i hope they all have the same characters as before

PSA for anybody who has ever felt insecure about how they write their character. Remember why you began writing them in the first place. Remember how much they mean to you and how much you enjoy writing them. There will be other people roleplaying the same character as you, it is inevitable, but there is only one of YOU and only one who plays the character the way YOU play them. You bring something special to that character. Something that nobody can mimic or do the same as because nobody is just like you. You need to accept that, and accept that there will be others, but just like you they will be playing the character their own way as well. Nobody is better. Nobody is the same. Nobody deserves to play a character more than another person does. This is no popularity contest and you should never feel as though you aren’t worthy of playing a character just because you or someone else has made you feel that way. Instead of comparing yourself to others who play the same character as you; try to embrace the differences and admire them. Cheer up and keep on keeping on. You love your character, you love roleplaying as that character, and in the end that is all that matters.

The Freshman: Problematic Love Interests

So, ya’ll know how rough the last chapter of The Freshman was yesterday. Nearly everyone in the chapter was at their max level of craziness…particularly the love interests. In fact, I was so frustrated with some of their behaviors that I decided I had to get some things off my chest. Hence, this post came to be.

Forgive my snarkiness and general agitated tone here…I’m much less aggravated than I was last night. Let’s just be thankful I gave myself a day to relax before sharing these thoughts!

Okay, let’s get started. 

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Out of all your OTPs what are your top10 (in order) ?

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

I keep saying this but very rarely do couples from new shows become my OTP, I have them as number one because I haven’t had this kind of reaction to any other ship. I would cry days after the show’s finale when I would just hear a song from the show’s OST. There is so much earnest and sincere emotion between them and Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun have great chemistry, their relationship was tragic in a really beautiful way and cute in the most heartbreaking way, their bickering was done with so much conviction and the pain at whenever they separated was felt deeply. Like I believed in this couple.

2. Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

I don’t think I really need to explain why SE is one of my top OTPs since so much of this blog is dedicated to going into detail as to why that is; in a nutshell, they have that soulful, passionate, transcendental love that is nuanced and complex and rarely seen.

3. Jax and Tara, Sons of Anarchy

This is a ship that’s rooted in chemistry because their romance isn’t logical or rational, there is so much danger and pain and violence surrounding them, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t be involved with Jax and his mother and his club but the pull between him and Tara is undeniable, it’s a pull that’s existed even though they were apart for 10 years and their love is passionate and it takes them to dangerous, destructive places but it’s heartfelt and overwhelming and not many people can pull off that kind of dynamic.

4. Mickey and Ian, Shameless

Like I said last night, I thought the saying “I love you so much it hurts” was stupid until I was introduced to Gallavich because there is such a wholehearted affection for each other that it’s almost like neither of them can breathe yet at the same time their relationship acted as a breath of fresh air. It’s the one ship that I thought was redemptive and toxic at the same time and Noah and Cameron have such intense chemistry, the angst between them is insane and I think they manage to show the struggle Mickey has with being gay in a way that was heartbreaking to watch without it being sappy and cliched and that made you feel so bad for both him and Ian so that when he finally embraces who he is, it’s like the best thing in the world. And the way Mickey cares for Ian is so unique to Mickey like it’s softhearted and violent and it’s just, this ship is a study in contrasts and it works, which is very hard to do.

5. Noah and Rosalee, Underground

Noahlee is another ship that’s new but that I ship passionately because first of all Aldis and Jurnee have great chemistry, the minute they’re in a scene together in the pilot, those longing gazes were enough for me, second of all I always love seeing young black couples onscreen, third of all, within the context of their lives and of the show — which is a show about enslavement and about the various avenues taken to combat the institution of enslavement — the fact that they fell in love is revolutionary, the fact that white supremacy didn’t beat out their will to have affection for each other is a subversive act in it of itself. Related to that, Noah is a very passionate character, a very strong character who believed in Rosalee, believed she could and would do great things before even she realized she had the strength to do so and his drive inspired her while loving Rosalee provides Noah with a sense of peace and hope.

6. Crixus and Naevia, Spartacus and Sura, Agorn and Nasir, Spartacus

I have all three ships in the same number because I love them all equally but differently. The Spartacus series portrays such passionate ships.

Crixus and Naevia,

I really enjoyed them because they’re such a pure romance; when we’re introduced to Crixus he’s legit a dick and the only thing he cares about is glory and honour and being the best gladiator and he falls in love with Naevia and is given more complexity and he’s softer because of her.

Spartacus and Sura

are tragic and you don’t see much of their relationship and what you do see is mostly in flashbacks because they were separated, both sold into slavery, but Spartacus refuses to die because he wants to see Sura again and he starts a rebellion because of her, he loves her absolutely that he’s unable to love any other woman, like it’s intense.

Agorn and Nasir

were a ship I didn’t think I would pay much attention to because I didn’t really care for either character but Agorn and Nasir loved each other so fiercely, like I dare anyone to try and tear us apart and the devotion between them was extremely intense plus Dan and Pana had great chemistry.

7. Oz and Willow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Willow is the character I relate to the most in Buffy so my friends and I always joke about how I’m waiting for my Oz because Ozillow was unbelievably adorable, I love them so much. Alyson and Seth had a chemistry that surprised me, I didn’t think that it would be as natural and at times intense as it was but they’re just such a feel-good ship.

8. Jackie and Hyde, That 70s Show

I don’t think anyone expected the awesomeness that is Jackie and Hyde. Mila and Danny worked really well together and I think you really got the sense that they cared deeply for one another while at the same time having the capacity to really aggravate each other and just by nature of being polar opposites who happen to care about each other, they got each other to grow — Jackie became less vain and less domineering while Hyde actually became more vulnerable and less stubborn, they were actually perfect and the writers fucked it up and I will be forever salty about that.

9. Jane and Michael, Jane The Virgin and Jim and Pam, The Office

I have them both on the same number because I love them equally for the same reasons.

Jane and Michael

External image

Pam and Jim

Jichael and Jam are both relationships in which the two people just click, they just get each other, they’re on this other plane that no one can reach and they have an intimacy and implicit knowledge of each other that isn’t the breathless intense, angst-ridden dynamic that I love but it’s as profound and significant.

10. Scott and Kira, Teen Wolf

I know Scallison is the favourite and I do love Scallison but I don’t know, Scira has a groundedness to them that I respond to more and they’re a very physical ship; a touch from Kira can still Scott’s hand or still him to calmness that his eyes stop glowing; holding Kira allows her to decompress and be comforted, she can close her eyes in relief and in security, and the way Scott and Kira run towards each other, it’s almost magnetic, like they’re being pulled together and have no choice to connect. And of course their sexual chemistry is kind of insane. But that’s the thing with Scira, there’s a gentle intensity to them because it’s like they finally achieve calm from the crazy supernatural mess when they’re touching each other or in one another’s arms or kissing each other, which makes their relationship physically intimate.


Vince and Jess and Matt and Julie, Friday Night Lights

Buffy and Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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She has to tell him. If she really wants a future with him, she has to. Period. Everything else is just excuses. He'll react in whatever way he reacts, but that's his decision to make. They have to show that she learned the lesson of season 1. Otherwise, where's the character growth? The same mistakes again? I hope she's the one to tell him and she tells him before anything happens between them. Otherwise, it will be another small betrayal, the way I see it. And I had enough of this drama.

