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Could you do headcanons of bakugou dating a chubby s/o (preferably female but it doesn't matter) and s/o is confident in their body but someone makes fun of them or compares them to other people in the school? I'm so sorry if that's too much I love your blog and your writing! Thank you! ❤️


- Bakugou loves how confident you are in your own skin.

-  Katsuki likes seeing you try on clothes in front of the mirror. It’s nice seeing you look happy and admiring yourself.

- Brags to his squad on how much booty he gets to hold at night.

- Pissed as hell though when somebody starts up on how chubby his girlfriend is.


- “ FI TE M E YO U L O S E R S.”

- Immediately beats them up,,, let’s be real, nobody gets to bully his S/O especially if she feels confident in her own skin.

- “ Don’t listen to those losers, they’re just jealous that you’re sexy as hell.”

What your Avatar: The Last Airbender OTP says about you:

Kataang: The happiest cinnamon roll. You have been with them since the very first episode when they gazed into each other’s eyes and that, for you, was it. You’re goofy and probably regularly make heart eyes at people (maybe even without knowing it). The most defensive of the shippers.

Zutara: You have so much angst in your blood that you have completely denied any and all claims that Zuko and Katara DIDN’T end up together. They loved each other so much and you are physically pained at their lack of canon, on-screen romance (because of course all the hardcore make-out sessions happened off-screen, duh). You have an unbreakable bond with literally every Zutarian. You’re artistic, and every song makes you think of them. LITERALLY every song. The most hardcore of the shippers and the snarkiest.

Tokka: The quiet, funny one in the friend group. Sometimes the things you say go unheard, but that doesn’t make them any less hilarious. You’re a sucker for hand-holding and cheek kisses. You identify strongly with either Toph or Sokka (or both). Your favorite kinda of relationships involve insults and sarcasm in the most loving way. The most dedicated of the shippers because even after the Korra finale, you still want to believe that Su Yin is the Tokka child.

Maiko: You had an emo phase in middle school that lasted a little too long. Maybe traces of it still linger, who knows? Maybe you cover it up with drama club or marching band? The dark, brooding types were always your weakness. When Mai betrayed Azula for Zuko, that not only sealed the deal, but broke your heart. Your stone-cold heart. Your humor may be a little dry or dark, but you can really be yourself around your good friends and they love every bit of you!

Yukka: You probably cry a lot. “That’s rough buddy” is your mantra.  You’re expectations for relationships tend to be a bit high and you’re extremely romantic. A person who can make you laugh is the only person you can see yourself being with forever.

Zukaang: Although you’re sure there’s something more than friendship between them, you share your head canons sparingly with outside shippers. A lot of people probably think you’re crazy but you know it’s there. You like to play matchmaker for your friends, even if they don’t know about it. The hero/villain romance is not only the hottest, but the most thrilling in your opinion. You’re read a lot of smutty fanfiction.

Sukka: The mom of the friend group. Your OTP is canon, yes, but it is forgotten as well. You’re the one who sits back and monitors the ship wars, not really wanting to be involved. Just silently knowing that you have the best OTP. Suki is a precious warrior princess and you hate when people leave her out of the team avatar posts. You’re a strong believer in love finding a way through anything. Long distance relationships come easily because communication is really what gets you connected. You probably like to bake or something.

Azuko/Katokka: You should probably never have children.

Tyzula: You’ll take anything…ANYTHING that implies that your ship is canon. You can be soft and gentle when you need to be, but only those who are really close to you know how absolutely wild you are. You might scare people around you with your vibrance, but everyone knows you and everyone likes you…even if it’s only a little bit.

Taang: Rough around the edges, but a total softie underneath. You love modern AUs more than you care to admit. You believe in young love, even if it’s just for the moment. Friendships can definitely last more than one lifetime as far as you’re concerned. An optimistic realist who, while seeing the facts and general perspective of a situation, can remain hopeful even in tough times.

Sokkla: Like a Zutarian, only angrier and a lot more sarcastic.

Tylaang: Fluff fluff and more fluff. Everything is fluff. You’re a dreamer and you probably still have all of your old stuffed animals somewhere tucked away (or maybe even on your bed I ain’t judging). You love the art of dancing, whether you’re good at it or not.

Toko: You like things to match up, even though you’re hella disorganized. Everybody has to have somebody. You might have started shipping it simply or even as a joke, but now you’re pretty screwed because you’re invested. Also, your ship name sounds like Taco. That’s a plus.

Jetara: Go watch Greese. It’ll help sooth the pain.

[What your ______ OTP says about you: part 1 ]

Malec: S2E8 missing scene

Author’s note: I decided to write a Malec ‘missing scene’ type thing which features a conversation I felt would have been important from episode eight, especially considering the circumstances.

If anybody ever feels like Alec, please know that it is okay to ask for help. I’m not an expert but if you feel like talking to somebody I’m here and also please be aware of your local suicide prevention hotline. Please be safe!!

That being said, I hope you enjoy this Malec fan fiction. It’s short but kinda sweet, I guess??? Haha.


After the whole ordeal with Iris Rouse had been solved, Magnus looked around his apartment to observe the damage. In normal circumstances, he would have fixed the destroyed walls and the cluttered ornaments right away. Right now, though, Magnus knew he had a more pressing matter to deal with.

