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So I’ve been receiving lots of prompts about yesterdays clip, especially about Elias and Yousef but also about Yousef and Sana.

At first I said I wasn’t going to write them because I had already written a fic with a confrontation between Elias and Yousef a couple of weeks ago

But since people really want to read that I’ve decided to write the prompts, I’ll mixed them all and tried to do something different from the fic I wrote

I hope you like it and that I don’t disappoint you

So, this is for the last anon that sent me a prompt about it, yes, I’m going to write it (I don’t answer your message directly ‘cause I want to keep the message for the prompt)

spamofskam  asked:

Can we talk about Elias getting fired up about Yousef meeting up with Noora? You're one of the few people who I've seen consistently defend him, how good does it feel seeing how well he treats his sister while knowing that everyone was wrong about him!

it made me so happy to see elias’ reaction! and i love how he didn’t correct his friends who thought he was just jealous of yousef. and i really hope there’s a clip between sana and elias where he checks in on her now that he knows yousef is seeing someone else. he must be so concerned for her and her behavior is probably starting to make a lot more sense to him now too. i’m just wondering if this will do anything to elias/yousef’s friendship like do you think elias will still allow yousef over to his house?! (read this prompt) i hope there are more clips on this plot because it’s the only one i’m liking right now + i want as much elias as i can get out of the next four eps!


Aleks “No Homo” Marchant


When in Doubt: Do the Exact Opposite of What Mikael would Do. A parenting guide by Klaus Mikaelson. 

I was going through tumblr after watching today’s clip, and I realized something. YOUSEF WANTED TO KISS HER. Okay I was hoping for a kiss, the idea was there but I knew it wouldn’t happen. But THEY also knew. I didn’t notice that the first time I watched it. He goes ‘you’re looking into my eyes now? Cause I’m a bit unsure’ ‘yes I’m looking into your eyes’ she says, and they’re just looking at each other all blushing and smiley, and like people ABOUT TO KISS! He leans in a little, just a little, you would have to really look at him to notice. But then she shakes her head, no. 'No?’ he asks, backing up a little. And then he looks as if he internally cursed himself, and begins to try and play off what he just did with 'anyway what was I going to say?’ Yes yousef, we all know what you wanted. Them together just makes me so happy, they’re always so cute and flirty around each other and it makes me. So. Happy.


SKAM S04E04 Clip 2 - Remove friend

[SARA: Buss stuff (:

Hi Sana. I Just wanted to thank you for the meeting on Friday. All the girls were very pleased. You seem like a very good bus boss. Hope you didn’t get any stress from your parents? Here are a few things we have to get through:

1.       How are we going to do it with the payment of the bus? Should we pay from our account? That’s ok with us, as long as you pay for the other expenses. We should perhaps get a joint account.

2.       You talked about calling the group leaders in for a meeting, when will that be?

Hugs Sara]

[YOUSEF: Someone is missing this]

[IPRAYER: It’s time for Asr.]

[Remove friend]

MOM: Hello!

SANA: Hello.

MOM: Are you doing homework?

SANA: Yes, I have a biology assignment that’s due in two days.

MOM: Biology? What are you reading about?

SANA: I’m gonna write about the human immune system.

MOM: Yeah. Does Elias have visitors?

SANA: No, but you never know with those guys. It’s like they live here. They show up all the time.

MOM: I have to ask you about something. Do you think Elias has started drinking?

SANA: Huh? Why do you think that?

MOM: No, I don’t know. I just thought because Yousef drinks alcohol and.. I’m a bit worried.

SANA: You don’t have to worry. I really don’t think Elias is drinking.

MOM: You don’t think so?


MOM: Okay. I just have to trust you, habibiti. Have you talked to the handsome, muslim boy?

SANA: No, I haven’t.

MOM: No.

This was originally supposed to just be a compilation of the times Ethan’s intro has been used as a joke but I wanted to try my hand at editing and this is how it turned out. 

I’m actually really proud of this because this is my first time seriously editing something. I’ve edited super short 10 second things and done simple things like putting clips together but this is a new level for me, though the level is still not very high. I’d say I have about a Tyler level of editing right now, but I had a really fun time doing it! 

