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Award Worthy

(Whats good yo it’s shay back at it! Here’s a new imagine. This one was pretty fun, and challenging, which is awesome. Just wanted to say i don’t own these gifs! And as always feel free to leave any comments/concerns! Thanks for supporting!)

Paring: Barry x Reader

Word count: 1656

You pushed your shades up on top of your head as you stepped into the heart of STAR Labs. As you walked in, the first thing you saw was Cisco’s back, hunched over his keyboard. Barry was looking at his screen over his shoulder.

“Hey, (Y/N).” They said in unison.

“What?!” You exclaimed in disbelief. “You never turned around to look!”

“You come in seven minutes early, every day. I bet you’re holding your phone in your right hand and coffee in your left.” Barry said turning to face you. As soon as he made eye contact with you, his smile grew twice its original size. Turns out, he was right about your daily routine, which made you smile. He slowly walked over to you, “I know you pretty well,” He said, snatching your coffee out of your hand, and in the blink of an eye he was casually sipping it in Caitlin’s chair, “I deserve an award.”

“Hey! You can’t use your powers for evil! Give it back!” You said as you took back you coffee from a giggling Barry.

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You hated your life.

Not to say you were going to commit suicide or anything, but, you hated every breath you took.

Every blink of your eye.

Every step you made, you hated.

Because the world hated you just as much, if not more, than you hated it. And everyone in it seemed to hate you as well. You weren’t a bad kid, not by any means. You always did whatever was asked of you and your reading and writing were wonderful as well. But no one seemed to care.

Your mother had you out of wedlock and was being shunned by the village because of her mistake, and she takes it out on you every single day. And the kids have been ruthless as well. Always picking on you, knocking your things out of your hands and calling you names. Now, your mother wasn’t physically abusive or anything like that, but she constantly went out and left you alone, never giving you the love or affection she should. Leaving you to the wolves that waited outside in the cold.

One thing about you that scared everyone in your village was your odd eye color. They say the Gods cursed you with them so that everyone knew you were a bad omen. Your nickname around town was ‘jag-eun manyeo’, or Little Witch. There were days you couldn’t go outside because of the children waiting for you to come out so they could taunt you. Normally your mother would force you to go out and 'play’ with them, even though she knew well what it meant to go outside with them.

“Oma… Please… I don’t want to go out there with them, they’ll hurt me…” You’d say. Her cold, dead eyes would gaze at you as she’d respond.

“Let them. Let them hurt you all they like, you killed me long ago.” Her ice-filled heart could no longer feel the maternal bond you two supposedly had.

The older you grew, the more you accepted your miserable life. But… Something bright came along that you had no idea could exist for someone like you…

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Good Boys Gone Bad

Summary: Shy!Dan has been dating bad boy! Phil for awhile now but he can’t help but think he isn’t good enough for the boy who stays out all night partying and drinking. So Dan decides to change that.

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, parties, etc. 

Word Count: 5530 

A/N: This fic has been sitting in my google drive for months jfc. Also, I know virtually nothing about the British school system so pls forgive me if there are mistakes. But other than that yeah, thanks for reading and I hope you guys like it. Enjoy!! x

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NCT U’s reaction to your wealth of random knowledge

Taeil: Taeil is a wonderful singer, but lately all his singing has been damaging his vocal cords. According to his doctor he has a mild case of vocal nodules. “I have to attend voice therapy, and it looks like I’ll be missing out on the next subunit debut.”

“I know this isn’t ideal, but you’ll get better. The doctor said it’s only a very mild case and you don’t need surgery, which is great. In a month or two your vocal cords will be totally healed up.” I try to cheer him up as I play with his hair. I can see this is really bothering him.

“I don’t even know what vocal cords nodules are.”

“They’re small, hard, callus-like growths caused by vocal abuse. They occur in pairs, with one nodule on each vocal cord at the site of greatest irritation. They sometimes are called singer’s, screamer’s or teacher’s nodules.”

“I wish you were my doctor.”

“I know you do, babe. Now get some rest, it’s late and you have an appointment with your vocal therapist at 8:00.”

Taeyong: Taeyong’s schedule has been crazy ever since he debuted, so when he does have a break, you two prefer chilling out at home. Unfortunately there isn’t much to watch on tv today, with the exception of Jeopardy. It’s a little lame, but it beats the news.

“Aristotle said that an Ancient Athenian law made uprooting one of these trees punishable by death.” Alex Trebek says addressing the contestants, who all look equally stumped.

“I don’t understand why they all look so confused. Even I know the answer is an olive tree.” One of the constant buzzes in with cypress tree, idiot.

“I’m sorry that’s incorrect. The answer is, what is an olive tree.”

“How’d you do that?” Taeyong asks staring at you wide eyed.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist.”

“Maybe not, but it’s still impressive. I’m so luck to have such a smart girlfriend.”

Doyoung: Doyoung’s older brother got married last year and he recently announced that his wife is pregnant. There’s still six months left before the baby’s due date, but Doyoung is already feeling like a proud uncle. And while he may be proud, he’s also clueless, which is why he dragged you shopping with him. “I just want to get something nice for my future niece or nephew. What do you think I should buy?”

