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I Wrote this Poem Just to Show it

Character: Alexander X Reader
Prompt: Reader is best friends with the journalist who runs the school paper. Every week, you write a new poem for them to publish, and it eventually draws the attention of a certain someone.
Word Count: 2,126
W/T: Teasing?
A/N: Honestly the only reason this story came to be was because I was in the mood to write poetry, ngl. Hope y'all enjoy!


“I’m telling you, Y/N, you’re poems are amazing.” Your best friend, Hercules Mulligan, exclaims, hastily typing it into the same format as you had written it. “Oh whatever, Herc.” You huff, leaning back in your chair and setting your feet on top of the desk. “You only ever wanted me to do this because it gave you one less column to fill out in your campus newspaper.” “Okay, maybe at first.” He admits, eyes still glueing themselves to the screen. “But once the ‘Campus Caller’ took off, people started to give me feedback, and they all really loved your work!” “That’s fine and dandy, Herc, but I still wish to remain anonymous.” You deadpan, tossing the apple you were going to eat around in your hands. “Hey, no food near the laptop, missy.” Hercules warns, taking one hand away from his typing to shoo you away.

Giggling, you tuck and roll onto the floor from your chair, stopping yourself against the edge of Herc’s bed frame. Sprawling out on top of his layers of clean and dirty clothes, you mindlessly stare at the ceiling fan, watching it go round and round. “You know you don’t have to be here, Y/N. I really just needed to type up the poem.” Hercules states, still not looking over to you. “But you said you would take me out to eeeeeeaaaaaatttttt.” You complain, rolling over defiantly, half of your body now hidden beneath his bed. “Yeah, I did, didn’t I?” He asks himself aloud in a rather monotone voice. “No. I’m not doing this again, Herc. You’ve promised me food for the past three poems, and what do you know? I haven’t gotten food.” “But then people will think that we’re datinggg.” He whines, his fingers clacking away on his keyboard. “As if. Everyone basically knows about you and Peggy, Herc.” You spit, watching his face grow pink. “And besides, your basically my brother, that would be weird. I’ve got my eye on somebody else, anyway.” “Oh? And who is that, might I ask?” He inquires, half aware of what he just asked. “Well if you must know, then it’s-”

You are quickly cut off by a series of sharp and forcefully knocks on the door, each set coming in a triplets, followed by a familiar voice calling out Hercules’ name. Recognizing the voice, you quickly pull yourself all the way under the bed, burying yourself slightly in some of his laundry. He didn’t need to know you were here.

“Alex what the hell. Wh-” Hercules starts, but is cut off by Alexander, forcefully closing his laptop on him. “Don’t what the hell me, Hercules. You didn’t tell me you could write!” Alexander exclaims while you watch his feet shuffle around from your position, his dark blue jeans swaying slightly with his movements. “Excuse me?” Hercules deadpans, obviously confused by his friend’s accusations. “Don’t play dumb with me. You literally write this newspaper of yours on your own. How could you not tell me that your a poet?!” Alex scoffs, his words sounding more and more passionate as he rambles on. “I’m not?” Hercules answers, his words coming off as more of a question than a statement. “Oh really? Then explain this.” Alexander counters, clearing his throat as to read off of last week’s “Campus Caller”.

“Is it true
That the stars are merely
Orbs of orbiting gases
Far, far away from us?
Or are they something more?

Are they something we can’t quite grasp
Something that’s on the tip of our tongues
But yet
Still too far away to understand?

Are stars our past
Shining down upon us
Through the blackening abyss
That is our future?

Or are they are future
With our hopes and dreams
Among a sea
Of disarray
And despair?

Is it true
That the stars
Are something I’ll never
Become apart of
No matter how hard I try?

Am I forever earthbound
Upon this shrinking planet
Forever cursed
To never be apart of
What I wish to be?

Is it true
That the stars
Are only
For me?

Or will I be able
To share these
And ideals
With someone beside me?”

