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🙏  deuces, 2016~

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I Don’t Care (m)

Word count: 5,718

Warning: Namjoon smut

Based on an awesome anon request that I got, which motivated me to write this entire thing in two days… I got too into this.

“Are you ready?” you say.
“Always am,” Namjoon says, looking at you with a casual smirk.
Nervously, you start fidgeting with your seatbelt. “Shouldn’t you, well, be a little nervous?” You look out the window, seeing the streets pass by one after the other. All of their names are starting to sound familiar the closer you get, and memories of your childhood appear as if they were waiting for this moment.
He leans back in his seat, tapping his hand against the steering wheel rhythmically. “Should I? Do you think they won’t like me?”
You are startled by his question. “What? No, I… I don’t know, I was just saying…”
He chuckles, hearing you stutter like that. “Don’t worry, babe. I got you.” And, frankly, he’s right. You’ve never seen him lose his cool and you don’t expect him to do that tonight either. Even when he’s driving, he seems in a state of slumber, his eyes barely open, his slow breath, one-handedly steering all the time without any difficulty.
As he looks at you, he winks, almost as if to calm you down. You are pretty much compensating for his lack of stress at this point. Every worst case scenario that could happen is imagined by your mind, and as you feel your heart sink a little, he starts humming a song.
“That’s it, right?” he says.
Your body is paralysed. “Y-yes.” There it is, inching closer as your mind predicts all kinds of disasters. “Please don’t fuck this up, okay?" 

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anonymous asked:

Hey guys... I've been going through some tough times lately and just wanted to scroll through and look at some of my favorite things on this blog before I'm gone for good... I just wanted to say that this blog is so amazing, Mod Lili you're such a role model and I hope that you keep up your job of being such an amazing person... And I guess this is... goodbye... for good.

Don’t do that !!

Okay kid, listen. Life sucks, I know, I agree. 100% with you on this but you know what? Even if it sucks it’s not 100% bad either and yes, maybe right now it looks like that for you but it’s not.

You are allowed to feel bad, you can scream and cry as loud as you want if that makes you feel better but you have to hold on !

Think of something that you like that can be something little or ridiculous, whatever, just think about it, then think about something you would like to do, a place you would like to visit, someone you would like to meet, a stupid thing you would like to try. Think about it, take the time you need but think about it. See? There are still a lot of things that you have yet to experience. And I’m not even talking about all the things that are waiting for you.

You will meet new people, amazing people that you will think that you have know all your life, you will do stupids things and amazing things. You will try a lot of things ! So you can’t just give up on all of this, yes maybe life sucks right now but it’s not going to suck forever, trust me, please.

And even if you think you are alone, that’s not the case. People care about you. Even if you don’t see it, it’s true. We are never as alone as we think we are, it’s just what our mind want us to think. And if you need something concrete then here : I’m here, we are all here. We love you.

So don’t you dare try to do something like that !! You hear me ?! You are going to stay here with us !

(Please, don’t do it. I’m here for you if you want to talk, you can scream at me if you want, if it’s what you need, but please don’t do it. We are all here for you, not only me but all the persons who follow this blog are here for you, you’re not alone. Please, please, please, I know it’s hard and that it seems easier to just give up but please, you need to stay strong for me, for all of us and for you. So please hold on.

-mod lili)

I’m okay with never being fully over you. I like the way your voice sounds in my head. I kind of like when my skin gets hot when you look at me. I love when I look at you and think about all of the memories you gave to me. I like the sparks of hope that burn holes in my heart that one day you’ll dry all of these tears you’ve made me cry. And if you don’t, well then that’s okay too… That’s okay too.
—  I have faith
Not Good Enough
  • Not Good Enough
  • Mystic Messenger

It’s me… I don’t know why I’m calling… but yeah. 

I do have something I want to talk about.

I…really hope that things go well between you and Jumin. I mean it…
I know I joke a lot, but I sincerely think you suit Jumin the best.

And…uhm… I’m sorry I was so weird in the chat room. I just didn’t want people to feel bad because of me.

I think when you have someone you like, you have to be good to them when they are with you.
… If you make the decision to leave thinking it’s the best for the other person, you’ll just end up hurting both.
I called you to tell you that. Just know that you can’t ever recover lost time.

It may look the same… but if the inside has changed… it hurts.

MC: I wish there was a time machine.

Yeah. Some people call me a genius but I’m an idiot who can’t even invent a time machine.

