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Theme: [Left] and [Right]

The story of two mirror images

Illusion Pianist
Theme: [Dream] and [Reality]

The guy on the cover

Fantasy Waitress

Theme: [Darkness] and [Light]

The girl on the cover

Association Actress ~Hunter and Beast~

Theme: [Real] and [Imaginary]

Ya know, the one already released

The Scarlet that Blooms into Monochrome

Theme: [Justice] and [Evil]

New installment in the Karakuri Burst series…… Yay? It’s from Mikus’s point of view.

Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AI
Theme: [Hope] and [Despair]

You know this one, everyone but the messiah dies

Theme: [fiction] and [Reality]

It’s about otaku Kaito who fawns over not real idol Miku.

 Amazing Dolce
Theme: [Tasty] and [Disgusting]

Here we crossover with the If the World Series.

The Sunflower of Parting Regrets
Theme: [Past] and [Future]

Len leaves for war, oh shit

Cute Scene
Sakamaki Subaru
Cute Scene

I cried over this ending this morning because it was so beautiful (My vita got wet from my nasty tears;3)! I hope next time, they’ll have a daughter. Who will be Subaru’s Daddy Little GirlXD. (This scenario really gave me a hard time, because of the kanjis u,u sorry for the inconvenience)


Subaru: Watch out!

Subaru: Are you okay? 

(Yui: Yes, sorry, thank you)

Subaru:You should be careful, it’s not only your body anymore…

(Yui: You’re right….)
(Yui: Inside me… there’s Subaru’s child…)

Subaru: what would it be? A boy or a girl?

(Yui: It must be a boy.)

Subaru: Aah? Why are you so sure about that?

(Yui: Uun, if you’re asking why… for some reason, I just feel it that way.)
(Yui: And looks like I figured the name out)

Subaru: Heee… what kind of name?

(Yui: Haruto.)

And then in the scenario, is how Yui-chan explains to Subatsun about the meaning of the name.  

カ ネ キ

Just noticed that when Touka called out to Kaneki, it was in Katakana, which leads me to conclude that…

  • Touka is rude as hell ( ʘ̆ ╭͜ʖ╮ ʘ̆ )
  • That she views her relationship with him with such closeness and familiarity that she doesn’t even bother to use any honorifics
  • The same goes for Hinami
  • It is still in Katakana, but unlike Touka, she uses the honorific -kun 
  • The katakana might indicate that they have a close emotional attachment while the honorific aspect is rather informal, which indicates that they are close friends and therefore quite comfortable with each other
  • When Hinami calls out to Yomo (didn’t know she knew him o.o) , it is addressed in Kanji
  • She also uses the honorific -san, which is a polite and usually the most common way the address someone. But it also rather distant, and indicates that she is not familiar with him as much as with Ayato, for example. Considering that they didn’t interact much, this is understandable. (But look at how Yomo smiles (/*-*)/ Precious cinnamon bun)
  • In this panel, she says “onee-san”
  • There is not much to say about this except that she views Touka as family, that she has a strong bond with her and uses the honorfic -san, which can be attributed to the fact that they didn’t saw each other for four years and therefore, just in case she doesn’t go overbroad with their reunion, uses that honorific. But it is more respectful, however a bit formal. 

Puzzle and Dragons CM - Arioka Daiki, Ohno Satoshi

大ちゃん& 大ちゃん  oh-chan and dai-chan ◦°˚\(´°౪°`)/˚°◦c

Boueibu Puzzle game Ryuu Hot Spring Ending

Oh this one was so worth it (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

So for the Hot Spring ones, you guys go to a resort (Not Kurotama)

Ryuu looks so great in a yukata but really I love these new backgrounds!

Of course guys and girls have to separate (Even if you both don’t want to)

Normally they have the kanji for man and woman to tell you which one to go in, but apparently you better hope you chose the right colour xD

GAME ROOM!!! He will go easy on you =P has to prove his masculinity as usual!

The bath backgrounds are so beautiful I had to post them as well! (It makes me miss Japan ;n;)

Ahh omg we both ended up in the same outdoor bath! (Didn’t notice there was a mixed one eh?)

So cute when he’s embarrassed, even if he tries he can’t hide it >////<


Wait for it…

The most beautiful thing a Ryuu lover can see… Prepare yourselves in




(灬♥ω♥灬) You are welcome!!!!

and to the game artists… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shindou Family Circumstances, chapter 7 summary

Chapter 7 is here! Rather, the final chapter is here. Yes, as sad as it is, this appears to be the last chapter of this adorable spinoff series. I hope Murakami comes back to this story again sometime, because it can’t just stop here, dammit! It feels like it was just getting started, and now it’s over :( Anyway, for the last time (for now, but hopefully not forever), scans and summary below…

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Ruki: soon the second week of the tour will be starting, but with all sorts of preparations and stuff it totally feels like it goes along and keeps close to the first round. let’s make it an even more intense tour for each other. and to those that’ll be there for the first time, if you come without being afraid your necks and backs and throats will hurt at least so, by all means, do come ✡( ˘ω˘ )✡  
Ruki: not second week*, but second round, I guess.

*he seems to have mixed up the Kanji for 週 (week) and 周 (time/laps/rounds)