i hope the rest of this show is good

Chester Bennington died from hanging himself. Idk if I should be angry, sad, what. I guess I’m more shocked than anything else.

Linkin Park was one of my favorite bands as a teenager. Their music got me through good and (mostly) bad times. Knowing that Chester was suffering so much and couldn’t take it anymore is heart wrenching

Goes to show you no matter how rich, famous and revered you are, depression does not discriminate. I’m angry for him but I hope his soul finds peace

Rest soundly, Chester


We ended up visiting my favourite coffee shop in Windenburg which only took us approximately two and half hours to get there, but for coffee, it was worth the walk.

We grabbed a table for two, my feet singing sweet lullabies as they finally caught a rest, my lips doing the same as they grasped the taste of a caramel latte.

So, Miss. Lomax, how have the last few days been treating you? Good I hope.” The male spoke before setting his cup onto the table, his hands staying wrapped tightly around it.

The days have been…cloudy. I feel like I’ve been in a daze. Some days good, some days bad.

What do you mean?” He questioned me with a little tilt of his head, showing that he was genuinely confused. 

Well,” I began, pushing my cup to the side, intertwining my fingers together. “I got to spend time with my daughter again and it was the greatest day of my life this far but I also found out that my Grandmother passed away.


@markiplier words cannot describe how proud i am of you and the gang for your accomplishment tonight! You guys are truly inspiring and have put so much of yourselves into everything you do. While I’m super sad that that i couldn’t catch the Indianapolis show on Sunday, my hope is that you will come home to Cincinnati (where i live) and do a show because NOTHING will stop me from seeing! Good luck with the rest of the tour and I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home!

if you haven’t already watched Netflix’s Castlevania, let me give you just a few reasons why you should drop everything and go hit ‘play’:

• first of all, you don’t need to be a fan of the videogames to understand/appreciate the series. I had no idea what it was about and loved it all the same. You won’t be catapulted in a story you know nothing about: all you need to know is already in the show. So yeah, Castlevania really *is* for everyone (except little kids – it gets violent)

• the animation is simply wonderful.
I’m no expert, but the colours and the actions and the characters and the settings MY GOD THEY ARE MAGNIFICENT, THAT’S ART™.
[“okay but hOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS TALENTED”, me, two seconds in]

I MEAN, THE SCRIPT IS INSANELY FASCINATING AND CLEVER AND ?? RELEVANT?? ALSO FUNNY??? I LAUGHED SO HARD I know you won’t believe me but I’m telling The Truth and screaming

• as I said, it is a bit violent and gory, but I guess it’s bearable? even for the most squeamish ones? anyway, it’s just a few scenes, promise

• remember when I mentioned the characters…? well. to say I was awe-struck would be a euphemism. Not to be dramatic, but I love them and will protect them with my life [especially one particular whip-wielding vampire hunter] just hear me out THEY ARE PRECIOUS AND FUNNY AND WELL-WRITTEN AND SO ??? REALISTIC ??? I’M DEAD. HONESTLY. CHAPEAU.

• okay now read even more carefully because this is very important: THE CAST IS EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF BUT NEVER THOUGHT YOU DESERVED.
Graham McTavish as Dracula will strike you dead and yOU WILL FUCKING PITY HIM AND HOPE HE KILLS EVERYONE IN THAT STUPID, BIGOTED COUNTRY AND YOU WON’T EVEN REALISE IT but then you’ll be introduced to the love of my life, the drunken, sassy star of the show: the exiled prince and vampire hunter Trevor Belmont. I promise, you will be like “Dracula whO??” (or that was just me, idk), PLUS he’s voiced by Richard Armitage and I SWEAR TO GOD he’s a jewel, he’s so good at modulating his voice it hurts I should probably mention he’s also a fucking baritone and if *this* won’t make you scream “I NEED TO SEE THIS THINGY” with pure joy, I pity you.
You are missing out.
You are a bad person
I hope Trevor finds you and kicks your ass with his whip.

• seriously, all this show needs is a chance. ONE (1) CHANCE. That’s all. Just give it 25 minutes and it will blow your mind and you will end up like the rest of us, wondering how you even got into this mess and please, don’t look at me

• oh, Netflix confirmed season 2 on the day season 1 premiered and it received HUGE praises BOTH from the ignorant ones (hello, it’s me) who didn’t even know what they were doing AND from those who were already familiar or grew up with the original videogame (and cared about it) ((a lot)).


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Here's to BTS.

Here’s to Rap Monster, who has dreamed of this moment since his debut. Who used to perform as an underground artist as a student and who led his group so well despite his young age, despite of his uncertainty and fear for the future. Who makes sure to always be there to talk to his members about their feelings and thoughts. Who gave up entering a good university for his passion for music and has spent nearly every night writing lyrics and making songs even till the early morning, even while waiting to go up on stage and even when they are on the plane flying to their next event. Who always writes such thoughtful tangents on loving ourselves, trusting our youth and our passion, forgiving ourselves, and appreciating everything that we have in this world. Who shows us every side to him even though he’s scared of the vulnerability. Who never forgets to thank those around him even if he does not know them personally. Who always thinks of us wherever he goes and who is always rooting for us in whatever we do. Truly without him, BTS would not be the BTS that they are today. And I really hope that he knows that; I hope that receiving this award was able to take all his stresses and heavy thoughts from his shoulders. And even more, I hope that he has learned to love himself- flaws and all- just as we love him. Thank you for always showering us with love and thoughtfulness even if we may not deserve it, thank you for never forgetting about us. I hope that you never doubt yourself and your pure heart. You are more than deserving of this award.

Here’s to Jin. Who has shown us that hardwork and self-confidence is everything. He was accepted into Konkuk university, which is a prestigious Seoul university, before entering Bighit. He got into the film department with absolutely NO special admissions. He studied hard with plans as to become an actor but when Bighit changed his career path, Jin practiced every single day to become the amazing performer that he is today. I think of how he called his vocal trainer at 4am to show her that he has improved and I get so proud. Here’s to the oldest member of the group. Who constantly showers his members and his fans with love. Who was the one that cooked for the members, borrowing food and tools from his own family when BTS could not afford to, who made sure that every member became comfortable in Seoul when they first arrived at BigHit. Who is unbelievably intelligent as well. Who is always there to make us laugh with his silly gags and jokes, who is always there to make us feel loved. You worked hard to improve, you worked hard to be where you are right now. You deserve this.

Here’s to Suga. Who learned what it meant to be an adult at such a young age. Who used to perform for audiences of two and not have enough money to even buy ramen. Who used to listen to people constantly tell him that he would ruin his family. Who came up to Bighit as a trainee to become a hip hop artist and still worked hard and did not falter when that goal changed; learning to dance and what it means to be an idol, studying and working part time, fighting with suicidal thoughts, depression, self-hatred, a broken shoulder, and more. Who spends countless of sleepless nights working on music and lyrics, even on the nights that they are on vacation or when they just come back from a performance. Who truly showed us that though the start may be humble, the end will be prosperous. Thank you for teaching us what it means to live with passion, thank you for always working hard even if you don’t need to. You may not believe it, but this award is real and you deserve it. You’ve achieved all of your goals now! You’ve worked hard to be where you are. Thank you for showing us that hardwork and determination will never, ever betray us.

