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When the cuteness of Jongho makes me want to scream

Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY! (Some new developments have kept Meg and myself from the blog lately, but we’re not gone for good!)

I often stress to students how contrasting fast and slow motion can make animation more dynamic. This post from last year emphasized how timing can make gravity more believable, but the principle isn’t limited to physics; as seen with the orbs above, contrasting speeds can add visual interest to animation regardless of whether it needs a sense of weight.

For anyone practicing animation, I hope you’ll keep this in mind–experiment with juxtaposing fast and slow motion to make your work more dynamic.

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I’ve compiled a list of bughead fanfiction I’ve really liked for everyone in the bughead fam! don’t worry if your fic isn’t on here! this is a pretty small list(i read a lot) and i’ll probably make a p2, hope you enjoy xox. 

  • all in english.
  • most of the fics are on ao3 and some on tumblr. 
  • non completed fics will have *.  


  • you taste like strawberries by aplaceformyshipstoanchor -  Betty gets a job waitressing at Pop’s Diner and Jughead has no problem watching her work. When a situation at work gets sticky, Jughead has no problem helping Betty clean up. 
  • goldilocks by lusterrdust -  Her hair just does something to him.
  • touch me, tease me by lusterrdust -  Jughead is enamored with her, her blonde hair spilling over them like a lustrous curtain and enhancing the sounds of their breathing. He wants to declare his eternal love. He wants to pour out sonnets and ballads and write novels about every freckle on her skin, every blue shade in her eye. He wants to trace his fingers over every inch of her body until there’s no part he hasn’t memorized.
  • friends with benefits by heytherejones * 
  • third time’s the charm by septemberbeauty13 - “Oh God, get a room!” Cheryl said in passing, pushing past them to get to her locker. That was enough to push Betty into a fit of giggles, burying her head into Jughead’s chest. “You know,” Jughead whispered. “I don’t normally take advice from redheads but this is sound advice.”or Jughead and Betty try very hard to get a room. 
  • resplendent by lusterrdust - A bright light all her own, his shadows are drenched in her radiance. 
  • three words by lusterrdust - Betty is an addiction Jughead never wants to be rid of. 
  • stars by lusterrdust - Despite the gritty, gravelly exterior he presents to the world, Jughead is the epitome of sweet toward her. He’s tender and considerate and just the right amount of reticent to be endearing. And though she loves that about him, Betty’s not in the mood for slow and sweet. 
  • in distance by lusterrdust -  It’s the little things he notices that make him ache for her to come back home. 
  • camp stories by jugandbettsdetectiveagency -  Betty and Jughead end up sharing a tent when the core four go camping. 
  • close calls and getting caught by wordsonpages1 - four times Betty and Jug didn’t get caught doing inappropriate *things* and then the one time they did. 
  • up close and personal (part 1, part 2) by wordsonpages1 
  • they suck at being quiet by heytherejones


  • fall in light by sylwrites - She moved to New York to find herself, but as the saying goes: wherever you go, there you are. 
  • hotdog by burgerheadjones - “Easy, Hotdog! He’s family.” How Hotdog becomes Betty and Jughead’s family in every sense. Or, where we trace the life of Hotdog with Bughead.
  • the stacks by malmo722 * - After a senior prank goes wrong, River Vixen Betty Cooper is forced to complete community service at the Riverdale Public Library with high school outcast, Jughead Jones. Romance ensues. 
  • the unexpected by spxcewvlker - "She loved that she had found peace in his arms, and comfort in his glittering blue eyes. She loved him.“ In which Jughead helps Betty with her anxiety. 
  • beanie boy by bugheadandjughead * -  “You were lonely, homeless, broken. I just gave you a place to stay.” Beanie Boy Jughead and Good Girl Betty are in it together… until romantic feelings for each other bloom between them.
  • self conclusion by nopleasestayhere - Betty Cooper is sitting at the edge of a cliff, thinking about jumping, when Jughead Jones comes to do the same thing. Betty tries to talk him down. He gives her 48 hours to change his mind. Can they help each other? 
  • drown by lusterrdust - Loss… injustice…unfairness… it’s the ugly truth of life. There doesn’t have to be a reason or a person to blame. Sometimes, misfortune just is. 
  • i’ll wait for you by AGirlNamedWhiskey * - Betty Cooper just wanted to survive her Senior year, but after being coerced into covering an underground racing competition, against a rival school, she knew her life would never be the same. Especially, when she meets the infamous street racer, Jughead Jones. 
  • space and time by agirlnamedwhiskey * - After their abrupt breakup, Jughead Jones is on a mission to win back Betty Cooper. 
  • living with betty cooper by believe_that_you_can_my_friend  - Jughead Jones, facing the reality of having nowhere to stay anymore after the Drive-In gets shut down, finds temporary shelter at the Blue & Gold office. But what happens when an upset Betty Cooper catches him on the act? 
  • red sunrise by lusterrdust -  Lifting her hand up, her thumb twirls the band on her ring finger until the diamond digs into her pinky. She pushes the jewel against the skin until it stings, redirecting her emotional pain into the physical.


