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Sachi senpai~ can you pleeeaaassee write a domestic!aoki drabble where aominecchi do something stupid with their daughter/son and said "don't tell your dad about this"?? It's okay if you don't wanna do it tho. Thankyou! 🙈

(Ah, thank you for your patience! I know this response in coming a bit late. Idr when this showed up in my ask. I was trying to remember how to word. lol. But thanks for the prompt. I’ve got a bit of a different idea for it though, so I hope this works out to your liking anyway. 

The child in this is based off of limitlessmonster‘s child character in the her fic Only a Glimpse (which everyone should read because domestic aokise). And as always, I dedicate all aokise I write to her because she’s the inspiration for all the aokise that I happen to churn out.)

“What’re you looking for, Papa?”

Aomine spares Sachi a glance and continues to search her room. His grip tightens on the magazine in his hand, convinced that Sachi’s room is the last place Kise would think to look for something like this. 

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How come Vanitas looks like Sora?

Gooooood question!

When Vanitas was created by Master Xehanort, Vanitas did not have face; hence the mask he wore. When Sora’s heart healed Ventus’s heart, Vanitas took on Sora’s appearance.

At the very very beginning of Birth By Sleep, we see Master Xehanort with Ven ( who is wrapped in this blanket like thing ) & basically this is the very point in time when Master Xehanort extracts the darkness of Ven’s heart. With this extration of darkness, Vanitas is created, which ultimately left Ven’s heart fragmented & needed to be healed or repaired!

From here, Sora connected with Ven ( Sora didn’t actually connect with him at the end of BBS, he connected with him AT THE VERY START where we see Ven & Master Xehanort on Destiny Islands. )

Now that Sora is connected to Ven, it meant that Sora was using some of his heart
to heal the fragmented parts of Ven’s heart!

Because of this reason, Vanitas took on the likeness of the heart that completed him, Sora; the HEART SHAPES THE APPEARENCE OF THE VESSEL

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Is it possible to be transgender and nonbinary? Physically, I was assigned female at birth, but I desire the male body. But in gender/self expression, I'm really all over the spectrum. My expression isn't really male or female. It really varies.

(Pt.2) sometimes I feel more male than female, but generally, I don’t feel very binary towards either ‘stereotypical’ gender. I hope I’m making sense XD

GQID: Hi there! This totally does make sense. It is possible to identify with / want a certain type of body and have a different gender identity or expression that does not necessarily ‘match’ societal expectations on what sex / gender identities go together. As an example, I id as gay male (sex / sexuality) while preferring an androgynous or feminine expression; the two need not contradict one another.


Be still my beating heart - A Teen wolf (Stiles) Imagine

Request: Your writing is honestly amazing. Could I request a Stiles imagine? The reader is extremely shy and has had a crush on Stiles forever. They get paired together for a project and she’s really nervous and awkward around him. And Stiles is just super sweet to her and actually has a crush on her too. I hope that makes sense. Thank you!