I agree. If either of them has gone through any growth over the past year then yes, two things have to happen. Jane needs to tell Kurt the truth. He cannot find out from someplace else. After all, the entire mess of last year was because she kept things from him to protect him. She is doing it all over again. Although this time, she is also protecting Roman, so while the stakes may be higher, it is season 2, so they have to be anyway. But if Jane has gone though any growth, then she has to come forward with the truth.

And two, Kurt’s reaction has to be… well, he is not going to be happy about it, so his initial reaction won’t be good, but he too should have gone through some growth and he cannot react like he would have back then. He knows Jane better now, and he understands what drives her more, so he has to know that keeping this from him did not come from a place of evil but pure concern for both him and Roman.

And with so many bigger problems at hand, they have to quickly get over this in order to defeat everything else. They cannot be too stupid to let this become a problem that will make them lose focus.

Honestly, the only other scenario I would be ok with in regards to how Kurt finds out is if Roman tells him. After all this is a secret being shared by the siblings and while it would be much better for Jane to tell him, I can see how it would also be good for Roman to open up here. Kurt is warming up to him and while this may cause a ripple in their very young relationship, at least it would be built on honesty. And with Roman opening up, he could explain to him how Jane wanted to tell Kurt but didn’t know how to do it.

Let’s be real, at this point, I am almost equally invested in Roman/Jane and Roman/Kurt and Kurt/Jane (almost) and I want to protect all three relationships equally. Ugh. I hate this show.

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sorry to bother you again but i just love your ocs and was thinking maybe you'd like some questions about them. so qs for your ocs: do they have a memory or person they'd like to forget? what is their favorite food? do they have a phrase they say often?

Oh, you’re no bother at all! I love questions :D I’ll just go ahead and answer these in-character because that’s easier <3

Do they have a memory of a person they would like to forget?

Varlen: Yeah… I’ve got a memory I want to forget. A memory and the people in it. I just… hope they haven’t hurt anyone else. I should do something about them, now. Now that I’m not the same person I was before. Maybe I shouldn’t forget, then. I don’t know.
Anacrea: Yes and no. The memory of what happened at the Ostwick circle is painful. A part of me would love to sleep without seeing it. Yet… I need it. It gives me purpose. What is done to mages is too often forgotten because it is easier.
Nyvera: Memory? No. People? Ha. Sure. But that’s not hard to do. Most people I meet are pretty damn forgettable anyway. I don’t tend to take names or hobbies either, so no great loss.
Maraas: Sure. I mean, who doesn’t have those kinds of memories? There’s shit I’ve seen and done that isn’t exactly nice, but you know what? I still did it. So forgetting isn’t really on the cards. My actions are on me. I’ll carry their weight until it crushes me like a bug if I have to.
Jaime: What? No! Why would I want to forget anything? I know I have been lucky for the most part, but forgetting the bad things won’t make me a better person. Besides, if I let the difficult things go, would I still be who I am now?
Hanin: No. The memories… are painful, but to not have them? To forget the people in them? That is infinitely worse. They live on with me. I act on their behalf. It is all I can do for them now, and I will not give that away to save my conscience. 
Delton: Nah. Learned a little bit from all of that bad stuff. If I put it together, I’ve almost got a working knowledge of what not to do in any given situation. That comes in handy!
Darren: Well… I mean…. maybe? I don’t know. The memories that hurt the most are usually attached to people I love the most. I’m not sure if I’d want to lose them.

What is their favourite food?

Varlen: Cheese. Oh Creators, cheese…
Anacrea: Sweet things. Berries, fruits, cakes. I rarely had a chance to indulge in the Circle, so I am making up for lost time.
Nyvera: Rum. Oh fine… beef in red wine. Mostly because of the red wine.
Maraas: Hmm… anything warm and hearty. Stew’s a pretty safe bet. I’m a big guy - got a lot of stomach to fill!
Jaime: Our cook used to make the most amazing roast duck… and it was the first proper meal I ever had with the Trevelyans. It’s simple, but special to me.
Hanin: … Pears.
Delton: Fish. Any fish, but salmon’s pretty damn good. Never ate much of that - it’d go bad too fast. Too easy to get sick. Guess it’s sort of a delicacy in my mind now.
Darren: My ma’s carrot cake. She only ever made it for birthdays, so it’s like a treat!

Do they have a phrase they say often?

Varlen: “Are we there yet?” or [insert extended groan here]
Anacrea: “If you must.”
Nyvera: “Get in or get out.”
Maraas: “Well shoot my foot and call me skippy…”
Jaime: “Can I bring my dogs?”
Hanin: “Get up. You’re not done yet.” 
Delton: “Y’know how that could’ve gone? Better.”
Darren: “Wait, did I do that right?”

My Mate (Part 5)

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: language.

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***This doesn’t really have anything to do with the plot…but I had the idea for it and I had to write it…hope you enjoy this filler episode ^^

 Chapter 5

 All eyes turned to Riley as she regained her bearings.  Lucifer quickly walked out and stepped up behind her, giving her a bit of support.  

“Riley!” Dean said with a big smile on his face.

“You’re awake!” Sam said with the same enthusiasm.

Riley took a few steps forward before she was engulfed in the Winchester’s arms, giving her tight hugs.  “Guys, I’m fine.  Lucifer healed me up just fine.”  She said with a smile as she pulled away from her brothers.  “Speaking of which…no angel blades…right?”  

The boys chuckled as they looked you over.  “Nah, we just want to make sure you are alright.  It’s funny…you don’t look any different…”  Dean added as he walked back over to the table, taking his seat in front of his beer.  

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Big thank you to all my followers and all the people in my fandoms who have given me love, supported my posts, contributed content for all of us to enjoy and for just being awesome in general!! You all rock and I hope you have an amazing 2017 year! If you don’t mind, I humbly request if you could spread my wishes further to your fans, followers and fandoms by reblogging this post and tagging your fandoms. Let’s all celebrate NYE 2017 as one big party! You’re not alone, we’re in this together!

I did this in hurry because I wanted to post it before it’s officially new year for me and I couldn’t include all my fandoms, character I love, OTPs on banner or it will go on forever, but my wishes remain the same. Fullview for best quality. YES you can use this as banner for your blog/twitter etc if you don’t mind my credit being there on it >> please don’t edit it. 

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Hello! Thanks for the request, it was really cute :) I have another one : How would Sinbad, Kouen, Judal and Ali Baba react if their s/o make a declaration to them in the first place (so before they become a couple) If there is too many characters, don't bother yourself and just do the ones you prefer :)

i’m glad you enjoyed it and i hope you enjoy this one to! don’t worry about the characters because it’s not to many at all (/^▽^)/

Sinbad: While Sinbad would be ecstatic over the fact that his crush felt the same way that he did, he wouldn’t be able to stop his pride from being a little hurt. He would’ve had an eccentric and romantic plan as to how he was going to confess to them all ready to go. He’d suck up his pride though and tell his partner that he returned their feelings before asking them out on a date. 

At least some of his plan could still be put to use.

Kouen: A proud smile would come across Kouen’s face as his crush confessed to him. He’d try not to show to much of it, but he would be overflowing with happiness. The fact that his crush had had the guts to confess to him would make him feel even better about their future relationship. With a nod of his head, he would take his crushed hand and place a gentle kiss on it before telling them of his own feelings.

