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bts as these teacher quotes (x)

jin: While pointing to a photo of Joseph Stalin with a caption, “I hear this is called a meme. Is this a meme?” 

yoongi: “Why do talent shows make me so angry? I heard smart people swear.  Fuck! I may look calm but I just want to go into the hallway and punch stuff!” 

hoseok: “I already ruined one slinky but don’t worry, I have a box full. The best part about being me? Infinite slinkies.”

namjoon: “Did I tell you this? I’ve had four concussions. Sometimes I get confused.” 

jimin: “I didn’t have a high school sweetheart. I never got past the first date. Haha… ha..  that’s funny.”

taehyung: “Did the government have to tell them to give their dogs movie passes for the dog spa? No!”

jungkook: “You could probably hide a body in there.”