“We should be leaving,” Clary said in a small voice. Once Magnus had sent Iris to the Clave, an uneasy silence had settled around the room as the severity of the night dwelled on the group. “Thanks for a great party, Magnus,” she continued, the unheard ‘despite’ hanging in the air between them.

Magnus managed a smile. “That’s quite alright, Biscuit.”

Clary took Simon’s hand and left the apartment. Izzy and Jace made to follow, choosing not to say a word but to just give a solemn nod in acknowledgment.

Jace paused by the door, realising his Parabatai was not following them. “You coming, Alec?” he questioned, cocking his head in the direction of the door.

Alec was visibly tense, a frown somehow deeper than usual arranged on his face. “No,” he replied through his teeth.

Jace looked, concerned, towards Magnus, who in turn motioned a hand as if to tell him to leave. Although he was obviously worried, Jace thought it best to let Magnus try and get through to Alec, so he simply give another nod and left.

The audible click of the front door echoed in the apartment. Alec’s hands were squeezed tightly into fists, his eyes just as harshly closed, and his jaw was shaking with the effort it was taking him to try and calm down. Magnus took a cautious step towards him, and then another, and then another, until they were face to face.

“Alec,” Magnus said softly, placing a hand on around one of Alec’s trembling fists. “Open your eyes for me.” There was no response. If anything, Alec just squeezed his eyes shut even more. “Alec, please. Let me see your eyes.” Magnus placed his spare hand gently onto Alec’s face, rubbing his thumb across his cheek. “Alexander.”

Alec finally responded, opening his eyes to reveal desperate pools of hazel.

“Hey,” Magnus whispered. “Come and sit down with me, okay?”

Alec nodded in reply, and loosened the first that Magnus was holding so that they could intertwine hands. The warlock was glad for the connection. He wanted to believe that he was helping Alec more than anything.

When Magnus and Alec got to the couch, the Shadowhunter sat down first and immediately let his head fall into the palms of his hands. Though Magnus was at first going to sit next to him, he instead kneeled down in front of Alec, placing his hands on both of Alec’s wrists, squeezing in reassurance.

“Alec,” he coaxed. “Alexander, please. Let me help you.”

At last, Alec said something, moving his hands away from his face.. “Why do you even want to?” he asked, broken. “Why.. why would anybody want to?”

Magnus felt his chest rip into pieces. “Of course I want to help you, Alexander. Do you have any idea how much I care about you? I can’t bare to see you this upset.”

Alec dragged a hand through his dark, tangled hair. “Do you know why I wouldn’t open my eyes?” he said rhetorically. “Because, Magnus. Because I couldn’t look at you. Because I couldn’t bare for you to look at me, upset. Disappointed. You don’t deserve to be upset, Mags. I’m the one person who’s supposed to make you happy and I can’t even do that properly.” He scoffed humourlessly. Magnus felt a frown fall onto his face. “God, can I do anything right?!”

Magnus rose onto the couch beside the younger man, simply encouraging him to, “Go on.”

Alec began to pour his heart out to Magnus. “I killed Jocelyn,” he said definitively. “I know everybody keeps telling me that it wasn’t my fault, it was the demon’s - problem is, it was my hand reaching into her chest. It wasn’t a demon’s. It was mine. I’m a Shadowhunter. We’re trained to fight these things off. I should have known; I should have been better.. but I wasn’t. And I’m never, ever going to forgive myself for that. Clary shouldn’t! I killed her mother.”

“And it just- it makes me think. I know I was hallucinating earlier. I know that’s not what Clary actually thinks about me. But it’s what she should think. It probably is what everybody else thinks. And, you know,” he shrugged his shoulders, his voice breaking. “Maybe everybody would be better off without me. Like I said. I can’t do anything right.”

Alec’s heartbroken eyes finally met Magnus’ as he turned his head. His hands began to shake again and, before he knew it, he was encompassed in Magnus’ arms, sobbing.

“Listen to me, Alexander.” Magnus was sharp, but slightly muffled against Alec’s blazer. His eyes, too, watered. “A lot of people would miss you if you weren’t here. I can’t think of a single person that would be better off without you around. You’re a protector, a brother, a son, a friend. One half of a Parabatai bond. My boyfriend, who I can no longer imagine life without. Don’t you ever think for even a second that you are not cared for. You are; more so than you could ever know.” He felt Alec nod against his shoulder, and pulled away, raising a hand to wipe the tears away from Alec’s face. Magnus leaned back against the couch, putting an arm around Alec, who in turn shuffled to rest his head against Magnus’ chest.

“It’s just- hard, sometimes.” Alec flinched. “I guess. I’ve.. I’ve never really had anybody who worries about me. I mean, Izzy does to an extent of course. But I never really felt comfortable talking to her about my problems. I mean, I’m her older brother, you know? I’m the worrier.”

Magnus joined their free hands together. “Well, now you do. You can always come to me, Alec.”

“I know.” Alec smiled for the first time in a while. “Same goes for you.”

“And, Alexander?”


“Please never worry that you’re not making me happy. I haven’t felt anything quite like this in a long time,” the warlock admitted. “Maybe ever.”