Judal would smirk as his partner confessed to him and his eyes would light up with glee. With the smirk still on his face, he’d take this as an opportunity to tease them and get them flustered. He’d casually ask if ‘that meant that he was allowed to take them to bed now?’ or ‘so you think I’m cute huh?’ Once he was done with his teasing however, a small but genuine smile would come onto his face as he to, told them how he felt.

Alibaba: At first, Alibaba wouldn’t even realise that crush was confessing to him. He’d be to caught up with staring at them and admiring them to actually take in what they were saying, so when he heard the ending of the confession, he got quite the shock. With a beet read face, he’d ask them to repeat what they had said. Once that was done, he’d nervously take their hand and tell them that he felt the same way and that he intended to protect them with his life.

Why Hope Estheim is ‘accidentally’ one of Final Fantasy’s most well developed side characters

I was with a couple of good friends of mine that visited during the summer. We hanged out and played soccer and went fishing, as much as I hated it. We also played some games and then the other day one of them asked me what I thought about the new games coming out. Final Fantasy XV was part of that subject and before I knew it we started talking about Final Fantasy as a whole.

Then FF XIII was brought up and two of my buddies asked me right of the bat if it was as terrible as people said it was. I had to say I was shocked that they didn’t even try to play it, but I suppose when people exaggerate and it catches on, it becomes a consensus that whatever reaction is given must be the absolute answer. I told them that they should play it especially since it’s so cheap now. I talked to them about the game structure and was honest about the linear 2-3 hours that goes on to a traditional style FF overworld you can explore.

They asked me about Lightning and I told them they should play the game, again experiencing and talking about a game are two different things. But as things went on I started talking about Hope and before you start thinking that I hyped this character up to my friends I found myself having difficulties. Because truthfully I hated Hope when he was introduced. Not disliked, hated.

Powerful words for a video game character, I know. But that got me thinking, did Square Enix create this character as a typical reluctant hero/tragic innocent youth quota that they seem to like to have in every FF game. I mean for goodness sake Rydia mother was killed when Cecil Harvey followed the commands of the King that ordered for Rydia’s village to be destroyed in FF IV.  Rydia then becomes one of Cecil’s trusted partners after he tries to become a white knight. But Hope Estheim is different than any other side character. In fact I’m convinced Square Enix accidentally made Hope become one of the most unique developed characters in the lore of Final Fantasy. Before you roll your eyes at my wild statement I want to remind you that I hated the brat the first few hours into the game.

With that being said you’re going to have to forgive me if I go into details that may (or may not) change your mind about Hope Estheim. So what all Final Fantasy games consist of and what we as fans expect out of the series are always the same 2 or 3 things.

  1. A unique universe that grabs your attention
  2. A cast of characters that you want to get behind
  3. (OPTIONAL) Luxurious hair For number 3 it’s kind of a thing with newer games and I’ll be honest everybody looks mighty fly in those cut scenes. So how did Final Fantasy XIII do? (According to me)

A unique universe that grabs your attention?


A cast of characters that you want to get behind?

VERDICT: Hmm…lets dig in on that one…

Claire Farron AKA Lightning the main protagonist who is a guardian corps soldier who is stoic and strong. On a mission to save her crystalized sister.

Snow Villiers a renegade member of NORA that wants to fight against the acting government known as the Sanctum. Also trying to save his fiancée Serah Farron the younger sibling of Lightning.

Sazh Katzroy a pilot who is forced to walk a path to save his son, and well-armed with pistols.

Oerba Dia Vanille and Fang are two Pulse inhabitants that are trying to save their people and fates after being crystalized. Gifted in magic and used to fighting.

Then there’s Hope Estheim Here’s the official description from the game.

“Hope is a normal boy from a normal family whose childhood on Cocoon can best be described as uneventful. Inexperienced in the ways of the world, and won’t turn to his mother for protection, he is completely unprepared for the turmoil into which his life is thrown when he is unexpectedly caught up in the Sanctum’s brutal Purge.”

    He doesn’t fit in with the rest does he? In fact there is no indication that he can fight or has any real reason to worry until his mother dies. Then that’s when the magic happens… From the beginning you have your standard 14 year old Hope Estheim that about 24 hours ago was just another teenage boy with first world problems. In fact you might even go as far as to call the boy selfish and self-centered. I know I did.

    But as the Purge occurred and innocent people were hauled away by PSICOM soldiers to execute them to cover up their mess; Hope and his mother are caught up in one of those buses. When Hope is trying to escape and Snow saves them all before Nora Estheim decides to lend the resistance team N.O.R.A (I know) something terrible happens. Nora (Hope’s mom) dies saving Snow. I don’t remember how many seconds Hope had to mourn his mother. I think it was 1.85455 seconds, because you know; there’s fighting going on. I’m not going to go through all the details for Hope just enough to make it easy to understand how interesting he is at this point.

    If you said ‘meh’ don’t worry you were the majority of people (myself included) that felt that way.Here’s the awesome part. The way the game is designed characters can level up by using your CP to learn different abilities. How you choose to spend your CP is up to you, but Hope right off the bat is the weakest character in terms of HP. (He’s just a kid with no fighting experience after all) However if you think, well with any final fantasy game you can always tweak weapons and armor to make up for the weak points you would be half right. This is a character that is impressionable and is constantly running away from trouble. When Lightning takes him under her wing one of the coolest and most adorable partnerships is formed (that’s for another time though) and they play on each other’s strengths.

    YOU: Wait I thought you said Hope sucks? What strength does he have?

    Well he happens to be the strongest character in terms of magic. People argue that Vanille is better, but out of experience of the two Hope seems to be more versatile, and I swear that his magic attacks do much more damage. But that wasn’t what I consider to be Hope’s real strength. No his secret weapon is a subtle one. Something that probably many players missed out on. He’s normal. Yup that’s it, the fact that he is a normal person makes him strong.

    Case and point, Lightning the main character has a will that won’t be stopped. Although she is very strong physically her ability in strategy is more instinctive than anything. But she is also conditioned to trust no one other than her sister. At one point in the game she is stranded with the other characters and goes on her own to find a way out. She happens to bump into Sazh, Vanille, and Hope later on. In a span of 30 seconds she goes from wanting to hurt Snow, to fighting Sanctum while starring daggers at Cocoon (the world they live in) and finally leaving the three characters while turning to Hope and Vanille and saying next time they meet they may be enemies.

    I know. The girl can’t help it. Here’s where Hope’s first sign of strength kicks in. While he is using a rationalization for his mother’s death he traces it all to Snow. Being a character that is cocky and loud Snow doesn’t make it easier for Hope to dislike the man.

    If anything Hope is dealing with the trauma that he didn’t have proper time to get over. He didn’t even cry when his mom died (sadly when he tells his father later about Nora’s death Hope’s father cries). Hope doesn’t when his mother died, that is terrible and honestly something that no kid should go through.

    Throughout their adventure Hope is paired up with Lightning out a mutual relationship. Hope’s hometown is where Lightning wants to go so he agrees to take her there. While Hope wants to follow her so he can learn how to toughen up. He wants Snow dead because that’s the way he wants to shift the blame. When Lightning and Hope are teaming up two things happen that change both characters.

    For Hope: He learns how to control his emotions better. Focusing on a task is easier if you have your feelings in check. It also helps him direct his plan to kill Snow. Operation NORA is what he calls it.

    Secondly there is an unknown ability that he has. He is very smart, using information given to him to sort out logical approaches for solutions. In a funny way he does sort of become the spirit leader of the group where in two cases has all party members just stare at him in awe. 

