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So I was reading a few (or all) of your Madara/Tobirama fics, and my mind wandered to One Is for Sorrow, and I wondered how Tobirama would react in that situation as the big brother of a sibling who has caught someone’s (espescially an Uchiha Izuna kind of someone) interest, and it occurred to me that I could totally see him inventing a whole slew of new and absolutely horrifying ninjitsu to completely terrify any would be suitor of his baby brother who he only just got back.

I just had to share that thought in the hopes that someone else thinks it’s as entertaining as I do.

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Can I request HCs of Fuyuhiko,Souda,Kaito,Ouma and Hajime with a really bossy S/O who do a lot of whims please?

Good afternoon, Anon! I hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself! Unfortunately, I’m not completely certain as to what you mean. I assume that you are requesting these characters with a bossy S/O that changes their mind quickly and is demanding? I struggled with this one, because I find it strange that some of these characters would want to be with someone so disagreeable and, possibly mean? I’ll just have to try my best! Thank you for the request! (My apologies if my fulfilling of this request wasn’t all too exciting or interesting).

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

- “They’re a little bossy, but I don’t mind it too much.”

- It’s a strange combination, the two of them. With Fuyuhiko’s standoffish attitude and combative tendencies, it’s a wonder how he and his significant other get along. They are rather bossy, and, with Fuyuhiko’s yakuza background, it’s extremely strange to see him agree to anyone’s whims.

- However, he will admit that he doesn’t mind being the not domineering one for a change. Because of his projected ‘lone wolf’ image, he usually isn’t approached by many, and being with his partner is a refreshing change of pace. They’re both around the same age, but are still quite like children, with their affections being reserved but still genuine and whole-hearted. 

- If his S/O’s whims are few, he doesn’t really mind fulfilling them, so long as it makes them happy. What does get him though, is when they become excessively bossy. They would then proceed to bicker like children, but eventually make up shortly after. The little yakuza would request that they try not to be too bossy, to which they would agree to try their best.

Kazuichi Souda

- “Anything for S/O!”

- When he’s madly in love with someone, he doesn’t mind doing things for them at all, so long as they aren’t mean about it. Because he absolutely adores them, he’s willing to sacrifice quite a bit if it means their happiness and comfort. The main concern his fellow students have for him though, is that his partner might take advantage of him and his kindness, especially because he is so willing and naive. 

- Fortunately for him, his significant other is actually quite kind and loving. They just occasionally become demanding or stern as a result of their profession. They are a natural leader, and do enjoy organizing others and keeping them in line, even if it means being assertive and authoritarian (which Kazuichi believes is hot). 

- However, this does mean that they allow themselves little leisure time, which Kazuichi readily and happily provides. The unorthodox couple is quite happy together, and enjoy outings every now and then. While Kazuichi allows for them to be a little more carefree, they keep his toes on the ground and makes sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble. 

Kaito Momota

- “Doesn’t matter that they’re a little bossy. They’re great just about everywhere else!”

- Yes, the two bicker, but mostly because Kaito isn’t as tolerable and level-headed as some other boys. He doesn’t particularly enjoy being ordered around, but puts up with it because he really does love his partner. However, he does enjoy fulfilling his lover’s requests, since he believes that that’s what good boyfriends and husbands are supposed to do. 

- Because he occasionally indulges in treating his S/O, it somewhat encourages them to be a little more demanding. They’re a sweet individual and loves him genuinely, but they do like being pampered by him. They also harbor his competitive personality and tendencies, so they don’t want to be seen as inferior to him.

- But at the end of the day, they truly do love each other, and don’t have too much of a strained relationship. They compliment each other well, and share many of the same personality traits such as the tendency to be competitive, hot-headed, stubborn, and brave. They are an outgoing couple, and are quite happy with that.

Kokichi Ouma

- “They’re just like me! And who wouldn’t wanna date someone like me?”

- Their relationship parallels that of mischievous children’s. They enjoy pranking and teasing each other, and can be seen as a villainous couple. Strangely, while both are quite demanding, Kokichi is more likely to fulfill his lover’s whims than they are for him, but he doesn’t mind too much if it means that can tease them later.

