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Keep on Living (chapter 3) Lin Manuel x Reader

Part 3 is finally here and features a Very Angry Lin as requested, thanks to everyone for reading my very first Lin fic.  Part 4 will be up super soon!

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Summary: Your boyfriend is an abusive asshole and you’ve been trying to hide it from Lin and everyone else. After turning up to the Richard Rogers where you work with a black eye and bruised wrists you tell Pippa that you’ve been mugged, but you get the feeling that Lin seems to know what really happened. Lin gets over-protective and you end up feeling really confused. On a night out with with the girls you drunkenly admit to Pippa that you think Lin is cute, and Jasmine records a video messaged standing up to your unknown attacker.

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.)

Warnings - I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count - 2226


When you turn your phone on that morning it practically explodes in a flurry of messages.

Jasmine: Hey girl, I heard you called in sick today. Are you still really hungover?

Pippa: Are you ok? I heard you’re sick. Don’t worry, nobody has mentioned the video. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Lin: Apparently you aren’t coming in today so I don’t get to see you? AWFUL! Feel better, we all miss you. I hope you’re ok X

Lin: Dr Miranda prescribes hot sweet tea, a blanket fort, and The Little Mermaid. Take care of yourself please xxx

Lin: If you need anything let me know. I’m gonna be near your apartment today and I can bring round supplies.

Lin: Hey I’m on your block, do you need anything?

Lin: Are you ok? I don’t think you’re ok.

You throw your phone down on the bed. It’s the first time you’ve switched it on in 48 hours since you called Alex and told him you weren’t well enough to come to work. You’re honestly amazed that you still have friends with how anti-social you are being at the moment, but you haven’t been able to face anyone.

You’re surprised that none of Lin’s messages comment on the video Jasmine put on twitter a few nights ago. A video of you drunkenly admitting he was cute, but you’re thankful that he’s choosing to ignore that. Or maybe he never even saw the full video since Pippa took it down straight away.

You head into the theater that morning, grateful that the bruising on your face from last week is now fading. You draw less attention as you walk down the halls now. Lying about a fake mugging had made you feel so uneasy and you were relieved that you could make it to the office you shared with Alex without having to stop and talk about it.

“Hey Y/N , we didn’t expect to see you today!” Alex called cheerfully as you headed into the office. Lin was sitting on the beat up sofa, his laptop in front of him. He jumped up from the sofa, seeming surprised by your presence.

“You’re alive!” He grinned coming over to meet you. He hesitated for second, and there was a moment of awkwardness before he smiled and pulled you into a hug. “We missed you” He said, giving you a squeeze and you held your breath.

“Yeah, I can see!” You said dumping your bag down on the desk and eyeing the pile of paperwork awaiting your attention. “Aww Alex, you shouldn’t have!”

“Oops, yeah sorry about that.” Alex said as he quickly cleared another pile of papers from your chair for you to sit on. “We’ve got 8 new chorus members starting rehearsals on Monday and so the paperwork is sorta piling up.”

“Nah it’s fine” You shrugged, “I’m honestly just so happy to be back, I was getting cabin fever cooped up at home, it was driving me crazy.”

“Oh so that’s why you were ignoring my messages then?” Lin teased.

“Oh, god I’m sorry, I had my phone switched off, I was too sick to focus on a screen.” You were so used to lying now, you were surprised at how naturally it came to you.

“I dropped round a couple of times to see you. Mark said you didn’t want any visitors but I thought I’d keep trying.” Lin’s eyes darkened slightly and he looked at you as though he was trying to figure something out.

“Oh sorry, um yeah, I guess I must have been really out of it. I’m sorry” You once again found yourself unable to make eye contact with him as you deflected his concern. “You didn’t miss much much tho, just a sweatier sicklier me drowning in a sea of tissues and cough syrup, you dodged a bullet there.” You grinned weakly.

Lin’s eyes softened as he accepted your lie and he clapped his hands, snapping you out of the awkwardness.

“Well! Since you’ve been ignoring me, Me and Lac have been hatching a plan for Ham 4 Ham today. You in?”

Alex chuckled to himself “Don’t say yes to anything until he’s told you his plans.” He gathered his folders from his desk and headed out, leaving you alone with an over excited Lin.

“Ignore him.” Lin grinned, “You’re gonna love this. Or maybe you’ll hate this, I don’t know.”

You rolled your eyes and prepared for the worst. Your afternoons were often filled with vetting Lin’s ideas for new Ham4Ham shows. Some of which were brilliant, some of which were not, and thankfully between you and Alex, you could try and steer Lin in the right direction.

“Ok, so how well do you know Backstreet Boys?”

You laughed so hard you actually snorted. You held your hand up to your mouth, still laughing. “I’m sorry, that was NOT what I was expecting you to say at all”

Lin raised his eyebrows in mock indignation. “ I would NEVER joke about the Backstreet Boys” he exclaimed.

Lin went on to explain his idea for staging a performance of Backstreet’s Back complete with choreography for this afternoon’s Ham4Ham.

“Look, if you need me to show you the moves then all you had to do is ask” you laughed

“Ha! You know I love the fact that you spent all of senior year practicing Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation in your bedroom, I’m not doubting your skills, but we had a run through yesterday and I think we’re gonna be ok.” He chided while biting his lip.

The fact that he’d remembered your high school Janet Jackson obsession made you beam. It was something you’d geekily admitted on your very first day in rehearsals with him. Why? Because being around Lin brought out embarrassing admissions of your geeky obsessions, and he never mocked. His eyes had grown big and his face lit up in excitement and and he’d waved his arms in the air exclaiming “Me too!”. And from that moment onwards you knew you were in the right place. The fact that he’d remembered this little detail strangely gave you butterflies and you smiled to yourself.

You held your hands up “Ok ok, so you don’t need my dancing skills then.”

“No but we do need some accompaniment” Lin smiled.

“Fine!” You said, secretly happy to have something more fun to work on than the piles of paperwork Alex had left for you.

“I’ll get the melodica, hey give me a hand will you?”