If only I could, there’s a time I want to return to… haha… I guess everyone has it.

But… I’m just not good enough.

I used to think that this chaotic world is funny… all those ridiculous lies, those fights, those victims…

I thought I detahced myself from that world after becoming a secret agent, that the more time passes… the more I realize I’m just the one who’s become chaotic inside.

God… I wish this were a dream.

MC: You sound so hurt. Just tell me… I can listen.

Haha… thank you. You’re so kind.
I can see why Jumin fell for you.

I wish I met someone as nice as you are when I was a bit younger… The only person nice to me was Rika…

I’ve talked way too much.
I’m really tired. I should go now.

Next time we talk, I’ll try to be the usual 707… Thanks for listening to my weird spiel.

Good night.

really hope that they won’t be total arses to mark on high school rapper just bc he’s an idol n i really hope all the nct fans will still be respectful no matter what bc we will not turn into that fandom, i understand u want to protect ur favs (i do too bro, #protectnctforever) but we cannot be that fandom, not when that’s what everyone expects, if u’re going to protect them do it respectfully, i don’t care what the other person is doing, we are not that fandom. also mnet best not mess with the editing to make mark look bad bc as if he could he’s an actual angel (have i mentioned?)


What am I doing instead of writing up the requests I got and doing my homework? Writing for Prince!Joshua. TBH I actually really like the idea of Prince!Joshua but this AU turned out really bad. I have yet to write an AU that I am truly proud of. ONE DAY!

dt: @kikhwa  @jisooscat  because Jenny is the biggest Joshua fan I know and also @jisooosgf because perf and ily and also @pastelmeatballs I HOPE YOUR FRIEND ENJOYS THIS (tagging @seokmins-angel  just in case lol)

