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hi bri! i noticed you've been learning jp and wanted to know if you're being tutored or if you're learning by yourself. if your self taught, if its okay with you, it'd be great to hear what has worked for you in this process! ty for your time <3

ah…i see someone has been reading my sub-N5 tweets :3333c yea i started learning so i could watch japanese theatre because no one subs productions and it’s hard to find info on them in english.

i’m teaching myself! it’s slow going but i really enjoy it. here’s what’s working for me so far:

dr. moku for hiranaga/katakana. it costs a little bit of money. there are obviously free ways to learn kana and it’s not that hard at all, but i 1. have a shitty memory and the mnemonics stuck with me 2. have my phone with me 100% of the time so it was easy for me to study them constantly. 

wanikani for kanji. costs more money. i got a lifetime subscription for $200 during a holiday sale. upsides: drills repetition into you and game-ifies the experience so you’re more inclined to “level up” and study hard. downsides: extremely picky with answers, bad with vocab, reviews pile up fast. still, it works for me. first 3 levels are free so try it out! i’ve heard if you use the code "CRAB YORI GATOR" you get 50% off. a free alternative is anki which i use more for vocab, but you have to be harder on yourself to study.

human japanese for all beginner needs. the full version costs like $20 but it is so thorough and easy to understand. it covers everything from kana to grammar to vocab. i’m still p early on so idk how deep it goes but for a dead beginner it’s great. tae kim is totally free but sort of hard for me to understand. imabi is also free and covers a huuuuuuge breadth of information, but is a bit too thorough for the level i’m at rn.

lang-8 for having natives check your japanese, and just making friends in general. i am…horribly shy about my ability to write in japanese so i rarely post here LOL, but it’s nice to talk to japanese people wanting to learn english and everyone is very forgiving of errors.

NHK easy news for reading practice! i also buy manga to practice reading too. anything with furigana…horf…i also follow a lot of japanese celebrities and artists to practice reading more casual stuff.

animelon for speaking/listening/everything practice. anime with japanese subs where you can look up individual words and quiz yourself afterwards. some of the subs are a little bit off, but other than that it’s been helpful for me to connect listening with reading.

the genki and nakama series of textbooks are great also. i have both and i haven’t finished either but they’re helpful.

when it comes to speaking practice idk im total shit haha. find a buddy i guess…people say to repeat native sentences and record yourself to work on your pronunciation which i haven’t done yet but makes sense to me. 

also prob the biggest thing i’ve run into that i would stress: kanji is not vocabulary. kanji is not vocabulary!! im at a point right now where if i read some material at my level, i can recognize most of the kanji and their readings but i don’t know what they mean in context. so…try your best to focus on vocab early on. that would be my #1 advice.

i hope!!!?! that helps!!!?! if anyone reading this is also learning and would like a practice buddy hit me up  ❤


Rejoice my fellow Sevamp lovers! I have been asked a couple of times for this and I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice messages and even the mentions in the tags where you guys liked the translations I was able to provide.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿Thank you for being patient and also being the most awesome fandom! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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YS Rival Renamings | Late Night Ramble Post

Its after midnight and I just got lost in my thoughts. 

So I made this post.

Here are some real name suggestions for the horribly named Yandere Sim rivals as for right now, they’re puns for days but are too much for a name.

Decided to find names that would suit them (Which are based in my own personal opinion.)

I just hope I got the correct kanji as i am not Japanese nor fully fluent.

  • Osana Najimi ➡ Kimiko Noa | ( 君子 ➡ 君: lord; noble + 子: Child) + ( 乃 愛 ➡ 乃: Possessive Article +  愛: love; affection )

  • Amai OdayakaAina Tsubaki | ( 愛菜 ➡ 愛: love; affection +  菜: vegetables; greens) +  ( 椿:  camellia flower )

  • Kizana SunobuKotone Sestuko | ( 琴音 ➡ 琴: A traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument + 音: sound) +  (節 子 ➡  節: section, period, verse, melody + 子: Child)

  • Oka RutoTsukiko Shizuka | ( 月子 ➡ 月: Moon + 子: Child ) + ( 静香: Quiet ) 

