i hope that anna sees this

“I think Hans being the villain is more important than people realize. I see so many young women falling for good-looking guys that treat them horribly, and I hope that Hans’ actions toward Anna, even subconsciously, teaches girls that abuse of any sort has no place in real love. That’s also why I’m disturbed by people trying to validate Hans’ actions, or give him some redemption.”


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*Warning- Kinky (hair pulling, spanking, biting.)* You have been warned ;)

You’re Mine

I sat chatting and giggling with my friends at the restaurant, I hadn’t seen them in months what with being on tour with Brendon, so it was nice to get out and see some friends before we headed off again.

“Ugh god guys I’ve missed you guys so much.” I gushed, finishing my meal and pushing my plate away.

“I know, it’s so great that you’re happy on tour with Brendon but we miss you when you’re gone.” Anna said, smiling and touching my arm.

“Yeah we miss you.” Johnny said, I felt awkward him saying that with him being my ex, I didn’t know why he was still hanging round with my friends and trying to talk to me, truthfully I didn’t really want him there. He was still behaving so weird with me, even though I was with Brendon.

“Well ya know, I love touring with Brendon, it so fun and I love the guys and we get to travel together.” I made sure to bring up Brendon in front of him, it might make him get the damn hint.

“Yeah but you can’t base your life about his schedule.” I took a deep breath to keep from losing it, quickly wanting lunch to be over now, I’d already had enough of him making comments about me and Brendon.

“If they’re happy and it works for them then that’s great, her and Brendon love each other Johnny.” Jasmine interjected, smiling at me, she knew about how awkward I felt and always tried to support me with it. We carried on talking and catching up, it was cute how Jasmine kept mentioning Brendon and asking about how it was going to help me. Johnny’s friend Robbie was there too, he kept joining in on the comments which was pissing me off, I had had enough now and just wanted to call it a day.

“Look guys, I better get home, I’m so tired from getting home yesterday and just wanna chill.” We paid the cheque for the food and left the restaurant, it was within walking distance of mine and Brendon’s house so they decided to walk me home. Once we had to go our house I realised I had forgotten my keys, I rang the bell, waiting with my friends with me, Brendon answered the door, I had left before he had woken up so he had messy hair, his eyes slightly squinted, he looked so cute. I smiled widely and hugged him.

“Hey sleepy head.” His eyes instantly ended up on Johnny, wrapping an arm firmly around my waist as he pulled me into a kiss.

“Hey baby.” He looked to the rest of my friends with a smile. “Hey guys!” They all said their greetings, I smiled and gave them all hugs, Johnny hugged me before I could argue, I ended the hug quickly and said my goodbyes to them all. Once they were gone me and Brendon went inside, Brendon sat on the couch, I could already tell he was pissed. “So… how was lunch?” He asked, his tone slightly sarcastic and sour, I sat down on the couch next to him, touching his arm gently.

“It was good, it was nice to see them.” I looked at him but it didn’t really look back.

“Yeah?” Was all I got in response.

“I didn’t know he’d be there.”

“Yeah ok, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Oh for gods sake Brendon it blatantly does matter.”

“Well I’m totally going to be happy about you going to lunch with your ex aren’t?”

“I didn’t know baby, and why does it matter anyway.” I tried to stay calm shuffling closer to him on the couch, he was being so cold with me.

“Because its obvious you still have feelings for him!” I froze, did he really just say that, I kept my cool, I knew losing it would only rile him up more.

“What? Baby, I don’t have feelings for him, I love you, only you.” He went silent to my response so I cuddled up to his chest, giving him a soft kiss on the lips. “We’ve been together over a year now, I’ve been on tour with you, and you really think that I would go back to him? You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” I earned a small smile for my comments, his arms snaked around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I’m sorry, I’m just scared to lose you Y/N.” He said softly, kissing me again, I kissed back, slipping my hands up to his shoulders, gently running my nails along that spot on his neck, he shuddered slightly, looking at me through dark eyes, I knew full well I was teasing him.

