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Sadly, Keith doesn’t have any distinct features on his face like Shiro does, so I guess this could also be just a random portrait of… someone. Maybe I should make the background a little red or something. If I knew how to draw armor, I would’ve drawn him in his Paladin armor. >_< 

His rather soft looks and expression are actually intentional, though I hope he doesn’t look too soft (as in girlish soft). I re-watched Voltron and he does have a somewhat soft expression most of the time, something I had not noticed before. And I couldn’t bring myself to draw a mullet, so instead, have a ponytail.

Now I need to learn how to draw the other three. And maybe some Paladin armor.

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How does mullet instructor feel when Lance is gone? Do they miss for each other?


The feedback about this ship is …. better than I expecting! Thanks

I hope I could make more of this ship. I want Lance to say “ I already have a boyfriend and he’s waiting for me back on earth” and then team Voltron just like “??? what? when???”


p.s: this is just a convo about frisk’s understanding of their own powers, not about whether or not there actually are multiple universes and stuff. like, that’s a much greater topic to tackle! i’m not sure what frisk would have to say about it. when they say “there’s only one timeline” they’re just talking about the timeline frisk has any control over, if that makes sense.

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Probably breaking taboo by asking, but why IS Voltron The Only Thing That Can Stop Zarkon? (TM) Is it just a matter of it being super powerful, or does it somehow exploit some weakness of his (like throwing the Ring into Mount Doom)?

Well, Allura says that, but, it should be noted that Kolivan was eighty percent in place with a plan for potential assassination before Voltron dropped into his lap, and he wasn’t particularly eager to get them on his side, which suggests they weren’t an integral part of his plan.

I think the main part of it is, Voltron is just, a serious order of magnitude above almost anything that can be thrown at it, and, if you’re going to have any chance to take out someone who’s as much of a terrifying juggernaut as Zarkon is why go for the small guns. It’s also kind of a symbolic “beacon of hope” thing kinda like… now technically in ATLA there was no particular reason Aang and only Aang could take out Ozai like he was literally impervious to being harmed by anything other than the avatar- but Ozai was so powerfully entrenched in place that having the biggest gun in the setting on your side was about the only way people could have faith that they’d even have a shot at taking him out. 

From a meta standpoint, Voltron is going to punch Zarkon in the face because the show is not named “Steve That One Marmoran Guy” and we all know what we were here for and it’s to watch Voltron punch Zarkon in the face. So it’s kind of a given. But it’s good to ask.

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Phil is planning to quit his job in SHIELD and move away. Clint needs to either figure out the way to make Phil stay or come clean about his feelings. (Or both :) )

Author’s note: these two prompts just seem to go hand in hand (kinda like Phil and Clint). To both Anons, thank you and I hope you don’t mind I put them together in one fill.

- Lola

He’s thought long and hard about it. He believed he was strong enough to handle anything that SHIELD could throw at him but it turns out he’s not. Not anymore.

To be that close to someone for so long and not be able to tell them how you feel; to not be able to act on those feelings. To feel the heat of their skin beneath your hands, their warm breath against your cheek, their tears on your fingertips not because you’re making love slowly, passionately with all the time in the world but because you’re keeping pressure on a wound desperately trying to stop them from bleeding out. To stroke their hair and wipe the sweat from their eyes while they hold tight to your hand not with love but from pain. To never be able tell them “I love you. It’ll be okay because I love you and we’ll get through this together.”

You get through it, that first time then the next, until one day it all becomes too much.

No. He’s not strong enough. Not anymore.

It’s time.


“What’s this?” asks Fury peering at the manilla file with SHIELD CONFIDENTIAL stamped across it in large black letters as though it might be contaminated. In his line of work, it’s always possible.

“My resignation,” Coulson tells him dropping into the notoriously uncomfortable visitor’s chair on the opposite side of the desk.

“Hmmm. I’ll bite. Why is your resignation sitting on my desk, Senior Agent Coulson? And don’t get comfy. You can’t come in here, toss that on my desk, and sit your ass down like you’re here for a scotch and a chat.”

Coulson makes himself comfortable anyway – he’s the only one who can – while Fury pours the scotch. He accepts the drink, takes a sip and says calmly, “It’s time.”

Fury doesn’t bother sipping. He downs his in one and refills the glass.

“Shit,” he mutters.

They joke about a couple of times a year, especially when things are rough and friends and colleagues are injured… or lost. They joke about jacking it in and retiring to some small town or tropical island and doing civilian shit like teaching or becoming a mechanic or running a bar. Then they get drunk and start the spy shit all over again. But Coulson; Fury’s sharpest recruit, his one good eye, his… friend, once told him the day he said “It’s time” it was real. A point of no return had been reached and he wasn’t coming back from it. He had thought it was still a long way off but… guess not.

“You told them yet?”

Coulson shakes his head and takes another sip.

“You told him yet?”

Coulson drops his gaze. Fury sighs.

“Why don’t you just…”

Coulson cuts him off. “You know why.”

His voice is still calm but now there’s a slight edge to it and even Fury understands that pushing Coulson when he’s like this is a lost cause. He’ll get up and walk out and there’ll be no more talking. Ever.



“I wanted to tell you two first. I owe you that.”

That brings the two of them up short from their ear flicking and rib poking of each other.

Coulson’s leaning against the front of his desk, arms folded across his chest, head tilted slightly to the side. Not his ‘duty stance’ which would be worrying. He’s relaxed, chilled even but something’s off.

“Fuck, boss! You’re not dying are you?” Clint asks… well demands.

