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Skyline {II}

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Warnings: Language

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: Guys!!! I’m seriously blown away at all the commotion and excitement around Skyline.  In the two days that I’ve posted it, I’ve had to turn off my notifications just because they were blowing up!! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done and, hopefully, will continue to do…as there will be a Skyline pt. 3 and possibly pt. 4!!  One quick thing I’d like to mention, however, is that I’ve gotten a lot of requests to tag people in my writing.  While I’m honoured that you guys want to know as soon as possible when I update, I’ve had so many people request to be on a tags list that I’ve just decided not to do one.  I don’t ever want to leave someone out or forget about someone, so I thought it’d be best to not have one at all.  I really hope this doesn’t affect you guys too much, but if you follow me, I usually give pretty regular updates on what’s going to be coming soon.  And, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy!!

{part I}

It had taken a few weeks, but life after your meeting with Spider-Man had finally returned to normal. The groups of people hanging around your locker had broken up, the teachers stopped questioning you in front of class, and only three people asked if you had Spider-Man’s number when they wrote in your yearbook.  Despite the attention you had received, however, your school year had come to an uneventful close.  And although you were grateful the interrogations had stopped, you were less than overjoyed about the dullness your days had once again become coloured with.

Your time was filled with events in which variety was far and few.  You woke up at the same time, ate the same breakfast, took care of the same two year old next door, visited your same friends, and tried not to notice the slow ticking of the clock on the wall.  It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy the time with your friends, or your favourite toddler; it was just that you felt…different.  Different in a way that you couldn’t explain, or even put into words.  Just different.

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More than Beneficial

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 Michael Gray x Reader 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (coming soon)

 ~warnings: swearing and mentions of sex~

 Prompt: Michael and you are friends with benefits. 

 A/N: Someone requested Michael smut but I like to write the lead-up to them first because it makes the smut more intimate. I hope you are all okay with that. I can imagine that this fic will be maybe 3 Parts when I map it out in my head. Sorry if this one is boring. I promise part two will be a lot more exciting. I tried out doing different Point of Views(POV) because I thought it would help make more sense of the story. Please leave feedback so I can know what I should change for the next part. Did you love it? Hate it? Let me know! Also, Happy Easter to everyone!

You turned the corner on your way to The Garrison. Isaiah and Michael had taken off from the offices an hour or so before you had. You needed to finish some work. Plus, you wanted to reapply some makeup and redo your mess of hair that you threw up this morning to avoid being late.

“Come on, Y/F/N! Let’s just get out of here! You have been staring at paperwork all day. I’m surprised your eyes still function and that your brain hasn’t fried. Plus we are the last ones here.” Isaiah joked sitting on the edge of your desk. You didn’t let your eyes stray from all of the work laid in front of you. The papers on your desk still required lots of attention and seemingly so did Isaiah as he grabbed the pen out of your hand and holding it far out of your reach.

“Isaiah, I’m serious I need to finish this! Tommy’s gonna have my head if I don’t get this done!” You pleaded, pausing to change your tone. “And I’m going to have yours if you don’t give that back to me right now!” You demanded, standing to try and grab it out of his hands. You bit your lower lip to keep yourself from laughing, trying desperately to look stern.

“Fine, but only because you asked nicely.” He said sarcastically, holding it in front of you and pulling it away again jokingly. You gave him a stern look, to which he gave it back to you still chuckling. A curse word came out of your mouth as you started laughing with him. You really didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he had made you laugh.

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I Dare You...

Draco Malfoy x reader (any house besides Slytherin sorry i luv u) smut

Warnings: smut!!! lots of it!! smutty smut!!! hot Draco

Word Count: 3946 (how??????)

It was Friday night and the Slytherins were throwing a party. They never invited any other house except for themselves. But you were invited, and you were a Y/H. You heard that some other fellow housemates had been invited too. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had been invited as well. No one really knew who invited the “outsiders” but you didn’t really mind. All that mattered was that you were invited to your first party at Hogwarts!

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Keep on Living (chapter 3) Lin Manuel x Reader

Part 3 is finally here and features a Very Angry Lin as requested, thanks to everyone for reading my very first Lin fic.  Part 4 will be up super soon!

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Summary: Your boyfriend is an abusive asshole and you’ve been trying to hide it from Lin and everyone else. After turning up to the Richard Rogers where you work with a black eye and bruised wrists you tell Pippa that you’ve been mugged, but you get the feeling that Lin seems to know what really happened. Lin gets over-protective and you end up feeling really confused. On a night out with with the girls you drunkenly admit to Pippa that you think Lin is cute, and Jasmine records a video messaged standing up to your unknown attacker.

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.)

Warnings - I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count - 2226


When you turn your phone on that morning it practically explodes in a flurry of messages.

Jasmine: Hey girl, I heard you called in sick today. Are you still really hungover?

Pippa: Are you ok? I heard you’re sick. Don’t worry, nobody has mentioned the video. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Lin: Apparently you aren’t coming in today so I don’t get to see you? AWFUL! Feel better, we all miss you. I hope you’re ok X

Lin: Dr Miranda prescribes hot sweet tea, a blanket fort, and The Little Mermaid. Take care of yourself please xxx

Lin: If you need anything let me know. I’m gonna be near your apartment today and I can bring round supplies.

Lin: Hey I’m on your block, do you need anything?

Lin: Are you ok? I don’t think you’re ok.

You throw your phone down on the bed. It’s the first time you’ve switched it on in 48 hours since you called Alex and told him you weren’t well enough to come to work. You’re honestly amazed that you still have friends with how anti-social you are being at the moment, but you haven’t been able to face anyone.

You’re surprised that none of Lin’s messages comment on the video Jasmine put on twitter a few nights ago. A video of you drunkenly admitting he was cute, but you’re thankful that he’s choosing to ignore that. Or maybe he never even saw the full video since Pippa took it down straight away.

You head into the theater that morning, grateful that the bruising on your face from last week is now fading. You draw less attention as you walk down the halls now. Lying about a fake mugging had made you feel so uneasy and you were relieved that you could make it to the office you shared with Alex without having to stop and talk about it.

“Hey Y/N , we didn’t expect to see you today!” Alex called cheerfully as you headed into the office. Lin was sitting on the beat up sofa, his laptop in front of him. He jumped up from the sofa, seeming surprised by your presence.

“You’re alive!” He grinned coming over to meet you. He hesitated for second, and there was a moment of awkwardness before he smiled and pulled you into a hug. “We missed you” He said, giving you a squeeze and you held your breath.

“Yeah, I can see!” You said dumping your bag down on the desk and eyeing the pile of paperwork awaiting your attention. “Aww Alex, you shouldn’t have!”

“Oops, yeah sorry about that.” Alex said as he quickly cleared another pile of papers from your chair for you to sit on. “We’ve got 8 new chorus members starting rehearsals on Monday and so the paperwork is sorta piling up.”

“Nah it’s fine” You shrugged, “I’m honestly just so happy to be back, I was getting cabin fever cooped up at home, it was driving me crazy.”

“Oh so that’s why you were ignoring my messages then?” Lin teased.

“Oh, god I’m sorry, I had my phone switched off, I was too sick to focus on a screen.” You were so used to lying now, you were surprised at how naturally it came to you.

“I dropped round a couple of times to see you. Mark said you didn’t want any visitors but I thought I’d keep trying.” Lin’s eyes darkened slightly and he looked at you as though he was trying to figure something out.

“Oh sorry, um yeah, I guess I must have been really out of it. I’m sorry” You once again found yourself unable to make eye contact with him as you deflected his concern. “You didn’t miss much much tho, just a sweatier sicklier me drowning in a sea of tissues and cough syrup, you dodged a bullet there.” You grinned weakly.

Lin’s eyes softened as he accepted your lie and he clapped his hands, snapping you out of the awkwardness.

“Well! Since you’ve been ignoring me, Me and Lac have been hatching a plan for Ham 4 Ham today. You in?”

Alex chuckled to himself “Don’t say yes to anything until he’s told you his plans.” He gathered his folders from his desk and headed out, leaving you alone with an over excited Lin.

“Ignore him.” Lin grinned, “You’re gonna love this. Or maybe you’ll hate this, I don’t know.”

You rolled your eyes and prepared for the worst. Your afternoons were often filled with vetting Lin’s ideas for new Ham4Ham shows. Some of which were brilliant, some of which were not, and thankfully between you and Alex, you could try and steer Lin in the right direction.

“Ok, so how well do you know Backstreet Boys?”

You laughed so hard you actually snorted. You held your hand up to your mouth, still laughing. “I’m sorry, that was NOT what I was expecting you to say at all”

Lin raised his eyebrows in mock indignation. “ I would NEVER joke about the Backstreet Boys” he exclaimed.

Lin went on to explain his idea for staging a performance of Backstreet’s Back complete with choreography for this afternoon’s Ham4Ham.

“Look, if you need me to show you the moves then all you had to do is ask” you laughed

“Ha! You know I love the fact that you spent all of senior year practicing Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation in your bedroom, I’m not doubting your skills, but we had a run through yesterday and I think we’re gonna be ok.” He chided while biting his lip.

The fact that he’d remembered your high school Janet Jackson obsession made you beam. It was something you’d geekily admitted on your very first day in rehearsals with him. Why? Because being around Lin brought out embarrassing admissions of your geeky obsessions, and he never mocked. His eyes had grown big and his face lit up in excitement and and he’d waved his arms in the air exclaiming “Me too!”. And from that moment onwards you knew you were in the right place. The fact that he’d remembered this little detail strangely gave you butterflies and you smiled to yourself.

You held your hands up “Ok ok, so you don’t need my dancing skills then.”

“No but we do need some accompaniment” Lin smiled.

“Fine!” You said, secretly happy to have something more fun to work on than the piles of paperwork Alex had left for you.

“I’ll get the melodica, hey give me a hand will you?”

You gestured up to a crate on the top of the bookshelves in your office marked ‘Ham4Ham gear.’ The crate was full of toy musical instruments, a set of megaphones, props, and some bits of costumes. It had become more of a lost and found box of novelty items which Lin and Alex added to weekly, as each Ham4Ham got more adventurous and silly.