  • Asu Rito  ➡ Aki Yoshi | ( 明: bright) + ( 良: good, virtuous, respectable)

  • Muja Kina  ➡   Mayu Sato | ( 真優 ➡ 真: real; genuine + 優: gentleness, lithe, superior ) +  ( 佐藤 ➡ 佐: help; aid + 藤  wisteria)

  • Mida Rana  ➡ Riko Asuka | ( 莉 奈 ➡ 莉: white jasmine + 奈 : A phonetic character) + ( 明日香 ➡ 明日: tomorrow +  香: fragrance)

  • Osoro Shidesu  ➡ Oshiro Kyou | (大城  ➡  大: big; great +  城: castle) + ( 協: unite; cooperate )

  • Hanako Yamada  ➡ Hinata Makoto | ( 日向: sunny place) + ( 誠:  sincerity )

  • Megami Saiko  ➡ Minoru Satomi | ( 実 : to bear fruit ) + ( 聡美 ➡ 聡 : intelligent, clever, bright +  美: beautiful)

So yea, here are my ramblings! Don’t take it as canon but as a suggestion post!

Kanji a Day is ending.

It’s time for me to leave.

Kanji a Day started as a way to help me learn kanji, as part of my effort to learn Japanese. It was a personal project; I never expected it to get more than a dozen followers, much less the 11,000+ of you who are here today.

But I haven’t actually learned any new kanji for a while now, and Kanji a Day has become less a labor of love and more a chore. Composing posts takes little time but I still struggle to fit it into my day, and more than once I’ve found myself resenting the time I have to take to post a new kanji and look up the right “Classic” kanji.

After more than three years and 1,126 kanji, I need to move on. 

I hope I’ve helped you learn Japanese, and that your learning continues long after Kanji a Day succumbs to bit rot. Take care and be well.

Someday, when I’m feeling better about things, I might start this up again, so instead of さよなら, I’ll just say:


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Celeste, do you know Japanese?

we are learning!

anyway, today’s lesson is about expressing desire to do something, now let’s write about something we want to do!

(explanations: in the first frame they say greetings and one of the chus says “-ohayou gozaimachu” instead of “-imasu”. taken from this adorable reading book

in the second one they wrote: “[i] want to become a raichu” “[i] want to eat sweets” “[i] want to go to the moon”

lesson is by @easy-japan)

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allo! i love your writings and always look forward to your content! thank you for everything you do. for a headcanon, how do you think Hanzo and Genji would react to their female crush trying to learn Japanese on their own but struggling? and there even reaches a point where even though she eventually gets the hang of it, when Hanzo or Genji ask for them to speak it for them, they get embarrassed and become incredibly flustered? i hope that makes sense. asdfghjkl


  • You tripped to the floor and flashcards tumbled out of your hand. He quickly helped you pick them up, seeing Kanji and English mix together on the page.
  • He immediately just asks you if you’re learning Japanese, you shyly nodded but amended that you were having trouble. He nods and offers his help, you enthusiastically taking it.
  • It was slow work, you finding Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana incredibly difficult to get your mind around. Not really understanding why the strokes have to be done in the right order.
  • After a few months, he asks you to speak for him, your face going red and you splutter out a simple statement. Pride fills his chest and he writes some Kanji for you and asks you to translate.
  • You say ‘I like you’ rather hesitantly and freeze, realising that the archer had just confessed to you. You smile and grasp his hands, telling him that you feel the same.


  • He saw you nervously fretting among yourself, books around you and he slips up behind you to see what you were studying. He saw Kanji, showing how to to do the strokes.
  • You jump as he asks you if you want him to teach you, you calming your heart for a moment before nodding.
  • He’s a patient teacher, gently explaining the same concept again and again. He knows it can be difficult to learn another language, having been in your shoes before with English.
  • He asks you to speak after a while, gently easing you into a conversation as you look nervous. You eventually just confessing that you liked him in Japanese, the words horribly butchered as you stumble through it.
  • He looks a little shocked for a moment before replying that he feels the same, pulling you close and you eagerly return his hug.

Meet Katakura Kagechika (hope I read those kanji right), Kojuro’s rather lecherous uncle, hahahahah. He kept saying to MC if she gets fed up with Kojuro, she should come to him.