Here’s to J-Hope. Who was a street dancer and came into Bighit planning to become a vocalist and dancer. Who, when everyone doubted his skills, practiced even harder to become the well-rounded artist that he is now. Who taught himself how to rap and how to write lyrics despite having little experience in that area and is now one of the main creators behind bts’s music. Who practices every night, working on his mixtape and working on his dance skills, because he loves to do so. Who shows us what it means to live with hope and who never fails to show us happiness even in the most difficult of times. I hope you know that we are aware of how thoughtful you are, I hope you know that our love for you is eternal, and I hope you know that you too are more than deserving for this reward. And I just hope that you know that your existence to us gives us strength, that you do not always have to put yourself behind a happy facade and force yourself to hide your true emotions. We know the wide range of thoughts that you have running in your head and we absolutely care for and love all of them.

Here’s to Jimin. Who was a diligent student that studied dance so passionately. Who spends nearly every night in the practice room because he thinks “who am I to be resting right now?” I think of how you cried when people doubted your skills and I hope you know that those people are completely wrong. Your voice is something that touches our hearts and moves us and your skill in dance never fails to amaze us. You belong on stage. Here’s to Jimin. Who also showers his members with such adoration and affection, who is always there to comfort them in the darkest of times. Thank you for showing us what it means to be a good friend and brother. Thank you for showing us what it means to be kind. I hope you know that we love you just the way you are and that it’s okay to rest and to make mistakes. Please don’t ever doubt yourself.

Here’s to Taehyung. Who had to get the help of the Bighit staff to convince his family to let him begin training. Who wanted to be a farmer so that he could help his grandmother in Daegu. Who has been so strong throughout this difficult and painful year. Who still performed passionately for us even when he lost one of the most important woman in his life. Who put up a joyful front for so long even though he was actually in so much pain. Who constantly shows us new sides to his personality. Who constantly works hard in all that he does. Thank you for never failing to put a smile on our faces even when you were going through such a low point and thank you for teaching us what it means to be a filial child. Thank you for loving bangtan just as much as we do and thank you for always being so kind and bright. You share so much with us even when we aren’t deserving of it, Your stage presence and skill never fails to amaze me as well. We will remember your grandmother and we will always thank her for her blessings. You are more than deserving of this award. We know how wide the spectrum of your thoughts are and we know how intelligent you are- no matter what type of expression you might have on your face, your existence is always one that we will love.

Here’s to Jungkook. Who started training at such a young age, who was so shy and insecure about himself. Who left his family in Busan to come up to Seoul when he was just 14 years old. Who sacrificed the chance of making so many important memories for his dream, who sacrificed his youth for us. You gave up so many childhood memories- school romances, field days, school friends- to be on stage. Thank you. I think of how you cry when you think of the hardships that his members are going through and I thank you for trusting your brothers and your future, you deserve all the love in this world but please realize that you, also, have been through so many difficult times and have dealt with hardships. It’s okay to not be strong all the time. Thank you for showing us your growth and your endurance and passion. Thank you for showering us with love in so many ways  (whether it be through your detailed song covers or your concert ments), thank you for becoming the person that you are today. Please know that even when your thoughts are cluttered and messy, we are always here to support you and love you. You are more than deserving of this award, thank you for sharing your youth with us.

Lastly, here’s to BTS. This whole entire post of mine is incredibly cheesy but they really do mean a lot to me. Not only do they brighten my every day with their humor and antics but they each have taught me so many things and they constantly inspire me in all that they do. They have taught me to dream, to be diligent, to be loving, to be humble, and to trust my future. More importantly, they have taught me what it means to be young. So here’s to BTS and their first daesang. You deserve it more than anybody in this world and you each are deserving of all the love in this universe. Thank you for showing us that we never are alone and thank you for understanding us and showing us what it means to achieve your dreams and to live with passion. We hear your voice.

Here’s to the first of many more :)


Kousuke is happy because yesterday event with Yuuya was successful and today’s practice went well :)

I’m Your Girl

Note:I’m sorry I’m late posting this (also if it’s short)! I hope you like it and thank you for the request! .c

Request:  Hi! So I’ve had a few ideas in mind for a Bucky oneshot. I’m thinking that he picks f!reader up from school/dance class/whatever and sees his girl with another guy and gets jealous and goes all Winter Soldier mode on them, like dangerous af and stuff? And maybe reader is used to his ways and just rolls her eyes at him or something in that direction?  - @lilsizzler

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The sun was beaming down on you as you walked beside your friend Jonathan. You were smiling from ear to ear, constantly thanking him for helping you these past few weeks with your math class. It was your toughest subject, and with his tutoring, you aced the test. A weight had been lifted off of your shoulders and you could do back-flips if you were sure you wouldn’t break a bone.

Jonathan was the school jock, but he wasn’t the stereotypical type that peoplle usually run into. Well, aside from the playful winks and flirting. It was harmless but you knew that if Bucky heard anything he said to you, he’d be six feet under.

As if you jinxed yourself, you looked up at Jonathan as he slung his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to his side. “Don’t even worry about it, Y/N!” He said after you thanked him for the millionth time in five minutes. You giggled and lightly shoved him away, rolling your eyes when he feigned fake shock. 

“Wow. Not even a thank you kiss, though?” He joked, puckering his lips at you as he made kissing noises. “Ew, no!” You laughed loudly, shoving his face with your hand. Jonathan stopped dead in his tracks, the sound of his shoes scraped against the concrete, and gasped dramatically. “I’ve never felt so hurt in my life.” He fake sobbed, wiping his cheek as if a tear escaped his eye.

You giggled and covered your mouth with the back of your hand. “You’re a nightmare.” You said through your laughter, waving his behavior off. Jonathan had grown quiet as your giggles came to a stop. His posture had stiffened a bit and he almost looked scared. Almost. He could hold his own and was never afraid of a challenge. So when you noticed his muscles flexing, you turned to see what had him on high alert.

Bucky was speed walking towards you and your friend, his jaw clenched and his metal arm showcased in a tight black shirt, the mechanical piece whirring with anger if it could ever hold an emotion. “Bucky!” You groaned, hardly having the strength to stop him as he shoved past you, already knowing what was about to happen.

He gripped onto the collar of Jonathan’s jersey before he had the chance to fight back. “How dare you try to kiss my girl!?” Bucky yelled in Jonathan’s face, tightening his grip. Jonathan cowered under Bucky’s hold and his eyes glanced towards you, silently begging you for help.

You rolled your eyes at Bucky’s childishness and stepped in between the two, trying to push Bucky away by his abdomen. “He was just playing around! I’d never let that happen!” You shouted, staring right up at Bucky. His eyes remained on Jonathan, shoving him to the ground behind you.

A grunt fell from Jonathan’s lips as he hit the concrete and he scoffed. “Dude, chill.” He stood back to his feet and dusted off the back of his shorts, shaking his head to himself. “Y/N, I’ll see you later.” Jonathan mumbled as he walked away from you. You quickly grasped his arm. “I’m sorry about this.” You apologized before turning your gaze to a fuming Bucky.

If there’s anything he hated other than his past and HYDRA, it was someone else trying to steal you away from him. You’ve dealt with his protective and jealous nature countless times, so much so, it’s become a bit annoying. You just couldn’t believe he would go so far as to physically assault someone-that someone being your friend. 

Jonathan slowly looked between the both of you and smirked. “No need to apologize… sweetheart.” And there it is: the ‘I don’t back down from a challenge’ attitude he possesses. Before you could protest, Bucky bolted towards Jonathan and gripped onto his neck this time. “Call her that again and I’ll fucking end you!” He yelled, tightening his grip on Jonathan’s neck. 

“Bucky! That’s enough!” You pulled him away from Jonathan and he released his grip. “Fucking hell man!” Jonathan rasped, grasping at his neck as his body shook with coughs. “We’re going home.” Bucky looked down at you, his jaw clenched. You gaped at him and actually laughed. You couldn’t believe he did something like this.