You pulled over a chair to stand on which wobbled. Lin grabbed the chair to hold it in place as you climbed up.


The chair immediately swayed and Lin put his other hand out holding your waist to stop you falling off. You gasped, not expecting his hands, you flinched slightly and wondered if Lin had noticed.

“You ok?”

“Yeah,thanks. Sorry this chair is a piece of shit” you laughed nervously. You noticed his hand remained on your waist. Your skin tingled and you swallowed nervously.

You stretched out your arm trying to grab the crate which was just out of reach when Lin yelled “Fuck!”.

Lin’s hands had disappeared from your waist and you looked down at him, his eyes were wild, and he stepped back from the chair. He was staring at you. Staring at your waist. You looked down and noticed your shirt had ridden up above your stomach as you’d reached up. You quickly pulled down your shirt and stepped down from the chair. It was too late. He’d seen it.

“Fuck!” Lin said, this time in a whisper.

You looked at the floor. You couldn’t look at him. No, no, no. Not now. 

“Show me.” Lin said, breathlessly. He was still staring at your waist.

“Lin, please, I can’t.” You shook your head in a panic.

He looked up at you, his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth tensed. “Show me” He commanded.

You gulped, it’s like you had forgotten how to breathe. His eyes never left yours and there was nothing left for you to do but show him.

Slowly you reached down, grabbing the corner of your shirt, nervously pulling it up to reveal your stomach and looking away. Lin gasped, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

Your stomach was blue and purple. An enormous bruise covered your belly, your waist and stretched round to your back. The bruise on your face from the previous week had faded, this was brand new, shiny, and dark.

You forced yourself to look at Lin who was still studying your skin in shock, you felt naked and exposed and you pulled your shirt down. Lin still stared at your waist through your clothes, unable to look away. Wispy strands of hair had fallen loose from his pontytail and hung in his eyes, you noticed his arms were locked by his side, his hands gripped tightly into fists.

“It wasn’t a mugging was it?” He said quietly

You shook your head, tears in your eyes and you tried to hold yourself together. You’d been trying not to fall apart all week, but you could feel yourself on the verge of unravelling.

“Who did this?” Lin asked, his mouth open in shock, his eyes set in anger, He already knew.

“I can’t.. Please I can’t do this now.”

“Who did this?” He asked again, his face darkened like thunder.

You couldn’t speak. You could barely breathe. You reached out to hold the chair to steady yourself.

“It was Mark wasn’t it?” Lin’s voice cracked.

You swallowed hard and closed your eyes. You nodded your head and a tear slipped down your cheek.

“Fuck.” Lin whispered.

“Lin I’m sorry, I couldn’t.. I didn’t know how to tell anyone. I’m sorry…”

Lin cut you off, he started shaking his head, pushing back his hair into his messy ponytail with both hands. His eyes were wild and he began muttering under his breath, violently spitting out a rapid mixture of English and Spanish, the hatred and anger flashing across his face.

“Fuck. Fucking motherfucker! No I’m gonna kill him…Hijo de puta…Mark es un maldito cabron…I fucking knew it!…Voy a matarlo… Hijo de la gran puta… Es una mierda!”

“Lin, please!” You begged, biting back tears and trying not to lose it.

Your voice brought him back and he stopped to look at you. He saw the panic in your face and the tears you’d tried so hard to keep in now falling freely down your cheeks and he took a breath.

“I’m sorry” He said shaking his head, his eyes softened realizing how scared you looked. “I’m sorry.”

He wrapped his arms around you, placing his hand gently on the back of your head and you finally allowed yourself to fall apart. Your face pressed into his shoulder and you sobbed, and you felt like you wouldn’t stop. He stroked your hair, holding you together.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, que sepas que estoy aquí “ he said in a soft soothing voice. It was a while before you could breathe. You steadied yourself and pulled away, embarrassed by the damp patch you’d left on his hoodie. You reached out for the chair to sit down while Lin grabbed you a box of tissues from the desk.

“You knew didn’t you?” You asked after a deep breath.

Lin puffed his cheeks and sighed while shaking his head.

“I don’t know… I thought I knew. I mean, I didn’t want to believe it. I just knew something was wrong. I knew there was more to the mugging but I didn’t know what, and I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.”

“He told me nobody would believe me if I tried to tell anyone what he’d done. He said I deserved it. He said…” Your voice broke, you weren’t ready to go into detail yet.

Lin knelt down in front of you, placing one hand over yours, and tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ears as he spoke.

“You did not deserve this. I believe you.” He spoke slowly and gently. There was still a rage behind his eyes, but his voice was calm and soothing. You stared blankly at him. You didn’t have words. You smiled faintly and nodded.

“All this because of that stupid video” You muttered.

Lin looked at you puzzled.

“Jasmine uploaded this dumb video of us from the other night. We were drunk. In the video she basically recorded this big fuck you message to whoever attacked me. Mark said we were laughing at him, that we humiliated him and…”

You trailed off, leaving out the part where Mark had also seen you drunkenly admit on camera that you thought Lin was cute. How he’d called you a slut and a whore that evening, how he’d told you this was your punishment.

Lin begain muttering under his breath in Spanish again “…Hijo de puta” His face hardened and he shook his head, clutching your hand tighter.

“You did not deserve this.” He repeated, his voice firm and his eyes darkened.

You nodded silently and he gently traced small circles with his thumb across your hands.

You sniffed and wiped your eyes, breathing deep and trying to focus.

“Alex is gonna be back soon, I’ve got to get it together.”

You stood up and flattened down your hair. You needed to slip back into the role of someone who has their shit together. Even if it was just for a day.

“Y/N I don’t think you should be at work, this is too much.”

“No this is exactly what I need right now, I need to keep busy, I need to work, I need to not think about this for a day.”

Lin sighed, scraping back more strands of hair from his face. “Ok. But we haven’t finished talking about this yet, and you aren’t going home tonight.”

Panic flashed in your eyes. “If I don’t go home tonight he’ll know something is wrong. He’ll kill me! I think he’ll actually kill me.” Your voice sounded small, you barely recognized yourself.

“No.” He said with a resigned look in his eyes. “You’re coming home with me tonight. You are safe. He’s not coming near you again. I promise.”


Part 4 is coming soon here! and then I’m gonna write some smut, I swear!

I had this little one shot pop into my head on the way home from the grocery store today:

Paring(s): Klance, brief Shallura mention 

Rating: T for kissing and some mild swearing? 

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare was Coran’s idea. He thought it would make a good team building exercise. Mostly everyone had picked truth so far and nothing revealed was particularly shocking. Hunk had to feed Shiro soup while wearing Pidge’s glasses. That was amusing.

Pidge was bored. She predicted nearly every secret and action in the game so far and was hoping someone would shake things up soon.

“Lance, it’s your turn. Truth or Dare?” She asked.

“Pidge, since I am an open book, I’ll pick dare!” Lance winked at Pidge and smirked a ready for anything smirk at Allura.

“Ugh.” Pidge and Allura groaned in unison.

“Hmm…” Pidge paused to think a moment, “I dare you to, to kiss…”

Lance grinned wider.

“..on the mouth…”

Lance gave Allura an eyebrow wiggle.


“What?” Keith looked up from his fingernails, a red rising to his cheeks.

“What?” Lance protested, “No way, uh uh, I’m not kissing Keith.”

Keith shoulders dropped in relief.

“Why not, Lance?” Hunk chuckled. “Is it because he is a boy? I never would have pegged you for a homophobe.”

“I am not a homophobe! I’ll kiss you, Hunk. Right here, right now. I’ll kiss Shiro. Heck, I’ll even kiss Coran.”

“Gee, thanks,” Coran grumbled.

“It’s no skin off my back,” Keith replied defensively, “I wouldn’t want to kiss you either.”

“Why won’t you kiss Keith, Lance?” Allura asked, “It’s just a kiss.”

Lance flushed.

“I wouldn’t want to kiss Keith, because I kiss so well, he’d probably fall in love with me and then things would be awkward.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” Keith crossed his arms and huffed.

Lance stepped towards Keith, “Oh, it will be! Pucker up, Keith. I am about to blow your damn mind with these lips.”

“Yeah, I’ll blow your mind with my lips.”

“Yeah!” Lance postured.

“Yeah!” Keith postured back.

“I didn’t realize human kisses involved blowing, did you, Allura? I thought it was more of a pressing motion like our kisses.” Coran turned to ask the princess.

Allura looked at Shiro and flushed before lying, “How would I know?”

Everyone stopped to watch Keith and Lance.

They looked like two roosters dancing, their heads bobbing in and out as they would lean in, then pull away before any lip contact was made. Their arms fluttered at their side, as they did know where to put their hands. 

“Bwack, bwack, bwack,” Hunk clucked.

“I’m not chicken,” Keith growled and stood up tall.

“You’re the one pulling away!” Lance accused.

“You’re the one pulling away! Keith countered.

Lance rolled his shoulders, “On the count of 3. One, two, th-”

Keith’s lips landed hard on his mouth before he could finish three and it accidentally made him slip Keith the tongue. Lance could feel his hair catch on the snap of Keith’s motorcycle glove as Keith’s fingers tangled in his hair. Lance’s breath caught in his throat.

Oh shit, Keith was winning.

Lance grabbed Keith by the shirt and changed the angle of the kiss, brushing his bottom lip in a way that caused Keith’s heart to pound and his ears redden.

Now, the game would become a game of who would pull away first.

Hunk, who had been plotting ways to get them together for weeks now, gave Pidge an elbow jab, “Pidge, you evil genius.”

Pidge made a gagging motion, “I have regrets.”

Shiro coughed, “I think that is enough you two,” allowing them to part, both victors.

“And maybe enough of this game,” Shiro continued, “Let’s get some rest. You never know when we will have to go to battle against the Galra.”

The gang went their separate ways.

Lance and Keith walked in silence back to their rooms, looking everywhere but at each other. When they reached Keith’s door, they both stopped and stared at it for an awkward amount of time.

“So,” Lance attempted conversation but didn’t know what to say.

“So,” Keith repeated.

“I have to admit, you’re not a bad kisser, Keith,” Lance relented.

“You’re not too bad yourself, Lance,” Keith replied rather formally. 

“It was weird, everyone watching though.”

