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I'm sorry if this is weird. But can I request how Saeyoung would react if he found out the Saeran kinda has a crush on mc? Like Saeyoung and MC are dating but Saeran has gotten a little schoolboy crush on her. No angst or love triangles or Saeran trying to steal her away. Like it's all innocent. Just fluff and a little teasing ^^ sorry if this is weird. You don't have to. Thank you!

707/ Saeyoung

  • The realization crept in slowly. 
  • For a time, he dismissed it for his brother’s introversion. 
  • He felt conflicted at first. He didn’t want to share you with anyone - you were his! No one else could have you, especially not his own brother. 
  • But the way Saeran pouted that time you ruffled his hair, Saeran’s timid “thanks” whenever you brought him home food after a date with Saeyoung were always accompanied by a series of innocent, stolen glances in your direction. 
  • How could he be jealous when Saeran’s affection was so delicate and lighthearted? 
  • He chuckled to himself. Who could blame him? You were adorable, after all. Besides - what fantastic new material to torment him with! 
  • The three of you were at the park when a sudden downpour sent everyone scrambling for shelter. Thankfully, Saeran had the foresight to have packed you each an umbrella. 
  • As you thanked Saeran for being so thoughtful, Saeyoung nudged him and flashed a knowing grin. 
  • Saeran’s face went from confusion to surprise when he realized what his brother was referring to. 
  • Which of course earned Saeyoung a signature Saeran Scowl and Death Glare Combo™
  • The best part is how oblivious you are. 
  • Once, he found a pair of cat ears laying around and placed them on your head. You looked up, trying to see what he had put on you. “Huh? Seven, what is this?” 
  • His heart skipped a couple of beats. Maybe he shouldn’t have made you wear those cat ears because God, you looked cute. He could have eaten you up right there and then. But hey isn’t there someone else who’d like to see this? 
  • “Hey Saeran!”
  • “What is it now….” 
  • “Doesn’t MC look cute?”
  • “…”
  • He laughs as his brother shoots him another hostile look
  • Run, Seven