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Okay I’ve attempted to make a follow forever for quite some time now and honestly this took forever to make anyway?? But I’ve reached 1200 which I feel is a decent milestone so I wanted to make one of these to celebrate! :D I do want to preface though, because I’ve mentally said it over probably thirty times at least as I was making this that I truly am sorry that I’m the worst person ever at communication and literally I love to talk to anyone, but sometimes I genuinely forget and don’t look in my IMs for months on end and the next time I see it I’m like?? Oh wow they probably hate me for taking so long should I still reply?? Lolol, but yeah I’ll go ahead and do these but I’m gonna do the special shoutouts at the bottom ^.^ But honestly thank you and I love you to everyone who follows me and who I follow and I appreciate all of you and I know I forgot people so chances are even if you’re not on here I’ll still follow you forever??

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I’ve never posted a fanfic on tumblr before… Not really sure how the format’s supposed to work and I’m too tired to go copy off of somebody else. It’s 4am and I accidentally wrote 6 pages when I was hoping for 2 at maximum.

Unfortunately, I got more ideas while I was writing this, so I might write an extended version of the akuma attack at a later time if I find the motivation.

But yeah, here’s my first attempt to contribute to the Miraculous Ladybug / Ladynoir fandom.

Triggers?: Slight blood, I guess. I’ve actually done this before while half-asleep, so I hope my shitty wording didn’t make it scarier/cringe-worthy.

Rating?: I say K+

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug / Ladybug x Chat Noir

Summary?: Marinette accidentally gets a heart-shaped cut on her forehead and tries to hide it with a bandaid. Not wanting anybody to see it, of COURSE Chat is the only one who notices, right?

Anything else?: I’m so sorry.

A Tiny Heart

by cheerilyeerie

That week had been a rather hectic one. Although there had been consecutive akumas daily, the fights they had to conduct against them were more annoying than difficult. There were group assignments due the following Monday on top of general homework, so trying to get together with their classmates had proven to be impossible until the weekend.

In her mind, Marinette, slightly sleep-deprived, was hoping with all of her heart that Hawk Moth wouldn’t be THAT much of a douchebag and send a 7th akuma that Saturday. There was no sleeping-in, because she had to help out in the bakery that morning before going back to school in the afternoon in an attempt to meet up with Alya.

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Ten Count Chapter 37 (Translation from Japanese Scans)

All translation credits and photo scans to chidorinoyume@tumblr. 

Do not repost or claim as your own!

A peaceful time with just the two of us

Page 1
S: Even if I admit that I like you now…

Page 3
K: Please put out your tongue… *heavy breathing*

Page 5
S: I-I can’t breathe

Page 6
S: The first time I was kissed, it felt so good that I was weak to my knees (In actuality, I was only a little weakened)

Page 7
K: Shirotani-san, Let’s continue our date. Today was a waste. 

S: But our reservation has already passed.
K: What other shop do you want to make a reservation at?
S: Hotel Canary’s Lounge. 

(T/N: Kurose’s dumbfounded look XD)

Page 8
K: A hotel lounge….
S: Y-you’re mistaken, Don’t get me wrong. I was thinking maybe I can go there for work purposes sometimes, I thought we’d check it out to see if the lounge and bar has a good atmosphere. ..There’s been talk that the food is delicious there.. I was hoping to eat a meal there with Kurose-kun and see what you thought of the food…

K: This is the second time today you told me not to misunderstand you…
Let’s go then..
S: I just told you, we have to make a reservation
K: I’ll call now.

Page 9
K: We weren’t able to move the time huh…
S: It’s a very popular shop. I’m sorry, let’s go out again next time.
K: Now that it’s the evening, it’s finally just the two of us.
S: Umm.. Kurose-kun! You must be hungry. Even though you came with me, as an apology I’ll go wherever you want.
K: This neighborhood’s food stands or convenience store food is good.
S: Eh?

Page 10
K: The convenience store’s oden is good.
S: S-Standing while eating?

K: 2 cans?