Requested by: Anon

You were sitting in class, slowly fidgeting with the hem of your shirt while taking shy glances at your seat neighbor. Stiles was leaning back in his chair, his body was slightly turned towards you but his attention was focused on Scott as the pair discussed something with animated gestures. A wide grin was stretched across Stiles`s face and you couldn`t help but feel the corners of your lips slightly tugging upwards. You had been trying to focus on the book in front of you but soon found your gaze shifting towards Stiles once again. Only this time your eyes met with his which caused and intense blush to spread across your cheeks as you hastily returned your gaze to your desk, completely missing the kind smile Stiles had attempted to give you.
“Alright class listen up!” the teacher suddenly called out to catch everyone`s attention before he continued.” For this next project you will be working in pairs-” A unanimous cheer rippled through the class as everyone turned towards their friends, eager to find a partner. However their joy was cut short as the teacher continued.
“- and I`ve already made the pairs for you.” Yet again the class united, however this time it was in a collective sigh and the occasional groan. You actually preferred that the teacher had already made the pairs; it saved you the trouble of having to find a partner since none of your friends were in this particular class with you. As the teacher began shouting out the pairs while simultaneously writing them in the black board you momentarily zoned out, your attention returning to the brown haired boy beside you. Stiles wasn`t paying attention to the teacher either. Instead he was leaning back in his chair and talking over his shoulder to Scott.
“Stilinski!” The teacher’s loud voice boomed through the classroom and Stiles nearly fell out of his chair in surprise as he snapped his head towards the front.
“Yes?!” He asked, his voice a mixture of alarm and confusion. The teacher raised his eyebrow disapprovingly and sighed.
“You`re in pair with Y/N, and please pay more attention.” Now it was your turn to snap your head to the front, your jaw almost slacking in shock. Your eyes widened as you stared at the black board where your name and Stiles`s was neatly written beside one another, confirming that you were indeed paired up as partners for the upcoming project. Your cheeks instantly flushed red and you hoped it wouldn`t be too obvious how hard you were blushing. You didn`t dare to glance towards Stiles, knowing full well that the boy most certainly was looking your way.  As you were still deciding whether you should look at him or not, you felt someone nudge your side gently. Then a crown of brown tousled hair entered your field of vision as Stiles leaned over to catch your attention.
“Hey, Y/N” He whispered with a smile, careful not to disturb the teacher any more than necessary.
“Stiles.” You nodded and smiled hesitantly while still trying to cover up the blush on your cheeks that was growing more and more intense by the second.
“I`m glad you`re my partner, and I`m looking forward to working with you.” Your breath hitched in your throat as you looked into Stiles brown eyes. He was smiling sincerely which caught you completely off guard and all you could muster in reply was a slow nod. Stiles grinned at you before leaning back into his seat and hesitantly turning his gaze forward, surprising you by actually taking notes on what the project was going to be about.

After class you`d just made it to your locker before a tap on your shoulder made you turn around and come face to face with a grinning Stiles.
“Hi again” He said, still smiling, while tugging at the shoulder straps of his backpack. You were slightly taken aback by his sudden appearance so you only just barely managed a quiet reply without jumbling the words together too much.
“Hi Stiles.” You swallowed hard, trying to focus on anything but his gorgeous eyes. ”Did you need something?”
“Yeah actually, I was wondering if you`re free after school?” Stiles shifted his weight from one foot to the other, his grin never once leaving his face as he tried to capture your eyes with his.  His attempts proved successful as your eyes snapped up to meet his in surprise.
“W-why do you ask?” You stuttered before swallowing hard in an attempt to settle your nerves.
“Well I don`t have any lacrosse practice today so I thought we could work on the project together.”
“Oh” You blinked a few times in confusion, briefly forgetting that you were actually Stiles`s partner for a school project, before shaking your head to clear up the jumbled thoughts. ”Uh-yeah! I mean sure. I-I`m free.” You glanced down just in time to miss the wide smile that spread across Stiles`s face.
“Great! I`ll meet you at the parking lot after school.” You only had time to nod in reply before Stiles was bounding down the hallway, no doubt heading for Scott to share the news, and closing his hands into tight fists of victory. A soft smile found your lips as you watched him disappear into the crowd, a faint blush still tinting your cheeks. Then you clutched your books tighter against your chest and, with giddy excitement and anticipation towards your study session with the Stiles Stilinski, you headed off to class.

As the final bell for the day rang you felt almost sick just by thinking of what was to come next. At first you`d been nothing but excited and happy about studying with Stiles but as the day progressed, thoughts about all the things that could and most likely would go wrong filled your head. You were standing beside Stiles`s jeep, clutching the straps of your backpack almost painfully tight as your gaze focused on the ground. Your mind was going a mile a minute trying to figure out ways and reasons for you to get out of the study session. But before you had time to come up with something a tap on your shoulder brought you back to reality and you were met with a grinning Stiles.
“Ready?” He asked but your mind was still far away and your eyes absentmindedly focused on scanning every inch of his face. You were roughly pulled out of your daydream however as Stiles waved a hand in front of you.
“Do I have something on my face?” Stiles laughed while rubbing his neck slightly. Shaking your head you looked him in the eye and started waving your hands in front of you.
“N-no, not at all, your face is fine! I-I mean your face is more than fine it`s great! You`re great! Oh no, I mean it`s uh-“You bit your lower lip and looked down at the ground in embarrassment. Your arms were tugging almost too tightly on the hem of your shirt as you silently cursed your nerves for getting the better of you.  Shifting your weight from one foot to the other you noticed that Stiles had yet to comment on your previous rambling. You weren`t sure if you dared to look up or not for fear of what his reaction would be, but after swallowing hard and curling your hands up in determined fists, you carefully glanced up. When your gazes met however, your eyes widened slightly as you noticed the wide grin that had stretched across Stiles`s face. His gentle eyes were looking down at you as he kept smiling and when he noticed your attention were once again on him, he opened his mouth to speak.
“So…” he began.” My face is great is it?” You instantly felt your cheeks heat up and your body stiffened noticeably as you tried to stutter out a reply.
“It`s well…I-It`s very-“ You felt your mouth dry up before you could finish the sentence. Truth be told you weren`t sure how you were going to finish the sentence and at this point, silence seemed like the best option anyway. Stiles immediately noticed your discomfort and proceeded to place a comforting hand on your shoulder.
“Sorry, I didn`t mean to tease too much.” He smiled warmly down at you. ”So anyway, how about we just go home to my place and work on that project, sounds good?” You didn`t trust your voice to speak without cracking so instead you opted for a quick nod in reply which earned you an approving nod from Stiles before he squeezed your shoulder reassuringly and opened the door to his jeep for you.
“After you.” He said and you quietly climbed inside. As Stiles shut the door behind you, you allowed yourself to briefly close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves and maybe even still your pounding heart a bit. The way things were going, you knew you were in for a long night.