You gestured up to a crate on the top of the bookshelves in your office marked ‘Ham4Ham gear.’ The crate was full of toy musical instruments, a set of megaphones, props, and some bits of costumes. It had become more of a lost and found box of novelty items which Lin and Alex added to weekly, as each Ham4Ham got more adventurous and silly.

You pulled over a chair to stand on which wobbled. Lin grabbed the chair to hold it in place as you climbed up.


The chair immediately swayed and Lin put his other hand out holding your waist to stop you falling off. You gasped, not expecting his hands, you flinched slightly and wondered if Lin had noticed.

“You ok?”

“Yeah,thanks. Sorry this chair is a piece of shit” you laughed nervously. You noticed his hand remained on your waist. Your skin tingled and you swallowed nervously.

You stretched out your arm trying to grab the crate which was just out of reach when Lin yelled “Fuck!”.

Lin’s hands had disappeared from your waist and you looked down at him, his eyes were wild, and he stepped back from the chair. He was staring at you. Staring at your waist. You looked down and noticed your shirt had ridden up above your stomach as you’d reached up. You quickly pulled down your shirt and stepped down from the chair. It was too late. He’d seen it.

“Fuck!” Lin said, this time in a whisper.

You looked at the floor. You couldn’t look at him. No, no, no. Not now. 

“Show me.” Lin said, breathlessly. He was still staring at your waist.

“Lin, please, I can’t.” You shook your head in a panic.

He looked up at you, his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth tensed. “Show me” He commanded.

You gulped, it’s like you had forgotten how to breathe. His eyes never left yours and there was nothing left for you to do but show him.

Slowly you reached down, grabbing the corner of your shirt, nervously pulling it up to reveal your stomach and looking away. Lin gasped, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

Your stomach was blue and purple. An enormous bruise covered your belly, your waist and stretched round to your back. The bruise on your face from the previous week had faded, this was brand new, shiny, and dark.

You forced yourself to look at Lin who was still studying your skin in shock, you felt naked and exposed and you pulled your shirt down. Lin still stared at your waist through your clothes, unable to look away. Wispy strands of hair had fallen loose from his pontytail and hung in his eyes, you noticed his arms were locked by his side, his hands gripped tightly into fists.

“It wasn’t a mugging was it?” He said quietly

You shook your head, tears in your eyes and you tried to hold yourself together. You’d been trying not to fall apart all week, but you could feel yourself on the verge of unravelling.

“Who did this?” Lin asked, his mouth open in shock, his eyes set in anger, He already knew.

“I can’t.. Please I can’t do this now.”

“Who did this?” He asked again, his face darkened like thunder.

You couldn’t speak. You could barely breathe. You reached out to hold the chair to steady yourself.

“It was Mark wasn’t it?” Lin’s voice cracked.

You swallowed hard and closed your eyes. You nodded your head and a tear slipped down your cheek.

“Fuck.” Lin whispered.

“Lin I’m sorry, I couldn’t.. I didn’t know how to tell anyone. I’m sorry…”

Lin cut you off, he started shaking his head, pushing back his hair into his messy ponytail with both hands. His eyes were wild and he began muttering under his breath, violently spitting out a rapid mixture of English and Spanish, the hatred and anger flashing across his face.

“Fuck. Fucking motherfucker! No I’m gonna kill him…Hijo de puta…Mark es un maldito cabron…I fucking knew it!…Voy a matarlo… Hijo de la gran puta… Es una mierda!”

“Lin, please!” You begged, biting back tears and trying not to lose it.

Your voice brought him back and he stopped to look at you. He saw the panic in your face and the tears you’d tried so hard to keep in now falling freely down your cheeks and he took a breath.

“I’m sorry” He said shaking his head, his eyes softened realizing how scared you looked. “I’m sorry.”

He wrapped his arms around you, placing his hand gently on the back of your head and you finally allowed yourself to fall apart. Your face pressed into his shoulder and you sobbed, and you felt like you wouldn’t stop. He stroked your hair, holding you together.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, que sepas que estoy aquí “ he said in a soft soothing voice. It was a while before you could breathe. You steadied yourself and pulled away, embarrassed by the damp patch you’d left on his hoodie. You reached out for the chair to sit down while Lin grabbed you a box of tissues from the desk.

“You knew didn’t you?” You asked after a deep breath.

Lin puffed his cheeks and sighed while shaking his head.

“I don’t know… I thought I knew. I mean, I didn’t want to believe it. I just knew something was wrong. I knew there was more to the mugging but I didn’t know what, and I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.”

“He told me nobody would believe me if I tried to tell anyone what he’d done. He said I deserved it. He said…” Your voice broke, you weren’t ready to go into detail yet.

Lin knelt down in front of you, placing one hand over yours, and tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ears as he spoke.

“You did not deserve this. I believe you.” He spoke slowly and gently. There was still a rage behind his eyes, but his voice was calm and soothing. You stared blankly at him. You didn’t have words. You smiled faintly and nodded.

“All this because of that stupid video” You muttered.

Lin looked at you puzzled.

“Jasmine uploaded this dumb video of us from the other night. We were drunk. In the video she basically recorded this big fuck you message to whoever attacked me. Mark said we were laughing at him, that we humiliated him and…”

You trailed off, leaving out the part where Mark had also seen you drunkenly admit on camera that you thought Lin was cute. How he’d called you a slut and a whore that evening, how he’d told you this was your punishment.

Lin begain muttering under his breath in Spanish again “…Hijo de puta” His face hardened and he shook his head, clutching your hand tighter.

“You did not deserve this.” He repeated, his voice firm and his eyes darkened.

You nodded silently and he gently traced small circles with his thumb across your hands.

You sniffed and wiped your eyes, breathing deep and trying to focus.

“Alex is gonna be back soon, I’ve got to get it together.”

You stood up and flattened down your hair. You needed to slip back into the role of someone who has their shit together. Even if it was just for a day.

“Y/N I don’t think you should be at work, this is too much.”

“No this is exactly what I need right now, I need to keep busy, I need to work, I need to not think about this for a day.”

Lin sighed, scraping back more strands of hair from his face. “Ok. But we haven’t finished talking about this yet, and you aren’t going home tonight.”