“Besides, I know where I’m well treated.” I teased, leaving that comment down to his interpretation, he bit his lip slightly, smiling devilishly, I grinned back at him, knowing I was getting to him, he gripped me and pulled me onto his lap, my knees either side of his hips. We stated kissing more, his hands on my back, running along my spine, he groaned slightly as my hips ground down against him, gripping onto my ass firmly. His tongue fought for dominance against mine and unsurprisingly won, one hand sneaking up into my hair to hold my head still, I was firmly in his grasp, I could tell his was going into controlling mode now, my thoughts were confirmed when he gripped my ass in both hands and stood, carrying me to our bedroom as I giggle in his arms.

He threw me down on the bed, looking at me, I wriggled slightly, biting my lip as he looked down at me.

“You know, I might feel jealous of your ex but I know there’s something I can give you that he couldn’t even come close to.” He smirked, hooking his fingers on the waist of his sweatpants.

“Oh… what’s that?” I asked in a teasing tone, standing and walking to our bathroom to check my hair, I didn’t need to check it but I wanted to tease him, he followed behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind, his lips met my neck, kissing up and down, onto my shoulder, biting gently. “Well?”

“You wanna know?” He asked meeting my eyes through the mirror, I nodded biting my lip. “Well… I bet he couldn’t fuck you like I could.” He whispered, the husky tone I loved so much creeping into his voice, he smirked at me through the mirror as another kiss made me shudder, I ground my hips back slightly gaining a loud groan. His eyes were fierce and dark, fingers curling against my hips, he gripped me and spun me round, swiftly unbuttoning my jeans and yanking them off my expertly, while he was crouching to pull them off of me he began to place kisses on my thighs, shoving me back against the counter in the bathroom. He threw one of my legs over his shoulder and began licking fast against my clit, my back arching as I threw my head back, he held my as in both hands as he hungrily licked my clit. I secretly loved it when he got like this, desperate to show me why he was the best, his tongue lapped circled over my clit, two fingers sliding inside me, I groaned as he began to pump his hand fast into me, curling his fingers to rub my sweet spot, my hand snuck into his hair, gripping it gently.

“You’re so wet.” He moaned against me, the vibrations making me shudder, I could feel myself getting close to cumming already, he knew exactly how to drive me insane, my stomach beginning to tighten, that familiar feeling of heat building.

“Fuck… Brendon I’m close.” I whimpered desperately which only spurred him on more, he began to move his tongue more aggressively, pumping his hand fast and hard, the leg I was standing on began to shake show he hoisted me up so I was sitting on the counter, giving him better access, I gasped, my head lulling back as I was close to cumming. I noticed his hand slide down into his boxers, stroking himself up and down slowly, he moaned out, the vibration on my clit sending me over the edge. My body tensed up as I came hard, whimpering out his name over and over, I felt him smile against me, his hand still working in his boxers, he kept going for a while to draw my orgasm out. He stood, shoving his sweats and boxers off and gripping my knees, pulling me into him, wrapping my legs around his hips.

“Taste yourself.” He growled, pulling me into a rough kiss, I gripped onto his shoulders as he pushed in roughly, growling against my lips as he began to move his hips, he dove straight into a fast hard pace, his hips snapping against my own. One hand was gripping onto my thigh as he moved, throwing his head back in pleasure, even though we had been together a year I still wasn’t adjusted to him, his pace was relentless, slamming into me aggressively, fingers curled against my skin, I moaned out loud, throwing my head back. He smirked in response, I knew he was getting what he wanted, to show me he was the best. Still moving he stripped my shirt off, unclasping my bra and throwing it to the ground, I followed suite and pulled his own tshirt off, as he moved he dipped his head and began kissing my breasts, biting the sensitive skin there. My head rolled back in pleasure, gasping sharply as I felt his teeth graze my nipple. He began licking and sucking it, only intensifying how I already felt, I gripped onto his hair again, moaning out loudly.

“Fuck Brendon!” I gasped, he moved his head up to face me, pulling me into another kiss, this time his hand ended up in my hair, holding me still, I couldn’t move against him, I whimpered into the kiss, gripping tightly to him, I gave his hair a playful tug, he groaned out. I felt his hand ball up in my hair, pulling it back roughly, exposing my neck, he began to speed up as he bit down on my neck, I couldn’t move my head forward, stuck with it pulled back, I felt my stomach tightening again, I was already sensitive from his earlier assault on me, I could barely stand it.

