready, let’s go”

I roll my eyes but follow him to the door. We throw ourselves into the car, and we’re off to the store.We stop at Target first, grabbing clothes and books for him to take on tour, and then we head to the mall. He parks near one of the restaurants where we’re going to grab lunch.and pulls into a spot close to the entrance.

“Oh shit” he mutters as he looks at the restaurant.

“What?” I ask, looking toward the doors, trying to figure out what he’s frowning at.

“Paparazzi are hanging around the entrance, they must know I’m gonna be here”

“So what?” I ask harshly.

“So,” he responds, mocking my tone, “we should probably eat somewhere else, keep them away from you”

“Dad seriously?” I complain, “ You promised we would eat here before you leave for tour, and you’re leaving in two days .Plus, I can deal with some dumb paparazzi! I’m fifteen, not a baby, I can handle myself”

“I know that (Y/N),” he responds sincerely, turning to look at me, “ but paparazzi can be nasty, I don’t want to expose you to them before it’s absolutely necessary”

“I know, Dad, but I’ll be fine, I promise” I plead.

“Fine,” he agrees reluctantly,  “but only because I promised we’d eat here.”

I cheer and hop out of the car. Dad chuckles and follows, staying right next to me. As we near the doors, he throws an arm protectively over my shoulder.The paparazzi spot us, I take a single deep breath, and we’re surrounded.

They fight for our attention, asking Dad about the upcoming tour, the family, and the newest album, the first after the long break the guys took to raise us children. Surprisingly, they pay just as much, if not more, attention to me. Asking everything from my stylist ( none, obviously), to my relationship with the other guys’ kids (my best friends), to my relationship with my dad (great). I answer most questions, keeping a smile plastered on my face the whole time. 

Finally we make it past the crowd into the restaurant, and Dad walks up to the host,“Can we get a table for two, preferably away from the door?”

“Of course sir,” the host responds, “ and we’ll do our best to keep the unwanted visitors outside and away from your table”

“Thank you” we both say gratefully.

We make it to a booth in the back corner,and drop into the seats, completely free of the paparazzi.

“So what’d you think?”

“Honestly,” i said, “It wasn’t horrible. They were kind of pushy and a little annoying but not bad”

“Yea,  you handled it like a champ! You kicked paparazzi butt out there, talking about how good of a Dad I am. Tomorrow’s magazines will probably read Pete Wentz:Father of the Year” he says excitedly.

“Or maybe it’ll say (Y/N) Wentz, Punk Princess” I respond grinning

“Either way, you killed it, and I’m proud” he says, high fiving me over the table.

“Thanks for letting me brave the crowd today”

“Hey it was never you I didn’t believe in, it’s those paparazzi that get a little too up close and personal sometimes.” he says smiling.

“Hey now don’t get all sentimental on me” I respond teasingly.

He grins and looks back over the menu. We both end up getting the same thing, as usual, and the food is so amazing I’m glad we still got to eat here.After the meal we walk around the mall, grabbing the last few things we need.As our day grows to an end, the dread I feel toward the upcoming tour that will take my Dad across the country, and away from us,  grows and grows until it’s the only thing I can think about. I walk through the parking lot toward the car glumly.

“What’s wrong, kiddo?” Dad asks as he bumped me with his shoulder, apparently noticing my sour mood.

“I’m just bummed that you’re leaving so soon, I’m gonna miss you,” I say, leaning my head on his shoulder.

“I know, I’m gonna miss you too kid, but hey, we might see each other sooner than you think” he says as he pulls open the door to the car and slides in.

“What do you mean?” I ask him, confused.“Well, this was supposed to be a surprise, but, I may or may not have convinced your mom to let you come on the rest of our tour with us, as soon as school gets out.”

 “Really?” I ask grinning, “ That’s amazing!”

“Hey the guys love you, and I don’t want to spend six months without my little girl, so on May 20th you’re flying out and joining us in California” He responds grinning.I push myself across the seat and tackle him into a hug, which he returns, laughing.We head home, now both extremely excited for the tour and for the summer.


The next day, we see a magazine that reads  “Pete and (Y/N) Wentz: The Dynamic Daddy-Daughter Duo”  above a picture of us laughing and talking to a reporter together, and a shot of us grinning and hugging in the car.

I buy a copy and hang the cover on my bedroom walls, right over the calendar that’s counting down the days to the best summer of my life.

