i hope there will be a season 2


In the rain of cinders and ashes, their alliance ceased; his decision, made. Anger overpowered the small whisper of regret in the back of his mind. 

“You will never understand, Moon.” His words pierced through her chest. 

The fall of friendship was the uprising of war. 

HYPE. Please don’t see this as canon. This is purely my own assumption/interpretation of what happened between them (headcanon). However, I do hope something like this did happen. I MEAN, I asked for a 22 mins episode about their relationship and i got 2 fucking hours!!!! Im pushing my luck on this one. I need some angst. 

a really underappreciated line is when wynonna starts accusing nicole of being a murderer in the episode with the stone witch and nicole says “you of all people should know better than to make me question MY sanity” like??? what a fucking line. it’s so devastatingly cold while still holding a level of dignity. she held nothing back and then walked away. truly she is a queen.

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do you know if our dear mr tveit has any more shows scheduled? or is he just gonna focus on company from now on?

Yes actually, Aaron currently has 2 more shows on the books - he mentioned that LA was the last “rock show” he currently has scheduled so I am taking that to mean that both upcoming shows will be the Broadway setlist

Sunday, July 16th at 8:00 pm at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center in Westhampton Beach, NY - tickets are already on sale for this one here

Thursday, September 21st at 7:30 pm at Schaeffer Auditorium at Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA - tickets go on sale for non-season-subscribers on August 8th - event announcement page here

Hope there are more to come but for now these are the concerts that have been announced working around his Company schedule.

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I finished "Dear White People" and I have to say it was incredibly well done! I am not black and it really brought forth topics that should be talked about more. It made me think about things I will never really understand but can be more aware of moving forward. I think it did an excellent job and I hope it gets a season 2.

Me and you both, Nonny. I have my fingers crossed for Season 2, especially with what happened with The Get Down. We need all the luck we can get.

Okay here are my two cents on the Floriana Lima thing, that literally no one asked for. 

Season 2 was a season of changes. Where everything we thought this show had established was up for grabs. This was in regards to literally every aspect of the show, even the cinematography, and what I am hoping Season 3 will bring is more stability and hopefully in depth story telling (one can hope right). But regarding Floriana no longer being a regular and a possible end to #Sanvers, one does not exclude the other. 

Yes, maybe it will happen and I’m sure many people will be sad, which I fully understand! This was an amazing and important storyline. Yet if you look at it a bit more realistically (and more challenging writing wise?), Alex has just come out. Maggie said so herself, she is Alex’s first real lady love. Coming out is about so much more than just finding love, it’s about self discovery as well and I’ve been sorely missing that in Alex’s storyline this season (I keep thinking about why Titus broke up with Mikey on Kimmy Schmidt). And just to be clear, she is my number 1 priority in this show (well number 2, next to my baby Kara). Alex Danvers has had a complicated life and she, and we as viewers, deserve to see her explore that further. Exploring her relationship with her sister even more, her search and pain regarding her father, her job at the DEO and yes, her sexuality! Which includes her love life, but so much more than that, my god, so much more! Maybe Maggie is the love of her life, if so, good for Alex! For finding it on her first try, and that can lead to other amazing storylines, but if Maggie isn’t… well that’s okay too and my god does that open doors for her storyline (again, not saying Alex being in a relationship/being married limits her storyline, it just moves her past a point I’d like to see explored further). 

Okay this is becoming long. I just see people freaking out and trying to lay blame, but pretty please. Keep demanding better writing storylines for these characters love. ALL of them. Alex, James, J’onn, Winn, Lena. Sure their love lives can be part of that, but S2 was a show about ships, it wasn’t character driven and it broke my heart. Let’s keep advocating and demanding a higher standard! So that the episodes that Floriana WILL be in next season, give us amazing dialogue, acting and screen time (not a rushed, only half minute screentime, marriage proposal). 

I’ll stop now. Long live my Sunshine Show!

Watching The 100

I’ve seriously never had anyone message me about watching a show before. So I finally decided to watch The 100 today while dying my hair. Ah, the wonders of finally having Netflix. 

