i hope someone likes me for that


Recently I’ve decided to start writing down some of my most common thoughts. Here they are.

  • “Okay, how do I people?” *tries to people* “Nope that’s not it.”
  • “I need to be less salty.” *does something salty* “Nevermind.”
  • “Make one more ignorant statement bitch, I double dare you.“
  • *walks into chemistry class* *sighs in relief* “Finally.”
  • “That’s not logical.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how powerful you are. If you’re ignorant, I won’t follow your orders.”
  • “I hope my face doesn’t look like murder right now.”
  • “I don’t need affection.” *someone I care about shows me affection* “Oooh my goodness…”
  • “How can I criticise this?”
  • “How can I improve this?”
  • *wakes up from daydream* “How long has it been…?”.
  • “How can I be more sarcastic?”
  • “How do I show them I care without them knowing that I care?”
  • “Well that was… redundant.”
  • “Too. Many. People.”

So here is my first try of Christine. Take for now a modern one, because I have no historical correct clothes so far to give her. I personally prefer the brown hair, but since she is blonde in the Leroux’ book, I made both versions.

Hope you like her. Maybe she is listening to something … or someone ;).

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Can I just say that I love your art? Your art style and even your ideas and head cannons for characters are amazing. By God I think I might have found my tumblr crush.. I am so sorry, please allow me to go throw myself in the trashcan where I belong, I'm sorry for bothering by God me. Good bye I hope you have a wonderful day/life.

Hey thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my art and my ideas and I’m honoured to be considered as your tumblr crush.

But I gotta say this: I’ve noticed a lot of you in my inbox saying things like this: ‘sorry for being a bother’ or ‘I’ll be in the trashcan where I belong’ and can I just say, you don’t have to do that? I’m not bothered by it tbh, but I’m just very confused.

You don’t compliment someone by putting yourself down. It’s not cute or funny, and it makes it awkward for the artist - it doesn’t bother me but I’ve seen other artists addressing this. So learn to break out of this habit. You’ll be better off without it


  Mathew: It was really just wise investing, I don’t make that much.

  Araceli: You seem to be doing pretty well for yourself too. Single all this time?

  Mathew shrugs: Yeah, most women aren’t too interested when they hear about my career and honestly…it’s odd dating someone in the business too-

  Araceli: Like me?

  Mathew: You are different…somehow…I don’t know! When I worked with you, it didn’t feel like ‘work’ you know? It felt like something more, I hope the feeling is mutual?

  Hmmm, perhaps. I know the 2nd guy I worked with wasn’t as exciting or passionate than with Matt, I sort of lost myself in the moment with him. I’m not sure I have the experience to really comment on that though so I just shrugged, which probably was rude considering that he just put his feelings out there like that.

  Araceli: Sorry, I just don’t know. I will say that I enjoyed our scene together, more than I thought I would have.

@twopoppies I personally want to say thank you for your kindness and generosity over the past couple of months. To everyone who proudly liked or reposted those disgusting allegations about Gina and her friends I hope you rot in hell. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past couple of months and Gina has been nothing but kind to me. She has been sending me blogs and posts all about helping depression anxiety and i for one want to say that is the type of human being she is. Because of all the bullshit the last couple of days and because of the vile people who made these allegations we are losing someone in this fandom so kind, loving, generous, and talented. I have one thing to say to the person who made the allegations. Karma truly is a bitch and I hope it comes back to bite your head off!!! To Gina…I want to say thank you for so generously letting us as a fandom be a part of your art. Wherever life takes you I wish you all the best! Love you and thank you again ♥️

Oh, I just realized that 1.057 people follow me.

I’m soooo happy that so many of you enjoy my content and I hope that more people will join us.

If you want someone to talk to you are encouraged to chat me, really. I usually don’t do it since I’m extremely shy and my English isn’t that good.

I just created a more personal blog @flowerchild-anna where I’ll post random stuff that you like so you can know more about me!


Per the earlier post I’m here to introduce my self. My name is Tala. Some of you may know me as an admin on the discord server. I’m currently spearheading the effort to get answers. Currently I am waiting to see if Lynn will send me the monthly account statements like she said she would in the discussion we had.

I know someone who also trying to get access to the PayPal so they can also confirm where the money went.

When we get the account statements myself, 3 contributors from the zine, and on personal from outside the zine and unaffiliated will audit the account.

We’re hoping we’ll get the statements audit the account and that will be the end of it.