I hope you all like it! :D

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Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Final Rate: S
Cry-o-meter: 4/5


+First of all, holy shit
+The protagonists are extremely likable, well-written, and complex. 
+I’ve never been more invested in a cast of characters 
+The villains are also likable, well-written, and complex. I can’t believe this show threw the most irredeemable ruthless killer at me and then made me cry over him.
+A well paced, slow-burn story that starts deceptively lighthearted and then gets dark and violent and genuinely upsetting
+Stellar character development. Everyone gets a turn to be the antihero and I fucking love it.
+Actions have actual consequences and the show isn’t afraid to kill off characters
+Intense and creative fight scenes
+The Phantom Troupe arc was dope as all hell
+Kurapika is the accumulation of all of my least favorite tropes but it’s played completely straight and he’s my favorite 
+The art gradually increases in quality. It starts off kinda mediocre but by the end of the show it’s great
+It progresses almost like an RPG. The characters start off level one, with not a whole lot of skills or punch, and by the end they’re level 100 or so. The main characters don’t start off powerful (with maybe a small exception to Killua).
+The characters train? They actually train to get better? This is such a little thing but you can actually watch their progress.
+That *iconic* shot when Killua goes full-electric mode for the first time
+It’s not cheesy! it’s not! It seems like the show that would be really cheesy with a lot of angry screaming but it’s not!
+No filler! Everything is plot relevant!

-It’s been on hiatus for a while because the creator is dealing with back problems and people aren’t all that hopeful about it continuing 
-I need more Kurapika! The last clip of him at the very end just left me wanting to see more of him. The next arc in the manga is actually focused on Kurapika and Leorio but it won’t be animated for a while…
-The Chimera Ant arc probably could have been cut down in length, and a lot of the character designs were goofy. It changed and became better, but still. 
-The Alluka mini-arc didn’t really do it for me. She didn’t have any character depth, she came out of nowhere, and it didn’t make me feel those sweet sweet emotions the show usually provides
-Hisoka pops a boner for a 12 year old 
-”sorry but you take second place to alluka lol” b i t ch after everything you’d been through together?
-Unfinished, for now.

Final Comments: Holy fuck I wasn’t expecting to like this show as much as I did. Easily joined my list of personal favorites. I honestly can’t even say anything but if you love that slow burn frog-in-a-frying-pan type of show then you’ll love it. The pacing is so good, I love everyone, honestly please give it a chance and don’t get turned off if the first few episodes aren’t your style. 
SKAM S04E05 Clip 3 - Bad Feeling

[ELLINOR: Ahh, it’ll be great!

VILDE WØIEN: Oh my Goood, karaoke is hilarious! Hope you don’t have to have a good singing voice

VILDE: It’ll be super awesome!]

SANA: Did you feel like Sara was trying to hide something from us yesterday?

NOORA: Ehh.. no.. What?

SANA: I don’t know. I just have a bad feeling. If you think about it, those girls can just take the whole bus and throw us out. They’re paying for it.

NOORA: Yeha, but.. Why would they bother joining forces with us if they’re going to throw us out?

SANA: Because they wanted that bus.

NOORA: I don’t think they’re that psycho.

SANA: And didn’t Sara say she’d send me a copy of the contract?

NOORA: Yeah.. I don’t know. Maybe?

SANA: Yeah, she said so. But she hasn’t done it.

NOORA: Yeah.. How did that russ stuff become so important to you?

SANA: I have to ask her about that contract. Sara! Can I talk to you?

GIRL: Ehhh.. Yeah..

SANA: I was just wondering what’s up with the bus contract.

SARA: What do you mean?

SANA: Weren’t you supposed to send me a copy of the contract proposal?

SARA: I did! Didn’t I? I think I did.

SANA: I don’t think you did. Maybe you forgot to. Like how you forgot to add Noora and I to the bus page.

SARA: I think I sent it. Maybe I have the wrong e-mail address? Or that it ended up in the spam filter.