- His lover’s whims usually consist of wanting candy, shoulder massages, hugs, or laying down together with Ouma, all of which he fulfills. He considers them his little prince/princess, so their little requests don’t inconvenience him. They engage in little tickle fights every now and then, and while his S/O will command him to stop, he doesn’t. They’re both quite cheeky individuals, which make them perfect for each other.

- However, their reason for being so chaotic is due to the neglect they endured as children, and they both realize and understand this. As a result, they both strive to support each other to the best of their abilities and provide for each other the attention they never received and that they always wanted. As a couple, it is difficult to not fawn over them, as they both possess this alluring innocence that is difficult to resist.

Hajime Hinata

- “I think they’re absolutely wonderful, even if they’re a little bossy at times.”

- Because he is a pretty relaxed and easy-going individual, his S/O’s bossiness doesn’t bother him too much. He’s quite compliant, and doesn’t mind favors being asked of him as long as they are asked nicely. He works hard to be able to support his partner and himself comfortably, as to avoid arguments and qualms regarding money when something is wanted.

- Life with the two of them isn’t too exciting, as arguments rarely arise and they prefer to live a quieter life together. He lives simply, and doesn’t ask for much as opposed to his partner, who enjoys going out and asking for things unapologetically, and as such, Hajime has to occasionally ground them.

- However, life with his partner has taught him to live a little and treat himself. Since he works so hard to fulfill his significant other’s whims, there will be times where he believes he deserves a rest, which he takes. Overall, they’re both a rather laid-back and reserved couple, with the occasional demanding favors.  

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how are people out here acting like harry/m*l should happen when harry gave a pg strip tease for uma in wmn. harry being interested in a girl who bullied uma? the same guy who uma had to hold back when gil was running his mouth about mal hurting uma? if they make harry/m*l canon or imply d*ve's hcs have any legitimacy, harry aint shit. what kind of friend would do that? #umashouldhookhim

Well let’s hope they aren’t THAT dumb to actually show that also I’m still figuring out where was that chemistry like Harry saying he could hurt Mal is implying romantic interest???? I think tf not! I don’t think the writers would screw up Harry’s character after he clearly looked ready to brutally mutilate Mal for talking about Uma and his relationship with her. dw anon Harrry isn’t that dumb but if the writers pull something for d3 then someone better hold me back. 

thanks for dropping in! 

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It’s great to read about your process! And tempting to do myself, but I can’t get past the conviction that when other people do things it’s Good and Interesting but if I do them it’d be Self-indulgent and Bad.

Thank you! I hope you do, I’d totally read it. Reading someone else’s “story behind the story” sometimes gets me rethinking my own processes, and it’s just fun and gives me a new appreciation for the story. But I know what you mean, I was feeling that Self-Indulgent/Bad vibe every time I thought about doing a chapter commentary. Then I decided what the heck.

hello it’s your friendly neighbourhood finn (20, they/them) here to introduce you to my small son benny! he’s my all-time favourite muse (of mine, at least) and i hope you like him too! i wrote up a short n sweet bio which you can find here, and below the cut is some more information about him and his personality. leave a like if you’re interested in plotting! i don’t have any set wc but i’m happy to fill yours or do some brainstorming :)

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So I was talking to a guy, we texted for like 4 months (2 of these months I wasn't in my town),but we never got the chance to meet in person and that really frustrated me, so I stopped texting him cus I felt that he just didn't wanted or hadn't the enough interest in meeting me, we haven't talked in a month, and I can't stop thinking about him, and what we could have been. Maybe I just feel this way cus I haven't felt something for someone. (Sorry for my english, I hope it's understandable)

Text him! Now! It’s not to late darling :) I bet he will be happy if you talk to him again.

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Omg! I’d pay money for a glimpse into that browser history…. let’s hope Set has no hacker virus, since I can practically see the bewildered looks jijijiji

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Yes!!! *happy dance* Heeheehee 😎 I bet your internet search history is ~really interesting~🐞🐛😏

AHAHAHAHAHAAAA yeah, if there is someone watching my internet use, I’ll bet they’re seriously regretting it; they just mentally recovered from all of the research I did about fish, cephalopod, and dolphin sex for my Megamind stories, and now it’s all insect sex!