S: Because Kurose-kun went with me to the restaurant, I should do at least this much for accompanying with me. And besides I like convenience food store more than the restaurant food. (T/N: Shirotani my angel <3)

Page 11
K: By the way is it really okay?
S: What is?
K: About Ueda-san
S: We properly accompanied her to tea together like she wanted, isn’t that okay?
K: *sighs* Even though finally we’re having our date while watching the sunset, why are we talking about other people again. even if it’s Mikami-san or Ueda-san
S: A d-d-date?  This is not a date, we’re just testing out shops.
K: It was a joke.
Shirotani-san’s behavior wasn’t exactly rude. Ueda-san at least, she wasn’t angry with you, right?

Page 12
Try kissing me and if you don’t hate it, will you admit that you like me?

Page 13
S: I didn’t hate it…. It felt good. I’m happy that Kurose treasures me so much. But if it was like today, with an opportunity like that. There’s a chance Kurose-kun will be taken by someone else.

Page 14
S: I’ll probably be left alone by myself again. When I think about it I….
K: Shirotani-san? What’s wrong?
S: Ah it’s nothing.

(T/N: Don’t cry Shiro bby <3 T__T)

Page 15
K: Did you push yourself too much today?
S: No that’s not it.
K: I ‘m sorry about my joke earlier
S: He said it with such a sad voice…
Kurose-kun has said many times that he likes me. The one who’s hurting now is me.
Flashback : Don’t throw me aside please
S: I’m the one who made Kurose have such a sad expression.

Page 16
S: How should I say this for you to understand. Before I met Kurose-kun, I’ve always felt restless about everything. My head’s filled with thoughts and before I knew it, all the things I didn’t like that you taught me, I’ve forgotten them"

Yes, I’m still alive. XD I’ve been busy with traveling for work and being in otome cd hell. Discord can attest to that. Anyways this is quite the chapter. We finally have the kiss we always wanted! I couldn’t be happier! Although it’s all backwards, it looks like we’ll be waiting for Shirotani to admit his feelings and confess to Kurose <3 Enjoy the translation with screenshots~ See you all in the next chapter. 

What would the MysMe cast do when they wake up in the middle of the night to find their SO missing from the bed?

Disclaimer : I’m not done with all of the routes on MysMe yet, but I’ve been looking at spoilers on tumblr etc and I hope they’re all in character lol 

Zen :

- generally sleeps very deeply once he actually goes to sleep

- would read scripts till crack of dawn if SO isn’t there to entice him to bed lololol

- he’s a morning person 

- so he goes from asleep to awake super fast 

- would climb out of bed once he realizes you’re not there

- looks in the toilet first but there’s no one there

- you’re in the living room watching one of his DVDs lol 

- “Sweetie, come back to bed ???” 

- “ You can’t sleep so you’re watching one of my DVDs? I’m right here tho Come here I’ll sing you a song “ 

“ Or I can tire you out real quick heh” 

- “Come on i’ll give you a private performance to put you to sleep altho it might have the opposite effect cause im so handsome haha

- real talk tho “do you want a hot cup of tea? water? or we could just cuddle and watch the DVD together :)” 

-has drawn closer as he’s talking and sat beside you, squeezing your thigh to reassure himself and burying his face in your neck to smell you 

- both of you prob end up cuddling and sleeping on the couch and wake up with cricks in your neck lol 


- this kid sleeps like the dead

- needs like five minutes to realize something is wrong

- sits up and just sorts of squints at everything wondering what is wrong 

- gets up once he realizes you’re missing 

- finds you playing LOLOL because you can’t sleep haha 

- “you can’t sleep?? why?? not tired? oh ok”

- “but i wanna cuddle and it’s nicer to sleep together”

- “eh you don’t have to apologise! it’s my fault for being needy

- “You’re raiding a dungeon without me??!!! Uwaaaaah that’s mean !! Wait for me I’ll login right now this very minute nooooooo don’t go in yet!!”

- end up playing LOLOL till the crack of dawn together haha


- immediately realizes you’re not there

- continues lying there waiting for you to come back from the bathroom or maybe drinking water in the kitchen lol 

- when you don’t appear she gets up and looks around the house but??? you’re ?? gone???