Stiles glanced over at you once more from his place in the chair by his desk. You were sitting on the edge of his bed, absentmindedly flipping through the pages of your text book while letting out the occasional sigh. Stiles couldn`t help but let a small smile tug the corners of his lips upwards as he observed every curve of your body and every detail of your face. Never had he seen anyone more beautiful and never had he met anyone who would make his heart race the way you could. For once in his life Stiles actually found it hard to find the right words and he always went through great lengths to make sure you didn`t notice how he fumbled for quick responses whenever the two of you spoke. As his eyes wandered from your eyes, down your nose and settled on your mouth he found himself observing the curve of your lips a little bit more carefully than the rest of you. Without really meaning to Stiles licked his bottom lip and imagined what it would feel like to press his own lips against yours. There was no doubt in his mind that they would fit perfectly together. He knew you were the one for him; you would be just perfect with him and him alone. He couldn`t bear the thought of you being with someone else. But why was it so hard to just confess his feelings for you? Finally tearing his gaze from your lips Stiles threw his head back and let out a frustrated grunt while closing his eyes in exasperation.
“Is something wrong Stiles?” The moment your voice reached his ears Stiles`s eyes shot open and he turned his head towards you. The second his eyes found yours he was hit with a surge of emotions and he knew he had to tell you how he felt, before someone else did. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he leaned forward and rested his arms on his knees, then he spoke with new found determination.
“No, I`m just tired. Maybe we can take a short break?” His eyes looked up at you slightly hesitantly to observe your reaction. And just like clockwork he noticed how your shoulders stiffened and your cheeks flush bright red as you scrambled to close your book and place it on the bed beside you.  Yet another smile tugged at the corners of Stiles`s lips as he with quiet amusement noted how that always seemed to be your reaction to anything he suggested. “Hopefully one day you`ll warm up to me” He thought quietly to himself as he stood up and moved to sit down beside you on the bed. As the mattress beside you shifted slightly to accommodate the added weight you straightened your back and focused your gaze on your hands and you twirled your fingers in an attempt to distract yourself from the close proximity between yourself and Stiles.
“Y/N” Stiles said softly. ”I need to tell you something.” You nodded while still avoiding eye contact. You knew your cheeks must be flaming red by now and you swear you could feel your heart beating out of your chest. You`d never been this close to him before and you actually had to restrain yourself from leaning in towards him and his intoxicating warmth. Something inside you told you that his arms around your body would be just perfect and you longed to know that feeling.
“Y/N.” Stiles spoke again.” Please look at me while I say this.” You closed your eyes, trying to gather yourself and your shaking nerves before you turned towards Stiles and met his eyes. To your sudden surprise you noticed how his gaze seemed to falter briefly the moment your eyes met. Stiles almost seemed like he was struggling with finding the right words. Your brows furrowed in confusion and concern as your eyes rapidly moved over his features in an attempt towards figuring out what the problem was.
“I-uh.” Stiles swallowed hard and without thinking you placed a gentle hand on his arm. Your small gesture seemed to give Stiles the last boost he needed because before you knew what was happening he`d wrapped you up in his arms and was whispering in your ear.
“I really like you, please go out with me. ”As if on cue your cheeks reddened visibly and you felt a surge of warmth spread throughout your entire body. At first his words had made you stiffen but as it all sank in you found yourself relaxing in his arms and nodding in response.

