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Wednesday’s female celebrity of the day is Chloë Grace Moretz.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that every few months I become obsessed with Chloë Grace Moretz and feel the need to post her over all others.  That’s what’s happening here.  I like these “Moretz Feelingz” (as I call them) a lot and I hope they stick around!  This is the fifty first time she’s been FCOTD.

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Hi! I love your writing! I also love Clarke and Murphy bromances. Can you do a bellarke fic with over protective Murphy? Thank you!

Thanks for the prompt, anon! I hope you like it :)


“Will it help at all if I ask you to be nice?”

Murphy gives her his best sardonic expression. “When am I ever not, Princess?”

“I’m never gonna live that nickname down,” she grumbles, drumming her fingers on the table anxiously. “I should have waited until Wells could be here. Then at least I’d have someone I knew I could count on to be personable.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Wells and I are a volatile combination on our own; why not add your new boyfriend to the mix? Trial by fire is a thing, right?”

Wells is Clarke’s best friend from childhood, and he’s never been Murphy’s biggest fan. Nor vice versa. Things might have been different if his dad wasn’t the guy who’d pressed charges and put Murphy in juvie. If Murphy didn’t see Jaha prime every time he looked at junior, if junior didn’t see a delinquent every time he looked at Murphy. But their personalities differ enough that Murphy isn’t convinced it’s only his past that dampens what Clarke wishes would be a budding friendship.

They do okay sometimes, but she usually ends up keeping them separate.

“Not my preferred tactic,” she shoots back, but her tension has deflated a bit. “Seriously, though. How worried should I be that you’ll start a bar fight tonight?”

“How worried should I be that your new boyfriend is a dick?“ She gives him a look and he rolls his eyes. “I promise I will at least attempt this thing you call good behavior.”

“That’s all I ask,” she says, cracking a smile. “There might even be a gold star in it for you.”

“Shut up, Princess.”

He wanders over to the bar, fixing himself another drink while Gina is busy with some patrons. By the time he gets back to the booth, there’s a guy with floppy brown hair with his arm around Clarke. She’s not pulling away or anything, so Murphy figures this must be the boyfriend. He looks exactly like someone Murphy would ignore on the street trying to get him to donate to whales or Greenpeace or some shit like that, but hey. Maybe that does it for her.

“Here you go,” he says to announce his presence, sliding her drink across the table.


“Yeah.” He eyes the boyfriend, who is clearly sizing him up. “Sorry, man. Didn’t know what you liked.”

“Nah, it’s cool. I don’t really drink.” He extends the hand not resting on Clarke’s shoulder. “I’m Finn.”

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A Lesson in Love (The Little Things Part One)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,286

A/N: Hi babes! I’m sorry for taking so long to update this story. School is a pain in the ass and finding time to write is not easy. Hopefully this super fluffy chapter will make up for it 😊

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

@avengerstories - you’re the Groffsauce to my Lin-Manuel Miranda. Thank you for editing this and thank you for existing.

Originally posted by impalastan

“I think I’m going to freeze to death,” Wanda manages to say through her chattering teeth.

Natasha hides further under her fleece blanket, so much so that all you can see are her green eyes. “I think I am too.”

“You know I love the cold, but this?” You turn to glare at the heater in the corner of the room. Of course it had to break down during one of the coldest weekends of the school year and of course there was nothing the school could do about it tonight. “This is too much.”

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Auston Matthews- Not Another Number

This is my first one! Thinking of continuing this as a little series? Let me know!

Word Count: 1,067

You could not be more excited for this game; it was the Pittsburgh Penguins against the Toronto Maple Leafs. You grew up ten minutes away from Pittsburgh and going to the Pen’s games was something you enjoyed for a the longest time. However, after hearing about Auston Matthews and his big debut with his four goals, you wanted to see this kid play. You were a college kid, just a year older than him actually and were really impressed already.

“Hey can’t believe you got the student rush tickets for this game Y/N!” your friend exclaimed.

“Yeah, to be honest I was still going to pay for seats even if I didn’t get them.” You smiled while holding the golden tickets in your hands. You looked up in the review mirror to check yourself one last time before leaving the car.

“Ready, Y/N?” Your friend asked.

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I’m Yours

707/Female Reader Smut Drabble
(AN:Switches POVs a bit)

Warnings: BDSM (safe, sane and consensual), explicit body talk, female domination, teasing, wax play

‘Saeyoung? Are you ready babe?’ you asked him

‘Yes.’ He says with a smile on his face

‘Yes, What?’ you asked sternly

He messed up already.

‘Ah I’m sorry Miss. Yes, I’m ready Miss.’

‘Good’ she purred into his ear.

He couldn’t see her, as he was blindfolded. And he wasn’t completely restrained this time. Wrist tied to the headboard with hands woven together by silk ropes.

Not getting to touch or see her was maddening. Especially when she got close.

'Let me know how this feels Saeyoung.’

'Ah! I-It’s hot Miss.’


'No, Miss.’

'Good, there’s something I want to do.’

Hot wax was being dropped on his stomach, in delicate loops and and circles.

His grunts and cries filled the room. The only time she paused was to blow cooling air on spots where the wax dropped.