  • once upon a coffee shop by javajunkie * -  Betty works at a coffee shop where Jughead is a regular customer. 
  • your eyes look like coming home by ariquitecontrary - Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones who have both seen the world in color since they met each other when they were two years old. Everyone always says that they’re so lucky to have met when they were so young, that they have their whole lives to be together and in love. There’s just one teeny tiny problem. Betty and Jughead hate each other. 
  • foldin’ clothes by birdlovesafish -  Jughead contemplates he and Betty’s situation and he does laundry. 
  • it happened one starry night by one_starry_night 
  • skin to skin by burgerheadjones * - Jughead Jones doesn’t know how the crimson crescents ended up on his palms.Betty Cooper is clueless when it comes to the messages on her arms.Soulmate AU where all the little marks and injuries belonging to Betty and Jughead start finding themselves on each other’s skin. 
  • drop in the ocean by lusterrdust - She can feel the tickle and scrape of coarse sand against their bare legs, but pays it no mind. Her focus is consumed with her boyfriend’s touch and the trail of heat his fingers leave against her skin. 
  • the exception to the rule by ShirlyGallagher 
  • do you believe in fate? by Jennimisk * - Is there such a thing as a coincidence? Or do we create our own reality because of the choices we make and the people that we let into our lives? Regardless of what you believe, sometimes you just need to be open to what the universe is throwing your way.This is a non-canon AU work based on Jughead and Betty during their college years. They have no prior relationship before meeting in Rome, Italy. 
  • dry run by Naoko Asakura - She drew a line and offered to let him cross it. 
  • lost and found by lusterrdust - Maybe as a seventeen-year-old, sneaking kisses with the blonde he’d been in love with at the time—maybe he’d had a thought or two of her as a mother; a boy’s fantasy of the blissful domesticity he never had. 
  • red lipstick by lusterrdust -  She pulls the passenger mirror down and wipes her red lipstick off, smudging the color across her skin and marking it in a way that reminds Jughead of bee stung lips after a kiss. 
  • to the first of many by jugandbettsdetectiveagency - Betty’s first Mother’s Day begins with a not-so-welcome wake up from Hot Dog. 
  • first apartment by peacelovebughead - A short series of one-shots of Bughead in their first apartment


  • break free and run by sylwrites - A Bughead college AU set in Boston; featuring Veronica and Betty as roommates, and Jughead living off campus with his dad. 
  • fall in light by sylwrites * 
  • like home by lusterrdust * 
  • bizarre love triangle by ficmuse * - When Jughead stumbles upon the yearbook from the Class of 1991, secrets are revealed that will forever alter how the teens of Riverdale view their parents.

Sometimes you gotta take a break from all your sacrificing.

@timethehobo – (a.k.a the animator behind those awesome official Bendy animations!) made an animation of Sammy with the searchers and allowed me to color and line it! It was a challenge to work on but I’m proud of how it turned out! I hope you guys like it :)

edit: if it’s blurry on mobile, just click on the post

Sorry I have been quite “inactive” when it comes to my own art, not reblogs and such. Been caught with lots of stuff at work and our art director gives us projects for self developing aside from work too, so I sort of had my hands full even home haha!

I hope you’re all doing good! Have a Papi smile to warm ya up!!

hi im quinn and this is my first contribution to the sanders sides community aaaa,,,,

so like i animate sometimes and i love deceit with all my heart and i made this all on a 12 hour and 40 minute livestream and my girlfriend is going to kill me if i dont go to sleep soon im gonna post this here

i already posted it on my twitter but i worked super super hard on this and i hope hope hope that thomas sees it aaaaaaaaa

so i recently hit 1k followers which is insane! i’ve had this blog for 7 months and in that time everyone has been so incredibly welcoming and i have made some wonderful friends so i’d like to give a little shout out to those amazing blogs i follow that constantly make my experience in this fandom a great one!

before i get into the main follow forever i’d just like to give some love to 3 incredible people who i love with my whole heart. prepare for the goddamn cheesiest shit you’ve ever heard.

@softshumjr marta words can’t describe how much i love you you’re incredible i’m honestly so blessed to call you my friend. you make me laugh every day talking to you makes me so so happy and receiving snaps from you makes my day. your creations are always amazing bless you for giving everyone the harry content we all need. you’re so talented and i love your writing so much seriously wow. you’re also incredibly beautiful (shush okay yes you are fight me)  i love you so so much i can’t wait to build our blanket fort <33

@catharinaloss joanna maria my other half you are amazing and i adore you you’re actually the cutest person alive. i love it when you come screaming in my inbox its like my favourite thing. honestly talking to you has always been so easy we just understand eachother and i know i can talk to you about anything. your creations are all stunning also and those moodboards have shown just how talented you are i love them so much. i’m so happy i have you as a friend i don’t know what i’d do without you i love you so much <33