Stiles had been too nervous to look at you as he made his confession but as he felt you nod against his shoulder a wide grin spread across his face and he buried his face in your neck.  He was determined to take it one careful step at a time. And so were you.

A/N: I hope the anon who requested this likes it and that it is what you wanted, it not send me a message  and I`ll give it another shot! (^^)

also, on a side note, I`m worried my writing might be getting simple/boring(or maybe it just feels like that because it`s my writing and I`ve read it so much :/) idk, let me know if you have any opinions or such, I`m going to keep  working on the requests I have and maybe I`ll feel better about my writing style (^^) 

Have a lovely day m´dears! <3 

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For the longest time I thought that dysphoria was only when you're anxious due to your body or when someone misgenders you, but I see people saying that dysphoria can be when you don't like certain aspects of your body or you feel a bit uncomfortable, but not necessarily when you're anxious about those things (I hope that makes sense). So could you explain what dysphoria is in detail? Cause if it is the way other people have described it then that mean I'm dysphoric way more than I used to think

First read this post: http://nonbinary-support.tumblr.com/post/121648186793/aspens-guide-to-gender-dysphoria

And scroll through the dysphoria tag on our blog: nonbinary-support.tumblr.com/tagged/dysphoria

Did you do it?

Mmkay I’m gonna explain what it feels like for me but I can’t speak for everyone cuz each person’s experience of dysphoria is very subjective

**dysphoria description below, trigger warning**

I have a lot of body dysphoria more than anything else but I spent so much time desensitizing myself to it that it became really hard to pin down

Sometimes it feels like anxiety, sometimes it feels like bad body image, sometimes it’s just a mild irritation

But it all eats away at the same place, for me it’s right at my core

The only way I was able to link these feelings over time instead of handling them as separate issues was the fact that they all made me feel like I was someone I shouldn’t have been

I felt like I was floating in my skin, just a passenger to my life

I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror, just someone who looked familiar and kinda stylish tbh just foreign

(since I identify as part-female and I’m attracted to females but not exclusively) I remember seeing someone I thought was attractive and thinking beyond just wanting to talk to that person I was secretly longing to look like them

That shit took a long time for me to even admit to myself

It wasn’t until I came out and started pursuing my identity that I started having social dysphoria too

So it manifests in different ways, and unfortunately won’t be the same person to person but I hope this helps shed a little light on it!!

-Mod Aspen

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Maybe this is a common cartoon lining thing in general and I haven't noticed before, and maybe it has a pretty obvious answer and I'm just oblivious, but what decides what parts of a design will be lined black, and what parts a darker shade of that color? I've noticed hair is usually lined using darker shades, but it seems varied with other stuff. Like alien 1 having a shirt that's lined with darker shades, but alien 2's lined with black but a tie lined in a darker shade. Hope this makes sense.

I type my scripts on a computer!

This is honestly way more of a crackmccraigen or Alex Kirwan or christsirgiotis or probably even a gingerhaze question. I make with the hahas and the weepies.

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What do you think will happen with Rumbelle in S5? The Charmings are obviously going to be after Emma, and there's the Regina/Robin/Zelena rape baby drama but what storyline will Belle and Rumple have so you think?

I think he’s going to have to cope with not being the Dark One anymore.  I don’t know if that means without magic or not.  I’d like to see some connections with him and Emma as he helps Emma learn to be the Dark one with the least mayhem possible, but I’m not hopeful there.  Where it would make sense to have Gold and Emma having a strong storyline because of this plot it’s a lot more likely that they’re going to use Regina and Hook instead to force the Regina and Emma relationship more and give Hook something to do since Emma is his only story.

I think Rum and Belle are going to need to figure out their relationship.  I hope this means a long process, not a ‘I forgive you, everything’s okay, let’s be together again.’   I don’t think they’ll do the talking that I want but I hope at least there’s a scene when they both forgive each other.  I would give anything for a scene where Rum talks about how it felt to be powerless.  And I’d love to see them court again and take their time getting to know each other.