'Saeyoung, if you guess what I’m writing, I’ll give you a treat. Would you like a treat?’ she hummed in his ear

'Yes, Miss!’ She hasn’t touched him yet. He really hopes he can guess correctly

'3 tries. Proceed.’

'Um. My name?’ He guesses

'Wrong.’ she drips hot wax on his left nipple


'No risk, no reward hm?’

Then feeing her tongue on his right nipple, he let out a long moan. The conflicting feeling of her cool mouth on his nipple while the other was hardening under the wax was making his dick hard, and making it hard to concentrate.

'Ahhhh~ Ahhhh~’

'You still have two guesses Saeyoung.’ she teased while flicking her tongue back and forth on his hard nipple

'Mmmm. Miss I-I can’t I can’t.’

She immediately stops, 'You better.’ She says sternly and then bites hard

'Ahhh! Ah! I’m sorry Miss! I’m sorry!’

'2 tries. Proceed.’


’….Good guess but no.’ and she poured some wax on the nipple she had bitten


Come on Saeyoung, you can do this.

She was distracting him once more but this time by licking and sucking his neck, marking him.

His head was swimming. The pain and pleasure she gave in equal doses was intoxicating. He had to find a answer, he needed to touch her, he needed to see her. His hands kept reaching out, grabbing at air. When she brushed her chest pass his face, he stretched his neck out and sticking his tongue out hoping to get a taste. He wanted her badly. She had complete control over him.

Ah. Yes, it’s obvious.

’M-miss, I have my answer.’ He said breathlessly

'Tell me.’

'It’s your name. Your name is on me.’ He says while having a satisfied smile on his face

She went still.

Did I get it wrong?


He suddenly felt her hands untying the knots around his wrists, knowing better he doesn’t reach for her until his has permission.

'Do you know why my name is on you Saeyoung?’ she asks while taking off the blindfold

Finally getting to see her face, and her body, a feeling hotter than the wax shoots through his body. Knowing the right answer he says

'Because I am yours.’

She smiles, 'Yes, because you are mine.’

She straddles his face. Her core just barely touching his mouth. He takes in her heat, knowing he needs permission to go any further.

'Please. Miss. Please, let me, please’ he says like a prayer

'But teasing you is so much fun Saeyoung, feeling your hot whispers against me….it might just be enough. What do you think?’ she teased while placing herself just out of reach

'Please! Please Miss! Let me make you feel good! Please!’ Saeyoung pleaded

It was getting hard to be good. But he loved how she dragged it out, it just made it all the more satisfying. But he was gonna explode here.

'Well, you have been awfully good…you may touch me…Seven.’ She says breaking the scene.

'Thank fuck.’ He grabs her thighs and pulls her onto his face.

'Uh! Ah!’

His tongue laps her juices, his mouth completely covered by her folds.

Using one hand to grab her ass, and the other hand to rub her clit he says , 'Didn’t I say I’ll make you feel good? How does that feel 'Miss’?’ He teased

She cried out in pleasure, 'It feels so good Seven, so good.’

'Good. Turn around.’

With her ass in his face, she begins to lick and flick the head of his cock.

'Mmmm, fuuuck.’ He sighs as he groped and smacked her ass.

Slowly pushing his middle finger into her, he gains a satisfied hum from her, the hum vibrations sending a warm sensation onto his cock.

Placing another finger inside he slowly pumps in and out gaining more noises from her throat as she takes his cock deep inside her mouth.

'Mmmm, Seven, lick me too.’ she says gasping for breath

'As you wish.’

Flicking his tongue on her clit she cries out

'More! More!’

He pumps his fingers faster and begins to suck on her clit. This makes her completely choke down his cock hitting the back of her throat.

'Fuck! Babe I’m getting close.’ Saeyoung grunts while he’s still pumping his fingers

'Me too.’ she sighs

'Let’s come together.’ and he dives back in, this time moving his fingers across your clit and licking

'Fuck, fuck, fuck!’ She screams as she comes on his face

Saeyoung comes seconds later as she grips his balls while his in her mouth


Panting and out of breath, Saeyoung turns her around and snuggles into her chest.

'Did you have fun Seven?’ She asked while patting his head

'I had lots of fun, we should do the wax game again. I could probably get it faster.’ He says while lightly kissing her chest

'Oh is that a challenge?’ she laughs

Saeyoung looks down at his stomach and sees her name written in cursive in red marks where she brushed the wax off gently

'I’m yours. Do what you will.’

Phil’s Livestream // 1.12.17

He’s wearing his pugs not drugs jumper

“Seeing you guys has just perked me right up”

They’re experiencing thundersnow in London right now

He ate loads of food over the holiday

His mum makes the best food

He wants to see his family more this year

“Great Phil. Great work.” 

Explanation of Christmas puddings

The sides of his hair are short again (not quite shaved by nice and short)


His hairdresser comes to his house to cut his hair now

There was hair all over the floor when the gas men came

Dan says 1 year Phil says 4 what is the truth

New AmazingPhil video tonight after the liveshow 

Hair swish

2 busy 4 a dog (but he wants a dog one day)

“Pugs not allergy drugs”

Self-shampooing hair 

They went to Manchester for New Years

He’s showing one gift Dan got him in the video and another one which is a game called Codenames

He’s going to make his friends play the boardgames with him

He got donut sprinkles handwash but it smells mostly of sugar

He got some straw pig plant growing things idk what it is but it cute

Their publishers got him TATINOF vans 

His mum got him fake candles because she’s scared he’s going to burn the house down

The gas leak was on the bottom floor entrance and they never burn candles there which is why they didn’t explode

The gas leak is fixed btw

He’s got loads of ideas for a certain creative project?? 