- double checks all the rooms before pulling out phone and calling

- you’re at the convenience store because of reasons (couldn’t sleep and wanted coffee or something)

- “I’ll make a cup for you, please come back now, it might be dangerous so late at night” 

- “ Of course it’s not any trouble, I can start on work early too since I’m already awake”

- goes downstairs wrapped in a coat and slippers to wait for you to walk back her hair v messy and glasses on her face

- you guys head upstairs hand in hand smiling quietly god domestic bliss is amazing y’all

- makes you warm milk tea/hot chocolate and starts to check her e-mails from work

- you fall asleep to the sound of her typing and her hand in your hair 


- gets out of bed slowly so he won’t make noise that would wake Elizabeth 3rd

- sees you in the kitchen sipping water

- sits on the couch and asks for water also 

- “ three cubes of ice in room temperature water will suffice” 

- “okay trust fund kid whatever you want” 

- the both of you just sip water for awhile in silence

- stops you from eating when you think you’re hungry

- “ you will get fat if you eat in the middle of the night.”

- “ are you saying i’m fat???”

- “ ….it has been scientifically proven that digesting will keep you awake, and you should still be in bed.” wow jumin deflection level 9000 

- drags you if you refuse to go to bed

- “you can stay awake but I want to sleep and you should be in the bed with me.” 

- goes to sleep once you’re in a position he likes and you’re running your fingers through his hair exasperatedly 


- suffers from insomnia

- patience very short after just waking up

- “why aren’t you in bed with me

- finds you entertaining yourself looking at his cross-dressing photo collection

- calms down when he realizes you can’t sleep

- decides since the both of you can’t get back to sleep then “let’s watch a movie”

- he’ll put in an animation because it’s cute (probably Wall-E or like Big Hero 6) and you guys just cuddle on the couch

- “ i feel like drinking Dr Pepper, what about you? what do you mean there’s no Dr Pepper omg did I finish everything already???

- you guys shift around until he realizes he likes having you as a blanket even on the couch

- you wear his hoodie so you don’t get cold

- ends up falling asleep with you on top of him fingers laced with yours poor bby he needs rest 


- immediately realizes you’re not there 

- wakes up panicking f**k u Rika u gave my bby anxiety/abandonment issues 

- when he finds you he will touch your face and arms and check your pulse to make you’re there you’re alright oh thank goodness you’re still here 

- “you scared me” he’ll mumble but like really softly so you’ll be like “what” and he’ll be like “nothing, let’s go back to sleep dear” 

- follows you around when you decide to make tea for the both of you since he seems a bit agitated and you can’t sleep

- sits you on his lap once the tea is done because constant physical contact with you reassures him

- drinks tea with one hand and rubs fingers against the naked skin right above your heart, feeling the pulse and beat with his ears and through touch

- says he’ll wash the cups and he does (he likes taking care of people, esp you <3) even tho he makes a lot of noise since he can’t see for shit

- climbs back into bed and presses his ears to your chest to listen to your heartbeat

- you both fall back asleep after awhile with him hugging you tighter than usual because he was so scared you were just a dream and he had lost you 

Unknown / Saeran

- lays in bed for awhile trying to get back to sleep because he doesn’t care he actually does lol, since he’s been sleeping better since you joined him in bed :3

- gets angry when he realizes he wants to find you and drag you back

- moody/stormy expression when he finds you 

- rips away whatever you’re holding (cup of water? it gone. book? it gone too. a dildo? he glares and it gone the fastest lulz. food? it gone into his mouth as he chews aggressively how dare food entice u away from him)

- “why aren’t you in the bed? what do you mean why am i angry? im not angry im not the one pulling a disappearing act in the middle of the night!”

- looks very dissatisfied because he has no idea what he’s feeling and he doesn’t like that tight feeling in his chest when he doesn’t know where you’ve gone 

- “you’re supposed to stay where i can see you.” he growls and pushes you back onto the bed (he’ll drag / carry you if you protest lol)

- flops down on top of you gently and tells you to shut up and go back to sleep 

- “i need to pee” 

“just hold it in” lets you go to the toilet and spends the few moments he’s alone just thinking about how he doesn’t want to lose you and when did he become so weak? but like in a good way 

- thinking about feelings make him tired and he just plants his face in the crook of your neck and curls up around you koala style and goes right back to sleep lol 

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Hello! :D Are there any AU fanfics where Magnus is a fashion designer??

I’ll make a list below! Also, the last fic in this list is one where Magnus is studying fashion design and not exactly a fashion designer, but I put it in anyways. Hope this helped!