It would be interesting to see more of a Henry and Rum relationship now that Emma is Dark One.  Henry’s going to need to talk to someone about that.

But honestly I don’t have a lot of hope they’ll actually explore the things that need explored.  I hope he’s not in the coma half the season.

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"Where is that damn soundwave coming from?" The long armed pirate says with a rather annoyed tone, lifting his headphones and clears his ear. He looks around curiously with narrowed eyes. Looking around to see who was doing this -musicxonair- (I hope this starter makes sense)

           A yawn as the pirate huntress sat down, her sword across her lap.
       It had been a long day of work and all she wanted to do was sleep but
       that wasn’t exactly an option. Holly turned her head at the voice, blinking
       her icy hues in concern.

                           ❝ …Can you… hear it? That’s impossible.
                                    The frequency at which my body gives off
                                    sound is inaudible to the human ear. 

Anonymous asked - speculation and possible spoilers

Do you believe that time traveler episode is having anything to do with the break up? If I remember right, after telling what is written on that book jacket and Kate asked 3 kids? And Rick asked senator? That guy said yeah unbelievable after all that crazy stuff happened between the two of you. When Rick asked what kind of crazy stuff he pointed on Kate and wanted to accuse her of something but then he stopped and said he shouldn’t say anything.

I know it was in S5 but isn’t it possible they still follow Marlowes story? Just a thought about that break up blind item. Kate might doing something crazy but it is because of a larger purpose and we’ll understand at the end.

I’m sorry I forgot, thank you in advance and I hope it doesn’t bother you. I try to make sense out of it and reassure myself a bit.

i’m going to handle the one is the text post, because it came in three separate parts. First of all, no trouble at all and you don’t bother me a bit. Very polite actually.

This is an interesting thing to consider because there’s a couple of different factors here. So far as I know no reliable, confirmable even semi official source has said that particular event is happening on Castle. So in discussing this I’m going with “if such a thing were to happen on the show, is it possible it’s related to these events?” – Just so everybody’s clear on where my thinking is.

I do know that since Marlowe and Miller are still considered consultants for the show, it’s not completely out there to believe that the show is still following A long-term roadmap that they had in mind. Plus, in a certain sense because they’ve opened up the possibility with that job at the end of last season, you want to sort of keep to continuity as well.

That particular thing now? If I remember correctly first of all the context was castle says “how did you know I marry her?” And the time traveler says “yeah I couldn’t believe that either, especially with all the crazy stuff that happens to you two between now and then.” Castle asks what crazy stuff, and then our time traveler says “well she –”

There’s two parts to my answer from this point. One is that I’m not sure that was necessarily meant to be accusatory. Well she what? Was kidnapped and tortured on an assignment. Got accused of killing Vulcan Simmons and then arrested Bracken on live TV? Had to look for Castle for two months, with speculation that he might be dead or have run off? – A lot of things happened between early season five and early-season seven where they actually get married, but I’m using those because they’re big event that someone who didn’t know them personally would still have knowledge of, probably.

That’s a whole lot of reasons why someone might be surprised that these two people got it together and got through it and got married. And it’s not necessarily accusing her of doing something wrong. But I think the context oh that exchange, and this is my part two, was about things that would happen that would prevent them from getting married. Since they’re already married, I think what ever that was referencing has probably already taken place.

Now that doesn’t mean that crazy things can’t happen between them anymore, or that someone can’t do something that causes friction. And I do wholeheartedly believe that even if something happens early in this coming season, the end result is that we have a happier stronger couple in the end. Because while all of this has been going on, and not directly tied to Castle? We’ve had several people talk about how much respect these two actors have for the history of the show, and the general feel of the show since they’ve been here for so much of it. Including Nathan talking about the fact that they understand the reason the show works is because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the characters are happy and have fun. That tells me, ultimately we will be back to that core.

IF the show goes down that road in the first place.

sophisnotaturkey asked:

hey ^_^ this is not a submission, i have a question! i just recently became an mcr fan and i'm fairly new to the fandom and i just came across your post about bob bryar and you said that Gerard's fucked up many times and Mikey too and i was wondering whether you could explain some of the things to me? if you have time of course and if you're not drowning in submissions. i mean i know of their alcohol and drug abuse/addiction etc. but i'm not sure whether that's what you meant by they fucked up?

