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Hi I know messages aren't on at the moment, if for any particular reason we wanted to be friends with you, or just chat to you, how would we go about doing that? (Sorry) ^•^

((There’s nothing to apologize for, I’m really flattered you’d want to be my friend <3

If you’d like, I could make a public discord server where people from the blog can get together and chat. I probably wouldn’t talk all that much myself cause I’m pretty shy, but it’s definitely better than crowding the blog with posts about me instead of the positivity >v<

If anyone’s interested, let me know and I’ll sort something out <3))

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My cousin and her ex ended things badly. Even though the father doesnt wanna spend much time with her daughter..his side of the family had the right to have the baby.The baby spends many nights at her fathers or grandparents house even though the mother doesnt like it.He gets 2 complet weeks in summer plus holiday days plus weekends.Dont make me laugh people Louis doesnt get that time with his child and Louis loves babies.Freddie is not his.Dont even try to convince people otherwise.

Very very dramatic (and uninformed) larries

and the rest is silence | Jae [oneshot]

But just because Jae keeps his head down doesn’t mean his ears aren’t listening.

And The Rest is Silence | flangst | ~5.2k words | for anon

request: if requests are open can I suggest something? How about a jae fluff angst scenario, where the oc is also in jyp but they never met before, yet their mutual friends keep telling them they would get along well(same taste in music, great at playing the guitar,…)even tho their personalities are polar opposites. She’s more introverted with a really bad sense of humor. How will their relationship blossom? i’ll leave that to you

a/n: sorry this took so long! but i hope you like it anyway. any feedback is greatly appreciated <3
(requests are always open, except for the drabble game, but it might take a while because i can’t write that fast ;;;___;;;)

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Jimin is kind and a trustworthy friend. I talk to him the most,
and if I have any worries, he’s the friend that I tell first.”

Part 2 

Ahhh thank you again//// im kinda flattered you would ask me for tips;;;;; Well colouring is really VERSATILE and so many possibilities!!! So there’s no right or wrong way to colour//// Here is just some stuff on how I colour, hope it helps!!!

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I love how charmed Magnus always seems when Alec is stammering. It's honestly one of my favourite things with them when they interact, it's so sweet and heartwarming seeing how patient Magnus is. I often get my words mixed up and end up stuttering trying to correct myself and it's so embarrassing, like i wish someone looked at me like that when it happens.

awww same, he always looks so fondly on Alec? I mean, Magnus doesn’t want slick and cool; he wants genuineness and heart, and Alec gives it to him in spades. And when he stumbles for words but still looks so earnest and determined to say what he wants to say, I feel like that touches Magnus in a way few others have.

tbh when Alec stutters, too, it’s interesting because you can see his stubbornness even in small moments like this, like. he doesn’t ever stop or give up, he just keeps pressing on because he has something to say and dammit he’s going to say it no matter what – but you can also see the way his face lights up when Magnus gently fills in for him, when he gives Alec the words he can’t quite find. Alec has gone much of his life with so few people really understanding him aside from his siblings.

I also get the sense that while some of it may be nerves, it’s also partially a sign of Alec actively trying to look for the right words to say? Like, Alec is normally quite blunt and I don’t think he’s unaware of this. I think he knows he’s blunt, and so with Magnus because he likes this man and he wants Magnus to like him, too, he’s sort of – maybe thinking twice about how he phrases what he means and that causes a lapse between his brain and his mouth that usually isn’t there (since it only really happens around Magnus.)

anyway, these two are so soft around each other my heart genuinely hurts. :( sometimes i come across a gifset of magnus being angry and then magnus around alec one after the other, and the difference is night and day.


leokasa wallpapers requested by anonymous!

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hux takes kylo to meet his parents prompt: hux has always been more beta than omega; strong independent and disciplined, but meeting tall, dark, brooding, sullen alpha kylo makes him face his natural instincts to submit and take care of the brute - but he refuses sex until he decides kylo is worth it. irregardless, he's still the same hux, and decides to prove it by taking kylo to meet his parents, a complete opposite choice of alpha than their own. but uh oh... hux goes into heat while there...

It’s taken a long time, but Hux is finally content with not being an alpha.

His status–of lack thereof–has been the burden of his existence since he’d first presented as an omega when he was a teenager at the Academy.

’I’d rather have a son who’s a defective beta than a lowly omega!’ Brendol had yelled, slamming Hux’s bedroom door closed, leaving him with unanswered questions about his own biology.

Luckily, textbooks had everything Armitage had needed to combat the stereotype. An omega turning into an alpha would be impossible, but if his father wanted a beta, then a beta he would get.

Independent, tactile, ruthless. And Armitage Hux becomes the youngest General in Imperial history, the only omega to only hold military rank though he ensures he’s the only one who’s aware of his biology. It must remain a secret; he wouldn’t want his alignment to compromise the fierce reputation he’s built up.

Hux stands at the helm of his Star Destroyer, watching his officers bustle around him. None of them would question him. To everyone in the galaxy, he’s a beta. Even the alphas on his ship seem to steer away from him, deterred by his independence.

All alphas, except for Kylo Ren.

When the alpha had first arrived on board the Finalizer, he annoyed Hux to no end; always leering, always brooding. Quiet too, Hux notes, keeping himself to himself, unlike every other alpha Hux has ever met.

By the anxious hunch of his shoulders and the quickness of his steps, Hux deduces that Kylo isn’t confident in his skin, in the role that he’s been biologically assigned.

And Hux considers himself intimately intrigued by the young, odd alpha.

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Your art makes me so happy because it's so calm and beautiful. It's like holding a warm thermos filled with hot chocolate while sitting on the hood of a car in the middle of nowhere with your best friend. Idk why but I really do love it a lot.

oh gosh….im so glad…thats such i lovely metaphor…thank you so much….///// i love hot chocolate…hope i can continue to make art u enjoy… <3


Dolan Twins AU: Ethan complains about you and Grayson being loud (And Grayson gets all awkward about it)

I feel like he would be so awkward about it in front of Ethan, haha. But at the same time he’d be super proud and happy. Imagine this being a conversation while they were filming a video, which they obviously had to edit out.

requested by a lovely Anon. Hope you enjoy <3 ! :D


Marks (Requested)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: “Okay so this might not be your thing but I love the idea of an OC/reader Avenger with healing powers (like Deadpool). And her boyfriend (ideally Bucky) being a little shit and sneaking up on her to leave fresh new hickeys since the ones from the night before heal so quickly.”

Word Count: 2439

Warning: references of smut or brief smut, hickeys/bruises/a cut, Bucky being a little shit, Pietro being a little shit, Tony being Tony, Steve being a dad

A/N: I’m sorry I’m just no getting it up, work has been hell and my laptop was down for three days! Anon, thank you for the request that was both incredibly sexy and flat out hilarious to me. I hope I delivered what you had in mind!  <3 Also… pouting, whiny, confused Bucky might be my new favorite thing.

(Image not mine. Couldn’t find an image of Buck/Seb that I liked for this.)


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