“Oh,” Alec gasped, shocked. Not knowing what to say in reply, he simply leaned up and kissed Magnus on the cheek. Magnus, unwilling to let Alec pull away, caught him in a tender kiss on the lips that would leave the two breathless.

“Can I stay here, tonight?” Alec asked as he settled back down onto Magnus’ chest.

“Oh, Alexander,” Magnus responded fondly. “You should know by now that you never need to ask.”


Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 6/?)

PART 1    PART 2     PART 3     PART 4       PART 5

I arrived at school and spotted Jess, Sheri and Zach standing outside.

“Hi, guys”, I came up to them.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s up girl? Did you do that English homework?”, Jess asked.

We had English together, and having class with Jessica had good and bad sites. Good – I was in class with my friend. Bad – she have never done her homework.

“Yes, I did”, I rolled my eyes and took my notebook out of my bag.

Unfotunately, along with the book my home keys fell out to the ground.

“Shit”, I mumbled and bent down to grab them, I was wearing loose shirt, so when I reached down more of my chest was visible than when I was standing.

“Wait, wait, wait”, Jess titled my shirt showing a lot of my boob to the world.

“What the hell, Jess?”, I asked shocked. Zach quickly turned his head away, which was nice.

“Is that a hickey?”, she pointed at my breast.

“…Nooo?”, I patted her hand, she stopped  holding my shirt and I could finally fix it so that everyone around couldn’t see my boob.

“Then what is that?”, she asked crossing her arms on her chest.

“I… I… Ummm… Burned myself with a straightener…”, I tried to come up with any excuse. “Yeah, right, I was playing with a straightener and burned myself. On a boob”, I shrugged like nothing.

“You burned your boob with a straighneter?”, she totally wasn’t buying it.

“Can you just stop saying boob?”, Zach asked.

“Well, yeah, I was home alone and tried to learn how to curl my hair with a straightener, I was holding it like this”, I started showing them some moves that was supposed to show playing with straightener, “and then I got notification on my phone and I wanted to check it, because I’m stupid, cause who normal would check their phone while holding straightener, right?”, I started giggling nervously. “So yeah, I took my phone, then straightener went like this and yeah, I burned my boob. Sorry, Zach, I burned myself”, I nodded my head as if I tried to convince myself it was true.

Jessica stared at me for a longer moment and when she finally open her mouth to say something Justin and Montgomery came up.

“Hey, y’all”, Foley wrapped his arm arund Jess. “What’s up?”

Fucking bastard, I thought when I quickly looked at Monty. Sheri was biting her lip trying not to laugh.

“Y/N, you’re lying”, Jessica laughed. “You have a fucking hickey!”

“Shut up!”, I nervously looked around just to see few people turned their head in our direction and few jocks sent me cocky smiles, so obviously they had heard her. “It’s not a hickey”’, I said quietly.

“She has a hickey?”, Justin asked, again too loud. “I don’t believe it until I see it”

“You’re her boyfriend, I’m not gonna show you my boob”.

“I’m nobody’s boyfriend”, Monty spoke.

“Fuck off, Montgomery”, I rolled my eyes. “Nobody’s gonna watch a hickey”.

“Ha! So you have it!”, Justin pointed at me.

“I don’t have any… You know what, whatever, here, copy your homework”, I gave Jess my notebook. “I’m going to the class, see you later losers and I don’t want to hear about hickey that doesn’t exist again”, I waved at them and went inside.

Instead of going to class and went to the toilet, locked myself in one of the stalls and tilted my shirt.

“Fuck…”, I mumbled.

Hickey obviously was there, but I was dressing up in such a hurry in the morning that I didn’t even saw it. I took my phone and texted Monty.

Y/N: I hope you’re fucking proud of yourself.

I left the stall and my phone buzzed.

Montgomery: I don’t consider your breast as a visible place. It’s your and your blouse’s fault.

Y/N: You’re ridiculous and I’ll kill you the first second I met you.

The first second came quickly, because I bumped on him when I left toilet.

“Hello, hickey girl”.

“Don’t even start”, I stopped him with my hand and quickly walked passed him and went to the class.

Second period was Math, but luckily when Monty got to the class I was talking to Alex, de la Cruz had to take the seat and because his seat was at the opposite end of the room I was sure he wouldn’t try to talk to me for another hour.

On lunch break I was waiting in line in cafeteria when I felt someone staring over my shoulder I turned my head and saw one of the jocks trying to look under my shirt.

“Seriously?”, I asked. “Seriously?”

I took my tray and walked away to the table where already sat Sheri, Jeff and Zach.

“What did he want from you?”, Jeff asked.

“To check if there is a hickey on my breast”, I said basically throwing food at the table.

“Is there any?”

“No!”, I lied and lying to Jeff felt terrible, but I couldn’t just say ‘yes there is, Monty did it during our casual sex’.

Speaking of the devil, he showed up shortly after me with Justin and Jessica.

“Hey, thanks for homework, I changed it so it wouldn’t look too obvious”, she put my notebook next to me.

I nodded my head without saying a word.

“Oh, Y/N, come on”, she jerked my arm. “Don’t be mad”.

