i hope she never leaves the series

Biggest Fear : Luke One Shot

This was supposed to be part of a Luke series that I had in mind but I clearly suck at those and couldn’t get this idea outta my head so here ya have it. (I imagine Jaiva as Cara Delevingne but you can of course picture her however you like). Hope you enjoy x PLS LEAVE FEEDBACK IF U DO

Word Count: 2.4k

Luke knew it was a bad idea to give her this kind of personal information. Of course she wasn’t asking just for the sake of getting to know each other. Jaiva isn’t that simple. She’s a sneaky, coniving little shit, never even blinking without an underlying purpose, and Luke should’ve seen this coming. 

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A thought

as I rewatch TST

This is a dream

Sherlock is torturing himself because he failed. 

The only real scene is therapy with Ella

John has been shot

Mary shot him because he was going to leave her

because the baby was never real

and he’s in love with Sherlock. 

And she would do anything to keep him

anything at all

because if she can’t have him

no one can

That’s what series 4 is, it’s Sherlock’s downward spiral. 


All Good Things episode 6: “Stupid” starring Louise Brealey

With the support of Women’s Aid, we’ve worked with Louise Brealey to produce this short film. We’re hoping to raise awareness about the struggles that women can face even after leaving an abusive relationship, and give our viewers an opportunity to help in any way they can.

The film comes as part of the series, All Good Things. Back in 2013 we launched a competition to find the best unproduced writers from across the UK and help them to get their first short film made. We asked for short monologues on the theme of “things you wish you’d said to your ex”, wanting to explore heartache, forgiveness, loss, anger and nostalgia across a six part series. We received over 400 entries, and picked our favourites to turn into this series, All Good Things.

This film was written by Sandy Nicholson.