i hope she sticks around


musing a bit on how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (Samuel and Mary, though i’m not necessarily critizing Mary’s actions here; will expand on that a bit more in the next bit), and i don’t have the exact quote, but Mary telling Sam: “when do we ever get something we want?”

because… once Dean and Sam find out that Cas, established explicitly once and for all as THEIR family in this episode, almost died because of Mary? That’s not gonna be pretty. And it feels very reminiscent of Samuel’s betrayal when they found out he was working for Crowley….

…and thinking about it, Samuel, in extension, was working for Cas. Kinda funny how that worked out :P but really, Cas and Mary do really have a lot more in common than they think they do. Working with someone the protagonists are opposed to for the greater good, and the build up to the eventual reveal that will cause feelings of betrayal.

(The way Cas was dying really reminded me of leviathans too; the black goo, the black cracks that ran along his body, rotting him slowly from inside out, no cure except to kill the source. The way the shot looked when Dean and Sam lifted Cas back up reminded me of how Bobby and Dean supported Cas back up after they put all the souls into Purgatory, right before he revealed that the leviathans are still inside him.)

And…well, we all know how well things ended for s6 Cas, after he went through with everything for the sake of the greater good. In a way, Mary is what Cas used to be, and Cas is hopefully what the endproduct that is Mary will look like.

I’m just hoping that this will eventually lead to Mary really feeling like she belongs with them, like how Cas came to be as shown in this episode.

tongueofmercury is has taken Bakura and shown a new, fresh side to his character while keeping his original roots intact. I absolutely adore her writing, her description and how she writes such lengths so flowingly that you’re left craving for more all the time. Her artistic flare shows through in absolutely everything she does and she is one of the most sweetest muns you could ever wish to come across and I hope she sticks around for a long time!

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Saw your post about Eliza Minnick and omg I can relate 100% Hoping she sticks around for a while hahah

RIGHT i just…love her…..pls keep being smug and cocky!!!!

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To the mod. I'm guessing this all started with trying to get rid of the m!a and people just kept sending more?

So almost? I would get in a M!A for full gem for 3 posts. then after aone post, I got, has a rose quartz gem for 5, so quick change, then blue diamond’s gem for 6…i think? So it got complicated so, so fast! haha. I loved the corrupted Peridot, I hope she can stick around in everyone’s hearts as much as she has for me already. So cute. 

Again i can’t wait to do that again. was a blast. 

-Connieswap Artist.

danieldaekim Say #Aloha to one of my new favorite #H50 co-stars, Miss Londyn Silzer. Not only is she cute as a button, but this little lady was on point with all of her lines and came ready to work! We grown ups could take a lesson. ️#RisingStar#ReadyForHerCloseup

Sticking around the Rabbit Den (RP with Suisuisaya)

Haruko had been wanting to visit Saya’s world for awhile now, little did she know her newest friend had been hurt since they last met.

While looking for the rabbits home, she’d heard the news from a few of the other people that knew Saya…and eventually she found her friend’s house.

She knocked on the door once, and then twice, before letting out a soft sigh, thinking to herself “I hope she’s ok…” …maybe Haruko would have to stick around awhile to make sure she is ok…