SANA: In the spam filter?

SARA: Because Mari’s copy did.

SANA: Oh. Here it is.

SARA: Good. Mari sent me a message syaing we have to have a contract meeting on Monday and you have to come because you’re the boss so.. Sana, it’s not my intention to boss around so much.. I’m just so used to being the bus boss and then stuff just happens.. But it’s not my intention to overlook you, in any way.

SANA: No, it’s okay.

SARA: But did you see the SYNG event?

SANA: Yeah.

SARA: It’d be cool if everybody came.

SANA: Yeah, we’re coming.

SARA: Fun! I feel like we have to fuse the buses a bit more. Get to know each other better.

SANA: True.

DIY Packer

gather your materials need 4-5 socks that are thin, if you have thick (athletic style) then maybe 2-3 (idk) and about 5 or 6 rubber bands, and a few safety pins. [you will need boxers in order to hold in place or boy shorts for feminine underwear]

stack 3 of them like this

put 3 in like this leaving the edges out (for 5.5in)
(if making a 4.5in then kinda stuff them in a bit more)

squish it a bit and making it like this where the heels of the other socks are inside but not fully in (if that makes sense)

tie it off like this with a small rubber band as tight as you can get it

find where you want the head of your packer at the toe of the sock

tie that with a rubber band careful to keep its shape

put rubber bands around like so (make sure to cover as many bumps as possible)

[if you don’t want the “balls” part then skip ahead]

roll the last sock like this

stick the rolled sock in the heel of the sock

clip the hymn of the sock as pictured leaving enough room to be able to clip to boxers

grab the edge of the underside of the “balls” as shown and clip it also as shown

[For those of you who didn’t want balls, this is where you can pick back up on the tutorial]

squish it and shape it and grab your boxers because we’re fixing to clip it in

grab your boxers and turn them inside out and where my thumb is pointing is where we’re gonna clip it

inside the hole where you take your dick to pee is a little pocket that I’ve found to be well at holding the packer in place throughout the day so its not shifting or something while it’s clipped in
stick the packer in there

now when I clip mine in, I clip it while wearing my boxers so I can position it how I need to for what feels right to me, it’s up to you on if you want to clip it while wearing the boxers or while not wearing them
**also for the last pic it has my everyday packer, vs the one I just made
[everyday packer is 4.5 (left) and the one I just made is 5.5 (right)]

Hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial and if you have any questions just ask!

Shadowhunters Season 2B Theory

I don’t think you can actually call them theories. More like some things I noticed and wanted to share.

Okay, so, we got a trailer for 2B and I watched it frame by frame (I also watched those two 10 seconds teasers again) and these are a few of the things I came up with. 

  • PS: The bold parts are the “main theory” I have for what is going on on the picture.

First of all, based on the trailers/sneak peaks we got for 2A, the clips are (obviously) from different episodes, and because for 2A they used scenes from episodes 1 to 6, I think those scenes are from the episodes 11 to 16 (Paul Wesley directed 2x16 and they were in a lake/snowing location and we can see that same location on the trailer).

Now, to the things I noticed. 

Right at the beginning we see some people, probably werewolves, holding Luke back. [Looks like they’re at the Hunter’s Moon.]

I think someone probably said something about Luke’s leadership and how he got half of his pack killed. I was thinking it could’ve been another werewolf that said that, but if that was the case they would be at the Jade Wolf and not at the Hunter’s Moon. A vampire maybe starts a fight? 

Next we got this shot of Clary, Simon and Jace (in the back) on the middle of a forest. [The part of the location for 2x16 I was talking about.]

I think this is when they [and us] meet the Seelie Queen. I mean, why would they be at a place like that? Plus,

here looks like they’re looking down, searching for something. And here

looks like they’re waiting for something, or someone. Maybe someone to take them to the Seelie Queen? 

After that we got this:

Alec, on the floor of what clearly is Magnus’ loft, with his bow and arrow. My question here is: why is he on the floor of Magnus’ loft with his bow and arrow??? Is someone going to break into Magnus’ and some kind of fight is going to happen? 

