i hope that sometime this season they have to ask danny for help

so it’s no news that an infuriated debate is surrounding iron fist. i’m not gonna get into that here. i will, however, offer my pov on what makes it a better show than we’ve been reading in the past ten days or so. contains spoilers:

  • it’s a feel good show with a light-heartedness to it. daredevil, jessica jones and luke cage were pretty dark and socially/politically charged on a level, iron fist really isn’t asking to point you the way to anything. danny is extremely traumatized but the writing won’t allow it to weigh on your shoulders thanks to the innocence that’s also inherent to the character and often paints him as a most unlikely hero. you might feel for him (if you have a heart, i guess) but once you’ve closed your netflix tab you’ll probably just be as hopeful as he is or forget about his problems altogether. i’m not sure i’d have watched daredevil with my younger brother, but i’d surely watch this one with him.
  • danny rand’s story is one of loss, trauma and even rejection that i’m sure can resonate with many people even though they never punched a dragon. anyone danny’s age (or even not) can definitely feel like they don’t belong, and maybe i’m overreading but the fact that he can’t always control his titular fist feels like an allegory of how all of us often can’t or won’t find our own energy and strengths to get ourselves out of a bad place.
  • it’s been argued that danny lacks charisma and generally the quality of a hero. it’s true, but that’s because the narrative wants him to. he’s a boy who has no idea who he is or what he’s doing, although he might sometimes think he does. his naivete is the point of the character and while he can also be problematic those aspects of him are never celebrated. i don’t know how that’s going to evolve in other seasons/shows, but season 1 danny is no hero because he’s not supposed to be. to be quite honest, if critics didn’t get that i have no idea how to help them.
  • to offer some support to what i just said: there are scenes in which characters flat out tell danny he’s “the worst iron fist ever” and a pretty underwhelming fighter (i’m using kinder words than those that were actually uttered). he’s repeatedly called out on his shit and kept at arm’s length, his ability to be the iron fist is openly questioned and no one ever restrains from pointing out he really isn’t the sharpest pencil.
  • there are five women on the show, and they pretty much to various extent carry it by moving the plot forward. take joy: she could have been the good sister to the bad brother but she helped danny regain his place in the company because it was the right thing to do and then single-handedly kept three asses in it when they were voted out. jeri showed a more human side to her character while also being a boss ass bitch against the meachums, not to mention she took way less than half of new york combined to figure out whether danny was actually whom he claimed to be or not. now, the three women of colour then deserve a bullet point each. 
  • colleen is a wonderful character. resourceful and independent, like danny she’s long been a little detached from the world (namely left in japan with her grandfather) and can feel like a fish out of water. she’s young and idealistic but also way more experienced and mature than danny, which makes them both a sweet, even touching pair and a not-so-ideal match (claire’s words, more or less). with her great fighting skills and her complexity she’s rightly considered the highlight of this show. 
  • claire is too cool for me to describe so i’ll just say she keeps being wonderful and offering a refreshing, grounded point of view to the craziness that surrounds her. sweet christmas!
  • madame gao is a force of nature. she’ll just stand (or sit) there and offer serafic words of wisdom and even when put in a corner she’ll be the most powerful person in the room. her ability to mess with people’s head by simply spilling uncomfortable truth makes her frightening because really is there an enemy more dangerous than some part of us we don’t want to face? and, well, obviously she’s one hell of a criminal mastermind. i haven’t been this terrified since fisk and she barely raised an eyebrow this whole season.
  • when finn jones said this was the most diverse show in the marvel/netflix universe many might have laughed out loud, but turns out he was right. there are episodes in the back half of the season, especially towards the end, where he is pretty much the only white character around. 
  • i’m very excited about davos. his position and motivations are understandable and i like that he’s not a villain born but he’s coming from a place of love and loyalty. this, along with the fact that he wanted and felt more deserving to be the iron fist, really makes for a compelling opponent. i’m not sure where this alliance with joy is going, but i can’t wait to find out.

From Gallifrey to Trenzalore, part 4

I really didn’t know. I wasn’t sure. You lose sight sometimes. Thank you! I am not a good man! I am not a bad man. I am not a hero. And I’m definitely not a president. And no, I’m not an officer. Do you know what I am? I am an idiot, with a box and a screwdriver. Just passing through, helping out, learning. I don’t need an army. I never have, because I’ve got them. Always them.

