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otp meme [1/5 quotes]

↳ “This is about how you carried my bag off the bus yesterday. This is about how when we go to the movies and you go and you buy popcorn, you always make sure you bring back a napkin so I don’t wipe all the grease on my jeans.”

Title: Our First Night

anonymous requested: Could you do a request for a girl who is around 19-20, dark blue eyes, pale skin, and dark brunette hair who is like innocent looking but actually has a really dirty and witty sense of humor. And Negan kind of falls in love with her? Could her name be Lara? And could it involve smut? Like dirty sex haha with anal and him talking really dirty before the sex and then during? 💓 💜

Character(s): Negan and Lara (original female character)
Summary: Lara has a big crush on the leader of the Sanctuary, Negan. Tonight, though, she finds out just exactly how mutual the feelings are.
Word Count: 2,904
Warning: SMUT! Honestly, dirty af smut! Significant age difference and anal! So, beware if you are not into that sort of thing! 
Author’s Note: Thank you to the anon who sent me this! And also, thank you so very much for including some features so I can picture the girl and include it in the story! Whoever sent this request in, I hope it meets your standards and that I executed your idea well! Thank you again for sending it in! Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @justnegan)

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BTS reaction to them noticing you across the crowded room and falling in love you, but you don’t notice them

@whytegirl2011 said:  Good morning! Do you think you could do one where bts spots you from across a crowded room and falls in love but you where having a good time and didn’t even notice him?

- HIIII! Sorry for waiting! HOPE YOU ENJOOOY ^^

Jungkook: He’ll watch you through the night, you dancing, smiling, laughing. He’ll wish to see you again and to actually get to know you. 

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Jimin: Noticing you, seeing how beautiful you are, he wouldn’t be able just to watch you across the room and those people. He wants to know your name, so he’ll walk up to you with V or J-Hope, anyone he can grab his hand onto. 
“Hey” he’ll smile and one of the guys would joke about how Jimin said you are beautiful and he’ll smile and look at you “I am Jimin” *gif*

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Taehyung: Wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you. He liked the way you move, how beautiful and sexy you are. But all that didn’t matter as much he wanted to get to know what kind of person you are. For a while he’ll think should he approach and introduce himself. But finally when you are alone taking a break he’ll walk over and smile. 
“I saw you and I just can’t believe how beatiful you are. I am Taehyung” 

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J-Hope: He would notice how good you dance. He’s not the type to just sit down and watch you, he walks over to you and smiles *gif* “Let me see what you got girl” *smirks and challenges you* Later on talks to you and flirts with you

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Rap Monster: Walks up to you “Can I buy such a beautiful girl a drink?” *smirks and smiles*

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Suga: He’ll only watch you, wouldn’t be able to find courage to walk up to you. But hopes to see you again, and probably would ask people about you, your name. 
Would lean towards his friends and say how pretty you are, etc..

Originally posted by kuromel

Jin: “I am Jin what is your name princess?” he’ll take your hand in his and smile, being all classy. After dancing with him and stuff he’ll ask you to take you out for a dinner and just to talk and get to know each other.

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Missed Recital | Batfamily |

Anonymous requested: Can I request a batfam imagine where the reader, who is batsis, has a massive recital but none of the batfam turn up (except for Alfred, that man is a saint) so she goes home and is all sad and mad but none of them have any idea what they’ve done wrong? Super fluffy ending please!
I can definitely do that! I have a really strange obsession with the Batfam atm so if anyone has any requests for them, send them in bc I would love to write more for them. ALSO I didn’t know what sort of recital you meant, so I went with ballet; graceful and deadly at the same time.

Summary: It’s the night of you big recital, and Alfred is the only member of your family to come; what a disgrace for young Y/N Wayne.

Warnings: Swearing, reader gets bullied, fighting (verbal; no physical).

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(this gif is honestly the only one I could find, caN YOU HEAR ME CRYING. THEY’RE SO SPARKLY)

They’ll be here, there’s no way they’d miss this. You thought quietly to yourself, but the closer and closer it got to curtains, the more you doubted yourself.

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Watercolor || Jughead Jones

Prompt by @pinkhappypanda: a new girl in town, she comes into pops a lot and always gets a chocolate milkshake and a glass of water, Jughead keeps hearing her ask this and finds it strange, so one day after she comes in and sits down he goes over to her and he finds out she paints beautiful paintings with water colours I felt the need to officiallly request it😂😂

A/N: I finally got around to writing this! Hope you enjoy!

Gif by @stlinskim


“Hi, can I have a chocolate milkshake and a water please? To go.”

Jughead looked up when he heard the familiar order. You came in nearly everyday asking for the same thing. Jughead never understood it. Why would you order a chocolate milkshake and a water? And what was in that heavy backpack of yours? When he told Archie about this dilemma of his, the ginger looked at him like he was crazy.

“Why, Archie? Why does she get both drinks? Why not just get one?”

“Jug, you’re overthinking this.”

“But why? Why do I care so much about this?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you like her.”

Archie’s comment had stayed with him for weeks.

Did he like you? Or did he just really want to know why you asked for both a chocolate milkshake and water? Or maybe it was both.

Jughead was snapped out of his thoughts when Pop handed you your drinks.

“Thanks!” you said and walked out of the diner.

Jughead watched you through the window of the diner, debating whether or not to follow you. Before you got too far away, he realized he had to figure out this mystery about you before he went crazy. He quickly got up, packing his stuff up, checking every two seconds or so to make sure you weren’t out of eyesight. After saying a quick goodbye to Pop, Jughead rushed out of the diner and began to follow you. Not stalking. Of course he wasn’t stalking. He watched as you took a sharp right and began to walk into the woods, staying off the usual path. Jughead took a deep breath and continued on his quest.

Definitely not stalking.

How far could this girl walk?

Jughead felt like his legs were on fire as he continued through the woods, pushing branches and bushes out of his way. He was also surprised at the fact that you still hadn’t noticed that he was no more than forty feet away from you. Finally you came to a clearing in the woods, a clearing Jughead had never seen before. Or even knew about. The first thing he noticed was that there was a small pond on the edge of it. Then he noticed all the little animals. There were a ton of birds in the trees and there were frogs, toads, and turtles on the edge of the little pool. It was beautiful. Jughead watched through the trees as you sat down in the middle of the clearing, setting your drinks down next to you. After a quick sip of your chocolate milkshake, you took your backpack off and unzipped it, pulling out a sketchbook, paintbrush, and some paint. You flipped to an unfinished painting in your sketchbook before opening the cup of water you had gotten at Pop’s, dipping your paintbrush in it before mixing it with the yellow paint. Jughead craned his neck as he tried to get a better look at your paintings but could barely see anything. He slowly walked over to you, making sure he didn’t make any noises as he got to within five feet of you. He peered over your shoulder, and looked down at your work. He nearly wolf-whistled.

“That’s really good.” he remarked quietly to himself, breaking the silence.

Not as quiet as he thought.

You let out a surprised scream and spun around, eyes wide. All the birds flew away and the frogs, toads, and turtles dove under the water.

“Sorry, sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” the beanie-clad teen exclaimed, putting his hands up to show he meant no harm.

You put a hand on your chest and tried to get your breathing back to normal.

“Oh my G— How’d you find me? This is a secret place.” you said, breathlessly.

Jughead looked down, ashamed.

“Did you… follow me?” you asked.

“I, uh…” Jughead cleared his throat. “I just noticed that you always, um, got a chocolate milkshake and water.”


You looked at him bewildered.

“Come again?” you asked.

Jughead cleared his throat again.

“Everyday you come into Pop’s and get a milkshake and a water. And I just… never understood why. I mean, who gets two very different drinks? I guess I just wanted to know what you were doing?” he asked shyly, refusing to look at you.

This was a bad idea. What if you thought he was a creep? A stalker? A—

Your laugh broke him out of his thoughts. You laughed until your sides ached and tears leaked out of your eyes. Jughead felt his cheeks heat up.

