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I was just chillin in my room taking it easy this morning and recovering from the festival. 😊 When this amazing street band just showed up outside my window! 😄 It’s soooo romantic I couldn’t help but draw a foxy couple in love! 😚❤ I’m such a hopeless romantic 😅💞 I love drawing lovey-dovey couples 😘I’m going to try soaking up the last bit of Rome that I can today to give me more inspiration before I leave tomorrow! 😁 I hope you lovelies are having a great start to your week too! 🤗💖

lil dan birthday headcannon

~dan wakes up to little kisses being peppered down his face and body.

~he smiles as he sees a shock of jet black hair trailing down his bare chest and then back up to his face.

~dan begins to laugh as phil kisses his face everywhere but his lips.

~ “phil,” he whines. phil pulls away from dan’s right cheekbone (which was the place he had been planning to leave a kiss next) and did his best not to smile. 

~ “what?” phil asked, trying to act innocent. dan giggled and shook his head.

~ “what on earth do you think you’re doing?” dan asked fondly. phil just grinned.

~ “i’ve come to the conclusion,” phil said whilst leaning down to kiss dan’s nose. “that,” a kiss to the cheek. “this,” a kiss to his other cheek. “is the,” kiss to the forehead. “best way,” a kiss to his temple. “to wake you up,” another kiss on his other side. 

~phil pulled back to see a wide grin on dan’s face and his eyes shinning.

~ “happy 26th birthday, dan.” phil then finally, finally, lent down and placed a soft kiss to his lips.

~dan’s smile, if even possible, spread even wider. “thank you, phil.” dan said once phil pulled away to rest his forehead against dan’s. “i love you.”

~ “i love you too.” phil then kissed the underside of his jaw and sucked a purple mark into dan’s golden skin.

~ “now, how’s about i show you how much i love you, birthday boy?”

anonymous asked:

Hiya gorgeous! I'm sorry that you're so stressed, but it'll all be okay! Can you please do a Gotham one shot where Jerome's girlfriend is so sweet and innocent, and he lies to her and tells her that he works at Gotham Gazette to keep her from his world but she finds out that he's a murderer? Thank you so so so much!

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x reader

Warnings: cursing and Jerome himself

A/N: YAY it’s my first request!!! AndI actually reallyyyy enjoyed writing it! I named Jerome James cause reader doesn’t know who he is! And at the middle of the text quote s started acting weird and I’m too tired to do anything about this (it’s honestly 2:25 a.m. and I reallyyy wanted to show(?) you this oneshot) I’ll edit this text tomorrow morning I really hope that you enjoyed this and if you did let me know!

You woke up cause you felt something moving in the bed. You opened your eyes looking at the ginger sitting at the edge of the bed.
«J?» You asked sleepy. «It’s so early»
«Yea sorry dollface, have to go to work early today» he placed a light kiss on your forehead «Go back to sleep, Y/N»
The last thing you saw before falling asleep was his smile.

You woke up couple of hours later and had to get ready to go to your own work. You worked at the art studio with disabled children. Art was your passion and you loved helping people so that was a perfect work for you.

«Hey Y/N!» It was Y/F/N. Your friend from work «Kate was looking for you, wanted to show you her drawing. By the way have you heard about that psycho that tried to burn the bus wit teens today?»
«What? No!»
«How can you not know about him? Your boyfriend works in Gotham Gazette!»
«We don’t really talk about his work» you mumbled
«Whatever, well his name is Jerome Valeska, he was in Arkham cause he killed his mother, but then he and several other psychos broke out, still can’t believe you haven’t heard of him!»

After work you headed home. When you came James (yes James…just keep on reading and you’ll understand) wasn’t there. You cooked dinner and ate it alone leaving a portion for your boyfriend.
You were sitting on the couch, watching tv, when you heard the door unlocking.
Your boyfriend quickly closed the door, locking it.
«James!» You stood up and ran to kiss the ginger. He was a bit angry but when you hugged him, expression on his face softened and a cruel smirk turned into a caring smile. «Is everything okay?»
«Hiya cupcake, yes everything is fine, did you leave some dinner for me or did you eat everything by yourself?»
«Nope! Nothing left for you! Should have come earlier!» You laughed a bit «it’s on the stove» you jumped on the couch again and switched to the news channel.
«On to the news. The infamous Jerome Valeska…»
«Hey J! Have you heard about this Valeska guy? He was sent to Arkham cause he murdered his mother, but then he broke out and…»
Ginger interrupted you «Of course I’ve heard of him, horrible case! Why don’t we watch something else?» James ran to the couch and sat besides wrapping his hands around you and grabbing the remote from your hands, quickly switching the channel.
«No! I want to be in the loop!» You tried to get the remote back but James didn’t let you
«And I’m already int the loop, have heard enough about it at work, and now I just want to do something else» He groaned and roughly pushed you down, kissing your neck. You instantly wrapped your legs around his waist «Think we should move to the bedroom, doll» J lifted you, going to the bedroom and then put you on bed.
You heard James’ voice through sleep «Right now? Are you fucking kidding me Galavan? NO! Just try and you will regret this decision…I’m coming» he put the phone down.
«Is everything alright?» You mumbled
«Mhm. My boss…told me to…to go to work» James looked angrily at his feet
«What? It’s like 3 a.m.!»
«There…there is an…incident»
«Is it Valeska related?»
«Yes…it is, I have to go there and…ask witnesses…questions» he crunched his nose for a second, anger and hate still in his eyes, few ginger strands of hair falling on his forehead
«It’s okay James, just…just be careful»
«I will be, dollface» James hugged you tightly