“You feel so fucking good baby.” He growled, biting my earlobe, I whimpered desperately, beginning to tighten around him, he looked up and smirked at me. “Is somebody close again?” He teased I nodded, he pulled out and yanked me off the counter, spinning me round and bending me over it he hand balling in my hair again, pulling back head back as he slammed back into me. His hips slammed against my thighs as he moved, biting my lip, I felt him tug my hair, a shiver of pain shooting down my spine, I felt his hand crash down against my ass, causing me to moan out loudly in pleasure. “Cum for me baby.” He moaned, hips slamming hard and fast into me, I was so close I would barely stand it, tightening around him over and over as my body tensed up. “Now baby… say my name when you cum for me.”

“Fuck yes! Brendon!” I practically screamed out, feeling my body hit its peak again, he grunted loudly, feeling me tighten around him, my legs were getting weaker by the second I wouldn’t be able to stand much more of this. He held me in that position, the way he was holding my hair pulled my back into an arch, allowing him deeper, I could barely think, waves of pleasure fogging over my brain, and still he kept going, not even the hint of being close yet, his relentless movements driving me insane. I felt a hand move under my stomach, supporting me slightly, however rough he was he was always considerate of me.

“You’re so damn tight Y/N.” He moaned, I could see his face through the mirror, his head back, lips parted as he panted loudly, hair floppy and all over the place, the way his muscles tensed in the arm holding my hair, his sexy tattoos on his arm, he was driving me crazy. He yanked my hair hard, pulling me upright, biting my earlobe, his hips still moving, slightly slower now. “Get on the bed.” He ordered releasing me, I complied and walked over to the bed.

I wasn’t given the chance to lay down myself before I was shoved down onto the bed, he climbed in between my legs, pulling me down towards him, I giggled and squealed as he did. He supported himself above me, pushing back in again, he liked being on the bed because he could get the angle I loved, which he instantly pulled me into, slamming into my gspot with every thrust now, I yelled out in pleasure.

“Look at you… so sexy.” He purred, leaning down close to me, our bodies pressed together as his hips moved, I felt myself getting close again, three times, this one was gonna knock me out, I was sure of that. “You’re mine!” He growled deeply into my ear, sending a shudder down my spine, I gripped onto his shoulders, my body getting tense with every snap of his hips. “Say it… tell me you’re mine.”

“I’m yours Brendon.” I whimpered, he knew he was driving me insane, my body beginning to quiver and shake against him, my fingers curling on his back, scratching slightly, but it only drove him more insane speeding up his hips, I was on the edge of cumming again. I felt my nails scratching his back, he grunted out loud, his head thrown back in pleasure, I felt his own muscles tensing under my fingers, throbbing slightly.

“Baby I’m close…” He groaned out, kissing me hard, biting my lip slightly, I felt the throbbing growing more intense, sending me over the edge, I yelled out in pleasure, screaming out.

“Brendon! You’re the best!” I yelled repeatedly as I came hard, my body going rigid, mind clouding over, I couldn’t barely remember my own name, waves of pleasure sending me spiralling.

“Shit Y/N!” He groaned low in my ear, cumming with me, I felt him throb as he reached his release, moving slow to ride out both our orgasms, he pretty much collapsed on top of me, panting loudly. “Fuck baby.”

“I know…” He rolled off me, both of us sweaty and worn out, he pulled me into his arms, stroking my back, his gentle side returning now. “I did mean all that though Brendon.”

“Hmm?” He kissed my forehead gently, smiling at me, his eyes sleepy again.

“When I said I love you, I really do, I couldn’t bare the thought of losing you. Especially not for some dick who fucked me around.” He gave me a soft smile, stroking my hair and back.

“I know baby, I’m sorry I got so defensive… I just… I’ve never felt like this before… I love you. I’m just scared of losing you.” He blushed as he spoke. “I mean come on, I’ve written songs for you!” We both giggled at the comment, snuggling up together, he yawned, pulling the covers over us.

“Oh come on! You haven’t even been awake that long.” I tried to get up but was stopped by his hand pulling me back against his chest.

“Don’t care, I’m sleeping and we’re having a nap.” He gripped hold of me playfully, nuzzling into my neck, stroking my back gently.