“Well, I’m not exactly a baby expert, but what about a nursing pillow?”

“What’s a nursing pillow?” Doyoung asks scratching the back of his head.

“Mothers use them to support there babies while breastfeeding.” His face instantly turns bright red.

“D-do women have to, you know, breastfeed often?” He whispers.

“Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their newborns ten to twelve times a day.”

“Ten to twelve times? That’s insane! I guess it would be a pretty useful gift, huh. How do you know so much about babies, anyways?”

“I thought it was common knowledge.” You say cocking your head to the side.

Ten: Both you and Ten are foreigners in Korea, so you decided it would be nice to go out and explore the nations rich culture and history. After spending the afternoon sampling all kinds of delicious traditions sweets, you head to Gyeongbokgong, the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty. “Wow! I’ve seen pictures before, but I never knew it was this beautiful in person.” I’m absolutely amazed by the architecture.

“Yeah, I wonder who built this place.”

“Well workers obviously, but it was constructed by King Taejo, the first king and the founder of the Joseon dynasty.”

“Do you know a lot about King Taejo?” Ten asks.

“I know tons. He was born on October 27, 1335 and was coronated on August 5, 1392. He reigned for just over six years. His umbilical cord is buried in a tomb in Man-In-San, Geumsan-gun, South Chungcheong Province.”

“Wait, they actually buried his umbilical cord?”

“Yeah, why would I lie? You’re free to look it up if you don’t believe me, but trust me I know my history.”

Jaehyun: You would assume that because Jaehyun has been taking Chinese lessons for over a year now that he’d be fairly decent at it, but you’d be wrong. Both of you have the long weekend off, so you decided to take a romantic couples trip to Hong Kong. You mange to finally flag down a cab after twenty minutes, but it appears the driver only knows Cantonese. “佢哋而家去緊邊?”

“Crap! I know Mandarin.” Jae says looking visibly flustered. “It’ll take us forever to find another taxi.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” You turn to the cabdriver and give him the name of the hotel where you’ll be staying. After negotiating on a rate, the cab pulls away from the curb and onto the crowded street.

“I never knew you spoken Cantonese.”

“I don’t actually, but I knew it would come in handy when you told me we’re going to Hong Kong, so I spent the weekend memorizing a couple useful phrases.”

“Is there anything you can’t do?”


Mark: It’s another scorching hot summer’s day, so you two decide to stop by a convince store and grab a refreshing drink before continuing your morning walk. Your dog happily wags his tail, while you two survey the refrigerated beverages. You decide on a strawberry lemonade while Mark gets a Snapple. “I love Snapple! My favorite part is reading the facts on the lid.”

“What does it say?” You inquire.

“Peaches are members of the almond family. That’s so cool! I never knew that.” He grins widely, it’s so funny how easily amused he gets.

“Really? You didn’t know that? I thought it was common knowledge, like how almonds are actually seeds. Did you know most almonds are pasteurized? What about the fact that almonds were one of the first foods awarded a qualified health claim in the United States? Ohhh, a-”

“Babe, please stop. You’re hurting my brain.” Mark cuts you off.

“But, I have so many more facts about almonds. Who am I supposed to share them with?”

“Anyone, but me.” He says giving you a kiss on the cheek.

(You didn’t specify which members you wanted, so I chose to go with NCT U. I hope you don’t mind, but I feel like it would be a difficult request to write seventeen different reactions for. Plus, who doesn’t love Doyoung and Ten? I’d also like to apologize for how long it took me to upload your request.)


ExcerptBut technically, everything else in Dan’s life is weird so this is him taking the word strange to another level.

Summary: In a universe where Dan Howell is a lawyer who makes a lot mistakes but helping Phil Lester isn’t one of them

Genre: fluffy angsty weird au

Warning: suicide and death, swearing (spoilers: there’s a happy ending so worry not!)

Words: 5,056 words this is my longest fucking fic im

A/N: this is all the time i have today im soRRY (it’s not too confusing is it :=0c) i will try to queue posts so my blog wont be that dead but for now im v sry for my lacking of content :=/ anYWAY this is a sequel for 24;; !! congrats u got what u wanted after months (s/o to my beb @cherryblossom-phil for reading a fair amount of this told me things to make it less confusing and my waifu @asianellenpage for beta’ing as usual labyu gais)

A phone chimed a tone and Dan felt sleep crawl out of his eyes.

He stirred, under the mess of warm duvet and misplaced pillows. Then his hand darted from the covers to his bedside table, to see a new message.

From: Blocked

7:44 am

Good morning Dan! Happy birthday!

