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Daily-Duwang Halloween Event begins today!

 This week is「 S M A S H I N G  P U M P K I N S 

So our Duwang kids are stealing getting pumpkins ready to carve for the 11th-17th :) hosted by Koichi and Echoes~ 

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hi bri! i noticed you've been learning jp and wanted to know if you're being tutored or if you're learning by yourself. if your self taught, if its okay with you, it'd be great to hear what has worked for you in this process! ty for your time <3

ah…i see someone has been reading my sub-N5 tweets :3333c yea i started learning so i could watch japanese theatre because no one subs productions and it’s hard to find info on them in english.

i’m teaching myself! it’s slow going but i really enjoy it. here’s what’s working for me so far:

dr. moku for hiranaga/katakana. it costs a little bit of money. there are obviously free ways to learn kana and it’s not that hard at all, but i 1. have a shitty memory and the mnemonics stuck with me 2. have my phone with me 100% of the time so it was easy for me to study them constantly. 

wanikani for kanji. costs more money. i got a lifetime subscription for $200 during a holiday sale. upsides: drills repetition into you and game-ifies the experience so you’re more inclined to “level up” and study hard. downsides: extremely picky with answers, bad with vocab, reviews pile up fast. still, it works for me. first 3 levels are free so try it out! i’ve heard if you use the code "CRAB YORI GATOR" you get 50% off. a free alternative is anki which i use more for vocab, but you have to be harder on yourself to study.

human japanese for all beginner needs. the full version costs like $20 but it is so thorough and easy to understand. it covers everything from kana to grammar to vocab. i’m still p early on so idk how deep it goes but for a dead beginner it’s great. tae kim is totally free but sort of hard for me to understand. imabi is also free and covers a huuuuuuge breadth of information, but is a bit too thorough for the level i’m at rn.

lang-8 for having natives check your japanese, and just making friends in general. i am…horribly shy about my ability to write in japanese so i rarely post here LOL, but it’s nice to talk to japanese people wanting to learn english and everyone is very forgiving of errors.

NHK easy news for reading practice! i also buy manga to practice reading too. anything with furigana…horf…i also follow a lot of japanese celebrities and artists to practice reading more casual stuff.

animelon for speaking/listening/everything practice. anime with japanese subs where you can look up individual words and quiz yourself afterwards. some of the subs are a little bit off, but other than that it’s been helpful for me to connect listening with reading.

the genki and nakama series of textbooks are great also. i have both and i haven’t finished either but they’re helpful.

when it comes to speaking practice idk im total shit haha. find a buddy i guess…people say to repeat native sentences and record yourself to work on your pronunciation which i haven’t done yet but makes sense to me. 

also prob the biggest thing i’ve run into that i would stress: kanji is not vocabulary. kanji is not vocabulary!! im at a point right now where if i read some material at my level, i can recognize most of the kanji and their readings but i don’t know what they mean in context. so…try your best to focus on vocab early on. that would be my #1 advice.

i hope!!!?! that helps!!!?! if anyone reading this is also learning and would like a practice buddy hit me up  ❤

Kanji a Day is ending.

It’s time for me to leave.

Kanji a Day started as a way to help me learn kanji, as part of my effort to learn Japanese. It was a personal project; I never expected it to get more than a dozen followers, much less the 11,000+ of you who are here today.

But I haven’t actually learned any new kanji for a while now, and Kanji a Day has become less a labor of love and more a chore. Composing posts takes little time but I still struggle to fit it into my day, and more than once I’ve found myself resenting the time I have to take to post a new kanji and look up the right “Classic” kanji.

After more than three years and 1,126 kanji, I need to move on. 

I hope I’ve helped you learn Japanese, and that your learning continues long after Kanji a Day succumbs to bit rot. Take care and be well.

Someday, when I’m feeling better about things, I might start this up again, so instead of さよなら, I’ll just say:



Rejoice my fellow Sevamp lovers! I have been asked a couple of times for this and I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice messages and even the mentions in the tags where you guys liked the translations I was able to provide.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿Thank you for being patient and also being the most awesome fandom! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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YS Rival Renamings | Late Night Ramble Post

Its after midnight and I just got lost in my thoughts. 

So I made this post.

Here are some real name suggestions for the horribly named Yandere Sim rivals as for right now, they’re puns for days but are too much for a name.

Decided to find names that would suit them (Which are based in my own personal opinion.)

I just hope I got the correct kanji as i am not Japanese nor fully fluent.