I wonder if he was the uncle to whom Kojuro presented MC as his lover in Kojuro’s MS. But given Voltage’s inconsistency, I highly doubt it.

Still, It’s nice to see a new sprite from hubby’s family though… The family portrait just expanded, fufufufu^^

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* (1/2) Hi! I’m just curious so I decided to ask: I was wondering how big (or small) does your team’s proofreader/editor change with your (or all TLrs of MS) translations. IIRC you mentioned sometimes your TLs were changed or some were even omitted (like your notes). Sometimes I read different interpretations/translations of the dialogues from other fans (as well as other MS projects like TG) with explanations. I heard that MS is more liberal when it comes to their TLs (or so they say?)

* (2/2) But I’m really grateful with your team’s work. You’re doing the community, the fans great favor of delivering us our favorite manga series for free. I’m just really curious with the process, especially the perspective of the translators (since Japanese is a very context based language). Thank you for reading! (English isn’t my native tongue so I may not express it properly. Sorry. ^^)


Hey - It really depends a lot on the week, the chapter, what I “originally wrote” and if that seemed weird to the proofer, or not. If I’m really unhappy about an edit the proofer makes, I’ll usually salt and ask for it to be changed. (Tbh in the past I used to argue a lot about the Bleach proofing changes when I was on Bleach, and I almost got kicked off the team for that HAHA but yeah we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs.)

People always say MS is more “liberal” like it’s a dirty word. I don’t even know if “liberal” should be the correct terminology to describe translation style. In my opinion, taking unwarranted liberties with the translation and making shit up is not what a translator should do. However, translating everything word for word is just as egregious. It loses out on the nuance of the text, loses out on the way a character is portrayed, and loses out on how emotions are conveyed in the new language, if everything is translated word for word to the original text. It sounds unnatural, and it’s a lazy and unskillful way for a translator to do their work. People get so sanctimonious when translating and they say the do the translation literally, but too literal a translation and that just shows a shallow understanding of the base language they are translating from in my opinion. 

Like if I were translating French and I had written “and my ass is made of chicken”, I’m sure that’s really hilarious but it’s only going to be fully appreciated by the people who understand that it’s the french way of calling out someone on a lie - sure, it will make them feel great that they got the “in joke” and understood what the “original text” was, but the “English” way of saying it would be something more like “yeah and pigs are flying”. There is also a Japanese saying that can be translated to ‘a man like fresh split bamboo’. Do you want the Japanese in a translation note, and for the translator to ask the readers to go and google it? If people want to learn a language by reading literally translated text, they are better off actually opening a text book and learning the language rather than getting a language boner every time a Japanese translation satisfies their ego that they understand the original text or whatever.

See here in Haikyuu 241, “chance truly does, favour the prepared mind” is the common english phrase.

The FA version is an attempt at a word-for-word literal translation of the Japanese raws. If you wanted to know how this universally very common phrase is said in Japanese, you should go and pick up a textbook and start studying Japanese. If you liked the FA version because you could learn what the Japanese for it is,.. you should… go and pick up a textbook and start studying Japanese. A professional translation should not sound so awkward and janky imo. 

I used to be more of a “literal” translator, but I guess I’ve slowly shifted my style a bit. The reasons for this is twofold.
One is undeniably a little bit related to the proofing - too literal, and I know it’ll definitely get changed, so I try to make it sound better in English (like natural English) in the first place so I can ensure it’s correct and that it won’t get changed into something that has a chance of being incorrect/compromising the nuance and feel of the sentence. 

Secondly, I have come to realise that it’s a waste of Japanese ability to translate everything word for word. It’s also important to be able to capture the nuance of a sentence, make sure it doesn’t sound janky or unnatural in english, and make the experience of reading a chapter immersive - as immersive as it would have been if people were able to read the original text. I want to have style when translating - if I wanted to get a literal translation, I’d just shove the whole thing into google translate. 

Some things that the proofer will edit, is for example, if you remember last week there was the sentence “cool as a pillow”. Now, that phrase is not really in my vernacular. Maybe the proofer honestly says it, or maybe he just wanted to spice things up a bit, I’m not sure. I am not a big fan of the phrase he used, and I understand that people want to know what the Japanese text actually said in this circumstance. I originally did only write “calm” in the text file. 