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Drabble #10: “Sex with you would be mind blowing”

Pairings: ReaderXDean Winchester 

For: Anon 

Speeding down the highway in the cover of night, you and Dean struggle to stay awake in the wee hours of the morning. The hunt of the day left all of you with swore muscles and torn spirits. Sam snored in the back seat, his jacket covering half his chilling body. Dean yawned taking another swig of the now cooled coffee. “Let’s play truth or dare”, you randomly proclaim. He looks over to you with straight curiosity and a grin appears on his perfectly shaped chin. “You go first”, he smirked. “Fine, um truth”, you reply. Dean thinks for moment and his eyes narrow as the questions pops in his mind. “Have you ever thought of me naked?” He looks at you with a wink. Blushing at the question you think back at all the times you envisioned him wrapped around your legs. The times you wished he’d come out of the shower with a single towel draped around his waist. “Uh…nope”, you lie. Your eyes avoiding his gaze as he switches back and forth from you to the road. “Liar”, he goofs. “How would you know?” You ask insulted by his untrusting manner. “I know you better than you think kid”, smiles that famous Dean Winchester smile. You feel your heart melt as his green eyes stare right through your soul. “My turn”, you quickly respond. “Truth”, he responds almost instantly. “Have you thought of me… you know naked…in your bed?” The bravery in the question did not reflect how you felt. Your palms sweat and you rub them down the leg of your pants. Dean catches the gesture which causes him to lick his lips, knowing your nervous in your skin. “Yup, every time I’m alone”, he winks. Turning your head towards the rushing trees. “I mean sex with you would be mind blowing”, Dean continues. His hand creeping onto your knees. Your body tenses in a way that only a man like Dean could make anyone experience. “My turn”, he says before anything else. “Truth”, you can’t stop yourself from the excitement. “Are you a virgin?” His questions sits heavy in the air but you respond honestly this time. “Yes”, your cheeks start to burn. “I knew it”, Dean’s hands tighten around the wheel. “Well if it’s such a big problem then stop talking like that”, your statement is rough. For a moment the Impala is silent, sitting in the air of intensity and unspoken words. “It’s not a problem but if you’d like I can be the solution”, Dean’s voice echoed through out the space between you. “Fine but not if you say lame stuff like that”, you begin to laugh. You look at Dean and he begins to crack a laugh as well. Sam stirs in his sleep but doesn’t wake. You look back shocked that the forgotten brother finally made a sound. 

The motel sign with it’s neon covering lite up the car with bright pink. Sam inched his way under the covers and promptly fell into a deep sleep. “Man he’s really out isn’t he?” You ask. Dean stepped in behind you placing his hands on your shoulders. “Come on, our room is this way”, he whispers. Turning you towards the door, leading you to another room where one bed stood in the middle. “My turn”, he says. “Dare”, you reply. “I dare you to take your clothes off”, Dean’s face is firm but a spark reflects on his green eyes. You do as you are dared, peeling each layer of clothing slowly. Watching Dean grow hungry with every piece dropping to the floor. As the last falls so does the game. Dean scopes you up leaving kiss marks along the edges of your body as he places you on the bed. Chills transform into tiny shocks when his hands begin to roam the hills of your curves. He begins to shed his clothing although not as graceful as you but he gets the job done. “Will it hurt?” You ask. “Everyone is different but I guess you might feel a little pressure. At least that’s what I’ve been told”, he replies. His tone is soothing unlike his normal raspy tough guy tone. He looks into your eyes as if to ask for another grant of permission. You shake your head, grabbing his face and pulling him in for a deep kiss. He places himself just slightly inside you gently pushing forward testing the limits. He touches your breast and the sensation grows into ecstasy. “Uh”, you breathe. Dean buries himself into your neck. His movement picks up and your body feels like it’s floating in a river. He groans deep when you wrap your legs around his waist, no longer feeling shy about the matter. The rhythm increases as well as the thrust. Bringing you ever so closely to the edge. Dean trails his kisses down to your nipples, taking them gently between his teeth. “Oh God!” You near scream out. Shocked at how the gesture made you react. His patterns grow faster and faster as he reacts to your moans. The way you grab at his back pulling him deeper into you, forgetting it’s only your first time. As the moment grows closer a wave hits you and soon Dean his below you. “Okay, that was hot”, he mentions. The palm of your hands press onto his chest. His head leads back as you begin to move back and forth. Underneath the sheets small driblets of blood float around but the pain is long gone. Your movements increase, Dean presses his fingers into your waist guiding you just at the very end of him. You know you’ll be hurting in the morning but at this moment it does not reside in your mind. Leaning forward still continuing your motions, you passionately kiss Dean. He groans and moans on your lips and the sounds are enough to send you over. “Dean!” You shout. The sound of you arriving makes him quiver with longing and he slides out of you. Finishing the job by hand. You lay there on the bed heavy breathing, body engulfed with defining pleasure. Dean after much cleaning up returns to bed and covers you with him. “I hope that was everything you thought it would be”, he says. Kissing your forehead and wrapping his arms around you. “My turn”, you smirk. At first he stares at you with confusion then he too smiles a devilish grin. “Dare”, he whispers. “I dare you to do that again”, you softly bite his lip. Pulling the covers over the two you Dean thinks for a second and then looks at you with a deep stare. “Only cause you dared me”, he pulls you in.