i hope they arent all like this

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wait i love LE but just bc mitch doesn't abuse jonas, doesn't mean the abuse he's doled out to ppl who arent jonas doesn't like, exist. mitch is trashy and i love that, but i agree w the earlier anon in that the opening scene where he torments and humiliates a nerd left a bad taste in my mouth and kinda soured the likeability of mitch+his crew. just bc it seemed like fans brushed it off bc it's ok, he wasn't *jonas*, so his suffering didn't matter. i just hope it's addressed in canon, ya know??

Gonna put all my feelings in this one and that’s it!

I asked Mars what she thought because I wanted to get an answer from her directly and she said this:

There’s a lot of elements to Long Exposure, and the point is that Mitch is very difficult, rowdy, and violent. The point of the flagpole wedgie and beating up the kid behind the school scenes were to cement into the audiences heads that Mitch is SUPPOSED to be a scary bully. Jonas has a GOOD REASON to be afraid of him in the Beginning.

Mitch starts off as a very violent, rude, mean person but that’s the point, it’s so he has room to gradually get better. If he started off as a nice, clean slate person with no flaws what so ever then there’s a really boring character that cannot develop. Every single character in long exposure are shades of grey, no one is “good” and no one is “bad.” The characters are never black and white, they’re all Grey.

Mitch is seen at first being “bad” , thus all the really mean things he does in the beginning. Later on he will develop as a character, and OF COURSE it doesn’t excuse the bad things he did! THAT’S THE POINT! He’ll realize that, the characters who’ve been bullied aren’t being invalidated.

People are meant to see how horrible Mitch is in the beginning, it’s not supposed to be looked over or accepted as such. A lot of it is seen how Jonas sees him, he’s scary and bad but as time in the comic goes by Mitch will grow. It’s his character arc.

I hope that makes sense!

- Mars

So, I assure you, yes it’ll be addressed in canon. Most people have caught on that the characters will develop, and characters don’t have to fit into the mold of being “good” or “bad” throughout the entire story. Character development amirite!

happy candlenights everybody, i hope everyones holiday is good no matter how u celebrate it!
i hope all my neurodiverse and lgbtq+ followers are doing good if ur forced to be w family who arent accepting.
Remember: merle had to stick w a dad who pushed his religion on him and he’s still truckin and fuckin.
taako doesnt talk about his sexuality to the doofuses he hangs out w so dont ever feel forced to talk about yours with people who dont make you feel safe.
and if your like magnus and find yourself with a family you had to create yourself rather than being born into, for whatever reason, know that youre feelings are always valid and whatever way you celebrate will never be wrong because they arent blood related.
i hope you all can take this day to breath, relax, and focus on yourself and your own happiness and know that i love each and every one of you ♡


The police in the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil is in “strike” (which means they wont work)
The police wont work.
You all probably know about Brazil’s fame with violence. This is like that movie which all crimes are legal during a day but worse because who knows when they will start to work again.
I’m not from Espirito Santo but I’m scared for them. I cant hope they are safe because they ARENT. Oh my god, this is so fucked up, shit.

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:

@all my fellow bigender beauties

bigender friends who keep doubting themselves, you are valid and so is your identity
bigender friends who are sure about their identity, your courage to keep being yourselves is so admirable
bigender friends who feel like there arent any pronouns that suit them, i know that its so hard to find something youre comfortable with when everything feels like it refers only to a part of your identity and not whole you
bigender friends who found just the right pronouns, im happy for you and i hope that everyone you know will respect your choice

bigender friends, you are all gifts to this world and i hope youre having a safe day


Jonathan & Ish-Bosheth + Of Kings & Prophets 1.01 ‘Offerings of Blood’ 


ouma: Celes-chan, so here you are! I was looking for you

 celes: isn;t it ouma-kun! What happened?

 ouma: its not the time for an elegant teatime party, something terrible has happened  Calmly listen to this , yamada-chan is expanding like a balloon and is tearing apart!

 celes: oh,that is quite a trouble ! I wonder who should I ask to pour my tea tomorrow

 ouma: eh? can you not be more suprised than this? celes-chan’s class is full of blood,you know?