[Jared - Extended imagine] “Which song?”

Original ImagineImagine: You are Jared’s celebrity crush and the two of you are guests on a talk show. He acts shy the whole time.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars “This is war” is about to come out, for the sake of this story?

{ Anon request } 


-We’re back here with our first guest of the night, Jared Leto! –The TV host announces in a thick British accent while looking at the camera; the audience cheers. –Now, before we carry on and introduce our second guest… I heard the new trailer for “Suicide squad” is coming out soon.

Jared shows a side smirk and shrugs in his seat while facing the man.

-Oh, come on! You can tell us that.

-I don’t know. Once I was done filming, I tried to stay away from the whole Joker scene because it was a very intense process and I needed to get some distance. So right now I don’t know… I mean, I know the movie comes out on August this year but that’s it. It’s all I need to know.

-Well, I beg to differ. –Says the host with a condescending look on his face.

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FFXIII REMINISCENCE ~Tracer of Memories~ Chapter 8: Hope Estheim

Translation credits to Galvea@GameFAQs.

Aoede recalls what Hope said to her at the end of his interview… 

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You’re His Celeb Crush - Michael 5SOS Imagine/Preference

*The band’s first tour*

“So boys, any celebrity crushes?”

Ashton and Luke were both prepared with their answers, “Will Smith!”

Michael on the other hand wasn’t so simple, “D- no… C-no…W-no…”

Calum sat there laughing his ass off, “isn’t it y/n?”

Alexandra, their interviewer, was intrigued by the answer, “y/n? Really? You’ve gotta tell us why Mike!”

Michael figured he’d never really meet you so he might as well talk about it, “I mean, look at her! She is seriously so gorgeous, and her music is amazing! There’s so much depth to it!”

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I’m getting pretty sick of this “you want a 40yr old to fuck a teenager” shit that antis like to spew out all the time, so I need a rant.

No. N O. That is not all I want. Sure I wouldn’t complain if the time ever came where Daryl and Beth wanted to get down and dirty of course i wouldn’t, i’d sing with joy, but I don’t physically need it to “live my fantasies through Beth to get to fuck Daryl.”

No. (inserting a read more cause I get ranty)

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Preference #43 - He Finds Out You Have Depression

I hope things are getting better for you babe^^^ i’m sorry.

I know this preference could affect certain people so only read if you know it won’t trigger you or anything, if anyone ever needs to talk i’m here! Leave me an inbox and i’ll happily talk to you, love you lovelies ◕ ◡ ◕

A S H T O N:

You walked back into the apartment that you shared with your boyfriend Ashton, after your “routine Doctor’s appointment.” Only it wasn’t. After a few weeks of feeling sad on the inside, no matter how happy you were on the outside, you decided to do something about it.

“Ah! Babe, you’re back! How did the Doctor’s go?” He asked, hugging you hello.

“I-it was, uh…” You sighed. “Ashton, I need to talk to you about something.”

“Is everything okay?” He asked nervously, biting his lip. You shook your head, tears filling your eyes. “Hey, it’s okay. Whatever it is, we’ll get through it together, I promise." 

"I have depression.” You whimpered, looking down in shame as the tears started to spill. “I’m depressed, Ashton.”

“You’re… You’re what?” He questioned, confused. “But you always seem so smiley and happy, what… What happened?”

“I don’t know Ash, it just happened. I’m sorry.” You cried, and he pulled you into his arms, you sobbing in his shoulder. 

“Shh, shh. Don’t apologise baby, this isn’t your fault. I told you, we’re gonna get through this together, right? I’m always here for you no matter what.” He reassured you, rubbing your back softly as you cried and he held you for as long as you needed.

C A L U M:

Your Texts In Bold
Calum’s Texts In Italics

Calum was stood backstage, an hour before showtime. Rehearsals were over and he had just showered, now he was getting dressed and sorting his hair out of the night. 

His phone lit up as he received a text from you. Presuming it was a usual “Good luck baby!” text, he smiled down at his phone as he saw your name. He didn’t read what he expected though. 

