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female writers + beautiful quotes (based on their actual sign)


ARIES: Maya Angelou (Pisces Mercury in the 8th House)

“You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I’ll rise!”

TAURUS: Charlotte Brontë (Aries Mercury in the 8th House)

“I do not think, sir, you have any right to command me, merely because you are older than I, or because you have seen more of the world than I have; your claim to superiority depends on the use you have made of your time and experience.”

GEMINI: Gwendolyn Brooks (Taurus Mercury in the 9th House)

“It is lonesome, yes. For we are the last of the loud. Nevertheless, live. Conduct your blooming in the noise and whip of the whirlwind.”

CANCER: Anna Akhmatova (Gemini Mercury)

“The whole time I was hoping my silence would fit yours and exclamation marks would gently float across time and space so that boundaries would be crossed; the whole time I was praying you would read my eyes and understand what I was never able to understand. See, we were never about butterflies. We’ve always been about burning stars. All about us is unearthly and radiant.”

LEO: J.K. Rowling (Virgo Mercury in the 7th House)

“The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing.”

VIRGO: Dorothy Parker (Leo Mercury in the 4th House)

“If I didn’t care for fun and such, I’d probably amount to much. But I shall stay the way I am, because I do not give a damn.”

LIBRA: Marina Tsvetaeva (Libra Mercury)

“I want to sleep with you, fall asleep and sleep. That magnificent folk word, how deep, how true, how unequivocal, how exactly what it says. Just – sleep. And nothing more. No, another thing: and know right into the deepest sleep that it is you. And more: how your heart sounds. And – kiss your heart.”

SCORPIO: Anne Sexton (Libra Mercury)

“Give me your skin as sheer as a cobweb. Let me open it up and listen in and scoop out the dark.”

SAGITTARIUS: Jane Austen (Sagittarius Mercury in the 3rd House)

“I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.”

CAPRICORN: Simone de Beauvoir (Capricorn Mercury in the 2nd House)

“I am awfully greedy; I want everything from life. I want to be a woman and to be a man, to have many friends and to have loneliness, to work much and write good books, to travel and enjoy myself, to be selfish and to be unselfish… You see, it is difficult to get all which I want. And then when I do not succeed I get mad with anger.”

AQUARIUS: Virginia Woolf (Aquarius Mercury in the 10th House)

“Better was it to go unknown and leave behind you an arch, then to burn like a meteor and leave no dust.” 

PISCES: Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Pisces Mercury in the 6th House)

“What we call Life is a condition of the soul. And the soul must improve in happiness and wisdom, except by its own fault. These tears in our eyes, these faintings of the flesh, will not hinder such improvement.”

Jack Maynard Imagine - Parents know best

You opened your eyes, taking a few minutes to let them adjust to the sunlight. Lately, falling asleep while on car rides had become a common thing for you. You looked right to see Jack with his eyes fixed on the road, oblivious to the fact that you had woken up.

You yawned and rubbed your eyes before feeling a hand on your leg “Slept well?” he asked, as he looked briefly at you before giving you a small smile.

“Not bad” you said, looking at the GPS and seeing that you were twenty minutes away from Brighton.

Your best friend Jack had convinced - dragged - you to go to Brighton with him for the weekend. All your other close friends in London were back in their hometowns visiting their families, so you had nothing better to do. You weren’t in the mood to spend a whole weekend at home by yourself, anyway.

You had met Jack’s sister, Anna, before. A few months ago, she had stayed at Jack and Conor’s new apartment for the weekend, and the two of you immediately clicked. She reminded you so much of Jack, it was unreal. His parents, however, were a mystery to you. Conor couldn’t go with you, so at least you hoped Anna wasn’t away at a friend’s house or something: spending the weekend with Jack and his parents would just be too awkward.

But you thought you didn’t have reasons to be nervous about it. You weren’t Jack’s girlfriend, and you didn’t need to pass any kind of test to get his parents’ approval. Yet, it seemed to you as if you were slowly driving to death.

“Is Anna at home?” you eventually asked Jack, who was taking a sip of his fizzy drink.

