i hope that someone translate this chapter

Ch 93: Not the end for Ymir?

Chapter 93 gave us the confirmation that Ymir has in fact been eaten by Galliard, Marcel’s brother, seemingly marking the ending point of her character once and for all. Given the context of the new episode, as well as the little focus or pages dedicated to her apparent last moments, many of us are very upset with the seemingly lackluster climax of her character arc; and her decision to abandon Historia to save RB and let herself be killed seems to go very much against everything her characterization according to many fans. 

The point of this post isn’t to argue about any of that, but instead, to illuminate a possible indicator that we may have not seen the last of everyone’s favorite goddess.

Please let us think back to chapter 50; one of the most impactfull and monumental chapters in the entire series, for many reasons. It marks the only time so far in the story that Eren has successfully manipulated the founding titan within him, the godlike power at the center of the current (and probably final) plot, aimed at his very first enemy; that alone marks a milestone in the series, not to speak of the various character interactions happening along the way. Among others, this chapter also marks the moment Ymir chooses to abandon Historia, the person she seems to care for more than anyone else, despite the fact that the coordinate marks a real hope for the walled world to survive the dangers Ymir is aware of. 

Now, despite the fact that this game changing power debuts in this chapter, the narrator this time around focuses on one arguably lesser important event: the aforementioned separation. Let’s look at it.

“At the time, we didn’t know what Ymir’s actions meant. But after that, the armored titan stopped chasing after us”-narrator, chapter 50.

This narration is interesting for various reasons. First of all, it marks one of the rare occasions in which the narrator is not impersonal, but in fact identifies with present characters. Other notable occasions of this include Kenny’s flashback in 69, and Eren’s description of the photograph in chapter 85 (both chapters with heavy plot and thematic value for the story, just like ch 50, if I may add). Here, the narrator refers to himself as part of a group, but opposes themselves against the armored titan, implying narrator is not part of RB’s team, but in fact of the Survey Corps escaping back to the walls (most likely part of the EMA, maybe even Armin himself considering Marina Inoue typically voices the narrator. We should hear that animated soon enough). 

That’s not the only thing the narrator is implying though. The use of the past tense as well as “at the time” is crucial. It literally means that, although they did not understand Ymir during chapter 50; at the time of narration, some form of understanding is clearly present. If, at the time of narration, the narrator was still as clueless as back then, there would be no need for “at the time” of past tense, but this particular formulation very much implies that an understanding of Ymir’s actions is very much there in the present time. And here’s the thing: even though Ymir’s death has been confirmed, our characters among which the narrator finds himself have yet to reach a point of understanding Ymir’s actions.

First of, let’s determine “Ymir’s actions”. Ymir herself is a big mystery to our cast, but according to the narrator, Ymir’s actions are what directly precedes the armored titan not following narrator and co; in which case, “Ymir’s actions” has to refer to her abandonment of Historia and her helping out R and B. In that case, the narration above implies the following: the narrator part of the surviving SC forces will eventually come to understand the meaning behind Ymir’s betrayal. Now, as of chapter 93, let’s ask the question: Does anyone present back then understand Ymir?


Ymir herself expresses surprise at her actions, Ymir herself is unsure of her actions when writing the letter, which marks the most recent time anyone inside the walls has received information concerning Ymir. As of chapter 90, the last moment we spent with whomever the ch 50 narrator is, said narrator has yet to reach a point of understanding Ymir. OUR CAST STILL DOES NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF HER ACTIONS, AS FORETOLD BY CHAPTER 50. Isn’t that basically a confirmation that Ymir’s story isn’t done yet?

You may counterargue that its been 4 years and that Isa has changed his mind since, esp since he doesn’t want to drag the story out at anymore. But I find it so hard to believe that, in one of the most important chapters in the series, one that is still relevant to this day, the narrator focuses on this one plot point that simply ends up dropped over the course of the series. Chapter 50 is too important for that kind of redesign, wouldn’t you say? Who knows, maybe it’ll wind up different in the anime and will mark a retrofit by Isayama that fits better in line with 89 being the end of her story, but until we see it animated, I’ll chose to keep doubting that.

As for how Ymir’s story can still be told to our main cast? Here’s one possible option: Galliard

 According to the (admittedly bad) fan translation, Galliard understands Ymir and her wish to bring back her titan-something neither us readers nor the narrator in question do as of right now. Granted, this could just be terrible translation, but Galliard could wind up being the gateway between Ymir and the main cast. Or its something entirely different. In a story about time travelling memories, matter that forms out of thin air, and the literal power of a god capable of reshaping the planet and controlling an entire species, death seems like a far too small barrier to stop someone from being relevant to the story, one way or another.

