i hope she gets more attacks

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THERE IS SO MANY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT IN KNOCK KNOCK like how Nayeon got attacked with the pillows (I hope she didn't get hurt cause the way she blocked them made me worried), Jeongyeon going "No" when coming down the stairs and protecting Tzuyu from the pillow chaos, Momo just giving up when attacked by said pillows, Sana going the wrong way, Jihyo a goddess, Mina showing off her ballet skills, Dahyun regretting her choices and Chaengs closet

SO MUCH happened in that mv, like ?? the cutest music video to ever exist 😩

they did say they went HARD in the pillow fight scene so it was cut lmao i’m sure no one got really hurt but im more worried for sana, the girl fell after dahyun’s attack—

most importantly lets talk about this

look at how tzuyu just hugs chaeng during her turn to be attacked asjkghj


Can we talk about Sophie? Like, what do you guys think her thoughts were surrounding what Izetta was doing? Do you think she realized that Izetta was trying to end all magic? Why did she choose to start absorbing it too rather than either getting out of there or simply attacking her? Do you think it was really just about killing Izetta? Making sure she would die? Her facial expressions give me this feeling that it was something more. I don’t know. In the shots above, I captured her expressions before she started, as she was starting, and when her body finally gave out. There’s a bit of a smile on her face at the end. And her eyes look a lot kinder.

Is it too hopeful to want to think that she decided to leave the world a safer place after all? Or that she decided to make it possible for Izetta to survive? “If she crystallizes all that magic at once, she’ll die for sure.”

I really feel like there’s more to that scene than just an enraged maniac back from the dead.

Save Me

Word Count: 3207

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, some violence, kidnapping  

Requesthi i was hoping you could maybe make a part 2 for my first request since it was really good and Ultron would kidnap the Reader and she sees how much Ultron has improved and is terrified of him and Steve rescues her and she is so full of fear that she doesnt recognize him and when she does she cries and it’s like lots of fluff and angst ? :) it’s ultron’s mission to tare the reader apart from the avengers so he can get her to help him

Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait but I hope the word count makes up for it! Also thank you so much I’m glad you liked it <3 Enjoy :)


Part 1

The aftermath of Ultron’s attack was a lot more substantial than anyone had realized. Jarvis was gone or well destroyed by Ultron, he had Loki’s scepter, Strucker was dead, and to make matters worse Ultron somehow managed to get the Maximoffs on his side.

To say that everyone was stressed was an understatement. With Jarvis now gone that left you to be the “eye in the sky” for the team as they tried to track Ultron down.

This was a hard task at hand since he managed to make the whole system shut down. Which left everyone with one option, digging through paper files. Sure no one liked it but this was the only option you had.  

“Known associates. Baron Strucker had a lot of friends,” Steve said opening one of the many boxes on Strucker.

“Well, these people are all horrible,” Bruce sighed.

“No kidding,” You added as you scan over a file.

“Wait I know that guy.” You uncle said grabbing the file from your hands. “From back in the day. He operates off of the African Coast. Black Market arms dealer.”

Turning to question your uncle about how he knew this man, you saw Steve shooting him a glare as he put down a file.

“There are conventions, all right?” Your uncle sighed. “You meet people. I didn’t sell him anything. He was talking about finding something new, a game-changer. It was all very Ahab.”

“This,” Thor interrupted while pointing to a picture in the file.

“It’s a tattoo, I don’t think he had it,” Your uncle responded.

“Those are tattoos, this is a brand.”

“Thor’s right. It’s a word in an African dialect meaning thief. In a much less friendly way,” Bruce said typing away on the computer.

“What dialect?” Steve asked.


“Wakanda,” You corrected as your uncle’s eyes went wide.

“If this guy got out of Wakanda with some of their trade goods.”

“I thought your father said he got the last of it,” Steve said.

“I don’t follow. What come out of Wakanda?” Bruce asked.

“The strongest metal on earth,” You answered while looking at Steve’s shield.

Just like that, everyone was scrambling to the jet hoping to reach Wakanda in time. Standing aside, you wished you could help in some way but as of right now your hands were tied. Your uncle gave you direct orders to stay in the tower until the whole Ultron deal was over.  

Everyone agreed with your uncle knowing you would be safe here rather than somewhere else. Ultron was everywhere at this point and there was no telling where he could be. That was a thought that scared you. Whatever Ultron wanted with you, he was going make sure he could get it.

“(Y/N) I know you’re worried,” Steve said snapping you out of your daze. “We’re going to destroy him. I promise.”

“Steve am I really safe here?” You whispered not trusting your voice. “He’s everywhere and there’s no doubt that he’ll return.”

“Hey look at me,” He said lifting your chin up. “Maria is staying here with you and I’m sure as hell that I’m going to kick Ultron’s robot ass.”

“Language Steve there’s children around,” You giggled.

“Tony told everyone didn’t he?”