“Yeah, I believe so” he answered “Why’d you ask?”

You shrugged “Just wanted to see her” you said, which wasn’t exactly a total lie. At least you knew there would be five of you.

Eventually, you pulled into Jack’s parents’ driveway, and you took a long while to admire the outside of his house. It reminded you so much of your own, you kind of wished your parents hadn’t booked that last-minute trip to Spain so you could visit them instead. However, when a young girl exited the house and walked towards your car, a bright smile on her face, your homesickness went away rather quickly.

“Y/N!” she called you as you opened the door to give her a hug. She wrapped her arms around your torso as you rested your chin on her head, a sudden smell of freshly washed hair hitting your nose.

“How are you, girl?” you asked her, mimicking the contagious smile on her face.

“I have so many things to tell you” she said excitedly, and you gave her that look girls gave each other when a juicy topic was about to come up. She nodded, as if she had read your mind, and you laughed.

“Hello Jack, my beloved and ridiculously hot brother, it’s nice to see you too” Jack said, imitating Anna’s voice, as he walked towards you with two bags on his hands.

Anna laughed and went to give her brother a hug “I’ve missed you as well, dickhead” the girl said. Jack rolled his eyes, but kissed the top of her head afterwards. You took your bag from his hands and walked into the Maynard household.

His parents turned out to be more than delighted with your presence. They confessed having watched your YouTube videos, and having burst out laughing more than once. The feeling of awkwardness you thought you’d have earlier, vanished as soon as they both pulled you into a hug.

Jack turned out to be the embarrassed one. As soon as you went upstairs to Anna’s bedroom for a quick catch-up, both of his parents had gone up to him, a suspicious smile on their faces.

“What?” Jack chuckled as he looked up at them from the sofa, his cat purring as he stroked her side.

“We really like Y/N” his mum said, taking a seat next to him. He already knew something was up. He gave them a look “I mean, we already liked her when we saw her on your videos, but she’s even nicer in person”

“Yeah…” Jack said, suspiciously. He let out another nervous laugh “Where are you going with his?” The silly smile on his face couldn’t go away. Whenever someone talked about you, his features immediately softened, and his lips curved up in a not so subtle smile.

“We are just saying” his dad spoke, his hands inside his pockets. Jack could tell he was nervous, because Conor did the exact same thing when something was on his mind “That she’s a really good influence for you. She seems sweet and down-to-eart, that’s all”

The cat jumped off the sofa, making Jack cross his arms “I’m…I’m glad you like her” Jack felt uncomfortable. Although you weren’t his girlfriend, you were the first girl Jack had ever brought home, friends and all. His parents were rather surprised when they saw you two got along so well, remaining just friends up to that day. Because for them, it was so obvious that their little boy had more than friendly feelings towards you, and they were surprised he hadn’t made a move yet.

“We do” his mum said, nodding happily “So, does she have a boyfriend or something?” she asked, trying to sound cool and casual, but she failed.

“Mum, I know where you’re going” Jack said, not being able to supress a laugh “Just drop it”

She gave her husband a knowing look. He nodded “Jack” he said “It’s fine if you like her, buddy. Your mum and I started off as good friends as well, it’s okay to admit it”

Jack’s heart skipped a beat, and he stood up abruptly “I’m going for a walk” he said, ready to leave, when his dad grabbed his arm “Buddy” his voice was friendly, yet firm. Jack stopped on his tracks.

He didn’t want to talk about it with his parents. Y/N was the first girl he had ever fallen for, and he was scared. He was sure that if he kept telling himself that he didn’t lilke her like that, his feelings would go away. But love didn’t work like that.

He turned his head to look at his parents, and after a long silence, he spoke again “I’m afraid I’d hurt her if I tell her” it came out as rather a whisper, but  his parents heard him perfectly.

His mum immediately pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back “Don’t be silly, Jack, please” she said, feeling the sadness on her son’s voice “Don’t you see how happy you make her?”

