i hope the prices are okay


I’m opening the commisions  💕

The prices are:

✨ Half body - 25$

✨ Full body - 35$

✨ if you’d like another charachter +5$

✨ In a case of Gif +5$

 Background +5$ or 10$

You can transfer money to :

  • paypal 

For more information you can write me here: 

🌸 sali255illustrations@gmail.com


(OPEN) updated June 23

Alrighty! I need some money and I love to draw for y’all! 

Some rules:
- I have the right to refuse an order based on the content

- I always send a sketch to the buyer first for a thumbs up (unless a sketch was ordered)

- Once I give these to you, they’re all yours and you can do whatever AS LONG as you don’t resell or claim as your own art

- If there is something you want that isn’t listed, feel free to just ask me! I’m versatile! 

What I DO draw: 

- OCs, Characters of all types!

- TF2 loadouts or tf2 ocs

- furries/anthros and animals

- mech (but I may charge extra if it is super complicated.The tf2 bots are fine)

- backgrounds, but extra will be charged if it is complex


What I DON’T draw

- N,,S,FW

- complicated mech

- vehicles

- anything else I’m uncomfy with 

 If you are interested, send me an ask, a message, or an email at aviantheseeker@gmail.com


Dean: Wait, I… I kill people?
Rowena: But…but… though you may be a stubborn pain in the arse with the manners of a Neanderthal and the dining habits of a toddler, everything you’ve done, you’ve done…
for the greater good.
Dean: Oh, and that’s supposed to make it okay?  
Rowena: I wouldn’t know. You help those other than yourself. But me? I’ve done horrible things, and I told myself it was fine. It was the price of power.
And power’s what matters, right? Then I met God and his sister. The two most powerful beings in the universe, wasting it on squabbling with each other.
I thought, if – if they can’t be happy, or at least satisfied, how can there be any hope for me? 

Dean Winchester | 12x11 Regarding Dean 


Another art style change, another commission page update! I’m hoping to be able to get more commissions and help my rather low income, especially as I’m trying to be able to afford an animation school that will continue to better my art.

Single Characters:

Prices are set for full-bodied drawings and simple backgrounds; prices may change for busts or torso-only drawings.
- Line art: $15
- Base color: $20
- Shading: $25


Prices negotiable, depending on the complexity of each component.
- Detailed background base color: +$15
- Detailed and shaded background: +$20
- Detailed border: +$15

Additional Characters:

- Up to two additional characters: +$5 each
- More than three characters: +$10 each, after the third

Payment will be upfront, once a price is worked out depending on the project, and through PayPal. If you have any questions, or are interested, please shoot me a message! Otherwise, spreading this would be amazingly helpful. And thanks to everyone who can help me out with this.

anonymous asked:

I struggle with knowing what is a "good price" for things. How much should I be paying per pound for chicken breasts? Strawberries? Cucumbers? Like produce and meat is weird and I don't know at what price I should buy and at what point I should pass. Sometimes I'll see bogo sales on chicken breasts and my parents will say "yeah that's an okay price sure not great though" and I just ??? Any good guides on when to buy?

I love this question so much- because finding the items you need for the right prices can be frustrating.

Here are some general tips that I hope will help:

1. Prices fluctuate. There are so many different reasons that product prices can fluctuate- increased demand, shortages, changing seasons, etc. Buy your favorite produce cheap whenever possible, and buy it in bulk.

2. Store brand. You’ll find that most supermarkets have their own brand of many popular items. For example- Stop & Shop brand oats and Quaker Oats. Same product, different branding. I guarantee you that the store brand will be significantly cheaper and will taste much the same! It’s my recommendation that you choose store brands over name brands 100% of the time.

3. Skip organic. Have ya’ll seen that Ali Wong special on Netflix? She talks about striving to live that “Whole Foods, organic, sliced mango” lifestyle. That is ultimately the lifestyle that I think we’d all like to live, being able to afford organic produce whenever we wanted. But the fact is- organic is sometimes as much as three times the price of non organic produce. And unless you’re a real food connoisseur, you won’t be able to taste the difference. So don’t try to.