The last series of Doctor Who explored many interesting themes and topics. As for the poetic ones, we were once again reminded of the importance of stories, we found out that fear is nothing to be afraid of, we saw the beauty of the universe, we witnessed wonders. But we also experienced the harshness of the universe, witnessed dead people rising from their graves, betrayal, the inverted idea of heaven, when the afterlife turned out to not be a paradise but hell. And soldiers were involved in many of those incredible stories that series 8 had to offer. Moreover, we saw the Doctor’s soul. We saw its beauty, its infinity, we even saw its hatred. Above all else, we saw his hatred towards those soldiers.

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anonymous asked:

When you reference stiles sexuality, do you think there is something there? Not a sterek type thing, but I would love seeing him come into his own. Sort of like a coming of age thing where he finally accepts himself for everything that he is (gay straight or whatever). I also hope that they go into how him being possessed by the nogitsune changed his views on everything, such as his relationship with Scott

I firmly believe Stiles is bisexual. It’s been part of the show since season 1  when Stiles asked Scott and later Danny if they thought he was attractive to gay guys. It’s all there in the text, all that is missing is Stiles saying it outright, uttering the words. Unless he does that, or alternatively start snogging a dude, the vast majority of fans will continue to think he’s straight. 

athenadark asked me to make gifs of the scene in episode 3x04 where Stiles is scared for his life because of the virgin sacrifices and wants someone to sex him up. Danny volunteers, as a joke, but Stiles actually doesn’t respond with disgust at all. He realizes it’s a pity fuck, but doesn’t really question that it would be with a guy. What he does question is whether or not Danny is joking. Go to the gifset here, Athena explains it even better :) 

This is not the face of someone disgusted. This is the face of someone seriously considering it, saying “that is so sweet”.

And if that wasn’t enough, the scene with Caitlin in 3b should be the final straw that made us all come to this conclusion - even Stiles. But many of us still need to hear it said before it becomes “true”. That is true not only of this case, but for Teen Wolf in general. Most viewers tend to believe and take what is said in the show as gospel, even when it’s contradicted by what is shown. We believe the characters assumptions instead of forming our own conclusions based on the facts shown to us. 

Season 4 was the season of “no homo”, where Stiles was trying his best to be good and live up to other peoples expectations. This is born out of two things - a) Stiles’ crippling fear of being left behind. Of losing his dad or Scott and b) his guilty conscious over the whole nogi-business in 3b of which I’m sure he feels terrible about. Both his dad and Scott are stoked that he has a girlfriend. And if Stiles is bisexual, there is nothing wrong with having a girlfriend. Not at all. But many seem to demand that for Stiles to be a bisexual we have to see him make out with a guy. We really don’t. That’s not how it works. You can be bisexual your whole life, have crushes on the same sex, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll end up in relationships with one. 

And while we’re on the subject, I just love how all the scenes where it’s been hinted at his interest in the opposite sex, Stiles has never treated it as a joke. The scenes are sometimes funny, but Stiles never plays it for laughs. That sometimes gets lost. 

Since it’s been a part of the story since the beginning, I do think we will get - I hate to use the word confirmation, because in my eyes it’s already confirmed - a scene or a story arc where Stiles acknowledges this to other people. In meta we’ve pointed out that Stiles bisexual storyline seem to run parallel with his “somethingness” - from being something that occasionally peeps through, but he’s not really fully aware of himself, to something he realize is there but he’s scared to show it. I think both will be revealed in season 5.

As for how Stiles has changed in wake of the events of 3b, I feel season 4 was Stiles trying to be “better” - this is his own words used when Liam asks him what he is

This sums up Stiles in season 4 - trying to do better by his dad, being a better son, including him in plans. Taking Malia under his wings, trying to help her as best he can, accept her as a girlfriend, both because I think he genuinely likes her and cares for her (but with not the same level of romantic feelings as she has for him) because Scott was excited about it and his dad seemed to embrace her as well. He also took on more with Liam as the season wore on.