    There is also a sixth sense that he has, but I think that may have to do with his magic ability. Basically he is (adorably) taking point while Lightning watches the rear and Hope stops and randomly grabs Lightning to hide behind shelter as PSICOM patrol units hover over them within seconds.

    Impressive and it happens a few times in the game as well. For Lightning she gets more things out of their partnership. First is the fact that Lightning learns how to look at things from a broad perspective. Trust me she’s smart, in fact she’s always prepared for all random encounters. However whenever she is on ‘Serah’ mode she gets tunnel vision and focuses only in the here and now. This isn’t all bad, but in a key moment of the game Hope finally brings her to Palompolum the location Lightning wanted to go to.

    While they are hiding from PSICOM through an underground facility she and Hope encounter a Fal’Cie called Carbuncle, which is responsible for the food distribution of the people. Hope and Lightning stare at the thing and Lightning makes a clear cut statement about how she sees these Fal’Cies as conveniences. Hope casually brings up the thought that really all Fal’Cies do is keep them (people) as pets. This makes her open her eyes (literally) and suddenly has a clear vision of who is really responsible for all this.

    Also this is the first time she willingly admits that she doesn’t know what to do. That is the second thing she got out of Hope.

    Being honest with herself and with others.

    Usually she would make an off remark about how things were in her way. Or if somebody complained she would dismiss it and move on. But with Hope around she is more open about these things and in terms of character development makes her better for it. Thirdly Lightning makes a friend. Which isn’t a joke by the way it’s actually really touching, because within a moment of almost abandoning Hope in the beginning of the game she unleashes Odin.

    Quickly after that she and Hope work together and tame Odin. Within moments she tells him to call her ‘Light’ and as the two venture off they become closer. My favorite moment with these two is actually during a time Hope is resting and Lightning gets asked about Snow. She goes on a tantrum about the guy and the way the camera positions Hope listening on the ground makes it look like two kids talking about what’s bothering the other.

    Its adorable is what that is. But enough about that because there is another thing Lightning learns from Hope. Hope in many ways becomes Lightning’s substitute for Serah. Even if people don’t want to admit it, she tries to not repeat past mistakes from Serah with Hope; who again is a 14 year old kid that doesn’t belong in this mess. It also makes it more important for her to keep him safe since she later reveals to him her personal life.

    About her parents deaths and how she had to be tough as Serah’s only remaining guardian and family. The Lightning nickname is also explained to him, again vital information that for whatever reason she only tells him about. So there are similarities in their back story already and yet they couldn’t be much further apart in characters.

    Good stuff huh? It’s called character development.

    So what does all this have to do with why Hope Estheim is such a unique developed character? Ah well then I hope you took notes, because I just established how crucial and how (at this point) motivated he is to avenge his mother’s death by killing Snow. The gift that Serah gave Lightning on her birthday was a survival knife.

    Lightning let Hope ‘borrow’ it to help him get stronger. There comes a time when Hope does give the knife back to her after realizing that killing Snow was not the way to go. There is a hug yes, but I honestly don’t see much from that other than relief. As far as the story goes after that, its Hope’s world essentially. You see him lead the group into Grand Pulse. Point out facts that would make the party members realize how strong they really were.

    And probably the most crucial part is he becomes (get ready to roll your eyes) the guidance of ‘hope’ through their battles.

    YOU: Okay so maybe Hope is a little bit better than I thought he was. So he improves a bit too. I still don’t see why he’s such a big deal though.

    There is a scene where Hope is by himself looking out at Grand Pulse and Vanille joins him. She asks him if he’s thinking about something. They have a nice conversation about cause and effect and this is where Hope shines through.

    He explains that up to this point, he’s had to accept that sometimes what you know to be true ends up being a lie; (maturity coming through) but maybe if you work hard enough you can make that lie become truth. That is called hope.

    And that sense of idealism follows Hope through his adulthood where we all know he becomes a director with God like ambitions. (He builds a planet) Imagine putting that in your, “Hello my name is,” name tag.

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 is essentially a time traveling adventure game with Hope Estheim being the John Connor of humanity. I’m serious, the guy is fixed on getting assassinated in 3 days in one the many paradox endings. That and the fact that Hope seems to be the only one who doesn’t screw up royally, and typically is left with fixing the mess Serah and Noel make. I would also like to add that Hope takes up Lightning mantle as Serah’s guardian.

    From the moment they meet up again he is very affectionate and constantly cheers her up. It’s only more adorable when you realize that how Lightning was Hope’s protector in the first game. Hope is returning the favor with Lightning being gone in Valhalla.

    YOU: Ah wait a second Lightning chose Noel to protect Serah though? Isn’t that a bit farfetched to say that Hope is the one doing the job?

    Well I’ll put it to you this way, Hope made sure Serah was safe with every step of the way. There is even a moment where Serah and Noel are finally united with Lightning in Valhalla and somehow Hope guessed the road these two would meet was in fact Valhalla and sends an item capsule with a personal message to Serah.

    The last two gifts in that area are from Lightning and Hope. The recipient in mind? Serah. That and the fact that Hope becomes the gamer’s representation at how frustrating it is to see Serah go through so much to find Snow and he’s off doing his hero act. (Yes he had one or two valid points) but he could just ask for help and gotten it done more effective. Anyways Hope tells him off and I remember doing this…

    Keep that sass strong Hope! Lightning would be proud.

     Anyways besides the ambition and the guidance that Hope provides to the game there is one thing that remains constant. He still misses his mother, as he should I suppose. His father passes away after a while, but it’s implied that Hope and his dad lived together in peace. Traveling 100 years into the future Hope still had the idea that maybe he could bring back his mother along with Fang, Vanille, and Lightning.


    Remember this! It’s going to be on the test!

    So we all know what happens at the end of the game right? Serah dies and Lightning is put into a state of crystallization or something like that. What about Hope? Still has to keep his job along with the other guys. There is a novel now that explains the details of what happens between XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. It’s very cool and interesting to read, since its canon and it involves Hope a lot.

    There is some very heartbreaking moments that the poor guy has to go through, but I don’t want to include that stuff since it’s not what most people can experience anyways.

    The novel is called Tracer of Lost Memories and it’s only printed in Japan. English translations are available online, but if you’re not into that just stay with me.

    So the final game we have Hope Estheim alone in the abandoned Cocoon Hope named “Bhunivelze”. Also curiously the name of the God of all Gods, the Mighty Bhunivelze. (Its foreshadowing)

    For a lack of a better term Bhunivelze is an asshole.

    Especially after what he made Hope go through. Not going to bother going into specifics just know Hope was practically tortured for 169 years. In this final game Lightning Returns, Hope is tasked with giving Lightning the savior of the world; the missions to save as many souls as possible.

    With both characters a shell of their former selfs, not having any emotions nor being able to understand why they have been picked by Bhunivelze himself. (You don’t want to know by the way, this God is sick and twisted) Hope is physically regressed into his 14 year old self again. Although still an adult in mind, he explains later on that Bhunivelze is using his body as a vessel.

    So through Hope, Bhunivelze is watching Lightning’s every move. To give Hope a bit of credit he plays some 3D chess with Bhunivelze and makes sure that he knows enough to help Lightning with her mission to find Serah, without knowing too much just in case Bhunivelze is hearing in.

    There is a lot of moments Lightning and Hope share, that I would not like to spoil for the most part.