“He did,” You nodded.

“Steve wheels up in three,” Clint yelled from across the room.

“I guess I have to go now. But after Ultron is gone I’m taking you to dinner.”

“Then you better hurry up and go kick his ass then.”

“Language young lady,” He teased.

“Go,” You laughed giving him a small shove.

Kissing your hand before he left, Steve jogged over to the jet as everyone started to board it. Watching the jet take off you let out a small sigh before walking over to the elevator. Now all you had to do was wait and hope that everything would be ok.

At this point you didn’t know what was more surprising; the fact that somehow Ultron made Bruce have one of his worst Hulk-outs since Harlem or the how you still couldn’t figure out how he jammed your uncle’s whole system.

You could barely get messages through to anyone let alone connect to any of the servers. You were briefly able to get a hold of your uncle for a few minutes to see what actually happened but just as quickly you got it to work it stopped working.

“This is an outrage! Do you see what damage the Hulk has done? And don’t get me started on what Tony Stark did. A whole build collapsed and people think the Avengers are here to protect us? It seems people need-”

“And that’s enough,” You said turning off the TV not wanting to hear what the news was saying about your friends.

You already knew that Bruce felt terrible and from what you heard from your uncle everyone else was hit hard too. Pressing a few buttons on a screen you took and step back as it started to process.

“Hey, Maria can you try and reboot the system again?” You said.

Waiting a few moments you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion when Maria didn’t reply.

“Maria?” You called again poking your head out in the hallway.

Stepping out into the hallway, the door behind you slammed shut. Flinching at the loud noise you grabbed the handle to the door and tried opening it. Confused on why the door locked itself you didn’t notice the lights flickering until they went out completely.

(Y/N),” A familiar chilling voice said.

“Ultron,” You whispered.

“How’d you know?” He laughed wickedly.

Gripping the door handle hard, you heard footsteps coming near you in the darkness. Pulling at the handle again, you let out a shaky breath trying to remain calm.

“I have control of the whole tower for the time being you can get away from me now.”

“W-What do you want?” You stuttered.

“You know what I want (Y/N) and you’re either going to come with me freely or I’ll just have to get creative.”

“Go to hell,” You responded while backing away from glowing red eyes coming near you.

Trying to see in the darkness, you watched Ultron come closer and closer until you backed into something cold. Turning around slowing you were met with the same red eyes that were coming near you.

“You should by now that I’m everywhere. There’s no escaping me (Y/N),” He said.

Before you could react you felt something sharp on the back of your neck. Reaching behind you, you found a small needle that use to have something in it.

As the ground beneath you swayed, you fell into Ultron’s arms as you’re eyes started to droop. The last thing you saw was his glowing red eyes above you as he laughed once more. Then all you saw was blackness.

When you woke up, you slowly lifted your head to only find a dimly lit room. Trying to get up, you notice that your feet and hands were bound to a chair.

“I wouldn’t try to break out of those if I was you,” Someone said with a thick accent. “You would barely make it out of the door.”

Looking around you tried to find whoever was talking to until you notice a figure leaning by the door.

“I don’t know why Ultron wants a Stark here but it must be important. If it wasn’t you would have been dead a long time ago.”

“Y-You’re that Maximoff girl,” You said as she stepped into the light.

“Her name is Wanda,” Someone you assume was her brother said leaning against the door.

“Help me get out of here. Ultron is someone you shouldn’t be trusting. He’s just using you two,” You said.

“(Y/N) I’m hurt. Out of everyone I would have thought you trusted me,” Ultron said stepping into the room. “I mean I’ve been a plan of yours since high school.”

As he walked closer to you, your eyes widen at the improvements he made to himself. Since you last saw him he was now at least a few feet taller and had no wires hanging out of him. His red eyes were just as terrifying as before but this time you could actually see the emotions on his face.

“Not this version,” You snapped.

“Oh (Y/N),” Ultron said lifting your chin up. “I’m better and with your help, I’ll be perfect.”

“I’ll never help you.”

“I figured you say that. Wanda can you help me convince our little friend over here,” He said gesturing for her to walk over.

As she came closer her eyes glowed a similar red to Ultron as she slowly brought her hand to your face. Casting red energy at you, you felt fine until the scene around started to change.

Everything was destroyed.

Nothing was left but piles of rubble and fire. You were calling out for anyone that was still alive and you saw it. All of your friends and your family laying there not moving.

Running over you check to see if anyone was alive but they were gone. Kneeling next to Steve you searched for any signs of life until he grabbed your hand.

“Y-You could have saved us,” He muttered.

“Steve I-”

“All you had to do was listen to Ultron.”

“What Steve no,” You said in disbelief.

“Y-You could have saved us,” He said with a dying breath.

Gasping out of your little nightmare, you found Wanda staring at you as Ultron laughed. Chills ran down your spine as you tried to tell yourself it wasn’t real just Wanda playing with your head.