4. Store cards. After you find your go-to supermarket, sign up for a store card ASAP. This card should be free of charge, and will save you a significant amount of money on random produce. Some cards even offer reward programs, like money off of gas or whatever. Worth it.

5. Compare prices. If you’re still unsure what classifies as a “good price” for something, compare product brand prices. Look at how much the product is charging per pound (substitute your measuring method) and choose the best deal. Sometimes things advertised as “on sale” are actually more expensive than other items that are not on sale. 

Sorry this took me so long to get through! I’ve been filling in for people at work and haven’t really had time to think.

Fanboys || BTS

Request - Anonymous said: Hello! Can I request an AU where BTS are the fanboys and you’re actually the idol? Thank you if you decide to do this 👀😊  

Pairing - BTS x Reader

Genre - Fluff

Summary - For a change, these ethereal men are your fans.

Plis forgive me for blatantly copying off the certain interactions that actually happened between ARMY and BTS. It’s too cute to ignore. Hope you understand :)

What do they sign though? Books? That’s what they look like :p

You intertwined your fingers with the boy’s who was knelt on the other side of the table, his eyes literally swimming with tears. He looked so much younger to you, it was adorable.

“Gosh, Noona, I love you so much! You’re my ultimate bias and-” Color flourished his cheeks and you giggled at his reaction. You cocked your head, his hand never leaving yours as you used your other to sign the book in front of you.

“Aigoo, what’s your name?” You asked as you finished signing, his cheeks slightly damp from the tears that had spilled over in happiness.

“It’s Jeongguk!”

“What a cute name for a cute boy!” You reached over to pinch his cheek and you could’ve sworn he was about to faint right then. A dreamy smile took place on his lips and you had to blush at that. You hadn’t met anyone who seemed so floored just over your gestures. When the staff behind you asked him to move on, he pouted cutely before he mumbled a string of “I love you, Noona!” and “Please remember me!” before he moved on to the next member of your group.

Of course you’d remember that adorable boy.

The next thing you noticed first was wild, purple colored hair that matched yours. You greeted a wide-eyed man who seemed to be in his early twenties, a cute smile adorning his lips, the tips deepened into his cheeks causing two small dimples to form.

“Hello~” You smiled at him, immediately reaching for his hand. His was trembling as you held it in yours, your smile turning into a laugh. “What’s your name?”

“Nam- Namjoon.” He was still shook by the greeting. You reached over and ruffled his hair, “It’s okay, Joon, you don’t have to be nervous!” He instantly melted at your touch, and it seemed impossible but, his dimples dug even deeper. You signed the book in front of you before you asked him, “Is it okay if I touch your dimples?”

His eyes widened but turned into crescents so quickly you had to laugh at that. He turned a cheek towards you and you reached over to press the pad of your finger on it, causing the fans sitting in the auditorium to squeal in unison. “Noona, I love you!” He blurted suddenly, stretching his hands over his head and tipping his fingers to touch his head, so it formed a big heart. You giggled as he turned away, feeling shy of his ministrations, before he moved onto the next member, his cheeks so red it looked like he applied a lot of rouge.

When you watched the next person come in front of you, you were struck into awe by his too good looks. He let out a deep giggle as he noticed your reaction, your own cheeks turning red from being caught.

You tilted your head, “Wow, you look so good!”

“Ah, don’t say that Noona!” He almost whined, his lips forming a fake pout. Clearly, he was very flustered.

“You’re the good looking person here!” He said, cupping his face in his big palms, his eyes twinkling with adoration.

You waved a hand, “No, no, no, nothing like that!”

You began signing on the book he’d given you before you asked him what his name was.