    But the highest point is when Hope is finally done with his job and Bhunivelze is ready to use him as a vessel. Hope manages to say his final goodbye to Lightning. In the entire conversation Hope is the one assuring her that she’ll be fine and that she will succeed. He leaves her saying he’s glad that he met her all those years ago and expresses that he’s not afraid anymore. This right here is an important moment. Because there is a comparison of two similar moments that symbolize the beginning and the end of Hope’s growth.

    Here is Hope taking point for Lightning for the first time in Final Fantasy XIII. The beginning of his development.

    Finally the adult mind trapped into his youthful body in Final Fantasy Lightning Returns. The ending of his journey in this world.

    Notice anything at the last two images? He’s grown up. He went from being a scared youth that depended on others for help. To a person that did whatever it took to keep people from losing hope.

    He kept his namesake alive to the end. And here is where I will tell you I’m a sucker for characters that welcome death in happiness. Something about that mentality is just powerful to me. I’ll tell you right now, if I knew I was going to die in 10 minutes I would be scared shitless. So many things left for me to do, and even a few regrets I’d like to clear up. So to have the mindset of finding peace with yourself till the end to me, is the definition of strength.

    YOU: Alright, I get it Hope is awesome. But uh didn’t you say there would be a test or something?

    AH! I’m glad you remembered! Why yes indeed, because the last part is coming up. Like I said before, up until Lightning Returns Hope was restless to bring his mother back.

    So guess what happens?

    Lightning makes the choice to give up her life in exchange for her friends to be united together in a new world. With Hope being the last soul she saved, they have a faceless exchange where Lightning tempts Hope with….you guessed it!

    There she is! Hope’s wish right in front of him. Hope takes his mother’s hand and guides her to-

    I rest my case.

    Blue Eyes. (Part 9.1 to Red Hair)

    (Hi everyone~ This is the first part of chapter 9 ^.^, the second part is actually going to be split from Saeyoung’s and Saeran’s POV, covering part 8 and part 9 as well. I hope this is alright ^^; and again, thank you all for the loving feedback !! And please do let me know in a previous post I made if you guys would like to start making requests? Details in previous post ~!

    Warnings: Same as before.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Mystic Messenger or any of its characters. This is written solely for entertainment purposes!



    Blue eyes.

    She always wished she had blue eyes.

    Blue eyes, black hair.

    That’s what would have fixed her plain face.

    Make her more attractive, make her more desirable, make people want her.

    Make her feel loved and wanted.

    She would be pretty enough.

    She would be enough.

    But she had brown eyes, and brown hair, and a plain face that no one looked at twice.

    No one, until now.

    Jumin stared into her eyes, and she wanted to break away, wanted to tear her gaze away, but she couldn’t. She was trapped.

    “Come back with me. You deserve more. You deserve more than this. You deserve to be happy.”

    He couldn’t help but glare at Saeyoung, who looked pained and angry.


    He deserved every bit of pain this caused him, and Jumin couldn’t be happier, that he was the one giving it to him.

    After what he did to her, he had no right to be happy, he had no right to be happy, by taking hers away.

    She was distraught.

    She didn’t know what to call this feeling, except for sheer and total anxiety.

    She couldn’t.

    She absolutely couldn’t.

    She absolutely couldn’t say yes.

    Could she?

    Wait, no.

    No! Of course not!

    How could she even think that? How could she even entertain the slight possibility of ever leaving when he wanted her back?

    It was her fault….


    If it was her fault….why was Jumin asking her to come to him….?

    She broke out of her erratic train of thought, when Jumin squeezed her hands.

    When did he take her hands?

    “Come with me. Come with me, and let me show you what it’s like to be happy again.”

    She was so tempted to say yes.

    Anything to get this feeling of numbness away.

    Anything to fill the gaping hole in her chest.


    It was the soft whisper of her name.

    The soft, and nearly heartbroken whisper of her name. That broke her out of her reverie.

    And she turned around to look at him.

    He stared at her, with that wide eyed, pained look in his eyes, that made her heart shudder for him.

    She couldn’t.

    She couldn’t be the reason for his pain.

    “Jumin…I….I’m sorry…I can’t…I-”

    He cut her off.

    “It’s going to take time. It’s going to take patience. But, I’m not going to let you go so easily. I’ll give you time. To think, and make the right decision”.

    He was firm, where she was weak.

    He was confident, where she was anxious.

    With a gentle kiss to the hand, he set her bag to the side, and walked towards the door.

    “I’ll be waiting for you.”

    And he left without looking back.

    anonymous asked:

    I saw he was drunk but maybe it's just a rumour. Urgh it's so boring. I feel like every week someone kisses someone they shouldn't for quick drama and then it's forgottten. People don't have to go round kissing others all the time to make good drama. If you want to do an affair fine but the 'drama passes' every week are so annoying. I can't believe they are doing the Ashley storyline. Tho I fear they will cheapen that soon with Laurel finding romance really quickly.

    Yeah, let’s just hope people treat Adam like they treated Robert it’s only fair (not bitter at all) but yeah it’s boring, over kill, and has been done before with the same character is a joke.

    All the cheap drama just takes away from all the wonderful things they did with Ashley. It’s just plain sad.

    How to make your own DR3 anime

    ☑ Ensure DR2 characters don’t do anything
    ☑ Include flashy fight sequences for no reason
    ☑ Hetero-normalcy on LGBT+ characters
    ☑ Plot points that go nowhere
    ☑ Make Komaeda (Chiaki) the main because the fangirls (boys) want it
    ☑ Demean Tsumiki
    ☑ Everyone keeps the same exact design with only minimal confirmed changes
    ☑ Probably won’t learn jack shit more about the characters than we did before watching
    ☑ Waste 90% on screen barf just to realize in the last 10% that they have to end somehow
    ☑ Excess Boobs and ButtsTM
    Character development Not possible without Chiaki worship

    ☑ Renew my salt

    theholylight  asked:

    I feel the same way about Haru. She joins far too late for me to care and I feel like we get to Naoto, for example, better than her. I hope the spin-offs flash her out more but...

    The game just really shouldn’t have had so many playable characters. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but having too many characters in the immediate spotlight of a plot can really, really mess with the pacing, and that’s an issue both P3 and P4 were already dealing with (the former more than the later). I’d hoped P5 would have learned from those mistakes and reduced the party size a little, but I guess the variety in the cast that they would have had to sacrifice was more important to them. I totally understand that, but I still find it a shame. 

    anonymous asked:

    Hero x villain is abuse cause the villain hurt ____ and they murdered people. That's a villain and villain x hero ships have been going on for years. Heck look at Loki he kills tons of people but he still shipped with all the other heroes there. But with people like kylo that's different 🤔 I wonder if kylo and Loki switched places of there characters making there first appearance who would antis hate on more 🤔

    I’ve said this before but I think if the same discourse was going on when Avengers came out and Loki got super popular he would basically be in Kylo’s position. Lets just hope that discourse doesn’t pop up. In the case of Kylo even if he did hurt Rey (or anyone) they are not in a relationship for it to be abusive and Kylo’s character could develop to do better then a potential relationship could spark from that.

    anonymous asked:

    Honestly tho, Bokuto made a serious dick move. Sigh. After that angst post i wouldnt want to date Bokuto at all, even if I were Akaashi. Dont play with someones feelings people Bokuto i love ur comics btw dont stop 💕

    Hi friend! You may have misunderstood why Bokuto did what he did :0 

    The confession was NOT an April Fools joke, it wasn’t even INTENDED to be an April Fools joke. Bokuto panicked and said ‘April Fools’ because he felt like his confession wasn’t going to be taken well. He did not expect Akaashi to feel the same way and the fact that he texted just after Akaashi was an ACCIDENT, if he had read Akaashi’s text or if he noticed Akaashi had sent a text just before he was about to send his text, he would not have sent the ‘April Fools’ text. 

