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“Some are bound to die young, By dying young a person stays young in people’s memory. If he burns brightly before he dies, his brightness shines for all time”Unknown

Reunion 2

This goes towards some fantasy story, so you can expect some OCs and some magic I guess? Lol I guess that’s all Livani’s fault XDD
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this weird inspiration, because it’s a bit different than my usual fics I think. Maybe let me know who wants to be tagged? This is gonna be on Ao3 as soon as I think of some acceptable summary (which will be probably not very soon hah)
Enjoy! ^.^
Alex wakes up suddenly, his heart still beating fast. He sits and blinks. When he fully wakes up, he realises with pain that it was all a dream. John’s still laying in the ground, lifeless. Ghosts doesn’t exist.
He sighs and covers his face in his hands. He does not cry. He only feels this cutting ache in his stomach, that makes him breathe deeper. He rubs his face. It’s not the first time this dream has come to him. He’s been dreaming of John coming back countless times.
He gets up and looks out the window. It’s still the middle of the night, but he can’t sleep. He’s not even trying to go back to bed as he knows from previous experience, that it’s not gonna work.
“Alexander?” he hears a muffled voice of Eliza from the bed.
“Shh, honey. Go to sleep” he whispers and places a kiss on her forehead.
“What’s happening?” she asks, blinking.
“Nothing” Alex shakes his head. “Don’t worry.”
“Is it those dreams again?” she conjectures. When he nods delicately, she sits and pulls him into a hug, softly rubbing his back. He smiles with gratitude. “It’s going to be okay, Alexander. It’s okay” she breaths into his ear. Alex touches her hair and gently puts a loose strand behind her ear.
“I know” he can’t help the pain audible in his voice.
Eliza notices it and pulls him closer. Their lips connect, but the only thing Alexander can think of is John. The memories of the dream are still fresh and real. He feels guilty, so he gently pulls away.
“Go to sleep, Eliza” he asks. “It’s the middle of the night.”
“What about you?” she frowns.
“I need some fresh air. I’ll be back.”
Alexander hears her sigh, as he walks out of the room. The house is dark and quiet, so Alex tries to keep silent. He walks towards his study when he hears steps downstairs. He freezes.
Quietly, trying not to make the slightest sound, he makes his way to the study and takes his sabre from the closet. Then he carefully creeps to the stairs. He stops and listens intently to the silence. For a few seconds he thinks he has misheard…
But then he hears it again. Almost tuneless steps on the wooden floor of the living room. Someone there does not want to be noticed. Alexander narrows his eyes and slowly and silently descends to the hall before the living room. He gracefully clinges to the wall trying to calm his galloping heart down, at the same time guarding his breath, not to be too loud. He cannot be heard.
He raises his sabre on the eye level and preparing himself to enter the room. He emerges slowly to see where the person is; fortunately his eyes are already adjusted to the dark, so he can see clearly enough a darker silhouette of a man sitting at the table. He frowns. Why the hell someone wanted to sneak into his house just to sit at the table?
He makes a step forward and then another one. The man does not see him coming. Alex quickly makes the rest of the way and puts the sharp blade, glittering in the incident ray of moonlight right next to his throat, as he scoops to his ear. A curly hair of the intruder tickles his nose a bit, what makes his heart jump. Not now, he thinks, driving thoughts of John away.
“Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house?” he breathed into his ear. The man stiffens.
“Alex?” he whispers weakly, making Alex’s eyes widen. “Alex, is that you?”
He can’t speak for a moment. I’m dreaming, the thought crossed his mind. I must be dreaming. This is not real.
“You can’t- you can’t be-” he tries to articulate, but the storm of thoughts in his mind does not make it any easier. He unwillingly presses the blade closer to his throat.
“Alex, it’s me” he pleads. “I’m alive. I’ll tell you everything, just put down this damn sabre.”
He listens and as in some kind of trance he puts it on the table. Not looking at the man on the chair he lights up two candles and places them on the table. Only then he turns his gaze on the man he’s just seen in the dream.
But he looked different there. John Laurens sitting before him is obviously tired, given the blue shadows under his eyes. He’s dirtied and much thiner than he’s been when they had last seen each other. His hair is one big mess, he didn’t even bother to put it up in a ponytail as usual. But even in this horrible state, Alex has to admit, he is still astonishingly handsome. And his brown eyes are glittering with life as if he was never dead…
Alex is lucky that there is a chair behind him, because his legs could no more bear his weight. He slides onto it with a sigh of shock.
“I’m dreaming again, am I” it’s not even a question. He writes a fact. This can’t be true. He has dreamt so much about John coming back this shouldn’t surprise him. But John shakes his head.
“It’s not. Alex it’s all real. I did not die. I’m so sorry” he takes his hand in his. Alex looks at it; the touch is so real. He can swear it’s more real than any other dream. He raises his glance back in John’s eyes. They are pleading for him to believe those words.
“Really?” his voice is weaker than he expected. John nods eagerly.
“I swear to God.”
Alex swallows, trying to stabilize his breath.
“How?” he cannot believe it. How could John survive? How-?
“It’s… a long story” John looks down. “I don’t know where to start-”
“Wait” Alex is slowly coming to his senses. “You’ve been alive for more than a year then?”
Laurens looks at him carefully.
“Yes, I never died” he agrees with a slight laugh, which withers when he sees Alex’s face.
Alex’s throat suddenly get soar.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked with sorrow. “You let me believe you were dead for over a year” he begins to unwillingly raise his voice. John raises his hand to silence him, but does not succede.
“Why?” John’s heart almost breaks at this question as Alex’s voice is full of pain, despair and rage. “You have no idea what I’ve been through since- since-”
“I have” John whispers not sure how Alex will react. He quietens, laying his gaze on him. No turning back now. “I was here a couple of times. I saw you… then, when you stood at my grave” his voice quiet, regretful. “I was there.”
“You- you what?” He cannot believe this. The whole sadness, the grief now turn into rage as he stands up, automatically and catches John by his arms. With anger he pushes him against the wall, his teeth clenched as he asks “You were there all the time and you did nothing? You’ve seen, you’ve heard everything and you did nothing to let me know that you’re alive?!”
“Well, not entirely all the time” he corrects, but that’s already too much for Alex. He raises his fist and punches John in the face.
“I couldn’t tell you, Alex” John says, his face contorted at the sudden pain.
“Why not?” Alex does not hide the bitterness in his voice. Although, as he is holding John against the wall like that, he starts to want to kiss him. He misses him so much after all. His rage is already fading away anyway. But he fights it off for a moment.
“They wouldn’t let me” he shakes his head. “Besides, I didn’t want to drag you into all this. You have a wife and a kid… But they said we need you anyway.”
“Who’s they?” Alex asks, but when John takes a breath to answer, he adds “No, I don’t care now.”
And he pressed his lips against his.
John’s sweet and gentle, as always. He gives back the kisses, running his hand through Alex’s long, loosen hair. Hamilton feels his warm body touching his. It’s so different than in the dream. He’s alive. Really, truly alive. When he feels his hot breath on his neck, the goosebumps appear on his skin. He’s really back. For real this time.


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I loved going to Hannah’s town and keeping myself warm with the coffee she left out(which was delicious). The southern part feels like you’re going through the cold Arctic tundra but when you enter both homes, you feel warm and cozy ( ´▽`)

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