Since we’re talking about Alec and Magnus… 

And, like some of you already noticed, looks like the shirt he’s wearing here:

So, same episode I guess? [Alec is going to kiss this beautiful man with a beautiful red (?) eyeshadow and colored strikes in his hair. Alec is a lucky bastard.] ALSO, who is the person he’s talking to? I thought Izzy, but this pink shirt (?) doesn’t look like something she would wear. Maybe Dot? We know Vanessa was shooting a while ago. Or maybe - and please I hope I’m right - Catarina?

We also have this:

To be honest, I don’t care about the context of this. I just want to see them kick some ass together. Hope this is the case. [Also, looks like Alec is wearing the same jacket of the scene he’s on the floor, but then again, I feel like Alec only wears the same jacket, so…]

Badass Magnus is back! Looks like he’s putting some wards up at the Institute (? to me looks like the Institute). [He’s doing the same gesture he did in 2x08.]

And now two actual theories that have.

Izzy is going to be the first one to meet Sebastian. 

- I’ve never seen you at the Institute.

My name is Sebastian.

If I remember correctly, it was said that Sebastian’s first appearance would be in 2x11. Anyway, what I’m thinking is: for whatever reason he’s going to save/help Izzy from vampires. She’s going to have a relapse and go looking for some vampire venom and we all know how that went last time.

But our hero, the great guy, Sebastian will be walking by and save Izzy. He’s going to be like “Yeah, I’m a shadowhunter too. I was going to the New York Institute.” and Izzy will be like “Oh, I live there. I can take you.” and that’s how everyone will meet him. [Maybe not like that, but you get the point.]

And now for second actual theory. Luke is attacking someone [looks like Valentine.]

And, oh, look at that

Same clothes, which means, same episode. In this case I think even the same scene. I actually have a nice theory about this one. Luke is going to see Valentine escaping. Now, why I think that? First of all we can see the wall behind Luke are the walls from here

So, Luke will be visiting Valentine and the Circle will break into the institute [Maybe that’s why Magnus was putting some wards up?] and Luke will have to fight them [hence the sword on his hand, probably takes from a Circle member], but, after a lot of fighting, Valentine will escape anyway, because this is Shadowhunters we’re talking about. Shit like that happens all the time. 

And that’s it for now my people. Thank you so much if you read all of this. lol We still have a long journey until 2B, so if more things are released I might add more stuff, maybe change others. 

Like always, let me know what you think! 

you know what would’ve been really nice? remember how in the humble clip, sana asked her mother questions related to islam and how her mother told her she had the right to ask these questions? i would’ve really really loved to see a clip of the two of them sitting down, and her mother telling her “i thought of your questions, and we can talk about this if you want to” and so they have a meaningful conversation and you get a clip that shows sana discussing her religion with her mother and a clip that breaks misconceptions about islam by actually letting muslims speak about it

SKAM Friday!

Today the first episode of SKAM Season 4 will finally be complete!

We’re excited to sub it for your guys. It will take us a bit longer because it’s a full episode not just the clip. We hope you can be patient and we ask that you don’t spam our ask box with rude or demanding messages. If an episode is out, we’re subbing it. Not answering asks.

While on the topic of asks: I do not want to be rude but please do not send us demanding or ignorant questions. If you are too lazy to help yourself to our FAQ, we will not be responding. We have hundreds of messages in our Inbox asking us simple things like ‘When does SKAM release its episodes?’ when it could be answered with a simple Google search. We are not Google. Our main focus is subbing the videos.

SKAM is back!!!

What happened to Sana at her old school was not just bullying, that was straight up harassment! The fact that she has a number in her phone listed as Don’t pick up phone, says quite a lot. These people wrote her anonymously and probably harass called her too.

What happened clearly affected her pretty bad, and has a big part in the reason she puts on the tough façade. It is something that is now popping into her mind again, probably as an effect of what happened Friday. She would rather distance herself from people and emotions, than being vulnerable and hurt again. She chose to withdraw from the russebus, rather than being hurt and humiliated by the Pepsi Max girls, and instead of telling her girlfriends the real reason, she gives them an insult, probably to push them away from her instead of trying to get them on her side.