“I make her happy as a friend” Jack kept his voice low in case Anna and you decided to come downstairs “I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’m not good with feelings, I-”

“But there must be a reason why you like this girl so much, more than any other” his dad interrupted him. 

At that moment, Jack didn’t stop to think. He poured his feelings right there, in front of his parents, in a way he thought he’d never be able to do “I love how she’s so laid-back and crazy, yet she knows when to be serious” he blurted out “She’s also really funny, there has not been a day she hasn’t made me laugh. She’s sensible, and she takes care of me when I’m sick, which happens like, every day” he chuckled. His eyes were fixed on the floor “I don’t know, I just think I don’t deserve her, like, I’d just break her heart because I’m a fucking idiot”

“You don’t sound like an idiot when you talk about her” his mum said, grabbing his hand “Jack, the fact that you’ve never cared about a girl enough to stick with her doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to do it”

“In fact, you’ve done it already” his father added.

“Do you really think you’d hurt her?” his mum asked him “Because Conor told me not long ago that you almost got into a fist fight with a random guy at a club because he was all over her” 

Jack frowned “He told you?”

“It doesn’t matter, baby” his mum said, shaking her head “What matters is you look after her, and that’s no behaviour for someone who’d only hurt her if he’s with her”

Jack stayed silent for a moment, then nodded his head. His eyes were fixed on the floor again, too embarrassed by the topic to look at his parents “I like taking care of her” he said, almost whispering “And I’ve never felt that before for anyone”

His dad went up to him and clapped his back. There was no denying Jack was growing up, and his parents were glad it was because of such a lovely, kind-hearted girl “Why don’t you take her out for dinner tonight?” he suggested.

Suddenly, Anna and you irrumpted into the room, stopping abruptly at the sight of Jack with his parents “Did we interrupt something?” Anna asked, as she wasn’t used to see her brother looking so puppy-like. Soft eyes were uncommon for Jack, or so she thought.

“No, it’s fine, sweetheart” her mum said, smiling brightly at both of you “We were just catching up”

“We were as well” Anna said, turning her head to look at you. She winked “I was just about to ask Y/N when she was marrying Jack” she joked, making you blush.

“Anna, don’t be rude” her dad said, but he couldn’t deny he was amused by the situation. 

“It’s not like we were gonna invite you anyway” Jack spoke, putting an arm casually around your shoulders. He was back to his own sassy self again. Anna stuck her tongue at her brother before following her parents’ track to the kitchen area.

You then felt Jack’s lips pressed against the side of your head, a huge comfort speading inside your body. You loved when he did that “Wanna go out for dinner tonight?” he asked you, catching you off-guard “Just you and me”

You looked up at him, a small smile forming on your lips “Sounds great”

Anna entered the living room again, coughing as she walked past you “Wedding” she said after fakingly clearing her voice. Jack extended an arm to push her, and she ran away, laughing uncontrollably. 

“You’re not allowed to be the godmother to our children either” 

“And they’ll be bloody gorgeous” you added, making Jack push you  playfully as well. 

“They’ll just be weird if you’re their mum” Jack joked.

“You’ll love them anyways” you teased back.

“I love anything that has to do with you” he said, pulling you in for a hug.

“You’re stupid” you said, your head resting on his pounding chest.

“Shut up, Mrs. Maynard”

“What makes you think I’m taking your last name?”

“You love me way too much?” you hit him again. He grabbed your hands and put them around his neck. He planted a soft kiss on the tip of your nose

You smiled softly, still not used to all the things that boy made you feel “Maybe I do”

just a quick note for anyone seeing brendon on broadway this summer.

i’m not making this post about what to wear and all that stuff as i think that should be your own choices, even if there are ‘expectations’ (but obviously you cant go in anything disrespectful). i’m here to talk about meeting brendon and the behaviour about it.