“It was.”

“I can’t help but wonder what…” Lance hesitated and decided not to finish his sentence. 

Kieth smirked and finished it for him, “I kiss like when no one is watching?” 

“Yeah, kinda,” Lance replied.

Keith grabbed him the lapel of his jacket and pulled Lance inside his room, leaving door shut behind them.


Warnings:  dunno… drunken Justice League crew? xd

A/N: Hi everyoneee! Last night I had insomnia again (I forgot to take my pills, btw) and I decided not to let it affect me and use it as an advantage to write something cute and nice with Ezra, since I’m having this super duper bad crush on him again HAHA! he’s so sweet and soft and pure and I love him so damn much! I wish I met him and talk to him… I’m sure he would be someone good to trust without fear of being judged! Anyways… this is going to be a mini-series (maybe 2 or 3 parts I dunno) I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do writing it! , sorry for my horrible english, I’m trying my best!

Based on this post

Pairing: Ezra Miller x Reader

Title:  ___(I don’t have this much imagination sorry.. if you can help me to choose one, it would be amazing!)

Part 1

It had been a long time since the last time you saw your best friend… You’d met him a few years ago thanks to your cousin Gal at her birthday party. The chemistry between you both had been instantaneous and there was not doubt that every time she had the opportunity to put you together in the same place, she did it.  But you had a boyfriend back then and you had no choice but to leave Ezra in the friendzone. Best-friendzone. Despite that, you both kept in touch and met whenever you could.

Today everything was different, you had ended up with your boyfriend and Gal had called you because she was in the city promoting her new movie, Justice League.  You had agreed to go out as a group tonight and if possible get a little bit drunk to celebrate. They had let you choose the place because this was your hometown and you knew about good places to go.  

You weren’t an extravagant girl, you could look pretty good being in your pajamas and with disheveled hair, so tonight you’d decided to wear skinny jeans, black boots and your favorite denim jacket; you didn’t want to attract attention and you were sure that your friends either…. They would already do it just for being who they were.

You met Gal and her friends at a famous Mexican bar around 9 PM. When you arrived you only met Gal and Ray sitting at a table in the background of the bar, they greeted you happily before you took a seat.

“And how are you guys? How are you doing with the promo?” You asked excited, you had always been a superheroes’ big fan and your relationship with your cousin was so good that when she got the role of Wonder Woman, you were the first one she called.

“Pretty good Y/N,  the press conference is in two days and soooooooomeone” Gal said “is quite excited to invite you to the event…. And by someone I meant Ezra” She smirked at you raising an eyebrow.

You felt your cheeks begin to burn, you were sure you’d blushed enough “Really?” you asked incredulously, you knew there was something between you two, but you preferred to just treat him as a friend.

“Yeah…” Ray commented “Ezra’s my friend Y/N and I’m not supposed to say it but I’m sure he has an intense crush on you” you laughed

“I don’t think so…” you denied shaking your head

“Y/N! COME ON! You finally ended up with your stupid and useless boyfriend… give him a chance, he’s a great guy!…. A little weird but he’s amazing” Gal said, grabbing your arm and pecking your ribs with her fingers making you to laugh.

“He’s my friend, guys…. If  he invited me, it would be just like that, do you understand?”

“But wouldn’t you reject him?” Ray asked

“Of course not! He’s my best friend!”

“Friendzone alert…”

“OH! Shut up Ray!” you laughed “where is he, by the way?”

“He got stuck in the hotel… a lot of fans came, and you know how he is with his fans…” Gal informed while giving a slurp to her drink.

“Yeah, and Jason wasn’t ready yet… he had some problem with his hair or something like that, I don’t know” Ray commented as he called the waiter, who approached him “What do you recommend us Y/N?” he asked.

“Well, it’s a Mexican bar… have you tried the Mexican flag shot?”

“uumh, no, I don’t think so, I’ve never heard about it”

You laughed “Let me explain you, there are three shots, that make up the Mexican flag colors, one is lemon juice, another is white tequila and the last one is sangrita… it is something like tomato juice with hot sauce and pepper, It’s really good”

Gal and Jason grimaced “Alright” they responded at the same time

“Okay” you ordered five Mexican flags shots and the waiter left again.

A few minutes later Jason and Ezra arrived, you couldn’t help but get excited when you saw your best friend, it had been too long since the last time you’d seen each other. It was always good to meet someone like Ezra, he greeted you with a warm hug.

“How are you Y/N? When are you going to visit us?” Ezra asked smiling widely while putting his arm around the back of your seat

“Very well Ez, a little bit stuck with work and… I hope to go soon, I really miss Alma and I’m dying to finally meet Maya” you smiled enthusiastically mentioning your nieces “I hope to be there for Thanksgiving, but my mom hates all those things, so I don’t know what’s going to happen”

“Oh darling! You can come to spend Thanksgiving with my family, I’m sure my mom wouldn’t mind!” He confessed while smiling at you, who were you trying to lie? You really liked this man.

“Thanks Ezra!” you smiled shyly

“Awwwwweeee” Your three friends said it at the same time,  Ezra and you turned to see them and you felt your cheeks burn.

“What?” You asked timidly

“I want to be the godfather of your first child….” Jason laughed

“NOPE! I’m his best friend. I’m sure he’ll choose me”

“Of course not! I am her cousin, which obviously gives me priority”

You rolled your eyes and heard Ezra laugh; before they could say anything else, the waiter appears with the five Mexican flags shots leaving them in the table’s center.

“What is this?” Ezra asked

“They’re called Mexican flags… it’s kind of a Mexican super shot” you replied as you took your three shot glasses closer to you

“And how do you drink it?”

“Oh well… first you have to put some salt on your thumb to lick it at the end, you drink the tequila, followed by the lemon  and finally the sangrita” you explained to your friends “we can start with this and then ask for something easier… what do you think?”

“Sounds good” said Gal

Everyone takes their tequila shot to toast

“For the Justice League” you said smiling and rising your glass

“For the Justice League” the others repeated and drank their shots one after the other

“Wow…” Ray exclaimed “this is really good” he confessed”

“Told you”

The truth was that none of you asked for any easier drink and kept drinking Mexican flags shots and dancing all night, you were having a very good time, taking several pictures and Ray kept filming to you and Ezra all the time… He was that kind of friend who always played Cupid and tries to get people together; you knew that those videos would probably be everywhere on the internet tomorrow, but you were so drunk to care about it.

At about three o’clock in the morning, there was only Ezra and you in the bar, you knew that your cousin and her friends had left you both alone on purpose. Before leaving the place, a group of fans approached you both and asked him for pictures, you agreed to take them and started to feel very bad for not being able to even focus the camera or stop laughing. The girls thanked him and finally the both of you were able to leave the place.

The pavement was wet which caused you to almost fall to the ground, but Ezra managed to grab you from the waist before you touch the wet ground. You put your arm around his neck while laughing

“Y/N! Are you okay?!” he asked you worried

“Yes… yes…” you answered laughing a little more

“Do you want me to call an Uber for you?” He pulled his cellphone out of his jacket

“Oh no! My apartment is only a few blocks away, I just need to sit down for a while” you walked to the sidewalk and sat down, no matter how wet it was.

“I will not let you walk alone home, even if it’s only ten meters away” Ezra sat next to you.

You put your head on his shoulder while you saw him lighting a cigarette “How I get this drunk? God…”

He laughed as he passed his arm through your back to feel your body tremble with cold. “It was you who induced us with those mortal flags… none of this would have happened if we had ordered beer”

“Oh my GOD! What a blasphemy to ask for beer in a Mexican bar EZRA!” You buried your head in his neck softly and you heard him laugh, it was not unusual for you to be this affectionate, but tonight he looked strangely more attractive than the previous ones.

“I missed you” He whispered giving you a kiss on the forehead

“I missed you too, idiot! You just become famous and forgot about your commoner friends from real life!” you joked making him laugh and you took the cigarette from his hand to put it between your lips

“I would never forget about you little pumpkin”

You hugged him while you hiding your head in his neck again, smelling his cologne combined with the alcohol and smell of cigarette, yet, you still loved his essence.

“In fact..” he said after a few minutes of silence “I wanted to invite you to the press conference in two days” you looked at him

“Really?” You asked, feigning astonishment, as if Gal and Ray hadn’t told you that a few hours before.

“Yeah, I mean, I know you’re a big fan of superheroes and all those nerdy and fantastic things… and we can take a companion, I thought you’d like to go…But If you don’t I totally understand”

“I’d love to!” you confessed enthusiastically “Woow Ezra, It’s amazing!” He looked at you smiling, he couldn’t believe how beautiful and natural you looked when you were excited. He loved your smile, he knew it from the first day he saw you at Gal’s party “Ez?” you whispered when you noticed that he was staring at you deeply.

It was his chance. It was now or never. Somehow, he had to know if you liked him or not. He hoped you do it because otherwise it would be a shame to ruin your friendship… but he was drunk enough to do it so he didn’t doubt a second in taking your cheek and approaching to kiss you. You were in shock for a second before catching what was happening and then responding to the kiss, putting your hand on his perfect jawline and coming closer to him intensifying the kiss. He stopped by joining his forehead to yours and giving a lightly kiss on your nose.

“Let’s walk home…”you whispered giving him another kiss before he helped you stand up.