Magnus Bane, fashion designer and owner of the most wanted fashion magazine is looking for a new photographer. Alec Lightwood, internet sensation for his photography blog is looking to take his work to another level. What happens when both worlds collide? can they make it work and reach what they want? All Human.

Sequel to ‘Prestigious’. One-Shot. Four years have gone by for the photographer Alexander Lightwood. Now the time has come to take another step with certain fashion designer and magazine owner.

*EARLY SUBMISSION FOR MALEC WEEK ON TUMBLR* Day Three: Isabelle gets sick and can’t make an interview that could be the turning point for her fashion career. Alec offers to go in her place, to meet the famous fashion designer Magnus Bane at Java Jones and put forward the questions given to him by Isabelle. Alec knows nothing about fashion but can Magnus change his mind?

“He reminds me of a cat, almost.” Isabelle raised her eyebrows at this.

“A feline?” She smirks.

“Please don’t.”

“So what’s he like, then?” She asked impatiently. Alec thought back to his first encounter with the strange man, how he felt as if intimidation and fascination to him combined to a new level and made him a little weak at the knees.

Mail Keeps Coming to the Wrong Address AU Contains fashion designer! Magnus and university student! Alec.

Human AU . Alec works two jobs, lives in a crappy apartment and is a disappointment to everyone around him. Magnus is the hottest fashion designer in New York who can’t seem to forget the blue eyes sales man. Yes its cheesy and cliche and full of fluff 

This is based after the characters from The Mortal Instruments have finished High School, Alec is a English teacher at the local High School. Magnus is a fashion designer and runs a magazine named ‘Glitter and Glamor’. Alec has a huge crush on Magnus but Magnus never takes much notice of Alec, can Alec get Magnus to see him or will they never be together? I DON’T OWN TMI!

Magnus has always relied on his instinct, but picking up pretty hitchhikers is just asking for trouble.
Part 1 of Maybe We’re A Love Story

AU. Magnus is a successful fashion designer and he has it all. The fame, fortune, talent, beauty. What could go wrong? Oh, that sexy yet so average blue-eyed boy working at a coffee shop. Alec doesn’t have the best life, he was raised in a violent orphanage and is now re-contemplating suicide. How will Magnus handle this? More importantly, how will Alec?

Magnus Bane is the top fashion designer in all of the United States, but despite all of this, he still doesn’t know his photographer until barging into his office one day. He’s struck immediatly to the bone with this blue eyed, black haired man and sets off to win his affection. But when a rival company tries to unseat Magnus’s fame, they target his blue eyed weak point. M for Yaoi

Alexander Lightwood is newly retired from his service in Afghanistan after being impaired by a roadside bomb. Also recently out of the closet, Alec struggles to come to terms with his “new” self, both mentally and physically. Then comes Magnus Bane; loud, out and proud, covered with glitter from head to toe and just happens to be the owner of the prestigious store chain “MB”, and a photographer as well. After Magnus is asked to do a photo shoot to raise money and awareness for those living with prosthetics, their two worlds come crashing together. Alexander finds himself accidentally catching the attention of Magnus Bane…
Not that he’s complaining.

Alec Lightwood is ready to spend the rest of his life teaching and living at a hidden boarding school. Magnus Bane, world famous fashion designer, once had all he needed; a dream career, someone to love, a happy family… but then came the loss… a loss he hopes to fill with model Camille Belcourt. But what happens when two worlds collide? Malec AU with the Blackthorn kids 

Malec fic. Alec is a freshman with a music scholarship. Magnus is a sophomore majoring in fashion design. And they seem to keep bumping into each other. Apparently, they are meant to be together. But will the secrets of Alecs past threaten everything? M rated for later chapters.

Slight Babygate Masterpost

We’re still seeing people believing this bullshit, I hope you’re enjoying being manipulated by the media- if you need another 30 bullet points after this I am more than happy.

Until you read every word of this do not tell me Louis Tomlinson is a father.

1. Briana was sleeping with a lot of men including Oli at the time as well as ‘sleeping with Louis’ now it’s funny how without a paternity test she’s still making him the father.

1.2 She found out she was ‘pregnant’ 2 months after? Then automatically jumped to the conclusion it was louis’?

2. If he generally was the father, do you think he’d have allowed the whole world to know about it and her be allowed to do a pap walk from HIRED paps.