so yes, it is confirmed brendon will be coming out of the stage door, as it is a broadway tradition, to take some pictures and sign a few stuff. firstly, remember that it is going to take brendon a while to take off his costume, make up and any other theatre gear he’s wearing. please don’t expect him to be his usual energetic pre-show self. secondly, he won’t be able to see everyone waiting for him so please do not have a go at him or any of the crew as not everything is possible. i really hope fans who attend during the first night or week don’t ruin it for fans who have tickets that are much later on in his show schedule as it has also been confirmed that if fans show disrespectful behaviour, or create an abrupt scene, he won’t be coming out anymore. also, please show respect for the other actors too… even if you are just there for brendon! the stage door will be very busy, so a quick tip is to pack all your stuff up at the intermission so when the show is over and everyone’s done bowing, you can pick up your stuff and leave quickly. also, try to ask staff where the stage door actually is and where the nearest exit is to get there. it’ll help you a lot!

at the end of the day, i hope you all have fun seeing brendon on broadway, it’ll truly be something unforgettable. the show kinky boots itself, and also brendon as a main role. i have faith in the fan base that they can keep a behaviour to a respectable standard! just imagine if you had the chance to meet brendon and it was stopped because of other people creating mob scenes. oh, and also think about brendon. this is a dream for him. don’t let him down.


Teen Movies: 8tracks Collection

I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window. I wanna ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once I want my life to be like an 80’s movie, preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason.

80s Boombox: 01. The Breakfast Club - Don’t You Forget About Me; Simple Minds | 02. Say Anything - In Your Eyes; Peter Gabriel | 03. Dirty Dancing - Eyes; Eric Carmen | 04. Pretty In Pink - If You Leave; Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | 05. Some Kind Of Wonderful - She Loves Me; Stephen Duffy | 06.  Valley Girl - I Melt With You Modern English | 07. Sixteen Candles - True; Spandau Ballet | 08. Pretty In Pink - Try A Little Tenderness; Otis Redding | 09. Dirty Dancing - The Time Of My Life; Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes | 10. Top Gun - Take My Breath Away; Berlin | 11. Sixteen Candles - If You Were Here; Thompson Twins | 12. Mannequin - Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now; Starship | 13. Some Kind Of Wonderful - Abuse (Dr. Mabuse Remix); Propaganda | 14. Back To The Future - Power of Love; Huey Lewis and the News | 15. Can’t Buy Me Love - All Night; Randy Hall | 16. The Breakfast Club - We Are Not Alone; Karla DeVito | 17. St. Elmo’s Fire - Man In Motion; John Parr | 18. Footloose - Footloose; Kenny Loggins | 19. Risky Business - Old Time Rock N Roll; Bob Seger | 20. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Twist And Shout; The Beatles | 21. Back To The Future - Johnny B. Goode; Chuck Berry | 22. The Blues Brothers - Shake A Tail Feather; The Blues Brothers feat. Ray Charles | 23. Flashdance - What A Feeling; Irene Cara | 24.  Can’t Buy Me Love - Can’t Buy Me Love; The Beatles | 25. Happy Together - Happy Together; The Turtles | 26. Dream A Little Dream - Dream A Little Dream Me; Mel Tormé and Mickey Thomas | 27. Real Genius - Everybody Wants To Rule The World; Tears For Fears | 28. Heathers - Teenage Suicide (Don’t Do It); Big Fun | 29. Weird Science - Weird Science; Oingo Boingo | 30. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Oh Yeah; Yello. [LISTEN] 

