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Marina Andrieski Cosplay

Part One of Set One: Angel  Down

**Trial Run**

This was my first set as Marina and I’m still trying to get a lot of things down! I really hope I get the chance to be Marina again soon and do more sets! Because after doing it once I can see all the things I need to do differently. Better things to come! This is all about having fun and learning! There’s a lot more pictures to edit, but this is my initial trial run of this cosplay. 

Photo credit: @spoonyruncible Thanks so much for letting me drag you around!

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Hey, I'm new to the fandom, and I'm having a really hard time keeping track of the batfamily. You wouldn't be able to have a reference or be able to make one that lists who they all are and the order in which they came in, or something? I don't know if this made any sense, but thank you!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the Batfandom, I hope you enjoy your stay. : )

There are a bunch of great references floating around on here, and I’m open to anyone linking them if you guys have them at the ready.  

I’ve only been in the Batfandom for around a year so I’ve got some holes in my knowledge, but I’ll do my best to give you an overview. If anyone would like to add to this or correct me on a detail please feel free to.

Because this is sooooo long I’m going to put it beneath the cut.

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It only takes seventy years, but after decades of waiting, Peggy and Steve find their way back to each other. It takes another year–one filled with breakfasts shared over newspapers and long walks through the streets of New York, stolen kisses in the hours between night and day and fighting side by side–before they finally make good on that dance.

The band plays something slow, Peggy teaches Steve the steps, and he nimbly avoids trampling her toes. It’s perfect.

Well, it’s perfect…until the arms dealer they have been tracking for months shows up at the dance club.

At Last - Etta James // Slow Serenade - Tape Five // St. James Ballroom - Alice Francis // Imelda May - Big Bad Handsome Man // Clap Your Hands - Parov Stelar // I Belong To You - Caro Emerald // History Repeating - Propellerheads ft. Shirley Bassey // Moondance - Michael Buble // A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Harry Connick Jr. (listen)

(Happy happy birthday @ladyanj! I hope you have a great day and a wonderful year!)

New week. New goals. Same me.

So y'all every week I make some weekly goals. This weeks are Tumblr related so enjoy.

1) reblog body positive language. Re blogging things like “your lapping everyone on the couch” makes my body a competitor with others. And well tbh that’s a losing game for this sister.

2) no more reblogging body inspo. Now sometimes theres going to be photos with fit bodies but it needs to be about the action not the body. My body will never look like these picture because it’s my fucking body not sally on instagrams.

Hoping this creates more positive internal dialogue for me!


La Nación: Were you surprised when he invited you to his wedding?

Agustín Ruani (childhood friend of Leo Messi, part of ‘La Máquina del 87′): “If he hadn’t, it was all good, honestly. I prefer to see him on a barbecue because we have more privacy. I am very grateful and happy though, I want to go. When he came in December and we ate an asado, before saying goodbye he announced, ‘See you in June at the wedding, eh.’ It’s an example of how much he loves us, he is the same kid as always and we are a wholesome group of friends. On the other hand, it will be a shame that at the wedding we will be able to talk for like five minutes at most, ha. But we are all very grateful. What we want the most is to give him a kiss, a hug and congratulate him.”

[…] “He’s not Messi for us, he’s just Leo. Sometimes we only realize what he means for the football world because of what people tell us. But we’ve known him since we were little kids, he’s just one of us and we don’t get starstruck when we see him,” explains Ruani. Juan Cruz Leguizamón, Franco Casanova, Gonzalo Mazzía and Lucas Scaglia (in addition, cousin of Antonela Roccuzzo) are some of the names with which Messi shared the category of 87. “We have a Whatsapp group with several of these guys and Leo.We are always connected but we do not bother him, nobody asks him for anything.We understand the context in which he lives.“

However, during the World Cup in Brazil 2014 a very special invitation came from Rio de Janeiro: tickets for the group to see Messi in the top football competition. "It was very nice. When we see him, Leo is the center of attention. We always talk to him about things outside of football and he always asks us about our families, about the jobs. It’s a healthy relationship. He’s attentive, he always keeps up with everybody and that doesn’t surprise me. To the point that in December, when we ate the asado, he was the first to stand up to clear the table. It seems like a silly thing but I don’t know if other people in his situation could do it”.

[…] “There is a lot of movement in the city and I’m a little surprised. And we are being featured in the media all over the world. That’s when I truly realize what Leo means to the world.”


Overwatch art trade with me lovely @chosenkat​ ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ [x]

(spoiler free-ish) v route tips up to day 5
  • try and act as innocent as you can; don’t make references to the AIs, game developer, & ray.
  • be as sympathetic/genuine to other characters as you can. help them through their issues, but try not to pay too much attention towards any one specific person.
    • try and imagine how V would respond to other RFA members here
  • support v and jumin’s friendship 
  • if there is an option that shows lighthearted interest in V, choose it over the others. ex: i’d like to learn more about V, does V have any pictures, etc.
  • i know it’s hard, but try not to be so accepting of ray’s gestures. don’t totally shoot him down, but let him know you aren’t 100% willing- especially when it comes to making a decision. 
    • defend the RFA when talking to him. ex: i think they’re all nice people, i want to help with the part
  • above all, make sure that you’re collecting V hearts more than any others!

