i hope they all have the same characters as before

Technically this is a day early but EH I would’ve been too tired to do this tomorrow.

SO HOWS ABOUT THAT? 10 years ago (almost) on the 6th of July 2005 the basic design for this nerd appeared. (Technically it’s older but I can’t find the actual original drawing as I lost all my paper drawings…) As you can see some things have changed, but overall that basic design is the same. Still red, still orange hair, still a dork.

There was an older dragon that came before, but that became another character…

Any way look at all that difference! (And improvement, I hope ;o;?)

The main is finished updating and we are now officially accepting new applications once more!

Fyodor Alkaev, Janus Xiao, and Megara Glass have been reopened due to their roleplayers deciding to leave or due to them going completely inactive.

I (Arya) will be posting an event notice before I have to leave tonight in order to get inspiration for starters running. (But if you can, do try to post starters before then!) Starting tonight marks the beginning of activity counts for all members again, including the admins; we’re back in full swing of things again which means no slacking off. The admins will remain on task, and we hope you as roleplayers will all do the same!

So let’s get back into it and roleplay, roleplay, roleplay. (And, don’t forget the task posted yesterday!) Personalised tasks and more open character’s will go up next week, starting Monday.

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Hey! I recently went through and edited this entire thing! People who have read it before will find that it’s much the same, with a few passages added/reworded for clarity, grammar, and flow. I hope that you’ll find it a little improved and that perhaps some of the characters intentions/inner thoughts will be a bit clearer. I admit that I didn’t do a ton of planning when I first leapt into writing this, so some of my ideas for Hannibal and Will got swept aside.

As always, thanks for reading, and thank you especially for all of your positive feedback! Chapter 9 will be up soon; I’m editing it as we speak! We’re passing one of the big hurdles to the story with this one, and I’m really excited to get into the good stuff B)


I have a small query for you,

I hope that you may be able to answer it.

“ That all depends on the what the question..”

[ There’s a sense of unease surrounding this character before him.

Like something sickly familiar but at the same time not so much as he

suspects it as.]

“ what do you want?”

count-orlock asked:

I understand why Disney decided to make everything in the EU that occurred after the battle of Endor noncanon. I dont really like it (no Thrawn) but I understand it. But what really ticks me off, is how everything BEFORE the battle of Endor is noncanon too. Alot of great stuff, like, for example, the Han Solo trilogy, is now noncanon, even though Disney doesnt have any plans to replace Solo's origin. Making EVERYTHING in the EU noncanon just seems so unnecesary to me.

The EU actually explored the character’s backgrounds before the movies and all the shit that Han went through before the start of A New Hope is no longer canon which like you said is bullshit.

Same goes for The Old Republic that was a great series that really went deep into the conflict between the dark and light side of the force. Yeah it is kinda dumb how they made the Sith a race instead of a title but everything else really helped flesh out the Star Wars universe. Better than the prequels did anyway.