Hey Cal, I know it’s close to show time but I have some big news for you, let me know when we can talk. Love you x

Hi baby, I don’t care what time it is! I’m here, what’s happened?x

So I visited the Doctor’s today, Y/BF/N kinda forced me to go, but it turns out I have depression, and i’m gonna be getting therapy for a while, it’s gonna be hard so I understand if you want to walk away. But if you’re gonna leave me, do it now because I can’t hold on if it isn’t gonna work out x

I don’t understand Y/N, is it because of me leaving a lot? I’m so sorry, I should’ve been there for you and I haven’t been. I hope you can forgive me babe, and i’m never leaving you. I swear i’m here.. x

No no no, Calum none of this is your fault. I’ve been feeling this way for a while but didn’t say anything.. I’m gonna get better though. I’ll do it for you and for us x

I just hope you know that i’m always here. I gotta go do the show now but i’ll try and get home to you as soon as I can, just hold on for me. I love you so much, and things are gonna be great soon :-)x

And with that, Calum had to go perform in front of the thousands of people waiting. But all he could think about was you, and how he could try to fix you. 

L U K E:

((this one is a bit different to the request but I hope it’s okay anyway))

“Lets do some fan questions!” The interviewer said, scrolling through the tweets on her phone. “Ah, this is an interesting question for you, Luke.”

Luke looked up at her and snapped out of his thoughts, trying to stop thinking about you. 

“How are you coping with your girlfriend suffering from depression?” She asked, looking directly into his eyes. He furrowed his eyebrows and sighed, looking at the ground.

“I-it’s uh, it’s hard to be honest.” He said, clearly uncomfortable with the question. “She was expecting me to leave her as soon as I found out but that was the last thing I wanted to do. I just want to help her but it’s so hard when we have to be away.”

“We’ve all being trying to help.” Michael added, as Luke looked up at him. “Luke couldn’t do it alone and we all love Y/N, so we knew we had to help.”

“I was really surprised when I found out that she had depression, because I never noticed that she was so unhappy, and I kinda felt guilty in a way.” Luke commented. “

"Well it sounds like she has all of your full support.” The interviewer finished. “Good luck to you all and her. She’s beautiful and you guys are great." 

Luke thanked her and something changed, he felt a new sense of hope that wasn’t there before, because if a stranger believed in you both, then he should too.

M I C H A E L:

((this one is different to the request too but I ran out of ideas sorry))

Michael rolled over in bed and groaned, reaching out for you. He knew that it was still too early to be awake, due to the sky still being dark and full of stars. His eyebrows furrowed when you weren’t there for him to pull in closer.

"No, no, no.” He mumbled, jumping out of bed as he heard the shower running from down the hall. “Not again.”

He knew what he was about to find. It definitely wasn’t the first time, and it usually wouldn’t be the last. But this time, he knew he had to do something to stop this from happening again. 

He opened the door and there you were, huddled in the corner of the shower and sobbing, your body numb under the scolding water. If he held his hand under the water, it would hurt like hell. That’s what scared him; the fact that you could sit there for hours and not feel a thing. 

“Baby, baby…” He soothed, turning the temperature down and holding you in his arms. “I’m here baby, shh, shh.”

He turned the water down even colder, because your body felt so hot, and your skin had gone red. It was making him shiver but he didn’t care; in that moment, you were the only thing that mattered.

“Michael.” You sobbed, barely able to breathe. “I need help. Can you help me? I need someone to help me.”

“I know baby, I know..” He whispered, rubbing your back and kissing your head. “I promise i’ll do everything I can, my love. We’re gonna get you better, everything will be happy again. I love you so much and i’m never letting you go.”

A/N - IM HAPPY WITH THIS PREFERENCE YEY💟 Really though, you’re never alone in this, and if you need help, please do ask me(*◕‿◕*) I love you. 



anonymous asked:

top 10 colin firth interviews you recommend?

Such a awesome question, anon! Thank you! 

I don’t know if you mean on paper or video interview. I’m going for the latter, I hope I guessed it right.

My criteria in choosing them:
- I remembered them :D
- I watched them more than once
most often because I could not concentrate on his words as I was too busy fangirling.

So, here we go, in no particular order:

funny, sweet, lovable, lovely, Magic in the moonlight Academy conversation


be careful with this, no interviewer, camera fixed on his face, his soothing, soft, rich voice and the depth of his gaze is hypnotizing 

awful video quality but worth watching it, as they have such an amazing chemistry together, and Colin has this sort of half brooding half mocking forever charming attitude which makes me smile and swoon


The oscar roundtable is a must-watch, it’s just Colin and Annette: they could steal the show, any show, any time


OK, the film in itself, Gambit, was not this piece of art but boy, just watch this interview and get lulled by his deep, calm, pensive, fascinating, ridiculously sexy voice and then, you’ll be convinced to watch the movie three times in a row.