“How can I not be mad when you basically shouted out that I have a hickey on a boob and three minutes ago this jerk”, I pointed at the guy who was standing behind me in the line, “tried to see if it’s really there”.

I spotted Monty’s jaw clenched, I kicked him under the table, so he would calm down.

“Just tell me who did the damn hickey and if it’s really not a hickey, say it again and this time I’ll believe you and never talk about this again, I promise”.

She bit her lips waiting for me to response.

“It’s not a hickey”, I said quietly.  

“Okay”, she smiled.

After lunch I left cafeteria with Monty as we were going for chemistry, but I didn’t even say a word.

“Hey, say something”, he said. I didn’t answered. “Oh, come on, you’re not that pissed.”

“Yes, I am”.

“It’s not even my fault”, he rolled his eyes.

“So are you saying you’re not the one who did the fucking hickey?”, I asked quietly but harshly.

“Well, obviously it was me, but everyone found out because of fucking Jessica”, he defended himself.

“I’m lying to my friends because of you. You’re lying to your friends, you feel good with that?”.

“Jeez, it’s not like somebody gets hurt or anything because of that. Don’t treat it like lying, consider it as… not saying the whole truth”, he said.

“Okay, listen”, I took a deep breath. “I got mad and it stressed me a bit, so I might be a bitch today. Just give me a day, tomorrow I’ll be normal, I don’t stay mad for too long”.

“You know, I can make it up to you”, Monty smirked at me.

“You’ll do whole chemistry project by yourself?”, I smiled with hope even though I knew he wasn’t talking about that.

“Nooo, I mean something more… physical”.

“No, no, no, not anytime soon”, I shaked my head.

“Why, I didn’t pushed anyone today!”, he protested.

“You did other things. Now you have to get punished”, I said. “And I don’t mean any weird foreplay or whatever you’re imagining in your head right now”, I added quickly seeing smirk on his face. “And nothing’s gonna happen for like another five days, I can tell you”, I say quietly. I looked at him, Monty clearly didn’t have any idea what am I talking about. “It’s these days”, I put an accent on a word, so he would finally understand.

“Ohh… Right…”, he nodded his head being a little uncomfortable. “But your mouths aren’t bleeding, right?”

“You’re a dick”, I said a little bit too loud while we were walking into class.

“Ms Y/L/N, language please”, teacher reprimanded me.

“Sorry, “ I mumbled when I was taking my seat while Monty was cracking up trying not to laugh.

This one is a little bit shorter, because… idk why, it is what it is, there isn’t even a lot of Monty in it lol

sneak peak: next part - protective (!) Monty

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Imagine you and Cassian's child (either boy or girl you choose) asking about Cassian because he's not around. :'(

Guess who’s baaaaack. So it’s been a while since I’ve written, and honestly I have missed it so much. I won’t go into detail, but basically I had my heart broken by somebody and it’s taken me a while to feel like my old self. :( I’m not 100% okay just yet, and I won’t be for a while but I’m at least feeling up to writing again which is a good sign. 

I’m probably a little rusty, so this request isn’t very long. I hope you lovelies like it though. And I chose boy for this because choosing a name for a girl gave me a headache and with a boy I used Cassian’s middle name. :P

Warnings: None

Words: 687

Jeron looked so much like his father.

As soon as he’d been born, you had known that he would look just like Cassian.

Call it a hunch or a mother’s instinct, but you had known he’d take after him.

What you hadn’t known, though, was how painful it was going to be for you.

It killed you. Jeron’s perfect resemblance to his father—it absolutely killed you. 

Whenever you looked into his face, into his dark brown eyes, you saw him.

You saw Cassian in Jeron and it shattered your heart into pieces every time.

“Mama? Can I ask you a question?”

It was late in the evening and you were finishing tucking Jeron into his bed. 

“If it has anything to do with you staying up late to watch holograms, the answer to that question is no, not a chance,” You answered, giving him knowing smile.

Jeron playfully rolled his eyes. “Fine, then can I ask you another question?”

“Of course, sweetheart,” You replied, pulling his woolen blankets up to his chin.

“Well, it’s just today in Galactic History, we learned about the Battle of Scarif.”

You instantly froze on the spot and your eyes went wide. 

It wasn’t like Jeron didn’t know about his father.

He knew that for most of his life, Cassian had been part of the Rebel Alliance.

Jeron also knew that he had died as an officer on a mission. But that was all that you had told him, even though he constantly asked to know more about Cassian and The Rebel Alliance. “Maybe when you’re a little older,” You would answer, to Jeron’s disappointment. He was only nine years old, and you thought it was best to wait a little longer before you told him everything—about Kaytoo, about Galen and Jyn Erso, about The Death Star. 

“Oh,” You said, trying your best to keep an even, steady tone. “Is that so?”

He nodded. “Is it true that Pappa died in that battle?”

You chewed anxiously on your bottom lip. How were you supposed to do this?


You hesitated for a moment before finally replying, “Yes, sweetheart. It’s true. He died during that battle.” You let out a small sigh and sat down on the bed beside him. “You weren’t even a year old when it happened.”

Jeron frowned. “Is that why I don’t remember him?”

