i hope she was being sarcastic

Reasons I think Lee is Harley

0. Well for starters her name is in the name Harley (Harley; Har-Lee)                   

1. Her and Jerome have met already (Four times or more if I’m correct)

2.When she and Jerome first met she comforted him (Held him) 

3.She was fascinated/excited by his whole case

(This was Jim leading her into the interrogation room)

4.His case was the first, and only case where she went into the interrogation room with Jim.

5.She said that “It was ugly, but it was also kind of thrilling.”

6.She was so fascinated with his case (Jerome) she couldn’t even focus on hers and Jim’s date. She couldn’t stop talking about it and she wanted to go see if they could find the weapon.

7.She’s a doctor (she’s studied truama but it’s not her area of focus)

8.She’s worked at Arkham (She could easily go back)

9.She’s corny

10.She’s very smart (she figured out the hidden meaning of Paul’s message.)

11.She’s tougher than she looks (she knows how to stick up for herself. She’s no damsel)

12.The writers themselves said that Lee was nuts (Since when has Lee ever been nuts?!)

13.She’s kissed Mario who was infected with the Alice virus, and his blood landed on her cheek (both are ways to get the virus) so she is more than likely gonna get it.

14.She’s becoming darker, more confident.

15.She’s changing right in front of our eyes. Sure in Season one she was a little sarcastic but for the most part she was corny, a little sarcastic (but in a playful manner), kind of sexual, innocent-ish? Season two she was still basically the same as season one, just maybe a little more confident, and maybe a little darker.. more mature I guess. And then season three she is definitely darker than she was.

Also season 3 (Queen has Sass! <3)

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

16.Lee and Jim finally had sex, but guess when they did it? After Jerome’s interrogation. They had been hinting at it for a bit but she would put it off because of work, and then because she got interested in the case.. While in the interrogation room you could tell that she was fascinated with Jerome and you could even see her smirk a little a few times. Then once the interrogation was done she talked about how it was ugly but thrilling, and then suggested for them to ‘go home.’ Then they, ya’ know. But all of this, after she watched Jerome.. makes you wonder if he turned her on.

17.Red and Black

18.She has a sister (Unnamed)

19.Out of everyone that Jerome came in contact with in Smile Like You Mean It’s episode, she’s the only one he didn’t kill.

20.She was the first person Jerome had a casual conversation with, since he was brought back to life.

21.He was sexual towards her (So he’s obviously attracted towards her)

22.He would not keep his hands off her

(Feel that strong bicep Lee, lmao) I ship them so hard! I’m really hoping she’s Harley.

23.She wasn’t even scared of him!

24.She was being blunt, sarcastic, and even a little flirty, and we all know he was being flirty.

25.He asked her about her and James (In my opinoion there was literally no point in that, unless he wanted to know for personal reasons)

26. I think I heard him call her dollface.. probably wrong. (I hope I’m not)

27.Harley doesn’t value life, death, or self injury.. Jerome was literally holding a gun to her and she couldn’t care less.

28.Lee was kind of playing along, kind of just putting up with him (Harley’s the only one who puts up with Jokers crap)

29.She’s met Selina

30.She tends to get overly entusiastic about things (Kind of like obsession; Harley is known to be passionate (obsessed) about things.)

31.That look..

(I’m so in love with this.. She’s trying to act all hard and bad ass, but when he grabs her you can literally see her soften. It looks like she’s slowly crumbling under his touch and is giving in. More than likely just me who thinks this lo

32. If they’re considering Barbara why wouldn’t they consider Lee?  

33. She’s the only one out of all the girls who could be Harley that’s seen the way Mary Lloyd does her makeup (The heart beside the eye thing)

34. Both Lee and Harley have ‘very intellegent’ listed as one of their abilities.

35. Harley’s personality by nature is a kind, sweet, gentle person. Lee’s character is sweet, kind, caring, selfless, and isn’t afraid of the dangers that come with Jim Gordan.

36. The writers said that they might have already introduced Harley, we just didn’t recognize her. (You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time.)

37. The person is somehow connected to the joker cult world… that brings me back to number one, and last night’s episode. Her and Jerome (Joker) met and when they first met she comforted him.. then he kidnapped her at the gala and used her as leverage for Jim (Breathe James, I haven’t touched a hair on your girlfriend’s pretty little head) then when he woke up and basically (I wouldn’t nescessarily call it kidnapped..) took her against her will and they had that casual, yet somewhat playful conversation.

38. She’s seen how his cult dresses as well.

39.She’s who people would least expect.

(Sorry this is so messy and unorganized, but I’m sick and my mind is really foggy. Point is I really think she’s Harley. Either her or Silver. I’m really hoping Barbara isn’t.. I love her.. but please no.)                         

Best Friend?

Yuta fucking likes you.

Anon said: Could you write a imagine about a “bad boy” yuta realising he is in love with his sweet and shy best friend as they enter their final years of high school or just in college in general? I hope that’s not too cliche. I’m sorry if it is!!

Anon said: Can I get Yuta fluff? I noticed no one is requested for him >< poor my bb! Yuta and the girl always fight and annoyed each other a lot but they began to love each other and felt empty without one of them. So in the end he confessed to her. Thx you ❤

hOPEFULLY this satisfies both these requests. this is 3k i can’t believe this it’s ridiculous. also. these are legit some of the oldest requests in my inbox like bless they’re finally out of here. i hope you enjoy ^^

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Better late than Never

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Jess, Meg, Charlie and Amara.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Just swearing. And waaaaay too many eye rolls and sarcastic scowls. FLUFF! (Dean being a sweety)

Summary: College Au. Everyone meets up for drinks as friends usually do and things take a very interesting turn. The reader finally admits how she feels.

A/N: This is for @dancingalone21​‘s AU Funny quote Challenge and I picked, “I have this code. No cash for ass.” I just wanna say congrats on 2K followers, your work is stellar and you deserve everyone of them. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this. Thank you for reading and if you thought it was great, feedback would be appreciated. Lots of love!

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Hey I think I got this😂my request is the reader uses passive aggressive anger as an emotional control making the reader sarcastic and a little morbid. The reader has no central point of where the hurt stems from its just too many bottled emotions that she forces back until Spencer coaxed her to let him in the only way he knows how - making her mad. I suck at making things short, hope this is okay enough😂 feel free to interpret and change what you’d like! I enjoy any and all you have to write!