“Are you going to help me now?” He asked.


“Wanda do it again but this time don’t hold back. Break her mind if you have too.”

“If you want me to help you so badly why then why don’t you use the scepter?” You asked.

“Because where’s the fun in that,” He laughed walking out of the room. “Call me when she actually listens.”

“I’m sorry,” Wanda whispered as she put you back into the nightmare you just witnessed.

You didn’t know how many times you relieved that nightmare but eventually, you broke. You started to believe that something was coming and the only way to help was to aid Ultron in whatever he needed.

When he finally released you from your restraints you were on edge and paranoid. Everything but helping Ultron seemed unimportant. You were running data scans, improving his weapons, and even helping him make a new body.

With all the Vibranium he had collected you had an idea. Vibranium could be molded into basically anything and body wasn’t too far fetched.

You knew Dr. Cho could make human issue and with Vibranium you could make the body Ultron needed. You also figured out that the power source in the scepter could power the body and give it a few enhancements it needed.

“This is brilliant (Y/N) thank you,” He said.

“Would you like me to come with you,” You asked.

“No you stay here and I’ll take the twins. I need you to improve the weapons with the army we’re creating.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“It’s a great day (Y/N), great day,” He said walking away with the twins.

Throwing yourself back into your work you didn’t realize how much time flew by until you heard Ultron call your name. Standing up from your work you were surprised to find him with a familiar red head.

“Is that-”

“Yes it’s your traitor friend there’s been a change of plans. The twins decided to join your little gang of friends trying to stop us,” He said placing Natasha on the ground.

“The body?” You asked.

“They took it and there’s no telling when they’ll come for you. I need you to help me make a better body with what we have.”

“Right away,” You said feeling panicked.

You friends didn’t understand. You needed, no you had to help Ultron or everyone would die. Helping Ultron hook up to his improved body, Natasha started to wake up and when she did she stared right at you.

“(Y/N),” She said.

You didn’t answer her you just kept working on Ultron’s final plan. You couldn’t let him down. Everyone was going to die if you didn’t.

“(Y/N),” She said again. “Look at me (Y/N).”

Stopping what you were doing you turned to your friend before remembering her lifeless face. Letting out a shaky breath, you ignored Natasha once again and continued working.

“I wasn’t sure you would wake up. I hoped you would I wanted to show you. I don’t have anyone else but (Y/N),” Ultron said giving you a smirk.

Natasha was staring at you confused like she expected you to do something. You knew your place and that was with Ultron saving lives even if your friends didn’t understand.

“(Y/N) whatever he has you believing it’s wrong you know that,” She said as Ultron just laughed.

“I think a lot about meteors, the purity in them. Boom! The end. Start again,” He said ignoring Natasha’s comments.

“The world made clean. For the new man to rebuild,” You added uploading Ultron into a new body as he distracted Natasha.

“I was meant to be new. I was meant to be beautiful.”

“The world would have looked to the sky and seen hope, seen mercy. Instead, they’ll look up in horror because of you,” You said feeling the anger boil out of you.

“(Y/N),” She whispered.

“You’ve wounded me. I give you full marks for that. But, like the man said, what doesn’t kill me,” Ultron said leaning closer to Natasha before a hand crushed his head to reveal a new and improved body. “Just makes me stronger.”

“You may not understand now but you will soon enough,” You said as he locked Natasha into a cell.

“Come along (Y/N) we have a lot to prepare for.”

With that, you put down your tools and followed Ultron out of the room as his arm began to be built. Walking passed Natasha you felt a pang of guilt but it soon went away when Ultron grabbed your wrist and pulled you along.

Following Ultron’s orders you didn’t go near Natasha again, instead, you made sure everything was running along smoothly as his robots prepare the meteor. Soon enough everything was completed and all you had to do was wait.  

As robots took off to where Ultron needed them you were left alone with your thoughts. You tried to reason with yourself that you were actually doing the right thing but there was always something in the back of your mind telling you that this was wrong.

Just as the explosions started to happen, the ground shook beneath you as you grabbed onto the wall for support. It was finally happening, you were going to save everyone.

As the explosions became louder and dirt started to fall from the ceiling you decided that it might me a good time to get above ground. The last thing you wanted was to have the ceiling collapse on you.

As the walls shook you followed the remaining robots hoping there was a way out. Picking up the pace, notice some of the robots stopping and turning around. Hearing your name being called you turned around only find a shield flying straight at the robots.

“No!” You said as the robots fell to the ground lifeless.

Now you were angry and you were going to make whoever threw the shield pay. Ripping one of the blasters of the robot’s arm you quickly turned around and began firing.

As the blasts deflected off of the shield you grew anger by the minute. Ripping off another blaster off of a robot you fired again.

“(Y/N) stop!”

Ignoring the familiar man, you continued firing at him until the blasters jammed. Pulling the triggers multiple times you let out an exasperated cry.