  • Real-life Prince Charming tbh
  • Looks so regal in his suits. It looks like he just came out of a fairytale or something
  • Whenever he has to go to official meetings or appear on TV he has his hair styled, but on more casual days he just leaves his hair as it is and even though it’s supposed to be a “casual hairstyle” he somehow makes it look so elegant like how??????
  • Is literally so kind to his staff
  • Regularly pops into the kitchen to see if the cooks need any help. They always refuse, saying that they don’t need his help, honestly, it’s fine, your highness, but Joshua just rolls up his sleeves and helps wash the dishes (because he’s not a very good cook and would probably burn all the food)
  • Wakes up in the morning and fixes the sheets and blankets himself so the servants and maids don’t have to do it. When they walk into his bedroom and see that the bed is all neat and tidy they’re just like “His highness…such a sweetheart” because they know how much he cares for them
  • Always politely bows to any of the servants or staff that pass him by in the hallways and they’re just like “Your highness…please…no…we’re supposed to bow to you…not the other way around…” but Joshua just keeps bowing because he believes politeness is key
  • Such a gentleman, honestly
  • Once saw this female servant struggling to carry a bunch of boxes stacked on each other and she couldn’t see because the boxes were obstructing her view and it looked like she was about to drop them, so Joshua went in front of her and helped steady the boxes
  • The servant let out a relieved sigh and was like “oh my goodness, thank you so much” and Joshua popped his head on the side so the servant could see him and smiled really big like “haha it’s no problem!” and the servant f REAKED O UT
  • Tried to take all the boxes away from the servant like “here, let me take these” and she was like “N-NO! I CANNOT LET YOU, YOUR HIGHNESS! IT IS MY JOB TO BRING THESE TO THE KING!” but Joshua wouldn’t let her and was like “I cannot let you continue to carry these boxes at the risk that you get hurt. Please, let me bring these to the king” and the servant got so embarrassed and was like “o-okay…”
  • One day the King just sighs and is like “Jisoo, you need to let the staff do their job…” and Joshua was like “But they might get hurt!!!!!!”
  • Went to another kingdom with bodyguard!Jun, royal advisor!Seungcheol and gardener!Jeonghan (he brought along gardener!Jeonghan because he wanted some nice, friendly company) and when he stepped out of the limo he was greeted by the sound of excited squeals
  • All the (eligible) males and females had gathered around to get a glimpse at the charming Prince Joshua that they had heard so much about. They’re all screaming because he looks!! better in!! person!! and he has!! really handsome!! servants!!
  • Some people are actually crying because he just looks so much better in person.
  • Bodyguard!Jun is blocking the crowd from reaching out and touching Jisoo, and is also having fun because some of the people in the crowd are trying to flirt with him while he’s protecting Jisoo and he flirts back with 10000+ grease power and all of them love it
  • Near the front of the crowd, a girl gets pushed by some people that are trying to fight their way closer to Joshua, and she falls on the ground
  • Joshua saw what happened and quickly walks over to the girl, despite the protests from bodyguard!Jun and royal advisor!Seungcheol.
  • Gets down on one knee in front of the girl and is like “are you okay?”
  • The girl looks up, tears falling down her face, and her eyes widen upon seeing him standing before her and then quickly looks back down because he’s so handsome up-close that it’s hard to look him in the face
  • Wipes her tears away with his handkerchief and then softly takes her chin between his fingers and tilts her head up so that she’s looking at him
  • “Don’t cry, everything will be alright,” he says, and the girl swears that she saw his eyes sparkle. He puts his handkerchief in her hands and helps her stand up
  • The girl thinks that he’s going to walk away, but before he does, Joshua goes back down on one knee, places a soft kiss on the girl’s hand, and then smiles softly, causing her to turn R EAL RED
  • Advisor!Seungcheol, bodyguard!Jun, and gardener!Jeonghan are all really surprised like your highness!!! When did you become so charming??!!?
  • Joshua turns really red later on because OHMYGOODNESS DID HE REALLY DO THAT???? S O EMBARRASSING!!!!
  • You’re a kindergarten teacher and one day you send a letter to the royal family, wondering if they could maybe send someone from the castle to come to your class and teach the kids a bit about the royal family and what they do.
  • Royal advisor!Seungcheol gets your letter and is like “Hey, we should do this. Should we send Jihoon to go talk to the kids?” but everyone else is like nononono that’s not a good idea, Jihoon would probably get really angry at the hyperactive kids and yell at the
  • Gardener!Jeonghan turns to Jisoo and is like “hey, you should go. You’re the prince, next in line for the throne, you know more about the responsibilities than any of us do” and everyone else is like “yeah, that’s a good idea!”
  • Joshua agrees to do it, although he’s a bit nervous because he doesn’t want to mess anything up and give the kids the wrong idea about the royal family.
  • Royal advisor!Seungcheol is just like “jeez, calm down. They’re just kids, they’re not going to judge your shoes”
  • Tbh you hadn’t really expected anyone at the castle to read your letter, which is why you’re pleasantly surprised to see one of the royal limos parked outside of the school.
  • You had expected them to send over a royal representative or something, maybe an advisor, but when Joshua steps out of the limo you s HRIEK
  • Royal advisor!Seungcheol walks up to you and is like “Are you the teacher that sent a letter to the castle asking for someone to come and talk to your students?” and you’re just like “u-uhm, yeah” and Seungcheol is like “Great! I’m Choi Seungcheol, royal advisor! Nice to meet you!”
  • “Nice to meet you, Mr. Choi” you say
  • “Oh no, please, call me Seungcheol,” he says. “Or, if you’d like, your next boyfriend.”
  • You’re really startled because W HOA is this guy flirting with you?????
  • “This is Kim Mingyu, his highness’s butler, and Wen Junhui, his highness’s bodyguard.”
