i hope they don't cry ; ;

You are the sun and I am just the planets
Spinning around you

I’ve done nothing but listen to “The Last of the Real Ones” by Fall Out Boy ever since this post. I had to get it out of my system one way or another and it just turned into… whatever the heck I was trying to portray here lmao 

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are very happy that their dormitory is in a tower. Most of the windows can be climbed out of and they pull themselves onto the roof. They don’t do it like the Gryffindors do, for bravery, but for solitude. There is an unspoken rule that if a Ravenclaw sees another Ravenclaw on the roof, they don’t talk. On the roof or afterwards. It’s a safe space. Sometimes it’s where Ravenclaws be the teenagers they are and smoke, while sometimes it’s a peaceful place to just read. If a Ravenclaw is sitting on the roof crying, any other Ravenclaw, friend or not, will go and sit on the roof with them until they calm down. And another unspoken rule is that if someone sat on the roof and cried more than twice in a week, they have to talk to someone about it, a friend, a professor, or Madam Pomfrey. This is what once led a third year Ravenclaw to march a first year Gryffindor, who had somehow made his way on the roof of Ravenclaw Tower, to Professor McGonagall. He thought he was in trouble, but became very confused when he was simply asked how he felt.


Especially Fitz. He woke from the worst nightmare of all - one in which he was the monster.

{artwork inspiration by @soulofaminaanima}


sisters so beautiful they reduce the self esteem of everyone who meets them


My Top 3 pick: #2 Choon Entertainment’s Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo (the hidden jewel)

“No one knows who i am. No one knows what kind of person I am. I would feel confident if there is someone that will care about me. I want to hear ‘Kim Yongguk did well’”

P/S: You did very well! You have changed a lot. You have improved. I am so happy you gained confidence. You made so many friends and no more being alone. I will always support you and let’s debut in the near future. I’ll wait.

Let it be a good end for him ;___; …. (conclusion might be soon, you can vote in a poll and possibly change how things end up over at Junky’s twitter )

original Gsans by Borurou//stonefaced asshole  by @junkpilestuff


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.


He woke tho



Day 1: Fever

Haven’t seen any edits yet and I had these wips laying around. I hope these aren’t too bad. (You can never get enough langsty-langst)


lgbt film meme: favourite lgbt movie ever [more] → Pride (2014) dir. Matthew Warchus

“I grew up in Northern Ireland. I know all about what happens when people 
don't talk to each other. That's why I've never understood what's the 
point of supporting gay rights but nobody else's rights, you know?”

I think one of the kindest things you can do for yourself as an artist is to accept that you will make bad drawings sometimes and just…stop caring about it. It’s not like that bad sketch you drew was your one and only chance to ever draw the thing. It’s so much easier emotionally to just say “lol what is that?” delete it and start over than it is to spend the next six hours crying about it. Once you stop treating every single thing you draw as something precious and learn to just throw stuff away it takes so much stress away. One bad drawing doesn’t make you a bad artist, or a fraud. Even the best pro artists are gonna have moments where they draw things wrong. You’re going to make bad drawings so just go out there and make them so you can move on with your life. Chances are your second attempt will be better. 

I’m about to be sappy...

I’ve been a lover of Malec since the books. The show has simply intensified that love. It intensified it so much, that I even created a Tumblr blog for them. 

I have met so many amazing people through this fandom. And although it has it’s dramas and it’s evil, vicious people, there are a few ladies on here that make it worth while. I’ve met two in person @damnyoudaddario and @rosewolfbaine who are two lovely ladies, who are so wonderful and so passionate about things; that they amaze me. Daria became my online Parabatai, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I really couldn’t. 

To the following:

@ladymatt who actually took the time to beta my debut fan-fiction, she made it sound good. I’m forever grateful to her. 

@nanf1c - simply for her art, and being so precious, and actually willing to draw a piece for me. Thank you.

@blj2007 - for just being her, for re-blogging my stuff even when it’s not a fabulous thing to re-blog. A precious human, to be protected.

@coffeecatsandbooks -  A recently new mutual, who seems like the loveliest person in the world. She’s willing to put me up when I make it to Adalaide, Australia. 

@warlocks-nephilim - This is a beautiful human. She’s so fun, and I lost a bet with her a few months ago during 2B of the show, that I had to re-blog only Clace or Clary. 

Thank you to you all. You’re all beautiful, and wonderful and precious and you deserve to be protected.

I love you.

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— I am not the main vocal in BIGBANG. I am in charge of TOP. 

— Because TOP is a baby, I always protect him. 

— TOP is lonesome; BIGBANG’s baby.  I keep watching over his back. 

— I, we will always be by your side looking at you and taking care of you. I love you. 

TOP: There is this side of Daesung. When I felt depressed, I would call him and ask him to talk to me, then he would come to my house. Why did you come?

Daesung: Because when you are feeling depressed, I feel like I should be there for you.

TOP: I feel so touched…

todae habits [28/]: Daesung’s quotes about him protecting TOP. Different years and words, but the same meaning.