Panic flashed in your eyes. “If I don’t go home tonight he’ll know something is wrong. He’ll kill me! I think he’ll actually kill me.” Your voice sounded small, you barely recognized yourself.

“No.” He said with a resigned look in his eyes. “You’re coming home with me tonight. You are safe. He’s not coming near you again. I promise.”


Part 4 is coming soon here! and then I’m gonna write some smut, I swear!

I had this little one shot pop into my head on the way home from the grocery store today:

Paring(s): Klance, brief Shallura mention 

Rating: T for kissing and some mild swearing? 

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare was Coran’s idea. He thought it would make a good team building exercise. Mostly everyone had picked truth so far and nothing revealed was particularly shocking. Hunk had to feed Shiro soup while wearing Pidge’s glasses. That was amusing.

Pidge was bored. She predicted nearly every secret and action in the game so far and was hoping someone would shake things up soon.

“Lance, it’s your turn. Truth or Dare?” She asked.

“Pidge, since I am an open book, I’ll pick dare!” Lance winked at Pidge and smirked a ready for anything smirk at Allura.

“Ugh.” Pidge and Allura groaned in unison.

“Hmm…” Pidge paused to think a moment, “I dare you to, to kiss…”

Lance grinned wider.

“..on the mouth…”

Lance gave Allura an eyebrow wiggle.


“What?” Keith looked up from his fingernails, a red rising to his cheeks.

“What?” Lance protested, “No way, uh uh, I’m not kissing Keith.”

Keith shoulders dropped in relief.

“Why not, Lance?” Hunk chuckled. “Is it because he is a boy? I never would have pegged you for a homophobe.”

“I am not a homophobe! I’ll kiss you, Hunk. Right here, right now. I’ll kiss Shiro. Heck, I’ll even kiss Coran.”

“Gee, thanks,” Coran grumbled.

“It’s no skin off my back,” Keith replied defensively, “I wouldn’t want to kiss you either.”

“Why won’t you kiss Keith, Lance?” Allura asked, “It’s just a kiss.”

Lance flushed.

“I wouldn’t want to kiss Keith, because I kiss so well, he’d probably fall in love with me and then things would be awkward.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” Keith crossed his arms and huffed.

Lance stepped towards Keith, “Oh, it will be! Pucker up, Keith. I am about to blow your damn mind with these lips.”

“Yeah, I’ll blow your mind with my lips.”

“Yeah!” Lance postured.

“Yeah!” Keith postured back.

“I didn’t realize human kisses involved blowing, did you, Allura? I thought it was more of a pressing motion like our kisses.” Coran turned to ask the princess.

Allura looked at Shiro and flushed before lying, “How would I know?”

Everyone stopped to watch Keith and Lance.

They looked like two roosters dancing, their heads bobbing in and out as they would lean in, then pull away before any lip contact was made. Their arms fluttered at their side, as they did know where to put their hands. 

“Bwack, bwack, bwack,” Hunk clucked.

“I’m not chicken,” Keith growled and stood up tall.

“You’re the one pulling away!” Lance accused.

“You’re the one pulling away! Keith countered.

Lance rolled his shoulders, “On the count of 3. One, two, th-”

Keith’s lips landed hard on his mouth before he could finish three and it accidentally made him slip Keith the tongue. Lance could feel his hair catch on the snap of Keith’s motorcycle glove as Keith’s fingers tangled in his hair. Lance’s breath caught in his throat.

Oh shit, Keith was winning.

Lance grabbed Keith by the shirt and changed the angle of the kiss, brushing his bottom lip in a way that caused Keith’s heart to pound and his ears redden.

Now, the game would become a game of who would pull away first.

Hunk, who had been plotting ways to get them together for weeks now, gave Pidge an elbow jab, “Pidge, you evil genius.”

Pidge made a gagging motion, “I have regrets.”

Shiro coughed, “I think that is enough you two,” allowing them to part, both victors.

“And maybe enough of this game,” Shiro continued, “Let’s get some rest. You never know when we will have to go to battle against the Galra.”

The gang went their separate ways.

Lance and Keith walked in silence back to their rooms, looking everywhere but at each other. When they reached Keith’s door, they both stopped and stared at it for an awkward amount of time.

“So,” Lance attempted conversation but didn’t know what to say.

“So,” Keith repeated.

“I have to admit, you’re not a bad kisser, Keith,” Lance relented.

“You’re not too bad yourself, Lance,” Keith replied rather formally. 

“It was weird, everyone watching though.”

“It was.”

“I can’t help but wonder what…” Lance hesitated and decided not to finish his sentence. 

Kieth smirked and finished it for him, “I kiss like when no one is watching?” 

“Yeah, kinda,” Lance replied.

Keith grabbed him the lapel of his jacket and pulled Lance inside his room, leaving door shut behind them.

More than Beneficial

gif sources: x , x 

 Michael Gray x Reader 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (coming soon)

 ~warnings: swearing and mentions of sex~

 Prompt: Michael and you are friends with benefits. 

 A/N: Someone requested Michael smut but I like to write the lead ups to them first because it makes the smut more intimate. I hope you are all okay with that. I can imagine that this fic will be maybe 3 Parts when I map it out in my head. Sorry if this one is boring. I promise part two will be a lot more exciting. I tried out doing different Point of Views(POV) because I thought it would help make more sense of the story. Please leave feedback so I can know what I should change for the next part. Did you love it? Hate it? Let me know! Also, Happy Easter to everyone!

You turned the corner on your way to The Garrison. Isaiah and Michael had taken off from the offices an hour or so before you had. You needed to finish some work. Plus, you wanted to reapply some makeup and redo your mess of hair that you threw up this morning to avoid being late.

“Come on, Y/F/N! Let’s just get out of here! You have been staring at paperwork all day. I’m surprised your eyes still function and that your brain hasn’t fried. Plus we are the last ones here.” Isaiah joked sitting on the edge of your desk. You didn’t let your eyes stray from all of the work laid in front of you. The papers on your desk still required lots of attention and seemingly so did Isaiah as he grabbed the pen out of your hand and holding it far out of your reach.