He misses when he was a bit more fit and could run up all of the stairs in their house

Top fans got scented candles

The queen recovered from her cold faster than he did rip

He loves having Sherlock back and he may go to a party to watch the last one

They actually did the entirety of Gamingmas

He misses Papyrus 


He sucked at the Undertale battles thankfully Dan was good at them

Dad? Dab? Dan?

DanandPhilShop.com is having a new year sale use the code “HAPPY2017″

Rip yoi

He’s been watching a show called Humans which he really likes

He watched Age of Ultron again and liked it way more the second time

They’ve watched the first 4 episodes of Steven Universe 

He had a weird dream that he was in Scotland being chased around a hotel and he couldn’t find Dan and then Dan’s mum texted him and said that she had the same dream 

“Sometimes I drive past Big Ben and go oh yeah I live in London”

His mum is obsessed with snow and she facetimed him so she could see it

He wants to see La La Land (possibly tonight or tomorrow)

He doesn’t know what he’s doing for his birthday yet but he may either visit his family or hang out with friends and go to an escape room again

“Stick around”

Collective dab


They cleaned the entire house while listening to the Undertale soundtrack

He’s going to put the next liveshows on LessAmazingPhil

“I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you very soon” 


Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||

Strangers (Pt. I)

Josh Dun Series

Summary: Two personalities coincidentally face each other again after four years of not exchanging a word. They have been best friends ever since they were in their single digits; until one person unexpectedly chooses to abandon the other, causing the invincible friendship to vanish over time.

(A/N): This is my first time publishing my writing, so I hope you enjoy the little story I came up with x

Words: 1,917

Warnings: Fear of thunderstorms, anxiety attack

(Y/N) drags her body out of the classroom towards the hall as the bell rings, meaning she can finally head home. The college student makes her way to the gate, while rummaging through her bag, in order to find her phone. As a consequence of not paying enough attention, she unintentionally bumps into someone‘s chest, causing her to lose balance and fall onto the ground. 

“Crap. Sorry, here let me help you“ a voice says above her. 

It sounds oddly familiar, but she can‘t put a finger on it. (Y/N) winces in pain as the stranger hurries to help her onto her feet again. She finally looks up to the person, only to meet a pair of mocha-brown eyes, which she knows like the back of her hand.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)?“

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hey guys shades is gonna tell you about gacharic spin

this is them they are my loves

Gacharic Spin (or Gachapin for short) was formed by bassist F Chopper KOGA and drummer Hana, The lineup has changed a few times in the years since, with Hana and Koga being the only remaining original members.

They released five singles as an indie group, finally releasing their major debut in 2014 with a Best Of album that peaked at #7 on the Oricon weekly chart. Their 2nd major single, “Don’t Let Me Down,” was the ending theme for Dragon Ball Z Kai. In 2013 they collaborated with singer Fuki of the band LIGHT BRINGER to form the band DOLL$BOXX, releasing one original album together.

Gachapin is known to be one of the most musically talented girl groups in Japan. According to the liner notes on their CDs, the band writes most of the lyrics and music themselves.  Tomo-zo, Hana, and Koga were consultants for AKB48′s GIVE ME FIVE! single, and all have published instructional DVDs on their respective instruments.

Overseas, they have performed at Anime Matsuri in Houston in 2011, completed a European tour in 2012, and most recently appeared at J-POP SUMMIT in San Francisco in 2015. They vow to return overseas soon, and are set to release their 3rd major single and 1st major original album in September.


Bass - F Chopper KOGA (Yellow)

One of the two founding members of Gachapin and the group leader, formerly of  THE PINK ☆ PANDA. Koga is a crazy talented bassist who uses a slap bass style that, as I understand, is very difficult to master.

look at her go she’s amazing but you know who else is amazing

Drums & Vocal - Hana (Blue)

The other of the two founding members, Hana has a long history in the music scene, having been a member of The Spade 13, ARMERIA, and others. It’s not often you see a vocalist drummer in a band, but Hana easily stands out from the back of the stage as the focal member of the band. But in case that’s not enough for you, she also plays keyboard and guitar (stepping out from behind the drum kit to play guitar Boku Dake no Cinderella PV, for example.) 

next up is

Guitar - TOMO-ZO (pink)

Formerly from EU-PHORIA, Tomo-zo joined the group after Gachapin’s original guitarist left. She’s extremely energetic and cute–to the point that you probably wouldn’t guess she’s 26 years old. Her guitar skills are on par with the rest of the band but what she really brings to the table is a huge positive energy, always performing with a big smile and keeping the crowd hyped. The band calls on her from time to time for vocals in songs calling for a high pitched, idol-like voice.

soon after TOMO-ZO came, she was joined by:

Keyboard, Vocal - OREOREONA (Purple)

