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And that's how we know that HT really had an obsession with GS's lips and he couldn't HELP HIMSELF TO STIFFLE HIS DESIRE TO KIIIIISSSSS HIIIIIIIMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!


because now we have the irrefutable proof (if we ever needed one after everything that happened with she li) that what he tian feels for guan shan goes far beyond the simple physical attraction or a passing crush: he tian has deep romantic feelings for guan shan, he clearly said so himself in this chapter, albeit indirectly, and there’s no denying that

the words he uses are incredibly meaningful, especially if we think that just a moment before jian yi asks him if he doesn’t feel lonely living in a huge place like that and he tian replies that he is used to it: that distance between people he talks about, we’ve seen it many times before in the way he seems to be so popular at school and yet so lonely, in how all the girls want his attention and yet don’t know him at all, he knows this distance and always respected it, he never tried to close it with anyone, not even with jian yi (he made the gap smaller with him, yes, but it was still there, which is how we know that he tian never had feelings for him), but then guan shan came along, and for the first time he tian wanted to make that distance disappear, to close that gap

i love that we also got the confirmation that he kissed guan shan on the spur of the moment, because he couldn’t control himself, it really speaks volumes on he tian’s feelings, considering how we’ve always seen him being calm and collected

and now i can understand why he tian asked guan shan if he really found him that disgusting after the kiss: that was he tian’s heart looking for an answer, for a hope. it didn’t get it back then, because the way he tian went at closing that distance between them was wrong, but it got one now, after he let guan shan see that he cares about him and guan shan chose to shorten that distance, and next time, guan shan is going to be the one to close it


@gleedegrassi-bigfan she’s not online and possibly won’t be for a few hours so I’ll help answer

Tristan is very clearly biphobic (i.e. assuming Zoë’s gay, assuming Grace is gay bc of the way she dresses, calling Miles indecisive bc he “can’t decide if he likes girls or boys” and tells people Miles is “firmly on boys now” when they’re dating). Now, you can still very much like and stan Tristan while acknowledging his biphobia and not agreeing or supporting that part of him. Just like if Miles cheats, I’m not gonna justify or support his actions but I’ll still very much be up his ass (even though cheating and biphobia aren’t exactly on the same level)

as for tr*les, it says a lot if you happily support and consider them “goals” or your “otp” when one of them doesn’t accept the other. How is it healthy or happy for a bisexual guy to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t think he can like girls and boys & goes around telling people he’s gay? By supporting that you’re supporting biphobia. It may not necessarily make you yourself biphobic, but if you’re supporting it, it’ll make people believe that’s how you feel/think about bisexuals too and they’ll assume you’re biphobic too. Tristan can love Miles and treat him like a king but that doesn’t mean anything when he doesn’t accept him for who he is as a person

Wish You Were Here

Author’s Note: This is just a little thing that’s been in my head for a while. It’s a short Reid x Reader series I want to do between filling requests. It’ll probably seem rather odd at first, but bear with me. It’ll make sense in the end… I hope. (Think along the lines of The Time Traveler’s Wife but not quite time travel)

The Goal Post

He is eleven years old and it’s terrible. Junior year is filled with surprisingly easy coursework and surprisingly awful people. The bullying gets worse day by day. It starts with words and rumors and taunts, then becomes mean notes and anonymous threats, before finally escalating into something physical. Something painful.

But at least that way, he feels something.

Lately everything feels like shades of gray. He is a routine, a regimented schedule. Wake up, go to school, come home, take care of mom, do work. Rinse and repeat. Each day is littered with countless menacing interactions. It is as though he has a target painted on his forehead, and the insecure are drawn towards him like a magnet, led by whispers that no matter what, he will always be weaker and worse off than them.

Deep down, he knows it’s because they’re insecure and this is their way of finding control and feeling powerful. He’s smart enough to understand. But understanding doesn’t make it any less painful, and despite his remarkably high IQ (which every adult in his life is intent on reminding him of) all his knowledge goes out the window, and is replaced by a quiet, simmering rage. Balanced only by an overwhelming loneliness.

Talking to her helps. She is older, an adult, but she isn’t a grown-up. She gets it. And she gets him. More than anyone else ever has. They sit in his room, Spencer balancing on the edge of his bed, while she is cross-legged on his rug.