It was your day off. You slept till nearly 12 a.m. When you got up were too lazy to make breakfast so you decided to go to the cafe. You put on a sweater and jeans.
You bought waffles and started going home. When you were passing by the store you decided to buy Gotham Gazette, but when you came home you totally forgot about the newspaper.
You were sitting on the couch watching tv and eating a waffle with ice cream when the news came on.
«Maniax and their head Jerome Valeska are responsible for another terror that happened today in the morning. We remind you that Jerome Valeska and other participants of the Maniax escaped from Arkham several months ago. GCPD set a reward for any information about these people…» you didn’t listen any further. You were looking at the photo of ginger on the screen. It was your ginger. You dropped the waffle in to the bucket of ice cream. You ran to the newspaper that was lying on the dining table. You started flipping through the pages until you found the one you needed.
There was the picture. The same picture that you’ve seen on tv.
You felt a lump in your throat and tears starting in your eyes.
How could he? How could the only human that you cared about lie to you? Wait! No! He’s dangerous! You have to think about that! What if he finds out that you know who he really is? He will kill you! Of course he will! He killed his own mother! You have to run! You can’t stay here!
You ran to your room and started to pack your stuff. Your hands were shaking because of fear, but you still managed to pack everything rather quickly.
You opened the front door and got out of your flat, but then you saw red hair coming from around the corner.
«Hey gorgeous!» James…Jerome waved at you a big smile on his face, several strands of hair on his forehead.
You slowly shanked back, fear in your red from crying eyes.
«Y/N? Is everything okay?» Happy expression on his face changed to worried.
You quickly ran back into your flat and shut the door closed, locking it. Moments later ginger banged on your door.
«Y/N! Open the door!»
«No! I’ll call the police!» More tears started coming out of your eyes.
«Y/N OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR!» Another loud bang «LET ME EXPLAIN!» His voice was frightening
«What do you want to explain Jam…Jerome? I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE!»
«Fuck Y/N! Please! Open the door!» Jerome’s voice cracked a little bit.
«I will break it» Jerome groaned and banged once again, but ten times harder than before.
You grabbed a knife from the counter and crawled to the couch in fear, praying that the door will survive the attack, but it didn’t and a few bangs later you heard scary cracking noise.
You shrank into the couch, trying to disappear. Your eyes shut.
«Hey! Hey Y/N. Look at me doll, just look at me» Jerome knelt near you, cupping your face with his hands. You squeezed the knife in your hand. «Look at me!» He shouted and you swung the knife in your arm. «Come on doll, you won’t stab me» He giggled, taking the knife out of your hand. “Look at me Y/N…please” he groaned quietly under his breathe.
You slowly opened your eyes and looked at him. “You’ll kill me?” You asked stuttering
“What? No! I wouldn’t kill you, cupcake! I love you!”
“You do?” You asked shocked.
“I do” Jerome smirked
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I knew that you would be scared”
“You killed your mother?”
“Yes I did, but that bitch deserved it!”
“Nobody deserves to be killed”
“Maybe you’re right, Y/N” he looked at the floor with mad fire in his eyes. “Will you forgive me?” He slowly looked at your face.
“I don’t know J… I’m…I’m so confused right now” you sobbed
“Please” Jerome touched your hand but you pulled it away. Ginger looked at you with pain in his eyes.
You hugged your knees and shook your head.
J stood up tears glistening in his eyes. He walked out saying absolutely nothing.
He was so angry at himself. He should’ve told you. Should’ve been more careful. Now you’ll break up with him. He will lose the only person he cared about, the last anchor keeping him sane.
He sat on the roof. Waiting for you to make a decision. Giving you some time to process everything that happened to you.
When sun set he decided to come back.
When he entered the flat it was dark there. He thought that you left and disgusting lump appeared in his throat. He went to the bedroom and saw you there. Lying under the blanket curled up in a ball.
He lay besides you hugging you tightly and burying his nose in your h/c hair. He closed his eyes and started falling asleep.
“I forgive you” you mumbled sleepy
“Thank you, cupcake…I love you” there was long silent pause
“I love you too Jerome”

Sweet, Sweet Victory

You’re a could’ve-been Olympic gymnastics champion now training someone else for the US team. He’s the current Women’s Head Coach who wants to take over her training. You two have a competition to decide who gets their way.

also known as

“Fuck You for It”

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader
word count: 5186
author’s note: I threw a little bit of the movie Stick It in here too for plot reasons. I hope you don’t mind!

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The Admiral 

Pic was submitted via a sweet lil anon and I wrote an imagine to go along with it. Over the course of the year,your relationship with Niall had gotten a lot more serious to the point where you were both ready for the next step.Marriage. There was only one small obstacle,your father was an old fashioned type who insisted on giving his blessing.

“Niall,”,you said from your spot at the dressing table in your bedroom where you were brushing your hair,“come on,you’ve talked to mum and dad before,they love you.”

“I know,I know…but your sister’s boyfriend asked and your dad said no,”,he said flopping back on the bed,running a hand through his hair anxiously.

You sighed and joined him on the bed,tucking your knees under you,taking his hand in yours and squeezing it softly as if trying to juice his tension out. “It’ll be alright,Ni,” 

“It’s not that I mind…it’s just your dad,y/n…you know he doesn’t think I have a real job.He thinks I’m some strung out star child with no real aspirations..thinks that of your brother-in-law too,“,Niall said turning over on his side away from me. 

 Your dad was a Navy Admiral who brought his air of discipline and strict rules with him wherever he went while your mum was a more relaxed retired preschool teacher who had a knack for baking.They met on your dad’s last deployment when your mum was working in the middle East teaching English.They complimented each other’s personality because they were polar opposites so it was no surprise to either of their families when they fell in love.

Growing up,your dad always encouraged you to do the right thing and the practical thing;a practical education,a practical house a practical job,it’s surprising that he didn’t ship you off to the Navy years ago.Niall,however, had an awesome job ,that wasn’t the career path for most, but it made him happy and paid the bills but your dad didn’t see that.He saw him as some rock-star with his head in the clouds. 

 "It’ll be fine,Ni..if he brings up your job just tell him about it and don’t feel shy.You’re proud of what you do and I’m proud of you,”,You say running a hand through his hair,your eyes holding nothing but compassion and truth.

You hear the doorbell ring and your mother’s voice downstairs.Niall groaned, shielding his face with his hands,“Tell them I’m not home,“ 

“No way,get your ass up.I didn’t clean this damn house and cook for you to hide.”

You almost drag Niall down the stair case and straightened out his button up at the bottom of the stairs.”You’ll do fine,Ni,I promise.” You smooth down your light wash jeans and adjust your top before Niall opens the door and you both greet your parents warmly.

“Oh honey!It’s so nice to see you again,”,mum says throwing her arms around you.You smile and bury your face in her neck,inhaling that special old lady smell of cookies and giggle when some stray grey hairs tickle your ears.When you pull away,dad’s standing behind her,arms folded behind his back and legs spread shoulder’s width apart a smile on his face.

“Admiral,”,you say with mock salute,”,permission to hug?”

“Permission granted,”,your dad replies his voice gruff with age but his eyes youthful and sweet.You barrel into your father’s chest and despite age he picks you up and twirls you around like you’re five again.

From the corner of your eye you see Niall and your mum chatting avidly probably about food because mum loves to cook and Niall loves to eat.

“Horan!”,dad says,his voice booming and bouncing off the walls and Niall jump slightly,”nice to see you again.”

“Nice to see you too Admiral y/l/n”, you could practically feel Niall’s discomfort but you were calm about the situation.

Niall shakes hands with you dad and you can see the agony in Niall’s eyes because dad decides to squeeze extra hard.

You and mum go to the kitchen and talk about what hotel they’re staying at and how things are back home while taking the food out of the oven. Throughout dinner,Niall casts you worried looks and is clenching his hand trying to get his circulation going.By sunset,you’re on the backyard deck in the middle of small talk when something leads to dad talking about how he and mum met and mum gets all cozy.She reaches for dad’s hand like the sweethearts they are and while she’s doe-eyed for him he couldn’t look more proud to be with her.They’re all heart eyed and loved up and you look at Niall and he glances back at you and you both coo at how adorable they are.

When you make the move to get dessert,dad thanks you for the meal and you jump at the chance to brag about Niall.

“You know dad,Niall helped cook this too.”,you say confidently,pride dripping from your words.Niall smiled up at you a silent ‘thanks’.

“Oh yeah,”,dad started,”Horan struck me as more of an eater than a cooker,”and dad is chuckling in his seat.

Niall blushes and mumbles doing the ‘so so’ action with his hand,”A bit of both,”

Mum throws you an apologetic look and helps you in the kitchen,moments later you emerge with cake when dad and Niall are prattling off about golf.You thank the universe because you half expected Niall to have shrivelled up and died of embarrassment.

“Hey y/n/n,how come you never told me Horan here plays golf?’’,dad asks when you come into sight again and you shrug and act like you don’t know because you’d prayed they’d talk about it and form some type of common ground.

“If you’d like Admiral y/l/n,there’s this golf course I go to,if you’d like we could go tomorrow,”,Niall asked a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“I don’t see why not,”,dad says leaning back in his seat I can see Niall relax for the first time all day and I breathe a sigh of relief.