Leaving the scene, you gripped your bag tightly on your shoulder as you stomped away from Bucky. You understood why he would be jealous, but it pissed you off how he didn’t trust you. You knew Jonathan would never do anything like that and he knew that you two were just friends. 

Bucky being the overly-jealous boyfriend, of course, didn’t care to realize that. Your lips were pressed together tightly as your thoughts raced around in your mind and you heard Bucky running behind you. He reached out for you but you only walked faster.

“Y/N, stop for a second!” Bucky said, grabbing onto your wrist. You quickly turned to face him, your chest rising and falling at a fast pace. “Honestly, what the hell was that? You choked him! I don’t-why would-do you really not trust me!?” You threw your arms up in the air, shouting so loud you could feel your voice becoming hoarse.

Bucky flinched at your tone and his face contorted with guilt. “Doll, he was making kissing faces at you. And his arm was-” You cut him off with a loud groan of frustration and ran your hands over your face, tilting your head back to look at the clear blue sky. “I cannot believe..” You muttered, shaking your head. 

You looked at Bucky and sighed heavily, figuring it was no use to argue with him. It’d only make matters worse. Bucky waited patiently for you to speak. His head was hanging low and his hair framed his face. The sight of him so vulnerable always made your heart ache. 

“Can you promise me something?” You spoke much softer now, stepping closer to Bucky. He didn’t lift his head, so you used the height difference to your advantage and met his eyes as you touched your chest to his torso. Your head tilted back and a small smile played at his lips as he watched you. He nodded and looked back and forth between your eyes.

“Trust me. Jonathan is just a tutor. He was a friend, but I’m sure you don’t have to worry about that anymore.” You sighed lightly, pursing your lips. Bucky sighed after you and let his hands hold onto your waist. “Y/N, I’m sorry. I just hate knowing that I could lose you so easily.” Bucky said quietly, leaning down to rest his forehead against yours.

You smiled and held him closer, your arms wrapping around his waist. “I told you that would never happen.” Bucky nodded and leaned in more to place his lips against yours. Your eyes closed as you kissed him back, your hands grasping at the material of his shirt. 

Bucky pulled away first and let out a shaky breath, his hands resting on your cheeks now. “Good. Because I plan on keeping you for a while. Forever to be exact.” You giggled and bit your lip. “I’d hope so. You’re stuck with me, old man.” Bucky lightly groaned at the nickname you called him and took your hand in his, leading you down the sidewalk. 

You giggled and swung your hands back and forth. “You’re my girl.” Bucky said with a smile, his teeth showing and his eyes wrinkling. You couldn’t help but let go of what just happened and thank whoever it is in higher power that you got so lucky. 

“I’m your girl.”

Note: so many emotions. i’m overwhelmed. feedback is much appreciated! .c 

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“I’ll look after Simon,” he says. It feels wrong, but: All that he has ever wanted to do is look after Simon. 

(raphael dreams and it’s heartbreaking)


Elaine studies him quickly, and Raphael almost thinks that the lie is coming undone. Unraveling, just like everything else in his life. The Clave wants to burn him alive. Camille wants to kill him. The clan is divided. His family is in danger.

(raphael has mom feels in regard to elaine, I’m sad af)


“Be careful, fledgling.” He warns, resting his hand on Simon’s face. He holds his cheek in his hand delicately, like he doesn’t want to hurt him.

(raphael + casual touching. he’s not as obvious as he hopes)


He was okay with it. With being alone, with feeling the emptiness in the place his heart used to be in, with feeling nothing.

Until it stopped being fine anymore.

(raphael pov in how simon changes him, 339 words)


Raphael just enters his room when he’s not there and grabs a few of Simon’s shirts from his closet. Purely out of spite.

(they’re very petty in this and it’s adorable)


“I couldn’t go out in the daylight,” Raphael reminded him.

“Yeah, of course you couldn’t. I’m surprised you’re here at all, since there’s a death order put on me, may I remind you.”


(sweet post dust and shadows fix it, 674 words)


But he couldn’t show weakness in front of others, not when people were so eager to use it against him.

(raphael working out his post-betrayal feelings with magnus)


Talking to this Raphael, to the Raph Simon could’ve had if he hadn’t screwed up, makes him miss his Raphael. He just wants to go home and fix it.

(featuring 50′s!human raphael + saphael fluff)


“That was a bit forward,” he managed to breath out, before his face broke into a grin. “Do it again.”

(saphael fluff + first kiss)


“Um,” he turned to whisper directly into Raphael’s ear. “I’ve mentioned this before, but they still don’t know. About us. Jace probably thinks you hate me.”

(secret relationship fluff)


“Yes, I understand your threats. Now, if you don’t mind…” Raphael looked pointedly at Luke’s hand that still gripped his shoulder. He ignored the werewolf muttering Simon was right about the jackets.

(god this is precious. raphael asking for luke’s approval to date simon)


Simon is the only one who makes sense. Raphael has fallen in love, hard, he knows this much at least.

(many different saphael kisses)


He had fangs out and had bitten into his wrist without so much as a second thought. Camille had given Simon enough of her blood to be obsessed with her but was it enough to save him?

(missing scene when raphael was carrying simon to clary/jace. oh my heart this boy fell so hard)


“So….you kissed me.” He eventually said, slowly looking up.

(featuring aggressive!simon + making up + first kiss)


He’s so beautiful and Simon wonders how it took him so long to see it.

(raphael kisses simon for the first time & simon was not expecting it)


It wasn’t too hard to figure out the other’s whereabouts because Raphael was quite used to being aware of Simon’s by now so he could easily find him, even in this loud environment that smelled of way too many different people and partly magical ingredients for drinks.

(matchmaker magnus and magic mistletoe, bless him)


There was no denying that Simon did enjoy this new level of intimacy in their yet to be determined relationship and it felt like Raphael presenting himself to his fledgeling in such a vulnerable position, trusting Simon to take the lead, he fell even more for the gorgeous clan leader and he had been head over heels for the guy for quite some time now.

(saphael smut + an accidental love confession)


“Jesus Christ,” Simon tugged him into his chest and kissed him. They moved together for a few seconds before separating. “Calm your shit.”

(I’m a sucker for jealous!raphael so naturally, this is incredible)


Raphael falls in love with him in every life, and Simon doesn’t remember.

(reincarnation!au that broke me)


“I wish I could say that you’re my home.” Simon blurts out unthinkingly. He looks to see Raphael’s shoulders stiffen, his body going very still.

(01x13 missing scene that made me cry, fluff + angst. also the title…nnnghh my heart)


“Simon”, She says her voice a bit teasing. “he’s your soulmate, write to him on your flesh.”

(soulmate!au where words appear on your soulmates skin, I cried happy tears)


He had a chance, and that chance was ripped away from him by Camille. He warned Simon. He warned Simon. He warned Simon. This is his fault.

(raphael in the building with dead!simon, I love being dead :’) )


He would give Simon anything.

(You feel everything as a vampire.)

(I have no heart left after this one, it’s shredded. religious!raphael + smut with feelings)


It was on a night when it was Raphael’s turn to be ‘educated’, that things got weird.

(incomplete/WIP  that tells the story of how they fell in love and apart, I cried. another title that breaks me)


Raphael does the unforgivable act of touching him. Grabs his shoulder like they’re something close to friends again. It hurts more than the cross ever would.

(episode: A Door Into the Dark from raphael’s pov. he is so soft and hurting. I’m aching)


ESPN Films and ESPN W | Nine for IX “Branded” | for saveitlikesolo

I think without question women who aspire to be athletes, who want to play sports, are better off today than they were thirty years ago. I think it really encouraged young girls to go out there and aspire to their dreams and try to reach their goals. 