Natasha gives his ear another painful flick. He pokes her ribs. Coulson rolls his eyes.

“I’m retiring.”

“Oh… is that all? Thought it was life or death or s’mthin.”

Natasha ceases all teasing and stares at her handler with narrowed eyes and pursed lips.


Please don’t say it. Please don’t say it. Please don’t say it she recites in her head over and over.

He’d confessed all to her years earlier when they’d almost lost Clint on a mission gone wrong. He hadn’t meant to but his face gave him away. She’d slipped into the hospital room when Coulson was watching over him. The tears on his cheeks hadn’t quite dried and they’d glinted when he’d looked up to see her waiting silently by the door. But it was the look of absolute love and adoration and pain on his face just before he lifted his head which told her everything she would ever need to know about how he felt. His words later were merely confirmation of that which she’d already guessed.  

But he says it.

“It’s time.”

She closes her eyes for a moment then opens them again. The sadness in them is almost too much for him and he clenches his jaw bunching the muscles together in hard lump much like the one in his throat. She nods her acceptance and he nods his gratitude. They won’t speak of it again and she’ll keep the promise she’d made those years before. Clint won’t find out from her.

Oblivious Clint asks, “So if you’re retiring can I have your office?”

Coulson snorts and unfolds himself from his position and returns to his chair on the other side. “Hardly. Jasper’ll need somewhere to hide from you when he takes over.”

“Never worked for you.”


“He’s leaving,” Natasha says.

“He’s not,” Clint argues, bored with the conversation already. “He always says that when one of us gets hurt. And this time it wasn’t even that serious.”

In the scheme of things, he’s right. A couple of cracked ribs, a black eye and plenty of cuts and bruises were nothing spectacular. But for Coulson his “one day” had arrived and he wasn’t coming back from it.

“You have to convince him to stay.”

“He’s not…”

“Clint,” she says sharply. He flinches.

“Do you trust me, little bird?” she continues gently, regretting that she made him jump.

“Always, Tasha.”

“Then convince him to stay… or tell him how you feel.”

He doesn’t speak. He doesn’t have to.

She touches her hand to his face and whispers softly, “Tell him. He’s moving back to Wisconsin in two months.”


When he finds out she’s right, Clint tries everything. Cajoling, threats, jokes, begging, the silent treatment. Being awesome, being a dick, being a complete and utter pain in Coulson’s ass… And with each new attempt, Coulson gives him that little half-smile and says quietly, “It’s time.”

Clint’s heart is breaking. The realisation finally hits him, Coulson – his rock, his comfort, his protector, the fucking love of his life – is leaving and there’s nothing he can do. His heart… his world… is falling apart.

He tries one last thing.

“Okay. I get it. You’re retiring. Moving back to Hicksville USA to teach high school students about Captain America and the Howling Commandos.”

Coulson snorts. He’s already considered how to work them into his lesson plans.

“Can I call in one last favour?”

“Pretty sure you’re on negative favours by now, Barton,” Coulson tells him with an amused look.

“Yeah, well probably but… y’know. One last negative favour?”

Coulson smiles properly, with dimples and creases in the corners of his eyes, which almost succeeds in cleaving the archer’s heart in two. But he ignores that sharp pain and does everything he can to hide his feelings. As usual.

“It’s still no for the office.”

Clint gives him a pitiful look; it’s not hard to do.

“Okay. One last negative favour,” Coulson agrees.

“Help me sort out my apartment.”

“Clint, by the time we do that I’ll be dead of old age never mind retired!”

Clint pulls out all the big guns and gives him a pitiful look and the puppy dog eyes. 

Coulson sighs. “Okay but… I’m putting a time limit on it. I move in a few weeks. Still have to pack.”

“I guess I could help…”

“Guess? Barton You’ll be with me 24/7 for the next week plus the few hours it takes to pack up my stuff.”

Clint ignores the comment about the time it will take to pack Coulson’s entire apartment. He has one week to change Coulson’s mind.


In the end it takes one box… well trunk.

“Can you give me a hand with this?” Clint asks dragging it out from a cupboard. They’ve worked pretty solidly for two days. Found a routine with the clearing and cleaning working smoothly as a team… as always. It saddens them both.

“Fuck, Barton! You got a dead body in there you’re not telling me about.”

Clint grins. “Nah, boss. You know I always tell you about those before I ask you to help bury them.”

Coulson huffs out a soft laugh that raises the hair on Clint’s arms and neck.

“You start, I’ll grab some beer.”

“Not gonna explode is it?”

“Ah… no?”

“Not encouraging, Barton.”

Clint gives his handler, soon to be ex-handler if this doesn’t work, a few minutes to uncover his treasures. They’re worthless to anyone but him. Useless trash really but he hopes they​ might mean something to Coulson. Might explain how he feels about the other man.

When he returns to the bedroom Coulson’s sitting with his back against the wall, surrounded by bits of paper (ticket stubs, torn flyers, rejected mission reports…); broken items (a watch, a fountain pen, a pair of glasses…); stuffed toys (an overstuffed bear, a dog missing an eye, a knitted purple elephant); a box full of bottle tops; a bag full of candy bar wrappers, another with hospital tags… a brick, a piece of rubble and a pile of stones… and so much more Coulson Phil recognises as going back almost ten years.

The elephant’s in Phil’s lap and he’s absently rubbing its ear. He looks up at Clint, his eyes brimming with unshed tears.

“All this time?” His voice is hoarse with emotion.

Clint shrugs then nods. He doesn’t move for a moment, standing awkwardly with the two bottles. He sets them down and slowly walks forward, as though not to spook the other man, and sits beside him on the floor. Phil’s eyes never leave him.