There are a lot fewer pictures and detailed descriptions of insect genitalia than dolphin genitalia floating around on the internet, by the way; who knew. Listen, scientists; I need details and visual aids for my xenophile insect porn, so get on that pronto ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)━☆゚.*・。゚💦🐛😩🐞

  • fanfic writer: *writing* Oh wow, they are going to love this. This is by far my best work!
  • fic: *witty lines* *perfect love making* *fluffy enough to kill us all* *a dash of angst, a smidgen of hurt/comfort*
  • fanfic writer: Oh man. This is it. This will be my legacy! *sweats into fic* *bleeds into fic* *cries into fic* *spends days perfecting the grammar and verbage and sex scenes* *has 15 betas look over it*
  • fanfic writer: Okay. It is finally time to release my baby on the world. Here you go fandom. You're welcome.
  • fandom: Ha, cute. *like* *kudos*
  • fanfic writer: :/
  • * * *
  • same fanfic writer: *writing* Whatever. This is shit, I don't even care right now. A singing squirrel? Sure, let's do it. Haha, cheesy lines that make no sense, sure. Grammatical errors out the wazoo? Why not. No one's going to read this piece of crap anyway, I literally wrote it on a scrap of 1 ply toilet paper with a broken yellow crayon.
  • fanfic writer: LOL *post*
  • fanfic writer: *sigh*

they’re finally on vacation!!!

Reblog if you think plus sized actors should be able to play characters other than the token fat friend, the chubby kid/adult everyone makes fun of, or literally any role that is centered around their weight.

It’s so discouraging as a bigger girl who wants to become an actress that plus sized actors are never cast as important parts or as love interests or anything except comedic relief based on our looks. We need more representation and I hope y’all agree with me. 

Auras ~ What They Mean and How To See Them

Hey, Guys!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far. Something that’s interested me a lot lately is Auras. I want to see them so badly, not just because it would be the coolest thing my eyes have ever done, but some times I can be a bad judge of character and seeing auras is a great way to protect yourself from letting in someone with bad energy.

What Do They Mean: 

An Aura is a field of colored energy that encompasses a living thing. Humans, animals, and plants all have auras and each aura is about 3 feet in width starting from the body. There are a lot of colors to go through so stay with me.

Red - Pertains to circulation of heart and physical body. Positively, red can mean healthy ego. Negatively, red can mean unforgiving, anxious, and nervous.

Shades of Red

  • Deep Red: Strong willed, grounded, survival, realistic
  • Muddy Red: Anger
  • Clear Red: Powerful, sensual, passionate, energetic, competitive
  • Orange Red: Confidence
  • Bright Pink: Sensual, artistic, affectionate, loving, can indicate clairaudience
  • Dark Muddy Pink: Dishonesty, immaturity

Orange - Pertains to reproductive organs and emotional feelings. Positively, orange and indicate good health, vitality, excitement. Negatively, orange can indicate stress and addictions.

Shades of Orange -

  • Orange Yellow: Intelligence, detail oriented, scientific, creative, perfectionist 
  • Brownish Orange: Low level of ambition, lazy, repressed emotions

Yellow - Pertains to the Spleen and Life. Positively, yellow can indicate Awakening, optimism, easy-going nature, inspirations, and intelligence.

Shades of Yellow

  • Pale Yellow: Psychic and spiritual awareness, optimism, hopefulness, positivity
  • Bright Yellow: Fear of losing control, power struggles personally and in business, respect
  • Dark Muddy Yellow: Fatigue and stress from studying/trying to learn everything all at once

Green - Pertains to heart and lungs. Green is a very comfortable and healthy color of nature. It indicates balance, growth, change, love of people, nature, and animals.

Shades of Green -  

  • Emerald Green: Healer, loving person
  • Yellow Green: Communicative, heartfelt, creative
  • Muddy Forest Green: Jealousy, victim, blaming others, insecurity, sensitive to criticism, lacking personal responsibility  

Blue - Pertains to throat and thyroid. Blue is a cool, calm, and collected color. Blue produces caring, loving, sensitive and intuitive energies.

