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Award Pardy!

The PardyPeople’s Choice Awards (2017)

Hey guys! Today I am happy to announce that I will be hosting a silly little award ceremony here on tumblr this month. The award ceremony is specifically designed for tumblr writers and will take place on June 25th, with voting on the 24th and nominations throughout the month. 

The idea is not to exclude anyone, or actually say that anyone is better than anyone else, but more so to just have fun and spread some love around. What makes it so fun? Well, besides the fact that I enjoyed setting it all up, YOU guys will actually get to nominate for each category and then YOU guys will ultimately vote for the winner. There are 8 categories to vote in.

- Favorite Rhyming Poet
- Favorite Short Poem Writer
- Favorite Prompt Participant (wrote for any 2017 prompt)
- Favorite Photograph Poet (uses photo uploads)
- Favorite Poetry Blog Platform (as a whole)
- Favorite Storyteller (short stories)
- Favorite New Writer (blog must be less than a year old)
- Favorite Writer of 2017

*To be considered for a category, your blog doesn’t have to only post one type of content. For example, if you write rhyming AND non-rhyming poems, you can still be nominated for Favorite Rhyming Poet. If you write short AND long poems, you can still be nominated for Favorite Short Poem Writer (and so on).


The First Five Nominations
In each category, there will be 6 nominations, 5 of which have already been determined by me, which I think is fair given the fact that this is my little award ceremony. My 5 nominees were picked partially based on personal opinion, because how could I not, and also on a basic set of criteria. 

1. Visibility - My ability to actually find their blog through tumblr’s tagging system and just overall ability to know that their blog exists in general. If I don’t know they exist, I simply cannot consider them.
2. Quantity - How often and consistently they post. Inactive blogs aren’t eligible.
3. Quality - How many likes and reblogs they get. People wouldn’t like it and share if it they didn’t think it was of a decent standing.
4. Personal Opinion - Again, because how could I not?

*Obviously I can’t view every single writing blog there is and judge them based on all of that above and compare them, that would be way too intense, but those things WERE considered and my choices weren’t made hastily just because I like someone. And of course, that is also why there is the 6th nomination… 

The PardyPeople’s Nomination
In each category, the 6th nomination will be determined by you guys. The way this will work is you will use the form below to submit your nominations. When nominations are closed, I will tally up the numbers. Whoever is nominated the most times in a specific category will be the 6th nominee. If no one person is nominated more than anyone else or there is a tie, then I will revert back to the original criteria used for picking the first 5 nominees to help decide who of the remaining or tied people’s nominations will take the 6th spot. 

The Nomination Rules
To submit your nominations, you must use the form below. Copy and paste the ENTIRE form into the submit box on the submit page (linked below) and fill out the form accordingly. You must use the URL of the tumblr blog that you are nominating. If you do not have a nomination for a specific category, leave blank or type N/A (not applicable). You may not nominate anonymously or via any other messaging system. You may not nominate non-tumblr users. You may only submit your nominations once, but you may also nominate the same blog in multiple categories. Inactive blogs aren’t eligible (if a user hasn’t posted in a month or more, I would consider it inactive). You may not nominate yourself or me. Nominations close on Thursday June 22nd at 11AM NDT, but please enter them before then! It would be a lot easier on me! 

Any nomination that doesn’t follow the rules will be considered null and void and will not be counted. All nominations will be kept a surprise until voting day.

Nomination Form
You MUST follow the rules above. Copy the form below.
Submit Here: https://sarahmariepardy.tumblr.com/submit

PardyPeople’s Choice Awards
Favorite Rhyming Poet Nomination:
Favorite Short Poem Writer Nomination:
Favorite Prompt Participant (wrote for any 2017 prompt) Nomination:
Favorite Photograph Poet (uses photo uploads) Nomination:
Favorite Poetry Blog Platform (as a whole) Nomination:
Favorite Storyteller (short stories) Nomination:
Favorite New Writer (blog must be less than a year old) Nomination:
Favorite Writer of 2017 Nomination: 

*To be considered for a category, your blog doesn’t have to only post one type of content. For example, if you write rhyming AND non-rhyming poems, you can still be nominated for Favorite Rhyming Poet. If you write short AND long poems, you can still be nominated for Favorite Short Poem Writer (and so on).

Nominations close on Thursday June 22nd at 11AM NDT.


Voting will take place on Saturday, June 24th at 11AM NDT. There will be online polls set up for you to vote that will be posted here to the blog along with the list of nominees so you can view each blog before voting. There is no official way for me to know if you vote multiple times, so it is allowed. For the same reason you may also vote for yourself. Voting will close at 11AM NDT Sunday, June 25th. The winners will then be announced by 5PM NDT. Currently there is no real prize for the winners other than bragging rights.