But on the chance that we do not get statements or there is still money missing we will pursue further action.

I intend to at least post an update a day. Either telling you we have no information or that nothing has changed.

Currently I haven’t heard from Lynn since Thursday. When she sent me the above messages. Since then she left the Bullseye Zine discord and myself and the rest of contributors in the dark.

If you have questions I’ll try to answer them the best I can, but please realize I’m still trying to find answers myself.

I don’t know why tf people say big mood. “Mood” occasionally is okay but saying “mood” or “big mood” after everything is so aggravating.

This is why I love @markiplier new video.

He made is seem like a thing he cared about what it means in a goofy manor. Which is understandable, this is Mark we are talking about here.

But the fact that he turned it into a “joke” is what intrigues me.

Now lookie here:

Does this looks like a “joke” to you? Perhaps a gaff to get people raising questions or theories (which I do admit, I will be coming up with some later~).

Mark knows what he is doing here. He wants us questioning everything. He loves the time and dedication we have to theorizing about his videos, especially as of late.

But for now, enjoy the screenshots. I do hope they serve someone purpose~

It is complete

With each breath I release I unshackle a few particles of me.

Some covered in all my love to warm a soul with what it’s forever longed.

Some covered in want; floating to someone who will use it like it’s meant to.

Particles filled with hope that will freshen up the withering reserves of another.

Selling a second chance while mine forgets every blunder.

Packaged sweetly with a bow by the side, I send out all my emotion hoping it will be someone’s guide.

I need it no more and so I free myself. Hoping it does better than it did with little-miss-not-so-nice.

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Jamie, I'm so sorry you were accosted by that sick anon request. The way you handled that and all the other's you've encountered makes me proud you call you friend. xoxo Andi

I’ve had worse and ignored it but it’s just… like we studied that massacre in depth a couple years back. Bowling for Columbine is a documentary I’ve watched over and over and over again

I know what those boys did. I know how planned out it was. I know how much it shook up that school, how much it affected everyone. I know it’s not something to be taken lightly.

That request wasn’t a legitimate request. It was someone trying to cause shit or upset me.

It did neither, it just made me feel sorry for that anon. Like, imagine being that desperate for attention that you’d even think to send that ask.

Hope they find peace and attention somewhere because they’re not gonna get any more from me

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11 & 19 for everyone (I hope you know that even though you may not like your body, you’re beautiful)

th-thank you anon <3

11 - Do you like your body?

M-most of the time, I think. I feel k-kinda l-l-lanky sometimes and t-too tall, though

19 - When was the last time someone told you that you were beautiful?

Stan likes to mention this on m-most d-dates :’) (I s-swear it’s just because he knows it m-makes m-m-me embarrassed and b-blush :/ )


on the flight 2 chicago i was sitting next to this old dude who kept glaring @ me and sighing like it was such a hindrance to sit next to a fat girl when meanwhile i was literally angling my body as far away from him as possible (i was on the aisle, he was in the middle) and he was sitting with his legs far apart and using two armrests so like……… 1. get bent 2. i hope i sit next to someone who isn’t an asshole on the way home 🤷🏻‍♀️😒

Incest & csa tw

I don’t know what to say about like, a number of people prominent in Discourse Shit revealing that they are straight up pro incest and think that having “personal ick” about incest and pedophilia is immature etc, except that like… “well so and so agrees and is a survivor of X” communicates nothing to me except that this circle is really good at convincing vulnerable people that something that is hurting them must really just be fine, because no one in this circle cares about the well-being of survivors.

Everyone’s healing journey is different but listen: if I was out there saying shit like that, I would hope that someone in my life who knows me and is vaguely familiar with some aspect of my personal history would care enough to take me aside and gently say, “hey, this seems really unhealthy and self-destructive and possibly dangerous to others, are you okay? Why are you doing this?”

I’m not saying anyone who’s been hurt by these people needs to be the one to do that. I’m very specifically saying that this indicates to me that there are people in certain online “scenes” who literally do not care about the harm they cause or enable against survivors, to the point of weaponizing survivors themselves against other survivors, by feeding them bullshit about how their abuse was on some level okay and anyone who disagrees is the real predator.

I can’t in good conscience say nothing about this but I also know that I cannot, at this point in my own recovery or whatever, when I am so immediately contending with shit that hits incredibly close to home here, directly engage in “””calling this out””” or some bullshit internet discourse war, so… that is all I’m gonna say except this:

The people perpetuating this shit because it fits whatever absolute bullshit oppression-LARPing agenda they have today should absolutely be fucking ashamed and delete their goddamn blogs.