That night,after your parents had left,Niall could barely he can barely sleep because of the anxiety bubbling away like a pot in his tummy and you try not to show it but you know you’re nervous too but you’re keeping the faith for Niall.

The next morning came too quickly for your liking and before you know it,you’re on the golf greens under the soothing morning sun and playing teams-boys against girls.

When you’ve gotten a moment alone with mum you tell her that Niall wants to propose and she smiles knowingly.

“How?”,you ask puzzled.

“Niall hid the ring in the back of your cutlery drawer.I saw it when I went to get the forks for the cake.”

You’re beaming with excitement now because you know that’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home.

Niall and dad are sitting in the cart,under the shade of a tree.Your dad glances over at Niall at his smile and follows the direction of his eyes,seeing they’re focused on you,holding nothing but adoration and pride in them.He breathes out a chuckle and leans on the steering wheel of the cart.

“Is something wrong,Admiral y/l/n?”,Niall asks looking over at your dad.

“Why’d you fly me all the way out here Horan?’’,he asks in a voice coarse with age.

“Sir, I’ve knows y/n for a year and-”

“Cut the crap,Horan.”

“I want to marry y/n and I wanted your blessing,”

The air between them gets humid and thick and Niall feels his sweat turn cold as it drips down his spine.A second feels like a millennium of waiting.

“Okay,”,dad said and Niall double takes and gives himself whiplash at the rate he spun around to look at your dad.

“Okay?That’s it?”,Niall asks mouth agape thinking that this man is bullshitting him.

“Yes,here is my blessing,what you want it on a silver platter?”,your dad snaps.

“No Admiral,it’s just..y/n’s brother-in-law..you called him a day dreamer because he didn’t have a practical job..this past week I’ve been obsessing over your approval because I thought you’d say no for the same reason.”

“Niall, y/n’s brother in law is a deadbeat who’s 33 and still lives with his parents.“ Niall deadpanned because damn he didn’t know that. “Now listen,you may not be a doctor or a lawyer or something fancy that ends with ‘ologist’ but you got a job that you enjoy that pays well and you’re passionate about it.You treat my y/n right,she‘s happy ,she’s happier than I’ve ever seen her when she’s with you.Yeah,she’s my babygirl but if I had to pick from all the yahoos and jarheads out there,I’d pick you.Don’t make me regret saying that.”

You hear cheering from the cart and you turn around to see your dad is being squeezed to death by Niall.Your dad looks like he’s about to kill Niall and Niall looks like a ball of sunshine.

“Congrats,honey,”mum says,nudging the ball into the hole.

“Thanks mum,”,you say updating your score card.


“You just called me Niall,does this mean you’re a low key softie,sir?’’

“Stop talking,Horan.”

“Sir,when you said I was passionate,did it remind you of yourself when you were in the Navy?”

“I will shoot you.”

“Can I call you dad-”

“Honey!We’re leaving!”

From the moment they met, Jack knew this was the man with which he would spend the rest of his life. 

“I hope y'all like pecan pie,” Eric Bittle said. He was small, blond, and southern, with a smile that could brighten a room and a pie that smelled like heaven held gently in his hands. Ransom and Holster were on him in seconds.

“Holy shit, did you make this? It’s spectacular!” said Holster, pieces of pecan flying from his mouth. He hadn’t bothered to grab a plate, or a fork, or anything resembling kitchen ware for that matter. 

“Uhh, yes?” Eric looked scandalized. Ransom and Shitty had joined in, grabbing bits of pie and cramming it in their mouths with a voracity that challenged wild hyenas. 

Jack was perched on the edge of the dining hall table, watching the chaos unfold. This wasn’t how he thought it would happen. After a moment, he rolled up his sleeve, tracing his fingers over the soul mark that occupied the inside of his arm. ‘I hope y'all like pecan pie’ was written in large loopy letters. From where Jack sat, he could see the rest of the boys converging on Bittle’s pie. He smiled at the horrified look on Eric’s face. He would be easy to love, Jack thought. 

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Two things I’m happy about this morning!  New workout shirt (I really think this would help, by the way, and one of my work programs focuses on teaching empathy through reading) and my breakfast!  The breakfast is always prettier before I mix it, but man, yogurt with berries and granola is the best!  So delicious!

Tomorrow, tickets for Dave Chappelle at the ACL Live theater go on sale, and I’m really hoping I can grab two to surprise the husband!  The actual show is close to our wedding anniversary date, too, so they’d be the perfect gift!  He has been so damn sweet to me lately even though I’ve been feeling a bit icky, so I want to do this for him.  We enjoy comedy shows but haven’t been to one in a while.  Jim Gaffigan also has a show coming up there in April–that will be my back up plan (or additional plan) if I can’t get the Chappelle tickets.

I have lunch with a fabulous friend to look forward to this afternoon.  I honestly cannot believe she has time as she was just this week promoted to vice president of her international company. I honestly cannot even imagine.  Our lives are nothing alike, but that doesn’t matter because she’s an amazing person and so kind and thoughtful and warm!  Whenever we see each other, we’re able to immediately get down to important things! :)  Looking forward to it!  Now, back to work! ;) 

Drunk Dialed

Request: Can you do a Lin imagine where he is kinda drunk and calls the reader (because he likes her but she doesn’t know) and starts rambling and starts saying things he shouldn’t.

Prompts: 25- I just had a couple drinks                                                                               55- You love me and you know it

Words: 1412

Pairing: Lin x Reader

It was just one of those nights. You were tired after the show and wanted nothing more than to cuddle up in your bed with a cup of warm tea and watch Netflix until you fell asleep, so you turned down your friends constant pleas to go to the bar.

You were sleeping like the dead when your phone began to ring, much to your annoyance. Because of our busy schedule you haven’t been able to sleep much.

“God dammit.” You groaned, searching for you phone in the mountains of blankets on your bed. The clock next to your bed read 2:43 and you couldn’t fathom who could possibly be calling you at this hour.

The name Linnamon Roll was plastered on your phone screen and your heart skipped a beat, but you were confused. Why in the world was Lin calling you at this time? 

“Hello?” You sad uncertainly as you pressed the phone to your ear.

“(Y/N)!” The man exclaimed happily. “My favorite dancer!”

Drunk. Lin was definitely drunk, you could tell immediately.

“Lin it’s almost three in the morning.” You said, laying back down and pulling your covers up to your neck. You heard him sigh deeply and your confusion only grew. “Is everything okay?”

“You’re just sooo beautiful (Y/N).” A blush overtook your face at Lin’s drunken compliment.

“Lin, you’re drunk. You drunk dialed me and you should hang up before this gets out of hand.”

“But (Y/N)!” He whined. “I just love the sound of your voice.” Oh god. Your heart felt ready to burst and you were sure your pillow would combust due to how hot your cheeks were.

“What do you want Lin?” You asked with a sigh.

I just had a couple of drinks.” Lin said, his voice taking on a serious tone despite the way he was slurring his words. “And I wanted to say the I love you.”

Your heart stopped at the drunk man’s words. He sounded mighty proud of himself for his confession. You didn’t know what to say, how to react. You were stunned. 

“You’re so nice, and intelligent, and pretty, and your hair is so soft, and your laugh makes me feel all tingly.” He continued to ramble. “And you love me and you know it! So we should just stop beating around the bush and get married! You’d be a great mom and we could do cheesy christmas cards and it would be great!“

The thought made your heart happy. Of course it did, you’ve had a crush on him for months now, but he was drunk at the moment. He probably had no idea what he was saying and probably wouldn’t even remember it in the morning. You didn’t let yourself get your hopes up. "You need to go to bed Lin, we have two shows tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long day.”