  • The butler has his hands in his pocket, his head is tilted, and he’s looking at you with a lazy smirk. You avoid looking at him at all costs because this guy looks more like a model instead of a butler and it is honestly a little much for you to handle
  • The bodyguard walks up to you and points at the flowers behind you in the tiny garden
  • “Did you grow those yourself?” he asks, and you’re just like yeah, with a little help from the kids
  • “Out of all the flowers here, you’re the prettiest one.” The bodyguard takes your hand in his and places a small kiss on it and you’re just like ohmygod what is with these guys?? Why are all of the members of the prince’s staff like this?? Are they all this greasy???
  • You’re starting to wonder if the prince is as greasy as them, but then you realize that you don’t actually see the prince anymore. You look around, trying to find the prince, and then Mingyu steps to the side, revealing Joshua, who had been hiding behind him the entire time
  • Joshua had been hiding behind Mingyu ever since he saw you because he wasn’t expecting you to be so cute. He had cringed a bit when Seungcheol and Jun had flirted with you, and he knew that Mingyu probably smirked at you.
  • When Mingyu moves away, Joshua kind of squeaks, but then clears his throat and tries to act more royal-like because he has an image to maintain, he can’t let a cute kindergarten teacher make him get all blushy
  • “Oh, are you the prince? Hello, nice to meet you,” you say and bow politely. You introduce yourself, and before Joshua can say anything, your students run out of the school and gather around Joshua.
  • Joshua is basically standing in the middle of a swarm of tiny children, looking very nervous and worried (and also a bit sweaty?)
  • “Are you the prince?” one of your students asks.
  • “Yes, I am!” Joshua replies, smiling at the kids.
  • “Did you come to marry our teacher and take them to your castle?” another kid asks and Joshua turns sO RED SO F AST and you’re so embarrassed like no, students, please don’t do this to me…. meanwhile Seungcheol, Mingyu, and Jun are just on the side, laughing their heads off
  • “O-oh, n-n-no! I-I came to ta-talk to you about the responsibilities I have as a prince!” The students are a little disappointed that the prince didn’t come to marry you (because they know you deserve to marry a prince) but then they’re also excited because yay!! a real prince!! talking to us!!
  • The talk goes well, and when Joshua is done talking to the kids about his princely responsibilities, the kids go outside to have lunch and you invite Joshua and his staff to stay and have lunch with them, to which they accept.
  • You’re sitting under a tree, eating your lunch and watching the kids play with Seungcheol, Jun, and Mingyu when you hear someone clear their throat. You look and see Jisoo awkwardly standing there, holding his lunch.
  • “M-m-may I j-join you?” he asks timidly and you’re like yeah, of course, please sit down! He sits down next to you and it’s really awkward and you can see Joshua fiddling with his fingers and he looks so shy it’s so adorable
  • “Thank you for coming today,” you say. “I didn’t expect you to come.”
  • Joshua tells you that it was no problem, he really enjoyed talking to the kids. You two start to have a nice conversation, but then one of the kids runs over to you and is like
  • “Hey, Prince Joshua? I like your shoes” and Joshua’s face lights up with the power of the sun and is like “Really?! Thank you!” he’s so happy that the kids didn’t think his shoes were weird and in the very back Seungcheol is laughing so hard that his sides hurt
  • The kid runs away, and you and Joshua just watch the kids play around. Mingyu is giving the kids piggyback rides on his shoulders, Seungcheol is lifting kids into the air, and you can hear Jun having a lovely conversation with one of the little girls
  • “When I grow up, I wanna marry Prince Joshua!” she exclaims excitedly. Joshua blushes and Jun goes “Why would you marry a prince when you can marry a bodyguard? Bodyguards can protect you from all the bad guys!” and the little girl lights up like “Yeah! That’s a good idea! I’ll marry you instead!” and Jun just laughs and winks
  • It comes time for Joshua and his staff to go back to the castle to and all the kids are whining, begging for them to stay longer and to be honest you kind of want them to stay too
  • Seungcheol and Mingyu get back in the limo after saying their goodbyes. Jun stands by the door, holding it open, waiting for Joshua to get in the limo
  • Joshua doesn’t get in the limo—at least, not yet anyway. He stands awkwardly in front of you, and you’re looking at him, waiting for him to say something. Joshua wants to say something, he really does, but it’s just that he’s so awkward with these things and he just met you but you’re so cute and nice and oh no he’s blushing again
  • “Thank you for letting us come here,” Joshua finally manages to say.
  • “Of course! Feel free to come back anytime!”
  • Joshua bows to you, and you’re startled because wait, isn’t he the prince? why is he bowing to you??
  • Quickly walks back to the limo, where bodyguard!Jun (who had seen the entire awkward conversation) teases him
  • “The teacher was pretty cute, huh?” Jun says with a grin. “We should tell your father to stop looking for your future mate because I think we just found ‘em”
  • Joshua brushes him off with red-cheeks because marriage? that’s so far away. And he can’t marry you, he just met you! He would have to visit you at the school for at least another month, and then ask you on a nice date, and then date you for three years, then propose to you under the moonlight…or something like that…
  • “God, Jisoo. Under the moonlight? How cliche can you get?”
  • Shut up, Seungcheol. Joshua will propose to you however he likes. Oh…he should really consult royal wedding planner!Wonwoo about yours and his future wedding….
  • Prince!Joshua is a charming guy who unintentionally makes everyone fall in love with him, but when he’s around you he’s a red-faced, blushing, stuttering mess and his charming self just suddenly disappears. Seungcheol, Mingyu, and Jun totally ship your relationship with him. Even though Joshua has only really hung out with you once (and he’s not sure if it really counted because there were tiny children and three members of his royal staff) he’s already planned out your future dates and your wedding. What a cutie