Let me know if you like it and if you want to be tagged! :)

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Meanwhile, a recap on Jon and Sansa's 'unadulterated platonic relationship'
  • S05E07
  • Sansa, after being raped and abused: ...but you are a bastard
  • Ramsay: (this girl never learn does she?) well you know who else is a bastard? Jon Snow
  • Sansa: Jon Snow who?
  • Ramsay: this dumb bitch... Your half-brother!! Remember? He's Lord Commander now. Another bastard rising. Bastards for the win!
  • --
  • S06E04
  • After 84 years... (The first Stark reunion, i sure TF am crying)
  • Jonsa: (intently stares at each other for 30 seconds and the hug™)
  • -
  • Sansa: *reminisce childhood memories*
  • Sansa: im sorry im an ass to you and havent really treated you as my brother until now
  • Jon: nah. It's not your fault
  • Sansa: i was awful, just admit it
  • Jon: (snorts) well what you gonna do. I was always been a brooder
  • Sansa: can you forgive me?
  • Jon: theres nothing to forgive
  • Sansa; forgive meee : (
  • Jon: okay. :)
  • Sansa: :)
  • Sansa: *tries to be cool by drinking ale, but fails miserably)
  • Jon: (oh shes so cute, my cute little sister)
  • Sansa: okay but real talk where will you go?
  • Jon: me? There's no more 'me'. There's only you and I.
  • Sansa: fine. Where will WE go?
  • Jon: we can't stay here
  • Sansa: Home™. We have to go home.
  • Jon: you crazy?? Boltons are there and i'm tired of fighting.
  • Sansa: that is the wrong attitude, Jon!! We are going home and winning Winterfell, even if it's the last thing I do!!
  • -
  • Jon: *reads 'you traitor bastard', 'rickon is here', 'sansa is my wife'* okay im done
  • Sansa: no go on. *reads basically ramsay being the psychopath that he is* you see my point now?
  • Jon: we have no army to fight
  • Sansa: *the hand hold™* you are father's son. We need to take back what is ours.
  • Jon: okay
  • -
  • S06E05
  • Sansa: the North remembers and they remember the Starks
  • Ser Davos: ok. But Jon is not a Stark.
  • Sansa: but I am. And idc, he IS my father's son.
  • -
  • Brienne: im your sworn shield. Im not gonna leave you here alone w these untrustworthy dudes
  • Sansa: im here w Jon
  • Brienne: jon is ok. He's too dark, but okay. Others, not too much. Esp the bearded-guy. He's so obsessed w me.
  • Sansa: (snorts) but Jon is not others. Jon is my bro. 'Jon is Jon'™. He'll keep me safe. I trust him
  • Brienne: then why the fuck you lyin' to him?
  • -
  • Jon: new dress?
  • Sansa: i made it myself. Did you like it?
  • Jon: i LOVE it!! I mean, the wolf?? The details are so intricate. Such a talented hand!
  • Sansa: awww. Well, good cause i made one for you too. *hands the cloak™* since you're gonna be Ned 2.0, you should dress the part.
  • Jon: thank you, Sansa.
  • Sansa: You're welcome :)
  • Jon: *grins like an idiot* (wtf just happened)
  • -
  • S06E07
  • Lyanna: Bear islands knows no King but the king in the North whose name is Stark. I see no Stark. You're a Snow. And your sister is a Bolton, or a Lannister. Who knows anymore
  • Sansa: hun, the fact that I'm here in one piece and still sane after the idiot mad king Joffrey, and the psychopath sicko Ramsey should speak for myself.
  • Ser Davos: *gives motivational speech*
  • Lyanna: ok. I'll give you 62 o our men
  • Later, Sansa: did we just stand there and get dragged for 62 men?
  • -
  • S06E09
  • Jon: you dont have to be here
  • Sansa: yes, i do.
  • Ramsay: aww. My beloved wife. Ive missed you terribly. Thank you for returning Lady Bolton safely. Now bend the knee.
  • Jon: i think TF not. One on one, you and me.
  • Ramsay: you kidding me? You're the best swordsman in the North, no one is dumb enough to fight you one on one. Whats the point of having an army, if you wont use it?
  • Jon: will your army fight for you if you wont fight for them?
  • Ramsay: oh wow Sansa. You got yourself a fine young man right here. Jon snow, your pride will be the death of your little bro
  • Sansa: how do we know you have him?
  • Ramsay: *throws Shaggydog head*
  • Sansa: oh now you've crossed the line, consider yourself dead tom. *dramatic exit*
  • Ramsay: she's a fine woman, your sister. I look forward to having her back in my bed. ofc you guys are fine too. My dogs are starving for you.
  • -
  • Men talks military strategies.
  • Jon: i want him angry. I want him making a mistake.
  • Sansa: youve met him for 6 seconds and you think you know him. Ive lived w him. I know him. Did it ever occur to you to ask my opinion?!
  • Jon: okay. You're right.
  • Sansa: *rants about Ramsay being manipulative* he's been doing it all his life
  • Jon: hun, i've defended the Wall from Giants and barbaric cannibals with what? 100 people? I think i can handle Ramsay Bolton just fine
  • Sansa: you dont know him
  • Jon: okay. Then tell me. Whats YOUR plan?
  • Sansa: idk!! Dont ask me!! Just dont be stupid
  • Jon: ????
  • Sansa: *continues to tell jon they need more men BUT not telling him they can have the knights of the Vale*
  • Sansa: if Ramsay wins, im not going back there alive
  • Jon: i wont ever let him touch you again. I'll protect you, i promise.
  • Sansa: i'd like to see you try.
  • -
  • Jon: if i die, dont bring me back
  • Red woman: im not your servant
  • Jon: you're in my camp. Im your Commander
  • -
  • Jon: *probably forgets his plan and that he's the Commander, so he stupidly marches front and center to the Boltons*
  • Ser Davos: *waited until Jon Snow is halfway through the battlefield* Go! go!! Follow your stupid commander!!
  • -
  • Ramsay: oh well, since my army is gone. How about i take you up w your offer? One on one?
  • Jon: bitch... *finally beats the crap out of Ramsay but stops when he sees Sansa*
  • -
  • Sansa: Jon. Where is he?
  • --
  • S06E10
  • Jon: im having the Lord's chamber prepared for you.
  • Sansa: you should take it.
  • Jon: no you take it.
  • Sansa: no you!!
  • Jon: 'I'm not a Stark'™
  • Sansa: You are to me.
  • Jon: You're the Lady of Winterfell. You're the reason why we're standing here. You. The knights of the Vale rode for you. Speaking of, you wanna tell me why you never mentioned you have a battalion in your pocket?
  • Sansa: oops. Sorry?
  • Jon: (comes closer) we need to trust each other. *forehead kiss™ that lasted a little longer*
  • -
  • *Sansa sits at the left side of Jon, looking proud as the North names him King in the North*
  • --
  • S07E01
  • Jon: you are my sis but i'm king now. You cant undermine me.
  • Sansa: i cant tell you when youre being an idiot? Bec joffrey--
  • Jon: *shookt* you think i'm like joffrey??
  • Sansa: (softens) no
  • Jon: thank you
  • Sansa: you're good at this
  • Jon: psh. No.
  • Sansa: you areee. They respect you but--
  • Jon: (laughs) everything before the word 'but' is horse shit.
  • Sansa: ok. Whatever. Stop babying me
  • Jon: i'll stop if you stop undermining me.
  • Sansa: i would never!! *grabs hand*
  • Jon: (this girl cant keep her hand to herself)
  • Sansa: i love dad and Robb but they are idiots. And you know what happens to idiots? They die. So dont be an idiot
  • Jon: And how should i be smarter? By listening to you?
  • Sansa: that would definitely be a first.
  • *insert ned/cat parallel here*
  • -
  • Sansa: youre so obsessed w the Night king, you forgot about the Incest queen in the South.
  • Jon: im obsessed w him bec i saw the fantasy shit he has beyond the wall
  • Sansa: hun, the South has their own fuckery. Father underestimated Cersei, that obvs didnt turn out so well
  • Jon: ok but--
  • Sansa: Jon, you've read the Art of War by Ned Stark. I've read the one by Cersei.
  • Jon: Did she sign your copy?
  • Sansa: Yes. I'm her number one stan.
  • -
  • S07E02
  • Jon: *after Sam tells him there is dragonglass in dragonstone which lol Ser Davos DID NOT even mention) i should go to dragonstone.
  • Sansa: Jon 'reckless, stubborn, you know nothing' Snow! What did we talk about being an idiot? Have you forgotten why father fought the mad king in the first place? That girl is dangerous!!
  • Everyone: we need the King in the North in the North!!
  • Jon: North is my home. And i will never stop fighting for it. But we need allies
  • Sansa: you're abandoning me!! You're abandoning our home!! (Stay)
  • Jon: You'll be safe here. I'll leave Ghost to you. And you'll keep everyone safe. Until I return, the North is yours. (This is me trusting you)
  • Sansa: okay.
  • -
  • LF: *blah blah blah*
  • Jon: (oh god. When will he ever stop talking? Is it too much to ask for a moment of silence around here? I just wanna be emo w my homies)
  • Littlefinger: i love Sansa--
  • Jon: (snaps and chokes LF) istg you touch her and i'll kill you myself
  • -
  • LF: so that was a little intense. Oh Cat 2.0!! There you are!! Hellooo!!
  • Jon: *looks back and waves at Sansa before leaving - ala Brienne & Jaime style*
  • LF: damn. At Ned 2.0? Story of my life, huh?
  • --
  • S07E03
  • Tyrion: And Sansa. Does she miss me terribly?
  • Jon: (i'd be careful of what you say next)
  • Tyrion: well i've never touched her and i was really nice to her
  • Jon: oh good. I mean idc. But that's really great. I'd hate to almost kill you myself. Not that i care.
  • -
  • Jon: *looks like fine snack at the mountain top* i miss home.
  • Tyrion: *subtly ships Jonaerys*
  • Jon: (rolls eyes) you know what's real? The White Walkers.
  • -
  • Bran: *comes back to WF but is cryptic AF*
  • Sansa: i wish Jon were here
  • Bran: and you were so beautiful, in your white wedding dress--
  • Sansa: (kim kardashian voice) if you know how i feel why would u say that like you put me in such an uncomfortable situation like u know im not happy i know im trying to see if it will work out here and i know that its not--
  • --
  • S07E04
  • Arya: jon left you in charge?
  • Sansa: he did. I hope he comes back soon. I remember how stoked he was to see me. We're buddy-buddies now. His heart will probs stop if sees you.
  • -
  • Ser Davos: so you and the Pretty dragon lady.*nudge, nudge* jonaerys is real. I ship it. Bec i saw you look at her direction for .1 second and i know foh shure you are secretly in love w her. I have the receipts.
  • Jon: you're delusional™
  • Theon: Sansa--
  • Jon: (loses his shit) you think i'll be tired of going all batshit crazy over someone mentioning her name?? Your traitorous coward useless ass can choke
  • Ser Davos: (this damn bastard cant keep it together ffs)
  • -
  • S07E05
  • Northerns lords: *kiss ass to Sansa*
  • Sansa: ok thats nice but Jon is our king. Im a loyal ho, you fake ass lords cant relate.
  • -
  • Sansa, probably: Jon I wish you can come back v soon. I miss you. Obviously Ghost does too, remember him? The Northern lords Are bipolar fuckers who are as loyal as fake fans are. Arya and Bran are back but they've gone cray cray. PS. Bran says the undeadz are heading towards the Eastwatch. He has visions now.
  • --
  • S07E06
  • Arya: *hypocritical speech about something that happened 6 seasons ago*
  • Sansa: sis i love u but stfu. Even tho Jon is an idiot, he gives me credit that i deserve. We won Winterfell back because of ME--
  • Arya: 'Sis', idk about you and Jon and but 'I' single-handedly avenged the Red Wedding by wiping the Freys out. But go awf i guess.
  • -
  • Sansa: their loyalty is to Jon. Which is debatable btw. Jon had left me on seenzone for weeks.
  • LF: doesnt matter. He left you in charge. The North likes you
  • Sansa: those lords probably doesnt even know what 'loyalty' is. If they found out about the letter I wrote 6 seasons ago when my character hasnt developed yet, by the time Jon comes back, he'll have no army left
  • LF: ok but Arya is your sister. She wouldn betray you
  • Sansa: she would if she thinks i'm going to betray Jon. Which is never gonna happen.
  • --
  • Meanwhile,
  • Jon: i serve the North
  • Also, Jon: i'd bend the knee but...
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Hey friends,