When it comes to Scott, i think it really showed in season 4 that his patience with him was wearing a bit thin. Especially when it came to how he approached the whole Liam thing after he was bit

I’m excited to see what’s happened in the six months since we saw them last. Is it June soon?? (that rhymed :)) 

she who’s winsome, she wins him (Part 2/3) || Writing Challenge - #47: Perfection 

Summary: Human AU. Rose hair with a gentle curl. That’s the girl he chose, and heaven knows…

A/N: Inspired by the song ‘I’m Not That Girl’ from the musical Wicked. Also, apologies for taking so long. I’ve actually had this chapter written since I last posted but something just felt off…and I wanted to fix it, but like, inspiration can be a real b!tch sometimes. I hope you enjoy!

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just wanna vent this out: I know I’m not the only one on here who feels this way but like I’ve said before I am so thankful for Raul Esparza and Danny Pino and especially for their characters as Rafael Barba and Nick Amaro on Law and Order: SVU.

We never get characters like this, it’s rare. And I don’t wanna hear about “oh what about *insert bland stereotypical Latinx character* ” like yeah ok good but we are more than one type of person. And sadly most of the characters that we are represented as are not as positive as we’d like or rather deserve.

I pray that we continue to see Barba on svu and now I REALLY beg God that he stays because Nick is gone and I loved having them both on there it was a real blessing for a second and I do appreciate his time on the show too. I’ve never felt so represented and loved a character(s) so much as I do these people.

What I really love about Barba and Amaro is that they are treated as PEOPLE on the show. Not just the inserted to fill a quota Latinx character and it’s GREAT. It’s so…normal. Not forced like it tends to feel when I watch other things. Like I said, we don’t get characters like this ever so you can see why I love and obsess over them so much. They’re all I got.

I read something a while back here on tumblr that said something like ‘if you don’t care about representation it’s because you are already represented’ and that is so true imo I feel as most of you don’t get it. It doesn’t mean much to you because you got your characters on everything and it’s so normal for you but for us it’s such a rare occurrence that we even get represented let alone get non-offensive and different and real forms of representation.

I cannot even write down how proud and excited I get watching Barba and Amaro on svu. I cannot. It brings me so much joy. I CAN RELATE TO THEM do you understand what a rare feeling this is? It’s so unique that I can do that in anything else I watch, granted, there are some great shows and films out there with great representation. But it’s just great to be able to see another great form of it on a show I grew up with and love so much. Rarely do I ever get to see Latinx characters speaking Spanish naturally and in a realistic way on English shows/films in a realistic way. Not for sake of a ‘sexy’ sex scene or a 'ghetto’ or even 'undocumented immigrant’ shown in a negative way. So I SO APPRECIATE the way it’s handled on law and order.

Another thing I love about Rafael and Nick are that we get to see different appearances of Latinx people. I’m very light skin and so I get to see myself positively in Rafael. I’ve never felt 'Latina enough’ because of my skin color. All the Latinx characters I see are dark skinned so when I discovered Rafael it was such a god send. But we also get to see a dark Latinx in Nick and Im so happy for that, they don’t just give us one 'version’ (Although I’m so upset that Nick is gone it was great having him on and I hope we get another Latinx character soon, preferably female).

I know the svu fandom doesn’t mean any harm and I’m so glad Amaro and Barba have so many fans (I mean after all that is why Barba was promoted to a season regular, because of fan response) but please understand that certain aspects of the way you choose to show your love for these characters is seen as offensive to the Latinx community. And I don’t resent any member of this fandom for that because I know you don’t do this on purpose but some things make me and others feel uncomfortable. Some things that are said and or done make me feel as if I’m a fetish and or joke and tbh it makes me feel less human. As if I’m not as important or as if my opinions and feelings don’t matter.

Barba and Amaro are not so much alike (although they definitely have similarities), they have different problems and we see different aspects of their lives. They are not shown as being the same latinxs with the same characteristics and up bringing and such with is REALISTIC. And it’s beautiful to be seen done this way on tv, especially on such a well known and liked show as law and order.

The way I live my life, the way I grew up, what is normal to me…it’s not to be used as something you can just adapt and play with and use as a kink/fetish. Like of course you want help what turns you on or whatever but please take into consideration that who I am isn’t something you can change into whenever you want to and use to your liking. It’s not okay.

