i hope these are some interesting magic anons

Turning Anon asks off

*Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you for this amazing support - I mean, wow! This blog isn’t even two months old and we’ve just reached the magical number of 1,000 followers! We’d never thought this blog would spike this much interest, but obviously it did and we couldn’t be any happier and more excited about it!

As a result, however, we believe it’s better to turn the anon asks off. While some of the anon asks have been the most interesting to answer for us, we hope that we can reduce the amount of asks we receive by this a little bit. Right now, there are far more than 100 open asks in our inbox and while we’d love to answer every single one of them - even if it was just a private message. But anon asks can’t be answered privately and we kinda don’t want to text wall this blog and keep the drawn answers a priority instead. This way, we can reply to you a bit easier. However, there is no guarantee that we can respond to every single one of them. Once again… a lot of asks.

Just be patient. And don’t be disppointed if you don’t get a reply. We are just people and we’re doing this for fun, so… no pressure. <3

Moreover, you don’t need to repeat your ask if it doesn’t get answered after a few days. Sometimes we answer older ones as soon as we have the time. Just. Please don’t spam us. Thank you for your understanding and your amazing support!

Send some magic anons.
  • 24 hours by default, or a time specified by the M!A.
  • Invisible: All OTHER people (clothes and all) are invisible to the character.
  • Hate: The character looks exactly like the person they hate the most.
  • Love: The character looks exactly like the person they love the most.
  • Back: The character believes they are from 100 years before their current time period.
  • Forward: The character believes they are from 100 years after their current time period.
  • Tech: The character has the technology opposite of their current time period. (Ex. Current-time or future characters would have no electricity/cell phones/etc whether they need it or not, characters from the past would have what we have now, whether they know how to use it or not.)
  • Child: The character is now physically a child, with their regular mind.
  • Adult: The character is now mentally a child, with their regular body.
  • Super: The character has one sense of the anon's choice amplified.
  • Dampen: The character has one sense of the anon's choice removed.
  • Charades: The character can hear, but loses their ability to understand languages (spoken AND written) and must communicate through body language/charades/drawings/etc.
  • Wild: The character is NOT physically an animal of anon's choice, but believes they are.
  • Switch: The character is convinced they have switched bodies with someone else of anon's choosing, though they have NOT actually done so.
  • Impostor: The character is convinced that someone (of the anon's choosing) close to the character has been replaced with a body double spy.
  • In a world... : -- The character must narrate their moves like they're in an action movie trailer.
  • Game: -- The character is convinced they're in a video game, complete with save points, dialogue options, power-ups, etc.
  • Points: -- The character is convinced they are competing and being judged, complete with being timed on a stopwatch and given points. (Anons or other characters can help out by giving them points, too!)
  • Lava: -- The character is convinced the floor/ground is lava.
  • Meta: -- The character creates an RP character of their own, and RPs as them. Your OOC posts will now be IC as the regular character. You'll be ((((OO-OOC)))). We must go deeper...