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A Tango for Two by regardinglove (@extranikiforov​) 

Yuuri’s lifelong dream has been to make his break into competitive dancing on the hit television series, A Tango For Two. The last thing he expected was for his celebrity crush, figure skating legend Victor Nikiforov, to become his celebrity dance partner.

Or, a Dancing With the Stars AU

[Chapter One

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I know what you mean… I hope to see keith become confident as a leader, not at the expense of his bond with Shiro, but be able to really feel like he is whole the way he is. To understand that he doesn’t need shiro to function… but at the same time obvy I don’t want shiro to go away and I want them to remain close!! It’s hard, I want the angst but I also want the development

Well yes, I agree. I don’t want Keith needing Shiro for anything, I want them both to become complete people on their own, and support eachother from that place.

But I’m talking more from like the story telling point of view I guess?

Like…. we get that Keith loves him.

We got that from like the second his eyes got all wobbly when he saw him on that table.

I dunno, maybe I spend too much time in the sheith fandom that over analyses every little detail and scene so it’s very clear to me just how much he loves Shiro haha, but like this is nearing a point where it’s like “OK WE GET IT!”

This whole episode is basically this:


Everyone: yeah we know that Keith… but


Everyone: yes Keith.. we understand he’s very important to you.. but


Everyone: we love him also, Keith.. but the universe..


Like this is what it sounds like to me haha.

And I’m not trying to criticize Keith here or anything, his reaction is understandable, specially considering how much focus there was on his fear of losing Shiro. This is more about how it’s written and presented.

Like… Do they REALLY have to keep showing us that? Is there anyone who didn’t get how much Shiro means to him from like the 2 whole intense dramatic Shiro/Keith heavy centered episodes and the I dunno, 50 other scenes and moments that show Keith melting around him and dotin on him? (I mean besides the “you know whos”.. haha)

I think by this point everyone should realize already that Keith is very affected by this loss, so it’s not something that really needs to be shown.. and at least not to that extent?

I dunno if I’m explaining myself well here haha

Like I expected them to show Keith react ofcourse, but like in a quieter way? Like in some scene where we see him trying to hold it together when he’s alone or something. Because I think that’s all that was necessary to show us the state of mind he’s in and how this affects him and how truly broken he is about this.

Because WE KNOW, the fact that he loves Shiro and is scared of losing him was hammered into our brains by now.

But instead of one emotional scene we got a whole episode of Keith shouting “THE UNIVERSE IS NOT WORTH SAVING WITHOUT SHIRO IN IT SO SCREW EVERYTHING” of the roof tops haha

And I always think that fandom (especially the shipping side of it) are reaching. Always. Like reaching is fun, shipping is fun, but there are some things I just know fandom exaggerates about.

But not with this, this is like getting all those memes of Keith lying on the floor crying while Shiro is gone and “what do you do when I’m gone?” “Wait for you to get back” stuff thrown at your face in canon!!!

I’m…I’m just not ready. I’m never ready for any of the Shiro and Keith stuff haha. I’m always surprised with just how far they go with them.

I dunno if it’s just cuz my expectations of canon are so low, maybe I’m missing something I dunno… I’m just always surprised.

And I’m not really getting why they do this… Like why so much focus when one scene could have had the same effect? (which is to show us Keith is really heartboken and scared of leading)

LIKE THE FUCK THEY BUILDING UP TO WITH ALL THIS??? Should I be scared? Excited? Like what do you do when the show itself gives you “shipper reaching level” stuff? I just dunno how I should feel about this haha.

That Shiro/Keith flashback better deliver.

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For the most part I really admire Louis' openness and honesty, but it does feel like he spoke for Harry a bit too much about Harry's solo intentions and how it affected 1D, when Harry clearly prefers to be private about this stuff. Harry clearly has so much love for 1D and what they've done, it doesn't need to be painted as his ambition as the cause of the break. Even if it's the truth, it's Harry's truth to share if he wants. Louis could have been honest about his experience while staying vague

I honestly do get 100% what you mean, it’s just in my opinion Louis is really in tune with what he wants to reveal, and he is the one being asked about Harry so he is just speaking from the heart. I understand that Louis is speaking for Harry in a way, but if it’s how Louis feels I don’t think he’s going to change his ways or his method of answering questions. I have to admit as a louie I am absolutely the most biased person ever, but I find it really refreshing that he’s just answering things without any barrier and basically no secrets, I love seeing this emotional side of him and how he’s interpreting all the situations around him. I totally agree that Harry has never suggested that he doesn’t love 1D (and I don’t want to say I don’t agree with Louis because it’s his emotions) but in a way I do think Louis is really insecure about the future of 1D maybe? So he’s explaining his feelings about Harry in a way I don’t personally understand. That’s the best way I can describe the way I feel about his answers about harry

You’re sitting in the theatre. Everything is perfect. It’s accurate, it’s visually stunning, everyone is on point. It’s a perfect adaption. The title flies on screen.
Deep voice: Fullmetal Alchemist
Everyone in the theatre:(slightly different intonation) Fullmetal Alchemist.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are very happy that their dormitory is in a tower. Most of the windows can be climbed out of and they pull themselves onto the roof. They don’t do it like the Gryffindors do, for bravery, but for solitude. There is an unspoken rule that if a Ravenclaw sees another Ravenclaw on the roof, they don’t talk. On the roof or afterwards. It’s a safe space. Sometimes it’s where Ravenclaws be the teenagers they are and smoke, while sometimes it’s a peaceful place to just read. If a Ravenclaw is sitting on the roof crying, any other Ravenclaw, friend or not, will go and sit on the roof with them until they calm down. And another unspoken rule is that if someone sat on the roof and cried more than twice in a week, they have to talk to someone about it, a friend, a professor, or Madam Pomfrey. This is what once led a third year Ravenclaw to march a first year Gryffindor, who had somehow made his way on the roof of Ravenclaw Tower, to Professor McGonagall. He thought he was in trouble, but became very confused when he was simply asked how he felt.

The signs as science memes














Ice Dance Elements presented by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir | Dance Lifts

insp. by @eggplantgifs​ and feat. special guest appearance by Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon

Lifts are essential elements in any Ice Dance program. They are used to enhance the character, music and choreography of the dance. They are graded on a level scale and awarded Grades of Execution (GOEs). Levels are awarded based on difficultly in the form of difficult positions, change of positions, entry and exit features, and number of rotations. Unlike pairs lifts, in Ice Dance the lifted partner cannot be supported over the head of the lifter so the lifts are identified by the position of the lifter and are split into two categories:

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What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.