Since the majority of this argument is based off the lines spoken by the narrator in 50, there is a minor chance this is all ridiculous blunder if the official translation turns out to somehow differ from the Japanese original, and if anyone knows if it does, I would appreciate if you could inform me. But otherwise, I personally will start taking those words from chapter 50 as heavy evidence Ymir’s story hasn’t fully been told yet. I don’t want to create false hopes for anyone, but until proven otherwise, I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to believe in it. 

anonymous asked:

Hey ^^. I've seen the spoiler, and i'm really confused now. According to the spoiler someone arrives, soma opens the door and gets shot. Soma even speaks such line as "If you don't hurry up, I'll have the desserts all by myself", "You don't look well, is something wrong?", I mean he must be talking to ciel, at least he thinks so. But the carriage looks different, besides, i don't think Ciel wants to kill Soma. So Is it the twin? By the way, I can't see the twin's purpose in killing Soma

Hey Anon :) A translation got out by now so I hope you read the new chapter before reading my response. To answer your question, basically I agree with @akumadeenglish‘s post:

  • Seeing Soma’s reaction, it’s someone he has met before
  • but at the same time I really doubt it’s our!Ciel because Soma’s reaction was more lukewarm compared to how he generally reacts to Ciel (even if the last time we saw Ciel & Seb, Seb said they were going back to the house). 

Of course there are other possibilities at this point, but since it feels like the more we get into this arc the less things we speculated on make sense, personally I’m trying to avoid crack theorizing too much and so I’ll bet on the twin (probably Lord Sirius) for now. :)

As for what’s the purpose of the twin (if that’s him) for trying to kill Soma, well, that’s just my opinion but…

If we say that somehow Ciel sacrificed his twin 4 years ago (even if I don’t know exactly how that happened), which is why Seb appeared in the first place, if the twin survived/became a BD and was told/remembered about what happened, maybe he decided to take revenge on Ciel because of what happened 4 years ago and of Ciel taking his identity?

A revenge that would include:

  • shooting Soma, because he is Ciel’s “friend” even if Ciel doesn’t agree on that
  • but also taking Lizzie away from him (through emotional manipulation because she is probably very pained and confused)
  • all that in order to hurt our!Ciel.

I mean, some readers will never agree on that, but I think Soma’s words in the new chapter about Ciel are spot on:

Ciel already lost his parents (and twin) 4 years ago + Ann a year ago now, so take away the few people Ciel actually still cares about (Lizzie mostly, but maybe Soma to some extent as well, since they’ve known each other for a year now) and it would be easy to hurt him, no matter how much he pretends not to care at all. 

That’s how I see it for now anyway so I hope it’s understandable and I’m sorry if it’s not, since there are still a lot of things I can’t be sure about (namely UT’s role in all this, I’m just not sure of anything anymore).

Thanks for passing by and have a nice Kuro positivity day tomorrow, Anon :3 

Hey Anon! And I guess it’s different for everyone, depending on what you’re skeptical/didn’t like about the 2CT?
When I see how the more we get into this arc the less we can be sure of anything, I think it’s sure that Yana actually planned it long ago so that it would supposedly make sense, so I’m giving her a chance to convince me until this arc is over. :)

Personally, even if I don’t like the hidden twin trope (simply because it’s not my fav option when it comes to fiction), I’ll be more or less okay with the 2CT as long as:

  1. the main plot, current arc and future arcs still make sense storytelling-wise 

  2. the twin creates drama because he’s supposed to be a villain and not a poor little angel who just was a victim all along (seeing as he possibly just shot Soma/Agni tho, I’m not so worried about that point xD)

  3. the characters (namely Lizzie and UT) still make sense with everything that we learnt about them so far, UT being the one I’m the most worried about recently (since I’m not sure anymore of where he fits in the current arc).

That’s what I’m asking of Kuroshitsuji in general anyway, so it’s not just because the 2CT is becoming canon, even if I might become a bit more intransigent about character developments in the future (because the cast is the main reason I like Kuroshitsuji as much as I do). 

Sorry if that doesn’t help but thanks for passing by and happy Kuro positivity day to you for tomorrow, Anon :3

「 オレって… 好きになった人は、首を絞めてでも振り向かせちゃうタイプなんだよね 。」— Ouma Kokichi , Chapter 4 

(Rough translation: “You see… when I grow to like someone, I’m the type who would would go as far as strangling them so they’ll turn their eyes towards me.”)

Finished version of this sketch.

I’m really happy with the result that I decided to make a print(A4 size) out of this art!! >///< I’m planning to sell it in Comic Frontier 9 to see if it’ll sell well (I really hope it does ;;;)

Hence, sorry for the big “SAMPLE” watermark!! I hope you’ll understand TT

I might open a storenvy account if a lot of you are interested aaah

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hey, i was just wondering if you knew/can explain the whole "don't close mountain" nickname thing?

Ahh I’m horrible at explaining, but I’ll give it a try 🙈 Maybe someone has a better explanantion that they can leave in the replies 😁

As far as I understood, “Mo Guan Shan” can be directly translated to English as “Don’t Close Mountain”. I’m assuming He Tian started calling Mo Guan Shan “Don’t Close Mountain” to mess with him 🙈 

It happened in chapter 173 ( The link to the chapter is here 😊):

I hope it made sense 🙈 If not, you could also ask jianxis or yaoi-blcd, since they translate the manhua and therefore might understand the dialogue better than me 🙈 

anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about your "Ouma lives" AU for a while, and it really interests me a lot; especially the Chapter 6 trial. I'm curious about one thing though, in the original trial, we had Kiibo momentarily take the role as the protagonist. If Ouma survived, how would that scenario change, if it even happened at all?