“Isaiah, I’m serious I need to finish this! Tommy’s gonna have my head if I don’t get this done!” You pleaded, pausing to change your tone. “And I’m going to have yours if you don’t give that back to me right now!” You demanded standing to try and grab it out of his hands. You bit your lower lip to keep yourself from laughing, trying desperately to look stern.

“Fine, but only because you asked nicely.” He said sarcastically, holding it in front of you and pulling it away again jokingly. You gave him a stern look, to which he gave it back to you still chuckling. A curse word came out of your mouth as you started laughing with him. You really didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he had made you laugh.

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we can even touch the stars

Summary: Of fate, names written inside book covers, and the space between fairy tale and reality. A Whisper of the Heart AU.

For the lovely anon who asked me for headcanons for this AU (sorry I went a bit overboard), and for @witchymomo because I love her and hope this helps her spirits lift!

Nico makes the connection for the first time the summer of his senior year, on an afternoon that’s sloppy with the kind of heat that makes breathing a chore.

The name is a simple one. Unassuming. Will Solace, written in the scrawling, fanciful letters of the head librarian. It’s not the kind of name that’s made to be noticed.

Nico notices it anyway.

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i’m the daughter of an immigrant who assimilated too much. he’s so angry at his mother, so ashamed of his mother, that he married a white woman, and then another one. he rejected his parents’ history, culture, religion and traditions.

i’m the daughter of a man who tried so hard to be white, who tried so hard to be French. so many times France was ungrateful and rejected him, made him feel he would never be French enough, white enough. but in the end France finally embraced him and took him in. what an achievement. fully assimilated, integrated, and disintegrated. fully colonized. he erased all traces of his family, all traces of his childhood, all traces of his country. all chewed up and regurgitated : clean.

my relationship with my father is strained, so i tried to reach to the previous generation, to my grandma. unfortunately it feels like it’s too late. she is 91 and losing her memory, all her sisters are gone, my grandfather also gone, almost none of us North African Jews are left in Tunisia and Algeria, they all came to France. she doesn’t like to speak about it anyway, she doesn’t like to think about it. i’m trying to dig into whatever i can find but it feels like a lost fight, because my people’s culture has been stolen, destroyed by colonization and exile. sometimes i say my homeland is exile.

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Time to Spill the Beans!

Those who have followed me here or over on my main blog know that when I go silent, there’s usually a reason for that. The last time I went quiet on here was when I was pregnant in July 2016 – the silence was only broken late that same month, when I miscarried at 7 weeks.

I haven’t posted since February 17th, at which point I was feeling quite dejected at the prospect of yet another failed round of ovulation induction. I pretty much had it set in my mind that we would move on to IVF within the month. The news on February 18th was therefore not what I was expecting, because the news was that I was in fact pregnant. 

And today, I’m so pleased to finally be able to tell you that the silence this time is in fact cause for celebration, because I am still pregnant – 12.5 weeks to be exact!!! 

No words can express how happy and excited we are to be pregnant after three years of infertility. 

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Pairing: Y/N x Doyoung

Genre: High School AU, Romance

You were a popular girl…good grades, cool squad, captain of the school’s basket ball team, boys wanted to be with you and girls wanted to be you. Your life was every girl’s dream. Until one day, something new came into your life. Something which you wanted to kick out of your life but little did you know that one day you’d be clinging on to it. Something….or rather someone, who would not only steal your heart but your mind too.


”Okay class, now I want you all to treat the new transfer student nicely who’ll be here soon, I hope.” The class started groaning and whining as soon as they hear the word ‘transfer student’. 

The class was filled with “Not again!” and “Why?” but it was not until a tall, rather slender looking guy with eyes covered under a thin pair of glass came rushing in.He had his books covered with his long lean arms which were covered with loose plaid sleeves…not to mention his opened bag pack. 

His looks screamed the word ‘nerd’, well at least the way he carried himself. But to be honest, he was pretty good looking for a nerd. 

“Sorry I’m late!” those were his first words which were followed by our teacher’s warm smile saying,”It’s okay dear. Just letting you go this time since it’s your first day. Go ahead, introduce yourself.”

He smiled in return and faced us,”Hello I’m Kim Doyoung, the new transfer student and…uh…I hope…we’ll get along.”

He wasn’t like the other transfer students which I had seen. There was just something about him I couldn’t really figure out. My thoughts were interrupted by my friend who nudged me saying,”He looks cute…right?”

“Yeah I guess…I don’t know.” I said.                                                         

“You can go and have a seat Doyoung.” the teacher said smiling.

‘Not next to me please…..not next to me!’,  I kept praying

….And yet, he just HAD to pick the seat next to me.

He took a seat next to me. He was too shy to greet me so I just said hi to him myself. He looked at me with his wide eyes and said a plain nervous hi before pursing his lips and fidgeting with his fingers.

It was soon break time and the guy had still not talked with anyone. He sat alone with his lunch, far away from everyone.While I was talking to my friends, I saw a group of guys approaching Doyoung. I just smiled and ate my lunch with my friends thinking that the guys just wanted to hangout with the new guy.

Little did I know that they were there to bully him until I heard a thud on the ground. I turned around and saw Doyoung on the floor surrounded by the boys whom I thought were there for friendship.

“I should do something…” I said as I got up from the seat only to be pulled down by my friend Jisu.

“Don’t go there, it’s something between boys. Not a girl fight yo!” she said. “And besides, you don’t wanna mess up with your crush Sejun, do you?” Mina said.

“Oh snap!But they’re most probably gonna hurt him. It’s just his first day.” I said having my eyes on the group of guys.“You have no choice anyways. And since when did you get so empathetic?” Mina said with a laugh.

“Uh..I am a human?” I said with a pokerface.

“Let’s just go away from here before the fight gets big.” Jisu said pulling me out of the cafeteria.

And we left him, left him there only to get punched and kicked. What a nice first day at High School I thought sighing.