His words seem to flow from his mouth like a coursing river, each one alive with emotions he put behind them. You close your eyes for a moment, taking in his melodic voice, melting a little bit as he speaks so highly of your poetry.

"Hate to break it to ya, Alex,” Hercules interrupts, jarring you back to reality, “but I don’t write that column. I have a friend who does that.” You silently curse Herc for getting ready to throw you under the bus, ready to punch him. “You’re kidding.” Alex huffs, his feet shifting again. “At least tell me who writes these marvelous works of art.” “You see that? That little word right there in spot of the author’s name? What’s it say?” “…Anonymous.” Alex answers, sounding upset. “That means they don’t want to be known. See how that works?” Hercules finishes, his voice laced with sarcasm. “But why can’t you just tell me? I’m just one person, Herc!” Alex pouts, refusing to give up on this. “Because,” Hercules huffs, standing up from his seat, beginning to push Alexander back out the door, “I know that you’ll seek said person out, and badger them about their writing. So no, I’m not going to tell you who it is. Anything else you wish to know?”

“Whatever, I’m going to rant to Y/N.” Alex scoffs, storming out of the dorm. The sound of his footsteps fades away, and you pull yourself out from underneath of Hercules’ bed, stretching your legs to relieve them of their cramps. “Thanks, Herc.” You smile sheepishly, taking his outstretched hand, letting him pull you into a standing position. “Yeah, but you better go after him though, he’s ready to blow at any moment.” Hercules suggests, his eyes glancing towards the window across the room. You quickly stride over to the windowsill, staring down at the lush campus itself, 5 floors below you. Almost too perfectly timed, a small figure barges out of the bottom of the building, his shoulders hunched. “He could have a storm cloud hanging over him if this were anime.” You state, blinking at the disappearing Alex. “Just go after him.” Hercules chuckles, gently nudging you to the door as well. “Okay, okay.” You groan, walking through the doorway. “Have fun with your boyfriend.” Hercules calls out after you, making your cheeks flush pink.

Deciding against the elevator, you fling yourself down the fire escape stairs, your footsteps echoing against the concrete as you fly from floor to floor, racing against Alex. Knowing that the first place he would go to would be your dorm, you opt for the next place he would automatically go to; the college cafe. You eagerly fling your backpack over your shoulder, your books and keys humbling themselves up inside as you take off for the main building, your pace breaking into a dead sprint. Adrenaline begins to wash over you as you begin to near your destination, the top of the building peaking over the horizon. Your breathing heavy, you slow your pace as you approach the familiar glass doors, the dim lighting and wavering scent of coffee making you feel calmer.

Gingerly, you press your hand against the smudged glass, the smell of coffee becoming stronger than before as you step into the small cafe, faint jazz music hitting your ears. Luckily, Alexander was nowhere to be found, so you let out a sigh of relief and take the same table you always do when you come here.

Happily remembering you already completed you papers for your classes, you dig your favorite notebook out of your bag, it’s slightly tattered edges and worn look bringing a small smile to your face. Turning to the folded page you left off on, you quickly finish the poem you had started last week, writers block preventing you from doing so earlier.

“A feeling
An emotion
A change of heart
A kindling fire
Growing and spreading
Across your body

What is love?

In simplest terms
A feeling
A simple smile
That clicks
With someone
That no other smile has before

What is love?

As some might explain
An emotion
A sense of longing
For someone to return
From an overseas trip

What is love?

Is a change of heart
The innocence of a child
Giving the sinner
A new perspective
On life
With a simple question

What is love?

A kindling fire
Growing and spreading
Across your body
Your face growing hot
And your nerves
Tingling with a sensation
That you had not known
Up until this moment

What is love?

A feeling
An emotion
A change of heart
A kindling fire
Growing and spreading
Across your body.”

You smile, satisfied with your final draft. Inspiration now flooding through you, you start to begin another poem, but the jingling of the front door catches your attention. You glance up to find Alexander, his eyes scanning across the cafe. You smile and wave your hand, motioning for him to come over. His glare softens at the sight of you, and his shoulders become a little less hunched as he strolls over to take the seat next to you.