Bafta interviews. All of them, are so precious if you want to catch a glimpse of how articulate, charming, elegant, entertaining this handsome man is.

The expression “the camera loves him” was created for him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLN7ys_roH8

When he is at his ease I’d listen to him talking about anything till the end of forever

All his interviews in any US tv show are fun to watch. I’m posting this merely because it shows how clumsy and lovely and damn hot he can be, all at the same time.

I’m not going to give my comment on this interview. Just watch, just watch it, if you haven’t already.

And last but not least, could I ever not mention THIS??
The interview of ALL interviews? The clearest example of what to ask to make Colin just as comfortable and as happy as, well, never?

I loved this question, and I am pretty sure, as soon as this is posted, a dozen other interviews will come to my mind and I’ll think I did a very poor job. :)

Famous Couple Niall Horan Smut for (bookssed-direction)

Sorry for the wait but I hope you like and if not just let me know and I’ll fix it.

“Hey Niall.” I said once he answered my phone call and I smiled at the thought of talking to him.

“Hey babe! I didn’t expect you to call me until later in the afternoon.” He said and I smiled.

“Well my interview finished early and now in on my way to a photo shoot in Miami.” I said and he sighed.

“I’m in L.A right now for a concert tonight! God I wish I can see you! I miss you so much babe.” He said and the sadness in his voice made my heart break.

“We’ll see each other soon I promise.” I said with a small smile and he sighed.

“I hope it’s very soon because I miss and need you.” He said and his voice deepens and I smiled.

“I would tell you what I do to relieve myself whenever were seperated but I don’t want to give you a boner when you’re in public.” I whispered in the car although I was alone.

I heard shuffling and a door closed and I laughed.

“K babe I’m alone please give me something!” He begged and I laughed and bit my bottom lip.

“How about you call me tonight and I’ll make it worth your while.” I whispered and he growled.

“We’ve been dating for two years and i sill can’t get used to us being on our own tours and traveling. This is torture and agonizing at the same time.” He whispered and I could hear him unzipping his pants an I sighed.

“Niall you can’t wait until tonight?” I asked and laughed a little as he moaned.

“I’m just thinking about you and I’m already hard.” He said and I laughed and shook my head.

“Okay Niall I have to go but I promise I’ll call you later. Have fun…with that.” I said and laughed before he moaned and I hung up.

I planned on surprising Niall at his concert because I wanted to see him and I arrange all my meetings and such before hand so I could see him. Every time Niall would be the one to surprise me and I want to change that.

I got on my plane and flew to L.A and found out where he was staying and where he was playing. Paul helped me to Niall’s room and I set up wine candles and roses and my famous cupcakes.

“Are you ready?” Paul asked and I told him one more minute before closing the door.

I changed but put Niall’s favorite lingerie under my clothes, no surprise it’s green and is all lace and I never liked it but Niall loves it on me.

Paul took me to where they were performing and the concert already started giving me time to hide behind stage. They were signing and Niall casually looked at me but then did a double take and stared at me.

I laughed and pushed my hands toward him to signify that he needs to perform. Once they performed Niall was the first one to run out and he ran straight to me.

“God I’ve missed you so much!” He said as he hid his face in the crook of my neck and I let small tears fall from my eyes.

“Hey guys do you want to head out and eat with us?” Louis asked and Niall smiled.

“Yeah that sounds–”

“Actually Niall I have something planned back at the hotel.” I whispered in his ear and he nodded his head.

“Never mind guys I’m just going to head back to the hotel. See you guys later.” He said and dragged me back to the hotel.

“So what is this other surprise?” Niall asked and I smiled as we stepped into the room and Niall smiled automatically going to the cupcakes.

“This is part of your surprise.” I said taking off my clothes and showing the green lingerie.

“Holy shit you look amazing. You brought that with you when you traveled?” He asked and I nodded my head.

“I know it’s your favorite.” I said and he smiled and lightly kissed me.

“So you did all this for me?” He asked and I laughed and nodded my head.

“Of course. You always surprise me and I wanted to surprise you this time.” I whispered and he laughed and kissed me a little deeper. I pushed him onto the bed and straddled him as we continued to kiss.

I felt his member harden and I smiled and kissed his lips as he undid my lingerie.