“I know what they’re saying and what they’re doing, but please, don’t listen to them. Spencer, you are brilliant and you are kind. And you are so, so very loved. No matter what anyone tells you, you are loved more than you could ever imagine,” she says.

He fiddles with his glasses, unable to sit still. “If you care about me so much, why aren’t you here to be my friend?” he asks her. “I just want a friend.” One single friend. It’s not that much to ask of the universe.

She sighs, standing up from the floor to join him on the bed. “I wish I could be, but I’m far away right now. Right now, I’m… what year is it?”


“1992, so I’m… I’m in the second grade. Just like you, I’m trying to make friends and find a place where I belong. It’s hard for me. I get lonely too. I wish I could be there with you. I really, truly do.”

Staring hard at the floor, he says, “They tied me to a goal post, you know. Yesterday.”

“I know.” The words are laced with so much pain and sorrow it startles him. Nobody has ever spoken to him with such sympathy, and it is then that he knows for sure she means everything she says.

She cares.

“Mom didn’t even realize I was gone.” His voice cracks, betraying him. “It’s like… I’m not needed anywhere.” For hours he was left shivering in the cold, crying until his cheeks felt like ice. In the dark he made his way home, shaking, only to find that his presence had hardly been missed.

Her tone shifts, the sadness replaced by a fierce determination. “That’s not true! You are. Right now, there is a girl who needs you. Who would give anything to be your friend. And beyond that, there are people whose lives you are going to change. You don’t even know it yet, but there is so much power and potential within you. I know it’s hard right now. Believe me, I know. I need you to be strong.”

Tears are coming now, and he swipes them away angrily. “I’m trying! But I’m all alone! I have to do work and take care of mom all by myself. I’m tired of being strong!”

“You’re doing so good, Spencer. It’s only a little longer now. One more year, and you’ll be off to college, and things are going to start getting better.”

He doesn’t want to wait. He wants right now to be better. He wants a family that isn’t broken and a mom who isn’t sick and a school that doesn’t hate him.

Those things are out of his reach.

What he has though, is someone who sits beside him and tucks him into bed. She reads him Great Expectation just like his mother would if she weren’t fast asleep, exhausted from a manic episode. The sound of her voice is so soothing, a sort of lullaby that is so familiar, he wonders if he’s known it all his life. A memory locked deep in his soul from the beginning of time itself. It doesn’t take long for him to drift off to sleep, a pleasant change from his usual insomnia. The last thing he feels is her hand, gently stroking his hair.

Her voice, gently whispering a farewell.

That night, he dreams of a girl, a younger version of her, who is sitting miles and miles away, waiting for a friend. Waiting for him.

But where? And more importantly, when?

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sup quibbington who/what's ur biggest inspiration atm

at the moment im not really sure! usually my huge peaks of art inspiration/art crushes come from games or stories, so usually whatever media i just consumed. i recently replayed the last of us and that spiked my interesting in dark lighting and practicing good nature, but overwatch artistically is also really good for character design inspo and thinking ab how characters interact w environments. even like drawing the the city lights from my window keep me thinking and inspired…. definitely let the everyday things you enjoy factor into your creative process!!

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im so confused about ep 10, it starts off during the night, then at the rink during the day, (when viktor says he should go to sleep so it'd be getting quite late in the day? he also says the sp is the next day) then they go shopping and when they're done its night again but then when they put their rings on its day again and then they have that dinner with the other skaters and its night time?? ( i hope this makes sense)

Let me make a timeline-esque thing


Night: Viktor & Christophe at the pool; Yuuri is sleeping


Morning - Late morning: Practice; Viktor asks Yuuri what he wants to do now and suggests Yuuri gets a good night sleep; Yuuri asks Viktor to take him sightseeing.

Afternoon-Evening: Yuuri and Viktor go sightseeing and shopping; Yuuri loses some nuts

Night: Viktor and Yuuri walk through the Christmas market; Yuuri buys a ring; Yuuri and Viktor exchange rings; They meet up with friends and eat; JJ shows up and they all leave


Morning: Yuuri is sleeping; Yurio beats up old man Viktor and ticks him off

Still morning or later: They arrive for the GPF

I hoped this helped and obviously I don’t know the exact time of day that did these things so I guess based on how light it was outside and the activities they were doing. 