I AM SO NERVOUS ABOUT THIS YOU GUYSkasjfbks…I hope you guys like it. I am not as good as Ayu and Jia in writing so don’t expect A LOT from me but I will try to improve. PLZ SEND ME YOUR REVIEWS ABOUT THIS. I wanted to contribute in this blog after being on hiatus and also because there was lack of Doyoung in this blog XD -Admin Yuni

The path has been dark for so long now,
I was beginning to lose all hope.
Searching for something from someone that I used to call home.
I didn’t notice it at first-
The light, so dim and fragile.
Like a lightning bug.
Soon it got closer and stronger,
I felt a strange familiarity as it approached,
As if I’d seen it before.
This light lead me to safety.
Away from the danger that I had charged into head on.
This light lead me to a new home, one that was safe and far away from the challenges I had faced.
This light made me feel safe and not alone.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention,
The light was you.
—  You Lead Me Home;L.L.

anonymous asked:

how come u just started talking about trauma and psychosis once u went to treatment like did u make them up there

I definitely made it all up. I actually have no mental health issues whatsoever! I’m just here for the attention because I’m terribly jealous of all NDs that I decided that I was going to pretend to suffer from all of this shit to receive love and support. :) 

You’re rude, and this doesn’t deserve a reply at all, but I’m bored. So, whatever:

I never considered things that happened to me as “traumatic”, “neglect”, or “abuse” until my therapists labeled them as such. I thought the things that happened were wrong, but not really a big deal but that they had a significant impact on me because I’m overly sensitive. 
As we explored things more in my individual therapy sessions, we realized how these “no big deal” things severely impacted me. Everyone has their own struggles, their own story, their own tolerance. I shoved a lot of things deep down inside me trying to just get over them. That’s not how it works. You can’t just ignore it until it goes away. 

I’ve had hallucinations and delusions for a long time (like, at least several months) but I didn’t realize that’s what was happening.
I was going through this for a long time before I knew that this was a “problem”. They scared me, but I didn’t know how to explain them, so I just shut up and tried to focus on other things. As they became more and more present, I finally told someone (because the episodes became very uncomfortable; even scary), and they told me to let my therapist know, as it was a sign of something-I-don’t-remember.  I mentioned what was going on to my therapist and she said that they were auditory hallucinations. I went to see a psychiatrist and when I explained everything to him, he said I was having both hallucinations and delusions as well as a mood issue. 

Go take a bath. I hope you feel better soon. 

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Tag yourself im Harry's initial panic when they mentioned Louis and not knowing what to say about it

on one side is lovely to see how endeared he was by the whole thing, on the other side it’s sad that he jolts every time someone says “Louis Tomlinson” i hope this stupid separation/voldemort style approach between harry and louis public images can end soon and these are the first small  steps. 

I Want To Write You A Song - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 8)

You were spending a night to yourself at home. Harry had some plans for that night and you didn’t really feel up to going out. Even though you two have been together for a few months now, you still weren’t used to going out and being followed. Most of the time it was okay because Harry knew how to be discreet enough to not get noticed, but when you knew that something couldn’t be avoided, you stayed behind.

You felt bad because you weren’t sure how Harry really felt about it, of course, he always said he understood, but you you were sure he missed out on you going with him.

You had ordered in some food and were catching up on some of your missed TV shows. Harry had been texting you off and on, just letting you know that he missed you and wished he was snuggle up with you on the couch instead of where he was.

You heard your phone ring, so you pause the TV and pick it up, thinking it was Harry, but it was actually your Mom.

“Hey Mom.” You smile answering it quickly.

“Hey sweetheart! I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.” She says.

“Nope, not at all. What’s up?” You ask.

“Well, I just wanted to see how your schedule was over the next few days starting on Sunday.” She says.

“Pretty open, I don’t really have any scheduled time in the studio next weeks, why?” You ask.

“Your father and brothers and I were hoping to come for a visit next week.” She smiles.

“Oh, really? Wow. Yeah, that’d be great. The weather is supposed to be amazing, so that we could go sightseeing or take some small trips to other cities.” you smile.

“That sounds wonderful! I’ll book our flights as soon as we’re done talking!” she smiles. “Now, there is something else we need to talk about.”

“Okay?” You say confused.

“I know that you mentioned seeing someone new and we’ve seen the pictures of you and this guy out and about, and your father and I, along with your brothers, are hoping to meet him during our trip.” She states.

You mentally groan. “Um, please tell me this isn’t the whole reasoning behind the trip?” You say.

“Not the whole reason… but definitely part of it.” She admits.

“Mom! I’m not a child! You don’t have to check up on me like this.”You groan.

“I know, honey, but you have to understand, we live thousands of miles away and we don’t exactly know this boy, so we worry about you. Especially when your brothers go on social media and see your picture with him everywhere.” She says.

“I know, I know, it’s just we haven’t been together that long and I just don’t want to seem like we’re moving too fast because he’s meeting my family.” You say.

“Honey, it’s never too soon to meet the family. It’s not like he’s meeting aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins. He’s meeting your parents and siblings. And it doesn’t have to be this huge thing, I could cook dinner or something, it can just be causal.” She says.

You sigh. “Okay, but I can’t guarantee that he’ll have time.” you say.

“Sweetheart, if the boy can’t make a night free for him to have dinner with his girlfriend’s parent’s then I can already tell you he’s not the one for you.” She says.


The next morning you wake up pretty early. You decide to jump in the shower and go get breakfast to take to Harry’s house. You figured after getting back late last night or early this morning, depending on how you looked at it, he would love some coffee and nice hearty breakfast. Plus, it would help you “butter” him up for the whole meeting the family news.

You weren’t sure how he would take meeting your family. If he would be nervous, or turned off. Yeah, your Mom had a point about it never being too early because your families were such a big part of your lives, but still it felt like this was a major step in your relationship and you weren’t sure what that meant from here.

You had texted him when you left the cafe that you would be arriving shortly, so that you didn’t just knock on his door and stand outside like an idiot while he slept. Harry wasn’t exactly a light sleeper, so the odds of him hearing his doorbell all the way in his room were slim to none compared to him hearing his phone.
You arrive to his house and punch in the code to open the gate and drive into the driveway. You park and turn off your car before getting out and carrying the food and coffee to the front door. You turn the doorknob since it was already unlocked and walk in.

You see Harry in the kitchen grabbing some plates and you laugh when you see his bedhead and sleepy look on his face.

“Morning.” You smile putting everything on the table and walking over to him. “I’m sorry to wake you, but I figured you might want some breakfast.”