Thank you so much! I’m still really invested in seeing that particular AU come to life in one way or the other. If I didn’t have so much on my plate between irl obligations and meta/translation (and the time loop fic) I’d try to write it myself!

As for that particular moment, that’s a good question! I could picture a number of possibilities, but I do think for the most part that it would go largely the same at first. The thing with that particular moment is that none of the other survivors are really as suited for stepping into the sort of Hope’s Peak, “hope vs. despair” role as Kiibo is.

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Hi ^^ I was wondering if you will be translating new chapters of Koisuru Boukun? I would like to ask also about drama cd from this manga for now it's stoped at volume 6 (August 22, 2012) did you heard something about continuation? It's 5 years already I hope sesnei didn't dropped it.

I will need someone to send me scans of it (hint, hint people) but at the moment I do not have a scan source. If I get scans of it I will absolutely do it!

The company that was doing the drama cds went out of business and so there are no plans to make more drama cds of the series unfortunately.

aeolusvale  asked:

has any of ndrv3 chapter 2 been translated?

I hope you don’t mind I post this ask publicly with a lengthy reply, because I still get a lot of messages asking this and I know many people must’ve missed the whole ordeal.

No. In fact, I’m not translating the rest of the game because (1) Spike requested that gameplay past Chapter 1 not be posted. I know my translations are bound to get subbed by someone if I did them, and I don’t want to be the one responsible for making that happen. 

And (2) even if Spike allowed it, and even though I can disable copy-and-paste on a Google Doc to make it harder for people to sub my translations onto their gameplay footage without my permission, I still wouldn’t do the translations. And that’s because a while ago, somebody stole one of my NDRV3 translations, then stirred up hate and drama by publicly accusing me of making false accusations, and I never ever want to deal with that again.

I’ll admit, sometimes I do think about going back to translating the game again, because you know, it’s fun. But then I’d remember all the nasty comments I received and decide it’s not worth it. And I never want to pamper all those people with my work, especially those that went out of their way to tell me my translations don’t matter WHILE indulging in my translations. “No one cares about translators so just shut up and work for the fandom… translations are plain old nothing… none of this will even matter when the game comes out in September……”

…well okay. Then wait until September. 

If you treat translators like shit, the only logical result is that… you get no more translations… Duh. 

But I also have too much work and responsibilities piled up right now, so I probably wouldn’t have the time anyways. 

I wouldn’t mind translating for credible groups/companies or just helping out other translators in my spare time, and right now I’m working on one of the Danganronpa anthologies. But I’m pretty much done with posting large-scale translations of NDRV3 up for public view. Maybe a different game… one day… in the distant future… but not NDRV3.

It was fun while it lasted, and I’m glad a lot of people enjoyed my translations and appreciated my work. Sorry again to all those who were nice and supportive, but yeah, I’d rather not risk it again, hope you understand! 

Also, because people are still requesting access to my translations even after I took down my Google docs from public view, here’s a link to the TheLifeliketextube’s subs of my translations for the Prologue and Chapter 1 for anyone who missed it.

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Hello Ki-san! I found your tumblr because of reading AxK on Mangafox. First of all, thank you very much for your hard work! I'm currently not able to purchase the original manga but as soon as I can, I will! But before that I'm reading it online ^^'' I hope my question won't sound inappropriate but will you contribute the chapter 50 parts to Mangafox too? I'm really sorry if the question is rude or so. I'm just so happy that AxK is going on but I can't read it properly on tumblr here.

Welcome to my Tumblr where I spam with random stuff~~~ Thank you for having the heart to support original merch~  We need to help keep the mangaka drawing~~~

Regarding your question, I only post the translations on my Tumblr here.  I do not post the pages elsewhere. I believe someone has asked me for permission for uploading the pages on other sites before. I am ok with that but I am not sure which sites exactly and when they are re-posting the pages :D

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I've been seeing discourse about tenmiko vs angmiko and himiko's feelings about tenko in general so I wanted to ask someone who has actually played the game: does himiko hate tenko? And if you wouldn't mind, what are your reasons for thinking so?

Oh, I answered a question like this a week or so ago! Here it is! I think I laid out all the answers as best I could there, so I won’t go too much in detail again.

What I can emphasize is that no, Himiko absolutely does not hate Tenko. She starts out frustrated and annoyed with her extreme forwardness in wanting to be her friends, and she feels that rather than wanting to actually get to know her, Tenko is rather being somewhat patronizing.

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voissane  asked:

Now I'm curious! Why the arm twisting? And I heard someone tried to shoot Izaya in the novel?

Izaya had to shoot Sozoro in the novel. Haruto and Himari become hostages, and Ryuusei tries to force Izaya to shoot Sozoro. Izaya after confirming with Sozoro that this doesn’t break their contract, that it is to save Haruto and Himari, he aims the gun at him with his right hand. Sozoro agrees. When Izaya shoots, Sozoro is a bad-ass again and wipes the floor with everyone. After restraining Ryuusei, he grabs Izaya’s wrist, nearly crushing it.

“…..! ….Ah! That hurts! Sozoro-san! My wrist! You’re tearing off my wrist, you know!?