3. Do you generally think she’d have been allowed to fly to London and go to six shows in a row without security just walking around. Anyone could have bumped into her.

4. Why is she using photos from other blogs/her aunties instagram.

5. Why didn’t she show her face in any of the bump pictures? Yep, because it was her aunty.

6. You seriously think that Louis will have let this happen when he had a father who wasn’t there for him when he was a baby?

7. Louis and the others all LOVE babies, so why haven’t they said anything yet?/ said anything in the last 9 months. Surely they’d all be excited.

8. Louis_Tomlinson is a Twitter account. Modest run their accounts, we have no proof it was him at all.

9. The tweet was tweeted at 12pm on a Saturday in the UK, ready for everyone to see it.

10. It’s was 4am in LA, Louis would be asleep, he had been to a party. This was not him on his account!

11. Ask yourself why 1DHQ were so quick to retweet it

12. Jay and the family LOVE babies, why weren’t they in LA to welcome it?

13. RBB literally told everyone to calm, they knew this would happen. They want us to be calm.

14. You really think Louis will have allowed her to be treated like this by the media? He knows how dangerous it can be, yet he allowed to her to have a public insta account and get papped.

15. There is no excuse for how racist her family has been to people on Twitter and insta.

16. Why was the due date so predicted by anons on on tumblr?


18. The first articles on the baby came out in November 2014 meaning she’s been pregnant for over a year.

19. He did a staged pap walk on the same day as his 'baby was born’ and dodged every question towards it.

20. Louis Tomlinson never says a word and hasn’t for 9 months. Louis_Tomlinson has because its not him. They’ve admitted loads of times they don’t run their twitters fully.

21. Oli is Louis’ personal assistant.. Surely he should be on a break if they’re not working anymore? Nope because louis hasn’t started his break yet

22. Why haven’t any of the other boys congratulated him on the baby? Mc fly band members did within seconds..

23. Why was history released in the middle of this all?

24. Why are there paps EVERYWHERE yet Kim k managed not get papped and she’s more famous than louis

25. Jay tommo the mummy who loves all her children. Tweets she’s enjoying herself at a spa yet says nothing about her firstborn

26. Everyone seemed to get the wrong end of my stick about my earlier post. Im not saying you can’t hold a carrier with one hand, im saying louis was flinging it around with ease it was empty (because it was)

27. You can see photos and it’s literally just blankets.

28. Why are they taking pictures days ago and only releasing them bits at a time?

29. Briana has lost all her stomach in 4 days, now considering how supposedly big she was, this would NOT happen

30. Why would your driver come into the doctors with you?!

31. You think louis would let himself out to the media with a death look on his face if he was carrying is child?

32. Why did he go to sunglasses hut to not even buy anything the day after his baby was born? Oh yeah, to show off his fake hospital bams

33. Heels and skinny jeans 4 days after? You can hardly sit down let alone jump around like a model.

I am NOT making this about Larry not one tiny bit, I am simply stay in the facts of why this is all total bullshit. This is a PR stunt whether you like it or not.

Why would they do this? Who knows, probably for simon to totally ruin his image of the good guy. To try and bury us larries once and for all.

'Its louis’ choice’ no it’s not. He is signed to a contract and has been for 5 years, he gets beards like harry and they’re forced into things they don’t want to to. They are made to go on stunts to hide their sexualities. Simon Cowell is scared of Louis, he is trying to ruin him. He can’t just leave, him and the other boys would loose absolute millions of pounds. A contract has to be fulfilled and there is no way he can just say no to it.

There has been midwifes, doctors, nurses and people from the media who have given reasons for this not to be real. It could be this week or it could be next week but louis Tomlinson is NOT a father and it will be proved in time. How anyone actually believes this is ridiculous.

Why is silencing women still a thing?

If you’re a woman, I know you have experienced a situation exactly like this on some form of social media:

[Men discussing some celebrity negatively]

You: “This! I so agree!”

Random person: “That’s because you’re jealous! You wish you were that hawt. You’re probably some fat ugly shut-in who can’t get a man and lives in a duplex with her cats and eats Cool Whip right out of the tub! That celebrity is laughing all the way to the bank! You’re probably poor, or even worse, middle class! You basic bitch.”

[Men continue to snark on celebrity without incident]


At this point, you’re like wow, how did she know that happened to me? Uh, I know because I see it every day.