Also from EU-PHORIA, Reona joined not too long after Tomo-Zo. Onstage she varies between a stationary keyboard setup and a keytar, and shares lead vocal duties with Hana in some songs (or takes lead vocal entirely in some recent songs like Don’t Let Me Down). She’s the “sex appeal” member, usually doing some kind of provocative posing over her keyboard in videos, and during lives leads a call and response of “Sexy! Woo!”

and finally it wouldn’t be Gachapin without these two angels

Performer - Mai (sky blue)

So this is where Gacharic Spin gets a little different from your usual rock band. They have two designated members with the position of “performers.” They do not perform any instruments or sing, but are seen dancing in the PVs. More importantly, they are in charge of fan control during the lives, directing fans in chanting, clapping, and hand movements (what I would call wotagei if this were an idol group, but I don’t know the word applies to this group). The performers bring their lives a unique level of interactivity that you don’t get from many full bands, whose members are usually occupied with their own instruments the majority of the time.

Performer - Nenne (orange)

Nenne is new to the group. Like really new. Like her debut was about two weeks ago. She’s the third generation performer member, after their second gen performer graduated for academic reasons. Nenne seems super excited to be part of the group and I hope she sticks around a while. 

k so that’s it basically, they are an amazing band and you should be listening to them if you like super cute girls who can also shred harder than most guys can (if you’re into that kind of thing i guess)

New Pet  |  Part 7

ok not sure how I feel about this but I’m going with it for now. Hopefully it gets better.

Warning: Language

Word Count: 1,934


I wake up with the purple silk sheets surrounding my body. As my eyes slowly open the bright light from the window forces them to re-shut. I didn’t have the energy to move, and my side had a slight tingling feeling. ‘What happen?’ As soon as I said that in my head all the memories flooded back. J and I fighting, me falling on glass, ripping the shard from my body, and J catching me as I fell to the ground. A burst of energy runs through my veins and jerks me to sit up straight. I let out a loud moan from the pain I was feeling in my side as I fall back down.

The door flies open and I watch as Brooke comes running in, “You’re awake! Is everything alright?” She asks as she rips the sheets off of me to look at my cut. The gauze wrapping it was starting to feel with blood. Brooke slowly lifted the gauze from my fresh wound and her jaw dropped, “Oh dear, your stitches ripped open.” She quickly re-wraps it with a lot of pressure, “I’ll be right back, hold still.” she says as she runs out of the door.

The pain was intense as I lied there there in this silent room. I could hear Brooke’s soft voice slightly down the hallway. J’s voice added in and he sounded to be in distress. Second after the two of them come running into the room as J sits on the edge of the bed right next to me. He didn’t say a word as he unwrapped my wound and slightly moved the skin around it.

“I have to give you this shot so it doesn’t hurt when I re-stitch it.” He didn’t even look at me, he just grabbed the the syringe from the nightstand and punctured my opened cut without warning. I let out a slight grunt as my back slowly starts to arch towards the ceiling. He sets the needle back onto the table as Brooke hands him the the supplies to stitch me back up. “This won’t hurt, but you’ll feel a slight tension.”

As he starts to work on my cut I try to think of some other things to get my mind off of it. ‘Why is J acting so weird?’ I ask myself, and then it hit me, ‘He is still mad about what happen in the club.’ As that realization came to mind my whole body felt in fear, knowing that the man that kills people for fun is stitching me up while mad at me. I yank away quickly and J gives me a confused look.

“What are you doing?” He asks in a stern voice.

“You don’t need to be doing this. I can have Logan or Brooke do it. You can go.” I didn’t mean for it to come off as rude as it did but there was no taking it back now.

J looked at me shocked, “I do have to be doing this. It’s my fault you have this so yes, I do have to be doing this.”

“I don’t want you doing it if you are mad at me. Please.” I stay pulled away, hoping he can see the fear and sadness in my eyes.

“I was mad, but not now. Neither of us should have done what we did. I want you to get better and be like me, so I’m sending you to Arkham tonight.” He looks gives me a slight glance as he goes back to stitching me up.

I had no response to that. I was shocked. He wanted to send me to Arkham? Isn’t that where they send crazy people to get better, not worse? “No.” Is the only response I could muster out of my confused mouth. As I sit there staring at J he doesn’t take his eyes off of what he was doing. He knew I would never willing go there, that is why he chose to send me now, now that I’m injured.

Once J is done stitching me up he slowly pushes himself off of he bed and looks down at me. He brushes my hair behind my ear and kisses me on the forehead, whispering to me, “I have no choice. They’ll be here at 8.” With that he exits the bedroom.

Brooke was still cleaning up the bloody gauze and medical supplies scattered around the bed. “Brooke, did you know?” I hope she says no.

She stops cleaning for a second and sits down next to me as I rest my head on her shoulder, “I did dear, I’m so sorry. I tried to change his mind but he is dead set on the idea. You shouldn’t be there long.” She tries to comfort my worries by lightly rubbing my back as she tells me. It didn’t help much. I don’t want to go crazy, I don’t want to go, and I don’t want to even be here.