90s Discman: 01. Cruel Intentions - Bittersweet Symphony; The Verve | 02. Romeo + Juliet - Lovefool; The Cardigans. | 03. Armagedon - I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing Aerosmith | 04. Freaks and Geeks - Bad Reputation; Joan Jett and the Blackhearts | 05. She’s All That - Rockafeller; Skank Fatboy Slim | 06. Clueless - Kids In America; The Muffs | 07. Can’t Hardly Wait - I Can’t Get Enough Of You, Baby; Smash Mouth | 08. 10 Things I Hate About You - I Want You To Want Me; Letters To Cleo |09. She’s All That - Kiss Me; Sixpence None The Richer | 10. Cruel Intentions - Colorblind; Counting Crows | 11. Romeo + Juliet - Talk Show Host; Radiohead | 12. Dawson’s Creek - I Don’t Want To Wait; Paula Cole | 13. I Know What You Did Last Summer - Clumsy; Our Lady Peace | 14. My So-Called Life - At Night; Buffalo Tom | 15. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Buffy Theme; Nerf Herder | 16. Jawbreaker - Yoo Hoo; Imperial Teen | 17. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead - Draggin’ The Line; Beat Goes Bang | 18. American Pie - Mutt; Blink 182 | 19. Empire Records - Sugarhigh; Coyote Shivers | 20. Drive Me Crazy -  Keep On Loving You; The Donnas | 21. Clueless - Alright; Supergrass | 22. Hayley Wagner, Star - Look At Me; Geri Halliwell | 23. Teaching Mrs Tingle - Sorry; Stretch Princess | 24. Wish Upon A Star - Heaven; Moonpools and Caterpillars | 25.10 Things I Hate About You - Can’t Take My Eyes Off You; Heath Ledger | 26. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Little Heaven; Toad The Wet Sprocket | 27. Empire Records - Til I Hear It From You; Gin Blossoms | 28. Election - This Road I’m Traveling; Mojave 3 | 29. That Thing You Do - That Thing You Do; The Wonders | 30. Titanic - My Heart Will Go On; Celine Dion | 31. Drive Me Crazy - (You Drive Me) Crazy; Britney Spears. [LISTEN]

00s MP3 Player: 01. A Walk To Remember - Someday We’ll Know; Mandy Moore and Jon Foreman | 02. A Cinderella Story - I’ll Be; Edwin McCain | 03. Down To You - Let’s Stay Together; Seal | 04. Ice Princess - No One; Aly & AJ | 05. Juno - Anyone Else But You; The Moldy Peaches | 06. (500) Days Of Summer - She’s Got You High; Mumm Ra | 07. The O.C. - California; Phantom Planet | 08. Veronica Mars - We Used To Be Friends; The Dandy Warhols | 09. Mean Girls - God Is A DJ; P!nk | 10. Legally Blonde - Perfect Day; Hoku | 11. Bring It On - Hey Mickey; B*Witched | 12. The Princess Diaries - Miracles Happen; Myra | 13. Just My Luck - Just My Luck; McFly | 14. She’s The Man - 4Ever; The Veronicas | 15. Freaky Friday - What I Like About You; Lillix | 16. The Perfect Man - I Will Learn To Love Again; Kaci Brown | 17. Wild Child - Let Me Think About It; Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand | 18. Boys and Girls - Can’t Stop The Rock; Apollo 440 | 19. Freaky Friday - Happy Together; Simple Plan | 20. Josie And The Pussycats - Three Small Words; Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid and Rosario Dawson | 21. Save The Last Dance - All Or Nothing; Athena Cage | 22. Whatever It Takes - Charm Attack; Leona Naess | 23. High School Musical - Breaking Free; Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens | 24. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - That Girl; Lindsay Lohan | 25. Lizzie McGuire - What Dreams Are Made Of; Hilary Duff | 26. Raise Your Voice - Someone’s Watching Over Me; Hilary Duff | 27. What A Girl Wants - Long Time Coming; Oliver James | 28. A Walk To Remember - Only Hope; Mandy Moore | 29. Get Over It - Dream Of Me; Kirsten Dunst | 30. The Notebook - I’ll Be Seeing You; Billie Holiday | 31. The Prince and Me - I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You; Marc Cohn | 32. The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants - These Days; Chantal Kreviazuk. [LISTEN]