“S’fine.” He smiles wrapping his arms around you. “I don’t mind waking up early for you. I missed you.” He whispers leaning down to kiss you.

“I missed you too.” You smile kissing him back. “Did you have fun?”
“Eh. It was okay.” He says walking over to the table with you.

“I’m sorry I didn’t go.” you say.

“Hey, it’s okay. I don’t want you to feel bad about not going. I understand why you don’t like going to those things. “ He says taking your hand. 

You smile. “Thank you.” 

He smiles kissing your cheek and the two of you start eating breakfast. Once you two are done, you throw away your trash and head up to his bedroom. You take off your shoes and jacket before climbing into the bed with him. He wraps his arms around you and you smile. 

“This is definitely worth waking up early for.” He smiles. 

“Yes it is.” You giggle. “Although, I hate to break up the moment, but I need to tell you something.” You say. 

“Uh oh, what happened?” he jokes. 

“Well, my Mom called me last night and my family is coming for a visit this next week and they want to meet you.” you say. 

“Oh, uh, wow.” He says. “So, I’m going to meet your parents?” 

“And my brothers, but only if you want to. I understand if you’re not comfortable with it or think it’s too early in our relationship or something.” You say. 

“No, no it’s okay. I want to meet your family, especially if they want to meet me.” He smiles. “I mean I’ll admit I’m going to be nervous as hell, but I’m okay with it.” 

“Really?” You smile. “And just so you know, it doesn’t have to be this huge thing. Just a small dinner at my house.” 

“Or I could take everyone out for dinner?” He suggests.

“Oh, no you don’t have to worry about that.” you say shaking your head. 

“What if I want to?” He smiles. 

“We’ll see.” You smile. “But right now, you need to catch up on your sleep.” 

He laughs nodding. “Okay.” He says holding you closer to him. 

You smile laying your head on his chest before you both fall asleep. 

You're Annoying ( and Kinda Hot But I'd Never Dare Say It Aloud ) // Chapter 1

Chapter 2 , Chapter 3

💙 Prompt :
Jungkook didn’t expect for Jimin to tag along for their summer camp. And he most definitely did not expect for the smol squishy fluffball of sunshine to have that kind of breath taking,heart throbbing, god-like body.

Or, Jungkook “hates” Jimin but his charms are kind of seeping through to him and Jungkook’s not sure if he wants it to stop.

💎 Genre:
Fluff, Slight Angst, Summer Camp au!

Fic :

As summer came along, the 6 boys, Jungkook, Yoongi, Jin, Namjoon, Taehyung and Hoseok had finally decided to go for the camp that was planned since ages ago. Jungkook was excited to say the least, he could already picture going to the beach and swimming in the hot, yet a sort of calming weather. You could say it was like a bonding time for the boys, being friends for 3 years that is.

Although, he was a bit disappointed to hear that Hoseok’s girlfriend, Jisoo, was coming as well, he eventually got along with her. She was as bubbly as Hoseok was, he could see why they liked each other. And if he wasn’t so grossed out by their cheesiness, he’d almost ship it.

He arrived at the campsite a little bit later than the rest, he had a band performance at the end of this month and had to plan and set up the line-ups and instruments. The place was calming, the sky was clear and he could almost hear the waves crashing on the white sand. Their cabins were in a small resort near the beach, and he couldn’t be happier being near the sea. He loved summer alright.

He called Yoongi, asking him where they were. Cabin 131. He walked towards the wooden cabin at his left and knocked on the door. “Hyung, its me.”, he said.

He could hear the bickering of his hyungs as soon as the door creaked open. “Oh! Jungkookie’s here! ”, Hoseok cheered, making the rest of them look towards the door.

“Ah, you’re here! Why are you so late? Aish, we were all waiting for hours”, Jisoo whined from behind Hoseok.

“He’s only half an hour late, noona. “, a voice said and giggled slightly. Jungkook turned to the source of the sound…
Park Jimin…..?

His eyes widened, Park effing Jimin was in their cabin, with his friends, in their summer camp. He glared at his friends accusingly, “Why the hell is he here?! “, he says, pointing at the smiling boy on the couch.

“yah! Don’t be so mean! I invited him anyways. ”, Yoongi spoke out. His jaws dropped, why the f*ck​ would he do that?! “W-why didn’t I know about this?!”, he spoke in anger.

He knew he was being a bit childish but what’s he to do if the one person whom he wholeheartedly despises is just sitting there to ruin his picture-perfect summer?!

“Because we know you wouldn’t come if we did tell you”, Namjoon said. Well, at least that was true, he wouldn’t come if he knew that jimin had tagged along for the summer camp.

He rolled his eyes at Namjoon. “This was supposed to be our thing, with no outsiders.” He said pointedly as he looked at the boy who had a frown etched on his chubby face.

“Kookie! No! Bad kookie that’s mean!” , Taehyung tsked at Jungkook and playfully smacked him.

“He was all alone at home! What, you expect me to go have a blast while chimchim here is stuck with his nana?”, Yoongi rebutted. Jungkook cringed at that, chimchim, such an annoying nickname eek.

“Okay okay we’re done with this!” Jin stepped in. “Yoongi, stop and Jungkook. Grow up, and face it, you’re the only one here who hates Jimin and frankly we don’t even know why?!” Jin flew his arms around, exasperated.

Jungkook’s eye twitched at that, he didn’t need a reason as to hate that annoying,hyper,short and clingy boy! He had so many things to say and scream but this was jin hyung we’re talking about. And no one talks back at Jin hyung.

Jungkook speaks again, but this time a little less harshly, “You’re acting like I’m the only one to blame. I’m sure jimin hates me too! Right Jimin?”, he purposely left out the ‘hyung’ as he spoke.

But jimin only smiled that 1000 watt smile at him and did nothing else.

And God did that frustrate Jungkook. Why is he acting like such a goody two shoes?!

Jin spoke again after giving jimin a look of… sympathy? “Now, just go to your rooms and get settled in and then we’ll go to the beach or something” Jin sighs and walks off.

“ I’m pairing up with Namjoon”, Jin said . Turns out two people were to sleep on the same bed.