A few days ago, I posted that I was going to start being more open online about my illness. Today, someone sent me an article from npr that - when I read - I broke down and just started crying. One if the lead researchers at Stanford has an adult son who is affected by this illness, which is fueling his passion for answers They believe they are making headway (details in the article at the end), but the answers may be more than a decade away.

The article comes on the tails of this documentary Unrest (trailer above) and the momentum Jen Brea (the director and star of the documentary) is driving for this illness. She is an absolute bad ass by the way.

I’ve been in contact with Jen, and she seems excited to speak to me. I hope to have some resources directly from her to share with you all soon.

My best friend (who also happens to be someone I lived with for 4 years) sent me this video a day or two ago. It made him cry because he finally feels like there is hope and like I am not alone anymore. That’s how big of a deal this all is.

I’m having a pretty tough time right now physically. I’ve mentioned to some of you that it’s getting pretty bad, and I plan to make a more robust post with details about my experiences and resources (especially those that Jen gives me), but I wanted to share this video and the article because I am so excited. I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. I am actually going to try to get into this program at standford where they are doing this testing. I understand there is a very long waiting list, but a decade is probably longer. And I’ve already lost a lot of my 20s to this. I might sound whiny, but I am so ready for this part of my life to be over. And I’m willing to do a lot to try to make it happen.

You can help. By watching this trailer and then the documentary, you add to the “awareness numbers.” The more awareness, the more pressure for funding (as we are seeing this year) and funding=research=help.
BONUS: help=less 💩 emojis from me.

Here’s the article:

I know there’s not much mention of the Unicef campaign from these shows but like entertainment news is very tricky and these donation campaigns can be political too and there are just a lot of rules that do not permit mentioning it. Like company affiliations and all. Let’s do hope someone asks them soon though. Especially on the red carpet at AMAs.

we can even touch the stars

Summary: Of fate, names written inside book covers, and the space between fairy tale and reality. A Whisper of the Heart AU.

For the lovely anon who asked me for headcanons for this AU (sorry I went a bit overboard), and for @witchymomo because I love her and hope this helps her spirits lift!

Nico makes the connection for the first time the summer of his senior year, on an afternoon that’s sloppy with the kind of heat that makes breathing a chore.

The name is a simple one. Unassuming. Will Solace, written in the scrawling, fanciful letters of the head librarian. It’s not the kind of name that’s made to be noticed.

Nico notices it anyway.

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The Truth;Haechan

Sequel to Woke Up Alone

Genre: angst/- (a mixture tbh)

A/N: had this sudden idea to the fic and i hope it’s good! this came out longer than i expected and i spent 3 hours on this oh my, plus i think i’d have to make a part 3 to this because the ending- enjoy reading and tell me your opinions guys

Warnings: contains events which may be disturbing/uncomfortable to others (death, divorce etc)

Word Count: 3,839


Your thin and frail hands reached for the cold, metal knob of the door. The door where the one you loved the most, the one who brought you happiness, spent most of his time in.

The bedsheets were left untouched on the bed, a soft toy bunny; the one you got for him, sat lonely in the corner. The books on his table were stacked neatly, his phone and wallet placed against them.

Letting out a sigh, you closed your eyes as you tried your best not to let your emotions take over.

2 months

He has been gone for two months.

You couldn’t bring yourself to accept it. He wasn’t there to brighten up your day anymore, and instead, you felt worst than before.

Spending weeks in the hospital due to the accident, it was nothing as compared to the emotional pain you had suffered; over the loss of Haechan.

Mrs Park had tried to make things better- taking time off the cafe to spend time with you, making sure everything was fine, and trying her best to distract you from your thoughts and emotions.

But it did not work. Every single time you closed your eyes, all you could think of was him.

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BV2EP3 | Taejin theory masterpost: U ok Tae?

So it was highly requested by you pretty cupcakes (tks for the asks and messages!!!) the continuation of my Bon Voyage 2 Taejin masterposts with analysis, pix and my two cents on the Taejin cause. Let me tell ya, this will be a huge masterpost, so grab yourself some snacks and lets do this!!!

Even upset, VV looks like the most gorgeous creation in the universe:

If you read my Ep2 masterpost, Taehyung was really annoyed about the Namj*n bromance day and decided to go full possessive mode with Jin. We have been left wondering what would happen since our boy was clearly sad and jealous of Jin’s day with RM and about the exchange of gifs between them. The sculpted turtle that RM gave to Jin was something symbolic to V cause he and Jin went on a beach date by themselves on day 1 and saw the turtle. Perhaps this is why the turtle gift was so upsetting to V, he knew that this moment was stolen from him because to the grand public the turtle thing would automatically become a Namj*n thing. I put myself in VV’s shoes, and knowing his history with being overshadowed by Namj*n I understand why Day 3 was mostly about him sulking, avoiding Jin, sulking, possessive about Jin, sulking, annoyed with Namj*n and so on…

1. Matching red hats + close watch on Namj*n: BTS’s first commitment was the hike to the waterfall. V was wearing a red cap to match the red hat he gave to Jin cause ya know how Taejin has a thing for couple’s outfits right. And also V was legit breathing on Namj*n’s neck during the hike.

2. The Namj*n pas de deux: Poor V was jamming violently to Spine Breaker while being exposed to Namj*n’s happy dorky pas de deux.

3. Namj*n pose & jealous V: Taehyung’s torture continues as Jin and RM pose really close and cutely on the waterfall group pic. When the pic is taken the camera focus on V who looks straight at Namj*n with THAT FACE…a picture worths more than a thousand words.

4. ETS and V sulking: BTS decides what to eat and VV is sitting far away. V was tired and distant. And also kinda sad. On some moments it almost felt like he was about to doze off or cry. 

5. Taejin, together but apart: At the van Taejin was sitting next to each other as they often do, but not engaging any physical or verbal contact. As RM continued talking about the Namj*n friendship day, V blocked Jin and everyone else by wearing headphones. Meanwhile Jin was staring pensively at the landscape.

6. RM’s Bon Voyage reaction: it was Joonie’s turn to do the Bon Voyage thing so everyone’s reaction to RM’s cutesy hat flip was enjoyment but V gave that “not so amused” look, esp after Jin’s spontaneous compliment to RM.

7. Taehyung love sick over Jin: I had to gif this cause, come on, that’s just so freaking cute. The way V looks at Jin! His love sick expression, eyes dancing from Jin’s face to his “south area” than up to his face again. Taehyung’s bedroom eyes, sorry but that’s not bromance, that is not complimenting Jin’s looks, that is not even a boy crush. Grab that info, take into consideration.

8. V’s territory: As BTS walked towards their picnic spot, V obviously placed himself between Namj*n (yeah, that is a trend my people) making everything possible with his body movements to make sure there was plenty of space between Jin and RM. 

9. V’s territory part 2: At the picnic table of course V sat in between Jin and RM. With an effective angular body language, V expressed the desire to create a clear barrier separating his territory.

10. Happy meal together: Meal is ready and Eat Jin is celebrated with his expertise on the yummy food. V is happier being closer to Jin and, for the first time on the day, exchanges words with the object of his angst and affection.

11. Taejin’s domestic bliss: At the grocery store RM, Suga, Jimin, V and Jin got their food cash to spend. Soon as they enter Jin goes domestic mode and starts to talk just to Taehyung about the huge american apples. RM and Jimin go their own separate ways leaving Taejin alone.

12. Side by side: it’s no biggie but I find it extremely cute how Taejin always walk side by side or close to each other. When there is no fixed formation predefined by management, you can see that they are naturally drawn to each other like it’s their second nature. The couple matching outfit makes it even cutter!

13. Visual duo doing their visual thing: on that group pic, Jin was holding V’s shoulders so lovingly. And the way their heads lean towards each other, awww so cute how the body speaks. Ahhh, one romantic scenery can mend a jealous heart.

14. Jin is taking care of V: Remember last year on BV1 that iconic moment when V was so moody texting and sulking and Jin was carefully watching him from a distance only to back hug him for centuries? There is this season’s version of it. VV is again sulking, texting and turning his back to Jin, attentive loving gorgeous Jin is watching our angsty boy’s every move, his entire body facing V and even if he is speaking to J-Hope, his eyes don’t leave him. Wasn’t that the perfect moment and scenario for an iconic Taejin back hug?

15. Third wheeling Cupid Jimin: when BTS discuss their goals Jin says he wants to perfect his guitar technique. Our official third wheel angel Jimin said Jin sent him a video of his guitar practice. Although the rest of BTS was totally unaware of the video of Jin’s evolution on guitar, V promptly said (the video or Jin playing guitar) was so cool. Lovely Jinnie was flustered by Vmin’s double love.