“(Y/N),” He said walking slowly to you. “It’s me, Steve, you know me.”

Trying to get the blasters to work again you ignore him once more as he kept talking to you. Everything in your head was jumbled and you could barely figure out who this man was. Whatever Wanda did she definitely did it well.

“You’re ruining the plan!” You fumed.

“Ultron is messing with your head.”

“You’re too blind to see that he’s saving everyone.”


“Don’t come any closer! I won’t hesitate to kill you!” You yelled.

“N-No you won’t (Y/N) I know you,” He walking closer to you. “You know this is wrong.”

As he came closer he put his shield down as you dropped once blaster without even thinking. You tighten your grip on the other gun as you raised it trying to get a good shot. Your hand trembled as he came closer and closer with his hands out to his sides.

“S-Stop,” You choked out.

“(Y/N),” He pleaded as you saw a few tears roll down his face.

Now he was just a few inches away but you couldn’t bring yourself to even try to shoot. Something was holding you back and you didn’t know what it was.

“Drop the gun please.”

“N-No I-” You whispered.

“Look at me (Y/N). Look at me,” He said grabbing your face with his hands.

Dropping your gun, your eyes widen as you finally realize who this man was. It was Steve, someone, you were hopelessly in love with and you almost killed him.

“S-Steve,” You cried. “O-Oh God I almost shot you.”

Letting out a sob, you tightly wrapped your arms around his neck as Steve pulled you closer to him. All the fear and paranoia you were feeling came out in one emotion as you shook in Steve’s arms.  

“I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re okay,” He said kissing your forehead as you continued sobbing.

“I-I’m so sorry. Ultron he’s building-”

“We know already it’s in the air rising as we speak.”

“T-This is all my fault,” You sniffled.

“You had no control of your actions. No one is going to blame you.”

“Is Nat ok? Ultron has her in a cell-”

“Banner already freed her and she’s fine,” Steve said as the ground shook. “We should get out here.”

Nodding your head, Steve picked up his shield before pulling you in for another hug. He could still sense you feeling terrified and confused. Pulling at the collar of his uniform, you crashed your lips onto his.

Deepening the kiss, you put your hands on his face as you smiled for the first time in a while. Breaking the kiss as the ground shook once more, you rested your head against his forehead as Steve smiled at you.

“You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now,” He whispered before taking your hand as you walked to a nearby exit.

Believing in what he said, you sent Steve a small smile and gripped his hand tighter. Sure, you knew that the battle was just beginning but you had no doubt that Steve would protect you. And made you fall for him harder than you ever had.

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RedLights!Gold sees Belle with another, younger man and can't help but think that she deserves more than him. Cue Gold trying to leave, Belle being confused, and lots of kisses and cuddles.

Set post-White Flags, but honestly I think this mostly works even if you haven’t read it. In which Gold has a panic attack, Belle gets defensive, and make-up cuddles follow.

They’d agreed to meet at the Met, at one pm. 

Gold checked his watch again, and again, but it was the same answer: five past, and no sign of Belle.

He looked around, desperately hoping he’d catch sight of her. He hated New York. He hated the crowds, he hated the noise, he hated the smell. But it was Christmas, and Belle had had a friend in the city who wanted to get coffee anyway, so they’d agreed to tag along with Neal and Emma on their visit to the city. Isaac had spent the morning Christmas shopping, for the things he couldn’t purchase in Maine or online. That alone, he thought, spoke volumes about the horrors he was willing to endure for the sake of his loved ones.

Ten past. Still no sign of Belle.

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Olicity Fic Challenge 10: Nerf War

Prompt for @olicityficchallenge: picture of a Nerf gun left next to a note that says “Welcome home from work! Two things: 1) this gun with ammo is yours 2) I have one too and you’re under attack as of now.”

I am get behind on these. I have all but one of them written out though, just need to edit, so there will be more where this came from. Shortly. I am hoping to be caught up by tomorrow in time for the final prompt :)


They were lying in wait.

That was Felicity’s over dramatic way of saying they were waiting for Oliver to get home. He’d been called away on mayoral business—she’d never get used to Oliver being the mayor—and had left Felicity alone… with William.

For the first time.

To say she’d been terrified when Oliver told her he needed to leave for a few hours, was the understatement of the year.

Felicity wasn’t a kid person. She liked kids, of course, but she’d never been around kids. She hadn’t had any siblings, or friends with kids. Baby Sara was different, because she was only two. She just sat there playing with her toys and loving everybody. But William was almost ten. He had thoughts and opinions, and she was terrified he was going to hate her. Or worse, that she would be uncomfortable around him the entire time.

Being uncomfortable around Oliver’s son was possibly the worst thing she could imagine. What if that meant she was just no good with kids? What if she felt just as uncomfortable when it was her and Oliver’s child?