To Izaya who says this in protest,

“You should be glad for just this much for pointing a gun at me. Besides, I knew it was going to turn out like this because you held the gun in your non dominant right hand.”

He replied rather fast. Sozoro grasps Izaya’s wrist and tightly waves it up and down. The next moment, surprisingly Izaya’s wrist was put back to the way it was. It seemed that the pain did not completely disappear, Izaya pastes a smile on his face as he bears the pain while holding his wrist.

“…Seriously, it was Ryuusei’s fault. Being told to point a gun at the Densuke Sozoro is the same as being told to commit suicide, after all.”

-From A Standing Ovation with Izaya Orihara, Chapter 5

And that’s when they recognized the name and realized they fucked up. xD I’m not going to get to this type of events in the novel anytime soon, but I hope this sort of explains what is currently out there of someone getting shot. Also note that this was a quick translation, my wording was not probably the best.

Has this sated your curiosity? :3 I like being a tease.

anonymous asked:

ADJEKJDJENSB SANGWOO U FUCKER ARRGGG MY SON IS HURTING 😭😭 Someone save my son he doesn't deserve this torture Thanks for translating I can't believe the wait is finally over

Sigh I hope he redeems himself in the later chapters

anonymous asked:

thoughts on new chapter? :)

Oh my, it’s been over a month since I got this question, I sincerely apologise for the delay in replying to your ask, anon!

I’m very absentminded, hope you can forgive me.

Well, I’ve loved everything, literally. So I don’t even know where to start. Since Yuuki’s apparition, it had me all: 

In my opinion, there was a lot of effort put into the chapter. Hino didn’t forget any small detail this time. In my eyes, that’s very important

I find it simply beautiful the way Hino is showing us some comparisons between Aidori’s and Zeki’s relationships on this chapter, again.

The boy that I want to cherish. ❞  

— Kuran Yuuki.

I want to cherish my time with Wakaba”, I keep thinking these things…  ❞

— Aidou Hanabusa.

A little thing that I can quickly see since the spoilers was:

The knights holding the shoulders of their princesses. ♡

But that’s not all. 

By giving us these panels, to me, it’s another Hino’s way to make the Real Pairings of VK 1000% more canon than they already are. xD Having in mind that Aidou is going to propose to Sayori — and Zeki decided to start being together properly, you can see the truly parallel. The being as a official couple, so to speak. 

I really love the fact that when it’s time for Aidori to shine they always do it perfectly. I’m very happy because Hino is giving them priority. I’m always enjoying them they had me smiling like an idiot during all the chapter — I almost cried in Aidou’s proposal. :› Mostly because just as Sayori said, Aidou is always mindful of her feelings at the point can be awkward to himself. In short, I love seeing them in love. I will never get enough of them. ♥ 

And to see Zeki’s growth was just

Stunning. Wonderful. Excellent. There aren’t words to describe this.

It’s just beautiful the fact that Zero and Yuuki keep growing up together. Maturing together. Learning together. Making everything together

And not only that, but making decisions together as well. There is equality. That’s what “love” is

Incomparable to anything else.

And we finally know Zeki’s favorite place. Now I can understand why Yuuki was basically running to the bench

And though both Hunters and Purebloods don’t want Zero and Yuuki together, well, what a pity for them. But Zero and Yuuki cannot keep away from each other. In fact they need to each other

Another little thing that in my opinion was very important, is analysing Yuuki’s ”dark side”. 

What I actually adore is the reason why she faced the Purebloods.

As I mentioned, both Zero and Yuuki grew together. But there is a obvious difference: Yuuki’s growth was the most notable because Zero was very mature in comparison with a lot of characters in VK, when he was only 17.

‘This Yuuki’ looks and is much more mature, stronger. Unlike ‘the Yuuki’ in volume 19, so weak, so pitiful. ‘This Yuuki’ is the Yuuki I always wanted to see, ‘the Yuuki’ she was always meant to be.

And seeing a ‘Mature Yuuki’ making very clear that she would do everything for Zeroand just for Zero, it’s something… 

Originally posted by lostinmygrungeworld

truly beautiful for my soul.

I liked her, but after reading this chapter, I can say sincerely that I love her.

I enjoyed tremendously the chapter. One of my favorites, undoubtedly. It was simply excellent and beautiful. Bravo, Hino!

Originally posted by bugbuttrainbow

Though everything, I’m just a little bit disappoint because I really wanted to see baby Ren on this chapter. I want to know everything about him. But above all, I want to see him with his daddy. Can’t wait for these adorably beautiful scenes. ♥ 

Hope to see Ren soon in the next chapter. 

And well, those are my thoughts. ˆヮˆ  ♡

I’m very glad someone asked me my thoughts on this wonderful chapter. Thank you a lot for your question, cutie! And again, sorry for the super-delay in replying.

Hope you have a beautiful day. ♥

〔 Translation  and Images credit! ×

Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 8

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: It’s Dean’s birthday and Y/N gives him everything

Warnings: AU, fluff, smut (making love because that’s what this is)

Words: 3212

Note: I realllllyyyyy love Dean in this. Thanks for sticking with this, I really appreciate it, because I love writing this so much xoxo  Here’s some rather emotional smut, I hope to write some more dirty smut in the future with these two. Also if someone wants to be awesome and draw Dean with his tattoos I think I would cry. Also the latin is translated from google so..dont judge me.