16. I give Jinnie my stars: At the observatory V and Jin were together and V showed him the stars and planets. Only to Jin. He was so proud of his astronomy knowledge saying he studied it! My heart was touched by this moment cause we can see how important it is for him to please and surprise Jin, to make Jin proud of him, he was like a kid all excited to tell an adult he learned something at school. And Jin the sweetheart, the true gentleman showing genuine interest and excitement, making V’s planet naming sound as important as Galileu Galilei’s life work. Not to mention that Venus is the planet of LOVE…We see you Taehyung…we see you!

17. Taejin sleeps together funny drama feat. Hobi: at BTS’s lodge, the one filled with lizards, they were playing rock paper scissors (I swear the day BTS don’t play that game, catastrophe will fall upon us) for the beds and bedrooms. Jin was playing opposite J-Hope and won. V was the “MC” of the game and soon as he knew Jin would probably share a bedroom with Hobi or someone who was not him, he grew unease. Smiling but his body language touching the back of his neck, gave away his discomfort about the bedroom situation. When Hobi also wins and Jin celebrates him him, V’s instant reaction is to cover his mouth. In body language that means he cannot speak against awful news and his hands in begging position tries to reach for Jin, meaning he is begging Jin to come back to him. Notice that after Jin’s bedroom is decided the rest of the game with the other members runs smoothly and V doesn’t respond that way to the rest of BTS. The funny thing is that V ended up sleeping with RM! Well better sleep with RM than RM sleeping with Jinnie right Tae?!

That was it! What an episode that was!

V was obviously upset about something. Maybe it was just him being sleepy, tired or moody, but it feels very coincidental that the mood corroborates his behaviour towards Jin on the previous day. As I said on my last masterposts on Jealous V vs Namj*n, I don’t think this is about RM as a treat to his relationship, I don’t think he sees RM as a rival for Jin’s love. It is about his growing desire of Taejin being the stablished Jin love reality. He knows the ARMY ship Namj*n so add it to V’s constant need to express romantic affection for Jin versus Jin’s acceptance of the necessity for fan service ships then we have a recipe to Taehyung’s angst.

I think Taehyung wants to be as public as possible about Jin cause it is in his nature to be truthful, I don’t think he can perpetuate secrets. He’s not reckless and understands he’s an idol who cannot open up about everything, but there is this real sweet boy inside the idol facade that just desires to be proudly recognised by everyone he loves. His loyal friendship with Jimin, his admiration for RM and Suga and Hobi, his big brother protectiveness towards Kookie, his respect for his family, V wants all his emotional allegiances to be out there, so of course he wants his relationship with Jin to be seen and accepted. It’s still that same 4 years ago shy Taehyung who looked at Jin as he could not believe his luck to be living with the most handsome man he has ever seen. The same boy that everybody noticed from day one he had a crush on Jin. The same boy that has been crawling to Jin’s bed for years. The difference is that now he’s got hit by the intensity of conquered affection, he has won a place in Jin’s heart so it is upsetting for V to be contradictory to his heart just cause they are in public. I can imagine the frustration. It explains the mood changes, the introspection, the jealousy and possessiveness, his need to please Jin and praise/defend him to earn his love and respect and the passive aggressiveness when he feels that Jin denies him or promo another ship loudly in front of the cameras.

Because that adoration is so intense and he is so young, I think when it comes to Jin he even forgets BTS is their job and he’s got to separate what’s performance from what’s real. Someone as gentle and emotional as V is, really wants to wear his heart on the sleeve, he wants PDA, he needs to touch, hold, hug and confess to the four corners of the world that Jin makes him happy. So when he sees Jin being affectionate to RM, someone who is legit shipped with Jin by the fandom “stealing” his official role as Jin’s (visual BTS pair?, lover?, boyfriend?, partner?, platonic sleep together for years buddy? true ship?) number one interest, he snaps and shuts Jin out. It’s the same possessive-jealous pattern we saw on ISAC because of KenJin, Jin running around after V like a lost puppy while he ignored Jin like some sort of punishment. And we can notice that behaviour pattern only happens with Jin, he is not possessive with the other boys not even with his bestie Jimin.

Jin on the other hand loves to socialise with all the members (not only RM but also Kookie on this episode) and even talk to total strangers. He is comfortable in being social and he is aware of their roles as entertainers and how to separate business from personal life. Although he is not impulsive and explicit about it, he cares about V’s feelings more than anything even if that means the need to keep a safe distance to protect what they have. I feel like Jin tries constantly to shelter him, to create a safe haven when the innocent beautiful and delicate true Taehyung can be free and happy, even if the price is to have Taejin as a ship ignored by the fandom. It’s in Jin’s nature to protect and love all his boys but with V it’s like he is always walking on thin glass. There is deep affection but also Jin’s necessity for secrecy, not cause he is ashamed of V but cause he is protective of what they have.

Because the nature of their relationship in my perspective romantic, Jin doesn’t know how to behave in front of the cameras with him. Jin refrains himself to be engulfed by affection like on that iconic stage kiss or like when he shares too much information (we shower together, we sleep together and so on) so he prefers not to focus on V while on camera. Both Jin and V can’t quite behave bro-like around each other actually. Since the start there has always been awkwardness and tension between Taejin, it used to be polar opposites they were superglued platonic flirting or just pretending they didn’t exist. Although now things have changed and we don’t see that unrequited love tension anymore, I think both Jin and V go back to that pattern when things go a bit sour. They oscillate between “you are all I see" to “you don’t even exist” all the time, there is no in between “bro-like” Taejin. For a ship that legit doesn’t have promo at all (for instance there is never vlives with just Taejin like there is with jinmin, sope or jinkook) Taejin is the one pairing that despite of the lack of fan service push, do behave like two people who know each other intimately and really spend a lot of time together (notice that semi off-camera like on BV2 with their beach date, matching hats shopping, V picking Jin the shirts he wanted him to wear and off-camera like on their fancafe talks, secret dates, singing the same love songs of each other’s spotify playlists, sleeping together, matching outfits, walking around holding each other’s arms when they think nobody is watching, answering the same things about what they plan for their future…they act like well…like partners).

Jin being the business driven man he is, understands the responsibilities of being and entertainer, he gives his body and soul to BTS, he is professional about it and knows he is protecting V and the boys by keeping their thing (and all the boys personal relationships) private. With V’s emotional nature, RM’s introspection, Suga’s dedication to his craft, Jimin’s loyal heart and Jungkook’s innocence, Jin and J-Hope are the ones who really are conscious about the importance of protect their privacy, Jin being the entertainer one and J-Hope the practical one. This is why of all the members of BTS Jin is the one who really engages dynamic relationships with all the other boys constantly, regardless of the predefined ships and subunits management and the fandom has specified. He doesn’t exclude anybody and in a sense he is the heart of BTS, the loving glue that keeps them strong.

This is a study and analysis, I dunno the boys so situations can have a complete different meaning since no one knows what’s going on on their private lives. This is why rather focus on behaviour and body language, cause that is an unconscious way to express the truth and one’s emotions. So it doesn’t really matter the nature of Jin and V’s intimate emotional bond, we can see that Jin doesn’t need his personal relationships to be publicly accepted therefore understands the need for privacy while Taehyung is keen to make his affection known therefore he is often jealous of sharing Jin with others either by insecurity or by fear of non-acceptance. This is a pattern that has been going on for quite sometime and I’m afraid it’s the pattern we will keep seeing in the near future. 

Oh boy that was one huge masterpost! This episode was a full angsty trip on jealousy, understanding the dynamics and differences between Jin and V and the dynamics between ships. Regarding the ships, I still have not done the masterposts on some subjects I often got messages about like comparing Taejin to Vmin or Namjin and Jinkook (send me msgs of what ship you want me talk about first) or the rest of BV2 (gonna do those…weekly I hope!!!), tks for the patience dear readers. You can also read the first episodes analysis here:



Lots of love.

Baby Daddy Part 3 - Tyler Seguin series

Pairing: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Mentions: -

Word count: 1594

A/N: I mention the All Stars Game of 2015, idk why. I hope you will like this imagine. Please check out my masterlist. Feel free to requests, the updates will be slow because I’m starting school soon or I already started it.

Chapter Three

The evening of the All-Stars Draft got around so you were brushing your hair in the bath room until someone knocked on the door. You heard a little thump and little feet running to the door. “Daddy!”, you heard Tristan squeal, making you smile. You walked out the bathroom and saw Tyler in a nice suit. He looked very handsome. He had big smile plastered on his face while he crouched down to Tristan’s level. Tristan was wearing Tyler’s Stars jersey. “Nice jersey, buddy.”, Tyler said ruffling the toddler’s hair. “Shouldn’t you be going to venue by now?”, he asked looking at his fancy watch. “Yeah, but this little one was giving me a hard time dressing.”, you said while Tyler was walking towards you. He grabbed your hands and placed a kiss on both of them. You blushed at him. “I’ll see you later?”, he asked hopefully. “Yes, sure. I have to interview you.”, you said winking at him. You felt something tugging at your shirt. You looked down and saw Tristan standing there. “Mommy, can we leave?”, he asked excitingly. He looked like he really wanted to see his Daddy on stage. “Alright buddy. Grab your coat and we’ll leave.”, you said. Tyler stole a quick kiss from you, leaving you wide-eyed. You grabbed everything you needed and walked downstairs to the lobby. “I’ll take you with me, if that’s okay? The car seat’s still in my car though.”, Tyler said. “Yeah, sure.”, you answered, with Tristan tugging you at your arm. Tyler hated it when he had a driver, he’d rather drive himself to events.

You got at the venue and said goodbye to Tyler. He went to the red carpet with Tristan, looking for his agent while you went to the press area where you could interview the All-Stars. You interviewed a lot of the players, asking some additional questions for your sports column. When you were done with the interviews, you got inside. You got a text from Tyler saying he left Tristan with Roberto Luongo’s wife Gina because he had to go backstage. You walked in the venue and went to the front of the stage. “Mommy!”, you heard a certain toddler yell. He ran towards you. “Woah, I had so much fun with Daddy!”, he squealed. You smiled at him and ruffled his hair. “You must be Y/N?”, Gina asked you. “Yes, hello. Not many people know about me and Tyler.”, you said, scratching the back of your head. “I understand it, we will not talk about it outside this event.”, she said comforting you.