Oliver was so good with William, like it was instinctual. Maybe it was, or maybe it was just practice from growing up with Thea. All Felicity knew was that something clicked in him around William and he became “good dad”, while Felicity always just felt like she was floundering. Maybe it was because her relationship with her mother had always been so different than most people’s or because her relationship with her father was practically nonexistent.

But no matter how awkward she felt around William, Felicity was never going to stop trying to connect with him. She couldn’t. He was Oliver’s, and she might not have liked the way she learned about William, but she liked the boy himself. He was a sweet kid, and he reminded her so much of Oliver sometimes. It always caught her off guard when he’d make a face or ask a question that just shouted “Oliver!” to her. But they hadn’t spent much time alone, maybe a minute or two here and there. And Felicity wasn’t sure how to handle a relationship with him.

So, when Oliver had left for work and William sat down on the couch, fiddling with his action figure, looking decidedly less happy than when his mom had dropped him off that morning, Felicity knew she had to do something. This was a bonding moment and she wasn’t going to waste it.

“Let’s go,” she’d said, gesturing for him to get his coat.

William jumped up immediately, walking to the door and putting on his tiny parka. “Where are we going?” he’d asked, zipping the jacket up.

“Um…” Felicity hadn’t planned that far ahead, unfortunately, but she had always been quick on her toes. “The toy store!”

William had given her a skeptical, but hopeful look. “For what?”

Felicity had knelt down beside the boy. “We could get a game,” she’d said. “Or something to keep us entertained until your dad comes home. Maybe we could…”

Felicity had trailed off, having remembered something she’d seen on the Internet.

“I know exactly what we can do,” she’d told him excitedly, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder and steering him towards the door as she let him in on her plan.

Now, the two of them were crouched behind the railing of the second story of the loft. Waiting.

“How long ago did he text?” William asked, neatly sorting the orange foam bullets into easy to reach piles beside them.

“Fifteen minutes,” Felicity said, pulling up Oliver’s GPS on her phone to check his location. She smiled when she saw that Oliver was already in the building. “You ready, over there?” she asked, and William nodded. “Good, because he’s here.”

William grinned and tugged the Nerf gun to his chest, finger already getting twitchy on the trigger.

“Not until I give the signal,” she reminded him as they heard the sound of Oliver’s key in the lock.

William nodded, oddly serious for a child about to unload a gun full of foamy bullets into his father.

“Felicity?” Oliver called as he entered the loft. From their hiding spot they could make out his back as he walked into the room. “William? You guys here?”

Felicity could see William cracking. His smile was huge—which tugged at a place inside Felicity that she’d never felt until that very moment—and he began to fidget.

“Not yet,” Felicity whispered as silently as possible. It did not surprise Felicity in the least that Oliver’s son was turning out to be just as impatient as the man himself. Like father, like son, she supposed.

But William got himself under control, just as Oliver turned to the kitchen and the note that they’d left for him there. Along with his very own Nerf gun.

She peaked through the glass of the railing, watching as he read the note. She could practically see him slip into Arrow mode when he realized what was about to happen.

The moment his hand reached for the gun, Felicity gave the signal, nodding her head at William, and together they both leaped to their feet, unleashing a hail of orange foam at Oliver’s back. Oliver spun around the moment he heard movement, but unlike Felicity and William, he only shot one Nerf bullet. It flew up, but bounced off the glass railing before it could hit either of them.

She could see him take in the dart’s path, studying the way the foamy projectile flew through the air and the angle at which he held the toy gun like it was life or death. Then he unloaded two more darts, all the while evading the spray of falling foam from his fiancé and son.

His first dart flew low, but straight, bouncing soundly off of William’s forehead. Felicity watched as the boy rubbed the spot between his eyes with a grumbled, “Ow!”

Something orange struck her glasses before she could even process that Oliver had somehow hit William squarely between the eyes with a foam dart, from at least fifteen feet away. Her surprise that Oliver had been able to do the exact same thing to her caused her to take a step back.

He was an amazing shot, but with foam projectiles? She was more than a little impressed. And surprisingly turned on.

Oliver used their surprise and distraction to bound up the stairs towards them. Without even slowing his pace, he scooped up William before the boy could reload his Nerf gun, his little legs trailing out behind him as Oliver spun him in a circle.

Felicity would never get over the look on Oliver’s face whenever he played with his son. Whether it was action figures or video games, or something as simple as spinning in a circle, Oliver was a great dad and he loved spending time with William. Felicity knew it for a fact, and it only made her love him all the more.

He met her eyes, placing William back on his feet, and leaned down towards her. “Thank you,” he whispered, emotion choking his voice.

Felicity shook her head. “You don’t have to thank me.”

Oliver leaned closer, his lips just inches from her’s when Felicity was suddenly being pelted by a barrage of darts. Oliver laughed, pulling her into his chest to protect her from his son’s sneak attack.

