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Ok um you're too amazing?? and I love you a lot,, And I wanna request?? A fluffy drabble of Armin laying on Candy's chest and she just pets his hair and stuff (basically laying down and cuddling) and he got super sleepy and fell asleep on it? And Candy thinks he's super cute and just kisses his forehead and says 'I can't believe you're mine?' thank you,,

Aw thanks anon and thanks for the fluffy request!! I love fluff pieces, it’s a bit short but I hope you like it!

It was Armin’s idea to have a Tolkien marathon – the Hobbit trilogy followed by the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Armin had explained to her, no matter how much she explained that she already knew Tolkien. It didn’t stop him from the same speech he always gave whenever Tolkien came up, explaining Middle Earth’s history in depth. He had gave that speech often enough, she could quote it word for word. But at least a three day weekend off school made the marathon somewhat possible if one had enough coffee. They didn’t.

She looked down at her boyfriend, who was comfortably snuggled on her chest with his body curled against hers. His deep breathing was set to the rhythm of hers and she swear that he was weightless. She tried to tell him that a Tolkien marathon like he planned would be impossible, or at the very least one (or both) of them would fall asleep before it was over. He bet her that they could last all the way to the beginning scene of The Two Towers. To make it more interesting, she bet that he would fall asleep during or just after Thorin’s death. She was close. He passed out on her chest just after Thorin became victim to the madness of the gold. She watched the movie for a while, but her eyes always drifted to Armin.

She smiled fondly and ran her fingers through his hair. It was soft between her fingers and ran through them like silky waves of a dark ocean. She loved the way he felt on top of her. Weightless, but a perfect fit. A right fit. Whenever she slept alone, it always took forever because of how empty it felt. Her dreams were always filled with his bright eyes and she always woke up missing him even more.

She thrived on their time together – whether it was sexual in nature, fighting over which romance they should choose in the latest Mass Effect (which they played together so they could experience it at the same time), them binge watching the latest season of Daredevil on Netflix, or moments like this.

“I can’t believe your mine,” Candy whispered, meaning every word.

Armin was everything she could ever want – someone who made her laugh, understood her love for superheroes and video games and never once made fun of her, and more importantly… He made her happy.

She hoped she made him happy too.

She pressed a light kiss to his forehead before she snuggled herself farther into the pillows and blankets, closing her eyes as the ending credits of Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies softly played through the air.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The best in the world

“Cristiano Ronaldo now, two steps over, another step over, WOAH WHAT A HIT! from Cristiano Ronaldo, are you kidding?! Five star entertainment here at the Los Angeles coliseum. Did we just see that? You better be careful not to blink, when your watching a player with this speed, agility, creativity. There are two, three players they dive in, but can’t do anything about it. The speed of play and the thought process, wow, just wow.”

A request by magickid3841!  I hope you like it ^_^  I’m pretty much of fan of Fili being paired with anybody and was totally excited to draw this. I have a feeling they’re both snuggle monkeys…and I may have to draw them doing smoochy smoochies!

On a side note, I worked on this while watching rutobuka live stream adorable Satyr!Thorin drawings while simultaneously listening to the Game Grumps play We Love Katamari. Basically, I surrounded myself in cuteness and hoped it rubbed off in my drawing!


hey so i made a thing… it would mean alot to me if you watched it and gave me feed back :) hope you like it