i hope that isn't creepy

For schizoress, whose idea this was originally :)

Sometimes I see people’s prompts in the tags and I just….! X-x!! Hope you enjoy and it’s okay I took your ideas and ran with them! Seb says it’s too early for clothes, but even he knows the dangers of cooking bacon naked u_u

anonymous asked:

Hey hey it's me again. Mystery anon. (Am I going overboard with the asks? I hope this isn't getting creepy--you're just such a wonderful cinnamon roll) artblock sucks man. How about the agents of project freelancer? Maybe they're all bonding together? Someone's getting pranked? Or for once in their lives they get a break. Wait. What if they found a cat? Wash would be all over it. Picture a lil kitty sleepin on Maine. It'd be great. Best wishes to you, Panther!

you say a kitten sleeping on maine and i raise you multiple kittens sleeping on sleepy maine

awaaaaaaaaaah anon you’re so great and i’m really glad you’ve been sending me so many asks~~

i suppose now is a good time as any to promote my rvb ask blog? @ask-the-freelancers is almost up and running- as soon as i finish making the ‘ask box is open’ sign i’ll start accepting stuff.

crippling-depression-simulator  asked:

So like I'm a high key NovaHD shipper (duh, my pp), and I just wanted to let you know that your NovaHD drawing is ACTUALLY the best thing I've ever seen and it's so innocent and pure and my lord you're amazing! Two things, though! One- Can you please draw more NovaHD? ☺️ Two- I hope this isn't creepy, but do you draw smut? Sorry if that weirded you out 😂💗

Here some more NovaHd that’s kinda smutty, only a little bit. It isn’t creepy to like smut, but I won’t draw smut here lol Maybe I should make a “nsfw” account and draw all smut requests there lol

jaellisme  asked:

I hope this isn't creepy but I just want to let you know that I love reading your asks? Like, literally no other author I know actually gives straight out answers about what they think their characters will do in a hypothetical scenario and I love it that you do because it makes up for the waiting AND I love reading about how level headed your characters are. I get put off by characters who literally sacrifice everyone for a lover they just met and I'm glad yours don't!

Oh, it’s not creepy at all! :D
It’s really great actually to hear that you like the asks, especially since I know there are a lot of them ^^;
And it’s always fun to respond, and I’m happy that ppl enjoy the AU so much ^^
Ah, and thanks!! X3
Yeah, I mean, both characters are probably pretty silly an what not, but, I think they would make reasonable decisions when it counts :D

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I never understood the trope of ladies in movies going dumb over a dude flexing until I saw your selfies. My gay ass understands now. You are perf! <3 (P.S. I hope this isn't a creepy/unwelcome comment. So sorry if it is! D:)

HAHA not at all!! Thank you!! 😂

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just wanted to say that I think your art is wonderful, you seem like a great person, and i think that your lip ring suits you (i was actually planning to get one there myself, so kudos). Hope this isn't creepy and you have a nice day!!

:D Thank you!! I have a spike stud on my lip rn but it is very hazardous because it keeps accidentally poking everything :x the funny thing is that I really really dislike needles and I used to faint whenever I was getting my shots but it’s DIFFERENT with body mods lol

speaking of body mods, I’m getting an Undertale tattoo in a few months!!! I’ve had a design in my mind for a long while and I’m very excited :)))))))))

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I have a confession to make. I've been following you since years ago /i'm quite a naruhina shipper ^^''/ and i've always loved how kind you are to people even though you don't always agree with them. For the past past 4-5 months i've been struggling with depression and coming to your blog always helps me feel a bit better....i hope this isn't creepy or anything but i wanted you to know. Thank you Dattebae.

I’m so touched by this, like you have no idea..! It makes me feel so happy to know that i could at least help you feel slightly better during such a hard period of time.

I really hope you feel better soon anon

here’s a little gift from me

basiltwist  asked:

So, I hope this isn't creepy (don't you love when things start like that?), but my friend had a bridal shower and she thinks you're super awesome so I made a giant poster board with your shaved face on it and we played "Pin the Beard on Wil Wheaton."

PIcs or GTFO.