“ I’ll go with Jisoo, obviously”, Hoseok says and hugs her again. Them and their over-active-vitamin-c-selves. They were too cute for their own good, jungkook thinks.

“I’ll be with Jungkookie”, Taehyung bounces on his seat. Such a kid, Jungkook smiles.

“I’ll be with jimin!”, Yoongi says, smiling at the shorter boy. Pft, of course the two love birds gonna be together. Jungkook inwardly rolls his eyes.

“Get ready in 15!” Jin yells from the room at the corner.

And Jungkook could only groan at the incident that just happened.

He had imagined a picture perfect summer camp, but now he’s not so sure . 


We all got ready to hit the beach, with Jin wearing a simple pink shirt and yellow shorts, Namjoon with his Hawaiian trunks, Yoongi and Taehyung wearing striped boxers with shirts (yes, it’s stupid of them to forget their swimsuits for their summer camp but what can ya do bout it). Hoseok wore matching light green swimsuits with Jisoo while Jungkook wore a light blue tank top with swimming trunks.

Jimin was (fortunately) nowhere near sight. Probably taking his ample time getting himself ready, he's such a fuss, Jungkook thinks.

“Sorry I’m late!” Jimin finally came out of the cabin..and Jungkook’s jaws dropped (figuratively only, he wouldn’t show any expressions towards jimin for the life of him).

Jimin was wearing Hawaiian orange and white swimming trunks with no shirt on, leaving nothing to the imagination, his six-pack on show.

And Jungkook was shook to say the least cos how the hell can someone as squishy as him be so goddamningly, heart throbbingly, sickeningly hot?!

Jungkook coughs on his own spit at that. Did he just call jimin hot?! 

He tries to ignore that thought, noticing how jimin was smirking at him. 
He quickly looked somewhere else, anywhere​ else than the sight in front of him, because he damn well knows that you don’t think like this bout someone you hate and utterly despise goddamnit.

“Let’s go.” Jungkook says and walks off quickly. He is not going to let that manggae ruin his summer camp with his stupid smirk and stupid chocolate abs.

Jungkook sweared on his grave to never mention what just went through his mind cos a) it’s jimin, the guy he despises, b) ew that’s so gay, c) it’s jimin.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••♥•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••♥•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••♥•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••♥•••••••••••• Well, that’s all for chapter 1! I’m writing this for the Jikook summer fest and I’m really enjoying writing this!! What do you think about it? 🙈 Is it alright? 😊 I hope it is! Next chapter will be up soon! 

Songs that describe how EXO feels after a rough break up with their girlfriend

A/N: In this reaction, they have been broken up for about…2 months we’ll say.

Shall we begin?

Minseok (Xiumin):

Come Wake Me Up-Rascal Flatts

Though, he’s tried every possible thing to forget about you, he feels like he’s in a dream. The memories would constantly play through his mind, causing his heart to ache. He loved you so much and lost you because of  stupid fight the two of you had. Minseok is always hoping you’ll come back to him, no matter how slim that chance is. 

Why can’t I get you out of my head? I just want you to come back to me…”

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Junmyeon (Suho): 

I Never Told You- Colbie Caillat

You were the best thing that had ever happened to Junmyeon, and he let you slip away from him. He misses everything about you. Junmyeon is constantly thinking of you, but is grateful when the boys make him temporarily forget about you, but you always come back into his head. Junmyeon regrets not trying to stop you from leaving, and he is constant guilt over not telling you just how much you mean to him. 

I should have stopped her. She was everything to me…and I let her walk away.”

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Yixing (Lay):

A Little Too Not Over You- David Archuleta

Yixing would be the most hurt and damaged. With you being a popular idol, he sees you everywhere. Award shows, variety shows, new movies and shows you’re going to be staring in.  Just when he’s thought he’s moved on, he sees you and all the feelings come crashing down on him. Yixing doesn’t understand why he just cant get over you. He spends more time in the studio in attempt to figure it out. 

I thought I could move on…so why haven’t I yet?”

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We Belong Together- Mariah Carey

Everyone thought you two were perfect together, and were hurt upon finding out you two split so far into the relationship. But nobody was as hurt as Baekhyun. He feels incomplete without you. Baekhyun loved you more than anyone could ever imagine and he regrets letting something so stupid and childish come between the two of you. He plasters a fake smile onto his face during the day but once he’s alone, he falls apart because nobody could take your place in his heart. (Jesus Christ, this gif really hurts my heart.)

I feel so empty without you, (Y/N).”

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Jongdae (Chen): 

The Heart Wants What It Wants- Selena Gomez

Jongdae remembers that day perfectly. That was the day his life was flipped around. Jongdae knows he should give you up, and he constantly tells himself that, but you still manage to take over his thoughts. He feels like he can’t escape the thought of you, and it hurts him more and more every passing day. Though no matter how hard the memories break him down, they were too perfect for him to forget. But, Jongdae knows his heart will never get over you.

“Look what you’ve done to me, (Y/N).  My heart just won’t let you go.”

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What Hurts The Most- Rascal Flatts

Chanyeol is always pretending he’s okay after the break up. He constantly regrets the day you walked away and not begging you to stay. Chanyeol wanted a future with you, and it hurts him that he can never have it with you. Though it would hurt seeing you again after such a rough split, it hurts him even more keeping everything he wanted to say in his heart from you. Even if you don’t get back together, Chanyeol just wants to tell you everything he’s felt. He even wishes sometimes at night to just go back to that day and stop you from leaving him. 

i’m so sorry, (Y/N). I should have stopped you and worked it out…”

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Better Than Me- Hinder

Kyungsoo loved you unconditionally. But because of his schedules and you constantly being alone while he was away, you called it off. Though it hurt, Kyungsoo let you go, knowing you could find someone who possibly treat you better in his eyes. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss you. He misses you much more than he lets on. Kyungsoo wishes he could have been there for you much more than he was. He’s in constant guilt of that. He’s told himself it’s for the better, but he can’t let you fully go. (Ah, I hate seeing the boys cry. Oml)

I miss you so much…but I know it’s better this way.”