Their arms are touching, just enough to feel the warmth from the other. Phil lets his hand slide down to Clint’s resting on the floor, and brushes his knuckles against the archer’s. Clint takes his hand and carefully threads their fingers together.

“Stay,” Clint tells him softly leaning in towards him.

Phil squeezes his hand gently and nods. The kiss when it happens is a tender brush of lips before they rest their foreheads together. The rest will come but for now they’re happy just being like this.


“What’s this?” asks Fury peering at the manilla file with SHIELD CONFIDENTIAL stamped across it in large black letters as though it holds an wanted surprise within. In his line of work, it’s always possible.

“My request for reinstatement,” Coulson tells him dropping into the notoriously uncomfortable visitor’s chair on the opposite side of the desk.

“Hmmm. I’ll bite. Why is your is your reinstatement request sitting on my desk, Senior Agent Coulson?”

Coulson accepts the offered glass of whisky, takes a sip and says calmly, “Because I’m getting married and I’d like to work alongside my husband.”

Fury smirks and tips his glass in a celebrity toast. “'Bout fucking time. Here.”

“Not going to explode is it?” Coulson enquires suspiciously, stopping another manilla file with SHIELD CONFIDENTIAL stamped across it in large black letters from sliding off the desk with his forefinger.

“You have to get over the whole exploding items thing, Cheese. Your first gig as Level Eight. We found Captain America.”

white shirts ♡ grayson

requested: yes

anon: your their best friend and you end up giving them a boner by accident?

anon: okay I saw someone else do this, but I think you could do it better 😂 can you do an imagine (Maybe both boys? just seperate posts) where you’re like their best friend and you accidentally give them a boner

(a/n – so big news is coming up, it’s really exciting haha!!! hope you gray girls enjoy this one hahahah!) 

“Gray!” You yell, entering your best friends house, “Your very favorite person has arrived!” You say in a sing-song voice.

“In the backyard, Y/N!” You hear him yell as you closed the door, putting your bags down and taking your shoes off.

It was really hot outside when you reached his backyard. He was laying on the couch outside, scrolling through twitter on his phone.

“Gray! You’re so boring!” You whine and he rolls his eyes, placing his phone on his chest and looking up at you.

“Me? Boring? Impossible.” He says and you stick your tongue out.

Suddenly you jump up, running towards the shade, “The floor is so hot!” You yell and he laughs,

“Where are your shoes?” He asks and you narrow your eyes at him and give him that, where-the-hell-do-you-think look, making him laugh even harder.

“God it’s hot.” You groan, fanning yourself making Grayson’s eyes light up for an unknown reason.

“You think it’s hot, huh?” He asks, inching toward you making you a little bit confused.

“Um, Yes, it is very hot. You think it’s cold, or something?” You laugh but when he just smirks you know something’s up. He quickly scooped you up in his arms and in one swift motion, before you knew what was going on, he ran to the deep side of the pool and threw you in, a loud scream coming from your mouth before you went under completely.

“Grayson! I’m going to kill you!” You yell as soon as your head pops out of the water, but he was only laughing hysterically.

“Your face-and-and your scream! Oh my gosh-” He gasps for air, laughing way harder than he should have.

“Gray!” You pout, swimming to the side where he was and lifting up your arms for him to grab you out of the water. You were much too lazy to swim all the way across the pool.

He laughs a little bit more before bending down and grabbing your waist, pulling you out of the water with ease.

“Now i’m all wet!” He pushes you away and you almost fall back in the pool.

“Seriously?” You raise your eyebrows and then run towards him, wrapping your arms around him tightly and pressing your whole body to his causing him to get really wet.

“Y/N!” He yells and tries to pry you off but you wouldn’t budge,

Then you realized the pool water on your feet was drying off, and your feet were burning hot. You jump onto Grayson quickly, wrapping your legs around him tightly.

“God that is so hot!” You say, your arms around his neck as you look at the ground.

You turn your head a little to be met with Grayson’s eyes staring at you. You felt heat rush to your face as you quickly look away,

“Sorry! The floor-uh, it’s really hot.” You stammer. You weren’t sure why Grayson was looking at you with such interest when you were put back down in the shade.

Your eyes trail down to your feet when you noticed something. Grayson had a boner.

Your eyes visibly widen and you let out a very quiet gasp. Then you look at yourself and see why.

You were wearing a white t-shirt, and when Grayson threw you in the pool, everything became visible. Everything.

“I’m so sorry. I have to go ta-” He sighs and almost runs out of the backyard to take care of his situation. But what came out of your mouth next was highly unexpected,

“Maybe I could do it for you.” You say and automatically slap your hand over your mouth, surprised at yourself, “Oh my god.” You whisper and mentally slap yourself.

Then he does the last thing you expected him to do. He smirks and replies, “Follow me and you can do a lot more than just take care of my situation.”

a/n – well then. ANYWAY so i have taken into consideration and I will be doing Tuesdays and Fridays but instead of 4 posts only on Tuesdays there will be 2 on Tuesdays and 2 on Fridays (: 

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Your blog makes me feels safe, but I haven't seen any posts about violent sexual thoughts, which is concerning. Is that just me?

definitely not just you!!!!! i should do a better job at consistently tagging them (i’ll do that from now on), but usually they fall under tags like this one!