Even though you regularly post pictures of you and Tristan, Tyler didn’t. He did post a lot of pictures about Marshall and little Cash – his dogs – but not Tristan. You didn’t dare to ask him about it but you thought it was to keep his reputation up – even though that apparently changed when he brought Tristan to the Red Carpet with him.

“Thank you very much.”, you said relieved. You sat down in your seat next to your brunette son. The show started and you got your notebook out. When your son heard his father’s name being said over the microphone he got very excited. “Yeah, Daddy!!”, he screamed making you very happy. You saw him come on stage looking very professional and handsome. You saw him looking in the crowd – when he found your eyes a wide smile plastered on his face. The show went on for a long time. You saw Tristan bobbing his head a few times, eventually falling asleep on your lap. In between you would receive texts from Tyler too. Sneakily sending text messages as he sat on stage. At first you would ignore them but then he would spam you making you answer him because it got annoying.

You were thinking about what happened yesterday. He was so nice and good with Tristan, you actually never see them in action together. He was so gently with you and he really wanted to be friends or even more with you. You definitely didn’t want to be friends with benefits again. You looked beside you at the result of that relationship. If he really wanted to be with you he had to commit to you. You were thinking about what he said. Did he really change? Did he really want to be with you? You decided you didn’t want to risk it for Tristan. It would be too confusing if he would see his parents together-together, definitely if it would be an on-and-off-relationship. You just want to best for Tristan –  you thought trying to convince yourself. It was hard to do it but you finally convinced yourself.

When the draft ceremony was over you went backstage with Tristan in your arms. Tyler was looking for you and took over Tristan from you so you could take more statements from him and the players. You got some looks from other reporters when they saw that. This will definitely be on the internet tonight, you thought to yourself. Tyler saw your concerned look. “I don’t care, Y/N.”, he said before placing a kiss on your forehead. When you got your statements you walked to the parking lot with Tyler walking before you. You were lost in thoughts, rethinking about what you were going to do. “You okay there, Y/N?”, he asked concerned, waiting for you so he could put his arm around your shoulders. “Yes, just a little tired.”, you said lying to him. The car ride back to the hotel was quiet. He had put his hand on your thigh, you didn’t dare to put his hand away. It would make him suspicious even though that’s already happening. You close your eyes to fight back some tears, you were so conflicted on what you think is best or what you really desire – this means being with Tyler. A few tears fell over your cheeks. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”, he asked concerned. You wiped them away and cleared your throat. “Nothing. I’m just really tired, you know I cry when I’m tired.”, you said chuckling. “That’s true.”, he said, occasionally looking at you. “But that is not what’s wrong with you. How long do we know each other? You have tried that trick on me before but it doesn’t work anymore.”, he said – sounding like a dad now. “Okay Dad, I’m now the one thinking about how you’re good with Tristan and about us.”, you said referring about what he said yesterday. You saw that he rolled his eyes at the first and questioned the latter. “I don’t know if I can be with you again. I’m just afraid to get hurt again. I have a steady job back in Raleigh, I can’t just go quit it and join you in Dallas. The advantage in Toronto for me are my parents and even your parents, they can take him when I need too. I just don’t want to confuse Tristan, like if we would pursue our relationship again and it could turn out to be an on-and-off relationship.”, you said out of breath. You noticed Tyler swerving into a parking spot on the side of the road. “What are you doing?”, you asked confused. He turned around to face you and grabbed your hands. “That was a lot to take in. You were cropping that up for a while haven’t you?”, he asked chuckling. You blushed at the comment. “Yeah, that’s why I was avoiding you.” “Okay, I know what I’m asking could be life changing for Tristan and also for you. For me, you don’t have to pursue a relationship with me if you don’t feel comfortable with it. We could start as just friends but just visit me in Dallas and just see first-hand how I’m not like the guy I used to be in Boston anymore. I just want you to be as comfortable as possible with me. I just miss our friendship, it’s like I was a stranger this past year and a half. I miss the silly you with the corny jokes and the caring you when someone would hurt himself.”, he said with a serious face. You couldn’t believe what he just said, it made you cry even more. He wiped the tears away. “Don’t cry. I don’t like to see you cry.”, he said sadly. “I’m sorry. I just can’t believe you said that. Why are you like this Tyler?”, you said confused. “Because I love Tristan and I love you. Like a lot”, he said. “To the moon and back, like a thousand times.”. This made you chuckle, it was something you would say when you were together while you were pregnant. You just couldn’t say it back to him. He knew that, because he let go of your hands and started the engine of the car again.

You got back to the hotel and he led you back to your hotel room – holding Tristan in his arms. He put Tristan in pajamas and tucked him in. He turned to you, engulfed you in a hug and placed a kiss on your forehead. “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast?”, he asked, looking down at you like nothing happened in the car. “Okay.”, you said with a small voice. He left your room, leaving you like a mess. You started crying again. You went to the bathroom and took off your makeup. You got undressed and put on some pajama’s. You crawled into your bed and the second your head hit your pillow you fell asleep.

i’m the daughter of an immigrant who assimilated too much. he’s so angry at his mother, so ashamed of his mother, that he married a white woman, and then another one. he rejected his parents’ history, culture, religion and traditions.

i’m the daughter of a man who tried so hard to be white, who tried so hard to be French. so many times France was ungrateful and rejected him, made him feel he would never be French enough, white enough. but in the end France finally embraced him and took him in. what an achievement. fully assimilated, integrated, and disintegrated. fully colonized. he erased all traces of his family, all traces of his childhood, all traces of his country. all chewed up and regurgitated : clean.

my relationship with my father is strained, so i tried to reach to the previous generation, to my grandma. unfortunately it feels like it’s too late. she is 91 and losing her memory, all her sisters are gone, my grandfather also gone, almost none of us North African Jews are left in Tunisia and Algeria, they all came to France. she doesn’t like to speak about it anyway, she doesn’t like to think about it. i’m trying to dig into whatever i can find but it feels like a lost fight, because my people’s culture has been stolen, destroyed by colonization and exile. sometimes i say my homeland is exile.

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pmsystemshenanigans  asked:

Tbh, shows that have the "token lgbt+ character/s" who are then killed always comes off as more of a death threat or more of a "you shouldn't exist" message than actual representation. How do y'all see that trope? Same or different? -Paul^Phoenix Mythos

Okay, so I definitely get this feel from it. (This is referred to as the Bury Your Gays trope by the way.) 

I also get the feel that it pushes the idea that we don’t get to be happy either. Like yeah, maybe we do exist, but that our lives our filled with pain and misery. 

I know there are other blogs with better commentary and I know a fandomhateslgbt blog should be opening up soon. At least I think I saw something about that on @fandomshatewomen. I’m hoping to hear some more good commentary on it.

But yeah I definitely see it similar to you. I also hate that every show seems to focus on us being gay and then we die. Can’t I just be?? A normal character? Like it’s good to show stories about people coming out and their hardships - but you know what, I just want a show where someone is queer and it’s not explicitly mentioned by the other characters but it’s not..not mentioned either? Like someone takes home their girlfriend and it’s not seen as a shocker or anything.. does that make sense? I’m rambling.

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You're Annoying ( and Kinda Hot But I'd Never Dare Say It Aloud ) // Chapter 1

Chapter 2 , Chapter 3, Chapter 4

💙 Prompt :
Jungkook didn’t expect for Jimin to tag along for their summer camp. And he most definitely did not expect for the smol squishy fluffball of sunshine to have that kind of breath taking,heart throbbing, god-like body.

Or, Jungkook “hates” Jimin but his charms are kind of seeping through to him and Jungkook’s not sure if he wants it to stop.

💎 Genre:
Fluff, Slight Angst, Summer Camp au!

Fic :

As summer came along, the 6 boys, Jungkook, Yoongi, Jin, Namjoon, Taehyung and Hoseok had finally decided to go for the camp that was planned since ages ago. Jungkook was excited to say the least, he could already picture going to the beach and swimming in the hot, yet a sort of calming weather. You could say it was like a bonding time for the boys, being friends for 3 years that is.

Although, he was a bit disappointed to hear that Hoseok’s girlfriend, Jisoo, was coming as well, he eventually got along with her. She was as bubbly as Hoseok was, he could see why they liked each other. And if he wasn’t so grossed out by their cheesiness, he’d almost ship it.

He arrived at the campsite a little bit later than the rest, he had a band performance at the end of this month and had to plan and set up the line-ups and instruments. The place was calming, the sky was clear and he could almost hear the waves crashing on the white sand. Their cabins were in a small resort near the beach, and he couldn’t be happier being near the sea. He loved summer alright.

He called Yoongi, asking him where they were. Cabin 131. He walked towards the wooden cabin at his left and knocked on the door. “Hyung, its me.”, he said.

He could hear the bickering of his hyungs as soon as the door creaked open. “Oh! Jungkookie’s here! ”, Hoseok cheered, making the rest of them look towards the door.

“Ah, you’re here! Why are you so late? Aish, we were all waiting for hours”, Jisoo whined from behind Hoseok.

“He’s only half an hour late, noona. “, a voice said and giggled slightly. Jungkook turned to the source of the sound…
Park Jimin…..?

His eyes widened, Park effing Jimin was in their cabin, with his friends, in their summer camp. He glared at his friends accusingly, “Why the hell is he here?! “, he says, pointing at the smiling boy on the couch.

“yah! Don’t be so mean! I invited him anyways. ”, Yoongi spoke out. His jaws dropped, why the f*ck​ would he do that?! “W-why didn’t I know about this?!”, he spoke in anger.

He knew he was being a bit childish but what’s he to do if the one person whom he wholeheartedly despises is just sitting there to ruin his picture-perfect summer?!

“Because we know you wouldn’t come if we did tell you”, Namjoon said. Well, at least that was true, he wouldn’t come if he knew that jimin had tagged along for the summer camp.

He rolled his eyes at Namjoon. “This was supposed to be our thing, with no outsiders.” He said pointedly as he looked at the boy who had a frown etched on his chubby face.