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I was reading your thoughts on the newest Utapri episode, and I agree w/ everything except one thing (kinda? lol). You mentioned how happy you were that Eiichi addressed how Tokiya (and STARISH) don’t know anything about each other. But personally I feel like it was actually rather hypocritical of him, considering Eiichi himself likely didn't know anything about Otoya until he did that background check. Granted Tokiya went and got his own information, but how they used it was very different.

Hmmm I got what you meant and all, but like, I said a while ago (idk exactly when, I think it was during the NatsuNagi week, or even in the middle of the Otochi mess, but I’ve mentioned before that one of the things that bothers me about Starish is that, while they’re a good group and friendly with each other, they are not that intimate. 

Like, during S1, Satsuki came out on Hayato/Tokiya’s concert, and while everyone watched that, no one (even Tokki) mentioned it ever again, even if by the way Nagi said it, the video of this was quite popular. They’ve been around each other for at the very least a year between the start of S1 and when they were a group in S2, and Satsuki was still a surprise to everyone, no one knew Otoya didn’t have a family (like ????? even people I study with at college, you usually have small talk where family is brought up??? I can’t believe they only got to know about it during his ep - and by accident). And even after that, no one asked him about how he felt, no member talked about it with him, this is insane, they live together, they are a team. Ren and Masa know about each other because they grew up together, but I pretty much doubt the other members know about anything regarding them and their childhood experiences. 

Overall, they are friends and it’s all nice, but they are also strangers. I’m not saying that you should go on and investigate your members’ past and all (*coughs* Eiichi), but damn, they don’t know anything, they don’t ask anything, they just live… there… together… and the present isn’t the only thing that makes a person, the past is also important and talking about it makes bonds stronger. Starish managed to talk Satsuki down on leaving bc they knew about him (again, they found out by accident lmao). They’d be able to help Otoya if they knew more about him too. 

Heavens took them out of the comfort zone they’d be trapped in forever, and because of that, all of the A Class members are being able to make peace with themselves and their past. Not only they are being confronted as individuals, Starish is being confronted as a team - they thought they knew everything about each other, but it isn’t the case. 

I didn’t find it hypocritical of Eiichi to say it bc much like Nagi, he went on a research about the person he was about to make a collab with, since knowing each other better = understanding each other better. Tokiya didn’t make a move because he was interested in Otoya, but because he had no option. After more than probably 3 years living on the same room as your team mate and almost best friend, Tokiya realized he didn’t know Otoya well enough. The way he handled the information though, was way way better than the way Eiichi did, but it doesn’t erase the fact that he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t realize the truth in Eiichi’s words. And this is why he didn’t even get mad at him in the first place.

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¿Has pensado en viajar y dedicarte a ser cosplayer como trabajo? Digo, quizás así te traigan a las convenciones de mi país.

(( OOC: No tengo que pensar en eso! Eso sería divertido. XD

My google translate skills are boss. *weeps* I sure hope this makes sense! ))

oi oi my dudes im julia (pronounced like yulia but its not like that matters just for a #funfact) i use she/her im in the gmt timezone i love strawberry milk n kim chungha is the love of mi life. i hope this all makes sense lol n thnx for reading :p  like / IM me if u wanna plot w her bc u should she wants friends ♡ 

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I think at this stage of the game, with the kind of relationship they've written for emma and regina, with the shifting tv landscape in terms of lgbt (esp wlw) representation, a&e know that not making sq canon would almost be career suicide. i dont know what conversations theyve had w network execs or what limitations, etc were placed on them but i would bet whatever resistance (if any) they may have faced in the past could be waning. theres no reason for it not to.

I completely agree. But idk sometimes life is just stupid and sucks and people don’t make sense, but I hope you’re right. I’ll always have hope for Swan Queen.

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did you see that thing about gigi having hashimoto's disease? her weight loss makes so much sense now. i hope she's ok and her meds work with no nasty side effects

yeah and i wish people left her alone :/ she’s spoken about her weight so many times, clearly it’s something that is bothering her - ppl commenting on her weight change. it’s not right that she even feels like she should explain what’s happening. ugh. i hope it doesn’t influence her mentally. she’s such a happy person i hope it never changes.