@gublermeup, I hope you enjoy your one-shot because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Guess she should’ve called first,” you deadpanned.

Hotch had had enough. He grabbed your arm and yanked you out of the victim’s mothers home, and when he tossed you out onto the porch, you merely shrugged off his reaction.

“What? It’s the truth,” you shrugged.

“Go back to the precinct,” he bit before shutting the door in your face.

You had always been this way: sarcastic, morbid, emotionally compartmentalized. You couldn’t remember a time when you weren’t. You didn’t enjoy the feeling of vulnerability, and you sure as hell didn’t like being surprised.

But even you knew you had crossed a line.

I mean, when someone shows up at a victim’s home who was killed by their best friend’s killer when she walked in without calling first, who in their right mind tells the grieving family member, “I guess she should’ve called first”?

No one, that’s who.

No one except you.

And yet, there you were, driving back to the precinct with other thoughts swirling around in your head.

Like you didn’t even do anything wrong.

Reid was flabbergasted.

He calmed the mother down from your statement, but he was only half paying attention at this point. Yes, you were cold-hearted, and yes, your sarcastic tones got annoying, but you had never been cruel.

This was downright cruel.

He could see Hotch seething behind his eyes, and he wasn’t so sure you wouldn’t be out of a job.

But, before any of that traversed, he was determined to figure out exactly what just happened.

After the day had wound down and one of your sarcastic comments had led to the actual finding of the unsub, Hotch declared another night’s stay in the hotel before venturing back on the plane in the morning.

But, you decided to check out and rent a car to go home.

“Do whatever you want,” Hotch sighed.

He was done with you, and you knew it.

Just like everything else is eventually done with you.

You served your purpose to him, and now he didn’t care what happened to you.

So, you packed your bag, slammed your way out of the hotel, and headed for the nearest car rental station.

But, Reid was hot on your heels.

“I’m coming with you,” Reid said as he dropped his bag down beside you.

“No, thank you,” you said lightly as you filled out the paperwork.

“Not a choice,” Reid breathed.

“Funny, that’s how rape culture is perpetrated,” you mumble to yourself.

“Nope. Rape culture is perpetrated by the idea that women are somehow responsible for their own victimization. It’s the sexist idea that women need to cover themselves up to prevent rape rather than teaching men that rape, in general, is wrong.”

“Some women like it rough,” you sigh as the woman behind the desk looks at you oddly.

“Jesu-Y/N, seriously?” Spencer asked.

“I can go all night… and I will, if you get in that car,” you said as you turned around and looked him in the eye.

But, what Spencer expected to see, he didn’t.

Instead of anger and frustration, he saw…


You had wholly closed yourself off.

“I’m coming with you,” Reid says as he picks up his bag.

You shrugged and began to walk away, and you had to admit that when he actually climbed into the car you felt your blood pressure tick up a few notches.

“Get out,” you grumble.

“No,” he says as the two of you sit there in the car.

Reid studied your body. If your face wasn’t going to show anything, it means you weren’t putting as much energy into covering up your bodily language as you thought you were.

And he was right.

“Everyone gets tired of you eventually,” Reid stated. He didn’t mean it as a true statement, he meant it as an observation.

But, the reaction it sparked gave him a bit of hope.

“Tell me something else new, genius,” you quip as you start the car.

His heart sank for you as you began to pull out of the rental parking lot.

So, he decided to make you angrier.

“You drop them just as quick, though. Hotch might be done with you, but you’ll be just as done with us,” Reid postulated.

He also saw you white-knuckle the steering wheel.

“No worries. Life goes on. Someone will come in to replace you eventually.”

But, that time he saw your blinking uptick, and he wondered whether or not he should stop.

“You think you’re all hot-shots and big-wigs and people others look up to,” you begin as the car begins to speed up down the highway.

This wasn’t good.

“You think that because you can remember lots of shit and speed read that somehow it makes you special.”

“Y/N…y-you’re uh…”

“You think that because you don’t take vacation and focus more on your job and have some mom deteriorating somewhere that people will just… buy your sob story and be lenient on you!?”

You were now going well over 100.

“Y/N!” Spencer yelped as you careened onto the highway.

“You think because I don’t show emotion that I don’t have any!? Huh!? You think because I’m sarcastic and don’t give a shit that somehow tossing me out like garbage is fine!?”

“Y/N…. please….” Spencer begged as he grasped onto the emergency handle above him.

“Well, let me tell you something about little miss emotionless…” you hiss.

But, before you could get a sentiment out, blue lights began flashing behind you, and Spencer was hyperventilating as you came to a screeching halt on the side of the road.

And then, just before the cop approached your side of the car, you slowly turned your head to meet Spencer’s fearful eyes.

“… the emotions you want died with her family.”

“Ma’am,” the officer says as he knocks on your window, “roll down your window.”

So, you went through the motions of showing him your credentials and telling him about an imaginary lead you were following on a case, and that you would slow it down and you were sorry. The officer bought it, bid you good luck, and sent you on your way.

And Spencer’s eyes were watering as he watched you pull back out onto the road.

“Your-…your family?” he asked.

“No worries,” you sigh as your demeanor changes back to its dead one, “I’ve lost a family before. I can lose one again”

And Spencer didn’t know what to say.

“Honestly, Pansy, you have a mattress.” Draco’s admonishing voice broke through her dream.

She rolled over with a moan, burying her head in the cushions. “But I’m sleeping here. Or I was. What do you want, Draco?”

The young man scoffed. “Sound less excited to see me, will you? And if you must know, I came here in the middle of the night hoping to crash on your couch, when–gasp–I found you sleeping here. So, being the resourceful person I am, I decided to sleep in your bed instead, which was working perfectly well until your alarm charm started blaring directly in my ear at 5 a.m.” Pansy’s eyes shot open. “Of course, I couldn’t have it disturbing my beauty rest, so I hit the snooze button…and you know how that is…”

Pansy sat up stock straight at that. “Draco, how long ago did it go off?”

He considered. “About 45 minutes ago.”

If anyone asked her later, she would say she calmly reacted to this news and thanked her dear friend for bothering to wake her up. If anyone asked her neighbors, they would report hearing a rather loud shriek that lasted for approximately twenty-seven seconds. If anyone asked Draco, he probably wouldn’t hear them due to the loud ringing in his ears.