“Hey Ale-woah, you look like you’re about to murder someone.” You laugh, scooting over slightly in the booth. He raises his eyebrows in agreement, huffing out a sigh of frustration. “It’s just-” “Hold on a sec.” You interrupt, readjusting the way you were sitting, propping your hands up on the table and leaning your chin into your palms. “Alright. Go.” You giggle, smiling warmly. Alexander chuckles, his eyes seeming to search for what words he wants.

“Okay, it’s about Herc.” “Ahh, the living, breathing teddy bear. Yes, go on.” You joke, earning an eye roll. “Well, you know about the newspaper he does? Campus Caller? There’s this column he has in it, it’s dedicated to poetry. You know how I love poetry, it’s what I live for. Anyway, I went to him, ecstatic that he wrote! I didn’t know he had it in him to write so vividly, so immensely! But he admitted that he had someone else write that column for him. I asked who it was, determined to find this person. But he refuses to tell me! Honestly, who does that to a person?! Who willing holds the key information that allows someone to meet the person they’re meant to be with?! The person that could very possibly be their soulmate?! The person who could change your life forever? The p-” He freezes, his eyes widening as his body tenses up.

“What? What is it Alex?” You ask, becoming very worried by his sudden stop. His eyes lock upon yours, a look of mystery and astonishment whirling around in them. “Alex?” Say again, unsure of how to react to his change in attitude.

“Kiss me.”


Kiss me.“

"I-uh-Al-!” You stutter, quickly cut off by Alexander placing his hands on either side of your face and pressing his lips against yours, a surging current sparking between your abrupt connection. Heat flooded your face as you returned the gesture, his rough lips feeling soft against yours. You leaned into his hands, melting at the touch. Alex pulls back inches, leaning his forehead against yours, catching his breath. He quickly takes one of his hands from your cheek, grasping for the notebook sprawled out on the table. He begins to flip through them, his eyes hungrily taking in each and every word scrawled across the pages. “Why did you never tell me you were so fluent in poetry? I recognize this style of writing anywhere. Thank god you left your notebook open-can I keep this?-otherwise I would’ve driven myself mad. That is, if I weren’t alrea-Oh my god, when did you write this? How did you write this? How did you get it to read so fluently? How on earth di-” Alex excitedly rambles, flipping through the lined pages like a child in a candy store. You roll your eyes at his abundantly happy babbling before leaning over and placing another warm kiss against his lips to shut him up.

“I love you, Alex, but you talk way too much.”

Les Vocabulaire et Les Phrases de Le Petit Prince, Chapitres 1 et 2

  • Avaler = To swallow
  • Proie = Prey
  • Mâcher = To chew
  • Réussir = To succeed
  • Afin que… = So that…
  • Laisser de côté = Leave out/leave aside
  • Carrière = Career
  • S’égarer = To stray
  • Des tas de… = Piles of/heaps of…
  • Paraître = To seem/to appear
  • Une panne = A failure/breakdown
  • Réparation = A repair
  • À peine = Hardly/barely
  • Un naufragé = A castaway
  • Au lever du jour = At sunrise
  • Frotter = To scrub/to rub
  • Oser = To dare
  • Encombrant = Cumbersome
  • Bélier = Ram
  • Dedans = Within/inside
  • Suffira = It will suffice
  • Pencher = To lean

Requested: Is there like a proper request format or do I just like? Go for it? Can you please do bts is having a bad day so they pick a fight with you and you’re like okay when you’re done with this fuck shit you let me know k bye

Pt. 1.


A/N: Is it a good try for a first angst? Ey? I tried i truly did, I’m sorry if they suck. However there’ll be a pt. 2. bc i can’t live with the boys’ guilt for not apologising y'know.
I hope you enjoyed these!!

