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Valentine's Surprise

A/N: A little PWP for Valentine’s Day, left until the very last minute, but I hope not too late for @loveinpanem. I didn’t even give @peetabreadgirl or @xerxia31 enough time to beta it properly, so all mistakes are my own.

Rated E, NSFW.

Peeta Mellark paced softly around the perimeter of his classroom, peering over his students’ shoulders in the sun-dappled studio where they perched on stools in front of their easels, transferring the still life in front of them to canvas. Their subject matter was non-traditional, but Peeta had allowed them to choose it for themselves, thinking it would hold their interest for longer than the usual bowl of fruit or vase of flowers. The focus on a realistic depiction of the arrangement in front of them remained the same, even if the objects consisted of an iPhone, a set of earbuds, a water bottle and a clutch of grocery store daisies plonked unceremoniously into a cup usually used for rinsing paint brushes.

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Camren sharing a hotel room together in Lima, Peru (06/23/16)

Hey guys so, I was shocked that literally nobody was discussing or ever noticed this incident. Come on! Camren shippers step up your game! But, don’t be crazy. Also, I’m not one of those delusional camren shippers cause when I see things, I try to be realistic as possible about the situation and not live in Fantasy Land. Anyway, this post is gonna be really long and I’ve been recently seeing that camren has been… closer recently. And weird thing is, it’s not just me actually. Another thing is, prediction pages (I don’t really believe in them but I guess it gives some sort of small hope) have been saying camren might come out or something soon. I think there was a specific date and it was June 28th. Not completely too sure, but ANYWHO. LET’S GET RIGHT INTO IT!!! YEEAH!!1!

So, Camila was on snapchat on June 23, 2016 at around 12 A.M. This is one of the videos she posted, the other photos and videos on her story are kinda irrelevant. 

Now, you might think that it’s just a video of Camila showing her delicious dish of food but NAH FAM. 

LAUREN WAS SHARING THE SAME FUCKING ROOM WITH CAMILA THAT NIGHT IN PERU AND HAD A CUTE PRIVATE DINNER TOGETHER. FUCKIN HELL MAN. Anyway, you’re probably asking me like how the hell do you know that? Well, let me tell ya.


So first things first, during the beginning of the video, you can see there are two different pattern of luggages. Why are there two? The striped one is Camila’s and the dark blue luggage is Lauren’s.

So, during the time Camila came over to Peru in the airport she was carrying around a different luggage with the same pattern as the striped one, but a smaller version. So, I would see how she only wanted to carry a smaller/light-weighted luggage and leave the rest to the airport thingies where you can come later and pick it up and not carry it around. So since they’re both the same, we would think that she bought like a luggage set. And those come in the same pattern and stuff. So that would conclude that the dark blue one isn’t hers. 


Also, during the beginning of the video before she opens the main dish, if you put your volume all the way up you can hear Camila whispering “Lauren.” Like to tell her to come here or something. 


You can hear a type of talking but not like real life talking but audio from your phone type of talking in the background after Camila says “Lauren.” That’s Lauren on FaceTime with someone and it’s a girl by the sound of it. Let me explain how I can tell.

Camila posted this photo on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat on June 23rd, 2016. Same date and everything. You can see that there’s a phone (Lauren’s) right beside her on the bed and if you zoom in, you can see it’s still on FaceTime. That explains the noisyness in the video. You might still be not persuaded. So, if this photo was taken by Camila’s phone then why is there an extra phone next to her?

IT’S LAUREN’S. You can see that both of the phones are protected by a black case and are iPhone 6′s or maybe iPhone 6 plus. Can’t see the absolute sizing that much but it’s between those two. Also, that means she took that hot ass photo of Camila.


After Camila says whatever she said (I don’t speak Spanish sorry) after she opens the main entrée/dish, then Lauren’s comes in, opens the lid of the side dish from the opposite side Camila is on, and speaks Spanish. AND YA’LL CAN EVEN HEAR LAUREN’S VOICE SAYIN IT. WHO ELSE IN FIFTH HARMONY SPEAKS SPANISH BESIDES CAMILA. COME ON CAMREN SHIPPERS, YOUR GAME WEAK! 