Taking Chances

Pairing: Sungjin X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,803

Request: Hi! Can I request a Park Sungjin scenario from day6 where he’s a shy barista and you’re a frequent customer (and well basically, he’s been interested in you for months but cant work up the courage to say anything but when you suddenly dont show up for a week and reappear back at the cafe, he starts becoming a little more daring while still being bashful and cute) i hope this request makes sense, sorry and thank you! :) have a nice day 💕💕 - anonymous

Putting on the most friendly smile, Sungjin greeted the customer before him, his fingers ready at the register’s touch screen. “Hello,” he said while making eye contact. “What can I get for you today?”

“I’ll have an Americano,” the man said, handing the cash right away. He wore an expensive suit, nicely tailored and ironed. The solid forest green tie complimented the rest of his clothes. He was the typical businessman who just stopped by a coffee shop to buy an Americano that will keep him up for the rest of the hours he would have to work.

Sungjin nodded his head and turned to Dowoon who stationed near the espresso machine. “Americano!” he repeated loud and clear to the coworker. Then he turned back to the customer and handed him back the change. “Have a nice day.”

A lot of customers walked in and out of the coffee shop throughout the day, so Sungjin and the rest of the employees worked efficiently the whole time, only ever taking a short lunch break. Most of the customers were women in their 20′s, usually out with a lot of friends. Brian, one of the other baristas, told Sungjin that they - the baristas - were the reasons the women kept returning to the coffee shop. Apparently, the ladies found them cute. Couples also came in for dates at the shop. Even though the coffee shop was quite large and full of people, it wasn’t loud enough to disturb others.

Busy with the next few customers, Sungjin did not notice that you had walked in until Jae stepped away from his dessert station where he managed all of the food items of the coffee shop. “Your girl is here,” Jae teased, a smug smile on his face, mischievously nudging Sungjin by the side.

Sungjin’s eyes lit up, and they quickly searched for your familiar pretty face. You were the third person in line with your attention on your own phone, no need to read the menu, and Sungjin knew why. You always ordered the same thing whenever you entered the shop. Sungjin already knew what you wanted without you telling him.

Jae, noticing a nervous look on Sungjin’s face, let out a laugh and started to walk away when Sungjin swiftly grabbed him by his shirt sleeve, causing Jae to stumble back. “Nah, not this time,” Jae answered, still laughing.

“Come on!” Sungjin implored quiet enough so that the next customer could not eavesdrop. “I’ll do anything you want.”

“You already did do everything I wanted,” Jae said, rolling his eyes. “You took over my station last month and let me go home early for my anniversary with my girlfriend. Two weeks ago, you tried to switch with Wonpil. Last week, you took some days off saying you were sick but then showed up at the same time as her, and you sat all the way in the corner of the shop. Are you really that scared to talk to (Y/N)?”

Sungjin smiled wryly. “I just don’t know what to say to her! What if I say something really dumb and make myself look like a fool?”

“Well, if you don’t talk to her at all, how is that going to help your relationship progress at all? You can know that she orders an iced vanilla latte every time, but she can’t read your mind, Sungjin.”

Sungjin turned back to get the female high school student’s order, and at the same time, took a quick glance at you, just a few feet away from him. His hands started to sweat with every push of a button on the screen. He knew that Jae was right, but he couldn’t beat his shyness at all. He made one last comment to Jae as Jae walked back to the dessert area. “Do this for me and I’ll treat all of you guys to pizza tonight,” Sungjin begged.

Jae’s brow raised. “And cola?”

Sungjin let out a sigh in defeat. “And cola.”

After the customer in front of you moved out of the line, you took a few steps forward. “Hey, (Y/N),” Jae greeted with a bright grin.

You smiled back at the tall barista. “Hey, Jae. How’s it going?”

Regularly visiting the coffee shop for about three months now, you managed to get the names of all of the baristas at the shop. Jae was the first one to ever get your order and always started short, quick conversations with you as he took your orders. “It’s going good. Nice seeing you today as well,” he said. “Iced vanilla latte?”

“Yes, sir,” you said with a small laugh as you handed him the money.