(part two) it sounded more like they did stupid things that harmed others and not just themselves. does that make sense? i hope you know what i mean and i hope you can help me out. have a nice day/evening! :))

well i kind of meant that in the general sense of we’ve all fucked up. but if you want specific examples, its really just the same three issues with gerard: the dr. pepper thing and the transbaiting/gaybaiting issues. and for mikey his only controversy was the “cheating scandal” that i mentioned in the bob post. 

but what i was trying to get across was the fact that pretty much all of the way brother’s “controversies” have room for discussion. theres multiple ways you can look at things, and particularly with mikey’s “scandal” that wasnt anyone elses business anyway.

theres no real way to get around the fact that bob stated that the ferguson protesters and bicyclists should die. and yet some people still take bob’s side, and regard him as the better human being? 

well, at least, i haven’t heard much of that since i made that post. :p

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Hey I hope this makes sense, but there was a favorite song of Harry's by a Neil and something about diamonds or by Neil Diamond? I literally can't remember. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about :(

Yeah,  Paul Simon - Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes :) 

zemedelphos asked:

After the WLF move, will there be some kind of community liason we'll be able to reach out to with concerns, similar to what people do now with you and most WP/PXS stuff?

Yes. Me :) Feel free to ask me questions anytime, I’ll be working with WLF on the merch anyway!

e: To clarify, I’ll still be doing my job w/r/t merch management/creation, just doing it for WP in partnership with WLF. I hope that makes sense!


if I may ask, what makes a person qualified to be called a dragon?

To Ginchiyo, for one to claim the title of a Dragon they must display qualities similar to such. Power is most definitely needed. Dragons are ruled by power; it is an aspect of their everyday life – power is a key factor in their monarchy, in their roles as Dragons, and in their mateships. Those who are weak are unworthy of the title because they lack power. Wisdom is another, for Dragons are ageless and thus garner knowledge through the times. If one is wise beyond their years, they are much like a Draconian. Wisdom is also linked to power, for a wise enemy is a dangerous one. 

But what really strikes Ginchiyo is a person’s character. In the case of Masamune, he is canonically determined to see his goals through to the end. Brave, but compassionate towards his soldiers in battle charmed Ginchiyo. Paired with his power, and ability to devise or recognize excellent strategies prompted Ginchiyo to feel that the title of ‘Dragon’ was not wasted on him. (Honestly she was really rooting for Masamune.)

anonymous asked:

Do you think ash will be the number 1 keeper after Hope leaves? I mean it only makes sense but I was just wondering what you thought

I think so, or if it’s done correctly they’ll begin to transition her in when Hope decides she wants to retire.

yolkari asked:

honestly, it's really comforting know to that there's ppl like me (im sioux and white too) cuz i always thought that i wasn't native enough, but seeing you makes me feel more valid. So, i wanted to say thank you! i hope for the very best for you (i hope this makes sense, damn dyslexia)

[ It makes perfect sense! ✌ ]

I’m here to let you know that you ARE valid! Light skinned people of color and light skinned mixed race people are always valid! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!!

whensuttonshowsoffanythinggoes asked:

Hi Christine! I went to an audition class recently where they went over 16 bar audition songs and taught us a few examples. They said that they were 16 bars, and they were in a folder that said '16 bar audition songs'. However, I have the sheet music for one of their examples and I realised that the cut they taught us was actually 32 bars! So I was wondering, are you allowed to do 32 bars if it is a fast song? I was quite confused about the whole thing haha

There’s kind of an unofficial rule that if the song goes by super fast in 16 bars, that you can make it 32. It should be under 30 seconds no matter what, though. I usually just try to pick songs that have a nice 16 bar cut instead of having to use 32 and pretend it’s 16, just in case the director doesn’t really agree with this practice. I hope that makes sense!

anonymous asked:

I've been meaning to play Skyrim for fucking ages, so I don't know, what's the whole Stormclocks vs Imperial Legion about? Obviously you're a Legion lady.

the short version of it is that the Aldmeri Dominion (high elves) got into a big war with the imperial empire who have historically dominated most of Tamriel (which Skyrim, land of the Nords, is a part of).