‘Why is this all happening to me?’ I ask myself as I roll over in the bed, burying myself in the silk sheets and large comforter. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or see anyone and Brooke got that message instantly. The bed slightly shifts as she stands up from it and finishes cleaning up. She’s almost gone when I hear a slight, “I’m so sorry,” as the door closes after the voice. ‘I’m not willingly going crazy, I’m not letting them take me there.’ I have no energy to think of a plan to escape tough, I was warn out. I look over to the clock ‘3:56 p.m.’ I had roughly four hours to figure out something.

‘Oh shit, I fell asleep! Fuck being injured.’ As I roll over I see that it is already dark outside. ‘No, no, no, no, no. It can’t almost be time to go.’ I quickly glance down to my alarm clock ‘7:24 p.m.’ I find all of the energy I had left and lift myself out of bed. I stumble a bit trying to find my balance but I just needed some food before I left. As I finally reach the door I use the knob as a bit of support since my legs could barely carry myself anymore.

I walk out of the room and get a hold of the railing right across from the door. I follow it down the stairs, almost falling a few times but being able to catch myself. As I finally reach the front room I can slightly see J talking to Brooke at the kitchen counter.

“Should you really be doing this? She is such a sweet girl, why do you have to change that?” Brooke says looking concerned while making dinner.

“If we want her to stick around here she needs to understand what it’s like. She can’t be around me if she doesn’t understand why I do the things I do. She is going and that’s final.” J exclaims as he pushes himself off of the stool, from the counter and catches a glimpse of me. “What are you doing down here Y/N?” He quickly runs to my side as he helps me sit down onto the couch.

“I wanted to eat before I left.” I say while holding my stomach. I give him a slight smile, hoping he would help me over to the kitchen so I can eat. He doesn’t.

“You should have stayed up there and rested. I was going to bring your food up shortly.” He lets out a small grunt, “Just stay here and I’ll bring it in, in a second.” He walks back into the kitchen, grabbing a plate of roast beef with green beans and mashed potatoes, it smelled and looked amazing. He sets it on the coffee table across from me with a glass of water accompanying it as he takes a seat next to me.

“It will suck there won’t it?” I ask J as I take a bite of my dinner.

“Yes, and it’s going to hurt really really bad. When you get back though, we’ll go out and do something.” He flashes me a wicked grin as he glances down towards his watch. “They’ll be here soon.” He then stands up and walks upstairs.

‘Where is he going?’ I push myself up from the couch, trying to keep up with him. As I reach the bottom of the stair he comes walking out from the bedroom.

“God dammit Y/N, you don’t need to follow me.” He quickly comes down the stairs and ushers me to the couch, setting a duffle bag on the ground next to our feet.

“What is that?” I ask pointing to the duffle bag.

“It’s your things. I had a special request, they will be holding you in a separate part of the building. Kind of like an add on.” He exaggerates his words. Was he trying to hint at something?

Three solid knocks come from the front door a few feet ahead of where we are sitting. J and I look at each other, me giving him a worried look. A few moments later he is up answering the door, “She is just in here,” he says as he gestures towards me. I flash a small smile as two men in expensive black suits walk into the house, one of them pushing a wheelchair.

“Hello Y/N, are you ready?” The first man with free hands asks.

“Do I have a choice?” I respond, rolling my eyes while I look at J.

“No.” J says as he helps me into the wheelchair, kissing me on the forehead.

I look at the man standing behind me and wave my hand like a snobby brat, “Well then let’s get this shoe on the road.” I hoped J could see that I was not happy about this one bit, but was willing to do it for him.

The man with free hands grabs the duffle bag from J, “We’ll have her to standard in no time sir.”

‘What does that even mean, to standard?’ I ask myself as they roll me out the door to the vehicle waiting outside.

We arrive at a dark stingy building with big letters that spelled out ‘ARKHAM’. As the huge gates open we slowly drive into the yard, on a bricked driveway. The vehicle comes to a stop as the men help me out of the vehicle, this time without the wheelchair. As we enter the building I can hear manic screams coming from the far end of the hall. The walk to my ‘room’ was long and not many on the lights worked in the hall. As we finally arrive there is just a metal table sitting in the middle of all of these machines.

“Lay down.” The second man exclaims as he smacks his hand down on the table.

Pointing at the table I ask, “There?”

“Where else would you choose to lay in here?” The first man asks as he opens his arms up to the room.

I walk over to the table, sprawling my body across the cold surface. I feel my skin fill with goosebumps as I lay there with the two men starting to strap me down. “Well I guess you’re right.” Giving a small shrug to the men.

“We are going to have a lot of fun.” The second man says as he flicks on a large lamp, blinding me with its bright light.

“Isn’t that what we are here for?” I give a slight smile.

anonymous asked:

How about more on your headcanons about Aladdin's lil crush on Kougyoku? I loved that drawing of them you did a while ago! (and maybe Judal and Alibaba teasing/being super supportive to Aladdin about it idk) anything Kougyoku would be neat tbh~ I hope you stay strong today!