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i'm sorry if this is stupid but what has jace being straight and white and magnus being bi and a poc to do with whether or not he should give magnus the shovel talk? like - idk it seems stupid no matter who does it because it makes the person who they're talking about (in this case alec) look like a helpless baby who can't speak for himself and needs to be protected by his brother. wouldn't it be just as bad if magnus was white? again sorry if this is stupid i'm just confused

You pretty much answered some of this by yourself but I am linking you to Maia’s excellent explanation of this question here and here.

Besides, even if you totally ignore the problematic issue of Jace giving Magnus the shovel talk, do you really think it is appropiate that Jace, of all people, is doing that? Like the way he currently acts and him basically not caring one bit for Alec in the last ep, to put it lightly? Yeah, don’t think so. Plus, Alec is a grown up man, he can protect himself. Magnus has proven himself more than once that he cares for Alec and wouldn’t hurt him. Plus, who will protect Magnus vice versa? Think about it.

I am not in a good position to explain this as eloquent as Maia does, so just read her metas, she explains these issues way better than me.


honestly, I haven’t posted pictures of myself in a while ??? I don’t even remember when was the last time.
a quick update~
since i moved, i still haven’t seen a therapist or any other kind of professional yet, and my mother tells me it’s not needed, despite my bad well-being. however, Now I’m taking medication (Zoloft, to be exact). It does not make a huge difference, but I guess I do feel a bit better than usual.
From a wider perspective, I’d say my physical health is getting better (as I’ve started doing sports), and my mental health is only getting worse. I hope I will soon have guts to actually go see somebody, but I am not sure.
I try to stay positive, and, on the surface, it does look like that, as I’m often smiling. It’s hard to stay positive or “think happy thoughts”, though.
I hope it will get better. I’m not sure if it is going to.

runningwolf62  asked:

Did someone say... bad future Redcliffe? Because you know... Orlais is destroyed. Do you think Morrigan got out in time? Does Avrian know? Does he hope that she comes back to him? Is he afraid she'll come back to him the way Tamlen did?


Morrigan is smart, and clever, and cunning, and she knows that she will be blamed for Celene’s assassination if she does not uncover the threat first - but alone, she cannot quite do enough. Celene is dead, and Gaspard blames Briala, and Briala blames Gaspard, and half of the court blames Briala because she’s an elf and the other half blames Gaspard because they’re in one or two different alliances against him. Gaspard’s own sister blames Gaspard.

Morrigan sees the blood on the floor and the writing on the wall and goes to find Kieran. She knows it looks suspicious, for her to disappear. She doesn’t care. What they think of her is irrelevant now. This is war, and she will survive. She always survives.

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  • fanfic writer: *writing* Oh wow, they are going to love this. This is by far my best work!
  • fic: *witty lines* *perfect love making* *fluffy enough to kill us all* *a dash of angst, a smidgen of hurt/comfort*
  • fanfic writer: Oh man. This is it. This will be my legacy! *sweats into fic* *bleeds into fic* *cries into fic* *spends days perfecting the grammar and verbage and sex scenes* *has 15 betas look over it*
  • fanfic writer: Okay. It is finally time to release my baby on the world. Here you go fandom. You're welcome.
  • fandom: Ha, cute. *like* *kudos*
  • fanfic writer: :/
  • * * *
  • same fanfic writer: *writing* Whatever. This is shit, I don't even care right now. A singing squirrel? Sure, let's do it. Haha, cheesy lines that make no sense, sure. Grammatical errors out the wazoo? Why not. No one's going to read this piece of crap anyway, I literally wrote it on a scrap of 1 ply toilet paper with a broken yellow crayon.
  • fanfic writer: LOL *post*
  • fanfic writer: *sigh*

it’s pretty shit but my powerpoint’s done and i hopefully the fact that other groups have over a month more time than i do because she assigned them all at once but we’re presenting slowly throughout the corner doesn’t make me look too bad. plus it’s supposed to be a group project but i’m one of the people working on my own and the teacher said she was gonna adjust the workload for that but never did so hopefully that gets into consideration

I miss having you hold me. This twin bed feels like an ocean without you in it and I'm drowning. Every time I think I'll be okay I catch a glimpse of you and my body aches for that. The sound of your voice kills me and like a siren it drives me to the rocks and I don't know what to do anymore. How can I be the only one hurting? You just look right through me and I don't understand. Why can't I get over this? Why do I hurt so bad? And why do I feel like I can't survive this when I've survived so many more storms. . .