Spanish is my language, not your foreplay sex talk to chop up and use for “fun”. And not all latinx’s even speak Spanish due to all kinds of reasons. We are not defined as Spanish speakers only to turn you on. Sometimes I wonder: would you think Rafael was just as sexy if he didn’t speak or even know how to speak Spanish?

Using Latinx attributes or Latinx characteristics/habits/cultural traditions/anything we do or how we live because you think it’s 'cool’ or 'sexy’ or 'exotic’ isn’t appropriate. I don’t like it or appreciate it.

Latinx’s as individuals are all our own people. All have our own lives and different habits and traditions so you can see why I don’t like seeing the same forms of 'representation’ in anything but with Barba and Amaro it especially makes me uncomfortable in fan fictions/imagines and such.

Another issue I find is that fans also write Barba and Amaro as being so aggressive and feisty and even abusive/violent (mostly for the sake of smut) but like geez I wonder why ???? *insert sarcastic tone* I’m sick of seeing that be the majority and widely accepted characterization of these characters. And if it where just in a few instances I wouldn’t bring it up but it’s almost all you guys see and write. And it’s offensive. Mostly makes me uncomfortable. Like I said before…we are people. Our own individuals and I don’t like that you generalize us as aggressive for your sex fantasies.

It feels as if you ignore who the character is as a person and boil them down to, for example: 'Cuban’ and all the stereotypical and convenient characteristics that YOU want them to be. We are more than that. We are three dimensional people with our own individual likes/dislikes, habits, up bringing, way of life, religion, sexuality, language choice, looks, feelings and thoughts. Just like you and your other white faves.

By all means express your love for Amaro and Barba or any other Latinx character but think about how you choose to do so and try to see it from our view point or ask yourself if it could be seen as a fetish or stereotype and especially ask yourself if it would be received in a negative by the Latinx community not white community. If you you can’t answer this than ask me if you gotta. You don’t get to decide what is not offensive to us.

I don’t mean for this all to sound aggressive, because I feel as if it’s coming off as aggressive but understand that I am very frustrated and exhausted from the stereotypical/boring/offensive/negative Latinx representations that they shove at us and expect us to be happy with that and I think that is a bunch of BS.

There is so much more that I wanna say but at this point I think I’ll end here. Thank you for embracing Rafael Barba and Nick Amaro though, because of all their fans Barba is still on the show and it’s great I think I already said this but I love Barba and Nick with all my heart and appreciate every scene they have and every line they speak.

Thanks for reading this and honestly if you have a question please ask me, I just want non-latinxs to understand our view point. We deserve to be heard and understood, it’s our world too. Our country. Our city. We love these characters and this show as much as you do and I love being able to be in this fandom. - Marina

A Head, A Heart, & A Movie {Biadore} Prologue -C*NT

A/N: C'mon unoriginal title! Let’s get sickening! Double story update! Surprise! I had asked a little while ago what story you would like to see next in the queue, a lot of you guys said the AHAHAC sequel and the Lost Princess so I decided to do both in one queue 💕. Sadly, this isnt the first chapter of the sequel like I promised because I’m still trying to get the outline right; but I wanted to give you guys a hint of what’s to come! For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is set in the same universe as A Head, A Heart & A Crown and a general continuation of the story. Text messages are in bold, no tws (for now 🙈). I hope you guys enjoy!! Also thank you to my lovely beta @trixies-padding for getting me this so quickly. 💕💯

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The Red Lady from Caribee

The first genuinely good episode of the season. The first when I didn’t think that I should be washing my hair right now. The monster of the week was interesting both in its appearance and its effect on its victims. The main storyline moved forward. The B-plot was compelling. Abbie got backstory.