“You were only just a baby, then. You hadn’t been out of my tummy very long.”

“Everyone says that he was really brave.”

You smiled sadly. “Your Pappa was very brave. He was the bravest man I knew.”

Jeron’s eyes met yours and you felt that familiar aching inside of your chest.

“I wish that he was still here, Mama.”

You leaned forward, kissing his forehead. “Me too, my love. But the sacrifice that he made, the sacrifice that everyone in that battle made, it was all for the greater good. It was so that you could have a better future.” You paused for a second as the memory of the day you had said goodbye to Cassian flooded your mind. You cried and cried, and with your infant son in your arms, you begged him not to go on that mission, you pleaded him not to get on that ship with the other Rebels. It was a wound that refused to heal, even after all these years. “He did it for us. He went on that mission so that we could be safe from The Empire.”

Jeron went completely silent.

“Are you alright?” You asked, worried that the discussion had upset him.

Slowly, he nodded. “Yes, Mama. But I have another question about Pappa.”

“What is it?”

“Did he love me?”

You smiled sadly. “Oh yes. Your Pappa loved you very much. He loved you more than anything and anyone in the whole entire galaxy.”

He beamed. “Really?”

“Of course. You were the best thing that ever happened to him—to the both of us.”

Jeron reached over his blanket, taking your hand. “Thank you, Mama.”

“For what, my love?”

“For telling me about my Pappa.”

Definitely rusty. :( but I hope to shake it off quickly! 

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Prompt: Random girl at bar starts flirting with Jake, Jake is clueless and it all goes right over his head, Amy steps in and gets her to back off

HI THANK U FOR THIS PROMPT I HAD FUN bc jake is a puppy and of course he’s got no clu what’s happenin:

On an early December evening, the warmth of Shaw’s is immediately comforting- as he enters, Jake can feel everything from the freezing cold tip of his nose, to his red cheeks, to the stiffness of his icy fingers, encompassed by the cosy heat of the room.

Reluctantly- despite this warmth- he pulls off his coat and his scarf as he approaches the bar, slipping onto a stool and trying to catch Carl’s eye so he can signal for a beer. This is to no avail; it’s busier than usual in here, even for a Friday, and he’s completely occupied, hands full with dirty glasses while someone gives him an order. For now, Jake relaxes against the bar, pulling his phone from his pocket to check the time.

For what may very well be the first time in his life, he’s early.

He’s due to meet her here in half an hour, to celebrate the end of what’s been a completely tortuous week. Both are working stupidly, painfully long cases, and have barely seen each other, even at work. He feels it in his chest, a tightness, one he’s known long before these couple months of their romantic relationship- a tightness that can only be fixed by Amy.

A hollow grumble in his stomach brings a sharp pang of hunger into his head, which is when he realises he hasn’t actually had anything to eat since breakfast. Mindlessly, he picks at a bowl of peanuts on the bar, only glancing up a couple of times- to order a beer, and to check for Amy.

“Hey, are you okay? You look lonely!”

A saccharine, perky voice makes him do a double take; at first, he’s not even sure it’s addressing him, until he turns round and sees a smiling blonde woman next to him.

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6.30.2017 11:29 AM CET (5:29 AM my home time): Hello! I hope you guys have enjoyed the travel photos in lieu of normal updates. But I haven’t stopped studying! Whenever I talk to somebody and I need to learn a word I don’t know, I write down what they tell me in my Spanish notebook. Instead of being by topic, it’s by date. I have some extra time to study today, though, so I’m going to try to learn the happy vocab that I just reblogged because I often tell people how much I like Solsona. I hope everyone’s having a great Friday!

Complicated | Mark Lee

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 |

Summary: You were accepted to SM Entertainment as a dancer, starting a new chapter of life. Your dream is finally coming true.

Word Count: 1,139

Genre: fluff; later angst

A/N: I am actually applying for universities right now, that’s why it took me a little longer now to post the 4th part, but here you go i hope you like it!! Also thank you for reading it ♡

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Journal - Yuta x Reader - College!AU


Word Count: 5432

Trigger Warnings: Some offensive language, Hints at anxiety and depression

Genre: College!AU, Angst, More angst, Seriously it’s a lot of angst

Hey, Yuta.

Wednesday, March 29th. That’s the day we first started talking. Now, yeah, you’re probably wondering what’s up with all this weird sappy crap. I also bet you’re reading this in my voice, aren’t you?

Anyways, I started writing this a little while after I found out I was eventually leaving. I hope I have another semester left, but in case not, I’m leaving you this.

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Ok but consider: SecretlyBadass!Sid who doesn't know what Geno does until he gets kidnapped, whereupon he shows that he's totally badass and that he has his own secret (in general/in his past/he's actually running a gang himself, doesn't really matter) (i feel like he would pick up on Geno's thing if he had a gang though/past experience w/such so maybe not that though)

(continuation to this and this) - ahhh i changed the prompt a little bit, hope you don’t mind

Peter literally does not know what is happening. Sidney had sent him out on a grocery run to pick up sour cream–well, more like Peter immediately offered, because somebody had to be home to watch the stove–and upon returning, he’s instantly greeted with the sight of Sidney, bound to a chair and gagged, with tears streaming down his terrified eyes, while three men surrounded him, one of whom is gripping Sidney by his hair.