Thats Right, I Love Her (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Request: could I maybe get a Remus x reader where they are caught making out by the marauders and Remus is so awkward and embarrassed and the marauders are teasing him n stuff? lyl xxx

(Lol, I took this request way, way farther than I originally intended. Oh well, I hope you like it! And I stole a couple lines from Friends, oops😁)

Your day was awful.

To put it bluntly it was completely dreadful.

First off you woke up late, you hate waking up late as someone who usually wakes early so you don’t have to rush. You had tore out of your bed, slapped makeup on your face and pulled you uniform on, completely forgetting you have hair until you got to the common room.

You pulled it hastily back with a red ribbon you thankfully had stored in your robe pocket.

Right as you plopped down next to your best friend, Lily Evans, breakfast disappeared. You groaned and laid your head on the table.

Seconds later Lily tapped you on the shoulder

“(Y/N), we have to go, we’ll be late for class”

You groaned loudly and stood, following Lily’s red mane.

Your breath hitched as you felt someone’s hand slip into yours, and pull you into a deserted corridor. You turned to see Remus’s sweet smile, he slowly brought an apple up to your nose, wiggling his nicely groomed eyebrows at you.

He softly whispered in your ear

“If you agree meet me in the astronomy tower at 7:00 tonight, I might let you have this.”

You went to grab it, he raised it quickly, cocking his head with a cheeky smirk. You two had been seeing each other in secret for about four or five months.

Why you didn’t tell the others, you weren’t quite sure. Maybe the endless harassment and meddling of Sirius and James, maybe just not wanting to fully commit.

Anyway, there was a kind of high every time you threw each other looks in class, or held hands under the table, or some nights you would even sneak in his bed for some cuddles the slip back out before the boys woke.

You narrowed your eyes at his and sauntered forward, pressing your body to his firm chest. You saw his smirk fade, his pupils dilating, staring into your eyes.

You brought you hands up to his chest and slid them up to his shoulders, slowly bringing your lips to his. His eyes flicked closed causing you to quickly grab the apple from his loose grip. You turned and started walking to class, taking a bite.


You heard him exclaim. You spun, throwing a wink at him as you chewed your long awaited breakfast. This has been the only good thing that happened in your day.

You walked into class, realizing it had already started and all the Gryffindors and Slytherins who shared the class were staring at you, including Professor Slughorn.

“10 points from Gryffindor for tardiness. And another 5 for eating in my classroom, throw that in the bin”

You looked longingly down at the apple you’d only taken one bite of, sighed and tossed it in the bin. You sat in your seat, next to Lily. She looked annoyed at you.

“What are you so mad about”

She rolled her eyes dramatically at you

“I said we were going to be late for class, where did you go off to?” She whispered as Slughorn continued his lecture.

“I grabbed an apple from the kitchen real quick, we were passing it anyway and I was hungry… am hungry, I only got one bite”

“serves you right, sneaking into the kitchens and being late for class”

You took a deep breath and just tried to focus on your notes, kind of hard to do when your glasses are on your nightstand.

Realizing this you laid your head on the desk, sighing pitifully.

Your classes dragged on endlessly. You felt sick after stuffing your face at lunch due to your grumbling stomach and ended up having to re-take a quiz your forgot about during dinner.

You fell flat on your bed, letting out a scream into your pillow. You looked down at your watch, 6:50. You longed to curl into your bed and sleep the horrible day away, but maybe seeing Remus is what you needed.

You jogged up the astronomy tower stairs, smiling widely as you spotted the handsome boy.

“About time!” He said in mock disdain “You’re 3 minutes late!”

He smirked sillily at you as you shuffled over and brought him into a tight hug. He seemed surprised for a moment, but then brought his strong arms tight around you.

“I had a bad day” You stated bluntly.

“I’m sorry love, do you want to talk about it?” He murmured into your hair.

“No, just make me feel better”

He let out a chuckle.

“How am I supposed to do that without talk- ohhhhhh”

Realizing what you meant, his cheeks became pink. He then flashed a quick smile and dipped down to press a kiss on your lips.

You breathed in deeply through your nose, smelling his sweet cologne you recognized from the many sweaters of his you borrowed.

He had his arms tight around you, and has you pulled flush to his chest. He deepened the kiss, turning his head more dramatically.

You loved the feeling of his freckled round nose brushing against your cheek. You ran your fingers through his curly locks, causing him to moan.

He ran his tongue smoothly across your bottom lip, begging for entrance. You opened slightly and Remus took action. He pulled away, gasping for air, you followed suit.

Still only inches from your face. You loved it when Remus got like this.

“Jump” He commanded.

You slammed your lips against his once again and brought your legs up around his waist. He had his hands firmly on your bum, pressing your back against the wall. Neither of your noticed the two pairs of mischievous eyes peeking through the ajar door.

Remus brought his fingers to the hem of your shirt, about to lift it over your head.

“I knew it!”

You and Remus’s eyes flew open looking over at the door to seeing a disappointed looking James slapping a sickle into Sirius’s palm.

You looked at Remus and you jumped quickly away from each other as if they might not have seen you.

“Wow, you know. I didn’t think you had it in you, Moony” James grinned, sauntering over to you.

“It’s nothing, guys” Remus mumbled, looking at the floor.

Sirius and James turned to you, you raised you eyebrows and shrugged unconvincingly.

“It’s nothing” you repeated.

“Oh, nothing is it?” Sirius asked, raising an eyebrow at Remus.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I asked (Y/N) to get drinks with we at the three broomsticks?”

Remus’s eyes widened, his mouth gaping “uh, no… I, uh d-don’t care” His cheeks were burning.

Sirius scoffed, turning back to you “Okay, what da ya say (Y/N)? Hogsmeade, this weekend?” As he threw a wink.