That was a slowed down video of Lauren’s hand taking off the lid replayed 3 times. I can confirm that is Lauren’s hand. First off, Lauren ALWAYS will be wearing the ring her grandma gave her on her right hand on the ring finger. Her grandma was extremely close and important to her. Watch the video closely, it shows the person’s right hand having a ring on the ring finger too. 

And the black jacket the person was wearing…

I could tell exactly which jacket it was from Lauren’s closet.

The same jacket when she/5H went to Paris. If you look closely at both of the fabric type of the jacket from the video and the picture, they’re both the same. It looks like polyester or nylon. 


About the jacket again, the ends of the jacket closes off into a cotton collar. I really don’t know what it’s called but here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Now here’s the real deal.

This photo is also when she was in Paris. ^


So, after I saw that they were active on Tumblr around the same time I check the recent reblogs and I saw Lauren reblogged this. 

June 23rd. On Tumblr, while they were in the same room. 

Also, Camila had added a “Sex” playlist to her Spotify a day before. LMFAO. I’M DEAD SERIOUS.




Date Night - Sam

Summary: Sam x Reader. The reader enjoys a movie date with her boyfriend, Sam, as they improvise every line in the black and white film.

Triggers: None

Word Count: 1677

Y/N = Your name, Y/H/C = Your hair colour

This is the second in a series of Date Night stories leading up to Valentines Day. Dates that are a bit different from your normal dinner and movie dates with some of the Supernatural characters. If you have an idea for a cool date idea or want a specific character please tell me!

Other date nights:  Charlie   Samandriel  Castiel  Kevin  Gabriel  Dean

“So which one should we watch (Y/N)?” Sam said. Scooting over once you fell down next to him on the bed. Your (Y/H/C) hair brushing against his arm as you looked over at the screen of his laptop. Watching as he scrolled through the many movies available. The light of the screen making his hazel eyes appear brighter as he eyed the titles. 

You’d been looking forward to your movie night with your boyfriend since he mentioned it earlier. And everything was ready now; the drinks were poured and the popcorn was popped. Both sitting untouched and waiting at the bedside table as he looked up from the Netflix page and over at you. That blindingly beautiful smile you loved playing on his lips and hinting to his own excitement at your long overdue date. 

“Doesn’t really matter, as long as we haven’t seen it before,” You smiled. These movie nights were kind of a tradition for the two of you by now. Of course you didn’t really watch movies the same way other couples did. You had a more fun way of doing things. Movie nights for Sam and you meant putting on a movie you’d never seen before and then improvising all the dialogue. Usually just going with the first thing that popped into your head and developing the story line from there based solely on your first sentence. Most of the time the whole first line rule ended up making the experience surreal and laughable in its simplicity, but that’s how you liked it. It was fun, easy and kept your minds off the hunts and the lifestyle.

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David Duchovny in Pittsburgh 9/13/15

Well, the day I’ve been waiting for finally happened. I met David and saw him in concert and he was PHENOMENAL!

All day I was telling myself to play it cool…. but once he walked into the room for the meet n greet I could feel the “cool” oozing out of my body and being replaced with a shaky sweaty palms asking a boy to prom feeling. David is TALL! like, I’m 5′1″ (and thats generous) but he is TALL. I am SO GLAD I wore high heeled boots! My mom and I were maybe 10th in line to meet him. She brought him a Homestead Greys ball cap and I was kicking myself for not bringing a gift and or something for him to sign. Some people brought some cute gifts and some unique things to have signed 


So I get up to meet him and he is SO gracious. Every single person who came up to him got a handshake and a hug, he asked questions about the fans. I was blown away with how genuinely interested he was in everyone and how he initiated almost every hug and handshake eagerly. I walked up to him with what I imagine was a goofy smile and told him my name was Jen. I thanked him for coming to Pittsburgh… this little prayer was sure answered


He immediately goes “Stillers, am I saying that right? I love Pittsburgh’s accent” so I gave him a 10 second run down. 