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I really like collecting words and I have a handful that I feel as though Logan would enjoy and maybe use. I hope you see/enjoy this, as I love the Sander sides videos.

Cajoled (v.)
past tense of cajole
To persuade somebody with flattery and flirting.
(It’s a great word to use instead of said.)

Selcouth (adj.)
To be strange or unfamiliar, even wondrous.
(this word is a beauty because it’s homological, which is always fun)

Homological (adj.)
Antonym of heterological
To describe itself. e.g. the word ‘word’ is homological because it’s written as a word.
(see also Grelling-Nelson Paradox, it’s super cool)

Lilt (v.)
used with or without an object
To talk or play in rhythmic manner; to sing while you talk.
(I dare say this is how Roman has ever said anything)

Quizzaciously (adv.)
To say in a mocking or sarcastic manner.
(Just to flaunt his vocab without the others having any idea what his saying. This word was also made famous by Vsauce, which is awesome)

Pulchritudinous (adj.)
Physically beautiful or comely.
(This is such a mean-sounding compliment and it would allow him to tell the others they’re pretty without them knowing)

L’espirit de l’escalier (idiom)
That voice that tells you all the things you should have said after leaving a conversation.
(Another one of those annoying things anxiety does)

Schlimazel (n.)
Informal and also Yiddish
A frustratingly unlucky or accident prone person
(I feel like Logic would love to call Thomas this)

Ataraxy (n.)
A sense and state of tranquillity and calmness
(Just a pretty word ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Lexicographer (n.)
A person who collects and compiles words.
(Something I think Logic is and I aspire to be)

“You learning things is the closest thing I will ever be to feeling love”  

- Logan

anonymous asked:

How would Qrow, Ozpin, Cinder and Ironwood deal with a s/o that fits the cloudcuckoolander trope (someone with a seemingly bizarre logic, difficult to follow trail of thought, eventually strange mannerism, etc. but in case somebody understand 1/2

them, their ramblings may reveal themself to include some very fascinating/wise insights)? 2/2

This was an interesting one, hope I did your request justice!



  • Crap, it’s like another Ozpin, spouting weird, deep nonsense.
  • Seriously though, he’ll try and follow his s/o’s train of thought, and he’ll be mildly successful but some times he’s just left like ‘yeah, okay babe.’
  • He never patronize them or dismiss them because of their ramblings, though.
  • Real smug whenever someone doubts them but then something they said is revealed to be real wise and important and that person is just left like ‘oh…’
  • I’ve heard crows are smart creatures, yet why am I always scraping them off my windows after I just washed them?
  • ‘… was that an insult?’


  • ‘s/o, you are so insightful.’
  • He listens to everything they say.
  • Tries and decodes all of it.
  • He’s actually pretty good at following along.
  • They suggest something seemingly insane that just leaves everyone else like ‘???????’ but Oz is nodding along like ‘yes, go on.’
  • He hates how everyone dismisses them when in actuality they have a very good understanding of how the world works and is very wise with great ideas. It’s probably one of the few things that could actually make him mad, someone openly disrespecting them repeatedly.


  • This girl as been spoiling your plans? Why, we should dress her up like a steak and wait for the beowolves to get her!
  • ‘… what?’
  • Humors her s/o, but doesn’t quite understand them. 
  • She tries, really she does, but she just can’t quite wrap her head around what they’re trying to say.
  • They’ll start spouting nonsense and she’ll just kinda put her hand on their head and pull them to her side like ‘ssshhhh’.
  • But anyone who calls them crazy or disrespects them gets fucking burnt immediately.


  • ‘No, dear, I will not paint the entire Atlesian air fleet like a flock of parrots. Yes, I have no doubt it would distract the enemy but i’m not sure it’s practical.’
  • He’s used to Oz saying weird, deep metaphors but this is on a different level and it kinda throws him off.
  • Like before their dating he’ll be in a room with them and he’d be internally blushing looking at them, but when they turn and say something odd he’s just… confused.
  • He is kinda dismissive of them for a while, honestly. 
  • After a while of knowing them, though, he really starts to listen and realizes ‘oh, they have weird logic but if you take a minute they actually know what they’re talking about’.
  • He’s embarrassed he dismissed them so easily and actually apologizes (even though he never outwardly said anything disrespectful, not even behind their back) before ever asking them out. 
JD x Reader - Nightmares (FLUFF)

WC: ?

Requested: Yes! By @take-a-look-the-invisible-girl ((I hope this is okay! By all means, tell me if it isn’t. I’ll gladly fix it!))

Summary: the reader has been having awful nightmares and it leads to one bad school day and a whole lot of fluff!

Warnings: swearing, alluding to murder (is that even a warning??)

(S/n) = school name
(Y/b/n) = your bully’s name


Blood. There was blood everywhere you looked, running red rivers turned into oceans. At your feet, the cold and stiff hand of your mother had fallen. Just moments ago, you had watched her scream and beg for her life. You tried to run towards her, to save her. But your feet were planted forcefully to the spot, ensuring you could see as the tall black figure plunged a knife into her neck. Her pale and lifeless eyes gazed up at you, her mouth hung open in terror.