“You’re so cute.” I snuggled into his chest, wrapping my arms around him, as soon as I closed my eyes I felt the tiredness set in, his small little tired groans made me smile as we cuddled. God I was so in love with him, what did I do to deserve him? I didn’t know, but at this point I wasn’t going to question it too much.

I really hope you enjoyed it! I loved writing it! <3 <3

some klance hcs for Anna’s shift in retail hell:


  • contrary to popular belief, Lance didn’t really know he was bi until he’d been alone in space enough to really think about it
  • like he had his suspicions, the occasional “I find that dude way more attractive than normal” thought, but he wasn’t positive
  • BUT when he sees Keith laugh for the first time
  • a genuine, head-back-eyes-closed-burst of laughter 
  • Lance just thought, “oh quiznak”
  • he runs to Hunk in a panic, takes a deep breath, and goes
  • “Hunk my buddy my pal my man?”
  • “Yeah Lance?” Hunk doesn’t look up from whatever he’s tinkering with.
  • “I think I’m a bit more gay than I originally thought.”
  • “for who? Shiro?”
  • “um” Lance rubbed the back of his burning neck, “Actually it’s Keith”
  • Hunk pauses, turns to look up at his best friend, and raises his eyebrows, “Dude. Even Pidge could’ve told you that.”
  • needless to say, Lance made sure to flirt with girl and guy aliens especially in front of Keith after that
  • just to show that he had game in both genders of course
  • not because he wanted Keith to know he was bi
  • or because he wanted to make the mullet jealous
  • definitely not
Bechloe One Shot: Blind Date

What’s up nerds? This was requested by @metalheaddrummer. I hope you like it, dude!!

Chloe agrees to let Jesse set her up on a blind date. The big surprise is who Chloe’s date ends up being… (You guys know who it is…. ;)

“What’s up, Red?” Chloe heard a familiar voice call from behind her. She was surprised to turn around and see Jesse approaching her.

“Jesse, hey, what’s up?” She continued to scroll and look at her laptop.

Jesse came over and sat down beside her, smiling. Chloe gave a slight smile back. She felt weird. While she had talked with Jesse on numerous occasions, it had never been without Beca there, unless it was a “Hey, have you seen Beca?” Either way, her best friend, and also his girlfriend, was the center of Jesse and Chloe’s relationship. She knew Jesse knew that Beca was at work at the radio station. So he had to be talking to her for some other reason.

Chloe waited for him to say something. He seemed to be trying to figure out how to start the conversation. Chloe sat her laptop down at her feet and turned toward him, “Something you need, Jesse?”

He looked up and chuckled, “Uh, yeah… Kinda. Are you seeing anyone?”

This question took her by surprise. Not just because of who was asking, but because no one had really asked her that in almost 3 years. She had dated since she had been at Barden, but nothing had been serious. A few guys here and there, and one drunken night with a small brunette girl who reminded her so much of the reason why she couldn’t give her heart to anyone else.

Jesse could see the surprise on her face, but misinterpreted, “Oh, hey, it’s not… I don’t want to know for me. I have this friend who’s looking. Really nice, guy. Tall. Good smile. I just thought maybe you guys would hit it off.”

Chloe’s expression didn’t change. “Oh. Jesse, I don’t know… I’m not really all that into blind dates…”

He reached over and grabbed her hand and squeezed, “Please, Chloe. Trust me on this. I think that you are really going to like who I am setting you up with. I think I know what you like better than you think I do.”

I seriously doubt that,” she thought to herself as her mind drifted to Beca. That’s really the only person she wanted. Beca. Jesse’s girl. The long-term lover of the guy who was trying to set her up on a date.

She had been infatuated with her ever since she first saw her walking around at the activities fair, hair pulled back showing off her “ear monstrosities” as Aubrey so often called them. Beca’s stand-offish attitude and innate disgust for group activities had been threatening to her college bestie, but Chloe had seen right through her tough attitude and immediately felt drawn to the caring, passionate person underneath.  

Plus, she was beautiful. Breathtakingly so, and as the years had drawn on and their friendship had grown and deepened, Chloe couldn’t stop thinking about her. About wanting to kiss her, wanting to caress her soft cheeks or lace their hands together. No matter where Chloe went or what she was doing, something always seemed to remind her of Beca.