“It’s not funny.” he mumbled.

“Yes it is!” you managed to get out in between laughs and gasps for air.

Jughead pouted, crossing his arms as he waited for you to stop laughing. You finally managed to calm down, but a chuckle escaped you now and then.

“I can’t believe you followed me because of the fact that I ordered two drinks.”

Jughead smirked.

“Yeah, I guess it was kinda weird, huh?”

You smiled at him.

“Yeah, maybe, but it’s fine.” you reassured.

The two of you became silent, unsure about how to continue the conversation.

“I, uh, I should go. I didn’t mean to disturb you in your… painting mode or whatever.” Jughead said.

Painting mode?!

You smirked.

“You could stay if you want. I mean, you walked all this way, right? Might as well sit down for a while and relax.”

Jughead gave a shy smile as he sat down next to you.

“Okay,” he said and held out his hand. “I’m Jughead, by the way.”

You took it, smiling at the raven-haired teen.

“I’m Y/N. Y/N L/N.”


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed! Send me feedback!


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BTS Reaction to you dyeing your hair an outrageous color like theirs

@butterflysuki77 Requested: Hi! Can you do a BTS Reaction to you dying your hair an outrageous color to match theirs?

Hi! I hope you liked this I tried finding pics/gifs of girls with the same colored hair to go with this reaction :)

Jungkook: He would be praising you the second he saw you walk in the room, he’d have the biggest smile on his face and he could’t help himself from touching your hair loving how the black accented your skin tone. “You dyed your hair.” He smiled twirling a strand of hair around his finger. “I wanted to match.”

“But your blonde? You won’t be able to dye it back the same.” You just shrugged, you didn’t mind the fact that you wouldn’t have the same hair color again, you just loved the smile that spread across your boyfriend’s face.

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Taehyung: He’d stare at you in shock when he saw you with red hair, he didn’t think that you would dye your hair like his and he was just in awe of it. “You don’t like it?” You frowned almost immediately upon seeing the look on his face. “No..it’s just different. I didn’t-”

“Think I’d dye my hair?” You cut him off, you were growing more upset by the second and he could tell. “No stop that, I just have to get used to it. I’m sorry for upsetting you this just came as a shock to me.”

Originally posted by toughchim

Originally posted by universofandom

Jimin: You surprised Jimin when you went to the filming for his MV, you wanted your hair to be a surprise as well. When Jimin turned around and saw the familiar cotton candy pink hair on your head as well he smiled waddling over to you in the cold. “Jagiiii, it’s cold you should be wearing something around your ears.” Jimin would say wrapping his arms around you sending any possible warmth to you, he’d hide his face in the crook of your neck while mumbling how much he liked your hair. “It looks really good on you, it’s cute.” 

Originally posted by cuteguk

Originally posted by carolyndolly

Hoseok: Hoseok took one look at your hair and shook his head laughing. “I hope you know your hair is going to be so dead because of this.” In typical Hoseok fashion he didn’t praise your hair but rather list all the cons of what you had just done to your hair. “You’re hair is very very cute and I really love that we’re matching but you didn’t think this through all the way did you?”

Namjoon: “Ah it looks so good! I didn’t know you were dyeing your hair purple!” Namjoon beamed at you giving you a thumbs up. He loved being surprised, especially by you since you always seem to surprise him the best. “It’s the same shade as me and everything, I love it.” You smiled up at him turning around and spinning so you could show him every inch of your purple hair.

Originally posted by sugaa

Yoongi: “You did what?” His eyes opened more trying to see your hair from under your hat you were wearing. The second you pulled your hat off and straightened out your hair with your fingers his eyes widened even more. “I dyed my hair like yours.” 

“I can see that.” He replied staring only at your hair. “I like it, but your hair is going to be so dead. Your hair was black (y/n), you must’ve had to bleach it like five times.” You just shrugged, you didn’t care what it took to dye your hair this color, you liked doing something similar with him.

Originally posted by gravitaetion

Jin: You had probably been standing in front of him for ten minutes and he still hadn’t looked up from his food. You were growing impatient and narrowed your eyes down to him. “Kim Seokjin.”

“(y/n) (y/l/n).” He replied swiping down on his phone trying to reload his newsfeed. You had huffed a big breath and snatched his phone from him. “Hey!” His head snapped up to you and his eyes were now fixated on your hair. “You dyed your hair!” He yelled excited while a big smile spread across his face. “Took you long enough.”

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BTS Reaction to: Finding out their crush is a skilled masked member from another gang

Anon asked: Hello beautiful ! Can you do a bts mafia reaction where they fall in love with a shy and apparently innocent girl but one day they fight with a skilled mask member from another gang and then they remove the mask from the person and it’s actually the girl they fell for 😉 I hope it isn’t too confusing lol” 

Author’s note; I’m absolutely In love with this idea 💖. Hope you like it and again, gifs aren’t mine. x


He’d been running for the past 10 minutes. He followed the masked member through the entire city but they were too fast. Suddenly they turned around the corner and saw it was a dead end. Seokjin smirked to himself as he realized this was his chance to take them out. He quickly cornered them before reaching out to hit them in the side, only to have his arm being pinned behind his back and being pushed to the ground. He tried to get up but the masked member pressed him down even harder, making him groan. Seokjin managed to free one of his hands as he grabbed the member’s leg and pulled them down.

A loud squeal echoed through the alley, making him crook an eyebrow. This masked member is a girl? He moved to straddle the member before he lifted their mask. Shocked washed over him as he saw your beautiful face.

“Y-Y/N-ah” He stammered as he looked at you in shock.

No.. this couldn’t be true. You’re such a sweet and innocent girl. He’d long ago accepted that he was in love with you. How could he not be? You’re such a sweet and lovely girl, this just didn’t add up.

“Seokjin?” You asked in return, just as shocked at he was. You knew he was hiding something from you but you didn’t expect him to be part of a gang, let alone your rival gang. He helped you up from the ground as he stared deeply into your eyes, wondering what to do next. No matter what would happen, you two sure had a lot to talk about.


Yoongi and his gang were in the middle of a fight. There weren’t any guns being used, it was all fist fighting. People got knocked up, punched in the stomach and some even got beat to dead. Yoongi was too busy fighting with this skilled masked member of his rival gang to pay attention to the others. He had never seen them before, but they were good, really good even. The member seemed to dodge all he punches and kicks. Under different circumstances Yoongi would have been really impressed, but he was fighting for his life here. So he quickly pushed them to the wall, which earned a whine from them. He frowned as the sound made its way into his ears.

That was strange, that voice almost sounded like Y/N, he thought. Right then he took the time to check the member out. It was a woman for sure. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure that it wasn’t you, right? He carefully removed the mask as he dropped it to the floor in shock,standing face to face with you.


He didn’t even know how to respond. All he could do was stand there in total shock. So that’s why you had that weird bruise on your leg. He groaned as he grabbed your arm and dragged you with him to his house, completely forgetting about the fight that your and his gang were in. He wanted to know everything and needed an explanation as to why you were part of a gang. You were way to shy and innocent for that.


Getting people to do what he wanted was his specialty. He was good at playing people. So good that he earned himself the nickname ‘puppet master’. He was extremely manipulative. After all who would be able to resist his puppy eyes and demanding voice? Hoseok had his eyes set on a new masked member from his rival gang. A very skilled master member he must add. He planned everything out. He’d trap the member in the corner and tell them about his offer. It would be too good to resist. The member would make twice the money they make now. It was a waterproof plan. What he didn’t plan however, was when he removed the mask to see your pretty eyes staring at him.

“Y/N.. It’s you?” 

He asked in utter confusion. He just didn’t get how such a sweet innocent girl could do this type of work.

“Yeah, sorry for lying to you Hoseok." You mumbled, truly feeling sorry for lying to this sweet guy.

"It’s okay. I was about to make you an offer, since you’re so skilled but we wouldn’t want that pretty face of yours to get ruined. So how about we go back to my place and talk about everything, okay?”