“You know, I should really thank you for being such a big help,” Pansy said sarcastically as she jumped off the couch, briskly rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “Anything else you’d like to tell me?”

“You’re running low on Floo powder.”

Pansy groaned and made her way into the bedroom.

“I’ll make breakfast,” Draco called after her.

“You can’t cook.”

“Neither can you,” he pointed out.

Pansy paused, peeking her head out of the doorway. “Let me rephrase. You can’t contain fires.”

Draco shrugged. “Point taken.”


Hey, guys! Hope you enjoyed this little excerpt from my latest fic “Wild and Free”. Check out the rest on AO3!

Noble Reign

Ch.1 Mytic Messenger Middle Ages AU

|Ch. 2| |Ch. 3|

Author’s Note: It finally happened. I’m so sorry it took me such a long time to finish it, but I’m so proud to present you the Mystic Messenger Middle Ages AU! ^^ I have absolutely no idea if anyone will read this but I had so much fun writing it and I will definitely continue updating it. Keep in mind that English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes. Nevertheless, I hope y’all enjoy it. Please feel free to leave any sort of comments or message me; I would love to write some headcanons for this AU and I like to integrate your ideas as well.

I also want to give special thanks to @promiscuous-jalapeno for giving me advice and encouraging me in my writing. If you should ever read this, I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. <3

Wordcount: 3,247

“A long time ago, there existed a great kingdom that was ruled by two brothers. Their names were Jaehyun and Jaekwang.

The brothers were loved by their people and everyone lived together in harmony. But one day, Jaekwang desired the sole control over the kingdom and rebelled against his brother.

With soldiers at his command, he imprisoned his brother and spread misery across the kingdom. For a long time the kingdom was ruled by bitterness and people were living in fear.

But then, when all hope had died and the hour of doom seemed at hand, a girl appeared as if from nowhere. With fire burning in her soul and magic running through her veins, she defeated Jaekwang and freed his brother.

In anger, she divided the kingdom in half by forcing water and earth between the villages. A grand river and high mountains were now separating Jaekwang and Jaehyun.

Pleased with her work, the girl vanished and was never seen again. Over time, the two brothers created different kingdoms, one ruled by fear and one ruled by strength.

Generations passed and so did the girl’s tale. The kingdoms became enemies and the tale became legend. They say that someday, the girl will come back to reunite the kingdoms in peace and harmony again but until then the kingdoms remain in discord.”

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Bedroom Eyes - Isaac Lahey

Characters: Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Reader.


Originally posted by onlysharman

“Oh, what about Greenberg?” Lydia asks you.

You roll your eyes. “Seriously? No one even knows his first name. I mean that too, I’m not even sure he knows his name.” You throw your carrot stick back onto your tray and lean forward. “Greenberg.” You scoff.

“Y/N, come on. I’m trying to get you a boyfriend.” She defends herself, sitting her purse on the table.

“You can get me a boyfriend after you get Stiles.”

“I didn’t know you played dirty, Y/L/N.” She rolls her eyes.

“You can’t act like you’re not in love with him, Lyd.” She suddenly becomes very interested in cleaning out her purse.

“This is not about me. This is about you finding a boyfriend before you die a virgin.”

You furrow your brow. “Who says I’m a virgin?”

“Sweet Y/N’s been deflowered?” Isaac asks as he sits beside you. He puts his backpack almost in your lap and you push it onto the ground.

“Why is this any of your business?” You scoot towards Lydia and she smirks.

“Oh, it’s not. I just find it interesting that you’ve had sex but you’ve yet to have a boyfriend.” He opens up his bottle of water, the clicking of the lid sending you over the edge.

“I moved here sophomore year. You know nothing about me.”

“Oh come on, Y/N! We’re friends!” He chuckles.

“No, actually..we’re not. You’re friends with my friends, therefore we’re within the same proximity most of the time. I do not care about you, and I do not want to be your friend, okay? You’re a jerk.” You push your tray away, any trace of appetite you’d had vanished.

“Wow. Okay. I was just asking a simple question.” He shakes his head and scoots away from you.

“A simple question about my sex life.”

Stiles and Scott sit down beside Isaac. “Woah…whose sex life?” Stiles raises an eyebrow.

“Y/N’s apparently.” Isaac answers.

Lydia holds a finger to her lips and swats Stiles’ arm. “I have to go. I’ll see you after school.” You sigh and stand up, rushing to your locker.

“So you and Isaac…” Lydia starts. She met you at your locker at the end of the day.

“There is no me and Isaac.” You roll your eyes as you shove your books in your locker.

“I think there is. You’ve got great chemistry. Not to mention the sexual tension. God…you two would be so hot together.” She smiles.

“Would you shut up? He’s standing right there and he can probably hear us.” You slam your locker closed.

“He can’t. Anyway, from what I’ve heard he’s great in bed.”

“Oh yeah? How many hundreds of girls did you hear it from?”

“Y/N, give him a chance! You said you’re not a virgin so it’s not like it’s anything special.”

“Yes, that’s logical. I had sex with one guy so now the possibilities are endless.” You walk towards Scott, hoping Lydia would end the conversation.

“Stop being sarcastic! That’s exactly my point.” She runs to keep up with you.

“You see, unlike some other people, I don’t sleep with everyone I make eye contact with.“ You’d reached Scott. You watched as Isaac connected the dots. He turned on his heel and took off down the hall.

You groaned. “Isaac! Wait!” You ran after him, catching him as he walked out onto the lacrosse field.

He turns around, his height advantage over you suddenly intimidating. “What? What do you want? Do you want me to talk to the hundreds of girls I slept with?”

“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean it.” You sigh and grab his arm.

He pulls away from you. “No wait. Maybe I should ask every person I’ve ever made eye contact with.”

“I said I’m sorry! What else do you want?”

“You. I want you!” He steps back, dropping his backpack on the ground as he runs a hand through his hair.

“I-..what?” You’re taken aback.

“You’ve done nothing but offend me today, Y/N. I’m trying, I really am. I just..I love the banter with you and I don’t ever try to be a jerk. It’s just so cute to get a rise out of you.”

You step closer to him, his face softening as you near. “I never would’ve guessed. It’s not as obvious as you think it is.”