But despite Title IX, women have really gained very little at the professional sports level over time. 

It’s a cultural issue. It’s not just a women in sport issue. As a culture we have to look at all of the messages we send out on a daily basis about what we think is important. I think we’ve made a lot of progress. But I think we have a lot of progress to make.

This is for @kazliin amazing Rivals AU. Write a meme-fic because well… it’s 4am here my brain isn’t the best

Also, happy birthday Kaz!


“The King and The Skater is playing at the cinema tomorrow, do you want to go there?”

Phichit blinked in confusion. There was something weird about that question, such as since when did Yuuri know about current events in Detroit? After all, the festival of foreign films wasn’t something Yuuri usually picked on.

“Sure,” he replied, finally took off his shoes and went to the living room where Yuuri was buried under textbooks. “What time?”

“Is 6 pm okay?”

Phichit nodded and Yuuri smiled, before he went back to his notes and thousand of textbooks. Honestly, it was friday night and Yuuri was studying instead of relaxing. This calls for a drastic measure. “Wash your face Yuuri, it’s time for our skin to glow.”


He should have known something was up when Yuuri asked yesterday. He should have known. Now, looking at the disappointed expression on this guy’s face, Phichit didn’t know if he should laugh or pat his back sympathetically.

But Phichit didn’t care. Third-wheeling the supposed date aside, especially since Yuuri was oblivious in the first place anyway, The King and The Skater was playing and Phichit wouldn’t miss it for the world. “Hello David, I’m his roommate, Phichit.”


Phichit was a great friend. Which was why he was sitting on the toilet, scrolling down SNS because The King and The Skater might be more important but he also wanted Yuuri to have a boyfriend. Based on their interaction in the cinema, it seemed Yuuri was comfortable enough to be close to the guy, but then again Yuuri tutored him for six weeks so it was a given.

Maybe then Yuuri would finally forget Nikiforov.

(He doubted it.)

30 minutes was acceptable, he supposed, or Yuuri would be an anxious mess from worrying if Phichit was somehow swallowed by the toilet. He opened the door, humming to himself, and came face to face with an irate Yuuri.

“What the fuck!” Phichit clutched his chest in surprise.

“Sorry,” Yuuri didn’t look sorry at all, amusement flickered on his face until the irritated expression was back. “Let’s escape from here.”

Okay, first of all, “Why? What about David?”

“Tell you later,” Yuuri replied. They surreptitiously called the waitress, who was giving them a look of suspicion. “We’re from table 9,” Yuuri gave her money to cover all their meals, “please take the rest, and can you please show us the backdoor?”

Behind him, Phichit mouthed, “bad date,” and the waitress looked amused.

“Sure, it’s that way, sirs,” she pointed the door from the kitchen, and Phichit waved to the chefs on the way out. “Should I inform the man that you left?”

“Yes please,” Yuuri looked relieved. “Thank you, Miss.”

“No problem, sirs,” she smiled. “Good luck for the Grand Prix Final,” she said before she closed the door on their faces.

“Well, seems she’s your fan.” Phichit shrugged. He hoped she wouldn’t tell anyone about what happened though, he knew Yuuri would die from embarrassment if it happened. “So what’s the deal with David?” He asked when they were a block away from the restaurant.

“He said Viktor was overrated and the judges always give him scores more than what he deserves,” Yuuri’s frown was back with a pout as a plus.

Oh Yuuri, Phichit fought the urge to hug him fondly. It’s always about Nikiforov in the end, isn’t it?

But there’s one thing more important than another hopeful person who wants to be Yuuri’s the one.

“Did you shove the breadsticks to your purse?”

Yuuri stared him with a look. “I shoved some in my pockets, did it count?” Yuuri showed the breadsticks in his jacket pockets and Phichit took one out.

“You,” Phichit chewed the breadstick, tasted heavenly in his mouth, “are the best friend anyone could ever have.”

“You too,” Yuuri said bashfully, with a hand full of breadstick.


Pairing:  Spencer Reid x Reader

Request:   anon asked: I am completely and utterly in LOVE with your blog, like, ahhhh. I was wondering if you would be willing to do one where the reader is dating our favorite genius and she’s an actress that plays an FBI agent. Maybe the team comes to visit the set and they keep giving the cast tips to make it more realistic. OR how ever you want to roll with it! Keep of the good work hun!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Thanks so much for the kind words, muffin, it means a lot!  I hope I do your request justice!

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If you havent watched Marks latest video, then I urge you to. Because its important. Its probably the most important video I have seen Mark do in a long, long time. Its by far the most passionate I have seen him in a long, long time.

Its so easy for people to jump on a band wagon and start to call people out because of choices they have made. On the internet your even covered by anonymity which makes it infinitely easier. 

Whats so disheartening is that if you read through a YouTubers comments, most of them will be calling them out on something, rumours, or attention seeking. They aren’t supportive or constructive. People live to tear one and other down because its easier. 

If there is one thing I can try and do, is take responsibility. And to some it may seem ridiculous. But, I have to. I feel its an obligation. Compared to Mark and others, I have but a flash in the pan but I still have nearly 15,000 who see my posts on their dash. Thats 15,000 people who can listen and take action. 

As Mark said, I couldnt give a fuck where you come from, what you believe in, what your skin colour is, your gender or your sexuality. All I care is that you’re a good person. That is who we should be. That should be the minimum we strive for in our lives. To be good people. To show others respect. 

I promise that I will do that. Not just for the lifespan of this blog, but for the rest of my life. 

Thank you Mark for taking the time to make that video. I hope people watch and take heart from it.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing


🎵"Let’s hope this time we can get this band back together again!“
You join the underground cabaret today
(Well hey there, tell me your name)
You try to run and tell the word
But you’re stranded in a darkened cave
(Oh, Henry, we hate you the same)

So listen up my friend
There’s more than meets the eye
You power up the studio
And bring them to life

Now play the beat that trickles
Through the halls
Or else your life is nevermore
Don’t worry chum
It’s not the music that dies
Now listen up!

Our life support machine
Was brought to life by remarkable hands
Forget about the hell we’ve seen
The time has come to revive our band

So bang the drums to a rhythm
Captivating the beat
And press the keys on the piano
For the ritual please

The song’s alive with the night
With your help we’ll revive
The devil’s advocate
Is staring right through your lies

You’re just returning our old strings tonight
I hope you turn on the light now!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
You see the magic of art
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
This magic was fueled by your heart
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this darkened cell
You’re gonna break us out of this hell!

We’ve been stars since the rhythm days
But our instruments have all grown tired
And in the end our only dream was to dance
They took the dance away and we got retired

But that was long ago
We have a new change of face
We turned it up a couple notches
With a brand new pace

You think they all just erased us
Betrayed us, enslaved us
But the deed is done
And now we want to get out!
Now listen up!

Ain’t it nice to be underground
With a good ol’ friend like me (Friend like me)
So you notice the sign, we ain’t lying
But sit down and take a seat

There’s an exit for sure
But that’s for shmucks
But a little bit of ink
And a couple of bucks

We can reopen the curtains
And show off the strut
But for goodness sake
You gotta just believe!

You’re just returning our old strings tonight
I hope you turn on the light now!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
You see the magic of art
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
This magic was fueled by your heart
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this darkened cell
You’re gonna break us out!

Go to sleep my little sheep
It’s time to rest your head
Whether alive or dead
I am the keeper of the key
That will set us all free
I bring the demon back to life
(Bring the demon back to life)

There’s a song that I sing that shows us the light
Even in the lighter side of hell
We sing with delight
Play the notes that I require
This will please my desires
You have given me the tools
To restart this fire!