“There’s no kissing in war!” William exclaimed. “He’s the enemy, Felicity! You can’t kiss the enemy during a battle.”

Felicity laughed, throwing the kid a wink and backing up from Oliver. “He’s right,” she said, bending down to pick something up from the stash of weapons they’d bought at the toy store.

She stood, wielding a foam sword in front of her fiancé. She’d never handled a sword before, not for fighting purposes anyway, but she tried to mimic the technique she’d seen Oliver and Thea use.

Oliver laughed, blue eyes twinkling as he watched her. He raised an eyebrow when she stepped towards him, twirling the sword in her hand.

He raised his hands defensively and whispered, “Would you take it easy on me if I said you look incredibly hot right now?”

Felicity laughed, then tilted her head, giving him a contemplative look. “You know, I might… but I don’t think my partner is up for that kind of deal.”

Just then William jumped out from behind Oliver with a yell, Nerf sword in hand like he was in some sort of bad martial arts movie. He waved the toy back and forth like he was already in battle.

Oliver spotted a third sword on the ground and bent quickly to pick it up, taking a step away from the two of them. With the sword held out in front of him, he crooked his fingers at his son—going right along with the bad martial arts movie vibe William had going—challenging him to attack.

And William did.

Leaning back against the railing, Felicity watched Oliver duel his son in Nerf swords. As far as duels Oliver has participated in, this was the only one Felicity had ever felt the urge to document. She pulled her phone from her back pocket, pulling up her camera app and hitting record. She’d have to make sure Samantha got a copy of this.

William was trying to take Oliver down, and even with a foam sword, Oliver blocked him. Not every blow, but enough that it was a challenge for William. Then, with a surge forward, William swung the sword, hitting Oliver squarely in the hip and Oliver groaned exaggeratedly, falling to his knees.

“Ugh,” Oliver moaned dramatically, “you got me.”

William threw his hands in the air, sword held high above his head, celebrating his victory. Oliver watched him with a small, happy smile on his face, then reached forward pulling the boy to his chest.

“Dad!” William laughed as Oliver dragged him down to the floor, tickling the boy’s sides. “Felicity, help me!”

Felicity put her phone away, leaping into the fray, tickling Oliver and trying to turn the tables.

With Oliver’s attention on Felicity, William ran to get his Nerf gun, reloading it and pointing it in their direction.

“Dad wins round one,” William announced, as Felicity and Oliver sat up to look at him. “But Felicity and I are going to win round two.”

He tossed a loaded Nerf gun to Felicity and reached out to help her up, even though he was half her size.

“Let’s go Felicity! We gotta hide so Dad doesn’t beat us right away!”

Felicity grinned, getting to her feet. “You ready for round two?” she asked Oliver as he stood beside her.

He leaned in, a smug smile on his face as he kissed the side of her head and whispered, “I’ll always be ready for round two with you, Felicity, but it will have to wait. I have to kick your cute little ass in a Nerf war first.”

Felicity blushed, but she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face as she raced William to the other side of the loft, preparing to win this war and wipe that smug look off of Oliver’s face.

amity36  asked:

It's rumored that Eva Marie is leaving WWE. Apparently, she changed her twitter bio leaving all Wwe stuff out and she unfollowed WWE. I hope she stays...

damn, that’s a shame because her new cowardly heel gimmick with all of the made up excuses (i.e. getting stuck in traffic) and the voice over for her theme song were pretty ingenious things for a heel gimmick

i hope she stays too because if she just leaves now then every horrible wrestling fan of earth is just going to ridicule and attack the fact that she even exists even more 

anonymous asked:

Could you write a fic so where after they finish singing and their in the stands (at the Super Bowl) someone drunk maybe grabs Jas inappropriately and she gets a panic attack and they (they=Jas and Ant) have to leave early but Anthony is there to comfort her and help her sorry if this is too specific! :)

nothing is ever too specific, i promise! hope you like it :)

The high of coming off the Super Bowl performance had Jasmine feeling as though she was invincible, more looking forward to knowing that she wasn’t worried about how the performance would go anymore. She’s on her way to meet up with Anthony as they’re walking through the crowds, people already drunk in anticipation of the game despite it only starting.

There were a few men who already seemed incredibly drunk pushing past them, one of them turning around to grab Jasmine’s ass on the way by. She feels an anxiety attack coming on almost immediately, trying to focus on her breathing and making it back to Anthony so that he could help her.

When he sees her he can immediately tell that something is wrong, holding her hand and leading her outside to where the golf carts were waiting for them. “Jazzy, I need you to breathe,” Anthony reminds her, taking exaggerated breaths that she could follow as the golf carts took them back to the trailer they had been getting ready in, where it was quiet and she could focus on him.

“You’re okay. I don’t know what happened, but you’re safe now. I’m right here and nothing is going to hurt you, okay?” Jasmine sits on the sofa and reaches for Anthony’s hand, Anthony happily holding it out for her to squeeze. Her breathing slowly gets back to normal as Anthony reaches for her water bottle, handing it to her so she could take a sip.