You nodded before accepting his hand and following him back to his apartment.


He sighed deeply as he saw another one of his men being carried to the first aid room. This was the 10th this week. All because of that new masked member from he rival gang. They just seemed to knock every single one of his men out. He had never seen anyone do that before, it was really impressive to say the least. Maybe be could convince them to come work for him instead of his rivals. Right then his phone started to beep, signaling the sound of a new message.

Y/N: “Hey Joon, I’m so sorry but I can’t come over tonight. My boss told me he needed me for something and I really need this job. I hope we can meet some other time. x”

He sighed deeply as he dropped his phone on his desk. Great, now he really had to go meet his rival. He had hoped that he could talk his way out of it but now he had no excuse. He had to go, so he did. He got in his car and 10 minutes later he was standing in front of the building. Namjoon really wasn’t looking forward to this, but he had to talk to him if he wanted to ease some tension. That’s how he found himself standing in front of the door, knocking on it before walking into his office.

To his surprise he saw you standing there in front of his rival, dressed in all black with a famous mask in your hand. Wait a second, that’s the mask of the new skilled masked member. His eyes grew wide as everything started to make sense. It was you. You were the skilled masked member. That’s why you couldn’t meet him tonight, you had other things to do. Suddenly he didn’t care about his rival anymore. All he wanted was for you to work for him instead, so he grabbed your arm and dragged you with him.

“Namjoon, what are you doing?” You asked as you tried to remove your arm from his grasp.

“You’re gonna quit working for that asshole Y/N. Come work for me instead. You’d be so much safer." 

"I’m not a little girl who needs to be protected at all times.”

“I know that, but you’re still my sweet Y/N and I don’t wanna anything to happen to you.”


He dodged another punch as he felt it getting harder to breathe. He was on another mission, trying to steal a famous painting when a new face appeared. Well, a masked face actually. Jimin had heard all about them and how skilled they were. He initially thought that they were just rumors and that it was just another mediocre member. Boy was he wrong. This member was insanely good at punching people and tiring them out. He felt the same happening to him as he laying on the ground, gasping for air.

The masked member removed his mask before throwing it to the other side of the room. The member got ready to punch him again when they suddenly stopped dead in their tracks. Jimin raised his eyebrow at their sudden change of behavior as he sat up slightly, so his back was pressed against the wall.


His eyes widened as the familiar voice made it’s way into his ears. 


You quickly took your mask off, staring at him with the same wide eyes. “How are you the new masked member? You’re so shy and innocent!” You laughed at his words as you helped him up again.

“Not as innocent now, huh?” “No, definitely not. Seems like I was wrong about you Y/N. You’re full of surprises.”


If there’s one thing he hates it’s assassinations. He hates it when he has to kill people. However, this new masked member was hurting too many of his men. He had to kill them for the sake of his own gang. That’s how he found himself in the familiar street. This masked member must live in your neighborhood then, since this is where you live too. Suddenly he saw the person stop, only to fish something out of their purse. It had to be keys. Taehyung took a proper look at the person and realized that it was a woman. Great. The woman turned to the side to unlock the door and that’s when he felt his heart stop.

“Y/N..” He mumbled in shock.

Was it really you who hurt so many of his men? That couldn’t be possible. You’re such a sweet and shy girl. You couldn’t even harm a fly, at least he thought. He watched you go beside before closing the door behind you. Okay, now what? He thought as he sunk back against the wall. He couldn’t kill you, that’s for sure. He feels way too much for you to be able to do that. So he decided to be brave and rang your doorbell. Taehyung decided that he would try to get you to join him instead of fight against him. That way you’d be close to him a lot and he sure did like the thought of that.


“Sir, we caught the masked member.”

Jungkook smirked to himself as he slowly approached the member sitting on the chair. Their hands bound behind their back as their mask was still on. He couldn’t believe he was finally about to unmask the famous masked member, literally. He cracked his knuckles as he squatted down in front of the member, smirking devilishly as he grabbed the edge of the mask before ripping it off. However, his breath hitched when he saw your beautiful eyes staring back at him.

“Y/N..it’s you?” He asked in disbelief, his heart beating rapidly against his chest.

You shyly nodded your head as you kept your eyes on your lap, not wanting to face him. Jungkook was beyond confused at this point. He didn’t understand how someone like you could be in a gang. He knelt down in front of you as he lifted your chin so you looked him in the eyes.

“Listen to me Y/N. If you wanna be part of the Mafia come join my gang instead. Let me protect you. We can do so many great things together.”

“I don’t need protection Jungkook" 

"Just please come work for me.”

You chuckled at the desperation in his voice as you nodded your head. Jungkook smiled happily as he untied your hands and held you close. Even though you technically didn’t need protection, he’d still make sure you were safe.

Reaction (EXO): When their girlfriend is a sarcastic asshole during an argument

Kris: “Touche, you sarcastic little shit.”

Originally posted by krismehard

Luhan: “No fair, you can’t make me want you in the middle of a fight.”

Originally posted by yoonterlude

Tao: “Well fuck, I didn’t expect that from such an innocent being.”

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Xiumin: “The fuck was that? You can’t be more sarcastic than me during a fight.”

Originally posted by peruni

Lay: “Girl, where did all that rage come from?”

Originally posted by getlayd

Chen: “You just started a war, I hope you know.”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Kai: “Girl, I will… Just kidding, I can’t stay mad at you.”

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

Chanyeol: “Two can play that game baby.” 

Originally posted by parkchny

Baekhyun: “Chanyeol, do you find her amusing?”

C- “No, I don’t think I do.”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Suho: *doesn’t even know how to reply* 

Originally posted by qrishan

Sehun: “Girl, don’t even try. I will win this.”

Originally posted by kaisoh

D.O: *reading a message from you* “She said what now?” 

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Driven Motive: Part 4

Author: @lovefilledtragedy

Pairing: Mitch x Female Reader/OFC

Word Count: 3.9k

Song Rec: Are You Ten Years Ago - Pvris (this is how I imagine the reader to sound when she sings I guess, so you can find this cover on Spotify here and YouTube here)

Summary: After discovering the truth about one another for their reasons to being at the Barn, Mitch and Y/N’s ‘relationship’ with one another begins to take off.

Warnings: angst, some cussing of course, some nice fluff for a change

Author’s Notes: I know, I know. it has been forever since I have last posted for this story, but I am hoping that you can all forgive me with this part. I enjoyed writing this chapter and I hope you all enjoy reading it. thank you to all of my friends on here for keeping me motivated, but a special thanks to @minhosmeanhoe who has always been so kind to me and for keeping me going with this story, you’re amazing girl. thank you as well to my girl @redstringlovers for proof-reading this for me as well, I love you. enjoy everyone! I know the gif doesn’t match, I just couldn’t find one that really did.

Part 3 –> Part 4 –> Part 5

Originally posted by dylan-robrien

Y/N felt herself go numb as she continued back to the main building to her room to gather her things for the Arabic course that she was required to be attending was about to start downstairs. She could care less that she was going to be late or care about the course at all in that moment. She felt like her heart had been ripped out of her chest, exactly how it had felt when she found out that Andrew was dead, the same nausea and shakiness coming back up through her entire body, causing her to grip the vanity table so she wouldn’t fall to the floor from the feeling.

Of all the fucking people in the world, it had to be him…it had to be him that took Mansur out.’ Y/N thought, glancing at herself in the mirror above the vanity she had found herself leaning on, standing herself up straight as she adjusted her cream colored long sleeved shirt over her hips that were hugged by her light blue skinny jeans and paired with her beige combat boots. She sighed and wiped her eyes with her sleeves careful to not touch the light mascara she had placed on her lashes, some stray tears welling up in her eyes.

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3. BTS Reaction When You Have Tattoos.

Please request some ideas that you want because it inspires me to carry on writing (sorry for any mistakes) hope you enjoy!! :)

(Gifs are not mine)


I feel like out of all of the members Jin would like it the least only because I see him with a more traditional girl. Although after a while I have no doubt he’ll start to find your tattoos sexy.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


I think Yoongi would find your tattoos so sexy especially when you’re in your underwear and he can see every single one of them. He would love to run his hands over your smooth skin, tracing the outline of his favourite tattoos on you.