OKAY THIS IS CONFUSING I KNOW but it was the best way i could explain it aaaaaaaaa I started making headcanons for the ghoul grumps au with all of them being poly in mind so whoops(Click the pictures for captions for a bit more clarification)

SO to answer ur question…its kind of free form?? As in Arin is almost literally w everyone lmao…like..

Suzy is in a nice poly relationship w both Arin and Danny, but shes also with Holly…and Holly totally loves Suzy, HOWEVER shes also with Ross.. but Ross is not in a relationship w Suzy so thats why theres no threeway bubble for Suzy, Holly and Ross… I kinda hope that helps a little lol EITHER WAY I practically ship everyone w everyone so if you send me a scenario where anyone interacts with anyone else im gonna be like ‘huehuehue’

ALSO FUCK I DONE GOOFED!! I FORGOT ABOUT THE ROSS/BARRY/BRIAN SHIP GODDAMN IT I just now noticed it as I was uploading this but i cant be assed to fix the picture lmao


  • *starts looking at pictures of other members of the group you stan that aren't your bias*
  • Me : hm I don't remember him looking this good ... wait he has a six pack now ? ... those vocals though oh my god what the heck they're so good I could just -
  • Friend : what're you doi-

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okay angsty headcanon: at the barns, ronan and adam are fooling around doing stupid things and adam falls off of a shed or sth so they go to hospital and they take some pictures of his bones and the nurse comes to ronan in the waiting area confused like?? theres all these old fractures on the photos and theyre not in his medical file? thats weird? and ronan just he hates himself for not getting adam away from his father the minute he found out

This is very angsty indeed, and severely heartbreaking. I just wrote a tiny bit about it, I hope that’s okay. 

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I am 100% dead inside now. I went through almost the whole Skullgirls tag try to find other people’s Averys. Now I remember why I don’t do group pictures so much. Either way, this was fun to do.

@ask-patricia-peacock @vermilionvermeer @majorpepperidge

@watermystic277 @mitsuyuki32 @maskarie  / @ask-peacock-pie

I believe that all of them, mine included

Imprinted (v x mc/reader)

summary: there are some people that we continue to carry in a small corner of our hearts.

rating: none (maybe slight spoilers about V)

notes: i’m supposed to be writing oodles of seven, but decided to take a sec to celebrate V’s birthday, lol. i suppose this is more like an implied V x MC fic since there’s more implications than anything, tho i suppose you can take it as you will. thanks goes to @lingering-sound​ for looking over this for me! it’s my first time writing V so i’m a bit worried that he’s OOC but when am I not worried aobut ooc? anyway, i hope you all enjoy. <(_ _)>

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the signs when they see a bug in their house
  • aries: hello little demon *squashes it under thumb*
  • taurus: makes a gross face n pretends they saw nothing so they don't have to deal with it
  • gemini: preserves it & adds it to their collection
  • leo: screams & makes a huge deal about it, kills it like they're destroying a super villain
  • virgo: puts it in a cup & takes it outside
  • libra: screams and runs like they're being chased
  • scorpio: *has mental connection w bug* i get u man
  • sagittarius: picks it up and scares other people with it
  • capricorn: opens all the windows and doors and hopes it leaves on its own
  • aquarius: watches it for like an hour & takes a thousand pictures
  • pisces: *panics* *kills it* *feels bad for 3 days*

These are commission pictures I’ve made. I don’t really “proud” about any of these, (I mean, I like some of them, or some things about them, but don’t feel like they’re that good…) but people who has commissioned me - liked them, and that’s what’s important…
So far people I worked with were nice, I hope it’ll last.

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when i watch tv or read a magazine and there's a picture of a girl with cleavage i just can't stop staring.... i feel like a huge pervert for looking at breasts, like those men who stare at boobs :(

You’re not. You’re not a pervert, and your attraction is not a replica of the male gaze. Your attraction is not objectifying other girls.

The girl / girl attraction is different from male attraction, there’s no comparizon. The male gaze exists in a context of patriarchal supremacy and misogyny, while our attraction is certainly not as the same place.

I hope you get more confident in your sapphism and allow yourself to be attracted to girls’ bodies without shame <3 There’s no rush and youre not broken though, get better at your own pace.

I’m with you ! Enjoy the titties !

- S

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There's actually someone that thinks being feminist means you can't post beautiful pictures of yourself for yourself just because there are men that happen to like those pictures? In other words.. "if you've posted a selfy that men might find attractive than you couldn't possibly be a feminist"??? I know you already laughed but I might have laughed harder my friend.

I KNOW. It was so extreme I just hope it was a joke?! Like if anyone thought like that’d they’d be like “hmmmm I’m looking kinda cute today better not go out in public a man might find me attractive and that’s not very feminist of me”