“I mean you’re not seeing anyone and you two get a long well, why not go?” James added.

You thought for a moment, not knowing what to do “Well, I-”

“No, no, no, no, not okay!” Remus bursted suddenly, Sirius and James turned back to him, surprised.

“I-I’m not okay with that!”

“And why not?” James asked knowingly.

“I’m in love with (Y/N)!”

The room froze.

“Y-you what?” James asked, shocked.

“Love her! That’s right I love her, I LOVE HER! I love her. I love you, (Y/N)” Remus exclaimed rushing over to you.

You looked into his eyes that were blazing with passion.

“I love you too, Remus”

“I-I just thought you two were shagging, I didn’t know you were in love!” Sirius said, looking incredulously at them.

“Now get out of here!” You shoved James lightly, he let out a laugh and pulled Sirius with him out the door. Before it shut they stuck they’re heads back in.

“Ee-er, ee-er, ee-r!”

They loudly imitated bed springs, wiggling they’re eyebrows.

“Out!” You yelled, stomping over and slamming the door hearing identical “OW!” on the other side.

You turned back to Remus dramatically “Where were we?” with a wink.

“Stop that!” He chucked “They’re rubbing off on you!”

You covered your mouth with mock concern, not being able to stifle a laugh. Remus walked close to you, pressing a kiss to your collarbone.

You smirked and wrapped your arms tightly around his neck.

“Kiss me” You murmured

“No problem, love”

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can you do bts reacting to their s/o having offensive humour (like filthyfrank) and not knowing when to stop? (lmao my humour is so bad, causes some awkward situations) Thank you~

Lmao! Yes! I’m sorry this is late, but my laptop is acting weird. When i saw this I got so excited, so I hope you enjoy.

*gifs are not mine*

BTS Reaction To You Not Being Able To Control Your Offensive Humor

Jin: When he first met you, he was surprised at how filthy your jokes were. He didn’t understand how someone like you could say such things. He’d find them funny sometimes, but lately it’s been getting out of control. When you would say something provocative in a sexual way at the wrong time he’d be pissed. Expect a whole night of him telling you how wrong you were and that sometimes you need to learn how to control what you say.

Originally posted by jiminahhh

Yoongi: Your humor and the way you presented it was one of the reasons why he was attracted to you. When you’d reply with one of those jokes, he’d start cracking up. If you were to do it in a professional environment, he’d be shocked. For example, at a dinner and they ask about your favorite scene in a certain movie (Forrest Gump) and you say something offensive, he’d spit his drink out in surprise. “Baby!” You’d just shrug your shoulders and he’d chuckle quietly, letting you know that maybe this wasn’t the best way to make a first impression.

Originally posted by jeonbase

Jimin: This smol bean would be cringing every time you made a joke that was distasteful. When you’d do it in a situation where it was not the time or place, he’d be a little upset and flustered. he would pull you to the side to let you know that today, right now is not the time for your jokes and he’d want you to tone it down a bit.

Originally posted by j-miki

Hoseok: He too would love that this was a part of your personality because it balances your relationship out. When your jokes would come out at the wrong time, he would be flustered and stuttering over his words. He’d have to take a breather because this was too much for him. he’d apologize to whomever you guys were talking to and would pull you away. “Ahh why would you say that to them?” After they were out of sight he would laugh a little and shake his head.

Originally posted by kawaiinekololitablog

Namjoon: Every time you’d come out with your jokes, he’d be chuckling but would feel bad afterwards. The jokes you would often repeat were offensive and sexist. When the jokes come out in a event where everything you say or do is watched, he’d scold you in private. “Yah,” he’d say,but chuckle a little. “These people are always going to be watching what you say so you have to be careful.” Overall, he wouldn’t mind as long as you didn’t do it in places where it could affect his image.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jungkook: He would love your humor because in some ways he can relate to you in that aspect. When it came to serious situations he wouldn’t know what to do. At first he’d chuckle, because he thought it was funny, but considering the situation, he’d chuck it up and tell you that it wasn’t very nice to say. He too would apologize and keep it pushing.

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Taehyung: This boy, when he first met you, he didn’t know someone could have such jokes like the ones you have. Tae can be serious at times so when you said an inappropriate joke at the wrong time, he’d chuckle in embarrassment. He’d cover his face and sigh thinking, ‘Why does she have to be this way?’ After the event he would talk to you and let you know that not everybody is going to be okay with your humor so maybe you should wait for another time.

Originally posted by cyyphr

Send in more requests y’all. I do anything and everything so don’t be afraid to ask. Some I may not do because the context isn’t clear.

Dreamwave (Trixya) - Matilda

A/N: This is a really short musing of lesbian love 100% inspired by fleursverts California Summer series (which I am completely in love with). It is by no means as good as hers, but I couldn’t help myself! I had to write some grossly fluffy lesbian Trixya while I was working on something else. It’s also definitely not grammatically correct, but I hope you enjoy my rambles. Also did someone ask for smut??? ;D <3Matilda

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Snakes and Tea // Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Hello there, could you perhaps write something about newt and a herpetoculturist (someone that keeps reptiles, maybe more snakes?). The general hatred for my creatures has gotten me rather down, especially the sheer number that tell me I should kill them/that they would kill them

((I hope I did this right xD I don’t know too much about snakes))

Warnings: None, unless you don’t like snakes


You slowly stretched out, smiling as you felt the sun shining across your face before freezing as you felt something crawling up your body. Looking down you couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of your snake crawling up your body. They were a beautiful corn snake you had raised from an egg, so you were both rather attached to one another. As you sat up, stroking your snakes head a rather loud knock sounded on the door.