So I think that’s it! Again, this isn’t a way to single anyone out or leave anyone out, but more so just for fun. I hope you guys are as excited for it as I am, and start submitting your nominations asap! And again, I will not be a nominee. This is for you guys, not for me (aside from giving me something to do)!

Any questions? Send them here: https://sarahmariepardy.tumblr.com/ask

Keep havin’ a Pardy!


Thank you all so much for watching Petals! We worked our butts off to make it, and it’s been incredible to see such a positive response to this humble little story and these silly characters we created. We’re almost at 800K views on youtube, and we just want to say thank you especially to all of you who have commented, shared and liked the video. I have a little surprise if we ever reach one million views, so stay tuned for that :)

On a side note, it’s a little hard to keep up with all the comments on youtube, so it’s better to reach Kay and/or me on twitter or tumblr if you have any questions or comments about the film. We’re a little busy with an animation commission at the moment, but we’ll try to respond asap. Regarding that commission, we’ll post some updates about that on our studio’s blog when we’re able so you can see what it’s all about. (We’ll make an official announcement later, but for those of you who were interested: yes, we do take animation commissions occasionally, so feel free to reach out to us about any project ideas you might have.)

Once again, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! ♥ We’ll keep trying our best in all our different projects, and I hope we’ll see you along for the ride!


When you think it can’t get any worse…HEY, IT CAN!

So you already know about my damn rl struggles atm and i am really happy over the help i got so far, thanks to you i was able to buy food, who will last till end of the month (hopefully) so i was really happy about this..BUT then i got a letter today from my freaking healthcare. I am paying every month 400 dollar for it and they get new settings next month, so i got told to pay the ammount twice..”Advance payment“


I am so sorry that i need to make another help callout, i am so massivly embarrassed about this situation and feel like a homeless person who begs for money, i am so sorry..

1Melli@web.de is my paypal account if you simply want to help with a little donation, i appreciate any kind of help! T_T

i got 40 left, so i need to make 360 till end of the month in order to pay them, otherwise i may get trouble..really trouble…

I will still take commissions (Pay what you want), i will see if i can livestream them mostly also and hope i don’t annoy you with my fucked up life, sorry again

i feel really bad..

please try to spread this again, i will try to keep an update to this and announce asap when i reach the goal..if i ever reach it -sighs-

103/400 current goal


Hey guys! Today I had an amazing day: a great experience at a neurodevelopment lab I hope to work in, Paramore announced a gig in Mexico and the finale is later tonight (which is just the icing on the cake) ✨

Sadly i won’t be able to watch live but I’ll come back asap to freak out with you! Thanks for an awesome season, we’re truly an incredible fandom and I got to meet tons of amazing people!

I’ll be tagging some friends and my favorite blogs @ravvsreyes @marauders-groupie @chaoticbellamy @sanabakkosh @bellamyslaugh @bel-ami-blake @as-inevitable-as-morning @ravenbellclarke @poppypajamas @bellsgirl @rosymamacita @asweetdeception @sylvias-plath @bellhound @themortalinitiates @the100lunarsship @sassamyblake @frecklessbellamy @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx 💓

Thanks for tagging me @bellamysdelinquent and @starkdelinquents 😙

See you for season 5 👋

Apologies for no art the last couple of days; I’ve come down with a nasty flu bug thingy and my temperature has skyrocketed, I have a permanent blockage of gunge in my nasal orifices and I generally feel like hell incarnated =ω=;;;

Anyway, I’ll be back to posting art as soon as I’m soon as I’m well again - so once more sorry for the silence, I’ll do my best to get better asap and I hope you all have a great day!!! ❤

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Final Fictober List - Requests Closed!

McCree x 6

Genji x 5

Reaper x 4

Pumpkin!Reaper x 4

Junkrat x 3

Hanzo x 3

Demon!Hanzo x 3

Widow x 2

Witch!Mercy x 2

Shimada Dad x 2

Lúcio x 2

Zenyatta x 2

Lynx-17 x 2

Sombra x 2




Harold Winston

Junkertown Queen











Since 29 different characters were requested in total and there are only 31 days in October, only 2 of these characters will get repeat days and those are McCree and Genji! I will try to throw in some bonus headcanons here and there throughout the month however for those characters who got a lot of votes but will still only have one day of the month, so look out for those on random days of Fictober!

I will be creating the list where I pair off characters with prompts this evening and will have it posted ASAP. Thank you for all your votes and I hope you feel as if you’ve had your say in what content you’re going to be seeing over the next month.

Also, in case it wasn’t obvious, answering other requests is on hold from now until the first of November, when normal content will return. 

Who’s excited for Fictober?! *raises hand enthusiastically*

Sincerely, your loving Mod ^-^

anonymous asked:

I dont get it. How did Kass Morgan, aka the biggest bellarke shipper, let this happen?! How on earth is bellarke not cannon YET! It very much is so in the book! Jason rothenburg has changed WAY to much in the show. Who gave him the job anyway? Kass should be the one making the show.