“God babe you’re beautiful!” He whispered under his breathe as I went on my knees and pulled down his boxers.

“Dam babe you’re so hard! All this for me?” I asked as I slowly pumped him with my hand.

“Please love don’t tease. I’ve been waiting for this all day.” He said slightly putting his head back and I smiled and decided not to tease him anymore.

I brought him into my mouth and quickly bobbed back and forth knowing just how Niall liked it.

“Fuck babe please stop I–”

I shook my head wanting him to finish in my mouth and that caused him to moan even louder and I went deeper now and starting to swallow.

“Babe in so–FUCK!!” He moaned as he came into my mouth and I swallowed and took him out of my mouth.

“You liked it ” I said and he still was catching his breathe as he grabbed me and placed me on the bed.

“That was amazing. Now it’s your turn.” He said as he started to kiss down my stomach but I shook my head.

“No I want you now. Please.” I said as I grabbed the condom and handed it to him and he smiled and lightly kissed me and then rolled it on.

“Anything for you love.” He said and slid into me and we both moaned.

“Five months without this was torture Niall! Go faster!” I moaned loudly and he listened and went faster and lifted my legs up to go in deeper.

I felt the familiar weight in my lower region and I knew I was close. I brought Niall close to me and moaned into his ear.

“Niall…I’m close.” I moaned in a whisper and he bit down on my neck as I came and he growled as he came right after. We rode out our highs and were both panting hard.

“I’ve missed you so much babe.” He said as he brought me closer to him and kissed my forehead.

“I missed you to but I have one more surprise.” I said and he had a small smirk and his hands led to my ass.

“Will I like this surprise better than the last one?” He asked giving it a light squeeze and I laughed and shoved him away lightly.

“I’m done touring and my meetings so now I’m able to stay with you for the rest of the tour.” I whispered and he was shocked and had such a wide smile. And we both fell asleep like that.

The next morning I woke up and grabbed Niall’s shirt and boxers and slipped them on looking at the balcony and decided to go on it.

“Why are you up so early?” Niall asked as his hands were wrapped around my waist and he pulled me close to his chest.

“I woke up and decided to look out the balcony.” I whispered and he kissed my neck. We heard crazy screaming and looked down to find fans and paparazzi looking up at us and I hid closer to him and he laughed.

“No worries love they can’t see us from up here.” He said and I smiled and kissed him as we looked out in the balcony.

But the fact that we called out all the BS and we were right

All season we’ve been saying Elijah has a white knight hero complex and Hayley has severe abandonment issues and low self-esteem and holds Elijah up on this pedestal and is really desperate to keep his love so she hides parts of who she is to keep it.

Now we learn from interviews that’s EXACTLY what she did. Then we learn from Marcel that Elijah cannot help himself when he see’s someone he deems a damsel in need of fixing or saving, he needs to jump in and try and fix it. 

I mean Elijah’s ’ epic love’ for Hayley really just stems from his needs to save and Hayley’s pregnancy which he viewed as Klaus’s redemption. He see’s her and her baby as a literal symbol of hope for their family and especially Klaus. He’s obsessed with redeeming Klaus,because of his own self-loathing so he figures if he can save Klaus maybe there’s hope for him. He’s obsessed with the idea of Hayley. Like Klaus says he paints a pretty picture of her in his head without really knowing the real her.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Elijah does love Hayley, she’s his family now and he’s cared about her from the start, but I don’t buy his romantic love for her because of where it stems from.

Then we see the progression of this relationship and we wonder what the hell does Elijah even know about Hayley to have this epic love for her, and now we know from interviews, he don’t know not a damn thing.

Now this season we learn they’re getting to know the other ( something they should’ve  done first before they fell in love , maybe its just me, but I don’t understand that, you both fall in love, then you get to know each other??? what even?) and finally he might see Hayley for who she is, and yes this season they’ll probably get together and have their relationship, but I’m 100% sure it will not last.

Elijah still has not confronted his main problem which is his need to fix things. I’m very sure throughout the course of their relationship he’ll still be trying to fix her, judge her in certain aspects, play more of her parental role to her than being the man who loves her for who she is, because Elijah can’t help that. He’s always trying to fix and Hayley will never be perfect. He won’t do so intentionally, but its just such a major part of who he is and with a character like Hayley who’s very grey and damaged in a sense and who doesn’t really abide by anyones rules but her own that’s going to be a major problem.