    All the anger and the angst came from a misunderstanding and Bokuto’s frustration came from Akaashi not letting him explain himself, I hope that clears things up because the last thing I want to do is to portray Bokuto as an asshole!!! It would be severely out of character for Bokuto to play an April Fools joke like this one intentionally ;-;)

    But thank you so much for the ask and the compliment <33



    ok im honestly like not alive but let me try to recall everything. it was so beautiful visually, it felt so different and cool and just. this is as real as the galaxy has ever felt. and it was such an utterly unique THING like it’s hard to explain this is just something that has never been done before re the connections to the other movies. THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE AN INTERQUEL.

    GOD ok let’s see. the characters were like GOOD imo so that’s good, not as good as tfa’s character work but that was amazing, this was like still good. the plot was also solid until THAT. LAST. ACT. WHEN IT WAS SOME OF THE BEST STUFF I’VE EVER SEEN. I LITERALLY CAN’T TOUCH ON ANY OF IT OUTSIDE OF THE SPOILERS SECTION BUT OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDD

    i almost can’t even post my emotional reaction without spoiling things so let me just say IT WAS AMAZING AND INSANE AND YOU SHOULD SEE IT ASAP ASAPPPP

    now i’m moving into spoiler territory so DO NOT read beyond this point if you haven’t seen it yet!!!!!!!

    Keep reading

    I would love to know why SB and/or Caitlin stans are so insistent on pitting Iris and Caitlin against each other when the two characters have never had any sort of tension or antagonism. They’ve barely had enough quality screen-time together even. Why? I genuinely want to know why you are making it seem like there is some competition for better storylines between the only two regular female characters, let alone for Barry’s affection because there isn’t, never has been, and shouldn’t be. Not to mention, any objection to Iris serving a greater role in the overall story and in Barry’s life compared to Caitlin is completely unjustified, seeing as Candice is next in line after Grant in terms of credits, and she is playing Iris West in a Flash adaptation, a character who is repeatedly presented as the girlfriend/wife/significant other of Barry Allen versus…Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow, a DC character who isn’t even exclusive to The Flash mythology. Why don’t you honestly just admit you can’t stand to see a black woman occupy more space in a story than a white woman, to the extent that you have to resort to setting the only two female characters in opposition to each other, or constantly trying to pinpoint ways the white female is “winning” or ways her story is superior to the that of the black character? And before you come at me with “WA fans do the same thing!!!”, I am enjoying Caitlin’s Killer Frost arc and have always believed she and any character who isn’t a white male deserve better storylines, background, and characterization. I also love how this “Well at least Caitlin isn’t JUST a love interest!” haughty sentiment is only emerging now that Barry and Iris are a full-fledged couple. Don’t act like four episodes ago you all weren’t hoping Flashpoint was going to erase Barry’s feelings for Iris suddenly or that you STILL aren’t hoping he will eventually dump Iris and have an epiphany that Caitlin is the one for him. I have nothing more to say to any of you except to go take a long hard look at yourself and your pitiful hatred/bias.

    Starter guide to Person of Interest

    [Update: The episodes Guide is now complete and cleaner. Don’t hesitate to reblog I don’t have any followers^^]

    Hi everyone.
    I’ve noticed a lot of people wanting to start Poi for Root and Shaw but having no idea what’s it’s about or where to start so i made a starter guide for you. It contains a little characters and story description, a few words about the fandom and at the end you’ll find an episodes guide to help you through.

    I’m french and my english is not perfect so i apologize in advance for every mistakes made, hope your eyes won’t bleed ^^
    Everything here is my personal opinion that may not be shared by everyone, no intention to offend anyone .

    First of all, why watch Person of Interest?

    Because it’s one of the best shows you’ll ever going to watch.
    It’s not nearly as popular as it should be, and it’s a shame really,it deserve all the awards and it got everything you can ask for.
    A good and complicated story with continuity, multidimensional characters that you’re all gonna end up loving, great performances from the actors and nice guest stars, a lot of OITNB cast, Bridget Regan, Katheryn Winnick, just to name a few and there’s a dog too !
    It’s action packed with a little dose of humor, great evolution of characters as well as the relationships between them.
    That’s a show that’s gonna make you think, make you cry, make you smile and make you swoon forever :)
    And there’s Root and Shaw, probably two of the most bad ass women on tv right now. You’ll love them on their own and you’ll love them together. Their relationship is CANON even if it start with subtext and is supported by the writers and the actresses. Actually, Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi are the captains of this ship, search youtube, they’re the cutest.

    But little warning, Shaw is a character with an Axis II personality disorder, she’s a sociopath and can’t feel things the way most people do and it’s extremely important to me and other people to respect that. So don’t expect great declaration of love, hugs and kisses, it’s not them, it’s not her and it’s way more subtle than that. So if that’s what you’re looking for go read fan fictions.

    What’s the story is about?

    Grosso modo, Harold Finch build a computer program, called The Machine, that analyses all our datas to detect terrorist activities. But the machine also detect people who want to hurt others or are about to get hurt and send their social security number to Finch. He team up with John Reese in order to stop what’s about to happened.
    It’s start as a procedural with the number of the week but involves a lot of flashback on the origin of The Machine and the characters background. In season 2, there’s a lot more stories arc involving stuff like corrupt cops, government agencies, mafia and The Machine become a character on it’s own. At that point the story become a lot more complicated and interesting and it gets better and better from there with the addition of Root and Shaw.

    What about the characters?

    Harrold Finch (Michael Emerson ): He’s a computer genius,billionaire and creator of The Machine. He live in secret, changing his name so many times we still don’t know his real one. He’s a little bit paranoid and awkward with people sometimes. He’s the voice of reason, the moral compass of Team Machine and most of the  philosophical aspect of the show come from him. He’s a true gentleman and wouldn’t hurt a bird ;)

    John Reese (Jim Caviezel): Former CIA agent who lost everything, even his will to live until Finch comes looking for him. Extremely loyal friend, he would do anything to protect you or rescue you. John loves shooting people in the kneecaps but John doesn’t like to talk about himself or bother people with his problems. John may be a straight white male but he’s not a whinny bitch and even if he doesn’t appeal to you at first, you’re going to love him sooner than you expected.

    Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson ): Police detective. Carter is the one arresting John in the pilot and release him before knowing who he really is. She then try for a time to capture the “man in the suit” mostly because he keeps shooting people everywhere he goes but kinda start helping him along the way. She is fierce, smart and you don’t bullshit her, if she has in mind to get you, she will.

    Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman): Former dirty cop working with the organization called HR. In the pilot Fusco get in trouble with Reese who later blackmail him into feeding him info on people and the NYPD. Fusco is the comic relief of the show who always have a nickname for everyone. In reality, he’s a good guy who got caught up in shady business. Official Team back up, he’s going to save the day more than once. Somehow he’s still clueless about the truth surrounding The Machine.