  • aladdin calling forth rukh from the ocean, from the rivers and lakes and clouds, to aid kougyoku as she skewers their enemies to shreds
  • lately when he’s around her, aladdin notices that his rukh has a tinge of pink to it. he quickly brushes them aside.
  • long-distance correspondence as aladdin travels around the world, bringing all sorts of interesting tokens back to show kougyoku
  • they stick mostly to writing letters because they’re both too busy to call each other
    • kougyoku uses clairvoyance magic to find him and sends him letters with koumei’s teleportation circles. aladdin writes back and sends them off in shining rukh-conjured birds that hurt if you stare at them for too long. sometimes there is no letter, and they just leave her flowers on the windowsill 
    • occasionally, in the wee hours of the night, aladdin will call kougyoku and press the shell phone close to some ancient sleeping underwater animal he finds, so she can listen too
  • late night conversations on worldly affairs, eating breakfast together in a secret place of the palace courtyard, hidden by pear trees, with a great view of the city below
  • judal is hella protective of kougyoku and fairly suspicious of aladdin (‘ummmm what is this nonsense, are you saying i’m not a good enough magi for you???’), alibaba is DELIGHTED (and a little bit confused like what happened in these years i’ve been away can we do a recap ohtaka), ka koubun is utterly scandalized
  • their relationship grows complicated and messy when aladdin repeatedly makes it clear he’s not kou’s (or any nation’s) magi, and kougyoku understands that, but the whole world grows nervous when the rising kou empire starts having two powerful magis hanging around the capital
  • one day when kougyoku turns to look at him across the courtyard, he sees her rukh turn a charming shade of pink and doesn’t quite know what to feel about that
Shallura brought together by kid!Pidge AU

The Paladins have been surrogate family/big bro types to Pidge all her life but Shiro sees that she’s interested in bonding with other girls and is having some difficulty bc she’s so rough n tumble compared to her peers at school

So Shiro gets the idea to enroll her in a Big Sis type of after school mentoring program and after a couple days Pidge starts coming home so excited talking about this super nice and cool lady she met as a mentor and she’s so great “bc she’s super pretty and wears makeup and paints her nails and everything but she also likes the type of stuff that you guys like like engineering and mob movies and all kinds of stuff!”

And Shiro is so relieved that this worked out bc as Pidge got older he was concerned there were certain areas he wouldn’t be able to guide her in and he’s glad she has a resource now. He’s also slightly amused bc Pidge kinda sounds like she has a little crush and that’s so adorable

Then one day he goes to collect Pidge from the community center and pops his head in to see what’s taking her so long and the admin mentions Pidge and Allura are just finishing up in metal shop and Shiro figures Allura must be the Big Sis so he’s like “oh cool I’ll just go and introduce myself all cordial like”

And he peeks through the glass to see two helmet and apron clad figures hunched over a table above a flurry of golden sparks so he waits patiently at the back until the muffled sound of grinding metal stops and he can safely peek in

Pidge spots him just as she’s taking off her helmet and beams and waves him over and he walks over while the other person also removes their helmet and he glances their way and his heart leaps into his throat bc GOOD GOD who in the hell is ethereal creature in industrial gear??

And the goddess-like creature smiles as her eyes drift toward the clock on the wall and the look on her face quickly turns to shock and she says “oh my… I’m so sorry… Shiro, is it? We completely lost track of time! I hope I didn’t hold you up…”

But Shiro’s kind of just staring and gaping like a guppy while Pidge is dancing excitedly around his legs trying to call his attention to all the projects she’s been working on and “this thing is going to be a bin for shoe collections so we can donate them to people who need shoes!”

And Allura beams down at Pidge and laughs at the tap dancing around Shiro, then yanks off one of her gloves and sticks her hand out in greeting

“My name is Allura. It’s nice to finally meet you!”

Shiro shakes it awkwardly and just nods and immediately winces bc while he’s never usually so terse he finds he’s having trouble forming words every time Allura’s violet-blue eyes make contact with his

Then Pidge starts dancing excitedly again and throws off her metal shop gear because she wants to show Shiro some of the watercolor drawings Allura had helped her with earlier that week.

But Shiro barely hears her as he’s distracted by the sight of Allura tugging off her helmet with her back turned and tumbles out at least 15 inches of thick silvery slightly fluffy tresses and how does someone keep all of that under a helmet? Some kind of metal goddess magic??

And he somehow manages to get his shit together just enough to mumble a “thanks” to Allura and she smiles and nods and she and Pidge say their goodbyes until tomorrow

And as Pidge drags him away Shiro sneaks a glance over his shoulder back at Allura in spite of himself, and can’t help feel a tad remorseful as he watches her pick up all of Pidges discarded safety gear. Allura catches his gaze and smiles again, sending Shiro’s heart into another thump-a-thon as he exits with a sheepish grin

And as he and Pidge walk home hand in hand as she babbles about all the things she has gotten to work on and can’t wait for next week when they’re going to try knitting, Shiro heaves a sigh as he didn’t at all anticipate that he’d be the one with the crush ORZ

opposites attract // newt scamander

Chapter/One shot: One shot

Author: Kiera

Words: Around 700 words

Warnings: None

Request: By Anonymous


Notes: HELL YEAH. 

And also, I kinda wrote the reader into a Luna Lovegood inspired character

Thank you for existing, JK Rowling.

Originally posted by mozarlin

(y/n) (y/l/n).

Newt Scamander watched her stride into the potions dungeon confidently, head held high as she made direct eye contact with the Potions Professor, nodding respectfully. Professor Eccleston smiled at her in acknowledgement. The Slytherin girl looked around the classroom while the students flowed through the door, trying to decide where to seat.