 celes: eh, i hope that my favorite bag is not dirtied in the incident

 ouma: hmm… even if something that big happened, you are quite calm, arent you? As expected from a gambler, you have gone through many hardships, don’t you? 

celes: I am not calm at all, I immediately want to depart and check my bag’s safety right now

 ouma: I see, that’s how it is, but relax since it is a lie. yamada-chan and celes chan’s bag are safe

 celes: So thats how it is. I feel relaxed now, I have been tricked all along 

ouma: hey, lies are not good I hate people’s lies!

  celes: I didn’t lie, ouma kun, your acting is very good

 ouma: eh, so you want to act like you were being deceived?

 celes: It’s the truth, dohyaa, I am so surprised!

 ouma: wow! what  a blantant lie ! only gonta cannot see through it!  celes-chan, aren;t you actualy angry at heart secretly? 

celes: Not really, i am a gambler so I am used to lies  Therefore, my heart won’t be affected just by people’s lies , unlike ouma-kun that said he hates lies 

ouma: I see, yashuiro-chan hates being told the truth raher than being told lies

 celes: That’s not true, I am actually tired of lies

 ouma: haha, that’s a lie again, this is why it’s fun talking to someone like you 

celes: that’s also a lie, isn’t it? 

ouma: that’s right, it is a lie, even this statement may be also a lie though

 celes: ouma-kun, do you perhaps want to compete with me using lying? If you bet on your whole property, I will gladly compete

 ouma: that sounds interesting, lets play a game using all property and own life as a bet

(translation made by  winterfenrir frank i just corrected some mistakes)

I hope REGs know that ya’ll saying “you’re wishing violence on the whole lgbt~” when I say shit like “punch an apobe” is literally the equivalent of a TERF saying “why do you hate lesbians OP~” when I say shit like “punch a TERF”. Like that’s how ya’ll sound.

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hey i know u rly love writing and all and welcome ideas and things like that but i noticed a lot of ppl request or sometimes even outright demand stories from u and i just feel like its kind of obnoxious.. i wanna say that while we really do love ur stories, you shouldnt feel obligated to write one if you dont want to? u seem really busy so i hope we arent putting too much pressure on you!

You are so sweet, and I really, really thank you for your kindness. Just - thanks. You’re awesome.  💕

For the most part, I think people can get a little enthusiastic, but I try to shut down anyone who gets too demanding, so it’s all good. Enthusiasm is fun, especially because I tend to share it, and people bringing up ideas is great for keeping my brain from stagnating on stories. The fandom here, and especially everyone who takes the time to interact or share or chip in, who have ideas or flail or add on to things, is 100% of the reason I haven’t lost interest in Naruto and moved on to another fandom the way I used to - I think I only lasted a year in Bleach, and less in Torchwood, and to still have new ideas coming after three times that, to still want to write with a burning intensity my fingers can’t keep up with - 

That’s due to you. All of you. And I am unspeakably grateful for it. 

so I kind of made this wallpaper for me? but feel free to use it too! I hope it looks good! pls like and reblog if you liked it helps a lot (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

I was messin around with the brushes from @bardofmotherfuckโ€˜s version of sai they gave me andโ€ฆ wow Hemeraโ€ฆ your brushes are pretty good!!!

This is my oc Xena btw, more info under the cut if youโ€™re interested!

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what's a 'bop' and what's a 'banger'?

ok lmao, so a bop is a song u can get behind and ur like yea this somg is bomb as hell and i love it and everyone should listen to it rn, it clears ur skin, makes a u live again, its a bop

examples of vixx bops: rock ur body, eternity, love equation, dynamite, and of course hyde

a banger is like a bop but the song goes 100x harder than anything youve ever heard in ur life. its a song that ur like if people arent listening to this song rn, they should, ur telling people about this banger cause its banging.

examples of vixx bangers: voodoo doll, error, all of conception, chained up, bomb, and sometimes on and on

im sorry,,, i always call songs bops or bangers because thats literally all i call them nowadays,,, i hope that answers ur question lmaoo


we had a celebration evening at school today for my sixth form and i won a trophy for academic excellence and i didn’t cry once !!!!