Without warning, her corpse unleashed an ungodly screech, jolting you out of your nightmare.

Sweat poured from your body as you peeled your pyjama top off of you and sighed. This was the 4th nightmare of the week and it was only Wednesday. You just couldn’t do it anymore. Every night and nap, without fail, you were forced to watch as everyone you loved was slaughtered right before your eyes. Your mother, your father, your sibling and even your boyfriend.

The cruel face of the alarm clock read 3:52am. The red numbers blinked at you furiously, angry at your presence. Maybe JD would be awake right now…

To: JD🖤
From: (y/n/n)💙
You awake..? X

You hovered over the send button for a while before deciding against it. He’d probably just get mad…

‘Fuck it’, you though. If the nightmares wouldn’t stop, you’d just stop sleeping. Tying your (h/l) (h/c) up in a messy ponytail, you pull out a book and begin to read until the sun came up.


Arriving at (s/n), you’re greeted by the usual smirk of your boyfriend, Jason 'JD’ Dean. In his hand, a blue raspberry slushee cup.
“Care for a hit?” He asked you, swinging an arm around your shoulder. “You look like you could use it.”
Glaring slightly, you take the cup and drink fast, causing a searing cold to tear through your mind like a blade.
“Fuck!” You exclaim, making JD chuckle.
“Did you sleep at all, (y/n/n)?” He asks, sarcasm dripping from his blue tongue.
“Did you?” You quip back, hoping to turn the conversation around. He doesn’t need to know, you think.
“Not at all, actually. I was… busy.” He replies with an air of caution in his voice. You cock your head with confusion, like a lost puppy, but shrug it off.

Walking down the halls was weird. Blame it on sleep loss but something felt different. As though somebody was missing… It took about an hour or so but eventually, it clicked. (Y/b/n) wasn’t there! You asked around but nobody seemed to know. Apparently they’re sick? Something about that didn’t sound quite right. But your mind was too foggy with sleep deprivation to care too much.


Days without sleep turned to weeks and each day, your brain became foggier. (Y/b/n) had yet to return to school and an investigation was now underway. You prayed they wouldn’t call on you for a statement, knowing that no coherent words would form from your lips. As luck would have it, you had only had to face 2 tests in the last three weeks, both of which you failed pitifully. It was getting bad… Noticeably so.

JD had been trying incredibly hard to find out what was wrong with you but you kept your mouth shut tight.
He doesn’t need to know.
He began to wonder if someone was bullying you and became extremely intent on finding out who. When his searches came up empty, he was frantic.
“Who is it? You’ve GOT to tell me! Is it Jack? Katie? Betty?” He was jumping up and down in the hallway, trench coat swinging as he went. To you, he looked hilarious but adorable. Like a dog with a bone, he kept throwing out names in hopes of a reaction.

As you walked, the hallway began to stretch and distort before your eyes. The words that your boyfriend was speaking began to float away into white noise, barely audible over the pounding of your heart. Slowly, every colour fused into one largely white blob and your knees caved underneath you. The last thing you remember was JD screaming your name. You closed your eyes, waiting for the impact of the solid floor but… it never came. Instead, you felt calloused hands on your bare arm before everything went black.


“JD!! No! Please don’t die, please! You can fight him! Please!” You screamed. The familiar scene of torture unfolded in front of you, this time your trench coat clad boyfriend was the victim. The deep red seemed almost neon against his black attire, his screams shook to your core.
Not again…
You look down to see your wrists shaking, nails drawing blood from your palms. You push harder, trying to move. Nothing.

“(Y/n), sweetheart? I heard screaming. What’s going o-” Your mother enters the scene. As quickly as she’s there, she’s gone. Writhing on the floor in agony, you watch the features etched onto her face go stiff.
This continues as your father, best friend, sibling and other friends of yours enter and die. It’s almost like a conveyor belt in a sick and sadistic factory. Around your feet, corpses litter the floor. Each face filled with its own tragedy.

Wake up… please wake up…



“(Y/n)? (Y/n)!” Your boyfriend says frantically, watching your body contort with pain. Tears flood down your cheeks, hands balled up in fists around the white sheets.

Finally, you wake with a deep and throaty scream. Your voice is hoarse from the internalised screams. Without even acknowledging he was there, you roll over to JD and clutch onto the thick black fabric of his coat.
“(Y/n),” he begins, a tone of anger in his voice. “What the hell happened?! You blacked out! And now this!”
Teary eyed, you look up to him and sniff.
“I… I kept having these n nightmares and I I couldn’t sleep so I just s stopped sleeping.” You stammer out, feeling weak and weary. You hear the boy above you sigh with disappointment. You shut your eyes tight, preparing for him to shout.

Instead, you feel his arms pull you close to his body. Allowing all anger leave his body in the remnants of a head shake, he rests his head atop yours.
“W why aren’t you mad..?” You question, voice trembling.
“I am mad, (y/n). But we can talk about this later. Right now, you need to sleep.”

With that, he places a gentle kiss atop your (h/c) hair and intertwines his legs with yours. For the first time in weeks, you feel safe. Your eyelids flutter shut as you press your body further into his. For the first time, you sleep peacefully.