Originally posted by nnochu


Namjoon would LOVE the tattoos, he would definitely like them the most out of the boys. Whether it’s a small tattoo or lots of them, he would adore them especially when you tell him the story behind some of them making him love you even more.

Originally posted by rapnamu


Hoseok would love to trace the outlines of your tattoos, running his big hands over them. It would be surprising to him when he first found out but he would get so excited seeing them litter your skin and he would just love to kiss all over them.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


Boy, oh boy. Expect him to be touching and asking about your tattoos, he would love seeing them and would love going with you to get a new tattoo. Jimin would also love to be part of the making of your tattoos and would get so happy when you ask for his opinions when you’re planning a new one.

Originally posted by bangtan


He would have so many questions about when you got them, what made you get them and the meaning behind all of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if you catch him taking photos of your tattoos and he would love it when you were in your underwear just so he can admire you and find out about all of the hidden tattoos under your clothes.

Originally posted by jjks


The baby bun would be so curious, he would probably be pretty unsure about the tattoos at first only because he’s young and didn’t know you had them. Although over time when jungkook starts getting used to them he would really like them as they’re apart of you and he loves you.

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Flying Graysons (Dick Grayson)

Request:Hey love! I came across your blog and I can’t describe how in love I am with it. Can you do an imagine where the reader is dick Grayson’s real sister and she passed away with his parents but the boys find a picture of this really beautiful girl and they ask him about it? Thank you lots! And hope you have a great day or night haha 💜

Gifs don’t belong to me.
Notes: While I was writing this, I realized John and Mary (Dick’s parents) have the same names as the Sherlock and Supernatural characters!

I headcanon that Dick is such a hoarder. “You can’t throw that old pair of tennis shoes away! I played basketball with Bruce for the first time with those!”

Warnings: Death, Blood, Grief,, ANGSTY AND SORTA FLUFFY??, Swearing
Since the ages didn’t line up, I made Reader 18 and Dick 10 when you died.
Italics are memories.

Hope you like it, anon!

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BTS reaction to you being really horny and wanting to have sex at an awards show

Hello lovely people! <3 Sorry for being so inactive! i’ve been busy >.< But anyway!! Enjoy :)

Jin: “B-Babe…..C-Cant you wait just a little longer! We cant do this here”

Yoongi: “I love seeing you squirm in your seat like that, But just hold off for a little bit. okay?”

Namjoon: “Bad girl aren’t you? Just be patient and i’ll make you feel good when we get home baby girl”

Jhope: “Oh? Is someone horny? Someone’s impatient….Go to the bathroom i’ll be there in 10.”

Jimin: “I know you need it baby but just hold on okay? i’ll make up for it once we get home”

Taehyung: “Well if you want it that badly i can pleasure you with my hand, Just be quite. We don’t want anyone finding out right?”

Jungkook: “You are w-what?!? Babe! Now isn’t the time for this, We could get in some big trouble~ Just wait a little bit..”

Hope you liked it!! Thank you for requesting as always <3

~~ Admin Abbie

{Reaction} EXO meeting your bully.

Hello! Could you please do EXO reacting to meeting your childhood crush who used to bully you?

Note: Hello! I kind of altered your request slightly to make it so different members are meeting different kinds of bullies. Just because I thought it would make it more interesting doing it this way. I hope you don’t mind too much. Enjoy~ Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol could see how visibly uncomfortable you were as a girl approaches you while the two of you are out shopping. He can see your shoulders tense, your hands fumble and shake as your eyes barely move away from the floor. The other girl is smirking, clearly seeing her authority over you. Chanyeol finds himself finally understanding what’s going on, and who this girl is, your bully. He clears his throat, not wanting to cause a conflict, knowing you wouldn’t like that.

Chanyeol: “Come on {y/n}, I’d like to go and look at the gaming place, are you coming?”

{y/n}: “Yeah, let’s go.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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The thought of anyone bullying you makes his blood boil. How could someone so beautiful minded and intelligent be under so much hatred? When he runs into your bully outside a changing room waiting for you, he finds himself glaring at the man, knowing how disgusting and horribly he treated you.

As you stepped out of the the dressing room in a stunning outfit, the two pairs of eyes landed on you. Both were in awe at your beauty, but only one man truly had your heart. The man that used to bully you was no longer significant, and you couldn’t have feelings for him again even if you tried.

Kyungsoo: “You look beautiful Jagi.” *Glares at the bully* “You’re still here?”

Bully: “I was just-”

Kyungsoo: “Leaving? Yeah, I thought so…” *Watches him leaving with piercing eyes.*

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun likes to try and stay clear of conflict and find the best in ever situation, so when you run into your childhood bully in the street one day and awkward greetings are made, Baekhyun tries to make conversation. When really he’s not particularly helping the situation.

Baekhyun: “But you were only children, so it’s not like it’s serious or-”

{y/n}: “Baekhyun, please be quiet.”

Baekhyun: “Yes, {y/n}.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun feels your hand curl tighter around his, and when he looks down, he can see how much closer you’re standing to him, how your eyes are barely inching away from your shoes. At first, he’s confused, but then he sees the girl that basically destroyed your life in high school. The girl that crushed your self esteem, made your then boyfriend cheat on you with her, and spread any nasty lie she could to break any relationships you had with friends. Sehun felt his anger building as she had the cheek to walk over and say “hello.”

Sehun: “Can’t you see we’re busy? We don’t want to be disturbed, we’re on a date.”

Bully: “Shopping date, huh? Look honey, whatever you buy {y/n} isn’t going to improve her looks.”

Sehun: “You’re right. She’s already stunning, makes you think there’s no way she could look any better when she’s already at utter perfection. But trust me, she’ll prove you wrong every time. Each morning when I wake up and see her, she looks even more amazing than the day before.”

Bully: *Stunned silence*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by laygion

When Yixing hears that you’re under verbal abuse in your education setting, he finds himself full of anger and confusion. How could anyone do such a thing to you? He leaves the house immediately to find you at school, but when he finally arrives, you’re already at the gate, talking to someone. It wasn’t until he got closer that he realised how uncomfortable you looked.

Yixing: “Yah, stop talking to my baobei like that.” *Pulls you into a hug as the bully leaves.* “I’m never going to let you get hurt Baobei, I promise.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by chenc-17

Jongdae doesn’t appreciate you getting bullied thank you very much. But since he doesn’t want to cause a lot of confrontation, he will simply stay with you for support, and interfere when you want him to. He doesn’t want you to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable, so he would simply be there for you, and would always have a shoulder at the ready for you to cry on.

Jongdae: “Are you sure you don’t want me to talk to them?”

{y/n}: “No, I don’t”

Jongdae: “Okay Jagi, let me know if you change your mind.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by mercuryica

Like the others, Minseok doesn’t like to fight or cause a massive conflict. But he’s not going to let you bully get away with it either. When you tell him that there’s a guy at your workplace who constantly harasses you, Minseok isn’t going to let it slide quite so easily.

Minseok: *picking you up from work, walks up to  he front desk where he sees a man talking to you while you’re looking completely uncomfortable.*

Bully: “So where’s this ‘boyfriend’ of yours? I can see-”

Minseok: “Right here. Come on {y/n}”

Bully: *Looks taken aback by Minseok’s muscles and strong demeanor. Seems to take a step back as you rush to leave with Minseok by your side.*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Even though Tao can be a baby panda, he can also be a martial artist expert. And with a talent as lethal as his, no one in their right mind is going to try and hurt you. He knows that you used to be bullied as a child by your crush, but he had never met this man until he had run into him with you.

Bully: “{y/n}, long time no see.”