Jae nodded his head, taking your money and then quickly handing you back the change. “No need for a buzzer. I know you’re busy with your artwork, so I’ll just have someone bring the order to your table.”

“Oh, how nice of you,” you mused, touched by his actions. “I’ll be near the windows, as always.”

You leave the line and made your way to an empty table near the windows. After you placed your bag on the seat next to you, you pulled out your sketchbook and drawing tools. Flipping passed the pages you already drew on, you soon stopped on a fresh, new, clean page. What should today’s inspirations be, you asked yourself while scanning your surroundings.

Many things about the world always influenced your drawings from scenery to objects to people - anything that struck and left a deep impression and feeling in your heart. Suddenly, you remembered the first snow that fell last night. Watching from your apartment, the view was incredibly beautiful. It was so beautiful that you forgot to even make a sketch of it. With the image still vivid in your mind, you took a chance to finally get started. You reached out for your favorite pencil.

“You can’t be serious…” Jae groaned, quite exasperated.

Sungjin stayed silent as if he was being scolded.

“I’m with Jae on this one,” Brian said. “You’re really just bringing (Y/N)’s order to her.”

“Why me?” Sungjin sighed. “Either of you can.”

“Because you like her? And you should take this chance to actually get to know her? Honestly, you should be thanking us for all of this help.” Brian crossed his arms and gave Sungjin a look as if to challenge him.

“Tomorrow,” Sungjin said. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Jae shook his head but handed the tray over to Dowoon. He then whispered into the younger worker’s ear right before he let Dowoon go.

You shaded in the dark night sky when you heard someone clear his throat, calling for you attention. Immediately, you placed your pencil down and looked up to find Dowoon with your order. “Here you go, (Y/N),” he said as he placed the tray down in front of you.

On the tray was not only your iced vanilla latte, but two cream and red bean buns. Confused, you said, “I didn’t order the buns.”

“It’s on the house,” Dowoon replied with a smile. “From Sungjin.”

You leaned back and looked over to the cash register to find Sungjin happily listening to another order. Then, you met eyes with Dowoon again. “Really?”

Dowoon flashed a smile that you could not read. “Yeah! He said that he feels like he never got to talk to you since you always come when someone else is at the register. So to get acquainted with you, he told me to give you some buns as service. You seem to work really hard, and surely, coffee alone won’t help your hunger.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet of him,” you said. “Tell him I said ‘thank you.’ I’ll make sure to try and talk to him often. Too bad that it’ll have to wait until next week.”

“Next week? How come?”

You took a sip of your drink before you continued.

“My art class is taking a trip this upcoming week. We’re going to stop by a few museums out of the city, so I won’t be coming by the coffee shop.”

“Oh… I see.” Dowoon paused for a bit after receiving the unexpected information. “Well, I let you go back to work now. Enjoy.”

Night soon fell, and the coffee shop closed. The five baristas headed back to Sungjin’s apartment where he ordered pizza and cola like he promised. The friends sat together around the table as the TV played background noise. Jae pulled the first slice of supreme pizza and stuffed his mouth. Everyone else followed suit. “Man, I’m tired from standing all day.” Wonpil let out a deep sigh as he poured himself a cup of soda.

“But at least we got pizza,” Dowoon cheered. “Maybe having Sungjin always freak out when he sees (Y/N) is a good thing.”

“Most definitely not,” Brian responded as he took a bite out of his pizza. The male looked over at Sungjin. “You better keep your words and talk to her tomorrow.”

“I will,” Sungjin grumbled, taking multiple bites of his own pizza.

“Good,” Jae followed. “Better make a move before someone else will. (Y/N)’s beautiful and kind, so you can’t expect anyone to not flirt with her.”

Sungjin thought about you with someone else but then hurried to bury the thought. He could not believe how his timidness was letting all of his opportunities slip away. He silently made a pledge to himself to follow through and say a word to you when you visit again tomorrow.

“Oh, right,” Dowoon spoke up, looking at his friends. “(Y/N) said she’s not going to be there the rest of the week. She’s going on a class trip.”

Sungjin’s eyes shot wide, and he felt the pizza catch in his throat. Jae quickly handed him his cup of soda to wash everything down. “Why are you just saying this now?!” Jae exclaimed to Dowoon.