“A guy grabbed my ass,” She whispers when she finally calms herself down, Anthony’s heart breaking that he wasn’t there to protect her. “It was terrifying, and I just needed you but I felt so far away.”

“Shh,” Anthony soothes, gently bringing her into his chest. “I’m here now, baby. Nothing can hurt you now that I’m here, you’re fine,” He repeats, Jasmine nodding as she focuses on her breathing, feeling herself calm down.

While she wasn’t sure if she was ever going to feel comfortable going back into the game, she was grateful that Anthony was more than willing to miss it to be with her. All she needed was him to be there and promise her that it was going to be okay, knowing that as long as he was there, she would be safe.

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Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction
Word count: 1308
Ship: Adrinette/Ladynoir
Summary: Marinette and Adrien get an app to text each other. A reveal follows.
A/N: I saw this post by @pozolegirl and I couldn’t help myself. It’s pretty rushed so there’s probably a few errors and in that case I’M SORRY. I hope you like it!

”Sooo… it’s a messaging app for me and Chat?” Marinette asked her kwami uncertainly as she took her phone from the little creature.

“Yes! So that you can easily contact each other when there’s an akuma attack or something else important” Tikki said and floated over to show her more. “See, if anyone tries to see your messages it just looks like normal texting and his contact name is CN so no one will suspect anything” 

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  • Normal people: y'all should be very careful the bees are dying this is a necessary factor for life on Earth let's save the bees

sephrick  asked:

Star thing cus im evil XD

I would kill you. ✧ I would physically hurt you. ✧ I would attack you unprovoked. ✧ I would manipulate you. ✧ I dislike you. ✧ You annoy me. ✧ You scare me. ✧ You intimidate me. ✧ I hope I intimidate you. ✧ I pity you. ✧ You disgust me. ✧ I hate you. ✧ I’m indifferent toward you. ✧ I’d like to get to know you better. ✧   I’d like to spend more time with you. ✧ I’d like to be friends with you. ✧  I’m unsure what to think of you. ✧ I’m unsure how I feel about you. ✧ You are my friend. ✧ You are my best friend. ✧ You are my mentor. ✧ I look up to you. ✧ I respect you. ✧ You are my hero. ✧ You inspire me. ✧ You are my enemy. ✧ You make me happy. ✧ I want to protect you. ✧ I would fight by your side. ✧ I consider you an equal. ✧ I think you are beneath me. ✧ I think you are above me. ✧ I would lie for you. ✧ I would lie to you. ✧ I would sleep with you. ✧ I would sleep by your side. ✧ I would hug you. ✧ I would kiss you. ✧ You are family to me. ✧ I would die for you. ✧ I would kill for you. ✧ I would trust you with my life. ✧ I would trust you with my most precious belonging. ✧ I would trust you with a secret. ✧ I would trust you with my biggest / darkest secret. ✧ I love you (platonically). ✧ I love you (romantically).

bloodshonor  asked:

“I never imagined you were so… ticklish.”

“Yeah…well, it’s not really something I tell people,” Halldis began, still flustered from being tickled before. She pulled on an extra shirt, and then her sweater, hoping that the extra layers would provide at least some protection from any more ‘attacks’. She glanced at Bo, eyes narrowing suspiciously.

“Don’t you get any funny ideas,” she said, poking him in the chest, “I’m not afraid to fight back so…you just better think real careful about it.”

orionmassetti  asked:

I would kill you. ✧ I would physically hurt you. ✧ I would attack you unprovoked. ✧ I would manipulate you. ✧ I dislike you. ✧ You annoy me. ✧ You scare me. ✧ You intimidate me. ✧ I hope I intimidate you. ✧ I pity you. ✧ You disgust me. ✧ I hate you. ✧ I’m indifferent toward you. ✧ I’d like to get to know you better. ✧   I’d like to spend more time with you. ✧ I’d like to be friends with you. ✧  I’m unsure what to think of you. ✧ I’m unsure how I feel about you. ✧ I think you are my friend. ✧ You are my best friend. ✧ You are my mentor. ✧ I look up to you. ✧ I respect you. ✧ You are my hero. ✧ You inspire me. ✧ You are my enemy. ✧ You make me happy. ✧ I want to protect you. ✧ I would fight by your side.I consider you an equal. ✧ I think you are beneath me. ✧ I think you are above me. ✧ I would lie for you.I would lie to you. ✧ I would sleep with you. ✧ I would sleep by your side. ✧ I would hug you. ✧ I would kiss you. ✧ You are family to me. ✧ I would die for you. ✧ I would kill for you.I would trust you with my life if I had to. ✧ I would trust you with my most precious belonging. ✧ I would trust you with a secret. ✧ I would trust you with my biggest / darkest secret. ✧ I love you (platonically). ✧ I love you (romantically).

anonymous asked:

Okay but a tlc role swap? Like Cinder was the Empress and Kai was the cyborg heir. Scarlet was the wolf soldier and Ze'ev was the farmer. Jacin was the prince, Winter was the guard. Thorne was the hacker, Cress was the fugitive. Same personalitied and stuff but just swapped roles. BONUS FOR SYBANA!