“Kim Taehyung!” He replied cheerfully, and you noticed how much of a widely boxed smile he had. You couldn’t resist, so you reached over and pinched his cheeks, “Taehyung-ah, you’re so handsome!” You said, letting him move on to the next person. You were still looking at him when you felt something hard brush against your fingers. Looking straight, you noticed a cute, bubblegum pink haired boy smiling shyly at you - one of your group members had the same color hair on.

“I know who your bias is,” You wiggled your eyebrows at him, causing the younger to blush furiously. You giggled at that, ruffling his hair before you signed his book. He seemed to remain quiet, so you reached over to hold his hand. It was clammy and shaky, and you were very familiar with it.

“Aigoo, it’s okay. Don’t be too nervous, she’ll love you. I love you already.” You winked at him, his eyes widening a fraction. He mumbled silently, “Thank you, Noona! Fighting!” He used his other hand and curled it into a fist, his eye smile way too adorable for you. You asked for his name before you exclaimed back, “Jimin, Fighting!”

A squeal made you jump in your seat, your hands coming to your chest as you snapped your head to see a dopey smiled boy, his blond hair in a nest of curls on his head. He was clapping his hands like an excited child, barely able to control the radiation of his happiness. He looked like a sun to you.

He squealed again, almost shouting, so you squealed back, both your hands intertwining with his as you shook them around, your feet tapping against the stage floor. “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU NOONA!!” He shouted and you shouted back, “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU TOO-” and then you paused, realizing you didn’t know his name. Like he understood that, he told you his name - almost screamed it out - causing you to laugh.

“I LOVE YOU HOSEOK!” You shouted again, sending him to the next person, with an enthusiastic smile and an autograph.

“Hello,” You turned back to see a broad-shouldered guy in front of you, smiling at you charmingly. You felt your heart skip a beat, and had to place your palms on your chest in emphasis, “Oh my, what’s your name?”

His cheeks flushed noticeably, but he held your gaze, “Kim SeokJin.” He smiled that smile again. You felt your shoulders shudder and you had to pay attention to the book that was placed in front of you so wouldn’t fall for his good looks. Really, he was that good-looking.

“You know, SeokJin,” You said as you finished signing, “If you were an idol, you’d be my ultimate bias.” You winked at a thoroughly flustered man, his eyes wavering slightly as he bent over as much as he could, expressing his gratitude, “Ah- please, oh my god. Thank you!” He had to cover his face with his palms, your giggles loud as you watched him move.

“I’m going to sue you.” A blatant remark made you turn around wide-eyed, the mint green haired boy watching you with a bored face, but with more defined eyes. You cocked your head, “Aw, why is that?” You asked, genuinely curious.

And that broke his resolve - he chewed on his lip, like he was trying hard to stop a smile before he almost cried out in a whine, “You look way too good!!

You laughed, the fans behind him howling and screaming in agreement.

You took his hands in yours and you brought your face forward, his pale face coloring the slightest. “I hope I can pay the price.” Okay, you were flirting a lot today, but it was too fun, honestly. The guy smirked playfully, “Min Yoongi. Hope the hair is enough indication if you ever see me around.” You were almost baffled into silence by his straight-forward attitude and bluntness. When you saw a hand from the corner of your eye whipping to the side, you moved fast to sign the book. Yoongi began moving but you held his hand.

“You’re really some fan, Yoongi. I like you.” You smiled. He returned it, a cute gummy smile taking form instantly. “Good, because I like you too.”

Important to remember about Ardyn...

“One so impure of body and soul was deemed unworthy of the Crystal’s Light, and forbidden to ascend.” - Bahamut’s english description of Ardyn

compare to:


“He who absorbed the parasites that are the cause of the daemons, and became immortal by that power that injures the planet. A foolish man who was rejected by the Holy Stone for that unclean body and was buried without ascending to the throne.” - Japanese original text (source of translation)

I’ve never actually seen this before, but it confirms my headcanon (yay) that although of Lucis Caelum lineage, Ardyn was never actually king. He was ‘merely’ a healer.