“I love you, (y/n)” you hear him mutter to himself. Knowing he didn’t want you to hear that, you just smile to yourself.

That night, you dreamt of him. Alive, well and in love.

Rictumsempra (Luna/Ginny)

Summary: An essay for Charms leads to Luna exploiting a certain quality of Ginny’s. (Thanks so much to the anon who sent this prompt ages ago. I wanted to do it justice which is why it took so long. I apologize for the wait and the lame title. Anyway, hope y’all enjoy!)

Professor Flitwick decided that even though it was the day after winter break, he’d assign an essay, and Ginny was really resenting him for it right now.

The assignment was a twelve-inch paper on the difference between a charm and the physical action; for a morbid example, how Avada Kedavra killed versus how you could physically kill somebody. Most students had chosen a much more innocent route for theirs though. Like Luna, for example, who chose-

“Rictusempra?” Ginny questioned, looking at what Luna has written so far, and she could feel her cheeks heating up subconsciously.

Keep reading

Thunderstorm Hcs

Here ya go, anon! So sorry it’s so late, it took me a while to be pleased with it.    -Emma

- So California is actually having a thunderstorm?? 

- They never have thunderstorms??

- And of course it starts in the middle of the night

- Ethan had just fallen asleep when hella loud thunder woke him

- Like it seriously sounded Zeus manipulated thirty octopi to have mighty octopi powers and hit 240 pans together 

- Poor bby Eth is freaked (he’s not too fond of loud noises, especially thunder, by himself. he gets overwhelmed) 

- Back home in Maine his dogs always snuggled him during storms

- They didn’t like thunder, but together they felt safe

- But he’s not in Maine anymore

- So he just curls up, hugging a pillow, hoping the storm will pass soon

- It doesn’t 

- After a particularly bright flash of lightening and loud clap of thunder, his ceiling fan slowly came to a stop

- His lamp next to his bed won’t turn on either

- yay power outage!¡!

- Now there is no way he can go to sleep again

- Because let’s be honest, this is probably the best time to murder somebody

- And my man isn’t gonna be murdered tonight

- So he does the next best thing (compared to sleeping)

- Which would be lying on top of his comforter, squeezing a pillow, trying not to do anything that will wake Tyler up

- But the thunder increased and got heavier

- Just like Ethan’s breathing 

- Then there was a sharp crack of thunder, unlike the others, which caught him off guard 

- “Jesus fucKING christ!”

- Cue Tyler being at his door like 30 seconds later 

- “Well I couldn’t find Jesus, I hope I’ll suffice. Whoa, you okay? By the way, the power is out.”

- “I’ve noticed. And I’m just not big fan of thunder.”

- Concerned!Mom! Tyler mode activated 

- “Well how did deal with them back home?”

- “I had my dogs. They would always lay with me. It would be like a giant dog pile” Eth explains, his body tensing up as thunder boomed after every few words

- “Dog pile? I can do dog pile.”

- “Tyler wai-”

- He lays on top of Ethan

- “Like this?”

- He hears a muffled “I can’t breath”

- He rolls onto the bed next to Ethan 

- “Well you said dog pile”

- “Not what I meant”

- “Well would you rather this?”

- He pulls Ethan into his chest

- “Ty, you don’t have to do this”

- “Oh, and why not? If it helps you calm down, I don’t care”

- It stays like this for a few minutes, but the body heat plus the lack of AC makes it hotter than Leo DiCaprio in Titanic 

- “Dear god Tyler, why are you so hot?!”

- “You think I’m hot?”

- Ethan can hear the smirk in his voice

- “Not what I meant”

- “Is it though?”

- Conveniently timed thunder 

- Ethan nuzzling his head in Ty’s neck

- “Hush”

- Tyler ! Kissing ! Ethan’s ! Head ! 

- Happy boys cuddling and falling asleep despite the thunder 


- Somebody def not mark or amy bc they would be terrible friends if they did this tripped their circuit totally not in hopes of getting a certain two people together even though they had no clue if they’d even be awake during the storm or anything

love is weird

Love is weird.
Today my friend told me she didn’t believe in it.
That somebody made it up and it’s all a big hoax.
Maybe shes right.
Maybe someone is cruel enough to come up with this idea of this euphoric feeling that seems so untouchable,
maybe she’s right.
I’d like to think she’s wrong though.
I would like the think that there’s someone out there in the world right now that will have this overwhelming emotion for you, and you for them.
It’s hard to imagine something so many people talk dream, hope and live for is a lie.
Maybe love is just a word for that feeling that fills you up with this joy and happiness and completeness, that feeling that makes you want to wake up every morning and see whoever gives you that feeling.
Whether that person is a boy, a girl,or someone in between
Love maybe isn’t all that everyone works it up to be; all the magic and fireworks we would like it to be
Maybe love is just a wave of intense emotions;
anger, frustration,hate, care, forgiveness, need, happiness and so on.
A wave that continues to hit you over and over and over and over again,
like waves on the shoreline.
I don’t think love is completely happy emotion,
I believe there is a lot of hurt and pain involved,
but the thing that makes it love
is still wanting to be with that one person.
I don’t know much about love but i know love is weird.