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Sakura’s Confession to Sasuke - Chapter 181:

  • “I…I love you with all my heart! If you were to stay with me…there would be no regrets. Because everyday, we’d so something fun. We’d be happy, I swear! Please stay with me. I’ll even help you with your revenge. I don’t know what I could do but I’ll try my best to do something. So please, stay with me… or take me with you if you can’t stay here…”

Sakura to Sasuke(who later revealed to be Naruto) - Chapter 3:

  • “All I want is…for you[Sasuke] to acknowledge me. And I’m absolutely serious about this. I would do anything… because I like you a lot.”

Sasuke to Sakura about the Cursed Mark - Chapter 66 

  • “Sakura.. I have told you before. I am an avenger. This isn’t just a test to me. I don’t care about the Chuunin or whatever. ‘Am I strong?’ I just want the answer to that. I can’t forgive even you.. If you take that away from me.”

Sakura Talks of Flowers and Love - Chapter 93:

  • "Even during winter it keeps it’s beauty, never losing to the cold. A strong flower that waits for the hope of spring.”

Sasuke to Naruto about Sakura - Chapter 133:

  • “Hey…Naruto. You have to save Sakura no matter what.. I know you can save her. Once you’ve got her, carry her, and run..as far…and as fast as you can.. Even if it’s just for a while.. I’ll be able to hold him in place. Never again. I’ve already lost everything once before. I don’t want to watch those precious to me die before my eyes again.”

Sasuke to Pakku - Chapter 138:

  • "Take care of Sakura..”

Sakura to Sasuke about Revenge - 181

  • “It won’t bring anyone happiness.. not even you, Sasuke… Nor me…”

Sakura to Sasuke about Loneliness - Chapter 181:

  • “On that day, you taught me that solitude is painful… I understand that so well right now. I have family and I have friends.. but if you’re gone… To me… It will be the same as being alone…”

Sasuke to Sakura - Chapters 3 and 181:

  • “You’re annoying… ” —— “ You really are annoying…”

Shikamaru to Sakura about Sasuke: - Chapter 183

  • Even you couldn’t convince Sasuke, right?

Naruto to Sakura - Chapter 183:

  • “Sakura-chan, you really like Sasuke huh? ..I know how much pain you’re in because of Sasuke. I can understand.”

Sakura to Sai about Sasuke - Chapter 286:

  • “As for me.. You don’t have to forgive. Since you don’t know anything about Sasuke-kun, don’t talk about things you have no idea of! If you badmouth Sasuke-kun one more time.. I won’t hold back..!”

Naruto to Sai about Sakura - Chapter 474:

  • “No way… Sakura-chan would never… She loves Sasuke so much.”

Sai to Naruto about Sakura and Sasuke - Chapter 474:

  • "It’s because Sakura loves Sasuke that she doesn’t want him to sink any lower… It’s because she loves him that she wants to rescue him from the evil path that he walks on… Even if the only way to do it is to kill him with her own two hands… I believe she’s prepared to do it… because she loves him.”

Karin about Sakura - Chapter 483:

  • "She’s…an old friend… she must love him[Sasuke] too…”

A shinobi to Sakura after she rejected him by saying she’s in love with someone else (who later revealed to be Sasuke) - Chapter 540:

  • “I hope it works out for you. He must be a really great guy… if you’re in love with him.”

Sakura to Sai about Sasuke - Chapter 635:

  • “Sasuke-kun finally came back. I’m happy that he did… and I trust him.”

Kakashi about Sakura’s view on Sasuke - Chapter 675 (VIZ translations)

  • “And Sakura… I bet your feelings for Sasuke have changed from what they were back then. You still love him, but on a totally different level. He tried to take your life away, but yet… You still care for him. You won’t cut him off no matter what, and you think it’s your duty to save him from the darkness. That’s the kind and gentle girl you are.”

Sasuke to Sakura and Obito - Chapter 685

  • “But thanks to you.. I made it.”

Sakura re-confessing her feelings to Sasuke - Chapter 693:

  • “The truth is.. I’ve always known in my heart, there was nothing I could have done for you. But I love you..!! No matter what’s happened, I still care for you more than I can bear.. If I could had taken all your pain… onto myself to comfort you, I would have.. and here we are again, and still all I can do is sit here and cry. …I’m so pathetic..! But.. Sasuke-kun! If I still have a place in your heart, no matter how small it may be.. then please.. I’m begging you, don’t slip away any further..! If we just all stayed together.. forever.. Then I’m sure.. some day.. things would go back to how they used to be..”

Kakashi to Sasuke about Sakura’s feelings - Chapter 693:

  • “Sakura.. never stopped want to save you. Never.. The only time you need is a reason to hate someone!! And Sakura’s not trying or wanting to make you hers! She only wants to save you! She whom you came close to killing.. She feels for and spills tears over you, even now… Because she suffers from loving you”

Sasuke to Kakashi about Sakura’s feelings - Chapter 693:

  • “Was she having fun in her little make-believe-fantasy of true love? As for me, I have absolutely no reason to love her and likewise, I can see no reason why she would love me. And that’s probably just.. chains from a failed past that she’s feeling..”

