i hope they all have the same characters as before

Dullhypotheses’ Guide To Rehab (Part Two)

At around March, I was admitted into a rehabilitation center because of my depression. However, I am feeling much better now, and have thought of sharing my experience so that – hopefully – others may be able to use it in their writing, in the background of their characters, or for their personal use. This is a part two to my guide to rehab, and you can check out part one here. I highly recommend reading that first before turning to this one.

The same disclaimer follows: Not all rehabs works the same way. Different rehabilitation centers have different styles — some more lax, and others more strict. The type of rehab I was in is not the only type of rehab there is, but it is one type.

I hope I am able to be of some help! If there are any questions about life in rehab that you think I might help in, don’t be afraid to send me an ask!

Under the cut, you will find the following sections:

i. Length of Duration in Rehab
ii. After Care
iii. Supplication of Food, Toiletries, Clothing, etc.
iv. Check-Ups
v. Group Therapy Guidelines
vi. OJT (On the Job Training) Students
vii. Visitation and Going Out: Day Pass, Out on Pass, Escorts and Parents
viii. Family Dialogue
ix. Checking Out
x. Life After Rehab

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I am so excited, guys. I have my phone interview next week! I’d like to make some friends who are in the same boat as me. I also have friends who have done the program before, so I might be able to answer some questions for you all! Seriously, contact me for anything Disney related. I don’t care if you just want to tell me your favorite character and have someone to nerd-out with. Let’s be friends! <3 

99% of male protagonists are “Mary Sues” by you peoples’ standards I hope y'all realize that before throwing a fit over every single film with a female lead

I’ve never liked the concept of Mary Sues because it tends to just be a way to make fun of young girls creating what are in their minds cool female characters which is really nothing to be pissy about or insult at all to begin with but when you apply the same terminology and concepts to like blockbuster movies it’s just ridiculous and petty. Every male action hero ever is a “Mary Sue” tbqh stop getting mad at women having lead roles where they’re competent and capable.

“I am not racist but the PC brigade have ruined Thunderbirds by making Brains Indian.”

Brains has browner skin now and he has an accent. Get over it. He is literally the same character he was before in every other respect. 

That people are openly declaring they can’t love a character anymore because he is Indian is really properly scary. 

(On a positive note Indians are slowly taking over the world and it pleases me). 

(I hope we infiltrate all the fandoms and drive the racists out.) 

lehalia  asked:

Hello! Thanks for the request, it was really cute :) I have another one : How would Sinbad, Kouen, Judal and Ali Baba react if their s/o make a declaration to them in the first place (so before they become a couple) If there is too many characters, don't bother yourself and just do the ones you prefer :)

i’m glad you enjoyed it and i hope you enjoy this one to! don’t worry about the characters because it’s not to many at all (/^▽^)/

Sinbad: While Sinbad would be ecstatic over the fact that his crush felt the same way that he did, he wouldn’t be able to stop his pride from being a little hurt. He would’ve had an eccentric and romantic plan as to how he was going to confess to them all ready to go. He’d suck up his pride though and tell his partner that he returned their feelings before asking them out on a date. 

At least some of his plan could still be put to use.

Kouen: A proud smile would come across Kouen’s face as his crush confessed to him. He’d try not to show to much of it, but he would be overflowing with happiness. The fact that his crush had had the guts to confess to him would make him feel even better about their future relationship. With a nod of his head, he would take his crushed hand and place a gentle kiss on it before telling them of his own feelings.

Judal would smirk as his partner confessed to him and his eyes would light up with glee. With the smirk still on his face, he’d take this as an opportunity to tease them and get them flustered. He’d casually ask if ‘that meant that he was allowed to take them to bed now?’ or ‘so you think I’m cute huh?’ Once he was done with his teasing however, a small but genuine smile would come onto his face as he to, told them how he felt.

Alibaba: At first, Alibaba wouldn’t even realise that crush was confessing to him. He’d be to caught up with staring at them and admiring them to actually take in what they were saying, so when he heard the ending of the confession, he got quite the shock. With a beet read face, he’d ask them to repeat what they had said. Once that was done, he’d nervously take their hand and tell them that he felt the same way and that he intended to protect them with his life.

AN: I’m only doing three characters because I have a limit to the amount of characters. Also, I don’t have the experience I feel like I need to do this 100% perfect. I felt I was going to start repeating myself if I did more than three characters.I hope this is what you wanted. If you have any questions or concerns, message me.

Also, this is in a reaction situation because I realized they would all end up being the same.


• Coming from the medical field, Mercy would have some information on bodies and the biology behind them. However, she would have a hard time trying to understand the emotional aspect of it. Despite this, she will console her S/O in the best way she can.

• Mercy will try to research as much as possible before addressing the situation. She may go and buy clothes that are more to her S/O’s style.

• She will attempt to validate their identity by sympathizing with them, even though her experience with it is limited.

• She would be gentle and motherly, wanting them to be happy quickly before the emotional pain gets to be too much.


• The moment she senses the insecurity, Pharah will ask what she can do. She understands that only her S/O knows what they need.

• She will attempt to talk to them about it, quietly praising their journey and calling them brave. She will call them the strongest warrior she has ever known.

• If she senses that her S/O is still upset, she will take them away from the situation entirely.


• Tracer will automatically take her S/O away from it all. That may include going to a festival or an arcade. She wants to bring some fun in to replace the fear.

• Tracer will bust out things she knows won’t trigger her S/O, so she’ll bring out coloring books or candy.

• It’s all about distractions when it comes to her reaction to the moment.