Tao: *Clicks his knuckles*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by suhomysuho

Junmyeon has no sympathy to the man that you once loved, but treated you like nothing. When he found himself with a run in during one Sunday afternoon, he could feel his insides boiling. The man clearly realised his mistake. You looked stunning now, and were more confident after high school since Suho had treated you well enough to help you become more confident and outgoing. But that didn’t matter, even if you had changed, you were still far too good for that scumbag, and Suho wasn’t prepared to give him a single inch of forgiveness.

Bully: “So uh… how’s {y/n} doing now?”

Suho: “Yeah, she’s well… amazing, actually.”

Bully: “Do you think she’d accept an apology after all this time? I realised how shit I’d been to her. But we were just kids, right? Nothing serious. Maybe give good word for me? I’d like to take her out-”

Suho: “Thanks but no thanks, I’m dating {y/n}, and we’re pretty serious. I think you’d be doing her a favour by keeping your distance.” *salty af*

Lu Han

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Luhan saw your shoulders tense up as a waitress approached, her eyes arrogant and her lips smirking as she finally stopped before the table. She said hello, asked {y/n} how she was and then continued to take the order. Luhan noticed how friendly the waitress was being with him, and it wasn’t until she placed a hand on his cheek that he realised who this girl was.

Luhan: “Aish, don’t do that. Can’t you see I’m here with my girlfriend? I’m not interested”

Bully: “Can’t I tempt you?” *smirking*

Luhan: “what part of ‘I’m not interested’ don’t you understand?”

Bully: *speechless at the rejection*

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would be so frustrated when he finally found out that someone was bullying you at work. At first, he wouldn’t know what to do about it, and would probably spend a lot of time dancing and going to the gym to relieve his stress and anger. But one day, when he comes to pick you up from work, he sees the bully talking to you, and can’t stop himself as he gets out of the car to give the bully a piece of his mind.

Kai: “Yah! That’s my girlfriend you’re talking to, not a pile of shit!”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by toffeelad

Your bully is either very brave, or very stupid. Because really, who would want to get on the wrong side of Kris? As soon as he found out about this, he took matters into his own hands - no one is going to get away with hurting you.

Kris: *Towering over your bully* “Funny you think you can get away with this. {y/n} is smart and amazing, and if you dare to make any move to hurt her again, then it might just be the last thing you do.” *His threats are very intimidating - he won’t let the bully off lightly.*

hey guys! so if you don’t already know, the annual Bellarke Fanfiction Awards have been cancelled. (if you’re not caught up, you can read the official announcement here)

while i know a lot of people are disappointed, i just hope you guys remember how much Work the BFF Team puts into organising this every year. these girls work their butts off trying to make every year’s awards bigger and better so that all of us find new things to enjoy about it. they’re a huge part of cultivating fan content appreciation in our fandom (not just fics, but vids/gifs/edits too). besides that, they spend large chunks of their time just keeping the BFF blog going, providing us with a steady stream of reblogged/original fic, doing their best to locate and recover every forgotten/lost fic when we can’t remember the name of that one work we loved. (seriously, have you ever tried to search for a specific fic based on someone’s vague, fuzzy description? it’s hard, fam. imagine doing that, like, every single day.)

with that in mind, it would be really nice if we could all put aside our gripes and complaints about fandom for, like, a minute, and take a moment to acknowledge and affirm this awesome team made up of Real Human Beings for their tireless, heartfelt contributions to the blog and to the Bellarke fandom as a whole. 

SO, let’s play a game!

  • click here to go to the BFF askbox!
  • send something nice their way – a compliment for the good work, a small ‘thanks’ for everything, or maybe something sweet you’ve always thought about them but never really thought to say to them!

i don’t want this to come off as “HEY GUYS GO DO THIS THING FOR ME PLS AND THANKS” bcos that’s not what this is about. BUT as extra encouragement, i’m going to open up my own inbox for five-sentence prompt fills! 


  • like this post once you’ve sent in your appreciation message to the BFF Team
  • you are NOT required to reblog! (unless you just want to spread the word!) 
  • send me your Bellarke prompts here and i’ll write you a five-sentence fic 
  • this isn’t foolproof verification at all ofc so we’re gonna have to go on a little bit of faith here, lmao <3 honour system, folks! (e.g. don’t send me a prompt when you never sent any good vibes the BFF Team’s way)


i’m pretty sure there’s a special place in all our hearts for the BFF blog and the BFFA, and i’m willing to bet i’m not the only one who wants to give something back to our lovely BFF Team. if you’d like to jump in on this, PLEASE REBLOG to let people know that you’re taking on this challenge! the more fic writers in on this project, the more love that’s gonna be sent the BFF Team’s way! =)

Green Eyes: A Theo Raeken Imagine

Request from Anon:  Can you do an imagine where the reader is Theo’s girlfriends and other girls flirt with him and the reader is like jade from victorious so she gets really angry. You can decide how it ends :)

To whoever requested this, I hope you like it. Requests are again open, so feel free my wonderful readers! Hope you guys like a little bit of jealous reader, and I’ve never actually watched Victorious so I kinda just went with the impression I got from the description. Enjoy and I’m so sorry it took so long and that it’s quite short x

(I know Hayden is in the gif but I couldn’t find a better one, sorry)

The day hadn’t exactly gone as planned. You hadn’t planned to walk into class to see some girl with her arm around your boyfriend. You hadn’t planned to march across the room and slap her around the face. 

You weren’t the jealous type. 


But then again, none of your previous boyfriends has been Theo Raeken. The chimera with the killer smirk, the toxic green eyes and the addictive kisses. Being with him had heightened your senses, and you spent every moment craving his touch when he wasn’t by your side. And seeing someone else have that luxury when it was one that belonged to you, well, you hadn’t thought such anger was possible. 

You felt some sort of pride when the girl clutched her cheek in surprise, and out of the corner of your eye, you could see the smirk plant itself on Theo’s face. 

So naturally, he had planned for you to get jealous. Bastard. 

“What the hell was that for?”

“He’s my boyfriend. Back off.”

She turned her head looking at Theo for confirmation. Which was exactly what she got. As a result, she turned on her heels and walked away, obviously not feeling the hole your eyes were burning into the back of her head. 

You felt Theo’s arm wrap around your waist, his chin resting on your shoulder as his voice floated into your ear. 

“Got a case of the little green eyed monster, have we?”

“Shut up.”

He nuzzled his face into your neck, laughing against your skin. 

“You know I’m all yours, right? You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

The fact that he called himself yours sent your heart fluttering, but he didn’t need to know that. 

“I wasn’t worried. Just some people should learn to keep their hands to themselves.”

He spun you around to face him, your nose brushing against his as his hands moved up and down your sides. 

“Am I included in some people?”

You gulped as you looked into those toxic green eyes that were often the subject of your dreams, nervousness and anticipation flooding through you. 

“Definitely not.”

“Didn’t think so.”

In an instant, Theo’s lips were on yours, his hands clutching the small of your back. You felt your arms wrap themselves around the back of his neck as you kissed him back, granting him access when you felt his tongue running along your bottom lip.

Much to your disappointment, he was the first to pull away. 


You rolled your eyes. This was another change that had come with dating Theo. Normally, you would have been mortified at the prospect of getting caught making out by a teacher, but now, you really didn’t care. 

You stroked a finger down his chest in order to direct his attention back to you. 

“We could just skip. Do something a little more fun.”

“And what exactly are you suggesting, Y/N?”

“I think you know.”

He grabbed your wrist, pulling your hand away from his chest, and interlocking it with his own. 

“Remind me to get you jealous more often. I like Y/N the little green eyed monster.”

“Call me that again and we won’t be doing anything.”

You both knew that was a lie. 

Especially as the truth was revealed when you got home.


Exo reactions to their gf rapping

/I decided to just do a reaction to you rapping, I hope that’s okay, thanks for the request!!! <3/

*I do not own these gifs*

Baekhyun: *rapper byun is in the house*

“Look jagi, I can rap too!”

Chanyeol: *finds it really hot*

Chen: *hears you rapping*

“Girl, take the mic!”