Hagoromo about Sasuke and Naruto about ‘Love’ - Chapter 693:

  • “Rather.. I pray they’re able to reclaim the love they’ve lost… Not just Naruto. But Sasuke as well.. Because unlike Kaguya, they’ve known something of love.”

anonymous asked:

Sarapyon-senpai, have you read the chapter 17 raws of Omoi Omoware?! I bet you do since you can understand Japanese =D I want to ask if you can translate where Rio talked about his dream to his friends

Of course, I did >w< And sure thing ^^ I actually like that part because Rio’s friends have more comic panels

I hope this helps and also I do feel like Agatsuma (the blonde dude) will have a part between Yuna and Rio <3 I’ll explain about him further since someone asked about him on how I think he will be in the picture >w<

(Deemo -Last Dream-) 【Chapter Translation】 Kina Chiren - Prologue

And thus the story begins…

Chapter 1 of 7. (Master Post)

Merry Christmas everybody!

I know it’s not much of a Christmas present for most of my followers, but I hope someone will enjoy this very, very short post that translates the first two pages of the novel, Deemo: Last Dream.

In case anyone is wondering, the narration in the novel’s trailer is the prologue itself, except with a few minor changes and the addition of the novel’s synopsis.

So yes, I will be translating this novel. However I won’t be posting the next parts until I get a sizable bit of it done first. Then there’re also the checking and the editing, which all take quite a bit of time…

Note: In case anyone asks, I’ve opted to translate the phrases used in the game as I think they should be translated, whether it is to fix the grammar or to change terms to make it seem more fitting. So… in here, the tagline is now “never leave without saying goodbye”. :)

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TG:re Chapter 31.5 related questions.

First, some random questions:

Anon said: You think about the title of Chapter 31.5? It gives me chills

As far as I know, the chapter title is With the Lord (not “With the Master”), but from around Chapter 100 onwards there’s puns in every chapter’s title; this week’s pun is Rest. Both of them have relationship with the chapter.

Anon said: How do you think the relationship between Urie and Mutsuki will change after the auction? Urie now knows that Mutsuki is a woman, will he use this information against her or will he keep quiet?

Well, they seem a bit closer now. For instance, Mutsuki, who is usually shy, complained about Urie trying to be alone and not helping with the Christmas party; on the other hand, Urie actually went to get the stuff Tooru asked him, when he probably wouldn’t have done it if someone else had asked.

Anon said: Is it just me or does Haise look a lot like Hide in the last scene of chapter 31.5? Before I read the translated chapter, I saw some spoilers on my dash and my first thought was “Wait… Is that Hide?”, even though I knew it wasn’t likely. I mean, we’ve seen Haise’s bed hair before and it looked completely different. I wonder, was Ishida hoping we’d make that association (so that we’d recall the book signing), so he made Haise’s hair similiar to Hide’s or is it just me seeing things?

First time we saw Haise’s bedhair, he had fallen asleep sideways when he was working…

…that’s why his hair is all plastered on the back, a little to the left:

I guess that after the Christmas party he was really tired, so I assume he slept with his face buried in the pillow (it’s the only explanation I could think of for his hair to be that huge cute mess):

Still, he does resemble Hide a bit.

Hirako and Arima.

Anon said: Why do you think Hirako didn’t go to Haise’s party? Initially, I thought Arima and him were pretty lonely, but Arima did go while Take didn’t. Why do you think this is?

Both Arima and Hirako are pretty lonely, but there’s a huge difference: Hirako chose solitude, Arima didn’t. For instance, for the Christmas party, Haise invited them both, but Hirako didn’t show up, even when two of his squad members did. 

Maybe he didn’t want to meet the Quinx, his squad, or Arima; maybe he had something else to do; maybe he felt he would be out of place. Whatever the reason was, he chose not to go.

Arima, however, did. Thing is, I doubt he would be so lonely if he was given the choice to interact more with people. For example, once they got over their initial differences, he and Taishi actually got along nicely:

Still, people see Arima as someone invincible, someone they can’t talk to, as a legend; this leads him to extreme isolation, he is forced into loneliness. It is people like Haise, people who know him, the ones who see for what he really is: a human.

Anon said: What’s your opinion on Arima’s reaction to Sasaki’s gift?

Well, I doubt he had received a Christmas/birthday present in a long time, if he ever did; guess he wasn’t expecting it and didn’t know what to do. 

Also, there’s the fact that Sasaki admires and cares a lot for him, but Arima knows that, despite everything they have done together the last two years, he hurt Kaneki and even owns his life. Maybe he cares for Haise, maybe he doesn’t, but he does show regret when they talk:

Besides, like I said before, most people don’t consider Arima to be human. Giving him a gift, just like he did with the Quinx and Akira, means that Haise sees and thinks of Arima as a human.

Juuzou’s stitches.

theconfusedknightingale​​ said: Hello! So in chapter 31.5, Juuzou’s stitches look different from before, now the XIII of Death is now split into the X of the Wheel of fortune and the III of the Empress, what do you think about this possible new symbolism?

m0nsee​​ said: I was re-reading tgre last chapter and i saw Susuya change the numbers of his eyes, before he have the XIII in the right eye, but in the 31.5 chapter have the X in the right eye, and III is in the left, i found it weird, maybe this has/have a meaning? (sorry bad english)

I assume that symbolices that he got some closure with Big Madam.