10s Smartphone: 01. Pitch Perfect - Cups (When I’m Gone) Anna Kendrick | 02. Easy A - Change Of Seasons Sweet Thing | 03. The Fault In Our Stars - Boom Clap; Charli XCX | 04. Veronica Mars - Stick Up; Max | 05. Twilight - Black Hole; Muse | 06. Divergent - Beating Heart; Ellie Goulding | 07. Vampire Academy - Bela Lugosi’s; Dead Chvrches | 08. G.B.F. - Body Work; Morgan Page feat. Tegan & Sara | 09. The First Time - Wait For Me; Motopony | 10. Veronica Mars - Prosthetic Love; Typhoon | 11. Catching Fire - Silhouettes; Of Monsters And Men | 12. The Spectacular Now - Song For Zula; Phosphorescent | 13. Breaking Dawn - Turning Page; Sleeping At Last | 14. The Fault In Our Stars - All Of The Stars; Ed Sheeran | 15. The Hunger Games - Safe & Sound; Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars | 16. Beautiful Creatures - Never Too Late; Thenewno2 | 17. The To Do List - Fade Into You; Mazzy Star | 18. City of Bones - When The Darkness Comes; Colbie Caillat | 19. Vampire Academy - Spiritual; Katy Perry | 20. Divergent - I Need You; M83 | 21. The Bling Ring - All Of The Lights; Kanye West feat. Rihanna, Kid Cudi | 22. Pitch Perfect - Price Tag / Don’t You Forget About Me / Give Me Everything; The Barden Bellas | 23. Dirty Girl - Your Love; The Outfield | 24. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - Heroes; David Bowie | 25. Easy A - Knock On Wood; Emma Stone | 26. It’s Kind Of A Funny Story - Where Is My Mind; Maxence Cyrin. [LISTEN]

“I think Hans being the villain is more important than people realize. I see so many young women falling for good-looking guys that treat them horribly, and I hope that Hans’ actions toward Anna, even subconsciously, teaches girls that abuse of any sort has no place in real love. That’s also why I’m disturbed by people trying to validate Hans’ actions, or give him some redemption.”

I hate

When I see girls smaller then me in public eating deep fried foods and stuffing their faces. When I’m sitting there like a whale and not eating. It’s sad but I secretly hope they go and purge in the bathroom after.

anonymous asked:

I hope you're having a fantastic day! ❤ Just wanted to clear up things for that anon - i'm really sorry that happened to u honestly who the fuck breaks up with some1 the day u meet? (i hope you're in a better place now though!) But i have no intentions of letting go of Anna unless she wants me to. Heck yeah im nervous travelling across the world but we both WANT to make this work! Yea relationships are hard work which is why im working so hard myself. cause i definitely want to hold onto her 💙

Kelsey accidentally turned this on anon 

ya dingus

BUT as you can see, we are an even team effort in this relationship! I know I’m saving up already so I can go visit where she lives. I would say I’m working hard to keep this relationship going  but I like that saying “if you’re doing something you love then you’ll never work a day in your life”. Because I love her, yes I help her with hard times, but non of it seems like working. (Ok, maybe I have to work hard to remember to respond to things but I blame that on my phone being a shit and the time differences!)  I’m just proud of our relationship so far because we make a great team so far and I can’t wait for her to get here so we can keep working together! 

Hello! This is a quick thing I did I guess bc seeing Sana hurting hurts me :’( (I just wanna see her happy she deserves every bit of happiness there is in the world!) and also I saw that quote I wrote in the bg (“She was brave and strong and broken all at once” by Anna Funder) on here and I thought ‘wow how accurate??’ so yeah that’s what inspired this? I guess? Anyways hope you like it, and Julie you better make my queen Sana happy or else… :))) Have a great day!✨💕


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The whole time I was hoping my silence would fit yours and exclamation marks would gently float across time and space so that boundaries would be crossed; the whole time I was praying you would read my eyes and understand what I was never able to understand. See, we were never about butterflies. We’ve always been about burning stars. All about us is unearthly and radiant.
—  Anna Akhmatova 

megha-p  asked:

Hii.. so glad you went to the shoot.. I know you are not supposed to say anything but some guy who went to the shoot said that Bechloe shippers will be disappointed.. I just want to know if Beca kisses a guy.. will she?? Oh god pls answer this (I mean you can chose to ignore.. but I do hope you answer).. thank you 😊

I didn’t see any kisses when they filmed, we only saw the performance! Kendrick did kiss Snow on the cheek off camera and we all died. It was super cute.