Shades of Blue

  • Turquoise: Pertains to immune system. Sensitive, compassionate, healer, therapist
  • Light Blue: Peacefulness, clarity, intuitive, truthful
  • Royal Blue: Clairvoyance, very spiritual, generous, open to new opportunities
  • Muddy Blue: Fear of expression, future, and speaking the truth
  • Indigo: Pertains to third eye and pituitary gland. Deep feeling, intuition, and sensitivity

Violet/Purple - Pertains to the crown chakra, pineal gland, and nervous system. Most sensitive colors in the aura. Intuitive, visionary, reveals psychic power, magical, artistic.

Shades of Violet/Purple

  • Lavender: Denotes vision, imagination, daydreamer

Silver - Pertains to spiritual and physical abundance.

Shades of Silver -  

  • Bright Metallic Silver: Nurturing, intuitive, new ideas, could mean money or spiritual awakening
  • Muddy Gray: Accumulation of fear in the body, health problems when seen in certain areas of the body
  • Dirty Gray Overlay: Blocking of energy, skepticism, guarded

Gold - Divine protection, enlightenment, encased in divine guidance and wisdom, inner peace, intuition and spiritual thinking. Clear Metallic Gold can mean spiritually activated, inspirational awakening.

Black - Pulling, capturing and transforming energy. Indicates an unforgiving nature (to self or others), past life problems, unreleased anger, grief or health problems.

White - Reflecting other energy and protection. Can signal new energy in aura, truth, purity, angelic qualities and healthy individual. Flashes of white light means angels are near. Dirty Grayish White can mean possible illness.

Earth Tones - Colors of soil, wood, minerals, plants. Important and good grounding colors are seen in those who work outdoors like farmers.

Rainbow - Rainbow stripes emanating as beams of light from the hand, head or body can indicate a healer.

Pastels - Pertain to sensitivity. Seen as soft blends of light and color.

Brown - Greedy, self-absorbed, closed minded. Dirty Brown can indicate holding on to negative energy and insecurities.

How to see Auras: 

The easiest way to see your aura is to hold your hand against a white wall/white piece of paper and slowly move your fingers apart and together. Eventually you will be able to see a black line in your peripheral vision and, with more practice, you’ll be able to see the colors of your aura. To see the aura of someone else, practice with a friend by having them stand against a white wall and concentrate of the spot between the eyebrows. Without looking away from the spot, focus on your peripheral vision again and try to see that black line again. That is their energy, and again with practice you will be able to see the colors of their aura. Once you have mastered the white wall test, you will be able to see auras of people and yourself much more easily and without the backdrop of a white wall or white piece of paper. 

If you made it to the end of this post, I applaud you. It was very long but holds a lot of useful information. I hope all of this is helpful to you in your spiritual journey. Blessed Be, Friends!

me: I think Dan and Phil’s relationship is a very touchy subject, and although I heavily respect their boundaries I also hope that they are not hiding any romantic feelings from us. however, I think that from a physiological standpoint their relationship is very intriguing, and as someone who is heavily interested in human physiology, I enjoy trying to figure out what their relationship is and how they feel about each other. and if they turn out to just be two straight men that’s totally fine and I still enjoy watching their content either way. however, it still is intriguing to me to understand their body language and thoughts about one another.

also me: sO ArE thEY GONna F U C K ?? or wH A T ?

okay, can we talk about keith’s vlog tho? because all i see right now is that “we already have too much keith” and it makes me mad so i need to rant. here we go.

first of all, coran was so happy that he set up this system so he and the team could record vlogs and maybe talk about fun things and stuff like that. but keith lived on a desert for so long he didn’t even know what “fun” is at this point and he’s not the kind of person that would talk simply to fill the silence. so of course when you tell him to sit in front of the camera and talk, he will finally just say whatever is on his mind. and he starts to talk about being half-galra? 

like, it’s on his mind all the time; not only that he’s not 100% human but also that because of who he is allura hated him and other altea people would probably feel the same. most of the time keith acts like he doesn’t care about anyone but maybe shiro, but the truth is he cares so much? about what allura thinks, about what hunk thinks. he just bottles it up like everything else.

and then the “vol- tron” scene with lance. keith still thinks about that! he’s frustrated because a stupid chant shouldn’t be this complicated but keith thinks it’s important to lance. he doesn’t understand even tho he wants to! i don’t know, i just felt like pointing this out because of Reasons. 

