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Dullhypotheses’ Guide To Rehab (Part Two)

At around March, I was admitted into a rehabilitation center because of my depression. However, I am feeling much better now, and have thought of sharing my experience so that – hopefully – others may be able to use it in their writing, in the background of their characters, or for their personal use. This is a part two to my guide to rehab, and you can check out part one here. I highly recommend reading that first before turning to this one.

The same disclaimer follows: Not all rehabs works the same way. Different rehabilitation centers have different styles — some more lax, and others more strict. The type of rehab I was in is not the only type of rehab there is, but it is one type.

I hope I am able to be of some help! If there are any questions about life in rehab that you think I might help in, don’t be afraid to send me an ask!

Under the cut, you will find the following sections:

i. Length of Duration in Rehab
ii. After Care
iii. Supplication of Food, Toiletries, Clothing, etc.
iv. Check-Ups
v. Group Therapy Guidelines
vi. OJT (On the Job Training) Students
vii. Visitation and Going Out: Day Pass, Out on Pass, Escorts and Parents
viii. Family Dialogue
ix. Checking Out
x. Life After Rehab

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I am so excited, guys. I have my phone interview next week! I’d like to make some friends who are in the same boat as me. I also have friends who have done the program before, so I might be able to answer some questions for you all! Seriously, contact me for anything Disney related. I don’t care if you just want to tell me your favorite character and have someone to nerd-out with. Let’s be friends! <3 

99% of male protagonists are “Mary Sues” by you peoples’ standards I hope y'all realize that before throwing a fit over every single film with a female lead

I’ve never liked the concept of Mary Sues because it tends to just be a way to make fun of young girls creating what are in their minds cool female characters which is really nothing to be pissy about or insult at all to begin with but when you apply the same terminology and concepts to like blockbuster movies it’s just ridiculous and petty. Every male action hero ever is a “Mary Sue” tbqh stop getting mad at women having lead roles where they’re competent and capable.

“I am not racist but the PC brigade have ruined Thunderbirds by making Brains Indian.”

Brains has browner skin now and he has an accent. Get over it. He is literally the same character he was before in every other respect. 

That people are openly declaring they can’t love a character anymore because he is Indian is really properly scary. 

(On a positive note Indians are slowly taking over the world and it pleases me). 

(I hope we infiltrate all the fandoms and drive the racists out.) 

Defense of Elia Martell and All Her Fans

So I recently saw a post on the Elia tags that I want to address as a HUGE Elia Martell lover (she is my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!): http://sabrina-zahra.tumblr.com/post/150119371579/just-because-i-believe-that-prince-rhaegar-loved I made the reply a separate post because it is quite long. I know we have not interacted before @sabrina-zahra so I hope you do not mind!

First before anything let me say that this is in no way meant to be a personal criticism against you or against the Lyanna/Rhaegar shippers at all.  It is simply a defense of my favorite character in the same manner that you have defended yours.

I think this callout post was a bit off the mark. I do not think you addressed what the actual issues Elia fans have with Lyanna and Rhaegar in your defense of them. I greatly disagree with you on certain aspects.

However, Yes!!! I mostdefinitely agree that Lyanna did not steal Rhaegar, he is not an object to be stolen, and he went very willing of his own accord with Lyanna. I agree that he did not choose her because of the color of her skin. Also agree that Elia was an amazing woman who married the wrong man. Rhaegar did not deserve her.

Now, forgive me if I am mistaken but your post seems to suggest that the biggest/only criticism regarding the Lyanna x Rhaegar ship with regards to Elia Martell is that Elia is simply forgotten and that her suffering due to the actions of Rhaegar and Lyanna was not taken into consideration. As someone who has been an Elia Martell fan in the fandom for a while now I completely disagree that this is the case. While that particular criticism has been levied against them it is a rather minor point and really only came up to prominence when the R + L = J theory was confirmed in the show. I mean you really need to only look at the Elia Martell tag on AO3 and see how many Rhaegar x Lyanna stories she has been tagged in. There are more R x L stories on Elia’s tag then there are stories in which Elia is a main character. R x L shippers don’t really forget about her.

The biggest issue with the Lyanna x Rhaegar ship is not that Elia is forgotten but rather that she is often used only as a prop to further the Lyanna x Rhaegar ship. Elia is denied the chance to be seen as a fully fleshed character important in her own terms. The Lyanna x Rhaegar ship often forces Elia to be very one-dimensional while providing Lyanna and Rhaegar the chance to be more developed and multi-faceted. This is done in many ways.

