i hope they all think we're dating

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I have a prompt for you. Ron is injured during an Auror mission, and loses his memory of being with Hermione. He wakes up in St Mungo's and doesn't understand that we're together. Fluff ensues. Bonus points if Harry and/or Ginny have to explain that they're dating. thank you

This is very vaguely nsfw, totally ridiculous, and contains horrendously inaccurate medical descriptions. But thank YOU for the prompt, anyway, anon! AO3 | ffnet

“Oh my God, Hermione! Thank Merlin. I came as soon as I could, Harry owled me, but the idiots in charge didn’t pass it on me until I’d finished training—training! Like that’s important right now!—and then I had to get through the Croatian Ministry, and, well, I thought I was asking for the first available Portkey back to England, but it turns out I was asking for the first available potato back to England, and then—but it doesn’t matter, how is he, what’s going on?!”

“All clear,” Hermione replies, cutting across her frantic shouting, and Ginny visibly sags against the wall. “He was in a lot of danger at first—the hit several rather vital arteries with severing charms—” Ginny squeaks, “—but the team of Healers were incredible, and the other Aurors, too. They were able to stem the flow of the bleeding long enough to get him here, then the professionals took over and he’s going to be absolutely fine, once he’s rested.”

“Oh, thank God,” Ginny says again. “Where’s Harry? Can I see him? Ron, I mean, but I’ll see Harry too, and—”

“Ginny—” Hermione leads her to some chairs in the waiting room, sits her down gently. Ginny gets the feeling she’s withholding something, something important, and she begins to panic. Ron’s absolutely fine—that’s what she said, her own words. “All clear”, Hermione said that too, but there’s something… Ginny realises that, despite the fact that her fiancé was almost killed in the line of duty earlier, Hermione is remarkably relaxed. More than relaxed, she seems to be supressing amusement.

She resists the urge to whip out her wand and make her magically prove her identity, like they used to during the war. This isn’t Hermione. If Ron is in any kind of danger at all, she’s always in full meltdown mode, fussing and panicking not…giggling?

“What’s going on?!”

Hermione waits for a passing Healer to leave, then turns back to Ginny. “He’s going to be fine. His injuries will heal completely in a very short space of time, and he is in no long-term danger at all. He’ll get a couple of weeks’ medical leave from the Aurors, then be able to return to work with no problems, the Healers have assured us.”

“But?” asks Ginny.

“But they gave him some pain killing potions, and…”

“He’s allergic to them?”

“Not exactly,” Hermione says, lips twitching. “It’s probably easier just to show you. Come on, he’s through here. Harry’s there, too.”

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Cordia + 'I'm an art student who likes to sketch at a museum and you're that hot person that always comes and sits in front of the one same painting for three hours and does nothing else every Saturday and I need to know why' au or the 'We're actors on a show and our characters are dating and all the fans think we are and we've denied it for so long that our stubbornness is keeping us from something incredible' au, pretty please with a cherry on top!

art student + random hot patron AU for you! <3 i am so sorry for the delay, seriously. hope you enjoy!

The text read: Is the redheaded hottie of the arts there yet?! 

Cora sighed and typed back a quick she’s here before slipping her cell in her jacket pocket. It was all too easy to ignore the rapid-fire buzzing she knew was Erica’s slew of questions, comments, and insistence that she engage “the redheaded hottie” in conversation.

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Yes, we're dating - Aaron imagine

Aron imagine for Jade (I think that’s your name). Hope you like it.

You have been a part of Magcon for quite a long time now, and you were pretty close to all of the guys. But for a while now you and Aaron have been a bit more than just friends. The only one who knew about the two of you was Mahogany. Since she was the only other girl, you two told each other everything. She had promised not to tell anyone though.

This weekend Aaron and you had decided to tell the other guys. But you wanted it to be a bit more interesting than just saying ‘Hey, guess what? We’re dating!’. You didn’t know what to do yet, but you were excited.

There was no doubt that all of the guys thought you were beautiful, and they always said that you were too good for any of them, so it would be so funny to see all of their reactions. Both Aaron and you knew that you wanted to pretend like it was nothing, and wanted them to 'figure it out themselves’. You didn’t want to tell them directly.

Today was the day! They were all going to figure it out. You and Aaron had already planned what to do. It was nothing big at all. It was like you would have done if they weren’t there. You were sitting on the plane, all of the other guys were there already. You had butterflies in your stomach and you felt kinda sick. But a good sick. Of course you were excited for more than just telling the guys, you were really looking forward to see them all again.

The plain had landed and you were sitting in a taxi on your way to the hotel that you were all staying at. The guys had texted you many times telling you how much they were looking forward to meet you. Mahogany call to tell you where you would meet them. So many thoughts went through your head as taxi pulled over next to the hotel. This was it.

“Jade!!!!!!!!!!!” They all screamed as they jumped up from their seats to give you a big hug each, which ended up being a huge group hug. Aaron was the only one left. As the others sat down, Nash looked at Aaron with a questioning look on his face. “Aren’t you happy that she’s here man?”

Aaron stood up and walked towards you. “More than happy!”

Now all the guys were looking like big question marks. You walked up to him and cupped his face in your hands. “Me too.” You said as you crashed your lips onto his. You pulled apart and gave him a bear hug before looking at the others. They all had their mouths wide open.

“What the hell? When did this happen?” Tyler said as he pointed at the two of you.

The rest of the night you and Aaron ended up telling everyone how you ended up dating. All the guys were so shocked and wouldn’t let you leave out one single detail.  

Sorry for the late post. I haven’t really had the time this week to write that much, but I will write all the requested imagines. Promise!

i put this on twitter, but i feel it needs to be repeated and it’s the last i’m gonna talk about this season (except for maybe the actual episodes):

if you’re a professional writer for an actual television show and you have a legit fanbase, and you continually admit that your show has “errors” (by which i mean discontinuity, problematic [racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.] dialogue/events, recycled characters, etc.), and yet you do nothing to try and fix those errors, you are a bad writer and you will start losing that fanbase.

i think it was, ironically, jeff davis himself who said “fandom has a long memory; they rarely forgive and they never forget.” well, mr. davis, i really hope you remember those words.