P.S.: just go for it really, and hope for my brain to catch up, lol


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A fic based on how Bernie’s return could go. No smut, but a happy ending nonetheless. (Obviously ignores what we’ve learned about the episode today.)

I haven’t written any fic in FOREVER but I think this turned out okay. Alas! I wrote it on my phone and have lost all my formatting when copying it to tumblr. I’m annoyed because I used a lot of italics for the style I went with, and I feel I’ve lost a lot with losing them. But I’m far too tired to manually put them back in, so apologies! And I hope it’s alright anyway!

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I Wanna Be More

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request: can you write an imagine where the reader and cal are good friends and they have been hooking up for a while kinda a friends with benefits thing and he realizes wants more but the reader is hesitant because she’s got her heart broken and he like convinces her that he’ll stick around. Sorry it’s kinda long lol love you

okay so i’ve always wanted to do some tfln imagines and this one seemed like it would be perfect for one of those so i hope it’s okay that i chose this format and i hope you like it x (ilyt btw)


Are we still hanging out later 

i hope so why do you have something better to do?

Of course not, Ashton just keeps begging me to come with him to go shopping for stuff for the house and I’d rather be with you. 

awww cal how cute 

Thanks I try 

you know i feel special knowing you chose me over shopping with ash ik that’s super important to you 

Ha ha 

He knows I don’t like going to the shop unless I’m bored late at night and/or I’ve had a few beers 

That, or I’m getting beer. 

that is such a you thing to say lol 

speaking of i have some beers in my fridge so you can have some when you get here 

Is that really a good idea? We’ve never really drank before we… you know 

we did the first time and you had no problem with it lol 

plus they’re left over from the other night when my friend came over to talk about her and her boyfriend breaking up again so i kind of need to get rid of them 

Really? They broke up again? 

yeah but she swears it’s really over this time bc he cheated on her so 

That’s fucked up. I’ve never understood how anyone could do that. 

exactly like as you know that’s happened to me a few times too and bc of that i have no clue when i’ll be in an actual relationship 

it’s like all guys are the same 

Actually (y/n) I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that 

about what? my past relationships? 

Oh no it’s just that I’ve wanted to ask you something 

It’s just that I wanna be more than… you know, what we are

You there?


So do you want to or 

idk about that cal 

About what? 


i mean don’t get me wrong you’re amazing and super sweet you’re always there for me when i need you but you know what i’ve been through in the past and you read what i just said about relationships 

I understand that your past ones weren’t that great, but do you honestly think I would ever hurt you? 

well no 

it’s just a reflex i guess… 

i have to push guys away when they want something serious bc every time i let them in they show me why i shouldn’t have in the first place 

(Y/n) I would never dream of hurting you. It breaks my heart knowing that anyone could ever do that to you. 

Let me prove to you that we’re not all the same. Because I sure as hell am not like other guys who think it’s cool to screw with people’s emotions, you know that. 

i do know that 

you’re seriously the sweetest guy in the world cal, how about instead of hooking up like we usually do we go on a date instead 

I don’t know… I was looking forward to just having a beer and then hooking up with you then leaving 

shut the fuck up that’s so not funny 

But you laughed didn’t you? 


Good. I’ll pick you up at 8. 

good i’ll be waiting


awwh how cuteee lol if you liked this and want to request something feel free to do so, my requests are always open x


Requested Drabble #66 {Don’t be mad… but I got a puppy}


{So I chose to make this into a text format, hope that’s okay 😅! If you would like to request a drabble then go to my post about it and send me a message! I’ll get to them as soon as possible. And the puppy in the texts is mine btw}


A/N:  Merry (late) Christmas, @elesseto!  I was your @dgmsecretsanta2016!  Sorry for the delay – I was dumb and left my laptop in my dorm while going to visit family ovo;;; gr8 job, me – but I hope the length (4000 words, what the heck??) makes up for it a bit!  The prompt was “lavilena. fluffy or bittersweet, can be in verse or AU.” I hope I lived up to your expectations – I ship these two, but have never really written them before, so it was a new experience for me! I hope it turned out okay!  Also featuring, like, half the Order being little shits. Enjoy!