For example, very many times in fanfiction this is done specifically through the villainization of Elia. She is so often portrayed as a bitchy ex-/current wife or an ambitious power hungry snake who simply wants Rhaegar for selfish purposes. And none of these portrayals have any basis in the books (or in the show). This is a sharp contrast to Lyanna and Rhaegar in these same fics who can be having an affair with a/ as a married man with children and yet they have the ability to be kind and gentle souls who don’t want to hurt anyone but simply want to love each other. Elia is used to justify the terrible moral judgement exhibited by Rhaegar and Lyanna, because she is portrayed as just so unlovable and cruel in a way the way she often makes Rhaegar very miserable that she seems to deserve the hurt she gets, and that is what I think bothers Elia fans the most.

And if Elia is not villainized then she is made to be solely and nothing but a victim highlighted only to further the tragic romance of Lyanna and Rhaegar. This is done by completely simplifying Elia and Rhaegar’s relationship, which GRRM himself has stated is complex, and by highlighting the tragedies that Elia has gone through. R x L shippers often use this to emphasize the amount of love Rhaegar has for Lyanna. Elia and Rhaegar’s fondness for her is only brought up to say look even though Rhaegar knows it hurts Elia, his wife and the mother of his children who he is just so fond of, his love for Lyanna is just so strong he cannot stop even if it hurts someone he is fond of. I feel that this is exactly what you are doing although I understand that this was perhaps not the intention.

This is where I really disagree with some of the things that you said. If I may quote you “He was very fond of her, but prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna.” The basic sentiment, apologies if I am wrong, is yeah Elia suffered but Rhaegar and Lyanna really loved each other! In this is same way you have acknowledged Elia and everything that she went through but not truly because at the end she is dismissed for favor of Lyanna x Rhaegar like always. She is made to be a less important character than both Lyanna and Rhaegar. That is the biggest issue I as an Elia fan have. Even when Elia is remembered she is dismissed and never fully acknowledged. Elia is more than just a victim of Lyanna and Rhaegar and more than a wife who pined for Rhaegar. Elia is just as important, as Lyanna and Rhaegar are, to fans like me.

Other things that I completely disagree with that you said “she was forced into a loveless marriage, that she fell in love for Rhaegar but he never loved her back” and that Elia saw “Rhaegar loving his kids but not loving her the way she wanted him to.” This is further victimization of Elia, with no definitive basis, to emphasis that Rhaegar’s one true love is Lyanna and that no one else, despite how hard they tried, could have a part in his heart except for possibly his children. As an Elia fan THAT is what I take issue with. To reduce Elia to a woman Rhaegar could not bring himself to love is doing a HUGE disservice to Elia as a character because she is intimately tied up with Rhaegar as a character. It paints her as pathetic, weak, and not very charismatic because she spent years with him and yet she was unable to gain even a little bit of his affection? It reminds me of the sentiment embodied in the saying “the only one that could love him is his mother.” Elia only has love from her family and she was so lacking that she could not bring anyone else to have any sort of romantic loving affection towards her is what is implied when you paint her like this.  

There is no proof that Elia and Rhaegar’s relationship was “loveless” and that Rhaegar never loved her back. Am I saying I think that Rhaegar completely and fully and whole-heartedly loved her? No, what I am saying is that Elia herself may have a good piece of Rhaegar’s heart. A piece for her that Lyanna does not have. The definition of fond according to dictonairy.com is: having an affection or liking for. Synonyms include: adoring, devoted, doting, loving, caring, affectionate, warm, tender, kind, attentive. Now you might argue that fond has a negative connation for Elia and Rhaegar’s relationship because of what Dany thought. But please do not forget that she came to this conclusion after only knowing about Elia and her children’s death at the hand of the usurper’s because Rhaegar and Lyanna ran away and the one incident that Elia was humiliated at Harrenhall. She, as all of us, have no other information about what Elia and Rhaegar’s relationship was possibly like at other times. And what we do know by GRRM is that Elia and Rhaegar had a complex relationship. To say that Elia had an unrequited love for Rhaegar and that Rhaegar just never liked her back simplifies their relationship a great deal. Perhaps they had a love-hate relationship? Perhaps Rhaegar loved her more at first but then grew distant because it was Elia that could not bring herself to reciprocate? We do not know.