“Say you love me.” He slurred, sounding like a pouty child. You sighed, but though ‘what the heck?’, it’s not like he’d remember it in the morning anyway.

“Fine, alright. I love you, Lin. Now go home and go to bed.” Saying the words made your chest tighten. You’ve wanted to say them for so long, but not like this.

“I love you too, (Y/N). Goodnight.” He giggled and you hung up before he could say anything else. You put your phone back on its charger and buried your face in your pillow. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

You didn’t so much as look at him from the moment you rushed to your dressing room, to the rare occasions both of you were waiting in the wings, to the break before the second show. He was trying to talk to you, constantly trying to catch your eye, but you refused.

It was obvious what he wanted to talk about and you didn’t want you. You already knew what he was going to say. ‘Sorry about drunk dialing you last night, I didn’t mean any of it, let’s put it behind us’. 

“What up with you and Lin?” Sasha asked as you were getting ready for the opening number of the second show and you sighed.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” You replied, touching up your makeup.

“He’s been staring at you with big sad eyes all day and you’re obviously avoiding him. Something happened, did he finally confess his love and you reject him?” Ariana said from the other side of you and your body stiffened. Your friends immediately noticed the change in your posture and shared a look.

“Okay, spill.” Sasha demanded, pulling you to sit next to Ariana.

You took a deep breath, knowing it would be simpler to just tell them. “Lin drunk dialed me last night and started talking about how cute our family Christmas cards would look.”

The two women squealed in excitement, but reigned it in when they say your downtrodden expression.

“(Y/N), what’s the problem here? You’ve been in love with Lin forever and he obviously feels the same.” Ariana said and you shook your head.

“He was drunk, he probably just wants to tell me to forget anything happened.”

“You are an idiot.” Sasha said bluntly. “Lin has liked you probably longer than you’ve liked him. No one was going to say anything because the two of you need to figure that shit out on your own but it’s obvious to everyone but you.”

You sat there in silence, playing with your thumbs, not knowing what to say.

“All cast and crew into positions for the opening number!” A voice called and the three of you stood up.

“Seriously (Y/N), talk to Lin after the show. And don’t forget to send a Christmas card my way.” Ariana joked with a wink 

The second show was over long before you wanted it to be. Once you were out of costume, you took a deep breath and walked to Lin’s dressing room. The door was open. Lin was in the process of throwing his backpack over his shoulder when he turned and saw you standing there, causing him to jump and drop said backpack. 

“Sorry.” You apologized quickly. “I was about to knock.”

“No! No, it’s okay.” He said flustered and picked up the bag. “I’ve been trying to talk to you all day.”

“I know, I’ve been avoiding you all day.” You replied truthfully, staring at your shoes. The air was so awkward you wanted to turn and bolt immediately. This was a mistake.

“Do you wanna sit?” Lin offered and the two of you sat opposite of each other, you still avoiding his eyes.

“So.” You said, eager to get this over with.

“I’m sorry.” He started and you felt your heart drop to your stomach. “I was drunk last night and that call was completely out of line.”

“It’s fine.” You said softly, staring at your hands, feeling your heart break into pieces. This is exactly what you had been dreading.

“But I won’t apologize for what I said.” You head shot up at his words. What? “I’ve wanted to express my emotions for a long time, and though I wish I could have been more eloquent about it, I’m glad it’s out there.”

You didn’t know what to say, for the second time in less than 24 hours the man had left you speechless.

“I love you (Y/N), I have for months now. You’re so intelligent, beautiful, compassionate, and understanding. Your smile brightens my day and just hearing your voice soothes me when I’m stressed. I love everything about you.” His cheeks were flushed and your mouth was hanging open the slightest bit. You had to be dreaming.

“Anyways,” He said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “I just wanted to express my sentiment form last night a bit more eloquently. I’ll go now.”

He got up and began to walk out the door and you jumped to your feet. 

“Lin.” You said, your voice shaking the tiniest bit. You strutted towards him and the minute he turned around, you threw your arms around his neck and pressed your lips against his. You didn’t need to see his face to know he was shocked.

When you finally broke apart, you had a tentative grin on your face and your heart felt full.

“I love you too.” A grin overtook his face and he wrapped his arms around your waist, bringing your lips together again. Thank god for drunk dialing.

A/N: Did not plan on making this request this long but I guess I have a tendency to get carried away when it comes to Lin. Anyways, hope you enjoyed!

Writing Prompt #41: Roulette

Hi! This was requested by this Anon#41 “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you” (Morgan x Reader). In my head, this is a continuation of Concussion?

Also, I got the idea for this fic from a song. I deeply encourage you to listen to it before/while you read to have a better idea of what I was trying to accomplish here: Roulette, by System of a Down. Anyway, enough rambling! Enjoy! :)

You definitely wanted to kill Derek this time! Thanks to his stupid stubbornness, he had put himself on the line of fire… to protect you. How? Why? You had sworn he was on the other side of the restaurant open parking lot when the shooting started. How had he got to you that fast? And why did he feel the need to protect you like that?

Now, you were pacing the waiting room just outside the surgery ward of the local hospital, hoping the doctors would be able to extract the bullet out of the side of his abdomen, where the Kevlar didn’t quite cover him. You had been the first one there since you had pretty much jumped inside the ambulance, despite the paramedics saying it would be too crowded.

You didn’t care. You would have strapped yourself to the roof of the vehicle so long as you were near him in that moment. He needed you. Or was it the other way around?

You started reminiscing the moment you were alone in the room, even though it felt like the memories were making your heart ache more than it already was. It was the only way to pass the time without drowning in your own tears. So, your brain conjured up images for you to find some sort of solace in.

You remembered the case that first made you think of Derek as more than just a friend. There was something about going undercover with one of your best friends while pretending to be a couple and then getting kidnapped because of it that just changed the whole dynamic of the relationship.

Then, came all of the friendly dinners at his or your place. It didn’t matter whether you cooked something together or ordered take-out, it always ended with the both of you on the couch talking until the wee hours of the morning. He made you feel safe, which was your only justification for when you woke up with your legs tangled up with his once and his strong arms around your torso, protecting you from rolling off the couch.

The feeling of safety never came, however, when you two went out for dinners or movies. Those nights usually ended with you feeling painfully aware of the way women stared and desired him; it would stir something inside of you that left you feeling even worse about the whole situation. To top it all, since Derek would put his arm around your waist, the women around the restaurant or theatre would also give you angry looks. Little did you know, Derek did that so as to keep men from staring at you, too.

Whenever you came home after any of those nights with him, you felt the same conflicting thoughts you had the night of the case: was the relationship taking a new turn or were you just confused?

Derek treated you with the utmost of respects and made you feel good about yourself, not only physically thanks to his comments and compliments, but also about your skills at work. He would always go out of his way to instil confidence in you. So why hadn’t he trusted you to do well this time around? Why did he think that putting himself in danger was better than giving you some time to try and work out a plan?

You were so preoccupied about the reasoning behind his actions, you didn’t notice JJ and Spencer coming into the room. The images flooding your mind also prevented you from realising that you were destroying your nails, until JJ pointed it out.

‘Honey, if you keep biting your nails like that, you’re gonna draw blood,’ JJ warned you while she grabbed your hands. She pulled you out of your thoughts and when your wild eyes landed on her beautiful blue ones, filled with concern for her colleague and friend, you threw your arms around her neck and started crying your heart out.