In comments on online articles & viral Facebook posts, and on the GOMI forums.

I love to see other people’s opinions, because I like to know I’m not the only one who feels a certain way. As soon as I watch a new episode of American Horror Story or The Walking Dead, I’m on the hashtag seeing what others’ reactions were. I immediately check Goodreads after finishing a book.

Being a woman, I have noticed that there is a double standard when it comes to sharing opinions online. It happens whenever I personally speak up, or whenever any female with a visible profile picture does so. 

For example, when I said on tumblr last season that I thought Emma Roberts was doing a terrible job of acting the role of Madison Montgomery on Coven, I got hate mail saying I was jealous of her because I want to be with Evan (meaning Evan Peters, her fiancé). Well, I want to be with my husband. That’s pretty much why I married him. But when he expresses the same thoughts about Emma, nobody becomes enraged or personally attacks him.

This week the internet blew up with people (celebrities and us mere peasants alike) talking about Kim Kardashian’s naked photos for Paper Magazine. Guess what I saw on Facebook? That’s right, men talking about how Kim is overrated and needs to go away, and women saying the exact same thing - but only the women were called out for it.

When I simply stated not everyone likes the pictures or how cartoonish they appeared from bad Photoshopping, I was told I sounded like a lonely housewife & that I wished my pictures looked as good. I was told that some people (not including me) were natural beauties, and that the pictures of Kim were not Photoshopped. I was called a hater, and nasty things were said about my appearance & photos of me.

I am a retired nude model who had a successful full-time career for years. I’ve been published in magazines, fine art nude books & fetish books, and I’ve been in several erotic art shows multiple times. So I know a lot of photographers. And every male photographer I spoke to agrees with me about the excessive Photoshopping on Kim K’s pictures. Many of them said so on their Facebook, but didn’t get any body snark as a result.

How rich, famous, beautiful, and perfect in every way do I have to be to have an opinion as a woman without being personally insulted? How much does my life need to look like an Anthropologie catalogue? What bra size do I need to have? Do I need to be Beyonce? 

Even rich, famous, beautiful female comedians deal with this. Remember when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made a pretty innocent and lighthearted joke about Taylor Swift, and she responded that there’s “A special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women?

Uh, what about all the male comedians who say things way worse about you, Taylor? What about the podcast my husband listens to, where Kevin Smith and Ralph Garmen regularly bash you, calling you “Taydolf Swiftler” - and also make fun of Kim Kardashian?

Nobody is calling Silent Bob fat, ugly or jealous. Nobody implies that he doesn’t leave the house enough, or says he needs to get a real job. Nobody says “Let me watch your movies! I bet you aren’t sexy in them!”

An iBlackjack on 2NE1′s Demise.

At two in the morning on a Tuesday, we hashtag the end of one of the most prolific girl groups in kpop history: witnessing a break-up two years in the making from thousands of miles away through a computer screen. 

(This is a piece I felt like I really needed to write since 2NE1 has basically been the foundation of my kpop existence. It’s long.)

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anonymous asked:

(1/3?) I have a hard time believing BTS are all not dating and/or are all virgins and not getting any on the side -after all, they've said themselves they write their songs based on their own emotions and experiences. Granted, this perception is probably due in part to the fact that I'm fairly new-ish to k-pop AND that the boys are super sexualized in their own concepts and on tumblr/youtube by us thirsty ARMY hoes.

(2/3?) Long intro but basically I’ve grown to really value your opinion and I was wondering what you think is happening behind the scenes, realistically (I realize you were probably asked this before)? As a fellow Namjoon-stan, I’m also curious as to how you would react if Dispatch revealed that Namjoon had a girlfriend? Would your reaction differ wether she was another idol or a normie like us? Would you still be able to stan him, to stan BTS? (¾) And what if it was another one of the boys that was outed? I know this is not an uplifting topic, but I’m genuinely intrigued… I personally would probably be very upset, CRUSHED, if it came to light that Joonie had a girlfriend -I don’t think I’d ever be able to ship them- though I think I’m definitely mature enough to get over it… slowlyyyy… and move on. I LOVE them and their music so I’m 90% certain it wouldn’t hurt me enough to keep me away from BTS.(4/4) If this happened to another member I would probably be supportive, but I honestly hope this kind of “scandal” never breaks, partly to protect my selfish feelings but also because of the backlash they would receive from some ARMYs and Antis. -sorry for this SUPER long ask… I know it’s very theoretical but I’m a stressed out/pessimistic person so I’d rather discuss these thoughts than let them fester >< you get the “honor” of being my priest at the confessional, like Suga! Thanks Sab <3