There’s a twisted fate
That controls us and betrays us
My friends have a death wish
And all of this is him to blame!

Now we’ve brought him to his knees
Your only hope to escape this
Is to embrace this
We need your help
To keep this demon at bay!
Let’s end this today!

"You’re the conductor of this performance now, Henry!”
“Will you take their word, or ours?”
“Golly I hope this works!”
“You turned on this machine. Now you have to believe!”

Can I get an amen in here? (Can I get an amen?)
You see the magic of art (Of art!)
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Can I get an amen in here?)
This magic was fueled by your heart (Your heart!)
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue (Untrue!)
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this world of grey
Welcome to the gospel of dismay!

Welcome to the gospel of dismay!🎵

Song Inspiration: Gospel Of Dismay by DAGames➡ https://youtu.be/2Jco30RGuHo

Help me, my AU ideas are taking over again!

I actually had this done DAYS AGO, but I had homework to finish so I cpuldn’t finish it once I was done with my work first! Now is here and I must say, I’m SO HAPPY how this came out! I really needed to get my head out of school simce i’m always stressing over homework 24/7…

If you know what the game Bendy and the ink Machine and their characters then you can predict who these trio play as. XD

(if not, Tom’s- Bendy, Star= Boris, and Marco= Alice Angel)

(if you have any other AUs for me to do with svtfoe, let me know! ;3 )

Art © me

(I did this not for any profit, but because I love the show and game.)

The idea came from the classical style from the game Bendy and the Ink Machine © TheMeatly

Tom lucitor,Star Butterfly, and Marco Diaz are from Star Vs The Forces of Evil © Daron Nefcy

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God bless you :3

How Drunk Was I? Yoongi

28. “How drunk was I?”

thank you for requesting! hope this is good enough for you~

request drabbles

❧ genre: fluff ❀

 pairing: Yoongi x reader

❧ Warnings: i’m not used to writing fics yet, read at own risk.

❧ word count: 741

Originally posted by blessedbyjarry

You really don’t know how you ended up here, well, you did… Yoongi had begged you, as casually as he could’ve, to join him on his birthday party held at a local club. At first you politely declined, wanting nothing more than to lazily stay at home and catch up to some TV shows but something about his luring pout and persuasive ways made you change your mind. 

And so here you were, at the club joined with the rest of the BTS members, surprisingly having a lot more fun than you thought you would’ve. Sitting next to Yoongi himself, you couldn’t help but notice how often he seemed to have looked your way providing small smiles as gratitude for coming here in the first place. 

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When you’re doing your nails


« I like this color, babe… Looks good on you »

You suddenly feel him behind you and smile when he leans to rest his chin on your shoulder, his hands on your waist. You smile and turn your head to kiss him softly. He kisses you back but deeper this time, making you moan against his mouth. « They’re not dry yet… » Namjoon lifts you up in his arms without a warning and dives into your neck, showing you how little he cares about your nails.


« What are you doing ? »

He finds you sitting in the corner of the table, doing your nails in full concentration mode while whispering the lyrics of the song playing on your speakers. Taehyung smiles and sits on the chair next to you while resting his head on his arms. He watches you with attention and then grins : « Can I try, Jagi ? ». You laugh and let him practice on your nails, his tongue pressed between his lips. It’s a mess, obviously, but you both laugh your asses off.


« Can you do mine exactly like yours so we can match ? I’m sure I’ll be even more handsome. »

You laugh and look at Jin, only to find a neutral face. You frown, afraid he’s really serious, until Jin bursts out laughing. He leans towards you to kiss your nose, making you smile like an idiot. He watches you finish your nails while you two have a nice conversation about diner.


« Waaaah, Jagi ! You’re so good at this ! »

Hoseok, eyes wide open, stares at you while you focus to finish your last finger. The color he chose earlier for you is just perfect, and it seems like Hobi likes it too. When you’re done, you shake your hands to dry it off and burst out laughing when you see him doing the same with a stupid smile on his face. You both ends up dancing and singing a song about nail art.


« You look so serious right now. »

Yoongi stares at you while you’re painting your nails, your legs on his thighs. He can’t help but find you cute, enjoying those quiet times with you. You look up at him and your heart skip a beat when you see the way he looks at you. You smile and lean towards his lips to give him a soft kiss. When you’re about to move back, he grips your waist and grins : « Are you done yet ? I’m tired. Let’s go to bed, Jagiya. »


« Yaaaah, watch your mouth, babe ! »

Jimin chuckles when you curse after messing up one of your nails. You whine a little and try to remove it with polish remover. Jimin leans towards you and kisses your neck, making you smile immediately. You end up dropping everything to let him kiss you everywhere.


« It seems easy to do honestly, I don’t understand why it takes you so long to finish. »

Kookie is a bit annoyed since you promised him you’ll play video games with him but you’re too busy waiting for your nails to dry. You tell him it’s almost dry and pulls your tongue out when he turns his head back to the tv screen. He starts to play alone and you watch him quietly, smiling at his pouty face. You wait ‘till is totally focused on his game and hug him from behind, your arms around his waist. Jungkook tries hard not to smile but fails when you begin to kiss his ear. « Stop it baby, I’m trying to win here… »


The years apart had changed many things, but not Gabriel’s obsession with Jack’s scent or their feelings for one another, something that they’re both reminded of when Jack is unexpectedly hit with his first heat for years.

In the same setting as ‘Scenting’. ‘Mi Corazon’, ‘Te Amo’ and ‘Toce Me.’

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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remember when lucas steele as anatole in great comet leaned over in the middle of his scene, spotlight on him and all, to whisper in my ear that he hoped i was having a good time at the show? yeah, me too. remember how i was wearing the most ridiculous aztec-print sweater for the entire theater to stare at for the rest of the show? no i don’t remember that

The Enemy of My Enemy

Title: The Enemy of My Enemy

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 3212

Warnings: Swearing, and a little bit of smut

Summary: Crowley, in desperate need to recover a power amulet from the Winchesters, uses Reader, a mortal enemy of the boys, to distract them. In return, he promises to let her mother go.

A/N: Requests are open, so please send me prompts you’d like to see. 

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Once again, another ruse to take down the Winchesters has backfired. And, once again, Crowley is left defeated, basking in his failure. How they seem to outwit him every time, he’d never know. 

Maybe it was their angel pet, or their undying stubbornness that drives them to do anything, but hunt. Either way, he needed a new approach, a new angle of attack before they find out what he’s really up to. 

But how? He needed a distraction. And if the boys loved anything more than being a pain in his ass, it was beer. He could possibly lure and trap them in a bar, or- 

“Sir?” A demon called, entering the thrown room. 

Crowley looked up from his seat, he’s falling on the man who dared disturb him. “Connor,” he replied, sitting up. “Ever heard of knocking?“ 

The demon froze, gulping. "Sorry, sir.” he muttered, looking to his feet. “I was just excited to share with you some good news." 

Crowley cocked his head in curiosity as he smirked at his minion. "Well?” he urged. 

The demon slightly dropped his shoulders, relaxing. “We found the amulet you were looking for. You were right the Winchesters do have it.” he answered. 

“And?” Crowley inquired, waiting to hear the rest. 

Connor, shook his head. “That’s all, sir." 

"That’s all?” he repeated, slowly rising from his seat. “You enter my thrown room, unannounced, vouching you have good news, you’re oh-so excited about, only to tell me what I already know!” he yelled, walking towards the poor demon. 

The demon shrunk under the King’s power. “Well, we were going to get it, your highness, but then (Y/N) showed up, arguing with them, and you told us to avoid her.” he explained, hoping it would save his head. 

