i hope she gives you aids

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"Puppy," "kindergarten," "stripes," "coffee," and "stegosaurus"

Thank you for the prompt luv! (Send me 5 random words and I’ll try to include them all into a one shot.)

So I was going to do the whole ‘SingleDad!Jon’ thing - but this sprang to mind instead….(I really hope that you like it!)

“Come on kiddos! We’re gonna be late if we don’t go now!” Jon hollered from his place at the front door of his flat, scruffy jogging pants, a shirt with a coffee stain on it and a piece of half eaten toast hanging out of his mouth.

“Uncle Jon, I am not a ‘kiddo’, I’m almost 10 years old!” Rosie grumbled as she made it to his side, folding her arms across her chest. Jon couldn’t help but grin and ruffle her hair, messing up the terrible braid that he had attempted for her.

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how to get over an ex, preferably answered with absurdist metaphors and/or sarcasm

I remember my first break up, I had lots of meaningless sex with girls I met over Myspace, but it didn’t help, so I stalked my ex’s Myspace and saw she was dating some dweeby guy in a terrible band, and I went to one of his shows and she was there looking super cute and I was there with a girl she hated, like to make her jealous, the reason she hated her was because they used to be friends but they got into a huge fight and they’d like start rumors about each other and just hated each other, anyway my ex sees me with her and freaks out, like she would stare at us and you could tell she was super pissed.

Later that night she texts me on my t mobile sidekick and shes freaking out “how could you do this to me” “I hope she gives you AIDS” “you’re a piece of shit” then she calls and she’s crying, and I tell her nothing happened I only wanted to make her jealous and that I loved her and she hung up on me, but a few days later we hooked up and got back together, until she found out about all the sex I had while we were broken up

No Other Road, No Other Way, No Day But Today

I think a few words could and should be spent on Dean referencing RENT, and particularly those lyrics, in last night’s episode - especially if you’re a musical theatre geek like me! ;)

I feel it’s very poignant that RENT was referenced, that THAT song in particular was referenced, and that it was referenced by Dean, of all people.

So, for those who don’t know RENT, I’ll give you a quick summary, although I absolutely recommend you watch it, because it’s a thing of beauty - and if you can find it, I personally think the filmed live on Broadway version is better than the film. I believe it should be on youtube - it is!! x Oh, and just so you know in case you do want to watch it, this meta contains minor spoilers. Anyway. On with the summary:

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Holiday Cheer.


James just wrapped his arm around Julia and his hand rested over her stomach. He placed the hearing aids on the table beside him, and than smiled. “You do but you will manage you are going to be a good mom.” James told her as she nuzzled into his neck. “That it is baby.” James kissed her head gently.

Julia smiled softly at James’ words. She really hoped she would be a good mom. “Our baby is going to love us so much,” she said softly, feeling his hand rest against her belly. “I have a couple more gifts for you in the morning. I just figured I’d give you the best gift now.” She began to close her eyes, knowing that she needed to sleep. She would end up waking up when he got up to do his chores.