But what’s sad for me about their relationship is the affect that this has on Hayley, and really their relationship has already affected her. I love Hayley, but her love for him brings out her insecurity. She’s so desperate for his love and affection that she literally had to hide who she was just so he could like her. Her insecurity and low -self esteem is actually the reason she clung to Elijah in the first place. All her life she was so desperate for love and she see’s this dashing fancy nobleman willing to give her the time of day, she was desperate to keep that. Elijah’s love for her made her feel better about herself, it made her feel like she mattered and that she was in a way finally worthy.

But that’s just sad to me. That she had to get validation of her own self worth through a man’s attention and love.

She’s really the same way with her wolf pack as well. She got her validation that she was worthy through them, and now when she’s lost them she just loses herself. She feels she isn’t shit and she isn’t worthy anymore. She’s back to that place of not considering herself anything.

The only time I ever feel like I’m seeing Hayley growing and just being comfortable and herself is when she’s with Klaus. The fact that she doesn’t have to put up a front for him because she has no romantic interest in Klaus at this time is really why I like their dynamic and feel she’s her best around him. Klaus see’s Hayley for who she is, he has no pretty picture of her painted in his head, he knows she’s tough, cunning, manipulative, powerful, fearless, wild, damaged, broken, and that picture of her has never changed. The only thing that he did start to see beginning last season was that yes she was a Queen, even as a hybrid, and  that view of her hasn’t changed. He see’s her for who she is, and Hayley knows he knows her so well, so she doesn’t have to put up a front for him.

Klaus isn’t someone Hayley feels like she has to pretend for and really its the same way for him. Klaus is very much himself around Hayley. They’re not having to be something they’re not around the other. They’re allowed to be every aspect of themselves around the other without having to feel ashamed. 

Now again this is most likely because neither has romantic interest in the other, and really they never have had any romantic interest in the other, which is why I feel that’s important for any relationship, and why I feel Julie is very smart to begin her love stories in a way of loathing or friendship.

It allows the person to see that person for who they really are before they fall in love with them. There’s no ulterior motive, no games, no guards up, or feeling the need to impress or be on their best behavior around the other. When love begins from a place of loathing or friendship it allows two people to see each other without any blinders on. There’s no romantic ideals or pretty pictures in the others head. You just see that person for who they are, and gradually you fall in love with that person without even realizing it. You love them with all of their flaws, their baggage, their insecurities, their damages, and none of that matters to you. You just love them.

What I really love about Klayley is that they build each other up in a way where they both really become a better person just by being in the others life. Like I said before, they aren’t trying to hide who they are to feel accepted by the other, they just are who they are, and because they know who the other is so well, they remind the other of who they are.

When Hayley had given up and truly believed that the she was no longer capable of leading the wolf pack, Klaus was not about to hear any of that. He was no like way, you are their Queen. They need to bow down. Then when Oliver started to instill in Hayley that she was an evil bloodthirsty hybrid and wasn’t worth leading the pack and Hayley’s self-doubt started to creep in, what did Klaus do? He swooped in dropped kicked Oliver and was like, “Imma kill this muthafuckka” but no, he KNEW Hayley wouldn’t let him kill Oliver. He knew that Hayley was merciful especially when it comes to her family, and she knew she wouldn’t let anyone hurt them. Hayley and her pack needed to be reminded of that.And what did we see later in the episode, Hayley stepped up. Klaus knows who she is, and he needed to remind her for her to finally be able to see that she hadn’t changed. That’s she still boss bitch, fierce, protecting her family always, tough, cunning, Little Wolf. The Queen.

Then when Hayley said “Nothing True”. I will never be over that scene. Here was Klaus just waiting to hear out of Hayley’s mouth all of the bad things Mikael had to say about him and all of the horrible things Mikael made him  believe about himself, and there he is just waiting for Hayley to say it. And Hayley looks up at him smiles and say’s “nothing true” Klaus was so shocked when he heard that. Hayley in her own way reminded Klaus that nothing Mikael said about or really what he believed about himself were true. She see’s Klaus for who he is, and she reminded him of that when he began to believe he was anything other.

This is what I like to see in a love story. Don’t give me cheesy almost kisses for no reason, and romantic stares, I want to see growth, and not just one sided growth. I want to see BOTH people growing just by being in the others life. I want to see both people challenging the other, standing u for the other fighting with each other, learning from the other. That’s how a relationship and love story should be done.

And that my Klayley family is Klayley.