“I give you bedroom eyes!” He pouts slightly. The anger gone from both of you the second those five words tumble from his lips.

You laugh, throwing your head back. “Bedroom eyes? God, Lahey you’re such a nerd.”

He chuckles, the grin plastered on his face showing off his dimples. “Will you give this a shot? Even if I am a nerd that gives you bedroom eyes?”

“I think this may be a start.” You laugh and he pulls you into his arms.

He rests his head on top of yours. “I’m sorry. Let’s start over?”

“Only if you stop with the bedroom eyes.”

“I’ll never live that down, will I?”

You smile. “Nope.”

Anna Needs Advice, Conor Maynard Imagine

Highly requested that I do story #15 with Conor, so here it is:) I hope you enjoy.

-You meet Anna for the first time and Conor asks you to help her with advice-


You were walking over to your best friend Conor Maynard’s house. His sister was visiting him and Jack and you had never properly been introduced to her so you were ecstatic. She had seen your videos and has said hi when you were mentioned in a phone call but other then that you had no idea what she was like.

Being Conor’s and Jack’s little sister probably meant that she was very sarcastic, but ultimately very sweet. You had a feeling you would get along well with her. Jack and Conor had the same feeling and invited you over as soon as she got there.

When you arrive at the Maynard apartment Anna instantly jumps up to give you a hug.

“Omg you’re even prettier in person!” she yells causing you to blush.

“Isn’t she?” Conor gives a smirk leaning in from around the corner. He knew you would be shy so you figured he was just trying to help you out.

“Thanks you guys, i’m flattered” you say lightly, you all go into the living room where Anna continued to talk happily about her flight.

Conor gets your attention by texting you as Anna spoke and you checked it.

‘Need to talk alone quickly’

You excuse yourself in the least suspicious way possible and meet Conor in the kitchen while Jack kept Anna busy.

“What is it?” you ask with a concerned look.

“I was going to ask you something for Anna before you came but forgot to” Conor sighs at himself, “She needs advice that I cant really give to her because I’m a guy and her older brother, I was hoping you could talk to her?”

You laugh at Conor asking you awkwardly, “Of course” you smile.

When you return to the living room you see Conor give Anna a quick thumbs up and she looks to you with a smile.

Conor leads Jack out of the room saying he needed to talk, leaving you behind with Anna.

“So you needed some advice?” you say when she looks away from her brothers to you.

“Yeah, I’m having some guy problems” Anna looks down to her hand feeling rather uncomfortable with the topic.

“We can start slow, and if you don’t want to tell me something you don’t have to. You can trust me” you shoot her a reassuring smile and she nods.

“I’ve been dating a guy for about five months and this month we had sex for the first time” her voice went into a whisper and you were a little bit shocked. You didn’t know how to react really so you started by asking her a simple question.

“Do you think your pregnant?” you ask quietly, concerned.

“No no no” Anna laughs and you take a breath of relief, “I just feel like sex is all he wanted, now he’s just not talking to me and I feel stupid”.

You nod, understanding Anna’s position, “Anna, you are not stupid at all. You are gorgeous, funny and brilliant. Any guy is lucky to have you, if he continues to act this way, don’t let him destroy you because guy’s aren’t worth being hurt over”. You put your hand down on Anna’s hand and she looks down at it with a smile.

“Can you marry one of my brother’s?” She looks at you with a childish smile and you laugh in response.

“Maybe” you say nicely, “but really Anna, everything I said is true”

“You’re right, thank you so much for talking to me”, she smiles at you and gives you a hug, “Please don’t tell Conor and Jack”. You nod your head at her whisper stay glued in her arms for a good minute.

“Awww look at you two getting along” Jack says walking into the room with Conor who was giving you a look. You knew he wanted to know what was said but you promised to keep it secret.

“She says she might marry one of you guys, and that means I get to see her more often” Anna says with a big smile on her face causing Jack and Conor to give nervous smiles as they blushed.

The night went on for a bit and Anna went off to bed and Jack went out to do whatever he liked to do on a Saturday night. You were sat next you Conor who had his arm wrapped around your shoulder and Friends was on the TV.

“So what did you two talk about?” Conor asks bringing your attention to him.

“I promised I would keep it secret but it was nothing to worry about so don’t worry” you say pinching Conor’s cheek sweetly.

“Thank you by the way” Conor looks deeply into your eyes and your stomach began to tingle.

“Anytime Conor” you say not moving your eyes from his stare.

He leans in slowly and you knew he was asking for permission, you lean in and kiss him softly on the lips.

When you leave contact you give him a surprised look and he returned one to you. You weren’t surprised the two of you kissed, you were surprised by how right it felt. You kiss each other lightly once again and Conor pulls you into a hug immediately afterwards.

Skam week. Part 17

Idea explained here.

You can find all the parts here.

Thursday 11:28am

One less problem, two more to go.

Her problem with the girls seemed a lot easier to resolve than the other one, the one with him-who-shall-not-be-named.

It’s not like she could wait any longer to talk to them anyway ‘cause the bus meeting was starting in two minutes and she needed to be there.

She took the paper she had spent the whole night redacting from her bag and approached the table where the girls were sitting outside. All them were already there, even Noora. As always the laughs stopped when she got to the table

“Sana, finally. I was starting to think that you were not going to come” Sara said

“Next time it’ll be nice if you arrived sooner” Vilde added smiling

“Oh don’t worry Vilde, there won’t be a next time” Sana said handing the paper to Sara “This is my formal resignation as bus boss”

Sara took the paper from Sana’s hands confused and started to read it. Vilde looked over Sara’s shoulder trying to see if what Sana was saying was true. The rest of the girls, her girls, Eva, Chris and Noora just looked at Sana frowning.

“What is this?” Sara asked acting like she was hurt to see Sana resigning.

“I just told you, I won’t be the bus boss anymore. In fact, I won’t be in the bus anymore. I don’t think I really fit in with you girls” Sana said smiling sarcastically

“Well, I guess it was doomed to happen then, I just hope we didn’t make anything to make you feel uncomfortable” Sara said faking a smile.

