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Why do you ship MiraFreed? I'm just asking because many say he's gay for Laxus and I'm wondering..

Oh, well, this is definitely a good question that I’ll be more than glad to ask. There are a bunch of points I feel like I need to explain first, though, because I feel like people assume a lot of things about Freed that aren’t precisely that way.

1. Freed’s sexuality

First of all, while I can agree on the fact that Freed likes men, I am firm on the fact that he is bisexual, not gay. And I speak in the name of evidence.

He seems attracted to men.

But also to women, which is why Mirafreed is plausible. Because a gay man wouldn’t be flustered around women, would he? (It’s like if a straight man or woman got flustered around someone from its same gender.)

2. His “crush” on Laxus

Freed’s “crush” on Laxus is pretty much open to interpretation, if you ask me - and don’t get me wrong, Fraxus shippers have all rights to support this pair if they see romance on it and like it; I won’t oppose it (with a bisexual Freed, it isn’t impossible, right?). However, I must say that Freed’s actions too can be viewed as those from an admirer, a kouhai fanboying over his senpai - because it is fact that he has not made any allusion to any kind of romantic feeling towards Laxus. Not so far, at least?

Accepting Freed’s relationship towards Laxus as platonic rather than romantic would be, in my personal opinion, the following step towards the concept of Mirafreed.

3. Mirajane and Freed

My personal view on this ship is that it plays with a lot of off-screen time, but without a doubt, their development starts with the Fighting Festival arc. They engage a fight, and as everyone knows, Mirajane wins. The aftermath is however what plays the most interesting part.

Mirajane wasn’t only the first person to reach out for Freed.

She was also the also the one to teach him a very important lesson of forgiveness.

And through all there’s a quote that, for me, will always prevail - either an insinuation coming from Freed or not; “only a demon can master a demon.

Could this possibly hold ulterior meaning!? That’s up for the reader to decide.

  • Little moments after the Fighting Festival arc

Unfortunately and as many know, Freed isn’t as prominent as other characters are, and it seems that interaction betweem him and Mira is lowered after time - however, couple of hints are the ones that allow room to believe how Mirafreed actually proceeds off-screen.

They appeared placed next to each other in the cover of chapter 241 - I know it isn’t a decesive moment, but I believe it can be remarkable.

Good news for Laxana, Bixanna and Elfever shippers who can’t seem to find hints for their OTP, because here is one. Match the characters, and what do you get? A trio matched with another trio (with the addition of Laxus and Cana)

Another chapter for the two - 295 this time; notice Freed’s laaaarge stare.

Characteristic interaction appears later on, with Tartarus arc.

  • The chapter 359 “Mira.x.us moment” (written this way to not create trouble between fanbases)

All I will say about this moment is that it is absoluetely decieving - and I’m not alluding to this pair’s shippers (who, right like Fraxus ones, have all right to support it). I allude to - biased? - translators.

Actual translation


“Mira.x.us moment”

Now this is personally what I find low - because as a translator, one must be impartial, and not manipulate any kind material that may mislead any reader in any kind of way.

  • In the actual translation, Mira thanks Laxus in name of the guild for what he did for the Raijinshu, and commemorates his bravery.
  • In the other, Mira’s words are manipulated into saying that she won’t forget his courage.

But despite translations, what I find notorious is the fact that the first person Mirajane went to check up first was Freed. If not, how could have she known about Laxus’ performance?

Could have Freed been the one who concerned Mirajane the most at first? Could there be something more than we think between them? Once more, it is up to this post’s reader to decide.

And with this I can say I conclude this post - there are a few more moments I know of but omitted (because I was lazy to hunt screenshots down and they weren’t really that important), but this is enough to explain this ship’s concept. I hope this solves all doubts about it.

Feel free to send any other questions you have in regards to this, anon. :)

PLEASE NOTE THAT: This is my personal point of view of this ship, and that you are not forced to agree with it. I am aware of the fact that we all have different opinions and I respect whoever thinks differently. Please respect mine.

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In your post about people not having to like Jaime... what do you mean Jaime was "Willing to maim a young girl in exchange for sex?" When did this happen? (I haven't read the books in a few years since I don't actually OWN them so if it is something painfully obvious I'm sorry)

Hi anon!

Oh, don’t feel sorry, I forget things half the time and I own a copy of the books, and I still get things wrong because I am often too lazy to double-check, LOL. ;)

We only later on learn about it, but that was back when Arya went missing after she gave Joffrey the beatdown he deserved, on the way to King’s Landing.

The quote in question is from A Feast for Crows, when Jaime has his *training sessions* aka therapy sessions with Ilyn Payne, admitting to him or rather himself just how close he was to doing it:

“That was Raymun Darry’s bedchamber. Where King Robert slept, on our return from Winterfell. Ned Stark’s daughter had run off after her wolf savaged Joff, you’ll recall. My sister wanted the girl to lose a hand. The old penalty, for striking one of the blood royal. Robert told her she was cruel and mad. They fought for half the night … well, Cersei fought, and Robert drank. Past midnight, the queen summoned me inside. The king was passed out snoring on the Myrish carpet. I asked my sister if she wanted me to carry him to bed. She told me I should carry her to bed, and shrugged out of her robe. I took her on Raymun Darry’s bed after stepping over Robert. If His Grace had woken I would have killed him there and then. He would not have been the first king to die upon my sword … but you know that story, don’t you?” He slashed at a tree branch, shearing it in half. “As I was fucking her, Cersei cried, ‘I want.’ I thought that she meant me, but it was the Stark girl that she wanted, maimed or dead.” The things I do for love. “It was only by chance that Stark’s own men found the girl before me. If I had come on her first …” (Jaime IV, A Feast for Crows)

So you see that Jaime now reflects on the matter in what I suppose is “wtf, just how deep did I sink?” sort of moment, and to me personally, still one of the *greatest* revelation moments for Jaime once he fully starts to unrvael his illusions and mistakes as part of his identity arc. Because right there, to my understanding, it dawns on Jaime that right there, he was willing to maim or kill Arya for nothing more but sex, not even to *protect* his family, which likely contributed to his decision to push Bran out the window (which is by no means meant as an excuse for him, it’s just what likely motivated him to do that).

With Arya, it wasn’t about wanting to protect his loved ones, it was about sex. No more, no less. And that is what dawned on him right at that moment.

In that sense, it was really chance that prevented him from committing that gruesome act, but yeah, it shows just how far he was willing to go back in the day, for the illusion he had of their relationship, himself, and Cersei - and I think that he doesn’t finish the thought is meant to show us that this is what really shocks him. That this *was* him.

I hope that answered your question, anon!