“Aw visitors already, who do you think is bothering us this early?” You groaned, gently lifting your snake onto your shoulder before getting up. You didn’t bother to change out of your night clothes and just made your way to the door.

“Who is it?” You called out in a singsong voice while opening the door.

“Ah Y/N! I… Y/N.. where are your clothes?” A tall man asked and you easily recognized Newt, who’s face turned slightly red at the sight of you, which then made you flush.

“Oh.. sorry I just was way too lazy to change, I’ll go grab a robe..” you started to turn before Newt stopped you.

“No no it’s uh.. it’s fine.. wait, who’s that around your neck?” He asked, his face brightening at the sight of your snake.

“This here is Akira, she’s a corn snake.” You answered, smiling widely as you moved her to your hands. Newt admired her, making you feel rather prideful of his compliments of your snake.

“She’s so sweet! Oh my I sometimes forget how amazing muggle animals can be.” Newt was absolutely fascinated.

“Well here come inside, you can sit on the couch with her and then I’ll make some tea and I dunno.. I’ve got cookies?” You shrugged, but then smiled when Newt smiled slightly at you.

“I’d really like that love.” He replied before pausing and blushing a deep red at what he called you.

“Oh.. I uh.. I should m-make that tea..” your face was red as well and you squealed when walking away, hoping Newt didn’t hear that. While in the kitchen, you reached up to finish the tea and finished before you saw something curled up beside the tea cups.

“There you are baby! I was looking for you.” You reached over and a much smaller rosy boa stretched out into your hands. Smiling, you carried the tiny boa into the living room in time to see Newt speaking quietly to your corn snake. You barely caught the words, but somewhat understood.

“Your momma is a very beautiful lady you know? Man like.. she loves creatures, especially you, and maybe one day me? I mean I’m not a creature.. you probably understand anyways.” He whispered to the snake before you cleared your throat. Newt’s face went instantly red again, which made you giggle.

“Ah Newt.. meet Ivory! She’s new and Akira is teaching her the ropes and such, you know, learning how to snake and all.” You laughed and went to hand Newt the other snake. You couldn’t help but just say aww at the sight of Newt with two snakes sliding over him.

“You’re so cute!” You squeaked out before clapping your hand over your mouth, cheeks pink once more.

“Oh.. well.. I actually think.. you’re cuter and really beautiful, and I’d like to maybe know if you would go on a date with me and stuff because I think I love you….” Newt blurted out before stopping his rambling to look at you with expectant eyes and red cheeks.

“…yes.. Yes! Oh goodness I dunno how long I’ve waited for that!” You leaned forward and hugged him tightly before pecking his cheek. Although the moment was interrupted by both snakes crawling up between your faces, making the two of you start chuckling, that laughter slowly becoming stronger. Next thing you knew you were kissing and the only thing that stopped that from going on any longer was the familiar whistle of the tea kettle, calling you both out your trance. Your faces were flushed as you went to go finish the tea, a grin on your face.

so i just got results from my genealogy/ancestry form back… turns out i’m 1/3rd Native American from the Comanche tribe! what an amazing thing to learn… i’m hoping to be able to travel to the Comanche reservation in Oklahoma one day so i can learn about the side of my family i never knew. I hope there is a process i can go through so they will be allowed to teach me perhaps a little bit about the spirituality of….
okay here’s a question. is it wrong for me to say our people? Is 1/3rd enough to consider myself native american? I know that sounds like a silly question; i never even knew i was anything other than western european until literally just today. So i’m not sure if it’s wrong for me to switch to the context of “our”? someone halp. I totally understand if it’s not appropriate for me to claim that ancestry i just need to know how to make that distinction

How You Interact: Jealously

I have been wanting a reason to write something like this for ages! I never actually put thought into it until you guys requested it! 

Fic Request: 
“Can you do another How you interact? But like add Gear and A too it. Only if you want? But could it be a how you interact: Jealousy. Like what they do when jealous.

Hope you enjoy!

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-If someone were to even breath in your direction, Dark would take it as a threat. He does not take kindly to people treading on what is his.

-He’s quick to notice anything that he doesn’t like and acts almost instantly. 

-If someone is hitting on you, or making flirtatious movements in your direction, Dark will walk up beside you and snake an arm around your waist. 

-His stare will be cold and far from friendly. And when you try to reassure Dark, he’d ignore you, acknowledging only that you moved closer to him or tried to make him step back from the other person.

-When this happens, he’d assure you that he wasn’t jealous. Even though the outskirts of his eyes were glowing and his hand on the small of your back twitched.

-You’d try to distract him and when that failed, try to get the other person to leave. Things escalated quickly if that person said no to you. 

-No one says no to Dark’s girl/man

-But Dark wouldn’t show his jealously in front of you, or at least let you see his actions towards the problem. 

-He’d distract you by pointing in a direction, adverting your gaze just long enough to shove the person into a void and disappear. 

-When you turn around, you glare at Dark. You know what he did, but he kisses your lips and refuses to leave your side until you get home. 

-When you try to get Dark to return the person back to this reality, Dark would tsk and grumble something about you preferring a human to him. 

-This then gets you into a fluster of reassuring Dark that you want him, and not the other person. Which is what Dark wants because it distracts you from trying to persuade him into bringing the person back. 

-And he enjoys the attention.

-When you get home, expect a very possessive Dark. He’ll spent the rest of the day/night feeling your body, kissing you all over and muttering about the insect who dared touch what was his. Threatening that if anyone dared take you from him, the world would know only pain. 