Sending A Message

“So…that’s your shirt,” said Anna, standing in the doorway of Elsa’s dorm room.

Elsa shrugged, tucked a slender thread of stray hair behind her ear, and smiled…Awkwardly? Guiltily? Bashfully? “Yes, I guess it is,” she said softly.

“That's… That’s okay, Els.” Anna was going to that year’s Pride Parade celebration, and Elsa had agreed to come. Quiet, serious Elsa. Anna’s friend since forever, who had supported her through all the big and little traumas of growing up, and through the confusing and painful and wonderful process of Anna discovering and accepting her own sexuality.

Anna had hinted, then cajoled, then everything but ordered Elsa to stand beside her and wear a t-shirt making a statement of her support. Elsa was there for her, like she had always been, even as Elsa was dating boys and Anna was dating girls. That should be enough. Anna would drop it.

After ONE more try. “Elsa, this is your chance to show the world what you believe. To show the world what you really feel.”

“I know, Anna. You’ve said.”

“I mean, I can’t make you do anything.”

“Of course.”

“But I was… I’m glad that you’re standing with me, and I’m grateful, but your message to the world is a Jackson Pollock t-shirt?”

Elsa’s shirt was a random pattern of dots and splatter in every brilliant colour in the rainbow. It was beautiful, but if it was a reference to the rainbow flag, or the coloured flags representing the genders and orientations under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, it was damn subtle.

By contrast, Anna’s shirt read “LOVE IS NEVER WRONG” in bold letters, surrounded by every flag and symbol she could fit on there.

“It’s what I’m ready to show the world right now, Anna. I hope you’ll understand.”

Anna opened her mouth to speak, stopped herself, then resumed. Gently, she touched Elsa’s arm. “I do. And I’m sorry I was so pushy.”

“Pushy? You?” said Elsa, grinning. “Unprecedented.”

“You are okay with coming, right? I’m not pushing you into that?”

“I’ve been looking forward to it for days.” Elsa locked the door behind her, and they stepped out of the building and into the bright sunlight.

Anna put on her dark green sunglasses. “Let’s get…wait, what?!?”

Seeing Elsa’s shirt through her green-tinted vision, lettering appeared. In a secret message meant only for Anna, the shirt read, “Anna, you are dear to me, and I would very much like to try kissing you if that’s okay.”

“Elsa, is this for real? No joking?”

Her hands clasped behind her back, Elsa nodded, smiling nervously.

“But you're…I mean I thought you were…though god knows I used to think I was…” Anna snapped into a different gear. “But I kept saying this was about sending a message to the whole world.”

“Anna, you *are* my whole-”

“I swear to god, Elsa, if you finish that sentence-” Then Anna cut off her own sentence with the first of many kisses.

Based on DreamWorks’ hit musical-comedy film, “Trolls Holiday” is an animated special that continues the story of the Trolls and the Bergens. When Poppy, queen of the Trolls, realizes that the Bergens’ calendar has no holidays to celebrate, she enlists Branch and the Snack Pack in a mission to enlighten her best friend Bridget and the rest of the Bergens about the importance of holidays. Can these two mismatched friends find something meaningful to celebrate, even if it’s super tiny? The original cast from the Trolls feature film - Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and James Corden - will fill this holiday season with toe-tapping songs and tons of fun!

Half-hour special

I’m really hoping for some Broppy in this, I mean, I see some mistletoe above them.. ♡ Whatever happens, I’m super excited for this special, spread the word! The Trolls Holiday Special is coming!


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Anna Needs Advice, Conor Maynard Imagine

Highly requested that I do story #15 with Conor, so here it is:) I hope you enjoy.

-You meet Anna for the first time and Conor asks you to help her with advice-


You were walking over to your best friend Conor Maynard’s house. His sister was visiting him and Jack and you had never properly been introduced to her so you were ecstatic. She had seen your videos and has said hi when you were mentioned in a phone call but other then that you had no idea what she was like.