@alexanderglghtwood eli listen up you nerd i love you okay i’m so so incredibly happy we started talking cause i can’t imagine not talking to you i mean we’re on a 113 day snapstreak dude that’s crazy. you make me so freaking happy every damn day i wanna give you the biggest hug ever. you’ve always been so easy to talk to i don’t know how you put up with me sometimes you’re so wonderful and lovely. also really talented like?? you always kill me with your writing and i am loving your edits so much they’re so great. you just make me the most happy and i love you so much <33

now onto the follow forever mutuals are bolded faves are in italics (under a read more as this got long lmao)

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So this is a day late because I left my laptop at work Tuesday and then it snowed, closing the office Wednesday! Anyway~ this is for the @sterekgala day 17 “Magic Mishaps”.

“Look here, you annoying little shit,” the aggravated man seethed, shoving a finger in Stiles’ face. “You’re going to tell us where your pack of mutts are hiding, or we’re going to kill you. It’s really that simple.”

Stiles smirked, cocking his head to the side. “You know, I’ve been through this…” he counted off on his fingers mockingly, regardless of his bound wrists, “that doesn’t matter. What does matter is your terribly unoriginal threat and the laughable idea that you think I’m going to tell you anything that may hurt my pack,” Stiles finishes, expression serious.

“What? You think your pack is going to burst in here and save their precious, fragile human?” the man sneers. “Hate to burst your bubble, but that’s exactly what we’re hoping for.”

“They’re very protective of you,” a woman throws in from the corner of the room, sauntering towards the two men. “Must be because you’re so… delicate.” Her smile is anything but nice and Stiles just laughs at their show.

“Pro tip? When you’re kidnapping someone - especially from a werewolf pack - research is fundamental.  Obviously your detective skills need some work,” Stiles informs sarcastically, watching rage flit across their faces. The man raises his gun towards Stiles and the boy barely refrains from rolling his eyes.

A howl rips through the air, making all the people in the room swivel around, trying to find the source. Stiles just lifts his hands towards his face, eyes beginning to glow very faintly. “That’s my cue,” he says happily.

The two hunters watch in bewilderment as Stiles eyes glow a bright white, followed by his hands. Next his hands are free and the hunters are both slammed against the walls with a bright explosion of light.

“Didn’t you learn to never fuck with a pack’s Emissary?” Stiles says, power lacing his voice. “I would die before I let you hurt them.” The boy’s hands began glowing again, anger coursing through him.

“Stiles!” a familiar voice called, but he couldn’t hear. His control was slipping. He had a hand raised towards the male hunter, about to vaporize him with just his will, when two strong arms circled around his chest. Someone buried their nose against his temple and was whispering in his ear. “Stiles, it’s okay. We’re okay. You have to calm down. Come back to me.”

Derek’s words finally broke through the haze of Stiles’ mind and his eyes slowly returned to their normal color. He sagged against the strong body behind him before letting out a long puff of air. The betas were finishing taking down all the other hunter lackeys in the room.

“Yo, took you guys long enough. I had to listen to these two yammer their evil plans for an hour,” the Emissary complains, tilting his face up to look at Derek’s wolf-like features. He got an eye roll in response.

“There’s the asshole we know and love. Nothing to worry about Scott,” Derek says, looking over to the Alpha who is currently helping restrain the hunters.

“But you do love me,” Stiles says, grinning wide. The other wolves in the room just groan in unison.

Derek smiles before leaning down to kiss Stiles quickly, his face back to normal. “Yeah, I do.”

Assassinations and Feelings Guide!

Here is the tag on Tumblr!
Here is the ao3 series!

Individual Works:

“We really shouldn’t have done this,”
ao3 | tumbr
“James,” Aleks set the controller down, “I need to tell you something.”
ao3 | tumblr
Aleks had been shot three times in his life.
ao3 | tumblr
“What do you mean you lost the money?”
ao3 | tumblr
Sometimes things between them could get awkward.
ao3 | tumblr
James was loud all of the time.
ao3 | tumblr
Joe was the honeypot.
ao3 | tumblr
The past was the past, and it didn’t interest him.
ao3 | Tumblr: chapter 1 – the rat | chapter 2 – the butterfly | chapter 3 – the lizard | chapter 4 – the bear | chapter 5 – the shark | chapter 6 – the rabbit

Tawa’s Mutuals Appreciation!!

When I started this blog I didn’t expect to have made as many friends/mutuals as I have! (or followers in general tbh lmfao) Some of you I talk to everyday and others I’ve never talked to ever (I still love you guys). So before I step away from this blog for Ramadan I just wanted to make a little post to remind you guys how awesome I think you are!! Thanks for making my tumblr experience as good as it has been so far :’)

♥*♡+:。.。 ♥*♡+:。.。 ♥*♡+:。.。  。.。:+♡*♥ 。.。:+♡*♥ 。.。:+♡*♥

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