Your ask made me wonder something: is Kass Morgan a producer for this show? The answer apparently is no.

(Which by the way - how is this OK?  You see GRRM who gets executive producer credits for Game of Thrones - why didn’t Kass get offered this? Or was GRRM’s involvement beyond what is normal? … I gotta stop putting more questions into the asks I get… Anyways, I hope she’s at least getting some sort of royalties per episode along with her writer’s credit.)

I’m not sure how JRoth got the job. I mean he wrote the pilot… but I don’t know much else about how this side of Television works. (If someone else reading this does, please chime in). 

Kass Morgan just announced a new book series, so I guess she’ll have learned her lesson for next time: demand that the canon pairings are actualized ASAP on screen, written in the contract, signed with blood. 

But it’s ok Anon - good things come to those who wait… so considering how long we’ve waited this will be very very very good.

Crowfunding Campaign date postponed

Hello everyone! The crowdfunding campaign will have to be postponed just for a little bit more. I’m really sorry for everyone waiting for it, but I somehow managed to screw up the schedule even though I’m sleeping mostly 2 to 5 hours per night HAHAHAHA but yeah, I’m working hard on making it happen asap! I’ll be able to announce a new release date by possibly monday for you guys! I’m too excited for it to happen to show everything I’m working on and I hope you guys are as well! I’ll answer some questions around the day today when I’m not working, so you can keep the asks coming, even if I didn’t answer you yet, I’ll answer as soon as I can, so please don’t be worried! :3

JAC Announcement

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had an amazing day! I just wanted to let you all know that I am starting a new job tomorrow and I’m not sure what my schedule is going to be yet. Things have been sort of crazy and now that I’ll be working at 2 jobs things might become even crazier, but I am trying very hard to get these chapters wrote & published asap! All of you are very kind and amazing people and I can’t thank you enough for the awesome comments you all leave. If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to ask. I’ll get back with you as soon as I can. Although I am starting this job, I just wanted you all to know that I am still writing this story; I have so much more to write, so please don’t give up on me if I don’t post a new chapter every other day like I did when I first started out. I’m going to try my hardest to have at least 2 chapters out a week and there is a possibility that there might be more, we’ll just have to see. Thank you all for joining me on this journey! Writing ‘Just A Crush’ has been really exciting for me and I’m so glad that you all are enjoying it just as much as I am. All of your comments fuel my desire to write, so again if you have any questions or further comments, by all means ask away. I can’t wait until I have the new chapter wrote for you all! Y'all have a safe night! Taglist: @misscherryberry @fabmagines @amandaecrn @saravalentin20 @tokentransboy @miwinski19 @jessikared97 @luridmentor @aethelora-sims @poorexcuseofaband @theedwardscollection @trustnobodyshootfirst @liv810 @thatshellfiredean @trinty33 @mandilion76 @nedxwynert @earthtokace @roses-are-bae @animenerdz1819 @thorinthorout @aquamarine17

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My feelings about the latest news are VERY contradictory. 

I feel pissed about JMo, on several levels: first, making Emma Swan into a character we could hardly recognize. And I don’t talk about her loving Hook, but about how she played that love and how she played that change inside her. (It’s not that softening a character is bad in itself, Lana did it with Regina while remaining true to the core of the character.)

Altough I am not in the CS fandom, I think that the timing of JMo’s announcement was very bad, cruel even to her loyal fans. They hardly could enjoy their long-waited episode and then they had to deal with devastating loss and grief. When I heard the announcement, I was mostly angry at JMo, and for the first time in a very long while, I felt deep sympathy for the CS fandom. And for the Swan Queen fandom, who also had to deal with the loss of all their hopes. 

Then I realized that this sympathy for CS stands on shaky legs, when I read things that went like “We stood by the show when all the others left it, but now that Emma is gone, you should finish it ASAP”. Please. You stood by the show when it was good for your favourites and others left, because it was good ONLY for your favourites, but as soon as it is not in your favour, you are the first not just to leave, but to demand the cancellation of the whole damn things. Just because you don’t like something, the solution is not cancellation, it’s for you to find another hobby. 


I am also torn between wanting the show to continue, because I know Lana and the others will make everything to make it worthwhile to watch. Or should I wish for a stop so Lana could find a much better written show for herself. 

My enthusiasm and my firm belief that OUAT was a good show that headed somewhere died long ago. It started somewhere between the end of season 3 and the end of season 5, but really deteriorated in season 6. 