the war ended when both the Aldmeri and the Imperials were like “alright this shit is bananas and we’re both going to bleed dry if we keep fighting right now so lets just chill for a moment”

so they came up with an agreement/treaty called the white gold concordant with some set conditions that honestly benefited the Aldmeri moreso than the Empire. one of the conditions set is that the worship of the hero/god Talos would be outlawed ERR’WHERE. “Talos” was a man called Tiber Septim who ruled over the Empire once and apparently ascended to godhood and also screwed over the Aldmeri/High Elves at one point even tho at the time they deserved it. REGARDLESS, the Aldmeri are petty assholes who were like “AT LAST WE CAN GET BACK AT THIS TALOS DUDE BY ARRESTING ANYONE WHO WORSHIPS HIM HA-HA-HA WOW BEING A DICK SURE IS GREAT”

now this PISSED off the Nords of Skyrim because they LOVE Talos, they cannot get enough of him, he is their GOD. but they’re also generally a nationalistic bunch of racist dickholes who don’t like to share their land with anyone including Elves, Khajits, Argonians, etc. and now they REALLY dont want to share their land with the Imperials because they felt like the Empire screwed them over by sucking the tit of the Aldmeri Dominion and agreeing to ban the worship of their godly fave. 

so this guy called Ulfric Stormcloak (who is the head motherfucker in charge of Windhelm, the Nord capital of Skyrim basically) decided that this anti-Talos Aldmeri-coddling arrangement was bullshit. so he decided to challenge and kill the high king of Skyrim since he figured he could do a better job and would refuse to kiss the ass of the Imperial Emperor who he believes is kissing the ass of the Aldmeri Dominion. 

Ulfric wants Skyrim to be separated from the Imperial Empire, thus separated from the Aldmeri Dominion, THUS THE NORDS CAN WORSHIP TALOS ONCE AGAIN AND BE FREE TO KICK OUT ANYONE THEY DONT LIKE, NAMELY ANYONE WHO ISN’T A NORD. and Ulfric decided to call his army of rebelling Nords “STORMCLOAKS”. mmmm sMELL THAT EGO. 

so Ulfric killed the high king and the civil war of Skyrim between the Imperial Empire/Legion and the Stormcloaks really got heated. 

the Stormcloaks want their freedom of religion and want to be independent and racist. 

the Imperial Legion wants Skyrim to remain in the Empire because they believe that a divided Skyrim and thus a divided Imperial Empire WEAKENS their position against the REAL ENEMY: the Aldmeri Dominion.

so while the Stormcloaks have every right to be pissed about their main god being banned, a lot of them are also just racist egomaniacal dickwads who dont want to share their toys. and they fail to see the bigger picture which is that if the Empire remains united, it can slowly gather more and more strength in order to finally fight and drive out the Aldmeri Dominion THUS MEANING THEY CAN BRING BACK TALOS WORSHIP AND EVERYTHING ELSE. but if the Stormcloaks WIN then the Empire is a divided mess of civil war and the Aldmeri’s will take the opportunity to strike out at this weakness and enforce even MORE bullshit laws that oppress everyone, not just the Stormcloaks/Nords. 

so. yeah. that’s my understanding of it. 

and that’s why Po fights for the Imperial Empire and routinely slaughters Stormcloaks AND Thalmor agents of the Aldmeri Dominion. well, that and she IS an Imperial, as is Cicero. 

It's like this

Once Upon a Time is EMMA’S story. As far as I’m concerned, everyone else IS secondary to her. I watch the show to watch her story. The people who are important to her are the people I care about. Sure, it’s an ensemble, but it’s first and foremost HER FAIRYTALE.

It’s like, you might have other favorites in the Harry Potter series, but at the end of the day, the stuff about him is what’s going to be the most important. Bitching that your faves don’t get enough screen time is pointless and ridiculous.

For example, Belle is great, but she’s a SECONDARY character. She doesn’t HAVE to have as much time on screen as Emma or Emma’s love interest. Rumple being the “big bad” in the current storyline? Guess what, it works because, again THIS IS EMMA’S FAIRYTALE AND THE SNOW QUEEN ARC AND SAVING KILLIAN IS PART OF THAT.

And at the end of the day, the focus SHOULD be on Emma and whoever is closest to her. It absolutely CAN be “Once Upon an Emma” or, yes, “Once Upon CS”, cuz again, it’s Emma’s story. And CS is part of that story. The other characters are great, but without Emma, there’s no Once.

Don’t like? Don’t watch.