Also about your comparison of Rhaegar and Cersei. To compare Cersei to Rhaegar would be like comparing apples to oranges. Their situations were vastly different. The biggest difference would be Cersei’s affairs did not publicly humiliate Robert and she kept them secret. Even Cersei of all people displayed enough decency to not rub it in Robert’s face. Furthermore, she did not leave Robert (who has much more power and influence than Elia it should be noted as he is her parallel in this example) with two small children trapped with hardly any protection at all. Jaime was the youngest and the least experienced of the Kingsguard. And also once again I 1000% disagree with the claim that Rhaegar was in a marriage like Cersei’s was as is implied when you said “I don’t see people trowing rocks at Cersei for having an affair. She was trapped in a loveless marriage. And so did Rhaegar.”

Rhaegar had a much better spouse than Cersei did. Also this is sort of a contradiction to what you stated before? That Elia did love Rhaegar? Because if she did love Rhaegar than the marriage was not loveless. Also it was indicated in the house of undying vision that Elia and Rhaegar had a relationship with mutual understanding and respect. Elia was aware of the prophecy, the song of ice and fire, and he blatantly tells her the dragon must have three heads. They were clearly open with each other and Elia was one of his confidants. This suggests to me that they had some sort of a friendship. This is a very different relationship than Cersei and Robert I would say.

I agree that it was the Mad King that started the Rebellion but that hardly absolves Rhaegar of any of his crimes? He was responsible for creating the atmosphere that kindled the spark for the rebellion and so to say he had nothing to do with the Rebellion would be quite incorrect.

Also this “Do not blame Lyanna and Rhaegar for seeking love and happiness. Because i’m pretty sure that the last thing Rhaegar wanted was to Elia and his children to die.” No one is blaming Lyanna and Rhaegar for seeking love and happiness. You don’t really need to tell any Elia fans not to do that. To want that is basic human desire. And I have NEVER heard the argument that Rhaegar wanted Elia and his children to die even from the most die-hard Elia fans. The argument that perhaps Rhaegar shares some of the blame for what happened is perhaps the argument you are thinking of? Because that is a completely different.

The issue is that Rhaegar and Lyanna chose that love and happiness at Elia’s (and her children’s) expense. The issue is their selfishness of not thinking of Elia and her children. Simply acknowledging that Elia suffered does not in any way really help to absolve Lyanna or Rhaegar of even an ounce of guilt. Espically when the only humiliation Elia suffered was not just at the tourney but they ran away to Elia’s homeland to make love.  I mean of all places to go they choose the one that would not only be humiliating but is outright disrespectful towards Elia. Could they not have even spared her a thought for that? Plus I mean Rhaegar could have handled the situation much much better. I mean they could have at least given a heads up to Lyanna’s brother Brandon “hey bro I am running away with the crown prince even though he is a married man with two small babies. Don’t do anything stupid.” Or perhaps Rhaegar could have put better protections in place you know like send Elia and the kids on a “vacation” to Dorne where she could be protected by her brother’s and then disappear? Or just left more than one capable guard there? Instead of taking them all for Lyanna? BUT THEY DID NOT THINK OF ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES AND CAUSED SOMETHING THAT LEAD TO THE GRUESOME DEATH OF ELIA MARTELL AND HER CHILDREN. That is what they are blamed for. They did not even bother really factoring Elia into their plans. Are the lives of Elia, Rhaenys, and Aegon not worth careful planning? Are they not worth perhaps some delays in Rhaegar and Lyanna’s trip? Let me be clea I place almost all of the blame soley on Rhaegar. He was the one who should have known better. However, if Lyanna was complicit as an accomplice I feel she would also have some blame. Also just because they did not want it to happen, I am also 100 % positive Rhaegar did not want Elia and the children to die either, does not really in any way wash the blood of their hands.