For those of you not familiar, the accent sounds something like this…
What we want to say: “Hello friends, are you going down to the Strip District to see David Duchovny perform? Would you like to grab a drink before going?”
What we say “Hey yinz gaaahn dahn ta the Strip to see David Duchovny? Wanna grab some Ahrn City lights before heading dahn?”
(everyone check out Pittsburgh Dad on Youtube for further explanation) 

Anyway David practiced his accent and it was pretty damn good… he should move here and we should be buds. 

I told him I brought my mom along because she supported my Xfiles habit for the past 15 years. He said “Oh you subjected her to that did you?” (hehe). He was very gracious meeting my mom and taking the Greys cap. He said “Oh, like The Unnatural”. Mom asked him if he got to take in a buccos game and he said he didn’t but his hotel was right by the stadium (I sure hope he got to see the Fireworks last night). Apparently when he put his arm around my mom he knocked her purse off her shoulder (TWICE) and kept telling her “I’m not trying to steal your pocket book” she got a huge kick out of the fact that he called it a pocket book. 

We each got our photos taken and we went to walk away when I turned around and asked if Mom and I could get a photo together. The camera man looked hesitant but David extended both arms to welcome us in and said “of course”. Did I mention yet how wonderful he is. 


David loves his t-shirts with random words on it…. I text this picture to a friend of mine and he asked me if this was a shirt from Doug (as in Doug Funny- The Beats- Killer Tofu) 90s kids will understand 


dashakay , I accepted my mission and all I have to say is YUM. Smelling David is better than smelling the scent of a warm pumpkin muffin, brewing coffee in the morning, freshly cut grass, the smell of a christmas tree, and cookies baking all rolled into one. In all honesty he smelled like musky man scent and fresh cotton. How Gillian Anderson doesn’t get knocked unconscious (or knocked up) with that purely amazing aroma is beyond me! 

Once the concert started I was totally impressed at a few things. 

  1. His band is so young and they seem like an awesome group to hang with
  2. David looks good… I know what you are all thinking -“no shit”. But honestly he looks AMAZING in person. I even detect some season 5 Mulder longer hair thing coming on…. just saying.
  3. He is so interactive with fans. Every single person that shouted something to him he took the time to respond. Every person sitting up front who reached out to him, he reached back to give a high 5 or hold hands. 

The brown bomber jacket of sex appeal

So the most surreal part for me was after maybe the first song David looks right at my mom and I in the audience and goes “Local fans, am I saying that right? Local Stillers… Local” so I respond and we had this little back and forth and I have it on video but dammit it if I can’t figure out how to put an iPhone video onto Tumblr… Anyway, I guess expect that clip in another post. I had a convo with David while he was on stage *fan girl swoons and hits floor*


At one point a fan threw a rather voluptuous brazier onto the stage with their number on it David was like “724 is that local?” (it is). There was some sexual innuendo interaction with fans but nothing that made me blush standing next to my mom. A few people asked him to take his top off, one asked him to take his pants off, then someone asked Pat, his guitarist to take his shoes off and he did… next thing you know the whole band takes off their shoes and the stage is covered in shoes and sock-clad guys. 


Is this a running joke Im not aware of? Anyway David, ever so graciously eventually cleans up house by picking up the boy’s shoes and the ladies’ bra and swings them all around 


David’s shoes stayed on but I was really hoping they would reveal alien/ufo socks. 

David kept inviting us to join him every time he took a drink of what looked like OJ which he called “an alcoholic beverage”.

Before the songs he kept saying “A song from my first album”

He played a song he wrote for his daughter that is not on the album called “Stay on the Train”

I was VERY impressed with him as a live performer (I know, I know Im gushing at this point)


jacket came off to reveal the black t shirt of sex appeal 


lets all take a minute to get jealous of this lucky duck


When introducing the band, David forgot to mention his bassist. He felt so bad about it then had a bromance moment 


Feel free to forget about any of us, David. We’d love a hug like that.

When David left the stage and the came back for an encore he, and the whole band were wearing PGH/Pirates caps! (I love my city if you haven’t gotten the hint) we had just won todays game.