    Root (Amy Acker): Former Assassin/Hacker for hire, Root start as an antagonist. She is obsessed with the Machine and consider her a God. Root will spend most of the show doing stuff on her side and popping up to help Team Machine when required. Root love The Machine, wielding two guns at the same time, tase and kidnap people but her favorite activity is to flirt with Shaw as well as tie her up.

    Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi): Compact Persian Sociopath. Shaw work for the government on the relevant numbers, stopping terrorist all over the world until she’s betrayed by her boss. She has an Axis II personality disorder that makes her a sociopath, in her own words, she can’t feel sad or happy or lonely but do angry okay.
    Shaw like food, dogs, guns and in her own way Team Machine, don’t ask her more than that. Gets annoyed all the time by Root attempts at flirting with her but you’re not fooling anyone Sameen.

    Bear: The Team mascot. Bear is a former military dog that Reese meet in the first episode of season 2 and take him back with him. Bear is the cutest dog and everybody’s best friend but can rip you apart if ordered to. He give a paw to the team in various situation. Likes to eat Finch’s books and shoes.

    There is some nice recurring characters that are important to the show. Mainly Zoe Morgan played by Paige Turco (Abby in the 100) and Carl Elias played by Enrico Colantoni.

    What about the ships?

    Well, Poi first focus is not romantic relationship but team dynamic.
    Most of the relationships are hinted at rather than shown and for once, it’s true for straight and gay pairings. There’s not that much kissing in that show, let alone sex. There’s a few straight relationship that are popular, mainly Finch x Grace and Reese x Zoé but the most popular one are Root x Shaw (Shoot) and Reese x Finch (Rinch). There’s even more m/m fiction on Ao3 than f/f.

    Root x Shaw: I’m crazy about them and by the end of season 4 you’ll have become a shoot trash like everyone else. It’s start with a taser, an iron and Shaw tied up to a chair, they’re into kinky shit and that’s CANON too.
    Root flirt shamelessly with Shaw every time she sees her and Shaw pretend to be annoyed in order to keep her cool. But they care for each other, really, and the more time pass, the more it become obvious, even to their entourage. That’s a relationship that is treated with a lot of respect, by the characters, by the actors and the writers. You won’t find anywhere else a bi racial same sex couple with one of them having a personality disorder and stay true all along to themselves.
    But as i said before, no fluff here, they ain’t gonna end up married with a house, a kid and a dog in the garden. There’s hope for a dog, Shaw would totally steal Bear from Finch lol

    Reese x Finch: The original duo of the show, can be seen as a friendship but to me they’re totally MARRIED. Honestly, it would be great if they went for it too. They take care of their dog together, have a baby for a few days, bring each other tea and food, help dress each other, stay beside the bed when one’s hurt, shield each other with their bodies you know, what couples do. There’s is ton of fanart out there and it’s worth a look, super fluffy.

    Team Machine: That’s not a ship but it’s probably the most important relationship in the show. The link between each member is really strong, they got each other backs.
    But it takes time to build trust between strangers and I’m really glad it doesn’t take 3 episodes like in other shows to become friends. It takes entire season sometimes and it’s an evolution during 4 seasons, each new member has to prove themselves trustworthy and accept to give their trust to others too. It’s a beautiful journey in terms of characters development, they’ve grown so much since the first times we saw them. And without realizing it, every members becomes precious to you. There’s so many BroTP in that show !!

    And let’s talk fandom a little bit.

    I’m not active member of the fandom, but i notice things, on tumblr, on twitter, on youtube. And frankly, it’s probably one of the least toxic fandom ever. There is no ship wars here, no drama between actors and production, no negativity.
    The biggest debate is who’s top and who’s bottom. Answer: Root is top and Shaw is power bottom. Don’t argue with me, i could write a thesis on it ;)
    The entire fandom is just pissed because we don’t know when season 5 will air and because CBS treats this show like crap.

    Episodes Guide

    For Season 1 and 2, everything in black is relevant to Root or Shaw.
    For Season 3 and 4, everything in black is relevant to big Root And Shaw episode/scene but they still appear in almost all the other episodes, so don’t skip them unless you’re really here only for Shoot moments. (If that the case, just go Youtube)

    For all the episodes, I divided them into 4 categories to help you find what you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s difficult to class them because there’s too much going on, I’ve done my best.
    Fillers: Just the number of the day, do not contain any major plot development or characters backstory.
    Character Focus: Relevant to one or several characters story, important for their personal development.
    Character Flashback: Contain information on the character past, he/she is often the focus of the episode.
    General Story: Episode relevant to the major story arc of the show, can concern The Machine, the government, HR, the mafia, Vigilance, Samaritan…. Sometimes 2 or 3 at the same time.

    I still advise you to watch the entire show, but this way you know if you need to pay more attention to an episode or play video games while it runs in the background ;)

    Season 1: Lots of flashback and fillers in that season.

    1.01 Pilot
    1.02 Ghosts (Finch/Machine Flashback)
    1.03 Mission Creep (Reese Flashback)
    1.04 Cura Te Ipsum (Fillers)
    1.05 Judgment (Fillers)
    1.06 The Fix (Zoé introduction)
    1.07 Witness (Elias Introduction - General Story)
    1.08 Foe (Reese Flashback)
    1.09 Get Carter (Carter Flashback)
    1.10 Number Crunch (Reese Focus)
    1.11 Super (Finch/Machine Flashback)
    1.12 Legacy (Finch Focus)
    1.13 Root Cause (Root Introduction)
    1.14 Wolf and Cub (Finch Focus)
    1.15 Blue Code (Reese Flashback - Fusco Focus)
    1.16 Risk (Fillers)
    1.17 Baby Blue (Elias Focus)
    1.18 Identity Crisis (Fillers)
    1.19 Flesh and Blood (Elias Flashback)
    1.20 Matsya Nyaya (Reese Flashback)
    1.21 Many Happy Returns (Reese Flashback)
    1.22 No Good Deed (Finch/Machine Flashback)
    1.23 Firewall (Season Final)

    Season 2: At this point, all the episode are relevant to the story or a character, even if it’s just a scene.

    2.01 The contingency (Finch/Machine Flashback - Bear - Leon Introduction)
    2.02 Bad Code (Root Flashback)

    2.03 Masquerade ( General Story)
    2.04 Triggerman (Mostly Fillers - Elias)
    2.05 Bury the Lede (General Story - Zoé)
    2.06 The High Road (Finch/Machine Flashback)
    2.07 Critical (General Story - Number of the day are lesbians YAY)
    2.08 Til Death (Finch Flashback)
    2.09 COD (General Story )
    2.10 Shadow Box (Carter Focus - General Story)
    2.11 2 Pi R (General Story)
    2.12 Prisoner’s Dilemma (Reese Flashback - General Story)
    2.13 Dead Reckoning (Reese Focus - General Story)
    2.14 One Percent (Finch/Machine Flashback)
    2.15 Booked Solid (General Story - Zoé)
    2.16 Relevance (Shaw Introduction)

    2.17 Proteus (Mostly Fillers)
    2.18 All In (Mostly Fillers)
    2.19 Trojan Horse (Shaw and Carter Focus - General Story)
    2.20 In Extremis (Fusco Focus - General Story)
    2.21 Zero Day (Final part 1 -  Finch/Machine Flashback)
    2.22 God Mode (Final part 2 -  Finch/Machine Flashback)

    Season 3: At this point, Root and Shaw are regular. Shaw is in every episodes.