Once your sobs subsided a bit, she sat you down and went out of the room to get you some tea, even though you said you didn’t want anything. You sat there in silence, a few tears still falling from your eyes, as Spencer paced like you had done before.

‘I don’t understand,’ he said, his voice rough with emotion. His eyes moved rapidly, like when he was trying to figure out something related to a case. ‘One second, he was next to me, taking cover behind a dumpster, and then, the next thing I know, you are crying out for an ambulance as you are trying to stop the bleeding!’

The genius was as stumped as you were, apparently. You were trying to find your voice again to answer him when JJ came into the room, followed by Rossi and Hotch.

‘Any news yet?’ Rossi asked, his gaze going from Spencer’s figure to your puffy eyes. You shook your head, and the tears came back full force.

‘I’m going to go ask someone in the nurse’s office to see if they can tell me anything,’ Hotch announced, needing to do something to keep him occupied.

‘I’m going to call Garcia. She must be going crazy in her office,’ Rossi said the minute your boss went out of the room.

Garcia! In your frenzy to get Derek help, the thought of calling her hadn’t even crossed your mind. You were not going to hear the end of it when you got back to the office.

Hours passed without any news, and everyone was getting restless. Hotch had offered to stay while the rest of you went to get some sleep at the hotel, but you all refused, relying on tea and coffee to keep you somewhat awake.

You were finally dozing off on your chair, your head resting on Rossi’s shoulder to your left, when the doctor finally came into the room.

‘Hello, I’m Dr Graham. I assume you’re agent Morgan’s colleagues,’ he said, his voice showing how exhausted he probably was, too.

‘Yes, I’m SSA Hotchner, his boss. How is he?’ Hotch said, getting up.

You didn’t get up; you didn’t have any strength left in you. You felt time slow down while you waited for the doctor’s reply and then Spencer, who was sitting on the chair to your right, grabbed your hand tightly in his, clearly anxious for what you were about to hear.

‘He’s great, actually,’ relief washed over the entire team, as you took a long breath, trying to calm your racing heart. ‘The surgery went smoothly. The good news is that the bullet didn’t get stuck in his intestines, which is what we had originally thought from the X-rays, and so we were able to get it out no problem. He’s asleep now, so I suggest you come back later today at 8 when visiting hours are open again. He’ll be out of the anaesthesia and awake by then.’

‘Thank you so much, doctor,’ Hotch said and shook Graham’s hand, before the man exited the room. Hotch then turned around. ‘You heard him. Let’s go back to the hotel and get some sleep. We’ll be back here first thing in the morning.’

And he kept his promise. While the rest of the team headed down to the police station to deal with the UnSub that had caused all of this chaos in the first place, you and Hotch were waiting to be allowed into Derek’s room. The nurse came out and let you in, saying that the doctor will be around shortly.

Hotch waited outside for the doctor to ask him a few questions while you stepped into the still darkened room and softly moved to Derek’s right side to sit down on the chair placed next to his bed. He slowly moved his head towards the source of the noise and opened one of his eyes.

‘Hey, momma,’ he croaked and tried to smile at you. It was a little strained, but the sentiment was there.

‘Hey,’ your voice wobbled, and you were unable to control your emotions around him anymore, especially with him lying on a hospital bed.

‘No, no crying! Come on!’ he said, which caused him to cough a little. You gave him water from the cup sitting on the bedside table. Once he’d swallowed the liquid, he grabbed your hand and continued, ‘I’m so glad you’re okay.’

You had no time to reply because the doctor came in, checked on him and gave him enough painkillers to doze a bull. So, you decided to come back the next day when he didn’t need to be under the effects of such strong drugs.

The following day, you walked into his room while Spencer was there. You two had stayed behind, since you didn’t have any families to get back to, and would travel with Derek on the team’s jet, while everyone else had to fly home on a regular plane. Thankfully, the flight was only a couple of hours long.

You must’ve interrupted something because Spencer had a frown on his face that could’ve rivalled Hotch’s if he had been there. When you knocked on the open door, he excused himself saying he needed a cup of coffee and left abruptly, leaving a sighing Derek behind.

‘Hi, what happened? Did I interrupt something?’ you asked, concerned. The two friends didn’t usually fight, unless you counted a few of their prank wars that got out of hand.

‘No, he’ll come around eventually,’ he sighed one last time and turned his gaze from the door to you. You couldn’t help but smile at him. Despite the situation, he seemed a lot more energetic than the day before.

‘Has the doctor checked on you today?’

‘Yes, he said that, if everything is okay, I will probably be able to fly home tomorrow afternoon with you guys,’ his big smile showed you just how happy he was to be going home.

‘I’m going to your house and staying with you until you heal. I hope you know that,’ you said, pointing a finger at him as you sat down on the chair Spencer had been sitting on a few minutes ago.

‘Yes, ma’am, I know. And I hope you know that Garcia will be there, too,’ he laughed.

‘Oh, I know. I called her this morning and we’ve already arranged everything. She’s most definitely in your apartment cleaning right now.’

‘What? How? She doesn’t even have a key,’ he said, confused.

‘But she does have a key to my place…,’ you trailed off.

‘And you have a key to mine,’ he sighed again, figuring out the rest.

The conversation went on for a while, until you inevitably ran out of things to say since the only thought going through your head was about him stepping in front of you during the shooting. Once the nurse assigned to check on his vitals came and went, you decided to ask him what had been plaguing your mind since that night.

‘Derek,’ he hummed to let you know he was listening. He had closed his eyes a few minutes ago. ‘Why?’ you grabbed his hand as you said it.

‘What are you talking about, (Y/n)?’ he knew what you meant and was trying to avoid the subject, which made you slightly angry.

‘Why did you step in front of me? You could’ve been killed,’ your voice was tight, showing how worried he’d made you.

‘Do you really need to ask me that? Fine. I did it because the guy was shooting directly towards you! You and JJ were being targeted, and I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I hadn’t done something,’ he explained as he squeezed your hand, despite his sharp tone.

‘Still! You could’ve done something different instead of putting yourself in front of me! What if the bullet had penetrated your intestines? What if he had shot you anywhere else?’ He was silent as you got up and started pacing in front of his bed, his eyes never leaving your body. ‘Do you think I would’ve forgiven myself if you had got killed?’

‘What do you want me to say, (Y/n)? That I’m sorry? Because I’m not, and you know damn well I don’t like lying, especially to you,’ his jaw was set, but you couldn’t let it go just yet.

‘What was going through your head when you ran across the parking lot to get to us?’ you had stopped moving and were standing at the end of his bed.



‘That! All I could think was that I needed to get to you and that I needed to do something to get you out of there. But…,’ he didn’t know how to word his next sentence.

‘You can tell me anything, Derek. That has always been the way our relationship works. Complete honesty,’ you had moved and sat down on the chair next to the bed again.

‘Yeah. Yeah, I know,’ he smiled briefly at you and for a minute he got lost in your eyes. He cleared his throat before speaking again. ‘As I was saying, I just knew that if I didn’t run towards you, you were going to get hurt. I could feel in my gut, you know? And I-I couldn’t let that happen. I don’t know why, but… sometimes I just can’t control myself when I’m around you.’

That statement made your heart race, in the did-he-really-just-say-that kind of way.

‘I’m… sorry?’