If the show could do more like this, it would be back on solid ground again. All shipping aside, if they could just tell me good damn stories, I would be much happier. So let’s begin on a much less ranty (but still ranty because hi have you met me?) recap:

  • Oh hey! Fake-out cold open! I missed you because they no longer use you every episode so I immediately know no one is in any danger. Well-shot and cute. Also Crane’s love of fruity drinks will never cease to delight me. Proof that gender norms change significantly over time since enjoy froo-froo drinks was de rigeur in his day.
  • Going to do Zoe all at once. I enjoyed the awkwardness of the scene. It really captured how awful first dates are and an especially awful one at that. I really, genuinely hoped that Crane was going to go on one date, then go “good God, no” and turn his eyes toward Abbie. That clearly is not happening. But she was better written this episode. I loved that she brought him flowers. That she seemed like a person. And if Abbie gets back together with Danny for real, then honestly I wouldn’t really give a crap because Ichabod Crane does not deserve Abbie Mills right now. The biggest problem is not the character, it’s the imbalance. Give Abbie a love life and Crane can be with whatever weirdo he wants.
  • Also I’m sorry but Crane trying to protect her from the hibachi flames was adorable. I’m only human.
  • Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Abbie Mills’ hair in this episode. And let’s all tell Crane to drag a damn comb through his.
  • We did get some solid movement on Danny and Abbie this week, but why are they going so slow? They spent time shacked up together in a literal shack! You know neither of them wore clothes that whole time! They have great chemistry! Just go for it! Every time they are together it’s sparky and nice.
  • OK, I love Pandora but can we all recognize that basically thus far she’s been a Power Rangers villain, unleashing henchmen on the world while she watches?
  • Maybe the reason Danny/Abbie is going so slowly is because of the “professional courtesy” Abbie mentioned. Which, I get it. Abbie is professional. It’s a core part of who she is. But if that’s what’s holding her back, say that. Use words. They keep saying Abbie has this rich interior life and certainly we see it through Nicole’s acting but unless it’s canonical it’s little more than creator-approved meta. Authorial intent is meaningless. Do better.
  • It could just be that the show has beaten me down on the shipping front to the point that I can no longer see clearly, but the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod does feel more platonic this season. Maybe it’s writing, maybe it’s acting, maybe it’s just hopelessness, but when Ichabod was asking what if Abbie was more than friends with Danny, it felt friendly. Not jealous, despite his earlier peacocking. There’s just something subtly different.
  • Why do I have a feeling Crane refers to everything as a harbinger of evil. “LOOK LIEUTENANT A HARBINGER OF EVIL.” “Crane that is a Dyson vacuum cleaner chill.”
  • Best exchange of the episode, by far: “George Washington, paranoid? No.” “Yessssss.” Abbie has had it with the Washington fellatio.
  • For one beautiful, shining moment, I dared hope that the show would be clever and make Grace Dixon Washington’s most trusted confidant during the war. But alas, Sleepy Hollow.
  • I am sure Nikki Reed is a lovely person who genuinely wants to save the rain forest or whatever she and Smoldy do together, but my God, did Onira ever showcase that she is way, way out of her depth here.
  • Current sexuality: Grace being like, “man, shut up, I am an actual witch” when Betsy tried to whitesplain the folk remedy.
  • You guys. Betsy Ross had winged eyeliner. On a battlefield. In 177whatever. Oh my God.
  • The queen bee taking out other leaders is really, really clever! The whole use of mythology here was, and you can tell that Shernold wrote out of both great love and great knowledge of the Trini culture. The whole bit with the double-speak riddle was so great. This is how all monsters of the week need to be. The world offers such a diverse array of fascinating monsters. If you write them with genuine affection and respect, it turns out great.

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Star Struck, Fuck! {Bidadore} Tonksie

A/N: So while I was writing DMISWD I had a plot bunny! Unlike most of my plot bunnies it did not just leave me alone and wait it’s turn until I was done! So after writing it in my journal it demanded to be written. Enjoy!

Summary: Soulmates AU- A world where you see black and white until you touch your soulmate for the first time! Bianca Del Rio, winner of RuPaul’s season 6 has the best top three friends ever in Courtney Act and Darienne Lake! They Surprise Bianca with Danny Noriega tickets, a pop star Bianca secretly loves!

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Insecure Adore-IrisFay

Hey again! Iris Fay here :) I’m quite enjoying this whole fanfic thingy so I decided to write another Biancadore one ( is that what we’re calling them?)…I do tend to use their boy names more than drag names tho, with he/him. Hope you like it!!! xoxoxo

*prays the submission process doesn’t mess up the spaces in this fanfic* 

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