Kai: *sexy kai mode activated*

Suho: *impressed by your skills*

“Wow, you’re so good!”

D.O: *fangirling*

Kris: *joins in because he’s kris*

Lay: *unicorn approves*

“That was great Y/N!””

Tao: *starts jamming*

Xiumin: *shocked*

Luhan: *pervy Lu appears*
“What other secrets are you hiding?”

Sehun: *shocked but also finds it super hot*

/I hope you enjoyed it! <3 Feel free to leave requests!/

Time After Time

Here’s another of my future Klaroline drabbles and my season five premiere. Just so you know I didn’t incorporate the hollow stuff (mainly because I don’t watch the show - yet anyway).

Hope you like it. I also included something I saw on a gif set from @fyjosephmorgan (not sure if Joseph said it or not but it’s gold) so thank you.

Caroline has to suspend Hope for making out with her boyfriend at school, deciding that given his overprotective streak it’s probably best to drive to New Orleans with her and break the news in person.

“If you’re lost you can look and you will find me. If you fall I will catch you, I’ll be waiting.”

Somewhere in Mississippi

“Can we play something that was produced in my lifetime at least?”

“Last time I checked naughty, suspended girls don’t have the right to pick the car playlist,” Caroline chided, her eyes firmly trained on the road. “And just for your information, there is nothing wrong with Cindy Lauper.”


“Forget I mentioned it,” she muttered, thinking kids these days didn’t appreciate good music. And since when did she become the responsible adult? Unfortunately being the Principal at the Magic School in Mystic Falls didn’t give her the coolest reputation. Given what had happened with Hope two days earlier, Caroline knew that was also part of the teenager’s animosity towards her.

The school was holding their annual magic fair at the Boarding House next weekend so Caroline had been looking for the outdoor equipment they’d stored in the back shed the previous year. She opened the door, holding her breath so as not to inhale any rogue dust that had gathered over the seasons. It was dark and she fumbled for the light switch on the wall, it was as she did it that she heard some low moans emanating from the corner. If she knew any better it sounded like…

Before Caroline could entertain any further thoughts the switch was on, illuminating the room. Her eyes adjusted to the light slowly but it was difficult not to miss the scene before her. Two half dressed bodies, their sweaty limbs intertwined as they writhed on the floor. The invading light the only thing breaking them from their activities. Four very guilty eyes met hers. For once in her life Caroline was speechless. Not only because of what she’d walked into but because of just who she was. Klaus Mikaelson was going to murder this teenage kid if he found out, that much was sure.

“Get your asses outside pronto,” she ordered, shielding her eyes. “And with a whole lot more clothing on please.” They’d taken their time, skulking outside guiltily with their clothes thrown on haphazardly. “I don’t need to tell you just how much trouble you’re both in.” Roman and Hope both had their eyes downcast now but Caroline was pretty sure their disappointment wasn’t due to guilt but disappointment she’d interrupted their fun.

Their prolonged silence continued, Caroline knowing that this was a difficult decision to make because of the possible consequences. If there was anything she knew well it was Klaus and his thirst for revenge. Never mind the fact Hope was also his only daughter. Who was she kidding Roman had no chance at survival. Given her sympathy it would have been so easy to turn a blind eye but it wouldn’t be Caroline to let them go unpunished. She had a fierce, headmistress reputation to protect after all.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve been caught,” she growled, thinking back to Alaric’s discovery in the grounds a week earlier when they’d first been warned. “You’re both suspended until further notice, I’ll be notifying your parents.” There was no mistaking the fear in Hope’s eyes. Caroline would have been scared too, even if Klaus made it his life’s work to protect her.

On further reflection, Caroline knew a more personal approach would be better to break the news. Over the years she’d seen Klaus a handful of times but he’d kept his distance, something that Caroline initially respected but she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t missed him. She figured Klaus would be less likely to kill anyone in his path if she raised it with him face-to-face which meant a road trip to New Orleans with his daughter Hope in tow. If only the youngest Mikaelson had better taste in music.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this, haven’t you ever been young?” Seventeen years young she thought to herself.

“I know plenty about being young, Hope, but I think attempting to have sex on school property is just a little too exhibitionist for someone your age.”

“Well, not that it’s anyone’s business but we, uh, haven’t got that far yet.”

“Not without trying,” she drawled, thinking back to the scene in the shed. “But I have to say for that I am eternally grateful.”

“Why? Because my virginity is a precious gift that needs to be protected or something like that?”

“Actually I was going to say it’s a pretty sad story to tell people you lost your virginity in the equipment shed,” she joked, looking over briefly to send Hope a smile. “You know it’s okay to wait for the right time and place? To be honest I think you’d end up regretting rushing it.”

“So, all the more reason not to tell my father then?”

“Good try,” she growled. “Look, we both know the large newtwork of spies your father has at his disposal and we both know that he’s going to find out about this whether you tell him or not. This way you can get to him first and calmly explain the situation…”

“Now there’s an awkward conversation just waiting to happen.”

“Well, put it this way, he might be less inclined to kill your boyfriend.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“It’s worth a try. Look, I know first hand how, um, overprotective Klaus can be but I will be right there with you.”

“Why are you doing this?” Alaric had questioned her about the same thing, suggesting that given their history it might confuse things emotionally. Caroline had insisted it was her principal’s duty and purely professional but even she’d conceded that she didn’t sound convincing at all.

“Well, I mean he’s less likely to lose it if I’m around,” she offered weakly. “Here’s hoping anyway.”

Before Hope could respond, Caroline heard a loud bang, the car swerving unexpectedly to the other side of the deserted road. She squealed in fright, Hope doing the same thing as Caroline attempted to steady the car even with a busted tire. Hope leaned across placing her hand over Caroline’s to try and help control the car. After a few seconds, Caroline had managed to pull over and cut the engine, both girls looking at each other in relief before she joked to the young brunette. “And you were worried about the music on this trip.”

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❝ Flu, pajamas and Naruto’s manga  ❞

Plot:  When you’re sick and don’t tell your boyfriend Leeteuk. He finds out and gets so upset and angry at you that he storms home to only melt when he sees how’s sick and cute you look in bed. 


Words count: 1.2k+

For this cutie @vintage-misery16, I hope you like it! M.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Originally posted by meandmyopinionss

The flu sucks.

Is the only thing you can think of while your headache increases and your continued putting up with your nose make you feel like when you were a baby, a little girl struggling with the worst flu ever.

You observe the desolation of tissues around you, thinking that you couldn’t clean up that mess even with the last shred of strength that you have left in your body. You cough, having to lay a hand on your head because of the pangs that cough causes you, throwing then head against the pillow staring with vacuous gaze at the ceiling.

Everything would be so much nicer if you could get Leeteuk close to you, but you “inadvertently omitted” to your boyfriend how bad you were. You don’t want to worry him nor make him sick, then you have preferred to avoid to tell him and force him to be your personal nurse.

The voice of your favorite actor captures your attention, which is still very low due to the fever that inflames your head, body and even your toes, trying somehow to follow the drama’s episode you’re watching at that time. 

You sneeze, mentally cursing, taking the cell phone hidden in the folds of the bed sheets by sending a message to your sister. You’re practically begging her to take cough syrup and any medicine useful for the fever and you hope that she’ll accept your prayer as soon as possible.

“But why me… Aaah, I hurt everywhere. ” You complain, turning angrily off the television and putting you sitting impatiently. You look back to the tissues “graveyard” and with a sigh start collect them all, by pouring it into the bucket that you keep appropriately and beside the bed. Behold, now you think your living space has improved by a thousand times and go back to wind up yourself under the covers, hiding beneath them.

You’re about to fall asleep when you hear Leeteuk’s voice in the living room but for a moment you think it’s just the fever that can make you see and feel untrue things.


You arch an eyebrow and think it’s impossible that your mind produces a scenario so apocalyptic, so you completely hide under the covers so that nobody can see you. Of course they can see you but fever fails to make you think straight, so you keep quiet and plug your mouth to not issue a single sound.