When you have to pretend to be in a fake relationship with your girlfriend in order to appease her overprotective brother, Christmas can be a bit of a hassle.  Especially when all your friends are in on the secret and are also assholes.

Alternatively, “In Which Lavi Seriously Fears For His Continued Existence”.

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rooks-and-blighters  asked:

Okay but imagine the Assassins reacting their S/O trying to talk in their native language (in headcanon style please?)

yaaaaaassssssss i love me my headcanons


also i hope this format is okay D: 


  • putting it off for months because Malik is the only one you can ask to help you learn and he scares the shit out of you
  • Malik only scoffing “novices” when you finally pluck up the courage and ask
  • checking and double-checking and triple-checking that Altaïr is no where near the Bureau when you go for your lessons
  • Malik growing fond of you 
  • Altaïr growing suspicious of the fact that Malik is fond of you
  • you wanting the words you say to be perfect
  • Malik growing tired of you chickening out when the perfect opportunities arise
  • wanting the time and place to be perfect but accepting the time and place given to you by Altaïr‘s profession and the guards that relentlessly pursue him
  • Altaïr’s barely restrained surprise and love when you speak, convincing the guards with shaky pronunciation and nervous trembling that he’s been with you the whole time and absolutely no where near the dead body they’ve chased him from 
  • Malik scoffing “novices” when he learns that you’ve finally revealed what all the secrets you’d been keeping were for 
  • Altaïr becoming determined to protect you from the treachery of his Mentor and begging Malik to keep you safe as he finishes what he set out to do
  • sneaking out of the Bureau ahead of Malik to go after Altaïr and kick his ass yourself how dare he leave you behind like this 

omfg this one went off on a tangent of its own yikes need to stop before i go any farther lol 


  • no fleas on Ezio, he knows from the get-go what you are up to mate
  • Ezio takes great pleasure in the way you try to keep it a secret though
  • he especially loves the excuses you make up when he asks you what you’re up to
  • Claudia being your tutor
  • Claudia being a tough tutor
  • Ezio sneaking in accidentally arriving back from a mission early just to watch you flip out and stammer out excuses
  • “this vendor said something to me the other day in a really rude voice and I just wanted to know what it meant”
  • when you finally speak, he’s flattered and honoured and so playful, teasing you relentlessly but lovingly
  • not the mention you speaking italian gets him really ‘worked up’. really, really worked up
  • Ezio giving you more intimate italian lessons in the aftermath (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • he teaches you when he’s completely rat-arsed
  • it’s not a lot - the same drunken sentences slurred over and over - and it’s usually silly phrases you’ll never use outside a tavern
  • he always forgets that he’s started teaching you so convincing him to say something else is a challenge 
  • “eh? nah, nah, i haven’t taught you that” “yes, you have. last night in fact” 
  • “where’d ya learn that?” “from you
  • speaking welsh when he’s sober and telling him you’ve learned from someone else just to mess with his head a little 
  • admitting to him that he teaches you when he’s drunk when he doesn’t let up with the interrogation - “who is he? where is he? i wager i can teach ye better than him” 
  • edward quipping that your pronunciation is off
  • pronouncing each word perfectly and watching him watch you, his lips curling into a smirk and his eyes sparkling