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-Subtlety is not this guy’s strong suit. If he sees someone messing around, flirting or even complimenting his S/O, there will be blood. 

-And not just a cut or a broken nose. Knives will be brought to throats and threats will spill from Anti’s mouth as his head bounces around. 

-You had to drag Anti off some poor guy/girl because he had leapt a table and tackled them to the floor. 

-His eyes flare, the lights flicker and the electronics glitch. 

-You have to force him out of the area to make sure no one else is hurt. 

-Or worse, have Anti drag them all inside the power-grid and leave them there. 

-He has no shame towards any of his actions. You are with him. Everyone should know that. Even if that meant carving it on the person’s chest. 

-Anti once picked you up, threw you over his shoulder and left the place to take you home because two strangers started taking interest in you. 

-He returned an hour later and hurt a lot of people.

-When you get home, you have to deal with a slightly irritated Anti. 

-Which means a lot of flashing lights, the colors in the TV will differ or disappear altogether. 

-He’ll storm about the house, silently seething over the events of the night. 

-You end up just taking him to bed and showing him he has no reason to be worried or jealous over other people. 

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(I couldn’t find anything better, and I just sort of like the idea of Gear being like Ultron) 

-Gear wouldn’t really understand what was happening, but he certainly knows that he doesn’t like it. 

-He’d stalk over, his red eye shining as he considers what the threat was and why his sensors were blasting. 

-You already guessed what Gear was doing and try to move him away. 

-But his curiosity would be too much and he’d stubbornly stay to analyse this new piece of date.

-Once he realizes the emotion and/or the threat, he would act just as quickly as Dark. 

-But it wouldn’t be subtle.

-First he’d blankly ask the person to move on. Mildly threatening them as his red eye flares brightly and the tick in his jaw setting in. 

-If that won’t work, Gear will shove the person through a wall and guide you away. 

-It would end quickly. No lurking jealously or anger. The threat had been dealt with, you weren’t harmed and Gear would make sure there were no other problems for the rest of the night/day.

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-Literally has already planned three types of murder as he walks over to you. 

-There’s no warning or time to react. 

-The person flirting with you is dead before you have time to top A. 

-A’s hands wrap around the person’s neck and snap it with as much ease as breaking a twig. 

-He’ll pick you up, take you home and you have a long, painful night/day of sex because he wants you to know that you are his. And nobody should dare even consider taking you away from him.

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hey uh.. whats Darren's type? like who would he get a crush on?? im totally asking for a friend >.>;;

Darren: Oh… my type? Well, I guess it’s nice to be around someone who’s pretty confident, or at least pretends well enough. It just makes me feel more comfortable, that’s all, because a lot of the time I feel… well, you know. It also helps if they can make me laugh, and it’s important that they don’t talk down to me. I already know I’m not great at a lot of things. I suppose they’d have to be patient as well, for that same reason.

I… know it sounds like I ask for a lot. But more than anything, they just need to be a good person. The thing about good people is that they can come in all sorts of different shapes, and not everyone is good in the same way. You can be grumpy and still be good. You can be proud, but still good. S-So, what I’m saying is… I’m just attracted to people who care, however they go about doing it.

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Help I wanna get my hair cut like jacks but I'm worried people are just gonna say I'm copying a famous person and bitch at me ;-;

yo, dude, babe, friend, do what ever thr fuck you want to do.  People “copy famous people” all the fucking time, so if someone’s gonna come to you n be a jerk about a hair styler they can eat a bag of dicks cause they’ve probably copied ppl too. It’s just a way of life man, don’t let weird annoying judgemental assholes control what you do with your own life 

Someone’s Making Friends - Jakob Chychrun Imagine

Could you do a chychrun imagine where you meet his teammates and the wags? Thank you kindly!

I don’t know how I feel about this one… I don’t really like it… You can tell because I’m using too many ellipses… Anyway, I hope you like it even though I don’t and I hope this is what the requester wanted (I don’t think it is I’m sorry). Thanks for reading! -Accius

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Okay, but how much of that scene between Tony and Peter in the trailer was Tony actually talking to Peter, and how much was he talking to himself? Because I bet you anything Tony's said those same words to the mirror every day.

I bet he’s considered it a lot, considering ‘who you are outside the suit’ was ostensibly what Iron Man 3 was about (if the movie actually accomplished that is another debate). 

The whole conversation is full of things that Tony probably wishes either A) someone had told him, B) he had listened when someone did or C) he had been smart enough to figure out earlier, but the thing is that Tony did not have a Tony-like figure in his life like Peter does now, so damn straight he’s going to tell this kid, this kid that Tony thinks is amazing, all the things he wishes he’d known.

(I mean, I hope the movie expounds on this. Tony has always maintained that he is Iron Man whereas Peter seems to be trying to maintain a line between his heroic identity and Peter Parker, but I don’t know, I feel like Iron Man gives Tony something to live up to. Maybe he feels like Spider-Man needs to live up to Peter.)

It’s not hard to see why he would see himself in Peter. A lot of people have pointed to Peter’s line in CACW about how if bad things happen and you can stop them but don’t, you’re responsible for them means that Peter would have agreed with Cap, but they forget that that was Tony’s whole original MO. “I have to do this…I know in my heart it’s right.” Tony didn’t stop being Iron Man once he had fixed his own mistakes because he now had the power to help and felt he had an obligation to do so. 