“Oppa!” You groan in pain, moving just the covers so you discover only the eyes and the tip of your small and thin nose. You look at him and you realize that it isn’t a vision, but it’s so angry that you’d rather go hide under the covers. And it’s what you do, accepting the darkness of that lucky “fortress” with joy.

“Y/N” He screams again and catches you completely, you scream blinded by the sudden light and cover your face with your arms, feeling humiliated for wearing Pajamas at that time. Cats and flannel aren’t considered very sexy and you always tried to show a more “sexy” side in his presence, avoiding with panic to get him to even a glimpse of your Pajamas for the “flu”.

You squeeze your eyes hard, preparing you to his rant but the seconds pass and you don’t hear nothing from him. So you reopen only the left eye, watching as he stops beside the bed and looks at you, almost out of place compared to the fury that seemed just before


“Oppa.. Are you done yelling? ”

“Yes.. ” He whispers and back to cover  you with blankets, swelling them right under you so you don’t even have a body part discoveries except the face and part of your shoulders. You seem more like a Mummy at the time, but it’s nice to feel that that “bundle” causes you.

He sits down next to you and starts to slide your forehead, moving away some hair stuck to the skin because of the slight veil of sweat pearls your skin. You look at him and smile, releasing the arm from under the covers and going to shake his hand in yours. You softly pat with your thumb on the back of his hand, that hand so often attracted you to him or touch lightly you in ways prohibited as just sweet, continuing to watch him with a small, almost shy smile.

“Oppa… What.. How did you do that? ”

“You sent the message to me and not your sister… You must be really gripped with high fever if you mess up recipient that way ”

You puff and start coughing, having to turn your face so as not to get your bacteria on him. However you don’t want to get him sick and you don’t mind that your forgetfulness, or rather your confusion due to fever, he returned home in spite of your influence.

“What are you staring at? And why did you suddenly stopped screaming before Oppa? ”

“How do you expect that can feel me seeing you in this state hate!”

“Disgusted… I’m a monster. ”

You let yourself get away and a little pinch on your cheek making you moan with pain, so you gave him your best death glare and pinch him back into the side that extends directly towards your hand.

“If you’re a monster right now, then at your best what are you? Don’t answer, I already know… Now get some rest while I take care of you. ”

“What if you g–” You rarly to say but a sneeze shakes you and you hide your face again the tissue, wondering who the heck did you get a health so precarious. You start fidgeting in bed desperate, causing him to nearly fall out of bed, and screaming at the ceiling all your frustration and anger. You hate being sick but especially hate having to be stuck in the house all the time.

“Jagiya. Now you stay quite, calm and rest or I swear I’ll destroy all your Naruto’s manga in one fell swoop. ”


“Don’t test me kid.”

And with those last words he swipes his lips gently against your forehead, making to you an amused wink, then he gets up and puts another package of tissue on the bed next to you.


“Yes, but at least I’m sure you rest… Threaten Naruto is always the fastest way to get something from you. ”

You fix him and throw against him the package of tissue. Yes, the flu is now the thing you hate most in the world. Maybe more than your obnoxious boyfriend.

Sunday Stumped Day 20

It’s another Sunday Stumped Day.

Sometimes we straight out get stumped.  So each week on Sunday we’ll post of a list of asks that we need your help on.

If you have an answer to any of these shoot us a message/ask/reply with the Post number and the fic number and we’ll add it and give you a shout out with our thanks. Any links you can provide will also be super helpful.


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248.  everlarklucaya said to everlarkficquestions:

Okay so I’m looking for a fanfic that I don’t remember the title of but it was like a growing back together one where Katniss and Peeta went to the beach in district 4 and someone tried to shoot Katniss and Peeta hit his head and then all of his memories came back?

249. virgosupremacy said to everlarkficquestions:

could you help me find a post-mj fic where katniss and peeta get together and she starts taking queen anne’s lace or something herbal as a contraceptive?

250. ktanissevrdeen said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi hi hi are there any fics where katniss and peeta are still living in 12 when the bombing happens? Also, are there any fics where katniss and peeta are still regular citizens during the rebellion? Like they’re not the ones that go into the games and start the rebellion but it still happens? Thanks!!!!!


Hero of the Story by atetheredmind (s_e_irvine)

Thank you @joaquinablog!

251.  everythingisprettygood said to everlarkficquestions:

Any where Peeta sees Katniss and Gale kiss?


The Lover and the Best Friend by writersblock700

Thank you @sunsetsrmydreams!

252. slytherin-larrie said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I’m looking for a fix where Katniss is pregnant during Catching Fire/Mockingjay. I remember that when she arrived in district 13, the doctors there removed her baby for its protection or something? and they (possibly) lie to Katniss telling her the baby dies and she doesn’t find out for awhile and the baby turns out to be alive and okay and after awhile she takes it to her compartment with her mum and prim and looks after her daughter?? I read it ages ago and can’t find it :(


More Than Words by OfPearlsAndShoelaces

Thank you @geekymoviemom and @andthisisthewonder!

253.  sunsetsrmydreams said to everlarkficquestions:

I cannot remember the name of the fic where before they send Peeta and Katniss into the Quell, they put Peeta and some others in a victors program that implants them with mind control devices and Portia is in Peeta’s head. He makes it to 13 and confesses to Katniss that sometimes he can’t control himself.


Swingsets by lollercakes

Thank you @eggplant8 and @jennagill!

254.  thankyouthgproject said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I’m looking for a story where katniss has to decide if peeta should lose his leg or not after an accident. Once he’s awake and doing physio he gets really angry at katniss and tells her she’s useless and she runs away. Katniss also gets jealous with his relationship with the physio (Lavinia?). Pleaseeee help!


Two Wrongs by JLaLa

Thank you @smartalexy!

255.  everythingisprettygood said to everlarkficquestions:

Hello! Are there any where Gale comes back to District 12 after the war and wants Katniss to go to District 2 with him/his family? Thanks! Love this page


You Look So Good in Love by peetabreadgirl

Thank you @peetabreadgirl​!

256.  wheresoulsmeetbodies said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I am looking for a fic where Katniss and Peeta are dating in high school but then they break up right after graduation. They are at a graduation party and they sneak into the woods to be alone, but then they break up and Katniss runs away from him. Any ideas? Thank you!


Black and Blue by hutchhitched

Thank you @hutchhitched!

257.  fangirlingoverquotes said to everlarkficquestions:

Hey! Do you know some cute fics/oneshots in which Haymitch’s really cute with toastbaby’s and acts like their grandfather? Thanks!!!


The Grandmentor by silvercistern

Thank you @eggplant8!

258. thatgirlisahurricane said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! Do you know any fics based upon Grace and Tommy’s storyline in the first season of “Peaky Blinders”? Thanks in advance.

259.  prettyshirleyann said to everlarkficquestions:

hey! your blog is so helpful and I was wondering if there are any fics wherein katniss and peeta are not together but have a baby or they’ve kinda seperated and are dividing their time because of their child. Thanks! <3


The Match and the Rock by HPfanonezillion

Thank you @booksrockmyface!

260.  mellarkkeverdeen said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I’m looking for a one shot where peeta is divorced and has a kid with someone else, he and katniss are together and katniss is pregnant with his child, they have a weekend alone and then delly/Madge drops off his child and katniss is upset?


Somewhere in the Middle by SassyEverlarking

Thank you @keytomykingdom!

261.  youmakemyheartpanic said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! First of all, I just love this page and it has helped me finding a lot of my favourite fanfics to date. I was looking for a fic I read on FanFiction.Net. It was set during Mockingjay, but the only thing I distinctively recall is that KP were watching kids from the medical ward as requested by Prim during the bombings to D13. Thanks!

262.  emmmmma25-blog said to everlarkficquestions:

any find involving the Jabberjay scene in CF? Like reversals where Peeta gets caught in the hour, or Katniss hears Peeta’s screams??


By Your Side by geekymoviemom

Thank you @geekymoviemom​!