The ones bellow his eyes are The Empress (III) - Creativity, right path, abundance, prosperity, emotional security, peace, compassion and Wheel of Fortune (X) - Positive change, knowledge, wisdom, vision, destiny, turning point, time to live. And the one on his lip, Judgement (XX) - reborn, absolved, inner calling, true vocation, new start.

Uta’s true purposes and Touka’s decision.

Anon said: I don’t know if Uta is a bad guy or not. He seemed to have fun with Kaneki’s tragedy,became the host of the auction and messed Hirako around but now, he talks about Clown’s work with Yomo. What’s on his mind? Is he planning a new joke? (Love ur blog)

Thanks for the support! At this point, it is impossible to know his intentions. For instance, after the Anteiku Raid he looks thoughtful over Kaneki’s disappearance…

…and just a moment later he seems to be happy about the whole thing:

I’m not sure whether he is or not an actual Clown (messing around with Hirako could’ve been just part of his personality), but it seems like he cares for Kaneki.

thedirtyknb​​ said: Wait, does that mean that Anteiku is aware of Uta being part of the Clowns?? But??? Either Uta is the boss and lying about it or he really isn’t the boss…? I’m so confused. Also what do you think Touka meant by “I’ll continue doing what I decided to do”? And is “that person” Haise was talking about Touka?

It seems like he is a spy of some sort (just acting like a Clown, but reporting everything to Anteiku), but he might be a double agent (he does tell stuff about them to Anteiku, but he actually has the same ideals of the Clowns). As for him being the boss, I guess it’s a possibility; however, there might be someone else.

About Touka, I think she was referring to this:

She will wait for Kaneki to come back by his own means. And it seems like Haise invited Touka, but she didn’t go (the place was full of CCG investigators, so even if she wanted to, she couldn’t go).

Anon said: Just read the Christmas chapter for tg and I’ve got so many questions and I would love to hear your speculations on them: 1. Waitttt Yomo knows that Uta is in the clowns gang so this implies that Uta is a spy in the clown gang…?! (Splited this in two parts)

He might be a spy or a double agent.

Who sent the presents?

(Continued from before) Anon said: 2. Who the heck is Hysy that sent Haise the mask? Maybe Uta because in the panels before it he mentioned that Kaneki is still a special customer to him but Im just not sure where “Hysy” came from? 3. HIDE IS ALIVE? That signed book…?

HySy ArtMask Studio is the name of Uta’s shop:

Anon said: How do you think sent Sasaki the book and his old mask? I think that was the book Hide got signed for him, but if he sent it I still wonder how he got the mask. Also do you have a clue who Sasaki was thinking about when he thought: “I wonder what’s going on with that person today… a date, perhaps?” (Love your blog btw, but you seem to have a lot in your plate on place take good care of yourself :))

He was thinking about Touka (I think). Thanks for the support! Don’t worry about me, I really enjoy answering questions (I have over 100 to answer now, though); besides, it helps me get distracted (especially lately; I’ve been really sick and it helps thinking about something else).

Anon said: Just a proposition, but i think Touka (+Uta) sent Kaneki’s mask and book to Sasaki. Since it was mailed directly to the Chateau (wich is a secret/secure location for the safety of the quinx squad), only someone who knew the adress could mail them here. It seems that Sasaki invited Touka to come to the party. In this chapter (31.5), he wondered why Touka was not here, impliying that she was supposed to come by herself. She would need the adress of the house for that. Ps: I like your work, T.Y.

Thanks for the support!

So! Touka is deffinetely involved, given the fact that she is the one who knows where the Chanteau is. Uta is involved too, since the mask said “Merry Christmas from HySy”.

First things first, we need to wonder if that’s the original mask or it is another one. In both cases, Uta is the prime suspect. However, in the first case, how did Uta retrieve Kaneki’s mask? While it is possible, there’s someone else who had direct access to it: Hide.

In the sewers, when Kaneki was loosing his mind, he had the mask:

When Hide appeared, he had his Kakuja mask out and the other one was nowhere to be seen:

And when he waked up, when Hide was nowhere to be seen, he didn’t have his mask anymore (he had a little eyepatch instead):

Once again, anyone could’ve found it, but Hide is the one person we know for sure was there.

Now, about the book, there’s four people involved: Takatsuki Sen, Kaneki, Hinami and, again, Hide. 

Eto doesn’t know when Kaneki’s birthday is, but she’s still a possibility. 

The other three have autographed copies of the book, “The Hanged Man’s MacGuffin”. Still, Hinami had hers signed for herself:

We don’t know where Kaneki’s copy ended, but I guess either Banjou and his crew, Hinami or Tsukiyama could’ve taken it. Then again, Shuu doesn’t know that Kaneki is alive, Hinami is probably in Cochlea and we don’t know what happened to Banjou.

That leaves us with Hide, who knows Touka. There’s the possibility that he works with :re now, or he could be in the hospital; either way, it is possible that he gave Touka the book so that she gave it to Sasaki.