We know she dislikes Jamilla a lot, but she is now at a state where she considers contacting her. Maybe thinking, that hanging with her will be better for her, because these Norwegian girls are just backstabbing her and she has nothing in common with them… But she doesn’t do it. She is not quite there yet. But she looks at the Quran verse Jamilla sent her for quite a long time, about not getting involved with Christians and Jews. She is considering that Jamilla might have been right.

Isak tries to lighten the mood between them. There has clearly been some awkward tension between the two of them. Sana has apologized more than once for Elias’ actions. Isak wants to let it go. He notices something is way off with Sana… I hope he acts on his observation, even though Sana tries to push him away. Isak knows not to settle for people pushing him away. He needs to activate his you are not alone mode.

So much happened in that clip!!

Can we also talk about Even for a sec. I’ve been worried sick about him last week, and there he is.. strolling through the school yard being happy as ever. Bless him… I didn’t like the song lyrics playing while focusing on him, though..

Skam is back!!

Help (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by diablito666

Word Count: 1019

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Hope you guys like it :) Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been sick and have like 4000 assignments due so life’s been fun. Also the new spidey clip and trailer got me so excited!I have a feeling they’re making Ned and Michelle’s characters really fricking cool and I love them already. Let me know what you guys think. Also I’ve been thinking of doing some Peter Quill imagines so if that’s something you guys want also let me know.

How on earth did you end up here in this mess? You were just a normal high school student who lived an average boring life, so how in the hell did you end up gripping for dear life onto the edge of the oscorp building?

You were just grabbing your morning coffee on your way to school when you felt some strangers hands grab you and lift you up into the air with them. Why did it have to be you that the villain chose to pick on? Screaming as you look down and notice how high in the air you really were, you squeezed your eyes shut in fright not wanting to see the height beneath you that would surely be the death of you.

Your grip on the edge of the building was slipping, you knew you couldn’t hold on any longer. As tears fell down your cheeks you knew this was it. This was the end for you. You were going to die. An ear piercing scream left your mouth as your grip finally failed, leaving you to free fall back towards the streets of New York city.

However before you could get close to the ground you feel your body being held by another stranger, however this one seemed to be saving you. Your head was buried into his chest as his arms wrapped themselves tightly around you, securing your body to his and making you feel safe. "I’ve got you.“ 

Those simple words were enough for your breathing to return back to normal and for the tears to stop falling down your face. His voice sounded younger than you expected, but that factor actually made you feel more at ease with the situation knowing this hero was just a kid like you. 

Suddenly the boy stopped swinging from his webs and landed you both safely on top of a random building, far away from the chaos being caused by the criminal who took you. Standing on your own two feet again you finally let out a breath you hadn’t realised you’d been holding in. Your proximity to the hero was still close like before, however neither of you did anything to change it. 

This gave you the opportunity to take in what the boy looked like, even though upon looking you noticed that his entire body was covered in a tight red and blue suit. His face was covered by a mask as well giving you nothing to identify him by. You admit that move is smart, to keep his identity a secret, yet at the same time you found yourself dying to know who the mysterious boy was behind the mask. 

Realising you hadn’t said a word to this stranger yet you decided now was probably the right time to thank him for saving your life. "Thank you, for saving me. If it weren’t for you i’d be dead on the ground right now.” The boy cleared his throat, trying to make his voice sound deeper than it really did but the attempt only made you stifle your laughter. "It’s not a big deal really, it’s what I do.“ 

Choosing to save the guy some embarrassment you decided to let the voice changing thing go, instead wanting to know the name to this mysterious superhero. "So what do they call you?” Crossing your arms you looked at the boys outfit once again, coming to the conclusion that the symbol of a spider on his chest might have something to do with his powers. "Well miss i’m your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man.“ 

Instantly taking a liking to his superhero name you nodded your head in approval. "The spider-guy…I like it." 

"If you don’t mind me asking, what do they call you?” You couldn’t tell because of his mask but you were almost certain the boy was wearing a smirk right now. “Y/N…my name is Y/N." 