However, stuff like this part here in 243 this week:

He says “nice game” in the original, but I felt like if he spoke English, he would say ‘good game’ as that is a more common phrase in natural sounding english than ‘nice game’. The word ‘nice’, as in ‘naisu!’ is something that has found it’s way into the Japanese language, and used a bit differently in certain cases to what is natural in English. You also know the phrase ‘gg’ gamers use? ;D That’s also why I felt this would be more common, if you hc that these guys do know gaming terminology to some extent (if they were English speakers). 

If you want to compare some bubbles between MS and FA scans (tbh I’m not a fan of the FA translations as they are rn, I miss the casanova translator :( but I went through their scan for you

My translation: It sounds more natural to me that when speaking to a friend, you’d make the language flow with the use of the word “over” and so forth.

FA version - missing the word “over”, but nbd.

My translation: In Japanese, using the person’s name could easily just mean “you”, but I thought I’d include the ‘Daichi’ here. I wanted to convey the nuance and flow of the sentences so it reads well in English too. I don’t feel that I sacrificed the original Japanese meanings, and I did my best to maintain the natural conversational tone and flow. I used “came to our match” to clarify, in the original Japanese it just says “Tashiro-san and Kurokawa-kun came!” which lacks a marker indicating where they “came to” - it’s very obvious by context and sounds natural in Japanese, but sounds unnatural in English to just end a sentence like that.

FA Translation - You can see that they clarified by saying “tashiro and kurokawa are here” instead of “came to the match” which works too. Different choice of working, works too.

My translation:

FA translation:

Again, same deal.

These aren’t the proofer’s doing, these are my choices for what I think sounds most natural and smooth in English.

As for the other discrepancies, like Lazyshima vs Tiredshima, as I’ve talked about last week… well, I don’t like to say this because think it’s in bad taste for me as a translator to badmouth other translations and call them out on their mistakes for no real reason (and I honestly can’t be bothered) but those are FA’s mistakes, to put bluntly. Same for “past students” vs “old boys”, the raws say “old boys”. I was actually tossing between OB and Alumni, but I think the use of the word “old boys” as a direct translation doesn’t lose out when it’s sounded in english - as in it doesn’t sound super weird or janky since ‘old boys’ is a thing in English too - so I just left it as is, direct from the raws.

If you see the display board page this week with all the school’s names - there are discrepancies there too between the two versions, because there is more than one way to read the Kanji. There are many alternatives per place name. That page probably took me the longest to translate,  because I spent a long time considering each of the different readings, and choosing what was the most common and likely reading and gave a lot of thought into it - I hope that pays off, and if there is clarification on the readings in hiragana in future chapters, I hope I could give people the right reading the first time, despite how insignificant that board is.

Another example you can see discrepancies is the chapter title for this week:

sorezore no shosen, and FA has put “the other first matches” or something like that but ‘sorezore’ doesn’t really mean ‘the other’, it means ‘each/respectively’. Nothing in the word ‘sorezore’ could mean ‘other’. Not in the dictionaries, and not colloqually/contextually. Furthermore, even based off context, I think this chapter focuses on not only fukurodani and nekoma’s first matches, but also the wrapping up of karasuno’s first match and some insight into their match - so I wouldn’t translate the title as ‘other’. I would say this was a mistranslation. but I’m going to leave it there now because this could go on forever and I don’t want to just trash FA’s translations. 

To wrap it up - there’s no real way to definitely explain to what extent a translation is liberal, or literal, or which is better, etc. I can tell you too liberal is bad, too literal is also bad. I try to not to be google translation simulator 2.0 - so I do my best to make sentences flow and convey the nuance for an immersive and authentic reading experience (yes, newsflash, you can have an wholesome, different authentic reading experience without having the sentence being word for word translated from the Japanese to please the ego of people who want to feel like they know Japanese without actually putting in the hours and effort to consult a textbook)  .If the proofer changes too much, I will do my best to ask it to be changed. FA goes too literal in my opinion, but their translation has the bare bones and there is a demographic that do enjoy that particular style. However, because I’ve read the raws, I can tell you it’s not like the literal translators don’t have their liberal moments when the inspiration hits. It’s not really fair to ask a translator to explain exactly how literal/liberal their translations are - it’s honestly best to just learn the language yourself, get fluent, and judge for yourself. I know a good translation when I see one, as well as the fact that I can see laziness and mistakes when I see one - but it’s a bit difficult to exhaustively explain. 