and then probably the most important part. where keith talks about how his mom left him and that’s the reason he has trust issues. like, holy shit, of course you’d have trust issues and if i’ll ever see one more person getting mad at keith for being angry about shiro’s disappearance, i’m throwing hands. both his parents apparently didn’t give a damn about him and shiro was the only person he had, he was and is his only family so of course keith was angry. and in this last part of his vlog we saw how vulnerable he really is, he opened up so much i was surprised because keith is usually a very reserved person when it comes to his feelings, so i think that we saw more character development in those three minutes than in the whole show and it’s important! 

so if you think that it was a waste of time and they’re “shoving keith down your throat” (i saw someone saying that here on tumblr) then i hope you’ll choke on him, because honestly? keith is one of the more interesting characters in the show both because of his backstory and behavior/development. 

so do i think that the other characters deserve more screentime too? of course! matt fucking holt is my fave character so you don’t get to talk to me about too little screentime. but do i think that they should stop giving us more keith content and that it’s okay to insult keith because of the amount of time he’s getting? well, let me tell you that this is bullshit. 

A Wonwoo appreciation post for his birthday!

Happy Birthday to the extremely handsome

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Wonwoo has great rap skills, great dance skills and a voice so deep yet so sweet that it stops everyone in their path.

Wonwoo can be cute

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He can be sexy

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Dangerously sexy

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His smile is so precious

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I mean, his smile (and generally he) make so many peoples day better

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The smile is so bright!

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What did we ever do to deserve to be able to see such an amazing and beautiful smile?

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Fun fact, Wonwoo is also really knowledgeable as he loves book and reading which is something that I really, really, really love about him.

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And he is so friendly

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He seems like such a supportive person

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Wonwoo is someone who has grown a lot since before his debut and he continues to grow, improving at rap as well as showing us peaks at his singing. He has a very interested and funny personality making people feel comfortable (or roll their eyes one of those).

Look at little pre-debut Wonwoo.

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Born precious

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So happy birthday Wonwoo!

I hope he talks with his members and others and lets whats bothering him to get off his chest.

I hope that he stays true to himself and continues to be the Wonwoo he wants to be.

I hope he stays healthy both physically and mentally.

Wonwoo has come so far and keeps growing as a person and as an artist.]

He is such a sweetheart that gives us all heart attacks.

I hope he is having fun and enjoying life and what he is doing and is getting different experiences and gains new knowledge.

He seems like such an amazing human being and he deserves nothing but all the best.

I’m so glad he got to spend the countdown until his birthday surrounded by fans, members and maybe family (I’m not sure on which day they came).

Happy Birthday Wonwoo! You make so many of us happy and i hope we can make you happier too. Hopefully we can help protect Wonwoo and try to make sure that smile on his face stays!

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Thank you for reading!


            I don’t think I live an ordinary life… I started making music since I was young, and left home since I was young too. Many interesting things happened in my life. I don’t show it much usually. Basically not at all. But I always live hoping someone would know it. I relieve through music. It’s like I resolve it by performing and making music. I think of music as my release.

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whats about simon?

Hi anon,

I just posted the transcript of that part of the interview :) 

You can read it there. 

But the emotional manipulation that is flying an EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD KID out to LA without telling him what for, the DAY after a performance where he had some beers before - meaning he’s got people watching you and informing him about every step you set out of line - is truly nauseating to me.

It’s misusing power dynamics to impose your superiority upon someone else. And then turning around to have ‘a proper chat’ with them, after having them jump through a million hoops (but hey, at least the flight was business class, right Matt) sick with nerves and having had a dressing down, only serves again to show you how manipulative he is, and how harmful that is psychologically to do to someone.

It’s saying, “I’ve got all the power and money here - I hold your future in my hands and I will know every single you do and I will be watching for it, waiting for you to fuck up. So don’t disappoint me, or you won’t ever make it. And I’m saying all of that in your best interest, because look, I have the means to just fly you out for this conversation to LA just like that. That’s how powerful I am, don’t you want to have a taste of that too?”

Simon is not Louis’ friend or a mentor. He’s his boss, and a cruel one at that who has never held Louis’ interests at heart. And I truly hope that none of the boys ever mistook that for fatherly guidance of someone ‘who knows best’.