He watched her. She was scanning the room carefully, her eyes falling onto Newt, who sat at the very last row of the classroom, where Professor Eccleston never looked to see what he was doing. Her piercing gaze bored into his pale eyes, and he tilted his head, wondering what she would do.

The students themselves were mesmerised by the new girl. A boy with raven-black hair waved enthusiastically to catch her attention, and her eyes shifted to look at him. He and his friends snickered when she cast them a soft smile.

Newt rolled his eyes inwardly. Those arrogant gangsters.

When the class settled down, Professor Eccleston cleared her throat. “As you know, we happen to have a new student joining us today, which has never happened in the middle of a term before. As the Headmaster announced, her name is Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N,” she turned to the girl. “Choose a seat. Anywhere is fine.”

Y/N exuded boldness as she stepped towards the Slytherin boy’s seat. The boy straightened up and smiled charmingly, even scooting aside to make space for her, but she simply blinked at him and continued down the aisle, her determined stare sweeping to where Newt sat, alone.

Newt and the entire class watched her in disbelief, as she pulled out a chair, setting her ink bottle, expensive-looking quill and parchments down before sitting daintily herself. Strands of her hair which contrasted Newt’s tousled curls danced in front of her face, causing her to brush them away impatiently. She held her hand out, either oblivious or simply choosing to ignore the entire class’ gaping. “Y/N Y/L/N. And you are?”

Her voice was light and interesting, which Newt took in in surprise. Her cold expression seemed to have faded away.

“Newt - Newton Scamander. But Newt is fine,” he found himself stuttering.

She smiled at him for the first time. “Nice name.”

“Yours too.”

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Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Two: Whispers in Town
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2475
Warnings: Half-naked, just out of the shower Jensen. 


Your name: submit What is this?

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Visit from Grandma - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1080

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: I’ve been sitting on this for awhile trying to figure out an ending and I just crapped one out tonight and decided to post this and get rid of it. 

A/N #2: Friendly reminder these are not written in chronological order but they are posted on the masterlist in chronological order to the best of my ability. 

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“JoJo.” You whispered, gently shaking her awake. “Wake up baby girl. Someone’s here to see you.”

“Hmm?” She squinted her eyes open and looked up at you, reaching out her arms. You chuckled and picked her up, positioning her on your hip and carrying her out of her room and down the hall. She had fallen back to sleep on your shoulder halfway out.

“Someone is sleepy today.” You smiled and gently shook her as she whined. “Come on, lovebug. Someone drove a long way to see you and bring you presents.” Dean moved to your side and brushed her hair out of her face, poking her nose to wake her up.

“Joannaaaaa.” He whispered in her ear. “I’m gonna steal your presents.” You felt her smile against you and knew she was waking up.

“I guess I’ll just have to take all this stuff back where I found it.” Mary’s voice chimed through the bunker and JoJo’s head shot up, turning around to face her. Mary had been back for a few years, choosing to go live with Jody and help her with the girls. She visited often though, always wanting to spend time with JoJo.

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Lucky: End Of The Year Special

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff

Words: 4,945

Please Read Before You Move On To The Fic

It’s been 4 months since we said goodbye to this amazing family. I was talking to one of my many followers that loved Lucky as much as I did, and we were just thinking of how these guys were doing. 

I couldn’t help but think that, it’s the end of the year, I’ve been on Tumblr, writing, since May of this year. Over that time I have made over 2,000 followers, and I consider each and every one of you my family.

But what put me out there, what got me so popular, was my Fic, LUCKY. It was just an idea that came to me, and I planned on it being about 5 parts long. Well, for those of you that were with me through it, or have now read the whole thing, you know that Lucky is 50 parts long.

Not only had Tumblr become such a huge part of my life, but Lucky ended up becoming just as big in my life and in my heart. So after talking to this follower, I couldn’t help but think that this was a great way for me to end my year.

I’ve had a lot of ups and a good chunk of downs, but why not end my year, in my favorite place with the thing that brought me the most happiness. So this is for you, for me, for the year. @x3xarianax3x, Thank you for helping me to decide to do this.

Happy New Year Everybody. And Thank You For Being Such A Huge Part Of My Life. I Love You My SPN Family!

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Word Count: 5,611

Genre: Fluff, mostly very fluffy

Summary: Dan finds that capitalizing some words that aren’t supposed to be capitalized changes the whole meaning of the word, and goes most of his life keeping it his little secret until Phil notices it. Then things become a whole lot better.

A/N: This took forever! Three months! What the frick? Did I live? I did nothing! I can’t think of what I did that was important! I am so. tired. but i think I’m happy with this. Hope you enjoy. 

               “Haha, no, I’m Pretty Much a Loser,” Dan says sheepishly, his fingers tousling with his fringe while his other hand clenches and unclenches underneath the table.

           “Oh no, no I’m sure you’re not,” the girl chuckles uncomfortably. Her eyes dart back to her table of friends, and Dan’s completely sure she went over to talk to him on a Dare. What was her name again? Anne? Annie? Angela? It doesn’t matter; she’s not Sticking Around anyway.