‘It’s true! Ever since I met you, (Y/n), you… Whenever I see you, you just take over my thoughts completely, like that,’ he snapped his fingers to emphasise his point. ‘The other night, the possibility of you somehow getting hurt clouded my mind and my judgement was definitely poor,’ his eyes were earnest, and your throat got suddenly very, very dry. ‘Look, I’m sorry that I made you and the rest of the team worried, but, as I said, I won’t apologise for what I did. And I would do it again a hundred times because, as long as you’re safe, I don’t care what happens to me.’

After a second of processing what he’d said, you decided to speak:

‘Well, you’d better start caring because I won’t have you do this again, okay?’ you were surprised with how many tears your body was able to produce in these past few days.

‘Alright, I’ll promise I won’t, if you also promise not to put yourself in harm’s way again like that.’

‘Derek, with our job? Are you serious?’ you asked him, not quite believing what he was saying.

‘It’s basically the same thing you’re asking me, so it’s only fair,’ he smiled, but the worry in his eyes didn’t disappear entirely.

‘Then, I promise,’ you said, wiping the few tears that had fallen from your eyes.

‘Good. I promise, too,’ he told you as he opened his arms to give you a hug.

Despite the tubes and his still healing wound, you hugged him as tightly as you dared to. When you pulled away and looked him straight in the eye, your heart jumped and then he kissed you on the forehead like he had done that fateful night after the kidnapping. This time around, though, you knew exactly what your accelerated heartbeat meant and you made a decision to tell him how you truly felt when you got the chance.

But, he beat you to it:

‘How about dinner when I get back on my feet? You know, just the two of us?’ his smile was almost back to normal, you noticed.

‘Derek, we always have dinner together,’ you pointed out with a confused expression adorning your features.

‘Yeah, but how about we dress up and call it a date this time?’ even though he was smiling, his eyes showed how worried he was that he might have screwed everything up.

‘I’d love to,’ you replied, immediately.

‘Well, at least something good came out of all of this,’ you heard Spencer’s voice say from the door.

‘What? Us dating? Why, thank you, pretty boy,’ Derek chuckled.

‘Nope. JJ now owes me twenty bucks. She thought (Y/n) was going to be the one to ask you out,’ his smug grin made you laugh for the first time in a couple of days.

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Strip Twister

Warning: Smut, Blowjobs, Handjobs

A/N: Can I actually tell you guys how thankful I am for all the followers lately? I’ve only had to account for a little while and it has expanded tremendously. I’m so grateful. Also, I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting lately. You guys have still been blowing up my feed. Keep sending in requests/prompts. Thank you so much!

Word Count: 977

“No. No. No! No!” Dan yelled as he fell over.

Chris and PJ laughed as his pants had fallen down again. The four of us had been spending the night playing the game of Twister. Chris could barely keep his hands off of PJ tonight and I could tell by his look he was enjoying it. Especially when they fell on top of each other.

“Dan! Your trousers are basically at your knees!” I laughed even louder.

“It’s not my fault I have a flattened arse, Phil.” Dan retorted slightly smirking.

I only let out a few chuckles as he hoped that Dan hadn’t pulled up him pants too quickly. I didn’t think Dan’s arse was flattened at all. He was so sexy every time that he had not cared about pulling up his jeans, his Pokémon boxers showing. 

“Alright bros, we gotta head out. We’re meeting up with some old friends tomorrow morning.”

“What? No. Can’t we play a few more rounds? I’ve been stuck spinning this whole time.” Dan pouted, but I knew that they really just wanted to head back to go have sex.

“Sorry, Dan. We really gotta head out.” They said and opened the door quickly waving before exiting our flat.

I sighed. “We should head to bed as well.” 

“What? I thought you wanted to keep playing?”

“It’s going to be quite boring with just the two of us.” Dan smirked at his words.

“We could…strip?” 


“Strip Twister. We’ll play like 10 rounds and whoever loses that specific round has to take a piece of clothing off.”

I could immediately feel the blood rushing downwards. I found it so hot when Dan was all flirty and slightly intoxicated. 


“C’mon, Phil. It’ll be fun.” He said running a finger across and down my chest.

I audibly gulped. “Okay.”

“Yeah! Okay, spin one.” Dan flicked the arrow.

It land on green, left foot. We placed our feet down and Dan flicked again. Red, left arm. Then Red, right foot. Soon we were a tangled mess. I felt my hands and feet underneath me shake one last time before and fell on top of Dan.

“Ouch! Phil!” His amused face did not match his words. “You lose.”

“Alright.” I paused. “What should I take off?”


I looked down at my shirt and then back up at Dan and then back down to my shirt to start unbuttoning it. Dan inspected me as I pulled off each button. I then yanked the sleeves off my arms.

“Okay. Spin.” Dan flicked the arrow once more.

After about 4 flicks, Dan was right underneath me, perfectly lined up. He had a devilish smile on his face as his leg gave out and he lost the round. He unhooked the button on his pants and pulled down the zipper, leaving him in a pair of Totoro boxers. I flinched looking away, trying to distract myself with the next round of the game.

Dan now had his arse placed right against mine and I was dying to end this game of “Strip Twister” so that I could get into my bedroom to finish myself off. It was coming to a point to where it hurt. With my thoughts unfocusing from the game, my arms gave and I fell taking Dan along with me.

“Well, hello.” Dan said smirking at me then looking down to our crotches which were pushed up against each other. 

I gave him a look as if I was going to get up and move, but he pulled me in closer by my hip and started grinding.

“Dan, if you don’t stop..mhhn.” I let out a high pitched moan.

“What if I don’t want to stop?” He asked carefully more than flirty.

I looked at him, my eyes asking him what are we doing? Is this right?

“Dan.” I moaned out his name.

Suddenly, he flipped me over so that he was on top of me. It was like all of his uncertainty left him and he was back to being a flirty little shit. And I loved it. He started attacking my neck with rough kisses. I felt twinges of guilt come over me. I mean this is my best friend. When he sobered up tomorrow would things awkward? 

I was awakened from my thoughts when Dan travelled his hand down to my groin. I didn’t I could grow any harder, but Dan managed to make that happen. He started playing around with my own pants until he was able to pull them off of me. A rush of anticipation ran through me.

“I want to suck you off.” Dan muttered before sliding down towards my crotch and and swiftly pulled off my boxers. 

He took my entire length into his mouth, swirling his tongue around me. Dan didn’t even gag as he bobbed his head like his life depended on it. He worked on me with skill and gave me the perfect amount of friction I needed. Soon, when moans were frequently slipping from my mouth, Dan moved his lips up to my neck but not letting his hand stop from rubbing up and down my shaft. His teeth gently nipping at my skin was enough to make me come hard into his hand.

I took a second to collect myself, before attempting to give Dan his own treat, but when I did he was already on his way to his bedroom.

“Oi! Don’t you want to finish you off as well?” I called for him.

“No thanks. I’m good.” I heard him mumbled back drunkly. 

As I headed to the room of my own, I heard little snores coming Dan’s room. I sneaked in to see him passed out on his bed. I came over to him and gently placed a kiss on his forehead before departing.

Regarding the CFDA awards tonight

Hoping of course of Mary-Kate and Ashley to win, but they have won quite a few times now, and it’s impressing just to be nominated, so I’m just glad we’re getting some new pics and that they get acknowledged no matter if they win or not. 