“I had become part of a system that was okay with zero accountability.” Tony has always wanted to do this the right way, but I don’t think he always knew how. Tony is the definition of ‘with great power’ in the MCU - he is the most politically, economically and socially influential character with the battlesuit that can shrug off tank shells, he has set himself up as the public face of superheroes. With that comes great responsibility. He doesn’t want Peter to make the same mistakes he did, and looking at this genius kid with these amazing superpowers, I think he would be incredibly hopeful and also very afraid for him. 

And I’m sure part of it is control - Tony’s need to control everything is one of his greatest flaws. But he (probably, this is all speculation) desperately wants to protect Peter from the self-doubt and the mistakes that Tony has to live with.

Also, the context of Tony having been seriously disillusioned with not only himself but heroes and the men behind the masks in recent years cannot be ignored. Like, that’s a complicated thing right there. How much does Tony still believe in heroes? He’s still an Avenger, still Iron Man, but also: he knows he can’t stop Peter, the boy’s going to use his powers no matter what. But he doesn’t need Peter to be ‘a hero,’ he just wants Peter to be good. Better. And more importantly, I think the way RDJ plays that scene, he absolutely thinks Peter can, and just isn’t matching his potential/doesn’t have enough experience yet.

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Had an idea for a BNHA character and I thought to would enjoy. A villain who based their decision to become such becasue of Midoriya. Someone who was a classmate at one point and saw how he was treat. How he was bullied for not having a quirk and how much of a blind eye the adults gave. 'It's better he learns now," one adult was heard to say. "No sense telling him he's just as good as everyone else. It would just hurt him more later." Excuses made to continue to allow those claiming to (cont)

(part 2) want to be heroes just to let them attack and belittle someone who, for all intents and purposes, can’t fight back. The classmate/former classmate was there the day the ooze villain attacked. They watched the so-called heroes stand back and say ‘help will be here soon’ until quirkless Midoriya, someone who had every reason to watch 'Kaachan’ go out with a grin, ran forward and helped. Fought off the monster till All Might arrived. And what did the 'heroes’ do afterwards? (cont)

(part 3) And what did the 'heroes’ do afterwards? Scolded the only person who tried to help. This classmate was dissillusioned with the hero system completely. Stain was like a godsend. Someone else who understood, it wasn’t just them! And the fact that stain recognized Midoriya as a true hero cemented it. Their mind was made up, they were joining the League of Villains. But they were no fool. Corrupt most of the heroes may be, they were powerful. So the newly declared villain commuted (cont)

their first act of Thievery (with a silent apology given to the target). And when they showed up to join the League of Villain, they brought with them Midoriya’s notebooks - and all the tactical information it contained on just about every major hero. (That got longer than I thought)

Oh man you wrote me a thing so in response I’m gonna write a thing too

“I have to thank you,” the young villain finished, pausing for breath. “What you went through… it taught me so much. It opened my eyes to how broken this world is. To how rotten these heroes are with hypocrisy and–”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Izuku broke in coldly.

The villain stopped short. “What?”

“I said who the hell do you think you are?” Izuku demanded. “Where do you get off calling them hypocrites?!”

“I–” For the first time, the villain’s bravado wavered. “I just–I saw your plight, I saw how you were treated, and–”

“And what!” Izuku burst out. “Where were you then? What were you even doing? Because I can tell you what you weren’t doing–anything helpful!”

“Th-that’s what I’m doing now!”

“What good is it now?!” Izuku spat. “What about then? If you knew it was wrong, then why did you just sit there and watch?! I never saw you try to stop it! I never heard you stand up for me, or defend me! All you bothered to do was watch, and then ride off on your high horse thinking about what a good person you were for noticing! Well, guess what–you’re not!”

“I was powerless then!” the villain interrupted. “There was nothing I could do–”

“You said so yourself! I ran into danger without a quirk even though I got scolded for it! There was plenty you could’ve done! You could have said something! You could have just– walked up to me afterward and said something kind! But you didn’t do anything!”


“At least most heroes are trying!” Izuku raged on. “They mess up, and they miss things, and sometimes they do the right things for the wrong reasons, but at least they’re doing something! All you’re doing is–is using me as an excuse to hurt people while pretending you’re better than everyone! All you’ve ever done to me is steal!”

“I’m sorry!” The villain seemed to shrink. “You’re the last person I ever wanted to hurt, but there wasn’t any other way to–”

“I don’t even care about that!” Izuku yelled. “Okay? I don’t care that you stole from me. But do you know what was in those notebooks?” His voice caught in his throat. “Do you know who was in those notebooks? M-my heroes. My teachers. My classmates. My friends.” His hands shook, curling into fists. Hot tears gathered behind his eyes, but did not fall. “You threw my friends to the wolves, and you have the balls to tell me you’re doing this for me? Bullshit. You’re in it for yourself. You’re in it to fuel your own stupid ego, and I’m going to stop you right here and now.”

“No, no, don’t you see?” the villain said desperately. “You–you shaped me! You made me who I am today!”

“Fine.” One For All crackled to life as Izuku activated Full Cowl. “If I was the one who put you in this world, then I hope you don’t mind if I’m the one that takes you out.”

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Whats your favorite top ten not-as popular girl groups songs? looking for more of those for my playlist -that anon

I like U Too Much - Sonamoo

Free Somebody - Luna (THIS SONG IS AMAZING)

Shooting Love - Laboum

High Heels- - Brave Grils

Someone like You - Dalshabet

Darling - Girls Day

Playback - Playback

Taxi - ANDA

Chase me - Dreamcatcher

Shut up u - Wa$$up

What about you - Laboum

hope this helped :)

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