This is further supported by Ardyn’s own recollection of the past events, when he refers to a “jealous king” who demonised him, but to himself only as “the healer of the people.” These are carefully chosen words. Ardyn was never the King of Lucis.

This makes certain aspects of the game more mysterious. So we know Ardyn was executed and, possibly buried according to Bahamut in the Japanese text, but he never took the throne. How did he acquire the armiger weapons?

I always understood that those weapons were of Noctis’ ancestors who ruled Lucis between Ardyn and Regis, the sword of the father being the final piece in the armiger. Did Ardyn then acquire them by default, being of the same bloodline? Or did he do what Noctis did, visit their tombs and collect them one-by-one?

Ardyn remarks to Ravus he knows the price of the covenant. Did he form the covenants with the Astrals himself, just like Luna does in the game?

Bahamut describes Ardyn as “impure of body and soul” and “a foolish man” in the English and Japanese versions respectively. This hints that he did something more in his past than just absorb the scourge. Perhaps he did it willingly, knowingly, in order to become immortal?

There are so many unanswered questions about our dear Lord Trash Jesus, and I really really hope Square finally delivers and ties the loose ends together. But if not, I guess it’s okay too, since I get to indulge in my own past-Ardyn fantasy HC’s.

10psharp  asked:

hey i was just wondering if you know good sites to buy nhl jerseys besides the official sites? im looking to get an auston matthews jersey while the old ones are on sale but im not sure where to find a good deal

I do! I hope it’s okay if I publish this, just so I can share the information with everyone.

The Jersey Baron is probably my absolute favorite place to pick up jerseys.  Seriously, you can pretty much find any jersey you could possibly think of here, including authentics (the on-ice jersey under Reebok).  The prices aren’t cheap, but the work is superb.  I have three jerseys from here, and when I get my next (a Keith home jersey with the 2015 SCF patch on it, ONE DAY YOU WILL BE MINE) it’ll be from here too.

 Full Moon Jerseys sells legitimate NHL jerseys for dirt cheap.  Sometimes, there might be a small defect (for instance, they had a truckload – maybe literally – of Benn jerseys with the C on the wrong side), but usually the jerseys are in perfect condition.  It’s probably best not to ask where they get their supply from and to just hoard all of discount jerseys.  I bought an older Dallas jersey from here that was in great condition.

River City Sports sells jerseys for pretty much factory/standard prices, though I did grab an authentic Oilers McDavid 3rd on a wicked sale last season.

Ice Jerseys is pretty much the same as above, though I’ve never ordered a custom jersey from them before.  I have, however, utilized their No Jersey Left Behind page, which is filled with discounted orders that were either returned or canceled after completion.

I’m also going to add Cool Hockey to this with the caveat that, while their sales can be pretty cool (no pun intended), I’ve seen some questionable work on their authentic jerseys (they use twill nameplates by default, which just isn’t right for most on-ice jerseys, and they certainly should know this by now).  I don’t have personal experience with the company myself, so I can’t speak to the quality of their work like the others mentioned above.

If you’re near a Reebok outlet store, I’ve also seen talk of enormous discounts of jerseys there.  I spotted some super cheap Bruins jerseys in the outlet closest to me, too, but boo-hiss Bruins.

Hope this helped! If anyone has questions about types of jerseys or sizing or any of that, feel free to ask!

breakfast ~ soulmate series ~

next part to the soulmate series!! sorry it’s like super super short guys but I tried not to drag it out too much & it’s also unedited bc who’s got the time for that?

I actually used some of @shawnsassymendes​ ideas that I read in her tags and thought it was super adorable so thank you!!

also feedback would make my day!! <3

You had to admit, this breakfast place was much nicer than the small low budget diner you and Ava usually go to, but as you read through the menu you noticed the prices were way higher and it was going to be hard to order something Ava would actually eat at a low price.