lol well I guess you’ve come to the right place and you might not like my answers?? but I’m happy to hear you value them

do I think they are virgins? absolutely not. maybe max 2 out of the 7 could be but no. they are all very attractive men in their 20′s, so most have more than likely have been intimate and or have had sex, it’s only logical really. 

I’ve spoken many times (in private) that I fully believe some of the boys have people they are interested in and are keeping it a secret because of fans and they are basically a commodity that is being sold so they can’t have the public know they are seeing people. I have had a full conversation about how I hope namjoon has someone and that she can be there to make him happy and give him a good suck. but anyway I digress, I think it’s pretty important to realize that if they were not idols and regular boys, think about all the experiences they would have been through. like jin’s in university and is not as dorky and awkward as he likes to have us believe. namjoon is actually a perfect gentleman with women and can easily have someone fall for him, yoongi had spoken many times about relationships and was completely shook when people joked about him not calling his girlfriend every day and so on and so on 

the only thing is because they are so dedicated to bangtan and music, they are worried about the risk of fans leaving them if anything leaked

in the same breath, yes I would be crushed if I saw the faces of these girls but? that’s life. just like all the dating/sex scandals with bigbang you have to understand where they are coming from and that they are grown ass men. like sure it hurts because the industry is made to make you feel like you have a chance to date them~~ but we know it’s not actually real, it’s just a way to make more profit and have a stronger brand. and them dating someone would never make me turn away from them, if anything the more real experiences they have, the more authentic and true the music they write will be.

and like I said, if it turns out dispatch releases photos of joon with a girl, I would be sad at first but honestly, if she can help ease his pain and make him smile and feel at home, I’m glad he found her 

being an idol must be already so lonely, so let them have what they can honestly, and ??? antis shouldn’t say anything. if your group can thrive even with a dating or sex scandal you know your fans are mature and supportive of you as an artists and a person. 

they owe us nothing honestly, they are doing this for themselves. this is their job, this is their life. they shouldn’t be under constant watch. there is a break between onstage and offstage

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Hi gals!  

I’ve been out of town (hence away from tumblr) for the past 4 days and was hoping that would give me some off time to get my zen back…  So, for the past weekend or so, all I checked was my inbox, and the only news I got on Benedict were the rumour that he wouldn’t be attending the SAGs, and of course the articles about him and Sophie sending their wedding invitations via e-mail (so classy that).

The e-mailed-invitations-thing was pretty easy to deduce for me actually.  I didn’t believe it for a single moment.  I could never for the life of me imagine that Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (and all that his family name entails) would ever stoop so low as to invite his friends, immediate and extended family to his much-anticipated (one can only presume) wedding to his blushing bride-to-be and soon-to-be mother of his child (I’ll get to that later) via…………. e-mail??!?!??!!?!?

I don’t care HOW environmentally conscious or thrifty he supposedly is; it is out of the realm of reality  to imagine anyone so posh going to such lengths to save on natural resources or postage or both….

Not to mention that I can’t help but wonder here:   If the mirror is privy to such astonishing information, why don’t they also inform us when this magical, romantic, storybook, and (one can only assume) shotgun wedding is going to take place?  I can only assume that the nannies who are so keen to wish well on the bride and groom to be would be ecstatic to find out at least the date and location.  Imagine how much THEY would be able to save on postage for their gifts and consequently have more money to spare to donate to the charity of the bride’s choice.

As to the SAG awards, I have to admit I was floored to read that Ben wouldn’t be attending.  From what he has shown us over the years, there is nothing he takes more seriously than his career (apart from family), and I can only imagine the reaction that HW must have had at the news.  However, after reading some of your comments, I have come up with my ultimate theory regarding this clusterf*%k.