The Bella’s often went out and did things together, and whenever they would, sometimes Chloe would let her emotions, and her hormones, get a little out of  control and she’d slip up. 

Like the time the Bella’s all took a trip to Six Flags. They were standing around deciding what ride they wanted to get on first, but their large group was in the way. A woman was trying to walk past them with her family, but Beca was in her path, so Chloe casually slipped her hand around Beca’s waist and pulled her back. It was a simple thing. Something she would’ve done to any of the girls,  but she left it there just a little too long. She found herself almost pulling Beca into her and when she realized this, she immediately let go. Beca didn’t notice, or if she did, she didn’t say so. Beca always seemed to miss Chloe’s “slip ups.”

Jesse waved a hand in front of Chloe’s face, “Earth to Chloe, you in there? Come on, just say yes. It’s one date. It won’t kill you, and you’ll be surprised by how into it you’re going to be.”

Chloe sighed and racked her brain for a good excuse as to why she shouldn’t give it a try. “Okay, fine. When and where?”

Jesse bounced with excitement, “Okay, awesome! Tonight, Grace’s, say… 7?”

Chloe whined, “Grace’s?… That place is expensive and fancy… That means I’m going to be broke AND I have to wear a super nice dress.”

Jesse got up to leave, “Don’t worry about paying. That will be covered. When you get there, the reservations will be under my name.You’re not gonna regret this, Chloe.”

Beca got off work and had a message from Jesse telling her to meet her at the restaurant. It was odd of him not to come pick her up, but he said that he had some things to take care of before meeting her.

Beca was happy with Jesse, but over the course of the past year they had become more like friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. They still went out, held hands, and kissed, but that initial spark between them was gone, and she was sure that he felt that way too. Tonight’s date was probably his last stitch effort to fix it.

She expected that he would have some kind of elaborate night planned. Dinner at Grace’s, a walk in the park where she would then be serenaded by the Bellas or the Trebles, and then probably some poem that we would read aloud to her. Jesse was a big romantic and Beca could get into it sometimes.

She got ready, grabbed her coat, and headed out the door. When she arrived at Grace’s she didn’t see Jesse waiting for her outside. She tried calling him, but he didn’t answer. “He’s probably already inside,” she thought.

She stopped at the hostess desk, “Excuse me, I’m looking for my date. I was supposed to meet him here at 7.”


“Jesse Swanson.”

The woman stepped from behind her desk, “Right this way, Miss.” She led Beca to a table towards the back.

She waited for almost ten minutes and she was growing anxious when she saw the hostess heading back toward her table. She was taken aback to see Chloe step out from behind her. “Chloe? What are you doing here?”

Chloe was just as confused as Beca, “Um, I’m supposed to be meeting Jesse’s friend here for a date… What are you doing here?”

“I’m supposed to be meeting Jesse here. He didn’t say anything about double dating tonight.” Beca felt her phone buzz in her hand. It was a text from Jesse.

Beca,  you and I both know that things have been kind of dialing down between us for some time now. But there’s someone in your life things haven’t dialed down with. At first, I tried to ignore it. I thought you guys were just really good friends. But the more you were around each other the more I could see it. You like her, Beca. And she likes you. You and I have never looked at each other the way that you two steal glances all the time. I may be the craziest man in the history of the world for this, but I’m setting you up with Chloe. Enjoy yourself. No hard feelings. I expect details as to how this night goes. Love you (in some weird twisted maybe platonic, maybe not kind of way.)

Beca stared at her phone for a long time just re-reading what Jesse had just sent. She looked from her phone to Chloe, who was still standing with her coat on.  “Umm…” 

Beca’s head was spinning. She was kind of embarrassed that she had let her feelings for Chloe show so openly, but she also felt butterflies in her stomach. She always got that feeling when Chloe was around. She looked at her friend, her potential date, and she was short of breath because of how beautiful she looked. Her hair as curled and falling on her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes were sparkling with eye shadow she had on. Beca’s eyes drifted to her lips which were bright red. Damn, she looks amazing… 

Before Beca could try to explain what was happening, Chloe’s phone went off.