You managed to make some small talk with Shawn and his friend (who you have yet to learn the name of) as you were waiting for your waitress to return with your drinks and take your food orders, but as hard as you were trying to not make it awkward for yourself you couldn’t help but feel out of place talking to him. He’s this worldwide successful pop star while you were just a teen mom trying to provide for your child. But, he’s also your soulmate. Ava managed to run away from you while you were trying to ease the sudden pain in your left leg, and you knew what that meant but you never thought it would happen to you. You were slowly trying to convince yourself that it was all just one big coincidence but why would he ask you to join him if he didn’t feel it too?

Keep reading



I am finally going to be taking commissions!!

So basically, I’m unable to work due to extreme anxiety and agoraphobia but I need to start making money so I’m going to try out commissions. This is my first time ever attempting to sell my art, so please be patient with me.

I will not be taking any NSFW commissions, but that may change in the future. I will also not be taking any Homestuck related commissions, since Hussie has stated that he doesn’t want any content for HS sold outside of official merchandise. I will also not draw any gore, furries, or mechas.  If you dont want your commission posted, please let me know in your email! Anything else is completely okay, OC commissions and any other fandom related. ^^

~Commission Prices~

Everything is in USD

Head shot/Bust shot

sketch - $5

colored - $8

+$2 per added person

+$5 for optional background

Half body

sketch - $10

colored - $15

+$5 per added person

+$5 for optional bg

Full body

sketch - $15

colored - $20

+$10 per added person

+$10 for optional bg

Payment is due prior to receiving the commission. I hope you understand. All payments are made through PayPal.

If you want to commission me please email me @mikoriinm@gmail.com! If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an ask here on tumblr, or in your email. Depending on how many commissions I get will determine how long I keep them open. I hope to get some commissions from you guys and thank you very much! :D (To see more examples of my art, you can go to my art page on my blog!)

book of mormon-actual song titles
  • Hello!: If You Don't Believe In God You're Going To Die Alone
  • Two by Two: Congratulations! You Are Not Being Sent to Orlando
  • You and Me but Mostly Me: I'm Better Than You- That's What The Universe Says ft. Elder Price
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai: Our Life Sucks and So Does God
  • Turn It Off: Depressed? Compress.
  • I Am Here For You: Cunningham Just Wants A Friend
  • All-American Prophet: Wildly Inaccurate, Yes. But also a Bundle of Fun.
  • Sal Tlay Ka Siti: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Up
  • Man Up: Gotta Be Like Jesus; Now Flex!
  • Making Things Up Again: It's Okay to Lie, It's Right In Theory.
  • Spooky Mormon Hell Dream: Think Committing Crimes Is Bad?! Local Mormon Proves Hundreds Wrong.
  • I Believe: Even if Things Don't Make Sense They're Still Correct.
  • Baptize Me: Mormons' Excuse For Sex
  • I Am Africa: We are Africa, Not African.
  • Joseph Smith American Moses: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Shattered but At Least They Tried
  • Tomorrow Is A Latter Day: Ignore Your Impending Existentialism Because At Least We Have God

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i wish fandom would stop turning the blue food into something fun and cutesy, it’s a very powerful symbol that connects mother and son and represents small acts of bravery and glimmers of hope in the form of adversity, which is what the series is all about. sally made everything blue because an abusive domineering man tried to take away simple pleasures from a child and she needed a way to show percy that it was going to be okay. i’m certain she paid the price for that small act of rebellion later, but she kept at it because she believed in the power of little miracles, that there was hope for the future, that she could make even the smallest difference while struggling under the hand of her abuser. it’s a symbol for sally and her immense impact in shaping percy into the person he is today, which is why he drinks a toast of blue coke to her upon her death, which is why a blue cupcake represents building a new life together, which is why percy clings to blue food when he’s homesick and doesn’t know if he’ll ever see his mother again. it’s certainly fine to use it to represent happiness because that was sally’s ultimate goal, but by god, don’t strip the meaning away from it.


