i hope that the person


just had to check up on this lil dude. still cute. still small.

how i know i really fucking love marcus and tomas:

i have 20 WIPs in my gdocs right now, ranging across a variety of fandoms, and exactly 0 completed works on my ao3 (aside from a fic i collabed on). despite endless positive feedback and encouragement from friends and peers, i have never been able to successfully complete a goddamn thing.

but the fic i’m writing right now, i can say without a shadow of a doubt, i am actually going to finish. and that’s astounding to me. it may not be great, it may not live up to the other exorcist fic out there, but it’s still going to exist, and that’s huge. i feel so blessed by these stupid beautiful priests. i really do.


Tagged by @tel-a to do the selfies of 2017, this year has been a pain in my ass, but I’ve had too many new and exciting things for it to be a total loss. I can’t wait for what 2018 has in store for me, and what I can do to secure my own future and hopefully make a change in this world. I’m tagging @teachmehowtoklunk @quesobandito @tigerphobia @interstellarlungs @whjat @yellowbutnotreally @meurte @zestlenore @itsonlymethh @marievwood @meowglad @hades-pa @fuckyoreligion @tenderbreastmeat @lagrandchalu @lacun-ah @dazedhelianthus @davidduchovnie @greenbuggle @coolbouy @officialkars @havvk-e @thx-a-latte @jodeci-joestar @rimosus @butcher–baby and literally anyone else because we should celebrate whatever growth we’ve had  throughout this year 💕

my lil tips for feeling better


  • wash your face at least once a day, with a cleanser and a moisturizer that works for your skin (you can add a toner and serum to the routine too)
  • keep a lip balm on you at all times
  • please try to remember to brush your teeth. i know, you’re very sleepy and your bed is very comfortable, but still
  • try out some face masks every once in awhile!


  • find a shampoo and conditioner that really works for you and makes your hair smell nice
  • try to skip using the heat tools and embrace the natural look, your hair will thank you for it
  • deep conditioner? hair masks? argan oil? go for it
  • for those of you with long hair: keep a hair tie on you at all times


  • keep a small hand cream in your purse to keep your hands from getting dry after washing them
  • maybe keep a cuticle cream in your purse too? (it really helps me stop picking at my cuticles because this motion is actually a good kind of fidgeting instead of harmful, and it keeps them from drying out in the process)
  • paint your nails a light beige/pink neutral color. it’s subtle but looks so elegant and goes with everything


  • moisturize!!!!! after every shower!!!! whether it be lotion or coconut oil or what, it’s important!! dry skin is uncomfortable and does not make you feel better
  • find a perfume you like and spray it on whenever you need a lil pick-me-up. smelling nice = feeling nice
  • take a multivitamin every! day!
  • and take your medications! don’t forget!
  • try to incorporate eating something kinda healthy every day (maybe just one fruit! that’s all!)

There they are!!!!!!! 


happy(late)halloween! 🎃 some spooky pokemon adopts auction from Nov 1-Nov 4!

🎃🎃Starting bid is $40!🎃🎃

🎃🎃Auto-buy is $65!🎃🎃

each bidding unit is 5 USD! ($5,$10,$15, etc) payment is through paypal.

to bid on this post just comment! autobuy= please send pm/message. you can continue to comment and bid until the due date! if a pokemon passes its auto-buy price, it comes with a free sketch of them as well!

if you win a bid I will pm you so please keep your inbox open! : ^ ) ty everyone!


froslass,banette, duskull,houndoom,yamask, mismagius, litwick, gourgeist, golett, hydreigon, trevenant, mimikyu, and zoroark has sold! tysm!

YOO here is yours trully once more! This is the finished giveaway portrait @overworkedunderwhelmed requested!

Probs the cutest marinette I made since I entered this fandom one year ago


yoongi’s adorable gummy smile for @agustdulce​ (happy birthday, mi amor!)