Anyway, sorry this got so long. This is why it took me a while to reply, because I had to think of a response and set aside the time to write it! But I’m grateful for your interest and appreciate your support. Thank you, I hope you keep an eye on all the translations and enjoy the story. 

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right now i feel very sick but your arts giving me a lot of happy feelings and i adore your art so much, especially the datekou team! (sorry if this makes no sense its nearly four in the morning :( )

thank you aaa!!! it’s my pleasure!! 

Okay if you guys want translate I’ll translate the best I can. 😂🙏 (not really expert at reading Kanji RiP) 

 On the top it says “Long-awaited Rin!” 

    Basically in the box it says like you encountered Rin, who’s your classmate from high school and both of you shares the no-experience-when-it-comes-to-love persona. 😅 (There ya go, I tried my best at “summarizing” lolololol) 

 Damn I find this cute. 😻 Both of them are so innocent awww. Rin is a cute name too *-* adorkableee ♡😂

 I hope they released this on the MLFK’s anniversary though, not right now cuz rip my wallet. 😂😂😅😵

Originally posted by level-upper

I have this headcanon that in order to help her focus on staying in the present, as well as relax, Mercy teaches Tracer how to do embroidery. She had no idea of course that Tracer would take to it so well, or that they’d all end up with hand embroidered Christmas cards at the Overwatch holiday party that year. (And the next year. And every year and special occasion until Overwatch is disbanded.)

Winston loves his. He frames them every year and hangs them up in his lab and occasionally in random hallways throughout the Watchpoint. Torbjorn and Reinhardt go full-grandpa and start showing theirs off to everyone else, proudly raving about young miss Oxton’s talent while Angela just beams with pride and declares that the student has surpassed the master.

Reyes and McCree exchange ‘wtf are we supposed to do with these?’ looks, until Captain Amari, perpetual Team Mom, clears her throat and gives them both VERY pointed looks, and they both grumble the most convincing 'thank you’s they can manage.

Genji is for once thankful for the bandages and cybernetics obscuring most of his face. He runs the fingers that are still made of flesh gently over the threads of cherry blossoms and distant mountains. “Did I get the kanji right?” Lena asks, smiling hopefully at him. “I’m still not great at lettering and with kanji if you get some bits a little crooked you can end up with a totally different letter, so I’m scared I accidentally embroidered the wrong word and it translates to something naughty!”

Everyone else laughs but Genji just smiles softly at thread Hanamura and manages a choked, “It’s perfect, Lena. Thank you.”

Finally there’s Jack, who hasn’t said anything. “Do you like it, sir?” Lena asks him, pride and optimism masking the hope of approval.

Jack clears his throat. “You didn’t have to, Cadet Oxton.” Lena takes that as a thank you, and Jack goes home that night and magnets his embroidered card to the damn refrigerator like a parent with their kid’s macaroni drawing until he can get it professionally framed. And no one need ever know that Jack Morrison frames and hangs every damn scrap of embroidered anything that Lena Oxton ever gives him.


“Kanji… huh? I didn’t know that. Sure it sounds romantic… Two people completely opposite, falling in love with the concept and idea of what they don’t have. Maybe i have to find my own “Kanji”, eh?


Anyways… I always saw Naoto as a professional inspiration, so i was happy by just knowing about her investigations. The detective prince… To believe they call me like that too, it kinda makes me feel like i’m doing the things right. She made great accomplishments despite her age, and i really hope i could, too.

Even so, i have my own life and a lot of things to do, so going to inaba and meet her it’s not in my priorities. I’m sure she has her own problems… If atlus the world wants us to reunite, we’ll do someday.”

