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there will be nights where you’ll struggle to sleep, you’ll reach for your phone and your pain will bring you here, to this moment, with these words. there will be nights where your soul will long for more and your mind will crave a peace that feels like freedom. there will be nights where you’ll grow weary of being kept awake by the thought of someone who no longer deserves to be on your mind and in this moment as you read these words i hope you find the strength to remove yourself from a relationship with someone who doesn’t deserve to be the reason you can’t sleep and i hope you realize that you are not alone because there are so many souls reading this while struggling to find rest. just like you..

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hey! i just found your blog and i didn't really realise there was someone else like me, except you're definitely better! i am amazed, you're inspiring and beautiful and an incredible person. one question? how did you explain to your family that you wanted to transition and you weren't who they thought you were (if that makes sense)? i hope this doesn't offend you, thank you x

Firstly hi! Thank you for having the courage to bring this subject up. I am pretty open, and the whole idea behind (Trans)formation was to share my HRT process, the good and the bad. Family is certainly apart of my transition.

I will be the first to say that I am very blessed with the family I have. My husband George is so open and willing to change with me, and he is definitely changing. The way he understands attraction and what defines him have really been challenged in many ways because of my transition. I am so in love, and he makes me feel like a goddess everyday, truly. I love his family too. His parents are really people to admire and have taught me so much in the 6 years I have known them. With my side of the family, my transition is touchy. My mom is very accepting despite being religious, and so are my brothers, but I still worry that as my transition progresses and my physical form has really shifted… words will be shared, and I can only hope that the conversation is educational, loving and brings us closer as a family. My Dad actually has a relationship with my brothers, but chooses to disregard me, and that’s fine. I really don’t take it personal anymore because I have come to realize that my dad and I couldn’t possibly be more different from each other. Growing up he wasn’t really around, and he blames my mom but that’s bullshit, the picture is much bigger than he is capable being aware of. So yeah, acceptance is a journey and my best advice would be to take it one day at a time.



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Happy belated Birthday to my dear shithead Jo ♡

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

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So I saw the original gif on my dash and @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you had requested in their tags that someone add wings to it. I was bored and have a lot of time on my hands now that school is over (until July….) so I thought I would give it a try. 

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I have made a huge mistake.

I think one of the kindest things you can do for yourself as an artist is to accept that you will make bad drawings sometimes and just…stop caring about it. It’s not like that bad sketch you drew was your one and only chance to ever draw the thing. It’s so much easier emotionally to just say “lol what is that?” delete it and start over than it is to spend the next six hours crying about it. Once you stop treating every single thing you draw as something precious and learn to just throw stuff away it takes so much stress away. One bad drawing doesn’t make you a bad artist, or a fraud. Even the best pro artists are gonna have moments where they draw things wrong. You’re going to make bad drawings so just go out there and make them so you can move on with your life. Chances are your second attempt will be better. 

Buzzfeed, wtf are you doing?

2 hours ago, Buzzfeed made a poll saying “Let’s settle this debate : Is Kylo Ren hot? Ky-love or Ky-loathe?”

And all I felt was anger, which was made worse by seeing almost six thousand people voted no.

Six thousand. (It’s also climbing as I type.)

Okay - let’s get this straight. Yes, you’re entitled to your own opinion on Adam Driver’s looks. We all have different types and prefer different physical traits - but how the fuck did Buzzfeed think this was an appropriate thing to post? Calling an actor out on their looks and acting like that’s the only important thing in their role is not okay

Adam has voiced that he has low confidence when it comes to his body, and things like this I imagine make it worse. People are so quick to criticise his appearance and don’t stop for a second to think that he has feelings just like the other celebrities who they are so quick to stand up for if someone criticises them. 

How would Adam feel if he saw this? He shouldn’t have to get used to people calling him ugly on the internet because it’s straight up bullying. Would you say that stuff to him in real life?

I see so much hate on sites like this directed towards Adam. Adam is a humble, kind, mature man who has come so far in his acting career and I can see why he doesn’t enjoy being a celebrity. Because it’s people like the writers at Buzzfeed and fans who insult him that ruin it for everyone else. 

I hope he knows how much his fans adore him and doesn’t see all this negativity and hate. Man, it makes me really sad. 

Buzzfeed, if you see this - please reconsider posting things that encourage body shaming. So many of your posts are about loving yourself, yet you’re so quick to post things like this too. Sort your shit out.


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Big News [Ben Solo X Reader]

Originally posted by knights-of-ben-solo

Summary: A lovely anon requested “a Ben Solo x Reader story where Ben is like super nervous, because he wants to propose to the reader, but she is also nervous, because she wants to tell him that she’s pregnant and doesn’t know how Ben will react. (You can choose between Kylo or Ben.)”

Word Count: 1,234

Rating: General

Notes: This is just an Adam Driver rom-com I am so sorry I wasn’t entirely sure how to broach this idea within the Star Wars universe so I decided to shift into a bit of a modern AU. (I know, I know, it’s a cop out. I’m sorry.) Also, I hope you don’t mind me switching POV’s. I wanted to test the waters with it!

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what does mike have ptsd from?

His best friend went missing and was later found dead, he jumped of a cliff to certain death to protect his friend (I feel like this doesn’t get mentioned as much as it should like Mike accepted death to save Dustin), him and his friends were hunted by the government and chased through the streets, he saw like 10 government agents die in front of him then watched the girl he promised to protect sacrifice herself for him and as we know from season 2 these experiences have affected every aspect of his life. All of the kids have obviously been affected but I think Mike is especially traumatised because he’s (for lack of a better term) the mom friend of the group, he’s based his personality around his ability to protect others, and he promised to protect El so presumably he feels immensely guilty about her disappearance. Furthermore Mike is the only one of the kids without a proper support structure around him. As we’ve seen in season 2 Will has Joyce and Jonathan who as we know would do literally anything for him and who he can talk to about everything that happened because they know about the upside down. Eleven also has this with Hopper and even though she can’t see Mike she does know he’s alive. Lucas and Dustin have both obviously been affected but Lucas has an intact seemingly happy and healthy communicating family that he clearly feels comfortable talking to. Dustin is presumably the same, although we see less of his mother they do seem to have a good relationship. Mike on the other hand hasn’t been raised to communicate and open up to his family, his father is inattentive, his mother has given up trying to get through to him by season 2 (I do think she cares deeply about her kids but Mike isn’t allowed to tell her about why he’s acting out which is what I think caused her to act irritated towards him in season 2) and Nancy is dealing with her own loss (also Nancy is able to talk to her mother about Barb while Mike can’t talk about Eleven at all). From season 2 we see Mike and the gang is more focused on making sure Will is okay than dealing with their own traumas surrounding the incident. I don’t think it’s in Mike’s nature to open up and share his emotional burdens with others which in turn led to his acting out during the year El was missing and the entire incident having an enormous affect on him.

Mike’s experiences especially, get overshadowed more than Dustin, Lucas or Nancy etc because he’s so focused on helping others deal with their trauma. In season 1 it was El, in season 2 it was Will. The scene with Mike and Hopper after El’s return is one of the only times we get to see the true emotional toll all of this has taken on him. My hope for season 3 is Mike finally opens up to someone (please let it be Hopper) and actually works through his issues and PTSD.