I’m Opening Sketch and Colour Commissions!!!!
I have about five spots open for commissions as of right now! Info listed above is really the basics you’ll need to know, but feel free to message me or send an ask with further questions. Payments will be made by PAY PAL and E-TRANSFER :)

Terms of Service:
-I draw only slight NSFW (nudity but not sexual content)
-Timelines will be made with commissioner
-I have the right to refuse to draw or commission certain pieces.
-I will draw certain animals + certain animal/human hybrids
-Payment will be half up front, then half after the sketch/ colour map is confirmed.
-$10 commissions include up to 2 characters, $15 start at 1 character 
-If interested in a fully rendered piece we can discuss pricing :)
-Can message me through tumblr, instagram, or my email (jessabellatwill@live.com)

I’m really hoping this goes well, I was kinda nervous to start but I know y’all are great and supportive! Thanks for being amazing!

Julia’s Elf Commissions

Hello everyone! I am saving up to buy myself a new tablet, by filling some commissions on a very nice tablet that I’m borrowing from a friend! When I get my tablet, I will probably raise these prices, but I’m keeping them low for now because I am really hoping that people will be willing to give me money.

Thank you so much for helping me out.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A COMMISSION: Private message me on tumblr! I will give you my email and we can work out details. Commissions will be paid through paypal, hopefully that works for everyone!

Here are the Commission Options Available


I will draw any Tolkien character! I will draw you! I will draw you as a Tolkien character! I will also draw OCs!


I will draw any Tolkien character frolicking about in any manner of your choosing! They can spring into battle! They can strike a fun pose! They can sigh wistfully by a fountain! It is up to you!


I will draw Tolkien characters fighting, or smooching, or hugging, or dramatically killing each other! Everything is Fun and Exciting!


These are way more expensive because they Take A Lot Of Work And Time, and I hope that that is okay! You get my very best fancy swirly lineart, and fun lighting and compositional things! Again, $5 for additional characters.


If you enjoy that particular style of swirly lineart, you can apply it to the cheaper categories of commissions! Otherwise I will use thinner and sketchier lines, as shown above in previous examples. If you are not clear on what the difference will be, I can clarify when you contact me.

Here is an example of how that pricing would work:

Message me to get in touch! If you can’t afford a commission, I would appreciate a signal boost, thank you so much!

Submission: Strong!Hinata prompt response

Okay so I saw the strong/political Hinata prompt and I had to write something for it. I hope you don’t mind my sending it to you? 

His father has just died, and he is furious. Hinata can see it in the way his fists clench as her father walks by, the way his jaw tightens when an elder praises his progress, the way he refuses to look at her. It really doesn’t surprise her that he steps too far out of line and pays the price.

Her father is crying. His brother marched to die in his place, now his nephews small body is cradled in shaking arms. The elder that activated the seal, that watched as her cousin writhed and screamed and bled and died, looks on impassively. He does not care.

Hinata is four years old. She cares. She will fix this.

So she trains. She takes to her lessons with cold fire burning in her body, the kind that hides in the embers, ready to blaze up and burn with the right breath of wind. She learns her characters, reads. Learns her katas, fights. Learns clan politics, plots.

Then Hanabi is born, and things have to change.

She cannot burn too bright, or the seal will be inked onto her sisters forehead. Her progress slows, plateaus, stops. She finds the line and toes it constantly, staying just good enough not to be a failure, but not great enough to be the heir of the Hyuuga clan.

The elders set a limit. If she cannot prove her capability by the time Hanabi reaches genin, then she will be branded in her sister’s place.

Hinata is eight years old. She has eight more to fix this.

She goes to Ino and Shikamaru, children still, but far more knowledgeable than her in general politics. They are bright, bright children, and she soaks in their light and makes it her own. She learns the law of Konoha, not just the laws of her clan. She discovers in what circumstances the former can overrule the latter. She begins to plan under their careful instruction.