“Oh Sara, don’t act like you didn’t see this coming. You got what you wanted. I’m out of the bus, it’s all yours”

Sana…I don’t think you’re being fair with Sara” Vilde said

“Vilde, believe me, you really don’t want to talk to me right now” Sana warned her

“But Sana…why are you leaving?” Eva asked

“Because they were going to throw me out of the bus anyway!” Sana said desperate

It hurts me that you would think that of me…” Sara said acting innocent.

“Drop the act Sara. I heard two of your minions saying that you weren’t going to allow me on the bus ‘cause you own it and I don’t have any right to be there. A piece of advice? Tell your friends to check the bathroom stalls before actually talking shit about people”

Sara’s smiled faded and squinted at her knowing that she had been caught. Eva, Chris, Noora and Vilde turned to her confused and expecting her to explain.

“I’m sure you misunderstood it, there’s no way that’s true, right Sara?” Vilde asked

“Does it matter, though? She’s leaving willingly, I’m not forcing her” Sara said

“You thought I was going to wait for you to tell me to go? You really don’t know me” Sana said

Girl, that’s not cool” Chris told Sara

“So you really are a psycho, huh? How could you act all innocent and then betray Sana?” Noora stood up and faced Sara

“Noora, I don’t need you to defend me” Sana said bitterly earning a hurt and confused look from Noora.

Maybe she wasn’t being fair to her, but she couldn’t bear the thought of Noora being a good friend to her, not now.

“In fact, I don’t need anyone to defend me. I’m the one who’s not allowed on the bus so I’m the one who’s leaving. You all can stay and have fun”

“Sana…” Vilde whispered

“You know what? I do have one more thing to say before leaving. It’s another advice, now it’s for you Vilde. When you are friends with someone you’re not supposed to talk shit about them or their family behind their backs. I just thought you should know that, if you intend to have real friends anytime soon”

And with that Sana just turned around and left, leaving 24 speechless girls behind.


*insert badass song as Sana leaves

1st update of the day

Reaction (EXO): When their girlfriend is a sarcastic asshole during an argument

Kris: “Touche, you sarcastic little shit.”

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Luhan: “No fair, you can’t make me want you in the middle of a fight.”

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Tao: “Well fuck, I didn’t expect that from such an innocent being.”

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Xiumin: “The fuck was that? You can’t be more sarcastic than me during a fight.”

Originally posted by peruni

Lay: “Girl, where did all that rage come from?”

Originally posted by getlayd

Chen: “You just started a war, I hope you know.”

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Kai: “Girl, I will… Just kidding, I can’t stay mad at you.”

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

Chanyeol: “Two can play that game baby.” 

Originally posted by parkchny

Baekhyun: “Chanyeol, do you find her amusing?”

C- “No, I don’t think I do.”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Suho: *doesn’t even know how to reply* 

Originally posted by qrishan

Sehun: “Girl, don’t even try. I will win this.”

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D.O: *reading a message from you* “She said what now?” 

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Gladio go to a library and fall in love with the girl that works there

Your wish is now coming true, dear Anon! <3 Gonna write this one for you and @nifwrites because she’s had a rough couple of days and needs some cheer-up fluff! <3 Also, please forgive me for the cringe-worthy title xD I HAD AN IDEA AND ROLLED WITH IT ALRIGHT? HAHA :D Also, introducing my unconventional librarian OC- Zara Agnitio <3

Tagging some pals: @blindbae, @nifwrites, @cupnoodle-queen, @itshaejinju, @lady-asuka, @hypaalicious, @alicemoonwonderland, @xalexanderxkozachenkox and @fieryfantasy <3 :D

PERMALINK: https://themissimmortal.tumblr.com/post/160728153225/i-wish-you-would-write-a-fic-where-gladio-go-to-a

Between the Lines (Gladiolus x Fem!OC SFW)

Gladiolus had a strange love for books. He liked the musky smell of old books, and he liked the satisfying feeling of flipping the pages of a book- reading the numerous lines of content until the pages were finally exhausted.

Books were like a whole new world to Gladio. A small microcosm of something that had once only solely existed in the writer’s mind. The young Shield thought books to be extremely intimate in that sense, and treated each book he came across with the utmost respect. After all, Gladio was under the strong impression that writers poured their souls into their literary creations.

So naturally, Gladio’s favourite place to go to during his down time was indeed the Royal Insomnian Library. Initially, he’d gone for the books. Truly… it had been all about getting his hands on as many action and adventure novels as he could (Iris called him a ‘big nerd’ every time he announced his trips to the library)- until one day, Gladio ran into the beginning of his very own special love story.

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Wreak Havoc PART 2 [Teen wolf x Reader]

Warnings: Sassy, sarcastic reader. Fighting. Killing. READER BEING REFFERED TO AS HAVOC. 

Words: 1643

Requested: Yeah. The request was simply “More Havoc”

Note: I felt bad for not writing anything new or doing requests so I decided to post this part two of Havoc that I didn’t like that much as the first part… Still hope you enjoy it

Part 1

Part 3

Part 4


Havoc was placed on a fancy chair at the end of the big room. She twirled a long curl of hair between her fingers and hummed thoughtfully.

“What on earth are you waiting for, you weirdo? You bring all of us here one by one and then just make us stand here awkwardly in silence.”

“I’m waiting for the audience.” Havoc just answered without looking up. Damon, the so called leader of the group of vampires, the one who had previously spoken, let out an annoyed sound.

“Why the hell do you need an audience? What is this all for?” he repeats with a louder, more annoyed voice.

“Listen here, fledgling- “ Havoc spoke standing up, and then patting the dust off her clothes.

“I’m not a fucking fledgling!” the vampire leader Damon spit out.

“To me you might as well be, kiddo. Look, you just stand there and look pretty and nothing bad is going to happen to you. For now.” Havoc uninterestedly began tying up her hair and when she was done she tilted her head and gave Damon a smile.

“You realize we can just leave, right?”

“Then why haven’t you done that yet? That’s right, I’ll gut all of you if you try.”

Damon sat down on a chair and ran his fingers through his hair. “Why do you need an audience?”

“Did you not hear me when I introduced myself? I like chaos. And look, here my dear audience is.“ Havoc held out her hands towards her guest. Peter, Derek, Stiles and Scott entered the room. They all looked very confused and Stiles seemed to be in awe. Probably because of the gigantic, old fashioned manor he had just entered.