“Well, sorry. It was just so busy today that I forgot about it…”

“The whole week?” Sungjin said, mostly to himself.

Before you first stepped into the coffee shop, Sungjin always managed well. Work went by as usual. Everything was normal. Then after you showed up, things started to become different. Even though he could not muster up the courage to talk to you, he always anticipated your arrival. To him, you were like a vitamin that helped energize him from just your appearance alone.

It has been three months since you frequented at the coffee shop, ordering an iced vanilla latte, and Sungjin was used to that now. He did not like the idea of not seeing you for a week at all. He knew that the week would be hell.

And it was.

Going back to work the rest of the week, the days felt so slow to Sungjin. He always did the same thing, ringing up customers, but time just seemed to go by slower. Every time someone would ask for an iced vanilla latte, all he could think about was you.

Sungjin felt an urge to try harder the time you return. He would be more open and take more risks. There was a chance that you would not return his feelings, but he knew that it would be even worse if he did not try. If you liked him, that would be amazing. If not, then he would leave it at that, but he was not going to mope around and regret it later.

The following week, you were on your way back to the coffee shop. The trip to the museums were amazing and brought you so much inspiration that you filled your sketchbook with so many new drawings. You hoped to share your work with someone, so returning to your usual routine, you brought your book as well as one of your friends with you to get your favorite coffee.

The familiar aroma hit you as soon as you walked in, and you let out a happy sigh. Your friend, Soomi, did the the same thing. “Wow, I’ve heard of this coffee shop but never had the chance to go. Thanks for bringing me along, (Y/N).”

“No problem! I don’t want to say they make the best coffee because this is the only place I ever go to now, but… they make the best coffee.”

Both of you shared laughter as you stood in line. You let Soomi take a look at the menu for a few minutes and peeked at who was at the cash register; Sungjin was doing his usual greetings. Wonpil, who was standing around the cold drinks station, spotted you and waved his hands enthusiastically. You laughed and waved back at him.

Soomi turned back to see your exchange with Wonpil, and she leaned closer to you in a whisper. “Wow, all of the baristas here are cute, too.” You agreed.

Without you knowing, Sungjin was doing his best to calm down. He found you walking in with a friend, and his day suddenly became ten times better. The only thing left was to make sure he did not scare you off.

“Hi, Sungjin,” you said as soon it was your turn.

Confidence, Sungjin told himself. “(Y/N)! I see that you’re back from your trip. Dowoon told us. How was it? Iced vanilla latte?”

You smiled. “As always. As for the trip, it was amazing. I didn’t have any coffee there because I felt like I was betraying you guys, haha. But it was really fun. You should definitely go see it sometimes if you’re into that.”

“Thank you for your loyalty,” Sungjin chuckled. Wow, he could not believe how easy you were to talk to. If he knew, he would have done this sooner. “I see that you’ve brought a friend, too. Nice to meet you…”

“Soomi,” your friend answered, “it’s nice to meet you, too, Sungjin. Can I get a fresh lemon tea, please?”

“Of course.”

When Sungjin handed you a buzzer, your fingers softly brushed his, and he could feel his heart race. You thanked him and then walked with Soomi over to a table.

Sungjin turned around to Dowoon and Wonpil to give you and your friend’s order, and he saw all four of his friends give him a thumps up. “Nice job, Sungjin!” Jae exclaimed with excitement.

“He looks like he really likes you, (Y/N),” Soomi said, continuing her observations of the boys as you pulled out your sketchbook.

“Likes me? He just barely started talking to me,” you pointed out.

“Maybe he finally got the guts. I can tell he is definitely into you. He was even blushing a little while talking to you.”

Soomi turned back to you to make sure you were listening to her when she found you flipping through pages. Her eyes caught something, and she quickly caught your wrist to stop you.

Surprised, you looked up at her. Your friend had a playful look in her eyes. “You drew him, too?!” she asked.

“Soomi!” you said, trying to hush her.

She moved your arms to get a better look of the drawing that she made you stop at. Surely, it was the same features that belonged to Sungjin. You felt your cheeks start to heat up. “Someone has a crush on a cute barista,” Soomi sang.