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anonymous asked:

Weird request, particularly since you've got so much on your plate, but what do you think about a Drabble where Peeta is a Hillary volunteer knocking on doors before Election Day? I could definitely see Katniss falling for his passion for Hillary. :) It would also help me feel better about these poll numbers!

this isn’t precisely what you wanted, but i couldn’t resist drabbling Everlark on this historical election night :)

“I told you we should have gotten here earlier!”

Prim pouted as she and Katniss got to the back of the line–more than half a mile away from the venue where the rally was to take place tonight.

Katniss rolled her eyes good-naturedly. “I had to work. If you were so eager, you could have camped out in line earlier and saved me a spot.”

But her sister was already over it, bouncing on her toes as she strained to see over the crowd of people ahead of them. “Look at that girl’s outfit! Do you see it? Oh, I hope we get signs inside,” she prattled on in her excitement.

“I hope we get food,” Katniss said almost to herself, though she couldn’t deny how contagious her sister’s enthusiasm was. The hunger in her stomach was just a little distracting at the moment. “You think we can get pizza delivered to us in line?”

Prim didn’t seem to hear, but the blond guy in front of them did. He turned to cast a curious look over his shoulder. When he inadvertently made eye contact with Katniss, he flashed her an amused smile. Embarrassed, she clamped her lips together.

“You might have more luck with Jimmy John’s,” he said. At her confused look, he added, “It’s quicker. Unless you hate subs. In which case, stick with the pizza.”

His smile widened. While Katniss normally hated nosy strangers and their unsolicited advice, his smile was disarmingly friendly. So she found herself giving him a tight-lipped smile instead of her trademark scowl.

“Thanks,” she muttered, though she didn’t plan on following his suggestion. Not yet, anyway. He just dipped his head in acknowledgment and started to turn back around, but Prim, who never met a stranger she didn’t know, decided to join the conversation.

“Do you think we’ll get in?” she asked.

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Turn of Events (Steve x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Persona: Pregnant Female

Word Count: 2,018

Warning: Swearing

Request: Hey!! Could you do a Steve/Avenger Reader one where she is pregnant with steve’s baby. Only wanda & nat knows and reader is afraid of telling steve. However, she gets steve’s super strength & appetite due to the baby and kinda breaks/bends door handles, shatters mugs etc and keeps on eating and eating? (Smth hilarious) The team takes note and confronts her. And she eventually tells steve and the team (include bucky and pietro pls!). And then they all celebrate. Fluff fluff and more fluff pls! 

A/N - <3

Natasha sat calmly on your bed while Wanda paced around your room anxiously, “I so hope she is”, Wanda’s voiced drifted joyfully around the room. Nat looked at her with a blissful smile, “Yeah me too Wanda”. Meanwhile you waited in the bathroom, your stomach was doing somersaults and this time it wasn’t because of your morning sickness. 

You leaned against the bathroom sink, staring at the small stick which had the power to change your life, you only had to wait five minutes to find out your fate. A small positive sign flashed up in blue, your heart skipped beats and a strange feeling danced around inside you. You stood staring at the little stick as thoughts formed and dissipated, a light knock on the door echoed around the bathroom, it was followed by Natasha calling out to you, “Is everything okay?”.

Taking a deep breath you pushed yourself towards the door, a shaky hand reached out. Gripping the handle you opened the door, your eyes landed on Natasha and Wanda who were waiting close by. Instead of speaking, they waited for you to initiate the conversation.

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KOTOR II Fanfic: Sleeping Beauty

Who’s in the mood for some silly fluff? I know I am. This takes place shortly after the Exile discovers Atton’s force capabilities and starts to train him. Atton x Exile.

Bao-Dur was occupied with repairs to the ship when Atton entered the garage, and so he wasn’t expecting much in the way of small talk from the Iridonian. Meetra suggested he begin work on a lightsaber for himself, and Atton was here to do just that. It had been something of a surprise when she told him she’d be willing to train him as a Jedi, especially considering what he told her of his past. But she simply smiled, told him she forgave him, and asked what he wanted to do. If it helped protect her, he thought, he’d do it in a heartbeat. So here he was, trying to build a lightsaber while she was resting in her bunk.

After a few minutes, Bao-Dur heaved a weary sigh and turned to Atton. Clearly repairs weren’t going well.

“Atton, would you mind grabbing the General for me? Need her help with a tricky bit of wiring.”

“I can try. She’s still worn out from Nar Shaddaa, and you know how she likes her beauty rest.” He chuckled. No one on the ship slept as deeply or as long as Meetra did.

Atton put the tools down and ventured over to the dorm where she’d taken up residence. Sure enough, she was snoring like a rancor and he was sure nothing short of a Sith attack would wake her up.

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Reign and ships.
  • Me: Bash and Mary is my ship.
  • Show: Sorry but she loved Francis more.
  • Me: Mondé is my one true pairing!
  • Show: Brace yourself angst and drama are coming.
  • Me: Lorcisse could be THE power couple and he's cute around her.
  • Show: Ooops too bad.
  • Me: Good old Greith!
  • Show: Sorry for the false hope it's over.
  • Me: Why are you doing this?
  • Show: I don't know, stuff happens. Stick to Frary if you must, they're king and queen?
  • Frary shippers: have been shouting for a while now.
  • Me: If there's a winner in this fandom, bravo to them.