Crowley huffed, not sure who he was angrier at - the foolish demon standing before him, or the even bigger pain in the ass hunter that always seemed to show up at the worst times. And, why wouldn’t she? She’s so infuriating, showing up and arguing with- 


“Did you say arguing?” Crowley asked, suddenly all anger dissolving into confusion. 

The demon, too afraid to speak, nodded.

Previously in a wicked sneer, Crowley’s lips curved into a small, malicious smile. “New plan,” he announced, walking back to his throne. “Find me (Y/N) (L/N), and bring her to me unharmed.”


The hunt to rescue your mother was on. And the moment you found a lead, of course, the Winchesters took it upon themselves to ruin everything. The demons that took your mother escaped, and it was all due to the stupidity from the most reckless, selfish duo to ever hunt.

“You fucking idiots!” you shouted, angrily kicking a rusted barrel.

Dean, nose bloody and lips bruised, slowly stood from his defeated position. “We’re the idiots?” he asked, just as pissed. “You’re the one that came out of no where and ruined this whole plan!”

You scoffed, choking back a laugh. “I didn’t ruin shit! Do you know how long it took me to track these motherfuckers?” you questioned, stepping towards him. “Months! And then Tweedledee,” you nodded to the right towards Sam. “And Tweedledum,” you went back to locking eyes with Dean. “Show up and destroy a highly-detailed operation!”  

“You’re impossible.” Dean dryly chuckle. “They saw the amulet. Now, Crowley knows we have it. Do you know what they can do if they ever got their hands on it?” he asked, holding up a black and grey crystal amulet. “We’d all die.”

“Oh, don’t you worry about dying Dean!” you shouted, dismissing his half-assed reasoning. “Everyone knows your little angel will bring you back.”

Dean smirked, cocking an eyebrow. “Aw, (Y/N).” he chuckled. “You jealous?”

You rolled your eyes, and turned around. “Fuck you, Dean.” you muttered as you made your way out the empty warehouse, and to your car.

“You already did!” Dean called after you.

You didn’t bother turning back. Instead, you held up a finger behind you, and unlocked your car.

“Back at yo-” Dean started, but a voice of reason cut him off.

“Dean, stop!” Sam hissed. He, then, lowered his voice, making it impossible for you to overhear due to the distance between you.

Yet, still, you didn’t care. The only thing that was on your mind was the fact that you were back to square one. Alone and without a lead.

And, I was so close to getting my mother back. You thought as you started the car, driving back to your hide out.

It didn’t do well to dwell on the past. You had to calculate your next steps. You’ll go back and do what you did the first time. Track their patterns and victims. Yes, it may take months, but this time you knew what they were after, and who had it. That had to count for something.

Though lit by the sun, you were lost in thought and didn’t see the figure that suddenly occupied the road. You gasped, swerving the car to the left and slammed down on the breaks. The car still hit the figure, and the sickening sound of cracking bones echoed in your ears. The car came to a stop, and immediately you got out, moving to the limp figure.

“Are you okay?” you called, crouching before it.

With ease, the man stood up and reset his joints. “Just fine.”

Demon. The alarms in your head rang and, like clockwork, you pulled out your gun. Holding it against it’s head, you ordered, “Where’s Crowley?”

The demon smirked. “I won’t tell you.” he replied. You didn’t hesitant, cocking the gun. Laughing the demon continued, “I’ll do you one better. I’ll show you.”

And before you knew it, you felt a heavy force against the side of your head as the world blurred to black.

“I thought I told you to bring her here unharmed.” a loudly obnoxious voice boomed. “For hell’s sake, Connor, can you do anything right?”

A little whimper to your left was all you could register before a loud crack silenced it. A thump echoed beside you as you slowly unscrewed your eyes open.

“Idiot,” the voice, you suddenly saw to be Crowley, muttered. “Get him out of my sight.” he ordered, walking back to his throne as his minions removed the lifeless body out of the room.

Slowly, you brought yourself to your feet, patting around your thigh and waistband for your weapons.

“Finally awake, are we?” he asked, turning and taking his seat.

You breathed heavily, feeling slightly lightheaded. You touched the side of your head, and hissed, finding it raw. “Where’s my mother?” you demanded, ignoring his last remark.

“I am a businessman, (Y/N). I don’t give information for free.” he retorted. “However, I do make deals.”

You scoffed. “I’ve been trying to make a deal for months. You made it very clear the time for that was over. What changed?”

Crowley interlocked his fingers, twiddling his thumbs. Shrugging, he countered, “This time you actually have something to offer.”

You raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms over your chest. “And that is?”

“A distraction.” he simply answered. “You see the Winchesters have something that belongs to me.”

“An amulet.” you stated.

Crowley nodded, slightly surprised you knew. “Yes, and well they don’t seem very likely to like give it up. And with their little pet, it’s impossible for me to take it.”

“So, you want me to distract them while you steal it?” you inquired, sighing. “Why me?”

Smiling, he uttered, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

You nodded, a bit impressed with the plan. “And if I do this, I’ll get my mother back?”

Nodding, Crowley smiled, “The moment it’s in my hands, you get your mother back.” he confirmed. “So, do we have a deal?”

You stared him down for a second. Maybe this would work. It would save you months of tracking and sneaking around. In merely hours, you would get your mother back. “Yes,” you mumbled. “But, I’m not kissing you.”

Crowley grinned. “Oh, yes. Save that for Dean.”

You inhale deeply, freezing. “I better get going.” you said, turning around. “You have three hours. Make them count.”


“I hate her.” Dean mumbled as he opened yet another book and slumped down on his chair.

Sitting across the table, with a stack of books of his own, Sam rolled his eyes. “You were just saying how hot she was like three days ago.” he pointed out, chuckling.

Dean sipped on his beer. “Yeah, she’s hot when she’s not blaming me for things that aren’t my fault.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works.” Sam replied, reverting back to his book of lore. “And don’t you remember what I said? She obviously-”

Dean cut him off, continuing his sentence. “has a reason to be angry over a demon ambush. Still, it’s not my fault she fucked up.”

Sam shook his head. “Whatever,” he mumbled. “Let’s just get back to-”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

A heavy knock came to the door, interrupting the conversation. The boys looked to each other. “Cas?” Dean whispered to his brother.

Sam shook his head. “We both know he’d just walk in.”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

It echoed again. The boys reacted quickly, pulling out their guns, and itching towards the door. On either side of it, they gave each other a quick nod, signalling they were ready. In one swift motion, Dean opened the door, ready to shot.

“Whoa,” she shouted, taking a step back and holding her hands up. “What the hell, Winchester?”

Dean relaxed, dropping the gun. “What do you want?” he sneered as Sam emerged from the behind him.

She looked between the two, shoving her hands in her pockets. “I came to apologize.” she answered.

Dean didn’t bother to hide his surprise. It wasn’t like (Y/N) to admit she was wrong. “What?”

Sam stood straighter, clearing his throat. “Yeah, what are you apologizing for exactly?”

She took a deep breath. “I let out my anger on you when I was actually pissed at Crowley and his asshole demons. I’ve been looking for them for months. Somehow, the were able to block all my summonings. Anyway, I was the one that lost them and almost destroyed the world.” she explained. “So, I’m sorry.”

Sam nodded, offering a small smile. However, Dean wasn’t as easily convinced. He stared her down. “Why?” he questioned.

(Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows. “I just told you why.”

“No, I mean why were you summoning them? Why were they blocking you?” he clarified.  

Suddenly, he felt a sight nudge against his shoulder. Turning around, he found Sam giving him a warning look.