  • Achilles telling you you’re an idiot for trying
  • perceptively listening to Connor whenever he speaks to Kanen'tó:kon but struggling to find similar words or to puzzle out their meanings
  • asking Kanen'tó:kon to teach you on the fly, whenever Connor is away on Assassin business
  • it taking months for you to learn a single phrase to say to him
  • it taking even longer for you to find a moment alone with him 
  • the revolution and his father getting in the way before you can say it 
  • Achilles and Connor arguing and Connor leaving when you’re not there
  • leaving the Homestead to find him and convince him to return
  • finding him and pleading with him to return, to fix things with Achilles before it’s too late
  • saying what you’ve learned loudly when he starts to walk away from you, the words all but shouted from your lips because damn it you love him and he won’t damn well listen to you
  • Connor’s hand under your chin, encouraging you to look at him, a gentle and awed expression on his face and his large body shielding you from the sight of his father
  • a whispered promise that he’ll be home soon, a furrow of his brows at your heartbroken expression, and silence as you leave him

ngl this one was diffficult. is the language called Mohawk or…? also my headcanon for this came from a scene for another fic i haven’t written yet >:)


  • hiding yourself away in the library of the Sanctuary with books, pouring over the pages and teaching yourself french
  • unknowingly distancing yourself from Arno as you strive to learn just a single phrase, something to impress him
  • the two of you unintentionally drifting apart - he to his Assassin duties and missions that he takes more frequently than ever. you to the library and your books, whispering words into the quiet and testing phrases in the middle of the night
  • your relationship finally reaching boiling point, desperation pushing the two of you to argue - him out of frustration and anger, you out of confusion
  • finally, pleading for him to stay in broken french when things become too difficult
  • realisation and joy on his face when he hears you, dismay when he recalls the words he’d said, the fury in his voice
  • cuddling with Arno and falling asleep in his arms, soothing words whispered in your ear lulling you to sleep
  • Arno tutoring you from then on


  • learning from Liam before Shay’s defection to the Templars
  • Liam being overjoyed at the step you’re taking and thrilled with the prospect of this settling Shay’s troubled mind
  • losing Shay before you can tell him what you’ve learned
  • being unable to stand the thought of speaking Irish when Shay isn’t here to hear it from your lips
  • finding Shay years after, different and stronger and wiser but being no less in love with him than before
  • Shay taking you to Fort Arsenal to protect you from people you once called friend 
  • meeting William Johnson and asking him to continue your Irish lessons
  • throwing Irish randomly into your conversations with Shay, waiting for him to notice
  • Shay asking, “is that Irish?”
  • realising that Shay doesn’t know any and asking William Johnson to teach you both

{ ‘Sacred Twenty Eight’ } part I - part II - part III

In the early 1930s, a ‘Pure-Blood Directory’ was published anonymously in Britain, which listed the twenty-eight truly pure-blood families, as judged by the unknown authority who had written the book (widely believed to be Cantankerus Nott ), with ‘the aim of helping such families maintain the purity of their bloodlines’. The so-called ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’ comprised the families of…


Requested: Is there like a proper request format or do I just like? Go for it? Can you please do bts is having a bad day so they pick a fight with you and you’re like okay when you’re done with this fuck shit you let me know k bye

Pt.3. Hoseok, Jungkook, Seokjin


A/N: Umm??? This is the end of this. Yea it still doesn’t have anything to do with the request I still think it’s a nice ending. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for the request!! And feel free to request any type of texts!

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14. favourite fictional characters: stop it I can’t just choose one character maybe one from each franchise but not one supreme lorD

15. favourite book(s): i haven’t read anything in so long shit idk the last thing I read was about Putin though

16. favourite artists/bands: Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Grimes, The Kooks, Muse, The Neighbourhood, Oasis, Radiohead, Skepta, Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975 (all in alphabetical order) I think there’s lots I’ve missed

17. what I’m wearing: green jumper and bunny pyjamas trousers

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24. why did you choose your URL: free!’s dub still haunts me

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Requested: Is there like a proper request format or do I just like? Go for it? Can you please do bts is having a bad day so they pick a fight with you and you’re like okay when you’re done with this fuck shit you let me know k bye

Pt.2. Namjoon, Jimin


A/N: I AM SO BAD AT MAKE UP TEXTS, but I just had to make it I felt so bad for y/n. But yeah. I still hope you guys enjoyed it, andddddd I might open up the requests again. yup. Feel free to request anything yEY!

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17 or 43 for royai for the micro stories?