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Once upon a time, I thought 'Hey, Kogane kinda looks like a Zapdos' and that was it, i can't unsee it anymore (just like Skiddo/Gogoat Takeda)

my first thought was ‘welp looks like kogane’s team instinct’ but you’re right!! he does look like a zapdos. I always thought he looked like a torchic lmao but zapdos is probably more accurate! thanks for sharing!

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Have you seen hiro's blog? Gossip in twitter say that he seems sad and crying but since I can't read japanese, its hopeless to know his story 🤔

Hi, yes I have. Must be the long blog entry he did in which he mentioned Shigekikkusu, the high sour Japanese candy (another Hiroki metaphor), right? Honestly, reading most of Hiro’s messages requires high level Japanese. My Kanji memory retention sucks too. I struggle all the time. So, you’re not alone XD

Strangely, I must be the only one who feels his positivity and hopefulness in that blog entry. Despite the heavy issues (economy, politics etc) he was listing. Hmm. Maybe because I’d been familiarized with his writings from his old blog on Ameblo.

What I saw was Hiro’s observation that what we all need is that “Shigekikkusu" to kick us from inside to be alive facing all those challenges and issues. Even to change things along the way and he’s hoping for his fans to care about this because the society seems to not care. He used that high sour candy as a metaphor to represent something that revives us. The different flavours (muscat grape, lemon, plums, orange) he listed were probably to mean that whatever the “reviver" is, it can come in different forms because we are all different.

Hiro has always tended to write like this when he’s working on a project from what I had observed. I think it’s no co-incidence that the title of their new song is “REVIVER" (^_-). He’s currently in that state of mind.

Anyway, as I had expected, their producer Nori would follow up with his comment. I think he basically said that someone like Hiro must keep pouring his talents into his work because as an artist, his art (e.g his lyrics, his singing) WILL BE that “Shigekikkusu" to the fans.

What on earth is “Shigekikkusu"?

*シゲキックス / Shigekikkusu is a type of Japanese candy that is so sour that you just feel the kick as soon as you put it in your mouth. You can try typing シゲキックス on YouTube and you will see various “reaction videos" of people eating the candy. I have never tasted the Japanese ones but there was a similar candy in my country Malaysia called Hi-Sour. My brothers and I used to challenge each other to keep a straight face after putting it in our mouth when we were kids LOL. So, trust me, Shigekikkusu will “revive" you!

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Can I ask, I wanna learn japanese since forever but I don't know which books are good cuz there are so many options on internet, I already know kana and very very basic japanese from courses, could you recommend me a book?

Hello! Thank you for asking me :).

When I started with Japanese, I used internet and books in Polish, then after learning the very basics - I joined a language school. Now, I’ll tell you what we used and did at school, and my own recommendations.

- Minna no Nihongo
- 5 to 10 kanji a lesson by JLPT level
- Stories in Japanese
- Shorter and longer essays

My recommendations:
- Genki books. They’re best if you are studying by yourself, while Minna no Nihongo is best for studying with teacher.
- Learn kanji by school levels. You can buy 漢字ドリル (かんじドリル), which are books for kids. You have free printables available at happylilac site! ( http://happylilac.net/p-sy-kanzi.html ) I also recommend The White Rabbit Press kanji flashcards, I used them!
- For stories, essays… reading practice:
“Short Stories in Japanese: New Penguin Parallel Text (Japanese Edition)”
“Read Real Japanese” series
“Japanese Graded Readers” I guess level 0 and 1?
Any N5 and N4 読解 どっかい textbooks
http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/ NHK EASY NEWS ARE BEST you have audio, video and can check the vocab. Really easy news in Japanese.
- For grammar:
“A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar”
Any grammar textbooks for N5 and N4
Japanese Grammar Guide by Tae Kim (free app/pdf)

That’s all I could think of right now, but last thing I’d like you to try is Rikai-chan (rikai-kun?) for browsers. When you use it, it shows you readings and meanings of words/kanji.

I hope that I was able to help you. Please write anytime, I will try my best and can search for other books and websites if you want :). Have a nice day!

EDIT: japanesepod101. So many free resources! They have a website and a youtube channel. Plus nihongo no mori channel, they helped me understand grammar for N2.