 Currently up to Season 1 Episode 2 

 Some thoughts:
 - I know that character growth and stuff is gonna happen but after episode 2 I want to PUNCH BELLAMY BLAKE IN THE FAEC
- I’ve never seen Wells in GIFs before. Is he still Alive? Lolol
- Is Raven’s boyfriend Finn? The lingering shots of those metal origami animals was suspicious
 - I’ve also never seen Mama Griffin in GIFs before but I hope she survives and gets to meet up with her daughter. I know it’s the type of show where BAD THINGS HAPPEN to GOOD PEOPLE but ;w;
- I vaguely knew the premise of the show but wow, I have never actually seen GIFs of the spaceship parts. I always wondered why all the prisoners were so young. I mean…other than the fact that it’s a CW show so obviously.
 - I was kind of irritated by Octavia at first because she seems the type of reckless that will get other people killed. Which, I mean, sort of happened but I mostly blame Bellamy’s crazy overprotectiveness for what happened in Episode 2. Does the guy die? I’m kind of assuming he does for now.
- Octavia with the glowing butterflies was all sorts of cute though. Is there fanart of that scene? There needs to be fanart of that scene.
- Clarke is my sweet summer child and I hope nothing bad happens to her even though I know shit happens because she’s a main character and I’ve seen GIFs - I’m just waiting for Alexa to show up. 

 I’ve already committed myself to watching the show so please, no spoilers.


Ok. I know the news of FL being recurring for season 3 had disappointed a lot of people, myself included. However, I believe there is a glimmer of hope.

Max Lord was a recurring character and appeared in 14 episodes out of S1’s 20 episode run. That’s well over half the season.

Lena Luthor was a recurring character and appeared in 12 episodes out of S2’s 22, which is just over half the season.

Honestly, they’ve both gotten more backstory then Maggie did as a “regular”.

I doubt the writers will kill her off and I’m cautiously optimistic they won’t break up Sanvers. In most of the second half of S2, Maggie had about 2 minutes of screen time per episode so I figure they probably won’t justify her not being there at all very much. If they do it will probably be something along the lines of Alex calling her at the end of the episode or saying she’s out of town visiting her aunt in [insert DC comics city here] or something. 

Look I really don’t trust the CW after the mess of S2 only really made redeemable by Sanvers and Lena Luthor/Supercorp, but I would like to see Sanvers on my screen again and hopefully having Maggie in fewer episodes will allow the writers to think about the situation and utilize her better. I remain cautiously optimistic.

can we just talk about how well tony’s sexuality was handled in 13 reasons why?

  • his character didn’t revolve around him being gay even after he told clay he was gay, i don’t even think they mentioned it again
  • his relationship with his boyfriend never felt forced into the story, anytime brad showed up he had a purpose like being someone tony could talk to and therefore giving us an insight into tony’s thoughts about everything
  • the others never used his sexuality in an insulting way when they were talking about him
  • he wasn’t stereotyped in any way. justin and the others seemed intimated by him, he wore leather, drove a badass classical mustang, did rock climbing without safety gear, etc.

『  t h e  d e m o n  c y b o r g 』✧ for kris ! happy birthday !

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i just went into your voltron hc tag and read literally everything.... bless u and your shitposts

i can’t believe my headcanons have been ordained

  • “i’ve got a plan” “okay, but is it like a Keith Plan or an actual plan”
  • hunk’s two heroes are han solo and gordon ramsay
    • solo: boots, utility belt, unnecessary vest, snark, luxurious locks
    • ramsay: look at how he took control of that restaurant. he totally watches kitchen nightmares
  • shiro: *jokes about his casual existential angst™* someone: *is concerned* shiro: “no no wait i was trying to be funny”
  • “maybe the real voltron was the friends we made along the way”
  • coran’s rebellious teen phase lasted 35 earth years
  • “if i’m mean to keith will the red lion come eat me”
  • pidge does eventually figure out how to hook up the gaming system
    • there’s a tournament. things start civil but eventually feet are in people’s faces, elbows are flying, threats are being made
    • lance crushes everyone bc he’s from a big family and you can’t convince me that he didn’t learn Defensive Video Game Maneuvers early on in life to survive
  • allura, eyes snapping open in the middle of the night: “coran was born with a mustache”

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I know that you don't take requests. But can you draw our beloved Yuri in Welcome to the madness costume?

i actually do (kinda) take requests! But only the ones that piqued my interest ;o; And this was a good warm up! I’ve been playing the Welcome to the Madness song on loop all morning to get in the mood pfpfffpfpft


magnus + favorite eye makeup looks (a.k.a. “i’m glad his colored streaks are apparently making a return, but when will his more unique makeup designs come back from the war”);

1x01 - smoky dark grey undereye // 1x02 - exaggerated inner corners // 1x06 - champagne shimmer undereye liner // 1x08 & 1x09 - iridescent black triangles // 1x12 - full black smoky eye

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