I have an early shift at work tomorrow (it’s evening in Norway now), and can’t stay up too long past midnight as I have to get up at 6 in the morning. If I have to go to bed before pics start ticking in (Norwegian time, the award show is in the middle of the night), I will get up half an hour earlier tomorrow morning, and post some before I get to work. Will be dying to see their looks, and of course the outcome of the awards. Hope you guys are all okay with that, that I might not be able to live blog! I can survive a day with little sleep though, but it’s been a super busy weekend, and on Tuesdays my job is to take care of 18 kids, so it’s not like I can mentally switch off. I need to be there 100 % mentally every day, my little squad is depending on me. But so are you guys, so I will therefore get up a little earlier. 

Much love, Ine

Little Too Much

Requested by @lost-yet-never-found: Do you think you could do a song request to “Little Too Much” by Shawn Mendes? I’ve been going through a rough patch and would greatly appreciate it. It could be SteveXReader, BuckyXReader, (if you do Matt) MattXReader, ClintXReader. Thank you, you are an amazing writer.

Author’s Note: I tried to finish this ASAP. I changed the order of the lyrics. Hope you don’t mind.

Warnings: Depression

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1254

She would not show that she was afraid,
But being and feeling alone was too much to face,
Though everyone said that she was so strong,
What they didn’t know is that she could barely carry on,

“That was a good movie Natasha,” Tony stated, rubbing his hands on his thighs before standing up from the couch. “Great pick.”

Natasha proudly smirked, knowing full well she had great taste in movies.

“We should hit the sack,” Steve suggested. “We got early morning training tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Clint said drily, sending daggers at the God in the room. “Thanks Thor.” 

“You are welcome Clint,” Thor exclaimed, oblivious to Clint’s sarcasm.

“Sarcasm Thor,” you informed.

“Oh,” Thor said, eyes widening. “Thank you Y/N.”

You nodded in response.

“Well, I’m off,” Tony stated before heading out of the common room. “Goodnight everyone.”

“Night,” they said simultaneously. 

Everyone started heading to their room. Unfortunately, that meant that you begrudgingly did so too. Yours and Bucky’s room were across from each other at the end of the hall, so you two were last to reach your guys’ room.

“Goodnight Y/N,” Bucky said.

“Goodnight,” you responded with a bright smile.

You watched Bucky enter his room and close the door behind you. As soon as he left, your smile slipped from your face.

You turned to your empty room and drudgingly walked to your bed. You didn’t have the energy to brush your teeth or change, so you kicked off your pants and shoes and collapsed in your bed. You curled up under the sheets, hoping sleep will quickly overcome you.

Unfortunately, you were wide awake, left with your own thoughts. That was never a good thing. It would start off as regular thoughts, but then you started overthinking things and those thoughts quickly became negative. Your chest started to have a sinking feeling as your mind raced a thousand thoughts per second. You released a long sigh. Looks like another long night.

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I love you (forever)

note: So im a little nervous, this is my first drabble for Steroline, plus the first time i write something in english (i wrote some things in spanish before for other pairs of other show but it was like 5 years ago?). Anyways i´ll stop rambling. This is a short drabble of domestic! Steroline being super cute, kind of an ideal morning. Oh and the title is from the song “Keep on loving you” from Cigarettes after sex (im obsessed with this new band). Anyways hope you like it.

(btw i just made an account on ff.net so i´ll post it there too tomorrow)

She was smiling… his eyes were on her as soon as he entered the garden. She was sitting on a chair, her whole body facing the sun, her eyes fully closed, her hair shinning gold and she was wearing one of his hoodies… and she was smiling.

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It’s random ficlet I found in my drafts time!

{Read it on AO3}

Derek makes his way across the campus, walking quickly, his collar flipped up to shield against the late autumn winds. Students are rushing past him, scurrying to class, and Derek can’t help but feel kind of appalled at how young they all seem.

He finds his way to the student union, and asks a few of the people he comes across where he can find the radio booth. Mostly he gets blank looks or half-hearted shrugs before the students hurry past him or return their attention to their computers. One just says, “We have a radio station?” and, well, he’s probably no use.

He always feels a little off balance when he comes to colleges. He’s done his fair share of college shows, and college radio interviews like the one he’s here today for, but he never got the “college experience”, too busy spending his late teens and nearly all of his twenties playing gigs and writing music. Halehounds was signed when he was sixteen, and put out seven albums and did over twenty tours - both national and international - by the time they broke up for the last time when he was twenty-eight.

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anonymous asked:

Please, keep going with that headcanon with trans Remus and genderfluid Sirius at the bar! Omg it's so good, I want to know what happends next so bad lol love your writing

Thank you!!!

Your wish is my command, here’s part 1 and part 2

  • After Lily and Remus finished eating with James and Sirius then sat in Dominos for another hour chatting about nothing and everything, Lily and Remus had to go home
  • After exchanging numbers of course
  • Sirius and James decided to walk them to the tube station
  • “Do you have to go now?” Sirius whined at Remus.
  • Truth was, Remus for the first time in his life actually didn’t want to go home.
  • He had enjoyed Sirius’ company.
  • He enjoyed being around someone smart and goodlooking, and almost as sharp-tongued as him, as much as he’d hate to admit it.
  • “I’m afraid so, last tube’s at 12:13,” Remus sighed.
  • “Will you be back tomorrow?” Sirius asked looking up at Remus.
  • “Clubbing two nights in a row?” Remus raised his eyebrow at Sirius.
  • “Well, I usually don’t but if you’re gonna be here…”
  • “You’d come back just for me?”
  • “Anything for you, Moony,” Sirius said with a smug look on his face.
  • “I was gonna ask you out tomorrow, I’ve changed my mind now though,” Remus shrugged.
  • Sirius stopped and held Remus back too. “Is that so?” Sirius asked stepping in front of Remus, Remus thought the height difference was adorable, Sirius stood just above his chin.
  • “Yep.”
  • “And what if I ask you out?” Sirius asked looking up at him.
  • Remus looked into Sirius’ grey eyes, who was he kidding.
  • “I might just say yes.”
  • After their goodbyes Remus and Lily go on the metro.
  • “So I see you did end up finding your Prince Charming, huh?” Lily nudged him with a smug look on her face.
  • Remus rolled his eyes. “You did too.”
  • Her pale cheeks flushed a light shade of red. “Is Sirius decent?”
  • “He’s respectful, I appreciate that,” Remus said truthfully.
  • “Did you tell him?”
  • Remus told Sirius about him being transgender once he told Remus about being genderqueer, and he had stuck around and Remus decided that was a good sign.
  • “Ah yeah, he’s part of the trans community himself so… it’s easier for him to understand I guess.”
  • Lily smiled, they gossiped about their night all the way home, and stayed up a little at home speaking about the night too.
  • “He said he’s asking me out tomorrow,” Remus said.
  • “Do you think he is?”
  • “I don’t know.” Remus bit his lip. “I’m hoping.”
  • They said goodnight to eachother and headed off to bed.
  • The next morning when Remus woke up, the first thing he done was check his phone, the images of the previous night flashing through his mind.
  • The green square with the white speechbubble showed he had a text from a foreign number.
  • Sorry if it’s too early, morning Moony.’
  • Remus grinned and got up to have coffee, he didn’t want to reply just yet, he needed the caffeine first.
  • Lily got up not long after.
  • “Has he texted you?”
  • “Oh good morning, Lily, I slept well thanks, you?”
  • She rolled her eyes. “Did he?”
  • “Yeah, did James text you?”
  • She noded and sipped some of the coffee Remus had poured out for her.
  • Remus took his phone out from his pocket. ’Morning to you, Pads.’
  • Their morning carried on swiftly, Sirius and James asked Lily and Remus out and seeing as it was a Saturday, they had nothing to do so they agreed.
Maybe, maybe not...p.2

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Part 1


I finished my first class and went along to my next, looking forward for my last class because it’s physiology and I would get to see Luke. I finish up my 2nd and 3rd class, which leaves what I’ve been looking forward too…

I walk in the class room and take my a seat in my usual placement in the back of the class room. Everyone files in and I try to make it look like I’m not looking for someone as I try to see if Luke is there.