  • Osana Najimi ➡ Kimiko Noa | ( 君子 ➡ 君: lord; noble + 子: Child) + ( 乃 愛 ➡ 乃: Possessive Article +  愛: love; affection )

  • Amai OdayakaAina Tsubaki | ( 愛菜 ➡ 愛: love; affection +  菜: vegetables; greens) +  ( 椿:  camellia flower )

  • Kizana SunobuKotone Sestuko | ( 琴音 ➡ 琴: A traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument + 音: sound) +  (節 子 ➡  節: section, period, verse, melody + 子: Child)

  • Oka RutoTsukiko Shizuka | ( 月子 ➡ 月: Moon + 子: Child ) + ( 静香: Quiet ) 

  • Asu Rito  ➡ Aki Yoshi | ( 明: bright) + ( 良: good, virtuous, respectable)

  • Muja Kina  ➡   Mayu Sato | ( 真優 ➡ 真: real; genuine + 優: gentleness, lithe, superior ) +  ( 佐藤 ➡ 佐: help; aid + 藤  wisteria)

  • Mida Rana  ➡ Riko Asuka | ( 莉 奈 ➡ 莉: white jasmine + 奈 : A phonetic character) + ( 明日香 ➡ 明日: tomorrow +  香: fragrance)

  • Osoro Shidesu  ➡ Oshiro Kyou | (大城  ➡  大: big; great +  城: castle) + ( 協: unite; cooperate )

  • Hanako Yamada  ➡ Hinata Makoto | ( 日向: sunny place) + ( 誠:  sincerity )

  • Megami Saiko  ➡ Minoru Satomi | ( 実 : to bear fruit ) + ( 聡美 ➡ 聡 : intelligent, clever, bright +  美: beautiful)

So yea, here are my ramblings! Don’t take it as canon but as a suggestion post!

Finding this essay real confusing and I haven’t even started properly 😔

In lighter news IT SNOWED TODAY this only happens once per year if we’re lucky!!!!! Snow! Snow! Snow! ⛄️
Which is cool because right now the kanji for snow is what we are learning ❄️! 雪!雪!雪!
I didn’t get much work done but I didn’t clean my room and my desk, which was a big job!
Hope you’re all eating well!! 👋

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Celeste, do you know Japanese?

we are learning!

anyway, today’s lesson is about expressing desire to do something, now let’s write about something we want to do!

(explanations: in the first frame they say greetings and one of the chus says “-ohayou gozaimachu” instead of “-imasu”. taken from this adorable reading book

in the second one they wrote: “[i] want to become a raichu” “[i] want to eat sweets” “[i] want to go to the moon”

lesson is by @easy-japan)


Meet Katakura Kagechika (hope I read those kanji right), Kojuro’s rather lecherous uncle, hahahahah. He kept saying to MC if she gets fed up with Kojuro, she should come to him.

I wonder if he was the uncle to whom Kojuro presented MC as his lover in Kojuro’s MS. But given Voltage’s inconsistency, I highly doubt it.

Still, It’s nice to see a new sprite from hubby’s family though… The family portrait just expanded, fufufufu^^

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allo! i love your writings and always look forward to your content! thank you for everything you do. for a headcanon, how do you think Hanzo and Genji would react to their female crush trying to learn Japanese on their own but struggling? and there even reaches a point where even though she eventually gets the hang of it, when Hanzo or Genji ask for them to speak it for them, they get embarrassed and become incredibly flustered? i hope that makes sense. asdfghjkl


  • You tripped to the floor and flashcards tumbled out of your hand. He quickly helped you pick them up, seeing Kanji and English mix together on the page.
  • He immediately just asks you if you’re learning Japanese, you shyly nodded but amended that you were having trouble. He nods and offers his help, you enthusiastically taking it.
  • It was slow work, you finding Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana incredibly difficult to get your mind around. Not really understanding why the strokes have to be done in the right order.
  • After a few months, he asks you to speak for him, your face going red and you splutter out a simple statement. Pride fills his chest and he writes some Kanji for you and asks you to translate.
  • You say ‘I like you’ rather hesitantly and freeze, realising that the archer had just confessed to you. You smile and grasp his hands, telling him that you feel the same.


  • He saw you nervously fretting among yourself, books around you and he slips up behind you to see what you were studying. He saw Kanji, showing how to to do the strokes.
  • You jump as he asks you if you want him to teach you, you calming your heart for a moment before nodding.
  • He’s a patient teacher, gently explaining the same concept again and again. He knows it can be difficult to learn another language, having been in your shoes before with English.
  • He asks you to speak after a while, gently easing you into a conversation as you look nervous. You eventually just confessing that you liked him in Japanese, the words horribly butchered as you stumble through it.
  • He looks a little shocked for a moment before replying that he feels the same, pulling you close and you eagerly return his hug.

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Guten Tag. What is Maya's full name? I was reading Hidoku Shinaide again(for the thousandth time) and in chapter 1 Nemu and the teacher said Masashi-kun when Maya came in the faculty room. So again I remembered this confusion that I tend to overlook when reading the manga as for they will always be Maya and Nemu. Hope you can enlighten me. Danke.

Guten Tag ^_^

Yeah, that’s simply a mistranslation. 

The japanese original says MAYA (kun). 
(You can see the Kanji and right next to them, the small writings, are called furigana. They help to read kanji and they also say まや = Maya)

The only explanation I have is that maybe they translated it from chinsese or something and translated it wrong. 

Maya’s correct and full name is
Kanji:  真矢 秀幸
Hiragana: まや ひでゆき
Katakana: マヤヒデユキ

Although fetus-Nemu didn’t like it

I thing it’s a beautiful name. Especially when it’s being moaned 

I hope I was able to enlighten you ^^ <3