For all the Gillovny fans out there prior to singing The Rain Song he stated that it was for a friend who loved Rain. 

He did a stripped down version of Let it Rain *I have video of this too* someone please tell me why I can’t upload video in this post (grr) 

His guitarist was ON FIRE during the encore. I mean this kid was KILLING it… MAD props to Pat


All and all this night was amazing. I was so glad to be able to share it with my mom and so many other fans. I talked to fans who came to Pgh from all over to see David and everyone was so kind and gracious sharing stories and full of smiles. This is such a great fan base to be part of. David made me so proud to call myself a fan of ALLLLL his work. He was incredible! 

One of the best days yet!

p.s. MY MOM got a zoomed in crotch shot (was it intentional or not? the world may never know) anyway, I guess I’ll be a good fan and not post that. If you want to know what it looks like just watch the speedo scene in Duane Barry and imagine black denim instead of spandex. 


(disclaimer- Don’t be a jag-off, tag me if you use my pictures) 


Imagine telling Dean that you love him.

Sam stared at you, confused as to why you couldn’t say anything. He was heart broken to see how broken you were over his brother. Sam was your best friend. He couldn’t stand there and see you like this any more. He got up and left you there just sobbing, thinking about Dean kissing Amara made your stomach turn. You wanted to kill her with every last bit of strength you had left.

Your heart was beating faster then ever. You got up and ran to grab your 67’ Mustangs key. You wiped the tears off with your arm as you kept running until you got to the garage. You got into your car and slammed the door shut. Looking into the rearview mirror you wiped off the remaining makeup and then started the engine. And you were off.

You zoomed down all the back roads. Not caring if police caught you. You’d rather be locked up than see Dean. You loved him but you couldn’t tell him that now since he was in her trance. It was unbearable, it was a feeling you wanted him to lose. But alas you couldn’t. You were heart broken in the easiest way to put it. Your lips were pursed and your brows furred as you stared down the road. When your phoned dinged. It was from… Dean? You pulled off to the side of the road and just stared at the lit up screen. It was antagonizing how he messaged you at the right time.

‘Hey, do you know what’s up with Sam?’
Sent 1:46 pm.

Of course it couldn’t be about you, he would avoid it till the last second to tell you the truth about Amara.

‘I don’t know, ask him Dean. I’m not your messenger. ’
Sent 2:47

I stared at my phone, at what y/n said. She has never been mad at before unless Sam told her about the…'oh god’ I thought to myself. 'What have I done’. I love her, God I’m such an idiot. I ran out of the bunker as fast as I could after checking where her phone had been tracked. I started baby as fast as I could.

You stared at the blank screen, blank faced. What was he up to? 'DING’ your phone went off again.

iPhone tracker y/n Tracked.

You were fuming but maybe it was just Sam. You crossed your fingers hoping just hoping until the beautiful rumble of baby was heard. Shit.

“Hey, HEY!” Dean yelped into your window. “What the hell?” You rolled your eyes “Why are you so upset” he backed away as you angrily opened and shut the door as you got of the car. You pointed at him as you scowled. “ What hell is wrong with me, do you really want to know Dean” you yelled. His face gone pale in shock.
“I have waited for 5-6 years to even tell you I love you but you don’t know The darkness’s bitch Amara, then kiss her like its nothing Dean” you swallowed the scarce lump in throat hoping it would help the soreness in it.

“So you did see it? Didn’t you. Y/n I-I can’t even explain why but if it means a lot to you. I’m going to kill the son of a bitch. Please give me a chance to show you that I’ve been doing this for you. All of it. I love you too and I can’t express-” he was cut off by you jumping up and smashing your lips into his. Him holding you by your legs, you holding on from wrapping your arms around his neck. The kiss was filled with passion, you could taste the whiskey and mint from him. It was amazing to know that he loved you back. You smiled into the kiss “I love you Dean Winchester”.

Taylor Swift Wishes BFF Karlie Kloss A ‘Happy Birthday’ By Showing Off BF Calvin Harris [Photo]
Taylor Swift wishes her ‘ray of light’ a wonderful 23rd birthday by having Calvin Harris front and center of the photo!


Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have become one of Hollywood’s beloved BFFs over the past two years. The two have been seen walking the streets of New York City and hanging out backstage at concerts.

The “Bad Blood” singer chose a rather interesting photo in light of Karlie Kloss’ 23rd birthday. Taylor Swift wished her best friend a “Happy Birthday” by showing off her boyfriend Calvin Harris on both Twitter and Instagram.

Swift, 25, wrote, “Some of my best times are with her, laughing in the kitchen. Happy Birthday to the ray of light that is @karlieloss!”

The photo features Karlie in the background, cooking and smiling. But fans couldn’t help but notice that Taylor’s boyfriend is front and center in the photo. Some of Taylor’s fans remarked on how the singer should have chosen a better photo for her birthday greeting.

Twitter user @SmilesForTaylor tweeted, “Zoom is your friend!”

Meanwhile @vampskaylor wrote, “We do understand you’re dating Calvin and not Karlie, we’re all ok with this. You could post a pic with YOU & Karlie at least. It know it’ll never happen but I hope she sees this tweet bc what she’s done is not.cool.at.all actually.”

Another fan joked, “When it’s Calvin’s birthday Karlie better be in the photo.”

If you look through some of Swift’s responses, you will notice that fans are not happy. Some of them even made outright vulgar comments to the singer. Out of all the photos that Swift probably has of Kloss, she could’ve chose a photo that either featured herself with the Victoria’s Secret model or just the model alone.

Taylor did a better job at wishing her friend a “Happy Birthday” last year. On Karlie’s 22nd birthday, the singer-songwriter shared a sweet photo of her friend taking a photo with her iPhone. Taylor also wrote the following caption, which ignited the “Kaylor” rumors, “Happy 22nd birthday to Karlie Kloss, who is made out of 100% sunshine.”

That was also around the time that the Swift and Kloss dating rumors started. The two met at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show where they became BFFs. Ever since that night, Swift and Kloss were pretty much inseparable, causing the dating rumors to swirl.

According to a report via OK! Magazine, Taylor and Karlie were secretly dating and planning to move in together at the singer’s NYC apartment. The twosome pretty kept mum on the rumors until fans leaked photos of the two allegedly kissing at a 1975 concert. Taylor had enough of the dating rumors, so she took to Twitter to finally set the record straight.

Ever since she put a stop to the rumors, Taylor Swift hasn’t shared any photos of herself alone with Karlie Kloss. The two are usually photographed together, among friends. What are your thoughts on Swift’s birthday wish for Kloss? Do you think having Calvin Harris front and center is a good idea? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

What the Camerawoman Saw

Based off the superslowmo gif set by chaksforever of the Maksyl Freestyle, and the ensuing discussion of how they rehearsed the opening and drag across the floor.  

Thanks for reading!  I appreciate your feedback!

Jane shifted her coffee to her left hand so that she could better look over the day’s assignments.  She had arrived a few minutes early so that she got the best selection of equipment, as some of the cameras were more cantankerous than others.  Blue room today.  Jane cross-referenced her room assignment against the rehearsal roster.  Meryl and Maks today.  Good.  Less time spent chasing a crying person down a hallway, but more time trying to catch them doing anything that looked remotely “couple-y” or inadvertently sexy.

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anonymous asked:

Snowbarry! They find each ther's numbers in a library book AU! I found this on a list of prompts and think it would be so cute for them!

Caitlin has always loved the smell of libraries.

There’s a distinct scent that all libraries share. It’s what Caitlin smells every time she opens an old book at the back of the library. And she supposes she does look a bit silly, rubbing her nose between the pages of the book she just picked up. But no one else is around, so she doesn’t really care.

She places it back on the shelf and skims a finger along the spines of the other novels. She spots one she wants and goes to pull it out, but someone tugs it back.

Caitlin hmphs. “Excuse me,” she says over the books. She can’t really see who’s on the other side. “I want this book.”

“Well I want it too,” he says as both of their hands remain on the book. 

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