"I wish I didn’t have to leave such a beautiful girl alone on top of this random building but I have some bad guys that urgently need to be stopped.” You couldn’t help but blush at his words, somehow this boy had made you feel special even if you weren’t the first girl he’d rescued. "Oh no I understand-please go save everyone’s lives spider-guy.“ 

He sends you a short nod before walking closer to the edge, ready to shoot out his web and jump off the side before you stopped him. "Wait!" 

His movements halted as he turned around to face you, obviously curious to what you had to say. You didn’t know where this courage came from, but you knew if you didn’t do this you’d regret it for the rest of your life. Walking straight up to him you slowly reached out and started lifting his mask up. Immediately the boy stopped your movements becoming protective over his identity. "What are you-" 

 "I’m not taking it all off just…just trust me? Okay?” Your eyes looked into this masked ones, reassuring the boy that your words were true. Still confused as to what you were doing the boy calmed his actions nevertheless and let you continue to lift up his mask just so that his lips were in your sight. 

Sending him a shy smile you decided it would be nicer to ask first, in case he had a girlfriend or something.  Gently grazing your thumb over his lips you shyly asked “can I?" Realising what you now implied the boy nervously nodded his head in approval. 

You wasted no time in placing your lips against his own, and to say it was the best kiss you’ve ever had wouldn’t be a lie. It was exciting yet also made you feel warm inside, like you had a connection with this stranger you’d only just met. Pulling away from the kiss you noticed how the boys lips still parted in shock making you smirk at his reaction. "Now you can go save the world spider-guy." With that you walked away leaving the hero standing there speechless and wanting to know more about this strange new girl he met called Y/N.

All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.5

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 4135
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mild language, sexual tension.
A/N: HEY IT’S BEEN MONTHS I KNOW BUT HERE WE ARE!! So remember how I lost the original 2000+ words I had written for Pt.5 before the file got corrupted? Well in this rewrite, I somehow doubled it so get comfy! Also, as a show of gratitude for your patience with me, I’ve been working really hard and I’ll be posting Pt.6 tomorrow and Pt.7 the day after! Three parts in three days, look at you! Just a heads up, Pt.8 will be the final update and then that’s it for this monster of a fic! I love you all so much and thank you for sticking around with me. ❤

P.S. I am such a little shit for extending the slow burn and I’m not even sorry about it…okay I’m really sorry, please don’t lynch me ILYOKAYBYE!

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“I’ll see you tomorrow, James,” you said, blushing at the way he smiled back. Admiring the way his lips still looked full and plump as he grinned, and the way his long lashes fluttered against his cheeks.

Bucky passed his tongue over his fangs as he watched you walk away, just one more day and he would have you again.

“I made a promise, didn’t I?”

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CP bachelor AU: part 6

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5


“Psh.” Halvik makes a dismissive sound. “Look at that. A waste.”

Laurent would stab himself rather than admit it, but he’s always been a tad intimidated by Halvik. She’s been a contentedly mid-level producer for as long as Laurent has been alive, and while never actually pushing back against his authority, she always gives the impression that she’s humouring him because she finds him amusing.

Laurent follows her gaze to where Damen, Kallias and Erasmus are talking, ankle-deep in the surf.

“A waste?” he says.

“Of good genetic material.” Halvik heaves a sigh. “That boy shouldn’t be throwing himself away on more boys. Look at my girl Kashel. Wouldn’t they have attractive children?”

Laurent glances up into Halvik’s eyes, which are solemn beneath thick and perfectly groomed brows. He is at least seventy percent sure he’s being teased, and that if he says anything cutting about heterosexuals she will laugh at him.

He looks at Kashel, then back at Damen. Kashel is black-haired and curvy, with a wide smile; Laurent supposes that she’s pretty, if you’re into that kind of thing.

“Yes,” he says instead, because it’s not like Halvik is wrong.

Halvik laughs anyway, claps him on the shoulder, and wanders off, probably to tweak Kashel’s sarong skirt into a more precarious angle on her hips.

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