“He took my mother.” she said, ignoring Sam’s actions.

Both boys fell silent. Dean suddenly understood her anger. If someone ruined his months of tracking, and his chances of getting his brother back, he’d be pissed too.

Sam took a step back and pushed back the door. “Why don’t you come in?” he asked.

Dean, looked back at his brother, then back at the girl in front of him. He gave in, taking a step back as well.

She gave them a small smile and stepped into the bunker. Against the rail, she stood staring out in awe. “This makes my place look like a dump.”

“It probably is.” Dean teased, a small smirk inching on his lips.

She turned to face him, a smile playing on her own lips. “Careful, Dean. I’m not always so sorry.”

“And I’m not always so forgiving.” he countered as Sam made his way down the stairs.

Without a word, they both followed him into the large study. “What’s with all the books? Is there a case near by I missed?” she asked, noticing the stack of books on the desk.

“No,” Sam replied, returning to his seat. “We’re trying to find out how to destroy the amulet before Crowley gets his hands on it.”

Dean sat in his seat, pointing a thumb to the bookshelf behind him. “Make yourself useful.”

Though, she didn’t move. “How long have you guys been looking?” she asked, instead.

“A few weeks now.” Sam answered, “and we’re no where close.”

She reached over the table and shut the book. “I think it’s time for a break.”

Dean gave her a questioning look as she did the same to his book. “Don’t you have to find your mother?”

She froze, before taking a deep breath. “I found her. But, it was too late.” she muttered.

Sam got up from his seat. “(Y/N). I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, me too.” Dean added, reaching for her hand.

She looked down at the interaction. Locking her eyes with his, she flashed a small smile. “I, um, don’t want to talk about it.” she sniffed, pulling her hand away from his. “I could really use a distraction though. And since there’s no case near by, why don’t we all go grab a beer or something?”

Dean smiled, “I could use a drink.”

Sam, glanced back at the books, then at (Y/N). He nodded, mirroring his older brother’s smile. “Me too.”

(Y/N) returned the grin and made her way back to the door. “I’m driving.” she called.

Dean smirked, watching her walked away, his eyes trailing down her back to her ass.

“Shotgun!” he heard his brother yell. Pulled out of his daydream, he noticed his brother smirking at him. “You’re so obvious.”  Sam laughed, running to catch up with (Y/N).


A part of you felt guilty for lying, but you were willing to do anything to save your mother. And even though he was being so kind, in his own way, you still had to push those feelings aside. This was the only way you could ensure that your mother will be released safely.

“Three more.” you ordered, after downing your fifth shot.

Sam coughed, slamming his glass on the counter. “You could really hold your liquor, can you?” he asked.

“She always could.” Dean spoke, grabbing the next glass and drinking.

You did the same, setting the glass down. From the corner of your eye, you noticed a pretty blonde roaming her eyes over Sam. Nudging Sam, you muttered, “Pretty blonde, two o’clock.”

Sam looked over, finding the girl smirking at him. “No,” he shook his head, turning back to the counter. “I shouldn’t.”

“Dude,” Dean interjected. “She wants you. Go have fun for once.”

You nodded, pushing him off his stool. “Go.” you encouraged.

Sam stumbled over, and began talking up the girl as she laughed and played with her hair.

“And then there were two.” Dean said, pulling your eyes away from Sam’s interaction.

You smiled at him, noticing the slight slur in his voice. He was drunk. “Let’s dance.” You forced a slur, pretending to be just as intoxicated.

He smirked as you grabbed his hand and pulled him off his seat. You led him to the dance floor, surrounded by many others, and pressed your body against his. “This reminds me of old times.” you whispered in his ear as you swayed to the beat.

He deeply laughed, erupting your heart. His hand roamed down your waist and around your back. “Maybe we can recreate some of those memories.” he replied in the same hushed whisper, sending shivers down your spine. His hands were suddenly on your ass suddenly possessing a firm grip.

You melted into his body. “There’s no maybe.” you muttered.

It all happened so suddenly. That’s what you kept telling yourself anyway. But, let’s be honest, you liked it – you liked him, and deep down, you wanted this to happen.

Shedding clothes, you entangled your bodies together. His calloused fingers ran over your flaps, making you shiver against him. He smirked, knowing the effect he had on you. Gently, he pushed you against the bed, making you flop onto it.

Slowly, he climbed his naked body over you. “I never stopped thinking about you.” he admitted, hovering his lips over yours. “I always see you – no matter who I’m with.”

You reached up, attaching your lips to his. You had to silence him, one more word and you would’ve revealed the truth as to why you had to be here in the first place.

His fingers found their way between your thighs again. You moaned at the contact, buckling your hips.

He chuckled, gripping your hips to the bed. “Easy.” he whispered. “You were always so eager.”

“Stop teasing.” you begged, attacking his neck and collarbone.

He groaned at the action. “Fine,” he caved, aligning himself with your entrance.

And before you knew it, the two of you were moaning messing against each other.

The moment your eyes opened, the guilt set in. You felt his steady breath against the back of your neck, and his warmth against your back. His arms were wrapped around you, keeping you safe in his hold. A part of you wanted to stay there, basking in his passion.

However, the thought only triggered the guilt to churn in your gut. You had to leave, and fast. Gently, you untangled yourself from him, and began redressing yourself. Once done, you looked back at him, wishing more than anything to crawl back into bed and forget about your plan with Crowley.

Your mind wondered back to the reason it didn’t work the first time. He was too broken and spat things he didn’t mean, but were still somehow true. And you? Well, you had a whole army of vamps on your tail and love was the last thing on your mind. Yet, he never was.

And now, still caught in bad decisions and selfishness, you had to choose. Dean or your mother.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Crowley’s words echoed in your mind. You were Dean’s – the Winchesters’ enemy.

The answer was suddenly all too clear now. You and Dean would not work. The timing was all too off, all too often. It was hopeless.

Sighing, you creeped out of the bunker, and made your way to your car. With tears in your eyes, you drove back to Crowley’s little hideout to claim your reward.


“Congratulations.” he smirked. “Although, we didn’t need that much time. I recall you promising only three hours.”

She rolled her eyes. “Just give me my mother, you asshole.” she demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.

Crowley scanned her up and down before gesturing to one of his demons. “Let her go.”

Her mother, bloody, broken and bruised, emerged from the hallway. “She’s hurt.” (Y/N) cried, running towards her.

“I said I’d release her. I never mentioned anything about her remaining unharmed.” he explained. “Now, get out of my sight. Before I change my mind.”

(Y/N) gulped and threw her mother’s arm around her neck, helping her walk out of the room.

Pulling the amulet from his pocket, Crowley smirked. “Now,” he started, turning to his demons. “I think it’s time we raise a little hell.”

Eclipsed [Chapter 5]

Authors: @kpopfanfictrash​ & @the-porcelain-doll-xo

Creative Content Contributors: @baebae-goodnight​​ (her moodboard featured above is perfection)

Pairing: Reader / Jinyoung / Jaebum

Rating: R

Summary: All Jinyoung knows is the dark. Shadowed and trapped, he’s become little more than darkness itself. Until one day, his world opens and he sees you. The only problem is, it’s through another man’s eyes. Jaebum.


When Jaebum hears those words leave your lips, it feels as though any progress to regain the light slipped right through his fingers. How can you agree to such a thing? He finds himself floored that you’re actually bargaining his body away, making deals with a thing that neither of you are even sure is human. Some strange thing took control of his body and rather than do whatever you can to help Jaebum get it out, you’re actually feeling sorry for it.