And still, in all the bad CGI, terrible plot-points, writer-amnesia, plot-over-characters story structures there is something that still means a lot to me. That make me care for this little town and its characters and that I would miss them deeply should the story come to an end. 

anonymous asked:

I do wonder how much longer this "plan" of theirs is going to go on for. I would hope that both S and E would want to wrap this up asap as it actually is starting to make them look foolish, even the hardcore stans are noticing things more. So there must be something that is holding up 📑, I believe if S was able to announce he would do it in a heart beat. My uncle got D'd last year and it was a long process as they had to go into mediation, which took nearly 5 months! Maybe that's what going on?

I agree. Something is stopping him. If he could be happy with E right now he wouldn’t put if off. 

fangirlingforinfinity  asked:

plans for Maxon's bday this year???

Agh I feel like it’s too late for me to organize something, but if you guys want I can organize another Maxon week kinda thing?


Note: I hope you don’t think I’m biased towards bc I do stuff for his bday and not the other characters. His bday just happens to be the cusp of summer and school and I’m not that busy yet. With Aspen I just keep forgetting, but don’t worry, he and America will be incorporated if this happens :)


Inspired by both snkpositivityproject and pokepositivityproject

There are many talented people in the fandom. Writers, Rpers, Graphic makers, analyzers, etc. They all deserve recognition for being a great part and contributing with their enthusiasm towards Fairy Tail. What better way to appreciate the amazing members than with a positivity blog? 


  • Submissions are made through ask box, anonymously or off anon!
  • Must include the person’s url, unless it’s referring to a fandom or large group as a whole or Mashima. (Remember, only positive submissions will be published!^^)
  • Submissions should include, along with the URL, a brief description explaining why you think the person deserves a compliment
  • We have anon on; but please don’t submit yourself. We won’t have an idea if someone is, but it does go against the spirit of this blog.
  • No negative submissions will be published.

To sum it up:

I hope we can contribute as much positivity as we can! The ask box is currently open, feel free to submit and we’ll publish ASAP! :D

Any questions, feel free to ask or refer to the incomplete FAQs page

We are also tracking #ftpositivityproject. Though submissions for compliments are made through our ask page


HEY TAY. My name is Kyle and you mean EVERYTHING to me. You have been there for me since I can remember. I first remember seeing you open for George Strait and Rascal Flatts and thinking, wow this girl is PHENOMENAL. Since that day, I’ve kept up with you from MySpace to all social media accounts. I remember going to the Fearless tour in Cheyenne Wyoming. From there on out, I found myself listening to you 24/7 and looking up to an amazing role model throughout the years. I remember attending your Speak Now world tour in San Antonio Texas. I was so ecstatic I got to see my favorite person in concert. Its so amazing what kind of energy and life you bring along. When you announced your Red Tour, I was sure to HOP on ticketmaster and buy tickets ASAP. I saw you my senior year in San Antonio Texas with my best friend Meagan. Meagan and I dressed up in costumes with posters and lights hoping to get your attention. When we got to the AT&T center we went to your fragrance booth in the lobby and took a picture showing off our costumes and posters. After the picture was taken the ladies told us we had won pit passes. The feeling I had right then and there was indescribable. I was shocked and speechless. As much as I thought my life couldn’t get any better, IT HAD. We rushed down to the front and got our spots next to the stage. I remember from the moment the lights went out for Ed and from the moment they turned back on I was TWERKING and singing with my best friend to someone we love so dearly. Still to this day, I have so many memories from the Fearless, Speak Now and Red tour concerts that are unforgettable. You are the best friend, role model, and inspiration that has made me who I am to this day. Fast forwarding to 2015. I remember not being able to sleep due to the anxiousness I had being that your album 1989 was releasing the following day. That morning, I woke up at 7 am (which I must tell you, is something that doesn’t often happen. haha) and rushed to target to be one of the first people in line to buy your new album. Later that day, I posted about how much I had been listening to the album all day on instagram and something magnificent happened. YOU liked three of my pictures within that week and posted two of them on twitter. I WAS FREAKING OUT!! Oh. My. Gosh. When you were sending Swiftmas packages to fans through tumblr, I decided to send you one to thank you for being the kind, generous person you are (P.S. I HOPE YOU LIKED THE PACKAGE). I have met so many amazing people thanks to you and we all share one huge thing in common, our love for you.  I’m unbelievably grateful to say I will be seeing you in Dallas Texas on October 17, 2015 at the 1989 World Tour. I’m hoping at some point in time to thank you for being the amazing role model, inspiration, and friend you have been. I LOVE YAAAAAAAA TAY. See you soon.


Thank you so much for everyone who has expressed interest in being part of blog!

If I haven’t gotten back to yet don’t worry I will reply ASAP! I’m just sorting through all of the applicants at the moment!

I finish exams on the 14 of November so expect a torrent of updates then and also the announcement of all the new staff!

Hope all you hiddlestoners are well!

- Lulu