“Alright class, if you’ve finished the assignment, please turn it in. If not you have until tomorrow morning to bring it or you don’t get the credit..” The professor says as he starts writing the agenda on the white board.

I lose hope in Luke showing up, until I see a familiar head of blond hair walking into the class room. The professor sees him, but ignores his presence since he probably doesn’t wanna deal with Luke’s shit today. Luke looks up and sees me, giving me a smile and coming towards me.

“Hey.” I say to him as I take down some notes the professor wrote on the board, Luke taking the seat next to me.

“Hey, what I miss.” He says as he leans back and puts his feet on the table.

“Nothing much, he just said to turn in the assignment.” I answer as I continue taking notes.

“You’re such a nerd.” Luke laughs as he watches me write as fast as possible.

“Ya whatever.” I say, giving him a small smile.

“Miss y/l/n, would you like to answer what is on the board since you seem..Quite intrigued up there with your conversation with Mr. Hemmings..” The professor says as he gives me a dirty look.

I feel my mouth go dry and my anxiety to kick in, my hands shaking since I don’t really like being in front of crowds.

“U-u-um-I-I-..” I mumble as I grip my pencil, hard enough it would probably snap in half.

“Miss y/l/n? Would you please answer my question.” The professor says

I feel like the walls are closing in and I-I just can’t…So I get up and leave…

I ditch my belongings and walk out of the class room..Or more likely run.

I start to run down the hallway and try to find some where to hide, when I here someone calling my name behind me. I look back and see Luke, fear and confusion showing in his expression.

‘No, I can’t look at him. He probably thinks I’m a freak for running away.’

I run to the bathroom in the gym, knowing that gym is over and nobody should be in there…But guess I was wrong…

“Oh my god… Look who came to visit!” The head cheerleader says as she looks at me ..Ya, the same cheerleader who made the comment before..

I ignore her and hide in one of the bathroom stalls.

“Oh whats wrong honey? You gonna cry?” She says with a laugh..and to be honest I was pretty close to crying.

“Shut the fuck up..” 


I wipe away a few tears that fell from my eyes and open the stall to see Luke, my bag and all my things I ditched in the class room balled up in his fists as he looks to the cheerleader with anger in his eyes. He turns to me, and his features soften as he looks at me.

“Y/n, lets go. Ok.” He says as he reaches out to me with his free hand.

I nod and walk to him, letting him wrap his arm around me and place a soft kiss to the top of my head. We leave the campus and take my car to my apartment, Luke insisted on driving, so I sat back in the drivers seat and guided him to my place.

“What happened back there?” Luke asks softly as I unlock the door to my apartment and open it.

“I-I have social anxiety, and it was just a lot for me I guess..I get it, I’m a freak.” I say as I walk inside, taking a seat on the couch after seating my bag down near the front door when I shut it.

“You are not a freak, it’s perfectly fine. You just need time to get over your anxiety and fix it.” Luke says as he sits next to me and reaches out for my hand.

I look at him and give him a grateful smile.

“Thank you.” I whisper to him, looking down to my lap as I retract my hand from his.

“You wanna watch a movie? I have netflix on my laptop.” He says as he reaches in his bag pulls out the device.

“Sure.” I say with laugh…


“You should wear my jersey!” Luke says, looking at me with pure joy.

“Luke, why should I wear your jersey?” I say with a smirk, walking to the kitchen in my apartment.

“Because, we’re..Friends..And theres a game tomorrow! So wear my jersey.” He says as he follows me, bring the buttery bowl that used to contain popcorn.

“They’ll think we’re dating.” I say as I wash the cups and dishes we used.

“So.” Luke says defensively.

“Luke you’re such an idiot.” I say with a giggle

“I am not an idiot! You have to wear my jersey now because that was very offensive.” He says as he crosses his arms with a pout.

“If I say I’ll wear your jersey, then will you stop this argument.” I say as I dry my hand with a hand towel.


“Fine, I’ll wear the damn jersey.” I say while rolling my eyes at how childish he’s acting

“YAY!” He yells out as he throws his hands in the air, hitting the ceiling because the apartment is quite short and he’s a giant.

I laugh at how he hit his hands and he gives me a pout…


I walk into the school building, Luke’s jersey covering my upper half. People looked at me and gave me stares of confusion, some were stares of jealousy. I tried to hide my face away and get to class quickly. I made it to my class and sat in the back, thats actually how my whole day consisted.. I tried to hide my face, then sit in the back of class. Luke would walk me when he got the chance,looking at all the people who stared with a smirk.

“They think we’re dating.” I mumble

“Good, let them think that.” He says as he drops me off at my last class and leaves, I just stand there for a second and take in what he just said.


I show up to the game, getting glares from the girls who are practically the hockey teams groupies and stares from people who don’t know who I am or why I’m wear Luke’s jersey.

“Y/n!” I turn around to see Luke waving for me to come over.

I walk over and realize what he needs. He takes off his shirt, and I can’t help but stare at his chest. He hands me the shirt he took off and I quickly switch the tops and give him his jersey, putting on the black t-shirt that fits me like a dress since its his.

 During the game I cheered and watched Luke score multiple goals as he glided across the ice. He got into a few little fights as he tried to get the puck, but other than that we were winning. I kept cheering and when he would pass by, he would look at me and give me a quick smile. 

When the game ended our team won and I was absolutely proud of how good Luke did out there. I waited at the exit of the locker room and scrolled through my tumblr as I waited. 

“You think he’ll actually want too?”

“Of coarse he will! Thats what he’s known for, he always hooks up with girls after a game, especially if they won.” Says two girl who are wearing very tight dresses that show off their bodies.

They wait near the exit of the locker room as well, gossiping and talking about hooking up with someone, and I have an idea who this someone is.

Luke walks out of the locker room, meeting my eyes and giving me a smile as he walks toward me…Or at least tries to walk toward me.

“Luke! Oh my god! You did an amazing job out there! You looked amazing.” One of the girls say as they start to touch his chest and shoulders.

“Thanks, but I’m gonna get going..” He starts but the other girl interrupts

“Oh but Lukey, don’t you wanna celebrate your win tonight?”

“I’m good, now please let go of me.” He says as he pushes them off slightly and walks toward me.

I give him a smirk and walk with him to the parking lot, telling him that he did a great job out there as we walk.

“Hey, I wanna sya thanks for coming and stuff..There’s a party with the team if you wanna come?” He asks as he walks me to my car.

“Oh, I would love to but I have some homework and I really need to get it done. Thanks for the offer, and congrats on the game!” I say as I open the car door and get inside.

Luke waves goodbye as I pullout of the parking stop.. I look down and realize I’m still wearing his shirt..But I have to say, I feel way more comfortable in his clothes than anything else…


Im so sorry if this sucked..I wanna know if you want another part, because I kinda don’t know about this… So tell me if you want part 3..I just posted the first part as well so I wanted to do this since I’m not gonna write anything fro about 5 days or so.. Im still sick and feel like crap so this probably is crap and Im so sorry for that… anyway love ya my beans! XXxxx