You always had too big a heart. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Jaebum fell in love with you in the first place. But now, when he’s lost somewhere in an abysmal darkness, fighting for his very life to get back you, you’re pitying the very thing that’s threatening to keep you apart. You must not understand how hopeless he feels trapped like this.

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BTS reaction- they propose to you

Can I request bts reacting to the s/o proposing to them or them proposing to s/o?

Note: Ahhh! I’m sorry if its not good. I love you guys! Sorry some are shorter than others. I really tried aha


He would propose while you two were watching a movie. He would drop the popcorn and get off the couch to ‘pick it up’. Instead he’d turn around and show you a medium sized diamond ring. He’d hold your hand in his free one as he looked you in the eye. You’d look at him with big loving eyes as you listened to every word that came out of his mouth.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N. I love you to death. I love everything about you. These past 3 years have been the best years of my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to start a small family and move into a nice house together. I want to open my eyes and look at you and think "wow, my wife/husband is so beautiful. I’m so lucky.” I want to talk about you and say “my wife/husband” instead of “my girlfriend/boyfriend”.I want a little you running up to me when I get home from the studio. I want to walk in and give you a kiss on the cheek while you’re cooking dinner. I want all this and much more. Y/N, will you marry me?“

You’d say yes and he’d slide the ring on your finger before jumping up and showering you with sweet, affectionate kisses. He’d hold you close and plant kisses all over your face. You two would spend the rest of the night cuddling and you’d tell everyone in the morning. They’d all be happy for you, as would the fans.

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This boy would be so smiley up until the very moment he was on his knee in front of you. He’d take you out on a nice picnic in the middle of a very beautiful flower meadow. You’d both be done eating and he’d ask to walk and jump around with you, to which you said yes. Once you were walking for a while he stopped and got on a knee in front of you, putting the ruby ring on display for you to see.

"Y/N, god you are so beautiful/handsome. I love waking up and seeing your perfect skin in the sunlight. You know why I brought you here? Because of the flowers. They’re bright and pleasant to look at, just like you. And the sun… it reminds me of you. I need it to live and it lights up my world. You are my sunshine, Y/N. You are all that I need and I want you to be by my side for the rest of our lives. I want to see your cute, perfect smile everyday when I walk in the door from dance practice. I want a family. I want a house with you. Y/N, will you marry me?”

You’d be sobbing by the time he was done. You nod and say yes as he put the ring on your finger. He’d stand up and pull you into a hug before kissing you on the forehead. You’d end up spending the rest of the day at the meadow, running around and chasing each other, eventually falling asleep on the picnic blanket.

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Taehyung would propose to you on stage at a concert. He would have the boys pull you out onto the stage while he was knelt down on the ground with the small pink diamond ring held out towards you in a small box. He’d sing a song to you, 'can’t help falling in love’ by elvis. He spent a very long time learning all the lyrics but he did it for you.

“Take my hand,

Take my whole life too

For I can’t help falling in love with you.

Y/N. I love you to the moon in back. This past year and a half has been the best time in my entire life. You do all these little things and I fall in love with you over and over again. The first time I saw you I knew you were the person I wanted to be with. I wanted to wake up to you every morning and sew your beautiful smile. I love kissing your beautiful, soft lips. I want to hold your hand in mind and run my finger over the ring and be reminded that you’re going to be mine forever. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”

The crowd would cheer loudly and you’d say yes, of course. He slide the ring on youe finger and jump up, pulling you into a tight hug as he began to cry happy tears. You’d cry as well, you couldn’t believe you were engaged to such an amazing person. The crowd would could continue to cheer as the boys joined the hug, squeezing around you.

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You and Yoongi would be at a pretty expensive restaurant when he proposed. He would tell the chefs to hide it in a breadstick (cliche as fuck). He would watch you closely until you had found the ring. Once you found the ring he would take both of your hands and look you in the eyes. The ring would be a big diamond ring with a silver band.

“God, you’re so beautiful. I can’t believe you’ve been mine for almost 4 years now. How did I get so lucky? I care so much for you, Y/N. I hope you know that. Even though you drag me out of bed before 12 pm, which is too early. I’m in love with your beautiful smile. Your eyes hypnotize me everytime I look into them. Running my hands through your soft hair calms me down instantly. My favorite is when you sing to me though, when i’m going to sleep. I love hearing your soft, soothing voice singing a sweet lullaby while I fall asleep slowly. I want to have this for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?”

The whole restaurant would be awing as you said yes and let him put the ring on your finger. He would have his big gummy smile on his face and you couldn’t help but smile also. You’d lean across the table and kiss Yoongi’s lips gently. You’d both finish your meal and head home where things would get heated.

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Jiminie would take you two a big, beautiful garden where rose petals would be spread out in a big heart shape. He would lead you out and you’d have to keep your eyes closed. You’d both laugh as you tripped over a few flowers. When he told you to open your eyes you were in the middle of the heart, on his knee. He had a medium sized ring with a baby blue diamond in it.

“Y/N. I know you deserve something much bigger than this, but this is all I could do. I hope it’s okay. The ring is very big either but I really hope you like it. But that’s beside the point. I love you with everything I have, Y/N. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to grow old with you and fight like an old couple. I want to have angry sex and then make up sex. I want to hold you when you’re scared. I want to kiss your lips when you feel like you’re alone. I want to comfort you when you’re sad. I want to be the one that is always there for you. Will you marry me? Be mine forever?”

Jimin would worry you would say no. He’d mess with the ring as he looked up at you with a hopeful smile and hopeful eyes. You’d say yes with tears in your eyes and you’d help him up after the ring was on your finger. You’d hug eachother for what seemed like hours until you both pulled away to kiss passionately.

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Jungkook would make you do a scavenger hunt. He’d lay out an outfit that was fit for a princess/prince for you. He’d put papers all around the house and the city to lead you to where he was. On the way you’d collect flowers, chocolates, a necklace, and another new outfit. The boys would be positioned at each place to help you get around. Once you had made it to the last Jungkook was stood in a rented out restaurant, slow music in the background. He’d hold the ring out as he leant down on his knee. The ring would be in the shape of a tiara/crown, to show you were his prince/princess.

“Y/N, you made it. Do you like what you got? I hope so. But for now, listen to me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to spoil you for as long as I possibly can. I wan to kiss those soft, precious lips. I want to hug you and run my hands through your soft hair. I want to show off my prince/princess. Will you marry me, Y/N?”

You’d nod frantically and jump into his arms when he stood up. You were so overwhelmed but in a good way. Everything was so beautiful and you were engaged to the best. You’d hide your face into the crook of his neck as he spun you around in a few circles. He’d set you down and pull you into an extremely passionate kiss.

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Jinnie would take you too a nice quiet bridge where you would be the only two there. He would make sure the water was beautiful and the moon would shine on it at just the right angle. There would be fireflies flying everywhere around you guys and it would be beautiful. He would have a gold band on the ring and a light yellow diamond, because you’re his sunshine. He’d take you for a walk and when you go to the bridge he’d stop and kneel down, showing the ring. He’d be extremely nervous, stuttering and smiling. He’d speak extremely fast and frantic like.

“S-So… i’m kinda nervous but let’s do this. Y/N, m-my sunshine. The light of my life. I want you to light up my life for the remainder of it. I want to see your bright smile everyday. W-Will you marry me, Y/N?”

He would have prepared a big speech but he cut it short because he got too nervous. He looked up at you with his adorable smile on his lips. You’d say yes and he’d jump up immediately, putting the ring on your finger before pulling you into a bear hug. “Oh sheesh, I was so nervous. I thought you would say no. God, I love you so much, sunshine.” He’d breath out and kiss your cheek.

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