My ask is still open for these prompts

Okay when I saw these, my mind immediately jumped to Ishval angst and then I got carried away, so I hope you like it. I’m also getting better at typing in the HTML on tumblr mobile, so the formatting on this should be okay.





Ignore the carnage.


Snipers lived relatively simple lives in the grand scheme of things; it was all routine. All stiff and rigid and solid, and wrapped up so tightly that Riza felt she could choke. So why was it, that with every shot, as her muscles acted on their own as some kind of well-oiled machine, she felt as if she were falling apart? Into pieces smaller and more infinite than the blinding expanse of sand before her? Before she came to Ishval, Riza Hawkeye had her life together, and her mind almost under control, but with every shot, she was just coming further and further undone.




Say goodbye to another piece of herself.


Every time he snapped his fingers, he had no way of knowing how many people would burn. He’d demolished sectors of cities supposedly abandoned by any sane person, and he’d demolished sectors bustling with citizens who thought they were safe to stay for at least a week before the military found them. They never told him which case it was beforehand, but he’d find out sooner or later, whether it be a putrid stench filling the air, grease from the carnage finding it’s way onto his lips, or the screaming. Each time he hoped he would find himself burning empty buildings, but each time the taste of human decay gagged him. When he thought about it, his lunch often found its way on the charred detritus near him. It was easier not to think about it. It was easier to take the remorseful part of his brain and the caring part of his heart and throw them into the fire to burn with thousands of innocent people. It was easier to throw pieces of himself away until every snap became lighter. It was just easier to rip his insides out until he became empty.

This way, he felt nothing. And he didn’t wonder how many people he killed anymore.

He didn’t care.


Weeks passed in Ishval, blending into each other and creating memories that were nothing but a cacophony of someone screaming out to the blistering sun. She didn’t know exactly how long she had been there, blowing perfect, red holes through people’s skulls; her internal calendar long severed from what remained of the rest of her. If she ever picked it back up, she had no idea how to hold on; keep it from coming loose once more. But after weeks of hell, careening through the black abyss, her dulled eyes found a pinprick of light. And no matter how small he seemed at first, Roy Mustang slowly became the glue which held her together until the end, making sure that whatever was left of Riza Hawkeye would not blow away into the desert. And he promised to recover those pieces of her which already had. That was the thought which gave Riza the strength to stand on her weak legs once more and begin putting the puzzle back together. She didn’t want to make Roy’s job so difficult when he came back for her.

With no heart, no lively thoughts running through his head or running from his mouth, Roy’s insides grew cold. Strange, considering how scalding the inferno he’d created was. But no, it was cold and barren and empty. Until he saw someone he thought he’d never see again. And she, with those small, calloused hands of hers, managed to raise the temperature by a few degrees. She made his heart beat once more, after such a long period of dormancy. And it hurt like hell, his feelings returning, but perhaps this pain was necessary. Pain reminded himself that he was still alive, and if he shied away from that for too long, he would never be able to come back. So Roy clutched Riza Hawkeye’s burning hands as tightly as he could, and promised never to let go. Because when Riza was with him, he didn’t feel an enormous cavity where his chest once was. He didn’t feel so empty. And he knew he wouldn’t ever again.


Group: UP10TION

Member: Wooshin

AN: It would have took me a really long time to write a scenario, since I’m not that good at it. So I hope this format is alright? If not I can write a scenario! However first Soulmate! writing! I chose where you could see all but one color!