Being Conor’s and Jack’s little sister probably meant that she was very sarcastic, but ultimately very sweet. You had a feeling you would get along well with her. Jack and Conor had the same feeling and invited you over as soon as she got there.

When you arrive at the Maynard apartment Anna instantly jumps up to give you a hug.

“Omg you’re even prettier in person!” she yells causing you to blush.

“Isn’t she?” Conor gives a smirk leaning in from around the corner. He knew you would be shy so you figured he was just trying to help you out.

“Thanks you guys, i’m flattered” you say lightly, you all go into the living room where Anna continued to talk happily about her flight.

Conor gets your attention by texting you as Anna spoke and you checked it.

‘Need to talk alone quickly’

You excuse yourself in the least suspicious way possible and meet Conor in the kitchen while Jack kept Anna busy.

“What is it?” you ask with a concerned look.

“I was going to ask you something for Anna before you came but forgot to” Conor sighs at himself, “She needs advice that I cant really give to her because I’m a guy and her older brother, I was hoping you could talk to her?”

You laugh at Conor asking you awkwardly, “Of course” you smile.

When you return to the living room you see Conor give Anna a quick thumbs up and she looks to you with a smile.

Conor leads Jack out of the room saying he needed to talk, leaving you behind with Anna.

“So you needed some advice?” you say when she looks away from her brothers to you.

“Yeah, I’m having some guy problems” Anna looks down to her hand feeling rather uncomfortable with the topic.

“We can start slow, and if you don’t want to tell me something you don’t have to. You can trust me” you shoot her a reassuring smile and she nods.

“I’ve been dating a guy for about five months and this month we had sex for the first time” her voice went into a whisper and you were a little bit shocked. You didn’t know how to react really so you started by asking her a simple question.

“Do you think your pregnant?” you ask quietly, concerned.

“No no no” Anna laughs and you take a breath of relief, “I just feel like sex is all he wanted, now he’s just not talking to me and I feel stupid”.

You nod, understanding Anna’s position, “Anna, you are not stupid at all. You are gorgeous, funny and brilliant. Any guy is lucky to have you, if he continues to act this way, don’t let him destroy you because guy’s aren’t worth being hurt over”. You put your hand down on Anna’s hand and she looks down at it with a smile.

“Can you marry one of my brother’s?” She looks at you with a childish smile and you laugh in response.

“Maybe” you say nicely, “but really Anna, everything I said is true”

“You’re right, thank you so much for talking to me”, she smiles at you and gives you a hug, “Please don’t tell Conor and Jack”. You nod your head at her whisper stay glued in her arms for a good minute.

“Awww look at you two getting along” Jack says walking into the room with Conor who was giving you a look. You knew he wanted to know what was said but you promised to keep it secret.

“She says she might marry one of you guys, and that means I get to see her more often” Anna says with a big smile on her face causing Jack and Conor to give nervous smiles as they blushed.

The night went on for a bit and Anna went off to bed and Jack went out to do whatever he liked to do on a Saturday night. You were sat next you Conor who had his arm wrapped around your shoulder and Friends was on the TV.

“So what did you two talk about?” Conor asks bringing your attention to him.

“I promised I would keep it secret but it was nothing to worry about so don’t worry” you say pinching Conor’s cheek sweetly.

“Thank you by the way” Conor looks deeply into your eyes and your stomach began to tingle.

“Anytime Conor” you say not moving your eyes from his stare.

He leans in slowly and you knew he was asking for permission, you lean in and kiss him softly on the lips.

When you leave contact you give him a surprised look and he returned one to you. You weren’t surprised the two of you kissed, you were surprised by how right it felt. You kiss each other lightly once again and Conor pulls you into a hug immediately afterwards.

I think the only characters of the 1. Gen that should be Avatar-only are characters you don’t have to get and are bonuses like Izana, Yukimura or Anna in Awakening. Characters like Scarlet and Shura that are directly involved in the story (not like Reina just appearing and not being relevant) and in Shuras case being playable on every route should not be corrinsexual. I hope we don’t see avatar-only characters in future games. It’s really annoying having no supports for characters you like.