Hinata is 12 years old. She has four more years. But, the seal.

Jiriaya of the Sanin is in town, and he is training Naruto. She knows he is a seal master, but she also knows he could never teach her, she is to young, and he is of too low a status for her clan to approve. Instead, she breaks into the apartment he is renting, left unlocked through confident complacency, and steals every book on sealing he owns. Then, remembering just how Naruto graduated, she masks her chakra, dons a henge, and breaks in to the Hokage’s private library.

Now hidden in a storage seal stuck to the bottom of her bed are 13 books on sealing. Most are far beyond her comprehension, but one appears to have been written to teach children. Complete with illustrations of stroke by stroke guides and easy to digest information, Uzumaki Kushina may just be the key to understanding the rest of her stolen goods. She wonders if this book was meant for Naruto, if this is his unknown mothers work, then she squashes the thought. She needs to be selfish.

Hinata is 16 years old. She has no more time.

The elders look down at her from their seats, contempt clear in their eyes. She is weak, a failure, an embarrassment to the clan, they believe. But she isn’t, and she will show them. Hanabi waits behind her, face hardened into something unreadable. Her sister lost her childhood too early, picking up the training and expectations that had slipped from Hinata’s shoulders when she sunk into mediocrity. She is here to see her elder sister branded, they all are.

That will not be happening.

From the storage seal inked onto her forearm, she draws out a single scroll. She clears her throat, begins to read.

“section 9 of the Konoha Clans Act, subsection 1; clans may govern persons of their clan according to their own existing clan laws, so long as a) the existing laws do not contradict any of the provisions set out in this act or; b) any future Acts passed by; i) the Hokage, or; ii) the Council of Clans. Subsection 2; any clan laws passed following the enactment of this act must not contradict Konoha laws of the relevant time.”

All eyes are focused on her now, confused. She is meant to be stating her case to remain heir, throwing her sister to the flames in her place. She is not meant to be quoting laws passed in the founders era.

“Section 17 of the Use and Regulation of Seals Act; no seal may be used to cause intentional pain or ill effects of any kind on any citizen of Konoha unless a) sanctioned by the Hokage, or; b) Torture and Interrogation requires such measures, or; c) the application of such a seal is done so voluntarily.”

The confusion is turning to anger, and she smiles. Finally. They see the threat she poses to their way of life, and they want her gone. They call to her father, demand she be branded for her insolence. But he is smiling, and he does not listen. he turns to her and asks what she would have them do.

She places the scroll on the table before him, revealing the seal she had been developing for the last year and a half. Carefully drawn and explained in the style of Uzumaki Kushina, it is unarguably a better option than the current seal. The control function has been removed, the pain inducer cancelled out, the only effect left the degradation of the eyes after death, and the addition of a trigger feature to combat live removal.

The elders are fuming and furious. Her sister is no longer unreadable, unreachable, but hovering behind her, uncertain. She reaches out her arm, and her sister ducks into the space she has made, understanding. Her useless sister was never useless. She was protecting her the entire time.

The Neji seal is put into use the next day, and Hinata is the first to don it. She wears the seal that bears her cousins name with pride, as does every other member of her clan. No longer a sign of servitude, the seal now stands for unity. All thanks to a little girl who loved her cousin, and lost him.


$$$$$$$$$yay comms yayyy ᕕ༼   •̀ ▽ •́༽ᕗ

1. RESERVED    [ not started | in progress | complete ]
2. RESERVED    [ not started | in progress | complete ]
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5. RESERVED    [ not started | in progress | complete ]

6. RESERVED    [ not started | in progress | complete ]
7. RESERVED    [ not started | in progress | complete ]
8. ___________ [ not started | in progress | complete ]
9. ___________ [ not started | in progress | complete ]
10. ___________ [ not started | in progress | complete ]
11. ___________ [ not started | in progress | complete ]
12. ___________ [ not started | in progress | complete ]