  • you were okay with not seeing the color brown
  • well that’s what you told yourself when you were younger
  • it didn’t really matter back then
  • because you were too engrossed with learning each of the other colors not focusing on the missing one
  • but
  • now
  • you think brown is so stupid
  • that this whole thing is stupid
  • why could you see all bright colors of the rainbow
  • but not the color of the trees and some of the houses?
  • it ticked you off beyond imaginable
  • just because you couldn’t even imagine what this brown looked like
  • people had tried to explain it to you
  • but of course your brain couldn’t think of something even close to what they were saying
  • you would just have wait
  • wait until they came
  • they as in your soulmate
  • you were also kinda ticked at your soulmate
  • why did they have so much power over you?
  • but you couldn’t really be that mad because you knew were withholding a color from them
  • you couldn’t help but to think
  • what color were you holding?
  • blue? green? purple?
  • all your friends had their color wheel and life complete
  • what was taking your soulmate so long?
  • what if you didn’t have a soulmate?
  • what if they don’t want to meet you and stayed inside all day avoiding you?
  • all this crazy talk was really making you crazy
  • so you needed to go to the grocery store anyway plus it would help ease your mind focus only on your list
  • while in the grocery store you couldn’t help but to feel a nagging sense but you didn’t know why
  • so heck you continued to shop
  • buying all things that wasn’t on your list lol
  • “I don’t remember 3 cartons of ice cream being on the list buuuuut they are on sale so I might as well.”
  • it’s time to check out and while your pilling stuff on the counter
  • “paper or plastic?”
  • you could tell that paper was brown because it was that grey color
  • instead of seeing brown you seen grey
  • but you knew the item had to be brown because it was a special grey that intended it was brown
  • in school they taught you all about soulmates and your color wheel
  • they would have these powerpoints to show you what color you couldn’t see
  • each slide had a different color like for example blue
  • and the kids who couldn’t see blue would see the same color grey that you seen when you saw brown
  • so you chose paper just idk you wanted to hold something brown just in case you know
  • you ended up with two bags
  • they weren’t heavy or anything, nothing you couldn’t handle
  • they were just awkward to hold
  • you bid your goodbyes to the workers
  • about halfway home one of the bags started to tear
  • you were trying to hold the bag together with your hand
  • but eventually the bag ripped open letting all the contents slip onto the ground
  • it wasn’t eggs or anything which was good
  • it was a bunch of different things scattered all about
  • “here let me help you! it seems your bag has ripped? it happened to me the other day as well.”
  • someone says laughing
  • you look up and you’re frozen
  • he’s so beautiful
  • his nice tan skin complements his freshly dyed blonde hair
  • his bright orange button down shirt slapping you in the face next
  • paired with this nice blue pants making the shirt pop even more
  • he was just so beautiful
  • you quickly look down picking up your contents with shaky hands
  • you reach for the broken bag
  • and
  • it’s not grey anymore
  • it’s brown
  • you gasp looking at the boy again
  • “ahhh so that’s what pink looks like.”
  • and then he leans down and pecks your rosy cheeks

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Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 13]

Wake Up

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13/20 of Subject A0: In The Glade [ prev ] [ next ]

“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)

A/N: There’s a change of point of view here but I think it’s pretty easy to follow or obvious so I won’t even bother mentioning when it happens haha! Been itching to come up to this part of the tale I’ve had in my head for ages. This is actually the very first thought/plot of when coming up with the story long ago. So this really propelled the entire story LOL Hope you like this one!

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suuny96  asked:

Yay! Can you do one where the reader knew Anakin before he was darth vader? When she sees him again after he becomes darth vader, he is surprised she is still alive. He thought she was dead because he has been told he killed her.

to avoid accidentally ripping off a RotS AU, i wrote this in bullet/imagine this format. hope you don’t mind!

  • when anakin – no, he reminds himself, vader – sees you again, he’s absolutely shocked. literally speechless
  • you have to be the one to speak first, you realize, when he just stares at you through that helmet. you know he’s under there, but you know it’s not pretty 
  • you tell  him its okay, you understand, but you still plan to stand beside him - dark side or not
  • and he’s so grateful because that means he was successful - he just wanted to protect you, the dark side helped him do that, and when he thought he failed… he succeeded
  • but of course he doesnt express this, he’s too overwhelmed to really express much and he’s still the awkward anakin you know deep down
  • “That is good news, then,” is all Anakin is able to say, but somehow you know what he’s trying to convey and he knows that you know

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