    3.01 Liberty (Root Focus)
    3.02 Nothing to Hide (General Story - Introduction Vigilance)
    3.03 Lady Killer (Root Focus - General Story)
    3.04 Reasonable Doubt (Fillers)
    3.05 Razgavor (Shaw Flashback - General Story)
    3.06 Mors Praematura (General Story)
    3.07 The Perfect Mark (General Story)
    3.08 Endgame (Carter Focus - General Story)
    3.09 The Crossing (Carter Focus - General Story)
    3.10 The Devil’s Share (Team Flashback - General Story)
    3.11 Lethe (Finch Flashback - Introduction to Samaritan)
    3.12 Aletheia (Finch Flashback - General Story)
    3.13 4C (Reese Focus)
    3.14 Provenance (Fillers)
    3.15 Last Call (Fillers)
    3.16 RAM (Team Flashback)
    3.17 Root Path (Root Focus)
    3.18 Allegiance (Mostly Fillers)
    3.19 Most Likely To (General Story)
    3.20 Death Benefit (General Story)
    3.21 Beta ( Finch Flashback - General Story)
    3.22 A House Divided (Final part 1 - Vigilance Flashback)
    3.23 Deus Ex Machina (Final part 2)

    Season 4: Honestly, all the episode are relevant to the general story since everything is connected now.

    4.01 Panopticon (General Story)
    4.02 Nautilus (Finch Focus - General Story)
    4.03 Wingman (Mostly fillers)
    4.04 Brotherhood (General Story - Introduction to the brotherhood)
    4.05 Prophets (Finch/machine Flashback - General Story)
    4.06 Pretenders (General Story)
    4.07 Honor Among Thieves (Shaw Focus - General Story)
    4.08 Point of Origin (General Story)
    4.09 The Devil You Know (Elias Focus - General Story)
    4.10 The Cold War (Greer Flashback - General Story)
    4.11 If-Then-Else (Finch/Machine Flashback - General Story)

    4.12 Control-Alt-Delete (Control Focus - General Story)
    4.13 M.I.A.(Root Focus - General Story)
    4.14 Guilty (Fillers)
    4.15 Q&A (Finch Focus - General Story)
    4.16 Blunt (General Story)
    4.17 Karma (Finch Flashback)
    4.18 Skip (Finch Focus - General Story)
    4.19 Search and Destroy (Root Focus- General Story)
    4.20 Terra Incognita (Reese Flashback)
    4.21 Asylum (Final part 1 - Root Focus)
    4.22 YHWH (Final part 2)

    That’s it, i hope it will help some of you during your journey into Person Of Interest.

              do you guys remember my long-ass post about rping a character with a southern accent ?? i’m sure you do. well, THIS IS THE REVISED VERSION, now with slightly more ( and better ) information !!

              so, once again, this is just a word of advice from your friendly neighborhood southerner and daryl rper !!

              it’s no question that a lot of writers who write characters with accents, specifically southern ones, tend to over-exaggerate their dialogue when they write. it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes, it gets overbearing and hard or annoying ( or both ) to read.

              i’m here ( again ) to tell you guys a few ways to understand the way MOST, not all, southerners with accents speak. i’m also here to let you guy in on a few ways to make your southern dialogue easy and fun to read. here we go.

              first up is sentence structure. this is a huge thing, because southerners with accents can at times tend to flip their words around. for example, “nobody is here” becomes “ain’t nobody here.” the “is” turns into “ain’t,” and moves to the front end of the sentence. in other instances, though, the structure doesn’t change at all. “i don’t have anything” becomes “i ain’t got nothin’,” and while the words changed, they didn’t move. the way a southerner with an accent’s sentence structure changes depends heavily on what they say, where they’re from, and how they personally put sentences together. do research on how your character fits words next to one another ( or if they’re an oc, do research on the area they’re from ).

              next is spelling and how words change. this is also a big thing, because you don’t have a southern accent if you don’t have the words that go with it !
              with the southern accent, words are sometimes put together to make one single word. some common words like this are y'all ( you all ), ain’t ( is not, are not, etc ), and gonna ( going to ).
              sometimes, however, people with southern accents combine words that are not so common. this happens when the first of two words is cut off. for example: “it’s going to” becomes “s'gonna,” and “you have to” becomes “y'got to.” with normal, single words, those with a southern accent tend to drop vowels, especially g. nothing becomes nothin’, going becomes goin’, and so on, and so forth. remember, it’s grammatically correct to put an apostrophe ( ’ ) in place of missing letters !

              now, we’re going to put everything we’ve learned together to make some great southern accented dialogue. what i see most often is that people completely overdo it. they write dialogue that is just saturated with the accent, and it becomes difficult to read. for example:
              rather than writing, ❛ ya ain’t gotta b'doin’ all'a that, ❜ you should maybe write, ❛ you ain’t gotta be doin’ all that. ❜ this way, not only do you have the accent in there, but it doesn’t take over the entire piece of dialogue, and it’s a lot easier to read ! you don’t have to crowd your dialogue to make it believable !!

              LET ME JUST STRESS that people with southern accents DO NOT use “ya/yer” in place of “you/your(e)” every single time. it’s become a horrible pet-peeve of mine to see rpers do this, especially when the dialogue doesn’t call for it.
              so, rather than writing “ya/yer” every single time, try writing a very stressed “you/your(e)” this way, your character doesn’t sound dense ( seriously, imagine someone saying “ya” every single time they mean “you.” imagine someone saying “it’s ya” instead of “it’s you.” it doesn’t sound good, and it doesn’t look good either ).

              AND ONE MORE THING: not all southern accents sound the same !! there are so many different states and so many different regions within those states that sound completely different to one another. so do some research !! learn about where your character is from and listen hard for differences in their accent compared to yours or anyone else’s.

              i hope this helped some of you understand the southern accent a little better, if you didn’t before. if you have any questions/comments, feel free to message me !

    anonymous asked:

    Woah this is AWESOME! You're so creative with your ideas! I'm following straight away. I've got to ask though, how did Error-Sans get the jump on Geno? Did Error resort to trickery is he stronger with his complete, if distorted, soul? (Error does have a complete soul right? I can't remember seeing anything contrary to that) Thanks again!!!!

    Gahhhh thank you so much! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the comic so far :D

    This is actually a HUGE IMPORTANT THING that I will probably NOT cover in the comic. And here’s two big reasons why:

    1) There are a lot of factors involved that are not confirmed, and I don’t want to assume anything.

    We’ve seen Error fight in AskError (which was epic) but we have not seen Geno truly fight as Geno!Sans (at least not yet - I hope we will someday!). I know I can take creative liberties but at the same time

    a) I want to stay as true to the characters as I can, because I just love their established characters so much, and

    b) I want this comic/storyline to be able to take place at arguably any point of time. If I have him fight a certain way before knowing he has something really awesome and signature about him, then I end up pinpointing this storyline at a certain time before all of that goes down.

    There’s more to this explanation, but I’m rambling, so I digress!

    2) MORE IMPORTANTLY, is that I wanted to leave this open to interpretation for this reason: CQ has confirmed that Geno is stronger than Error and has several strengths that Error doesn’t. So here’s where your imaginations come in, lovely readers:

    If you think Error is stronger than Geno and would definitely win in a fight, then you can imagine what a hell of a fight this had to be, if Geno ‘gave him a workout’.

    If you think Geno is stronger than Error and would definitely win in a fight, then you can imagine what a hell of a fight this had to be, if Error somehow managed to get the upper hand.