“They’re yours” Havoc gestured towards the group of maybe 10 vampires and walked over to her fancy chair again where she sat down.

“We need you to leave town” Scott’s voice was steady and loud as he spoke to the vampires. Havoc considered him maybe to be a good alpha there for a few seconds.

“This is why we’ve been waiting?” Damon, also known as Count Asshole laughed. “No way. We like it here. Lots of food.”

“You mean people. Innocent people who do not deserve this.” Stiles spoke. He sounded just as annoyed as Damon had done when talking to Havoc earlier.

“Whatever, we still won’t leave. Why does it matter?”

Havoc thought things were getting boring, and realized that now was her time to shine so she stood up again and stretched out her arms.

“What about we have a small duel then. If you lose, you and your little fledglings take your stuff and leave town forever. If I lose you get to stay.” She proposed to Damon.

“And why on earth would I risk all this on something as silly as a duel?”

“Aw, little Vampire Boy is scared he’ll lose.”

“I am not scared of anything, especially not you.” He scowled back and then he ripped off his coat. “Let’s fucking see who’s the fledgling” he huffed and walked out so he was placed in the middle of the floor. Havoc smirked, loving duels, and walked out so she was standing just a few meters away from him.

“What if she loses?” Stiles muttered.

“She won’t lose.” Derek answered in a voice just a low.

“And if she does she’s probably going to kill him anyways.” Peter said with his eyes locked on the pair ready to duel.

Havoc and Damon stared at each other for a few seconds in silence, and then their faces started sinking in. Spots of their faces slowly turned greyish, and those spots grew until their whole skin was that same pale grey shade. Their faces looked sickly sunken in, and you could hear their bones crack as their bodies changed, with a dark smoke emitting from them as their feet left the ground. They floated in the air just a few inches from the ground. In sync they closed their eyes and when they opened them, Damon’s eyes were dark orange and almost glowing. Havoc’s on the other hand, turned a bright blood red and the whites on her eyes turned pitch black. The landed on the ground again and Havoc grinned, showing off rows of sharp and pointy teeth.

“Holy shit” Stiles gasped.

“Wait, she’s a vampire too?” Scott seemed taken aback by this sudden plot-twist.

Without a warning, Damon lounged himself forward, and tried to grab a hold of Havoc but she had already moved. She looked like she was enjoying herself way too much.

The moved around for minutes, Damon sometimes trying to attack his opponent but he didn’t manage to do it even once. When he began to look like he wanted to give up, Havoc made a quick movement and grasped her fingers around his neck. Their feet left the ground, and suddenly they were high up in the air, Damon trying to pry Havoc’s fingers away from his neck.

“I win.” She smirked, before letting go of him. He fell down to the ground, and stayed on his knees with his hands on his neck. Slowly she floated down again. She held out her hand, as if to help him up, but when he was up on his feet her hand flew forward, digging into his chest. Damon made a gurgling sound as her hand sunk deeper and deeper into his chest.

The audience, including the vampire fledglings, just stared at the scene not really knowing what to do. Havoc almost felt bad for a few seconds, but when she crushed Damon’s heart in her hand and the dark smoke left his chest she just opened her mouth, and let smoke fill her. All she could think about was how she would be stronger and wouldn’t have to feed as often. It had only affected her a little bit of course, but it was something.

“Now, I suggest the rest of you kids leave town as you’ve been told.” She called out to the rest of the vampires, almost like if nothing had happened. The vampires scattered out, all of them heading for the door.  Just seconds later there were only five people left in the room, and only one of them being a vampire.

“Stop looking at me like I kicked a puppy.” Havoc shook her head when Scott and Stiles just stood there gaping at her.

“Told you she’d kill him” Peter stated as a matter of fact.

“But why did you kill him?” Scott asked, trying to understand.

“Well he wasn’t particularly nice, was he?” Havoc looked absolutely unbothered and pulled the hair tie out of her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders.

“That is true, but also beside the point.” Stiles told her. She chuckled at him.

“I like you, Human Boy. Do you know what my favorite thing about humans is?” Havoc asked him. He looked very confused and turned his head to look at his friend who just shrugged.

“Their dogs.” She declared. Derek rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, uh, I’ll be leaving now. It was nice seeing you again Havoc.” He turned around and left the house without hesitating.

“Bye bye, lover boy” Havoc called after him. She turned to face Peter. “You’re uncharacteristically quiet. I want you to pay me. In blood. And a favor, of course. Finding all those vampires and getting them here wasn’t exactly easy, ya know?”

“In blood? What is that supposed to mean?!” Stiles made a few gestures with his hands.

“Look, I know you expected me to be some cool military dude or something, but I ended up being a chaotic vampire queen. All you got to do is give me some blood, I’m not that picky honestly as long as it’s not bagged blood from the hospital, and I’ll be on my way. Capish?” Havoc explained to the younger boys. Peter just stood there, leaning against the wall.

“You can have blood from me. I’ll heal anyways.” Scott hesitantly told her.

“You’re an alpha. I’d just get sick from drinking your blood.” Havoc rolled her eyes and looked over at Stiles, and then Peter.

“Don’t look at me, I was only the messenger. They’re the ones who needed your help” Peter said, sounding very defensive.

“Well then. Wrist or neck, what do ya prefer?” Havoc decided and looked over at Stiles. He took a step back.

“You know what, uh, I’m not very fond of blood so-” Stiles tried to slither his way out of the deal. 

“Don’t worry, love. It won’t hurt.” Havoc cut him off and strode over to him. Scott tried to get in the way, and opened his mouth almost as if he was going to try to negotiate but Havoc just moved her fingers over his face and like a puppet he moved to the side. She grabbed the boys arm and moved his shirt away, revealing his wrist. Without a warning she pushed her sharp teeth into his arm, letting the warm liquid fill her mouth. She gulped it down, feeling her hunger go down, before letting him go and wiping her mouth on her arm. All while Havoc was feasting, Stiles made faces as if trying to hold in a scream or as if he was trying not to say something.

“You should stay. This town has been quiet without you.” Peter spoke up.

“No thank you, that means I would have to start feeding on animals and shit probably. Someday I might be good, but tomorrow I’ll be back at it again. You know I love to wreak havoc, and that ain’t stopping anytime soon. ” Havoc sped over to Peter, patted his shoulder and then with the speed of lighting left town. All while trying to ignore the new, very uncomfortable feeling that her fingertips were tingling.