I respect your opinion on these characters but please do not try to shame Elia Martell fans for disliking Lyanna or Rhaegar. They are well within their rights to do so. Rhaegar and Lyanna were a big part of something which led to the humiliation and the gruesome death of their favorite character whether they meant too or not. Fans of Elia Martell who dislike the ship do so on more than the basis of hating Lyanna because she was white or because she got Rhaegar. It has to do more with the treatment of Elia Martell. 

lehalia  asked:

Hello! Thanks for the request, it was really cute :) I have another one : How would Sinbad, Kouen, Judal and Ali Baba react if their s/o make a declaration to them in the first place (so before they become a couple) If there is too many characters, don't bother yourself and just do the ones you prefer :)

i’m glad you enjoyed it and i hope you enjoy this one to! don’t worry about the characters because it’s not to many at all (/^▽^)/

Sinbad: While Sinbad would be ecstatic over the fact that his crush felt the same way that he did, he wouldn’t be able to stop his pride from being a little hurt. He would’ve had an eccentric and romantic plan as to how he was going to confess to them all ready to go. He’d suck up his pride though and tell his partner that he returned their feelings before asking them out on a date. 

At least some of his plan could still be put to use.

Kouen: A proud smile would come across Kouen’s face as his crush confessed to him. He’d try not to show to much of it, but he would be overflowing with happiness. The fact that his crush had had the guts to confess to him would make him feel even better about their future relationship. With a nod of his head, he would take his crushed hand and place a gentle kiss on it before telling them of his own feelings.

Judal would smirk as his partner confessed to him and his eyes would light up with glee. With the smirk still on his face, he’d take this as an opportunity to tease them and get them flustered. He’d casually ask if ‘that meant that he was allowed to take them to bed now?’ or ‘so you think I’m cute huh?’ Once he was done with his teasing however, a small but genuine smile would come onto his face as he to, told them how he felt.

Alibaba: At first, Alibaba wouldn’t even realise that crush was confessing to him. He’d be to caught up with staring at them and admiring them to actually take in what they were saying, so when he heard the ending of the confession, he got quite the shock. With a beet read face, he’d ask them to repeat what they had said. Once that was done, he’d nervously take their hand and tell them that he felt the same way and that he intended to protect them with his life.

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I'm writing a book that has aspects of good and evil, light vs dark... I'd light to use somewhat original names for The Dark One or The Light, as well as their followers ... but it seems like everything is already used- I tried to search for Latin words and Greek hoping that would help, but I still feel like I'm ripping off other books/ stories ... any suggestions?

The themes you are looking at writing about have an extensive history in literature so it isn’t surprising that all the names you are looking at have been used before. Don’t let that get you down though. Here are a few suggestions you can at least consider:

1. Don’t be afraid to use a name again even if it has been used in the same kind of story. Do you think that Joss Whedon was the first writer to name a character Angel? Do you think he was the last one? As long as your characters are different, then you have no reason to worry about the name.

2. You’ve looked at Latin and Greek, but what about researching some other language sets? You might try looking into Cyrillic languages. It’s a different approach to language and will provide you with some alternatives. Also look into Japanese and Chinese. These and others can offer options you might not have considered. (It will require you to do some adjustment to the wording.)

3. Try for the antithesis. Choose some ironic options when you look into as an alternative to the names that deal directly with your theme. Instead of Aurora, you could call your light-sided character Dusk.

Those are a few ideas to kick around if you want to give it a try.


It hurts right?

||Umm… So yeah I wanted to write something more different and I tried..As you know, dolls, I have watched “Requiem For A Dream”. I have seen it some more times before. But this time while watching an idea popped up. So here it is. I won’t explain anything… I hope you will understand this… PLIUS! Some of the parts were inspired by @thatassholesdream. Y’all should check it out!||

|Just I want to give you a side note, I remade Joker as character, his mood is not the same as in the films and books(?) You can change all names, it’s up to you. IT’S NOT AN IMAGINE… It.. It’s just my thoughts.. (2016.12.08 Edited) I wanted to upload an imagine first, but at this point, I want to share this one. I tried not to REwrite the script of the film, so some of the parts (talking about feelings) are my personal shieett.. sorry.. I had to…|

Days go by… With or without you… With or without it…Am I addicted to the feel we share?… Yes… Am I addicted to the feel I get from it?… No… We all say ‘no’ but deep inside we need it even more than a lover besides us

People smile because they can. You hold my hand because you can. I smile because I have it. I have it because you gave it to me.

My make up is ruined, hair is messy, tears are falling. It was a mistake behind of mask called ‘love’.. The end is near..