I believe that this will mark the beginning of the end for the enGAGment.  In my mind, SH was hired as a red carpet accessory/girlfriend by HW and at the beginning BC went along with it because… why not?  He could kill so many birds with one stone just by parading around with a beautiful/well-educated/posh/(so)-avant-(much)-garde fellow artiste on his arm while on the Oscar trail.  What neither BC, nor HW predicted though was how much of a famewhore the english rose would turn out to be.  Every time I picture the astonishment on BC’s face when he saw that engorged belly at the PSIFF, I can’t help but shudder….

So, in my mind, BC was totally clueless as to the ace SH was prepared to pull to stay in the limelight longer.  I believe it was from that point on that BC started going off script on the GAG, started to make it a point not to touch her skin if it could be in any way avoided, and in general started giving us the dead-eyed-stare.  That can explain everything from the inopportune cumberbombs to the cringe-worthy attempt to announce to the world that he’s an expectant father, to the bin-gate, to the sad, sad eyes.

And that brings me to the out he concocted along with HW.  I know most of you don’t like this idea, but bear with me for a second.

As I’ve never entertained the idea that SH is carrying his child (her drinking and bingate for me draw a moat in the sand, as opposed to a mere line), in my mind there never really existed any way out apart from the fake miscarriage scenario.  If we’d just been left to our own devices and were merely speculating on the size of an ever inflating-deflating-inflating-alien-baby-bump, I could see them passing it off as indigestion…  But having heard the words “expectant father” from the horse’s mouth, the only possible outcomes are two:  either Sophie really IS pregnant and we’re collectively blind, or Sophie is NOT pregnant and she’s going to have to undergo a fake miscarriage.

Dispicable?  Sure…

Benedict’s fault?  I’m not so sure anymore.  If I were BC and I had agreed to play along with this sham, I too would feel cornered once she showed up with a flowy dress and a pillow stuffed where her waist should have been.  I would have fought tooth and nail to put an end to the rumours of a baby, and insisted that she wear something form-fitting to the GGs.  How it went from that to video-bombing AL’s interview and letting the world know that he’s going to be a daddy…  I don’t want to know.  (I really do, but I really really really hope to never have to find out)

Plus, I believe that it has recently come to his full attention that the impact of this whole sham on his fanbase is going to be devastatingly hard to come back from.  If he cuts his losses now, he can still walk away with half of his fanbase (the nannies) beside themselves with heartbreak over the tragedy that will befall him and the other half (the skeptics) somewhat disgusted by his duplicitous nature but deep down relieved that he didn’t go through with the full spectre of the sham…

So, I have officially done a 360 here.  When the engagement announcement was made, I was happy for Ben to find true love.  When the first red carpet  photos came through, I was a tad suspicious.  When I heard that dead voice talk about “where his forevermore is”, I was worried.  When the GGs came around, I was livid with him for trying to put one up on us.  When she visited the Sherlock set, I was furious at the sacrilege.  And now that he’s finally borrowed that third testicle from you Ballsy, I’m secretly hoping that said testicle is going to align his spine and rid the world of yet another famewhore who’s desperate to get photographed next to a man she doesn’t even seem to tolerate.

So, I’m calling it.  I believe that his absence from the SAGs was a combination between:

-I’m not a performing monkey, and although I forgot that for a while, I’m done!

-I’m shooting Sherlock, it’s what made me, it’s my work, piss off!

-I’m slowly but surely becoming a laughing stock, and I’ve really worked too hard to get to this point.  If I’m going to lose anyway, what’s the point?

-It really IS an honour just to be nominated for an Oscar; I should quit while I’m ahead…

I fully expect an announcement within the next few days that Sophie is having troubles with the pregnancy and Benedict putting on a brave face through it all.  When it’s all done, I expect he’ll turn up to setlock without a hitch as “the show must go on / the only way I can cope with this tragedy is through my work” etc.  I also expect Sophie not to attend any more red carpets due to her being under the weather.  Perhaps Benedict won’t attend the BAFTAs as well, due to his spirit being crushed.  Come Oscar time, I expect her to stay in the UK and Wanda to be by his side all the way.  And a couple of months later, I expect him to be papped with some nameless beauty by his side and him (having learned by past mistakes) to finally keep his private life, PRIVATE.

Sorry to take up sooooooo much space, but I have finally come back from the dark side (I’m the one that was hoping he wouldn’t get an Oscar last week) and can start rooting for Ben again.

Thanks for your patience.