Chloe, she’s all yours. Take care of her, will you? She really likes you.

Chloe’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. “Beca… Um, Jesse just text me, and… Well… I think that…”

“He set us up.” Beca finished Chloe’s sentence.

Chloe’s face was as red as her hair. “Look, Beca… We can just leave. We don’t have to do this. I don’t know what he was thinking. I swear, I had no idea…”

Beca went around the table to Chloe’s side, “No. Don’t leave. Here, let me take your jacket.” Chloe let Beca pull her coat off her shoulders and watched her hand it to one of the employees. She came back and pulled the chair out, “Sit down.”

Chloe shook her head, “Beca, I… Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, really sure because we can just forget it all and go home.”

Beca’s face softened at how nervous Chloe seemed to be. Chloe, who always seemed so put together and in control. The girl who never faltered when a guy would make a pass at her at party. The girl who could confidently stand on a table and dance to the song “Get Low” after only consuming two alcoholic beverages was nervous about potentially being on a date with Beca. Beca the tiny, socially awkward DJ.

She smiled and crossed to Chloe realizing that tonight she was going to have to be in control, and for some odd reason, she felt it. She felt excited and empowered. She wanted to be here with Chloe so badly that all her usual fear and anxiety seemed to melt off of her and pass onto Chloe.

 “Chloe, do you honestly think that I don’t notice how you make excuses to touch me? That you fight for the spot on the sofa next to me on Bella Movie Night? Oh, and that you are constantly eye-balling my cleavage?” 

The look of embarrassment increased on Chloe’s face. “There are reasons why I never pulled away from you. Reasons why I always made everyone else move off your spot on the couch… Look, I don’t really do emotions and feelings well… But, you look incredibly beautiful tonight. More so than usual, if that’s even possible. I want you to sit down and have dinner with me. Just the two of us. And if you’re up for it, I may even slip my foot over next to yours underneath the table.” Beca gave a wink and Chloe laughed.

“Okay. I’ll have dinner with you.”

They ate, talked, and laughed all through dinner. When desert came, Chloe felt a soft foot rubbing against her leg. “Oh my God, Beca…” Beca didn’t look up, but just grinned when she felt Chloe’s foot playing with her own.

They were walking out the door carrying to-go boxes toward their cars. “So despite us being set up in such a strange way, this has been pretty great,” Beca said as she stopped beside Chloe’s car.

Chloe nodded, “It has.” She hesitated and looked into Beca’s eyes.

“What is it?”

“If you knew that I liked you and you liked me, why didn’t you ever say anything?” Beca looked up at Chloe, seeing she was kind of hurt.

Chloe could see Beca wasn’t expecting that and she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “I don’t know… At first I thought that you were just fooling around. That you were “play flirting” I guess. But the longer it went on, the more I wanted you to be real flirting. But I just couldn’t imagine you being into me. You are so great. You’re kind, sweet, caring, talented, gorgeous, and I am… Well, I am me. Plus, I had never had feelings for another girl like that before. It scared me, you know. Currently does scare me. Especially with you standing in front of me with those blue eyes that I could get so lost in…”

Chloe blushed and smiled rolling her eyes, “You don’t have to sweet talk me, Beca. I’ve already fallen.”

Beca had been different all night. She had been more confident in her actions and words. Chloe could see that confidence fading now as she looked up and fixed her gaze on Chloe’s lips. “Well… Good… Then… Then I can… Uh, I can do this…” She reached up and placed her hand on Chloe’s face pulling her lips down to her own. It was soft and sweet. Beca pulled back slowly finding that Chloe was following her not wanting the kiss to end.

“I owe your boyfriend big time,” Chloe giggled as she licked her lips. She could still feel the tingle of where Beca’s hand and lips had just been.

“Ex-boyfriend, I think…” Beca said scratching her head.

Chloe smiled and put her hand on Beca’s waste dragging her closer, getting to leave it there this time. “Well, since he is your ex, I won’t feel as bad about doing this.” She pressed her lips to Beca’s. This time the kiss was more urgent.

Chloe gently pushed her tongue to Beca’s barley touching it, but it was just enough to make Beca want more. 

Her whole body was beginning to heat up. She wrapped her arms around Chloe’s waste and slowly let her hands fall lower onto Chloe’s backside.