I can’t stand myself, weak, broken, cold ass girl… He just asked me to wait, he was risking his life for me.. And I just did what he asked me NOT to do, it was just a simple request “Don’t call that number..”.. He kissed me and left, he left me, the city, his friends. Just to get us some… drugs…

“Shit, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, nicotine…. WHERE DID YOU GET ALL THIS SHIT DARLING?! Where did you get money for all this crap!?” He started to shout at me. “Did you sleep with that asshole again?!”  He didn’t stop “GOD, why you are so stupid!?” He held me tightly, his hands squeezed my shoulders, his eyes were angry yet sad. “I told you, not to call him! I fucking told you…” His cold eyes were so beautiful, so caring… “We have talked about this! I am working with Cody, Frost is helping us out!”

He let me go, I laid on the sofa. I understood every single word, but my minds were off the world. God this feeling made me weak. I AM weak… He is right after all. Yes, I slept with my dad’s friend to get money. I hate that fat rat, but I needed it so freacking much. And he knew it, he wanted it too, he needed it too… Just after some time I felt warm body next to me, it was him, my lover, he got some of IT too, he was crying. “Promise me, you won’t call that number ever again.” He wasn’t a cry baby, that was weird.. I made him cry…

Small, dark city, perfect place for drug dealers, criminals. Everyday we get news about raped women, kids, about killed men, gangs. I live here, in this mess. But I love it… Because I have him, for friends he is Joker, for me just a J. I have never asked his real name, we didn’t have time for that.

My parents are rich enough to buy anything they want, but after I introduced J to them, after I talked about my dreams and wishes about my own clothing line and shop, they have stopped sending me money. It was hard, but J has never left me… Even after… Drugs came in…

He wanted to help me with my dream and he did. We opened a small shop and bought a small apartment for us to live. He wasn’t an angel how he could sound. So am I… He loved the darkest side of the city. “Dirty money” as we say.

Me, J, his friends Cody and Frost are one small gang. No we aren’t an orgy with crazy kinks, we aren’t an armed army.. We are who we are, rats, no one loves us as we love the world after LSD. Yes, we are drug addicts, but hey.. we don’t kill or do shit to get the money.. Well they don’t do shit…

Everyone says that the bad impact in child’s life changes everything. No, if person was born with warm, beating heart, he will change the world. No one won’t change the view of the world maybe just mix his thoughts. Talking about ‘world’ I don’t mean Nobel Prizes, best man status or whatsoever.. ‘The world’ could mean his lover, his family maybe area where he lives.

Sadly, he couldn’t change his family; father is died, mother will die…  From pills… Sometimes old people have more fucked up minds than we, youngsters. His mother thought about a stupid show, her red dress and plump body line. Dietary pills. 4 pills a day. *Laughs* That’s bullshit.. My future mother-in-law is sick and happy about herself, but what if person is TRULY happy about the situation?..  Will you ruin the happiness?…

I was his world. Was… He doesn’t want to see me in this situation right now. I hope so.. Yes, he will love me after this, but my selfish ass won’t stand his romantic side anymore. The more I live with him, the more I see what a bad person I am… I will hurt him, I did hurt him, for my own happiness. Maybe it wasn’t on purpose but it did happen and I got tired of playing with his heart. I won’t be selfish this time, I will leave him alone.

My feelings talk differently but it’s pain… I won’t see him, he won’t recognize me. Another love story will end, but not the way I tried to imagine while being a 5th grade student. Strong knight with white horse won’t come to this stupid, used girl like me… I don’t want and I don’t need it.. Maybe…

At the end… we said “goodbye”…


I’m sorry…

auxfrontieresdutemps-blog  asked:

I want to read your fanfic about Philkas XD it's good to have someone to talk about it with. For you, why Philip looked so nervous while cuddling with Lukas in the barn ? I mean, Lukas changed so much so I get that Phil must be a bit surprised about it. Do you think it's linked to his past ? They probably won't have enough time to do that, but I'd love to know more about Philip's background.

I’m posting it soon! 

Are we talking about the cuddling in ep 7? Because I don’t think Philip looked nervous at all. I think he might have been a bit skeptical that Lukas actually broke up with Rose, that’s all. And yeah, tell me about it, I’m really hoping for a season 2, with the same characters obviously. There’s so much we don’t know about Philip and his past before Tivoli. There’s no way they can cover it in two episodes!