The buzzer vibrated wildly on the table. You hurried to flip to a new page and stood up with the buzzer in your hand. “I’ll get our drinks,” you said, trying not to stammer and then speed walked over to the counter.

“Vanilla latte and lemon tea,” Sungjin told you as you handed him back the buzzer in return for the two drinks.

“Oh, this has a cup sleeve on it,” you said, taking a look at your cup. They never put a cup sleeve on your drink. You looked at Sungjin again. “Anyway, thank you so much, Sungjin.”

As you walked back to your seat, you turned your cup of coffee back and forth as if there was something unusual about it. In a few seconds, you found a number written on the cup sleeve. What-

Soomi thanked you as you gave her the lemon tea. You sat down and rotated the cup around again. There was a number on it. Your mind tried to piece the puzzle together. Was it Dowoon? He was the one making the coffee most of the time. Only, that answer did not make sense to you. “What are you doing, (Y/N)?” Soomi asked.

“Nothing…” you mumbled, still staring at the coffee cup. With one hand, you held the cup up, and the other started to slip the sleeve off of the cup. Written words slowly revealed itself, and as your eyes followed, your heart fluttered. (Y/N), have an amazing day. Hoping we can go out sometimes! -SJ

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Why don't you give out your instagram? Not hating, just curious since you post pictures on here so :D

My Instagram includes many pictures with other people in my life(and they are all tagged) so I try to keep that private to respect their privacy too! I hope that makes sense

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Pt. 2 such as the crimes he committed. He should be the one to take personal responsibility for the lives he took and not his mother, Although she did raise him. I hope that makes sense. I feel for all of the families in this terrible situation and wonder if his mother will be ok to attend any more of his trials. If he does get the death penalty I know that would be twice as hard on her, however we all know he will be sitting for a while due to the appeals process and the whole lot.

True. I’d imagine you can’t help but feel responsible since she brought him into this world. And I’ve seen numerous comments from people online saying “good” and “hope she died” after she had her heart attack so apparently the public blames her as well.

ok but seriously, if something really small happened in your day and it made you really happy, but you don’t want to tell anyone bc you feel that it’s insignificant to everyone else tell me, message me that thing because nothing delights me more than enjoying other people’s tiny happinesses

you know, i dont think that most cis people realize that being a trans boy isn’t “I’m a girl who wants to be a boy”

it’s “I’m a boy who everyone insists is actually a girl”

and the same goes for trans girls too, although I’m not one so I worry about talking over them. but like with trans boys, it’s not “I’m a boy who wants to be a girl,” it’s “I’m a girl who everyone insists is a boy”

it’s not that trans people “want” to be genders that they aren’t, it’s that they ARE a certain gender but most people won’t accept them as such. what we want is to be seen and accepted as the gender that we really are


UGHHHHHH! @FuckYoLife1_87 is a serious POS who’s pinging off the charts with misogynoir and ableism. This woman is GORGEOUS and deception has nothing to do with it. Everyone should probably block this user… :|

Thanks goodness for @JennnVeee though 💖

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i rr like ur art and i was wonderin how you pick out your color schemes when you draw? like do u just kind of yolo it or do u have like a thing u do lol

thank u !!! actually i already tried to explain one way i pick colors here , tho thats pretty old and only refers to analogous color schemes so… im gonna try to update it a lil bit! (btw everything ill say from this point on is just based on my own experience, im no art student and im sry if anything i explain makes no sense….!! ANYWAY moving on)

1) probably the thing i use the most are analogous color schemes bc theyre easy to do and look very calm and harmonous:

the two colors i show on the color pick thing are the ones farthest to the left and right, every other color is somewhere between them! bc of this the drawing looks calm and natural. most of the different colors u can see are created by playing around with the saturation!

2a) something i only recently started using frequently is the analogous color scheme with a highlight:

the most part of the drawing is done in analogous colors, but i added a highlight to kinda of… “break open” the closed off feeling that analogous schemes usually have! for that highlight i tend to use a higher saturated color on the other side of the color wheel, or at least one that doesnt “match” the other colors.

2b) most of the time i do the highlight not like this tho, but in the lineart:

thats a lot more subtle !

3) and sometimes i just do…..whatever lmao