Part 1 

Part 3

Part 4

Watching SU for the first time: Room for Ruby

Steven Universe season 4 episode 20, Room for Ruby.

If you haven’t watched it yet, be careful.

Spoilers ahead!

—Turn back before you get spoiled—

-Yes! They’re gonna retrieve the Rubies from space!

-That being said, this is already the 20th episode of Season 4, which is supposed to have 26 episodes. The season’s drawing to a close, guys. I wonder what will happen in the finale. I hope no one dies.

-(I am secretly wondering who the storyboard artists were for the intro animation.)




-dun dun DDUUUN

-okay, I am suddenly getting very bad feelings about this. is she bipolar? Double personality? Or is she a ball of lies? has she been sarcastic this whole time?

-Is she actually just super sarcastic?


-Are giving her.

-To Lapis.

-And Peridot.

-”Finally, there’s a star to wish on.”
 …That’s the sun.

Not a shipper but this is really cute tbh. They’re a little family now.

They went from this

To this

-And I think that’s really sweet. Also, imagine if you watched this or something like Gem Harvest right after watching Jailbreak. You’d be like ‘wtf happened?’

-Looks like Pumpkin dog forgot about the trauma Steven inflicted on him.

They see me rollin’, they hatin’…


-For a moment I thought Lapis was just gonna dump the water on them
 Thank goodness she didn’t

Because wet Peridot

-Good to see she’s working on those metal powers.

-”That’s a hammock. It’s a bed you fall out of.”


-How tf does Lapis snore if she doesn’t have a respitory system (I’m assuming gems don’t breathe since they can stay underwater)?


Featuring: mouthstache.

-”I love plants!” *throws carrots on the ground*

Aaaaand here we see members of the shorty squad in their natural habitat.


-Currently screencapping all the Lapis faces and giggling like crazy.

-Metal power elevator, yeah!!

-”Why is it so easy for her when it was so hard for me?”
 Because you have PTSD and the trauma of several thousand years.

What the everloving fuck

-I am getting a bit scared.

-Especially when the top comment on its Kisscartoon page is ‘Top 10 Anime Betrayals’

-Two minutes of runtime left and I feel more uncomfortable by the second


-But seriously guys I feel like she’s being super duper sarcastic or something

-Or just lying through her teeth in general

-I have a gut feeling and it’s bad

-I have been deceived by cute innocent things one too many times

-Steven don’t hit the button

Does this look like the face of friendship












-Player Steven Achievement Unlocked: “Betrayed”
 +10 Mistrust
 +10 Doubt

“You dirty little-”

-Also, Steven’s arm.

-Yes Lapis, you were the smartest character in this episode.

-Garnet: “Yep it was the blue balloon I’d need after all”


-I mean seriously she was one of the bad guys but all she did in her previous episodes was just act a bit derpy, I had no idea she was THAT evil

-Or just super vengeful

-holy fuck

Originally posted by bodhiis


-”Room for Ruby” more like “Room for Betrayal”

Face compilation.
Her hair got really big.

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind a request! How would the TFP Decepticons react the teen reader that theh had kidnapped being polite,kind and repectable to them? Sure she has a few of her snarky and sarcastic moments but other than that she'll be willing to help them with their problems or if they need a willing listening ear or helping tiny hands. And who would still like to keep in contact even after the autobots managed to save them?

Awe, sweet little s/o just wants to help :3

-He hates you at first, you are a human and humans are useless
-He does however welcome you to help him, he finds it amusing that something so tiny can care so much
-He sees why the bots like having you around, you’re so nice and he barely sees genuine kindness anymore

-He is disgusted by you and claims he doesn’t need your help
-You said something that hit him and he decides he should give you a chance
-He’s kind of sad to see you go and hopes that the number you gave him to contact is actually yours because he might actually contact you

-He doesn’t say anything for most of the time, then you kind of start to get him to think
-He wants you to stop, he doesn’t want to think about any of it, he suddenly speaks cutting you off “stop!”
-The rest of your time together is silent, and when you give him your number he throws it out, but he actually took a photo and added it to his database

Knock Out:
-He is convinced he has no problems, look at him and his finish! He’s flawless!
-You keep talking and it all eventually just comes out of him, all the darkness he’s been hiding, the trauma, the abuse…
-He takes your number and promises to use it, he hasn’t had a real friend since Breakdown…

-He acts all tough and brute but looking at him you can tell he’s not just muscles
-You strike up a conversation and at first he resists, but then he is laughing, and then he’s telling you about everything… his rivalry with Bulkhead, how he loss his eye, the poor vehicons, how he doesn’t trust Airachnid, etc
-He apologizes for telling you his problems and thankful you listened, he is super happy when you offer to give him you number and even checks to make sure it works

-She doesn’t like you at all, the more you talk the more she hates you
-When you start trying to help her, she really wants to get rid of you or kill you, whichever she can get away with
-She’s glad you’re gone, good riddance… but although you may be right about what you said about her

-He’s just following his orders which is make sure you stay locked up, he doesn’t know how he feels about humans since he’s barely ever seen them
-He decides to engage in conversation after you keep trying thinking what harm it could bring, but then he starts talking and soon he’s talking about everything that upsets him
-He’s glad he got to talk to you, but he’d rather not talk about his feels again. It’s easier that way…

-He doesn’t answer you at all, unless you plan on volunteering to be his test subject
-You trying to help him work though his problems is illogical
-Don’t even bother giving him your number, it would be illogical

-He is threatening towards you, showing power and dominance even though you aren’t really that scared of him, he’s like a giant cat
-He likes that you’re willing to listen to him, he tells you about Cybertron and his species
-He liked talking to you and telling you his history, but he doubts it will ever happen again


Kings Masterlist

Kings Part Four:

Camille sighed as she looked around the slowly emptying bar. With the witches preparing for Roman’s arrival and Marcel protecting them business was slow but still pretty exhausting with just Camille and the chef in the back who had bunked off and hour before hand.

After a while Camille sat down to read, the only sound was the gentle chatter of regulars while rain pattered down the window. She smiled when her phone lit up and she received a long-rambled text about something irritable that Klaus had done followed by several of how sweetly he’d made it up to you.