Anon said: You mentioned that Hide may be the one who sent Haise the Sen Takatsuki book but I remember in the anime Hinami received the signed book from Eto/the author. I did read the manga, but I just cant remember if Hide was the one who truly got the signed copy… it could have been Hinami who is held at the CCG who asked Arima to drop off the gift in her place you know?

As much as Arima treats ghouls quite differently than other people, I doubt he’d do that. Also, I doubt Arima would give Sasaki a birthday gift, if not so that he doesn’t remember, at least so that he doesn’t get confused. Also, I doubt Ishida-sensei takes the Anime as reference for the manga (I mean, he wrote the story for it, but there’s a lot of differences).

Anon said: Your theory on the birthday / Christmas gift that Haise got?

I think both gifts are meant to trigger some memories, but each takes a different focus. For one part, Sasaki got his mask; we can see it as something that belongs entirely to his ghoul side

For other part, he got a book by his favourite author; he always liked reading, mostly because of the memory of his father. Let’s assume Hide sent it; Hide has always represented Kaneki’s human side.

Getting both things represent that, right now, Sasaki is in equilibrium and whoever wants him to get his memories back would like this to stay that way, further implying that the person who sent this cares for him (or at least doesn’t want him to go nuts).

About the cover.

Anon said: In the released image of child Shironeki and also Ishida’s twitter profile picture, what do you think he’s holding?

Anon said: Have you seen the new cover for vol.3? What do you think Kaneki is holding? Many people assume it’s a head but idk I also read somewhere that it could be a birdcage because of its shape +cages were mentioned before in tg, e.g. by Kanou or anime Ep.9

That’s not Volume 3′s cover (by the way, does someone know anything about that? I think it’s Seidou, but I’m not sure), it’s only this chapter’s cover.

Anon said: I LOVE your blog!!! It’s so amazing!! So I’m sure you’ve seen the cover color page for the next chapter the one with little shironeki? :3 I’ve heard people say it’s a head and others say it’s a bird cage just wanted to know what you think? :DDD

Thanks so much for the support! (*^▽^*)

It looks like a birdcage to me. If you look closely, where the sheet is pressed you can see some bars marked:

As for the meaning behind this, I can think of three possibilities:

  • Kaneki is technically trapped inside Haise’s mind.
  • Hinami is often associated with Hetare, especially because she cared deeply for the little guy; now Hinami is in Cochlea (I think), so this could mean Kaneki is going to protect Hinami no matter what.
  • Kanou mentioned a bird cage once, so this could be a reference to that or Haise/Kaneki is going to search for Kanou to get answers (he has the mask now, so he can go and do things as a ghoul again).

Also, there’s a few petals on top of the sheet; this probably means Kanae and Tsukiyama will appear this Arc.

About Sasaki and Kaneki.

Anon said: So I saw a theory that Kaneki is actually trying to manipulate Haise, so what if creepybabykaneki holding a cage (on the color page) is symbolic of the hold he has over Haise? (That is assuming that’s what he’s holding. Certainly looks like it though)

Not going to deny that possibility, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. Kaneki had accepted his weaker side before:

Now, Haise accepted his stronger side:

Also, Kaneki had failed to protect his human side, and now Haise promised to save Kaneki:

Also, that tiny Kaneki is Haise’s mental representation of Kaneki. First he saw him as someone dangerous; the CCG probably told him he was an unstable ghoul:

Then he just sees him as a shadow:

And then, when he finds out his other part is also scared, he just sees a child. Also, while Kaneki was somewhat mean to Haise at first, he’s never once manipulated (or even tried to) no one. Then again, it could be.

Anon said: I love how in the latest chapter 31.5 on the last page, Haise casually is like “He says it’s an eyepatch” while mentally conversing (kind of) with Shironeki haha those two are really cute (I mean they ARE one person) and I love how KAneki is just chilling there with his book. Also is it just me that Shironeki looks a bit wary/worried when he looks over to Haise?

Probably my favourite panel of the chapter (asides from smiling Arima):

He seems a bit worried, probably because Haise is casually speaking to him in front of his squad or because he is wondering who sent the mask.

Finally! Damn, this was a bit hard (I keep getting distracted damn ADHD). Sidenote, this happened:

Thank you so much for the support! Seriously, I appreciate it a lot O(≧▽≦)O Love you all! Have a good night.

Phan: Those Who Trust - Part 32

Wordcount: 3.7k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: past non-con and abuse
Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.
Beta: legendarygalaxydragon
A/N: Now that we have established that plagiarising is bad and that you shouldn’t do it, here’s a new chapter. It’s been a while, sorry. I was busy writing other things and being grumpy and meeting my beta in real life. Also I saw that someone translated TWT on Wattpad. That’s really cool, thank you for taking the time to do that, but I’d appreciate it if you told me about it too. I’d even put a link to your translation on the masterpost! So here’s chapter 32, I think you’ll like this one. Hope you enjoy. :) x

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When Dan returned home the next morning, Phil immediately noticed that something was still wrong. His boyfriend’s hair was messy, he wore the same clothes from last night and his eyes were hollow. He greeted Phil with a mumbled “Good morning” before walking into his room and shutting the door behind himself. Hard.

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