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I found the beginning of les mis difficult to follow, and stopped listening to it. Does it get clearer?

i…would probably have had a VERY hard time trying to listen to this novel as an audiobook, and i say that as someone who likes and listens to audiobooks. it’s just pretty dense in places, with a lot of long, sometimes syntactically convoluted sentences. i’d recommend reading it as text if you can, even if you’re a slow reader. 

i admit there’ve been passages where i was like, “wait, what just happened??” and had to re-read a page or paragraph a couple times for clarity, and also a couple long stretches of exposition, impromptu history lesson, and/or It’s Time For Victor Hugo’s Many Opinions! that took me a while to get through because i kept getting bored/impatient/confused. so i’m not going to lie and tell you that this is a perfectly clear novel after a certain point, especially if, like me, you’re kinda dumb to begin with. 

HOWEVER, the narrative picks up its pace like whoa after the first 100 pages of meandering Bishop Myriel Slice Of Life, and the main plot of the novel is easy enough to follow + engagingly (melo)dramatic. once it gets going, this is not one of those books where essentially nothing happens for 50 pages at a time. things rarely stop happening. vicky large is clearly making a considerable effort to entertain you as well as edify you. my attention span is terrible, as previously implied, and i would actually describe les mis as “gripping” in several places. or, i would describe it that way if i were a person prone to describing things as though i were a reviewer endorsement quote on the back of a DVD box. if you haven’t gotten to the point where jean valjean and fantine are in the story, i would at least hold out until then and see if you find it less confusing/boring once they show up.

the other thing i’d recommend is finding someone else to recommend a good translation for you. there are TONS of english-language translations of les mis, and while i’m not versed in the specifics, i’m sure some of them are way more readable for a general audience than others are. the one my friend rec’d me seems to be known for striking a pretty good balance between “readability” and “accuracy to the original”, i guess? (it’s Fahnestock + MacAfee.) but again, i don’t know much about this subject of english-language les mis translations and their comparative merits, just that it’s probably worth looking into.

i think of myself as a someone with a fairly detached investment in reylo- i don’t need it to be canon or even necessarily see it as a romantic thing, im just very intrigued by the dynamic between these two characters because it stuck out as Significant to me in TFA. i’ve read more than my share of fics and like fanart, but what i read in fics is totally different from what i expect/hope to see on screen, and quite a bit of reylo fan content rubs me the wrong way. im a reylo snob, i admit. 

but the promotional material for TLJ has me fuckin screaming internally, and im trying so hard not to get my hopes up but YALL they might actually be ALLIES by the end of this and that has been my most coveted dream for the last two years. i’ve been trying to pacify the beast screaming ‘KYLO REN REDEMPTION ARC’ and ‘SOMETHINGS UP WITH THOSE TWO’ since i saw TFA but the lead up for TLJ is throwing me for a loop like NO I READ THIS FIC ALREADY 

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(1/2)Hey I know you’re crazy knowledgeable so I was hoping you could help me find out what/who this is. We were at a new moon ritual & did a guided meditation where we scryed into a lake after climbing down a tree below its roots & I briefly saw someone looking at me in the water (or possibly some other substance). He/she/it/they had long pointed ears, black beady eyes & really thick (box?) braids that came down to around their shoulders.

(2/2)Me & my friend asked the cards about who they were/their intentions & we both got only positive results. My 1st thought was that it was a dark elf due to the location & lately being partial to norse lore but I was hoping you could throw me some other possibilities & what they were likely popping up for, if anything. Thanks <3

It is possible. Dark Elves (Dökkálfar) reside in Savartálfheim. They are commonly described to be “pitch black” and dark to look at, unlike the Light Elves (Ljósálfar). Some scholars claim that Dark Elves are synonymous to dwarves, since they both reside underground. I do remember reading in a Norse mythology book at one point that Dark Elves have black and have sort of beady eyes, or at least it is one of their common physical traits. I highly suggest that you read The Pathwalker’s Guide to the Nine Worlds by Raven Kaldera, there is a fairly large section about them in that book. 

You’re sitting in the theatre. Everything is perfect. It’s accurate, it’s visually stunning, everyone is on point. It’s a perfect adaption. The title flies on screen.
Deep voice: Fullmetal Alchemist
Everyone in the theatre:(slightly different intonation) Fullmetal Alchemist.

The signs as science memes