Screw shading, I think these look great enough without it.

I’ve had fun with this idea and this drawing and how silly it is.

The exact show I used the poses from was Power Rangers: Dino Charge, and each Sans is in the pose of the Ranger with the corresponding color:

Red - Tomato Soul - @amber-acrylic

Yellow - Lithos - @mirrored-with-puns

Green - Clover - @rainbowchu3

Blue - Edgelord - @louisethe4th (hope you don’t mind me adding the boots and belts)

Pink - Stardust - me

What’s bad is that this is the first time I’ve drawn all of these Sanses in full-body with color (since I sketched Clover before). What a way to premier them in my art style.

Hopefully I’ll actually try drawing something serious with these guys.

shoutout to you

look at you. look how far you’ve come. take a moment to reflect:

you were born, you grew up, you developed emotions, you went to school, you learned how to read, you learned how to write, you learned how to love, even if just a little. you’re doing great. you’ve come so far. keep going. smile to yourself. yes you. do it right now. i don’t care where you are or how you feel right now. smile to yourself. i don’t care if you’re around other people right now and they will judge you if you smile, because at least you’ll look happy. you can do it. you can get through whatever you’re going through, and you’ll climb up out of this seemingly bottomless hole, which i promise, it is NOT bottomless. you will climb up a little, and then your muscles will ache and you will fall. but next time you try climbing, your muscles will be stronger. and once you’re out of the hole, you will be so much stronger than the people around you that werent in holes as deep as yours. and then, you can start climbing. you can keep climbing, because you’re so strong, and you’ll climb higher than you ever imagined.

i believe in you.


After RM said what he said, the atmosphere just got really awkward and idk, for me that’s better than everyone laughing it off like it was no big deal. I’m happy they didn’t laugh along because it shows they know it’s wrong to do so. The thing that probably worries me the most is V and Hobi’s inner feelings, and Hobi probably only laughed because that’s a natural reaction for him and he can’t really show disappointment with all these people in front of him and cameras in his face. Sadly, I can’t say the same for Taehyung since he just looked sort of appalled at what RM said. I hope RM sincerely apologized to those 2 afterwards because this just disgusts me. I don’t care if it was a joke or if he just got caught up in the situation or whatever but poking fun at the color of someone’s skin is not and never will be okay. 

I know he’s not a bad person because he’s proved this so many times, but he sure as hell messed up big time and the least he can do is apologize. He’s the leader & the others look up to him, so I really hope no one else in BTS acts like this in the future due to his immature actions. He’s messed up before and just as the fandom started to let go of it, here he is again making the same mistakes. So disappointing.

I’ve had to deal with countless shit like this as a Kpop fan, and I’m sick and tired of it. Before being an ARMY I was an EXO-L and I was so done with the colorism/racism/“jokes” that I had to take a break from Kpop. I thought that when I got into Bangtan I would get into a group that hopefully wasn’t as problematic as the other groups I’ve been into. And I was right, they’re not, it’s mainly just Rap Mon. Hopefully other members won’t follow his footsteps later on. I know every Kpop group has it’s problems whether it be individuals or the group itself, but I’m just done with colorism/racism being one of them. 

Idols (especially RM in this situation) are all well aware that they have millions of fans around the world, and guess what? Not. Everyone. Has. Milky. White. Skin. It’s time to stop being ignorant and be considerate of those darker colored fans. As a Filipino with really tan skin, this is so offending because if they’re considered black, then what am I? The dirt beneath the dirt at the bottom of your shoe? Gee, people with even darker skin must have it way worse then. 

Idols are grown ass adults with developed ass brains yet so many of them still have some growing up to do. Every skin tone is beautiful in it’s own way. As role models to millions of people everywhere, they should encourage that. But by saying things like this, they’re probably making some beautiful girl out there feel bad about herself, thinking “I’m not pretty. Oppa won’t like me because I have dark skin”. I’ve seen this happen to too many fans already and it makes my heart hurt. Idols need to realize that a few petty words can cause massive amounts of damage. It’s sad that I wasn’t even completely shocked that this happened because similar scenarios happen in Kpop all the fucking time to the point where I’m pretty much used to it. Seriously, when will it stop?

For a guy with an IQ of 148, Namjoon can be insanely stupid sometimes. He doesn’t deserve death threats (obviously no one does), but I just hope we as a fandom can help him realize his mistakes so he won’t do something like this in the future again.