263.  liabelen10 said to everlarkficquestions:

Caste System! everlark, please. thnx


Know That Your Place Is With Me by titania522

Thank you @arabeth-thea!

264.  seafinnickeyes said to everlarkficquestions:

Hey hello. I don’t know if you guys can help me with this, but i’m asking all same. Did you know any everlark fanfic with a great amount of gadge as well? It can be of any type, but preferably complete and set in Panem.


The Bride Swap by titania522

Thank you @titaniasfics​!

265.  jobanana7 said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi guys I can’t get hold of this drabble and I can’t remember the title but, it has a gif on it and is k and p on vacation and k is going to tell p she’s pregnant and she has a call with prim whose dating Rory and is babysitting the toast baby girl… And that’s as much as I remembered, do you think you can help??? Thank you so much !!!

266.  jobanana7 said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I was hoping you’d help me find this drabble of k and p on a vacation and k is going to tell p she’s pregnant, and k calls prim and she’s (prim) babysitting the toast baby girl and there’s a gif of feet on a bed entwined together… As always thanks!!

267.  craftydiva0828 said to everlarkficquestions:

Looking for a fic where in the first chapter Katniss remarks about of course the “star crossed lovers” would end in front of an audience because that’s how they started. The scene has all the remaining victors going their separate ways, including Peeta.

268.  winkrookie said to everlarkficquestions:

fics with young toastbaby boy?


The Many and Varied Adventures of Young Fletcher Mellark by Silvercistern


The Synchronicity Universe by Everlark_Pearl

Thank you @jennagill​!

269.  bellemelody-blog said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! I was was reading story written by kismet4891 “Careless wishes”. I wonder maybe it is possible to find something similar, with another reality or dream in story. When a hero can understand that everything is going differently not how it suppose to be. I just fall in love with this story!

270.  adarnalways said to everlarkficquestions:

Is there any everlark fic where katniss is more open with her feelings towards peeta and proves to everyone including gale that peeta is the one she loves proudly?


The Other Mockingjay by MockingJayFlyingFree

Thank you @jennagill!

271.  hellaeverlark said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi I am trying to remember a fic that I read where Peeta burns bread in his house so he stays with Katniss for a few days and then they go into his house again and kiss in the smoke. I was wondering if you knew of it?

272.  thankyouthgproject said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi I read a fic a while ago but can’t remember the name of it. Katniss, prim and her mum move to this residence sorta place and K gets a lifeguard job and eventually meets Peeta. They end up becoming friends and enter a triathlon sorta thing and K has to teach P how to swim and he nearly dies?? TYSM!


Under the Setting Sun by janerey

Thank you @icbiwf​!

273.  addygal39 said to everlarkficquestions:

I’m trying to find the name of fic where Katniss lives with Haymitch(?) after the death of her parents. peeta sees her walking one day and takes her home in his carriage. They form a friendship, fall in love and decide to get married but he dissapears only to turn up a long while later after having been sent off to war. They see eachother by accident at a party/gathering and he explains that he didn’t willingly leave her but was sent off. Thanks for any help you can provide :)


Peeta and I by Lulubee1234

Thank you @aynako808!

274.  devfame said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi, I remember a while back I read a fanfic where Katniss goes to district 7 (post-mockingjay). She visits Johanna and ends up spending a week or so with her. They bond, go hunting, Katniss sees a moose for the first time. I believe that Johanna got over her fear of water and now lives by a lake. She also leaves food on the doorsteps of some houses. Sorry if this information isn’t much help I can only remember bits and bobs - For all I know it’s been deleted. Thanks in advance :D


An Evergreen Forest -  bodylikeabattleaxe

Thank you @kdlovehg!

275.  adarnalways said to everlarkficquestions:

Hey do you have any fic where katniss gets to see how peeta gets tortured and It breaks her?

276. stickymooniverse said to everlarkficquestions:

I don’t know the name of this fic or where to find it. Katniss and Peeta in college. Katniss was raised by her uncle Snow (I think). He was (was killed) and she inherited a lot of money, buys a fancy apartment. She uses drugs sporadically, goes to Peeta’s family for Christmas. They date. Etc. I’m not crazy, right? Oh also Gale is her weed connection but has a crush. She’s not into it


Lost and Wandering by Bemac

Thank you @icbiwf!

277.  hellaeverlark said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! I am looking for a fanfiction I read a while ago about Katniss and Peeta growing back together after the war. The scene I remember most is that their first kiss was in Peeta’s bedroom, which was filled with smoke because he burnt some bread. Hope you can find it! Thank you so much:))

278.  silent-movements said to everlarkficquestions:

Looking for a fic/drabble that was about a lot of the characters were in and that peeta was a knight? And katniss was probably an archer and they were at the last boss when peeta died because of using a potion too early and they all failed to clear the game? Thanks!

280. lysen5972 said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi again, thanks for the help last week. i am now wondering about another fic. In this one there is a separate revolt in district 12 (started i think when they tried to send the peacekeepers that had started lives in 12 away) and there is somekind of trial where katniss and others are being prosecuted because they don’t want to follow the new regime and district 13s new law. Any ideas which it could be? Thanks for the help


The Avalanche and Little Pebbles by Dyce 

Thank you @eggplant8 and @icbiwf!

281.  hellaeverlark said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi! I love your site, and I was wondering if you know any fics that take place during Catching Fire and go into more depth about Peeta’s reaction to Katniss suggesting they get married. I have been looking for fics about this for ever and I wanted to ask if you knew some! Thanks a bunch:))

282.  adarnalways said to everlarkficquestions:

Hi…. First of all I want to let you know you are doing an amazing job.. So thank you and second I wanted to ask if you know any fics where peeta sparks the rebellion and snow gets angry with peeta, not katniss!


Either Way by bellissimaanima

Thank you @tsweetyumi!

283.  intensely-melodramatic said to everlarkficquestions:

Ok so I’m looking for an AU fic set in college and Katniss and peeta meet through mutual friends and at one point she spills coffee on him. Later in the story she sings in front of the group which I think includes Finnick and gale etc and peeta is super impressed. I’m sorry I know this is a bit random and all over the place

284.   intensely-melodramatic said to everlarkficquestions:

 I have another one, Peeta and katniss have a baby but she keeps the pregnancy from him and the baby Years later. Katniss gets kicked out along with her daughter from her mums home and moves in with peeta who is a teacher. Can you find this one?

Do any of these ring a bell? Let us know!

anonymous asked:

yes!!! someone who writes for a girl group!! can i get a gif reaction for how blackpink like to kiss their girlfriend/boyfriend? whichever is easier to find gif wise!!

A/N: I hope you don’t mind me not picking a gender for the S/O in this request, anon.


I feel like Jisoo would be the kind to favour small kisses over long ass make out sessions. A small peck on the cheek, lips, nose etc. really makes Jisoo smile and she is always there to be both the giver and the receiver of these kinds of kisses. If she does keep the kiss long, however: then she’ll be wanting something more than just a kiss. If you catch my drift~

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Jennie, I feel, will be the kind of girl to absolutely love using tongue when she’s kissing her boyfriend/girlfriend. You guys can fight me on this but I genuinely feel like she’ll rarely just peck her S/O on the cheek - she’d just go all in. Less so in public, but she don’t really care.

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This little bean would be like Jisoo: where she absolutely loves the small kisses. Her favourite being the Eskimo kiss, because she has a cute lil nose~ I also feel like Rosé would also like indirect kisses. I also feel like she can be quite a tease with her lips~

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Don’t get me started on Lisa - the cinnamon bun, who could totally roast your ass if needed. I feel like Lisa would be a shy kisser, and wouldn’t commonly be the one to initiate the kissing sessions between herself and her boyfriend/girlfriend. You guys can fight me about this too, I’m all up for it. I also feel like she’d be shy about using her tongue, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if she made simple mistakes when she kissed her S/O. For example, she goes for their lips but ends up kissing their chin, cheek or nose. Something simple and cute~

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