“What do you say we rendezvous some more back in my room?” Beca was smiling from ear to ear.

Chloe returned the large smile, “I think that sounds great. I’ll meet you there in ten.” Chloe watched Beca practically run to her car. Chloe grabbed her phone and started typing:

You have no idea what you have done. Thank you so much!! We owe you, big time!

Chloe hit send and then jumped into her car to race back to the Bella house, where she could finally be with Beca in the way that she knew it was always meant to be.

Secret Admirer

-I’m sorry it’s been so long and I’m sorry that this is kind of short but it’s the best I could do with timing right now, I’m sorry. But I hope you enjoy it!

What was that?

Was that Draco Malfoy you just saw… staring at you?

“It couldn’t be. I hit bad boy like Draco would never be lookin at me” you thought to yourself. “Wait! Am I staring now… quick look away.” You did so and you went back to your work. You knew it was almost time for potions class to be over so you decided to just pretend like you were working and really be spying on Draco.

“Hey! (Y/n), did you see that?” Your best friend Anna hit your arm as she whispered into your ear. “Draco was totally just staring at you. I saw you look back at him and his cheeks turned as red as the Gryffindor scarf on that kid over there.”

You both giggled slightly as her comment.

“Alright, class is dismissed. Be sure to be prepared for the test tomorrow on identifying potions.” Snape’s churlish voice silenced the room as everyone began to grab their things and leave.

Anna began to speak again. “So, do you still like him.”

“I don’t know really. I mean…” You quickly whipped around when you though you had saw a streak of platinum blonde hair out of the corner of your eye.

“Hey (y/n)? (Y/n)? Earth to (y/n)!” Anna said loudly as she ran her hand back and forth over your face. She quickly got your attention and you looked at her with wide eyes. “You were saying…”

“Oh right… sorry. I suppose I’m just a bit in edge right now. What were we talking about again?”

“Oh never mind that.. lets just head back to the common room and knock this potions homework out of the way.”

You and Anna made your way back to the Slytherin common room, but you simply could not get Draco out of your head.

You sat down on a chair next to Anna and went to retrieve your potions books from your bag. As you pulled out the book and filled up piece of parchment drifted to the ground. You leaned over to grab it as Anna hovered over your shoulder to see what the suspicious note said. It read:

“ Dear (y/n), I will be waiting at the astronomy tower at a quarter till 8. I hope to see you there.”

“Wow… you have a secret admirer! Ooo! I’ll bet a million galleons that it’s Draco! Oh it has to be! The way he looked at you in potions! There is no way it isn’t him! Oh my goodness, Draco Malfoy has a crush on you!”

“Hey hey hey! Would you just calm down for a moment. Or at least be a little more vague about it I mean we are around people. Also, we don’t even know for sure if it is him yet or not. Why should we get our hopes up.” You told this to Anna not doing it for yourself at all because inside you were wishing for it to be Draco.

“I suppose your right, but I hope I am too.” She winked before adding,“ well I’m going to go upstairs for a bit, but I will see you at dinner.”

“Alright, see you then.” You replied.

It felt as if dinner time would never come. An everlasting wait between you and your secret admirer.

It was finally time. Dinner had come and gone, Anna had wished you luck, and you walked your way slowly up to the top of the astronomy tower. Your admirer was already there and your heart had begun to beat out of your chest. You first saw the black suit and your worked your way up the body of the mysterious person to see the short strands of luscious blonde locks that fell perfectly above his baby blue eyes.

“Good afternoon, (y/n)!” Said Draco in his low husky voice. “I’m so happy you decided to show. I was worried that you might have dropped the letter somewhere, but I’m happy to notice that you did indeed make it.”

“Yes I did find your letter. Now could you tell me why you summoned me up here this evening?”

“Ah… umm… well I sort of have something I would like to tell you, but I don’t want it to be around everyone so I decided to give you the letter and tell you to meet me here.”

“Well sounds like you had a nice plan with that.” You said in a shy voice. You had looked more at the stone ground than at him.

“This is sort of a difficult thing to say and I’ve been running through my head for weeks now how to tell you so I’m just going to come on out and say it. I like you (y/n)! I like you a lot!”