For some reason a sudden feeling of dread settled into Camille’s body, which was when she looked up to find Roman leaning on the bar, smirking at her. She hadn’t heard him come in and no one seemed to notice him.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

hey dude your drabbles are great. i don't usually read fanfic but yours are on point. can you do one pre-alison's disappearance where the girls are at a party, and a rando girl starts threatening emily because she thinks she flirted with her boyfriend, and alison overhears and takes care of it

Altered and a bit angsty, but 1) young Alison dragging people is my fav, and 2) tipsy, honest Emily is a good concept:

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I was thinking, a few days after that Iconic™ scene when Trini told her family she and a group of kids found a spaceship and she was now a superhero,,, superheroes,,, show up in town,,, to defeat the alien evil,,,, and her family didn’t connected the dots?!??!
Okay, she was being sarcastic and shit, so at the moment her family was like “???” but after the rangers appears,, how they didn’t,, like,, “oh yeah, Trini told us about it”

castillon02  asked:

00Q prompt, if you like it: James and Q working together to support Moneypenny when she is sick and make sure MI6 runs as smoothly as possible despite her absence <3

Thank you for the prompt, @castillon02! I hope you enjoy it <3 My apologies if it’s a little bland haha

The downpour was persistent, and combined that with the sweeping gales, his morning didn’t start off on a good foot. When Mallory managed to get inside the dry interior of MI6, half of his trousers were wet and soaked.

No one said a word, not that he expected it anyway, considering that half the staff had succumbed to the flu outbreak that had been wreaking havoc these past few days. Therefore, with a sigh, he shook off his coat, folded his umbrella, and took the lift up to his office. He could use some of that coffee Moneypenny always had hot and prepared right about then.

Only, when the lift chimed open and he went into her office that was adjacent to his own, it wasn’t her who sat at the desk. 

Mallory paused. “What do you think you’re doing, 007?” he asked, incredulity coloured with creeping suspicion.

Bond looked up from where he was… wiping at Moneypeny’s desk, as though disinfecting it. Given the careful way he was actually going at it, he probably was. “Hello, sir,” Bond greeted smoothly like nothing was out of the ordinary. “As you can see, I’m merely wiping Moneypenny’s desk.”

Mallory could feel a vein already twitching just off to the side of his forehead. “I can see that,” he replied patiently enough. “Why, 007, are you doing it, is the main concern here as I’m sure you are more inclined to spent your downtime doing something more… exciting, shall we way,” His lip twitched. “And where is Miss Moneypenny?”

“She called in sick,” Bond straightened up, an easy smile on his face, and anyone who knew a Double-O would know that it wasn’t as benign as it seemed. “Or, to be more precise, she received strict orders to stay home before she worked herself to the ground.”

Something clicked in Mallory’s mind. The previous day had been hectic, and he did remember distinctly her coughing and his telling her to go home early if she needed to. Reluctantly, the man nodded once, raising one pointed eyebrow at Bond. “That still does not explain why you’re here.”

“I’ve been tasked with trying to cover for her while she’s on sick leave.”

Mallory heard a sound like his ears popping. Two seconds passed, and he finally said, “Tanner is still recovering, isn’t he.” It wasn’t a question… despairingly so.

“Barely,” Bond conceded. “And Q is helping me with the sorting and such, so I won’t be the one manning this post.”

“Ah,” Mallory let out a breath, not any more reassured than before. He opened the door to his office. “Well, I suppose this is an opportunity for you to get a real taste of desk work. Just don’t cock it up.”

“Yes, sir.” Bond had the audacity to smile.


Everything went as smoothly as it could… until people’s brains caught up to the caffeine intake they had been consuming and whirred to their full working capacity.

Bond couldn’t count the number of phone calls he had taken anymore. And half of them didn’t even have anything worthwhile to say anyway.


Q: What?

JB: What in the world is form UDO-976?

Q: Unnatural Disasters Overseas Section 976. Something to do with collapsing buildings. You should know. They probably created this category because of you in the first place.

JB: Very funny.

JB is typing…

JB: Why are there so many bloody forms and documents?

Q: Well, I don’t know. People tend to get so worried over their embassies exploding from time to time. I don’t know why they bother, really.

Bond could almost hear the disdain oozing from Q’s words. He smirked.

JB: Or their systems being overwritten every once in a while.

Q: Why, indeed.


Then, at 1051, 001 went ahead and exploded that embassy for real, and Bond felt like, despite being one continent away from the site, it exploded in his face as well.

It wasn’t even lunchtime.


By 2 P.M., he had been running around between departments so much, he almost missed Moneypenny’s message.

EM: I hope no fire or murder has started without me.

JB: Not a chance. I’m a professional, after all. Rest.

EM: I am. Carry on then. And you’ve just survived the half-day mark, so be proud of yourself ;)

Bond couldn’t tell if she had meant that sarcastically.



“Don’t laugh.” Bond’s voice was muffled in the pillow.

Q’s lips quirked upward from where he stood leaning at the door frame to their bedroom, observing the exposed planes that broad, muscly, freckled back. “I’m not,” he said. “Just enjoying the view.”

He pushed himself away from the position and went over to press kisses down along Bond’s spine. “How was work?” he asked innocently.

It was obvious that Bond wasn’t cut out for desk work.

And he had to hold back a soft snort when the man only grunted in reply.

“To be fair,” Q continued, sliding onto the bed to lie down next to Bond, “the only substantial damage was that unoccupied wing of the embassy. And M will recover from the horror of your desk work attempt… eventually.”

At this, Bond turned over to Q. “You abandoned me,” he accused.

“What? I helped you as much as I could.” Q fought to keep himself from smiling.

“Estranging me in the middle of the sea more like,” the agent grumbled. “I nearly drowned in those paperwork.”

“Come now, I was helping 001 out. Besides, at least we didn’t have a destroyed construction site on our hands as well to top it all off.”

Bond leered at Q’s deliberate jab before extending an arm. “Come here and kiss me.”

Q scooted closer and did. “Eve says thank you,” he murmured before their lips met, and Bond responded with only a distracted hum… until he accidentally rolled the man onto his back.


“Sore back from sitting for too long?” Q asked, sheepish.

Bond scowled and resumed kissing him again to wipe that smug expression from the Quartermaster’s face.

He truly wasn’t cut out for desk work.