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Jongin (Kai): 

When I Was Your Man- Bruno Mars

Jongin misses you, but he has managed to somewhat move on. But as soon as someone mentions you or he hears that one song play on the radio, his heart breaks all over again. His mind is filled with your memories and the day you left.  Like Kyungsoo, he has a busy schedule as well. He regrets not giving you his time as much as you deserved. Jongin hopes that whoever you love next, that man will do everything he can for you to make up for what Jongin made the mistake of not doing. 

I hope he makes you happy, (Y/N). I’m sorry for not being enough.”

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Sad Song- We The Kings

Sehun loved you more than words could describe. So when a fight resulted in you leaving him, he was completely broken. He misses you more than words can say and just wants you to come back to him. Sehun treasured your relationship and it hurts that he’s still wondering what went wrong. He understands that he may not be the most affectionate man, but he always showed his care in love in the little things. But now that you’re gone, he feels like he’s lost the most important person in his life. 

My heart just doesn’t feel the same….I feel like half of it isn’t here anymore.”

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Ahhh, so whatcha think? Good? Hope I didn’t hurt your heart too much heehee ^.^

~Admin Athena

(Submitted to someone who would rather remain anonymous, but posting here for posterity, and to share with everyone!)

Ed couldn’t believe—the guy had /fainted./ The really hot, cocky, suave, confident asshole that sat two seats over and three seats up from Ed—just the right spot to be fucking /distracting,/ with how he chewed on his pens—had taken one look at the open patient on the operating table and keeled right on over.

This, of course, had left Ed, as the other med student in the room, to get him over to the side room that they, apparently, kept for such purposes. (“Happens all the time to first-timers,” one of the nurses told Ed, unconcerned. “Get him through there and watch through the window.”)

It wasn’t too long before the guy—Roy, Ed remembered, finally—groaned, eyes fluttering open. He glanced around, taking in his surroundings, and closed his eyes again. “I fainted again, didn’t I?”

“A—/again?/ This has happened before?”

“It’s the blood,” Roy sighed, reaching up to pull his surgical mask off, a resigned expression on his very pretty face. “I thought I could handle it, but…”

“Wh—the fuck are you in medical school for, then, if you’re afraid of blood?!”

“I’ve gotten better!” Roy’s expression brightened, and Ed tugged his own mask off—the better to argue with. “I saw someone get stitches the other day, and I didn’t faint!”

Ed groaned, covering his face. “Well, I hope you get used to it soon. Unless you wanna be a radiologist or somethin’.

"Nonsense. Surgeon or bust.”

Ed scoffed. “Yeah, good luck justifying that one after what happened in there.”

“Oh, I’m not worried. I’ll just tell them that your breathtaking beauty stunned me to the point where I lost consciousness.”

Ed’s jaw dropped—what was a snarky retort to /that?/

Roy was smirking now. “Edward, right? Infectious diseases?”

“How did you—”

“You mentioned it in class. I pay attention to people I intend to ask out for coffee.”

“You're—are you asking me out for coffee in the middle of surgery?!”

“Yes, I am.”

Un fucking believable. “Tell you what. The day you sit through a surgery without gettin’ squeamish, /that’s/ the day I’ll go get a coffee with you.”

(It was two years before Roy got that coffee, but after the kiss afterwards, Ed decided that the wait was totally worth it.) ~The Royed Fairies


Because @yankeecountess mentioned a Wonder Woman/Downton Abbey crossover and … well, I just had to.

So this is Part 1 of my little fic … that’s right, it’s only part 1! So there’s another installment coming real soon! Enjoy!

December, 1918

“Sybil dear, I hope you won’t be wearing that when Ms Prince comes to visit,” Mama said. 

Groaning, Sybil finished attending to the soldier resting in the drawing room (or the dormitory, technically). How could Mama insinuate that a nurse’s uniform wasn’t respectable. “Really Mama, you mustn’t act like someone will be turned off by the sight of a lady in a uniform. Plenty of important people have seen me like this. And I certainly won’t be wearing this for dinner.”

“See that you don’t, please,” Mama said pointedly. “Ms Prince is arriving in just a few moments.”

“Who is she, anyway?” Sybil thought she recognized the name, but it still seemed to vague to stir any memories. Was she a nurse at the front, or some charity leader?

“I believe she was at the front in Belgium. She heard about the convalescent home here at Downton and wished to pay a visit, since there are still so many officers here.”

There were certainly still many wounded officers recovering at Downton. It had hardly been a month since the war’s end, but Sybil’s work as a nurse was far from over. Until the last soldier left, Downton would remain a convalescent home. 

As she still had work to do, tending to some of the officers with nasty infections, Sybil couldn’t stand outside with the rest of her family and Dr. Clarkson to greet Ms Prince. She was in the great hall when they came in, the welcoming party entering with the woman whom Sybil assumed to be Diana Prince.

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ID #68154

Name: Purnu
Age: 15
Country: USA

Ok so hi guys I’m Purnu and yes that’s my nickname am I’m just a low key meme queen whose also a dog lover and binge watches stuff on Netflix. Oh did I mention I have a Golden Retriever?

I’m a band nerd and play flute and piccolo and whoot whoot that’s fun !!

Tbh I’m looking for someone in the US and is willing to be a strictly snail mail old school pen pal.

anyway so I hope to here from you soon!!

Preferences: Ages 14-17, within the US1

msdeenyc  asked:


14. Do I have a crush?

Yes I have many. If we’re talking in real life there’s a man I’ve been dating that I’m pretty into and I’m hoping it goes somewhere. Fingers crossed.

27. What is the meaning of my url?

Well I love whiskey and I lived in Hawaii for 12 years & love the ocean. It’s really that simple.

53. What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone right in front of me?

I’d be pissed & hurt. Because it’s the guy previously mentioned.

I’m bored at work guys. So ask away!!!

Also, I love & miss you @msdeenyc we need to hang soon!!

Partner (p. 7)

parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | end

extras: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

genre: Angst

wordcount: 2633

synopsis: You’ve been helping BTS co-produce music for as long as you can remember. Because of that, you’ve spent most of your career working alongside Min Yoongi. On the cusp of achieving a dream you’ve all worked so hard for, another wish is realized along the way.

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