“Kookie! No! Bad kookie that’s mean!” , Taehyung tsked at Jungkook and playfully smacked him.

“He was all alone at home! What, you expect me to go have a blast while chimchim here is stuck with his nana?”, Yoongi rebutted. Jungkook cringed at that, chimchim, such an annoying nickname eek.

“Okay okay we’re done with this!” Jin stepped in. “Yoongi, stop and Jungkook. Grow up, and face it, you’re the only one here who hates Jimin and frankly we don’t even know why?!” Jin flew his arms around, exasperated.

Jungkook’s eye twitched at that, he didn’t need a reason as to hate that annoying,hyper,short and clingy boy! He had so many things to say and scream but this was jin hyung we’re talking about. And no one talks back at Jin hyung.

Jungkook speaks again, but this time a little less harshly, “You’re acting like I’m the only one to blame. I’m sure jimin hates me too! Right Jimin?”, he purposely left out the ‘hyung’ as he spoke.

But jimin only smiled that 1000 watt smile at him and did nothing else.

And God did that frustrate Jungkook. Why is he acting like such a goody two shoes?!

Jin spoke again after giving jimin a look of… sympathy? “Now, just go to your rooms and get settled in and then we’ll go to the beach or something” Jin sighs and walks off.

“ I’m pairing up with Namjoon”, Jin said . Turns out two people were to sleep on the same bed.

“ I’ll go with Jisoo, obviously”, Hoseok says and hugs her again. Them and their over-active-vitamin-c-selves. They were too cute for their own good, jungkook thinks.

“I’ll be with Jungkookie”, Taehyung bounces on his seat. Such a kid, Jungkook smiles.

“I’ll be with jimin!”, Yoongi says, smiling at the shorter boy. Pft, of course the two love birds gonna be together. Jungkook inwardly rolls his eyes.

“Get ready in 15!” Jin yells from the room at the corner.

And Jungkook could only groan at the incident that just happened.

He had imagined a picture perfect summer camp, but now he’s not so sure . 


We all got ready to hit the beach, with Jin wearing a simple pink shirt and yellow shorts, Namjoon with his Hawaiian trunks, Yoongi and Taehyung wearing striped boxers with shirts (yes, it’s stupid of them to forget their swimsuits for their summer camp but what can ya do bout it). Hoseok wore matching light green swimsuits with Jisoo while Jungkook wore a light blue tank top with swimming trunks.

Jimin was (fortunately) nowhere near sight. Probably taking his ample time getting himself ready, he's such a fuss, Jungkook thinks.

“Sorry I’m late!” Jimin finally came out of the cabin..and Jungkook’s jaws dropped (figuratively only, he wouldn’t show any expressions towards jimin for the life of him).

Jimin was wearing Hawaiian orange and white swimming trunks with no shirt on, leaving nothing to the imagination, his six-pack on show.

And Jungkook was shook to say the least cos how the hell can someone as squishy as him be so goddamningly, heart throbbingly, sickeningly hot?!

Jungkook coughs on his own spit at that. Did he just call jimin hot?! 

He tries to ignore that thought, noticing how jimin was smirking at him. 
He quickly looked somewhere else, anywhere​ else than the sight in front of him, because he damn well knows that you don’t think like this bout someone you hate and utterly despise goddamnit.

“Let’s go.” Jungkook says and walks off quickly. He is not going to let that manggae ruin his summer camp with his stupid smirk and stupid chocolate abs.

Jungkook sweared on his grave to never mention what just went through his mind cos a) it’s jimin, the guy he despises, b) ew that’s so gay, c) it’s jimin.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••♥•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••♥••••••••••••••••••••••Well, that’s all for chapter 1! I’m writing this for the Jikook summer fest and I’m really enjoying writing this!! What do you think about it? 🙈 Is it alright? 😊 I hope it is! Next chapter will be up soon! 

i was tagged by @dailydoseofdia​ for the WIP tag (i can’t remember if others tagged me in this as well but if so, thank you!) <3

I already have a WIP list on my blog, but this is fun and i’ll add some excerpts and status of how far i am with the projects! In no particular order, here are the fics i’m currently writing/brainstorming/outlining/etc… I won’t be including drabbles since i just write those on a whim when i have a bit of time!


[ Jungkook x reader | Hybrid!AU, Catboy!Jungkook, Smut, Fluff ]

Status: writing progress - 25% (not even sure if it’s that many rip, and idek if i’m satisfied with it)


“Damn it Jungkook, will you put it in already?!”

You watched your boyfriend fiddle around, a serious look on his face as his brows furrowed in concentration, his fluffy ears folded back on his head while he exhaled heavily after holding his breath, before he growled in reply to your snappy question.

“I’m trying! It’s too big!”

“Then try harder!”

“Hold on a second woman, do you know how hard it is to try and fit this into that little hole?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time…”

Your quietly muttered words clearly didn’t escape his hypersensitive ears, seeing how they perked right up and he snapped his head to the side to eye you spitefully, his lids squeezed to slits while his hand, still holding the small metal object, froze mid-air.

“Can you not?! I told you i’m really good at screwing, just watch…” he murmured underneath his breath, the laughter you were trying so hard to suppress finally spilling from your lips when you felt it bubbling up your chest the second your mind started to twist the meanings of the words that came out of your mouths.


[ Yoongi x reader | Greek Mythology!Collab, Mythology!AU, Nymph!Yoongi, Smut ]

Status: writing progress - 10% (mostly brainstorming and loose excerpts, writing still on hold) 


in the deep, dark silence, there was only the sound of water dewing skin and a pair of rosy lips humming mesmerizing melodies as if they were composed to fog the mind and feast on the heart that listened to the tones of allure and love incarnated.

Although you were facing his back, you felt like you were being watched, being watched watching him while he continued to scoop up palms of shimmering moonlight to make his pearl pale skin illuminate an almost blinding brightness in seemingly utter ignorance of your mere presence

‘Do you plan to stand there behind that tree and spy on me for the rest of the night or will you at least show yourself?’


[ Yoongi x reader | Fairy!AU, Fairy!Yoongi, Angst, Fluff, (Smut?), Artist!reader ]

Status: brainstorming + outlining

(unofficial) Summary:

The mind of an artist is a turbulent one. Pain and loneliness inside are the reasons and inspiration for the extraordinarily powerful paintings made by your hand, and for those same reasons grabs that same hand for a bottle of liquor every night. When the loneliness kicks in and you just want to forget, you head to you neighbourhood liquor store, where a new bottle of green liquid seems to emit a magical glow, calling for you. So, instead of your usual choices of Vodka or Whiskey, you choose the drink that would change your life forever, in the most unbelievable way:



[ Jackson x reader | Personal Trainer!Jackson, Smut, Crack ]

Status: brainstorming, headcanons

(unofficial) Summary: 

After your best friend, PE teacher and gym buddy moved out of town, you have trouble staying in shape and motivating yourself to get your daily workout. She gives you the number of her former colleague Jackson, and although you’re skeptical of the idea of working out with someone other than your bff (extremely out of your comfort zone), going to the gym with your new personal trainer proves to have more cardio in store than you bargained for!

I have so many more projects going but they’re all only in outlining/storyboarding process so they’re not really worth mentioning! I hope you found this interesting, and once again i apologize for being a very slow (and lbh also lazy) writer. 

more updates and ideas can be found on my actual WIP list ! I hope i find the motivation and inspiration to actually write out the full fics soon!

i tag @trbld-writer @thules @floralseokjin @tayegi @kimtrain i have no idea if you’ve already been tagged or hell, even did this already, but feel free to do so! i know i’m really curious to see what y’all are working on! <3

Lost In Confession ~ 1

Wordcount: 5.376

Genre: Romance, fluff, light sex here and there (translated = smut is on Pluto, my scenes are on Venus)

Min Yoongi x Reader
Description: When Yoongi tries to make you notice in his own, weird and clumsy way how much he loves you but you don’t understand what he’s doing or saying most of the time.

[1], [2][3][4][5][6][7 - Ending]


A/N: This is the most stupid scenario I’ve ever written in my life… And I’m glad I did. I had so much fun! Yoongi’s such a tender sweet muffin I imagine him as the goofiest guy in this world when it comes to feelings and how to express them.

It has to be a long, long one-shot but I cut it in less than ten chapters (for everybody’s sake)

Hope you enjoy it ^^

1. ‘You can have mine’


27 August 2015


“I think… I like someone.” Yoongi exhales after a moment of silence lasted twenty minutes (pretending to be interested in a magazine while he secretly took photos of you) stressing on that ‘someone’ only to make sure to draw all your attention.

At first, he doesn’t frankly care about your reaction but as soon as you stop to move your feet up and down while lying on the floor with just your shirt on, he realizes this is going to be an awful conversation (not awful as the video of his audition but it gets closer).  

With incredible slowness, you lift your head up -and it’s not like you do it ‘cause you want to portray this moment in the most dramatic way, no-; for Min Yoongi, you always move in slow motion (with ‘Hot Chocolate’s - You sexy thing’ playing in the background)-. The first time it happened he thought his brain’s gone mad. Fortunately, that wise man of Namjoon enlightened him with a quiet “Simple: you’re in love”, fatherly smiling at his neurotic “What?! Impossible! You read too many books!” while he wandered through the waiting room as a trapped mouse.

It can’t be ‘love’ that connection that bonds you, it can’t! He refrained so much from turning that friendship into something bigger he can’t be fallen without even noticing it!

“It wasn’t friendship anymore since you did it in the car.” Hoseok’s patiently stated and Yoongi’s realized he should have sensed something was wrong with him when his brain has passed from ‘She’s drop dead gorgeous tonight in that dress’ to ‘But we both know she’d be better without.’

Yoongi doesn’t even know how everything’s started. You both were there, at that atrocious karaoke-night organized by Taehyung (because every tiny thing Tae organizes is atrocious for his poor heart that cries when smelling ‘social life’) and that quick glance exchanged while singing a crappy song in the most crappy way possible, became a silent flirtatious war: a sudden smirk, biting the bottom lip while checking you out badly, a smile, elbows touching while sitting side by side, hands on thighs for a few seconds while leaning to grab a drink, that powerful look you gave him while he was singing…

That’s the exact instant where everything began.

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