Your head shot up from the ground to look at him. You couldn’t believe the words you were hearing. Anna was right!

“I have liked you for a while now and I’m really happy, yet terrifyingly nervous, that I worked up the courage to say it. I figured no girl like you would ever want to be with a guy like me, but anytime I tried to let go of you, I would look at you and see you do one of the tiniest little things like the way you run your fingers through your hair or how you relax your hand when you aren’t writing something or even how when you get confused your eyes get a little wider and your eyebrows raise. Your smile can just brighten a room, and your laugh… it makes my heart melt. If you even give me a passing glance it’s like I’ve been hit with a massive wave. My breathe is taken away and my heart pounds out of my chest. Anytime I am doing something, I imagine the only way that moment would be better is if you were right there with me. I love you. I love you so much (y/n)!”

His heartfelt comment had brought a tear to your eye and you couldn’t stop smiling.

Draco couldn’t look up from the ground so from the dead silence between the two of you he spoke. “I understand if you don’t feel the same way, I just… I couldn’t live any longer without letting you know how much you mean to me. It is…”

You cut him off by walking up to him, lifting up his head, and planting a kiss on his lips. Draco was taken aback at first but then he returned the kiss which felt amazing. It felt as if fireworks were going off and you were the only two people in the world to witness the beauty of it.

“I love you too,” you replied, breaking away from the kiss.

“Would you like to be my girlfriend? You know, make it official?” He asked.

You nodded. “I would be honored.”


This is long overdue, (and I really apologise for that, @j-peters0n ! ), but I just had to finish this piece I started half a year ago. It took me nigh 6 months just to colour in the last piece because I barely survive every night I come home from work. I hope you like it, and guysss you really should read J’s fic, Technicolor.

As an artist, I hope that any nuance I add to a picture can be understood the people who see it, but anyways. The idea was that when they kiss Anna’s colour leaks to Elsa’s previously dull and dreary world. That’s why Anna (as seen in Elsa’s PoV) is monochromatic, and why Elsa (as seen from Anna’s PoV) is so rich in colour. And I really love this concept, as it gives me a chance to play with super bright and fun colours. Added quotes from the original story, repurposed to fit in this short comic strip version. =D



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Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 5.

Anyway here’s part 5 and I hope everyone likes it!!!

Word Count: 3256

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 ongoing…

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

I woke up early in the morning, emotions from the previous night still making me shiver. It took more than a few minutes for me to actually sink in, that I wasn’t in my usual room, or my usual bed and that something unfamiliar was making my frozen body heat up.

I turned around in bed, only to be met by my husband’s sleeping face. I remembered the words he had said, when he thought I was sleeping.

I’ll never see Anna again, Y/N.”

I shivered again and found that my body was trying to find warmth on its own, when I unconsciously curled up under Sehun’s warm arm. It was as if returning to your warm house after a long walk in the winter freeze. Pleasant feeling left trails as it explored my body.

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Frozen Xmas & New Year 2015

Lets see now; 11 days late for Christmas and 5 days late for New Year’s orz

Hey y'all! I hope it’s still the season wherever you are now. 2014 was kinda lousy for me (And Malaysia for that matter). But hey, the best thing that came out of it was my Tumblr.

Yes, YOU guys <3 Thank you to all my beautiful followers and to everybody who has been supporting my art through this rough year. I’ve got some cool ideas in the pipeline so please look forward to that :D (Not to mention TONS of questions I haven’t answered orz)

Anyway, here’s wishing y'all an awesome 2015 ahead filled with joy, laughter and chocolates! Sweet, sweet chocolates <3

PS: Can you believe I NEVER touched snow in my entire life? “Perks” of living in a tropical country /sarcasm

Anna!!! (and Charis) This needs to be fixed….like fucking right now!!! I cant even see how it is gonna be fixed because….Anna is a rebound and how can she trust him.  

I went back and forth with the teaser at the end of chapter 3. My first thought was Maria was sleeping around and went back to Kris because he was reliable and would believe it’s his but then i knew you were going to make it Anna to get Kris to be on the outs with Maria!

Anna and Sven should have a chat…and Anna could say…now i know why she kept coming back to Kristoff….it wasnt that she was amazing in bed BUT he was amazing in bed! Lol!