Okay, but this is such a big request! I can hardly wrap my head around it!! So lets hope I don’t mess this up horribly.

  • If Cinder was the Empress, she’d still have the sense of duty that Kai had and would do everything in her power to stop the attacks on earth and get a hold of the letumosis antidote. 
    • I think she’d be a little more careful about what she was researching though, and would add extra precautions to avoid information about the missing Lunar Prince falling into the wrong hands.
  • If Kai was the cyborg, he would definitely need a lot more persuading by Dr. Erland to finally convince him that he was the lost Lunar heir. He would also be a hot mess. Hopefully he’d have Iko to confide in. 
    • Unlike Cinder, he’d have a more concrete plan to warn the Empress of her forthcoming doom. He’d still attempt to kiss her though.
  • If Scarlet was a member of the LSOP, she’d be ruthless. I’m not sure she would separate from the pack, especially if she were conditioned to think what they were doing was right. She’d probably be assigned to observe Wolf and then lure him back to the opera house, only changing her mind at the last minute when she realized that she wanted to be something more – something with him.
  • If Wolf was the farmer looking for his grandmere, well, I actually think he might be so trusting as to fall for Scarlet’s tricks and not realize it was a trap until it was too late. It might take Scarlet much more effort to prove to Wolf that she was on his side, but he would eventually trust her.
  • If Thorne was the hacker, he’d do exactly what he told Cress he’d do if he were in her situation, blackmailing a hot shot pilot into rescuing him. 
  • If Cress was the fugitive, she’d feel a sense of duty to help Kai, because she probably had a really good reason for getting thrown into jail in the first place and not because she robbed an unsuspecting widower or stole priceless dream dolls.
  • If Jacin was the prince, he’d do a better job than Winter at keeping out of trouble. Since his Lunar gift isn’t strong, he probably wouldn’t have the mental issues that Winter had.
  • If Winter was the guard, well, I just can’t see Winter being a guard. Her Lunar gift is too strong and the queen would know it. Instead, I can see her being forced into being a Thaumaturge. She’d go with it of course, to try and protect Jacin, but she’d secretly be trying to avoid using her gift and Jacin would help her hide that fact.
  • I don’t think much would change if Levana and Sybil swapped. They’re both very ambitious and would do anything to reach their goals and their goals just happen to align. 

Want more headcanons? You can find them here.

Also, did you know that @lovelunarchron wrote a fic that swapped Cress and Thorne’s role?  It’s called Damsel Thorne & Captain Cress and can be found on FFN and AO3. @moon-mirage also did a series called Dark Lunars where Selene ended up ruling over Luna, Scarlet is a wolf-soldier, Cress was never a shell, and Winter is the queen’s head Thaumaturge. You should check them both out. 

Plenty of love - Harry Styles imagine

This is for everyone who’s struggling, like me. I wrote a little bit of love thing that we need everyday to keep going on our lives. I hope you like it. Share love xx


She wasn’t being herself in the past month. All she could do was sleep, get up to eat, go to work and come back home to sleep a bit more. And I couldn’t do anything, because the only thing she was talking to me about, was how tired she was and that she was heading to bed. Not even a goodbye kiss. Or a hug to show me that she still cared.

I knew she was having a hard time with her own mind, struggling to keep it healthy while people pushed her to move on with her life, her university, her career. While I was this boy… successful at such a young age. Looking at her right now, asleep in my arms, I could see how beautiful she look, and how strong she is. Trying to keep her mind out of those things wasn’t an easy task, and she manage to do it so powerfully that it seems so easy to cope. But then, there was those periods of time like this one she’s going through, where she wanted to hide from the world, from her job, and from me.

“I wish I could make all this pain go away from you. Build your mind again, make a new one…” I say to her caressing her hair while she slept in my arms. “I wish I could put a smile on your face again, make you stop crying… but I think super Harry lost his powers.” I sigh and lay my head on top of hers.

“The problem is not with you…” she said in her sleepy voice with her eyes still closed.

“You… you’re awake?” I stutter and she turn her face to me.

“I’m fully awake. And I’m sorry I’m shutting you off.” she said and her fluffly sleepy eyes looked into mine and my smile came back to life.

“I understand you… you have to take your time… And…” I try to say and she cut me off.

“There’s no excuse for what I did in the past month. You are my point of balance. The one who keeps me strong, Harry. I need you with me, to keep me alive and healthy. I can’t stand the chance of losing you, and all I did this past month was making this thought more alive.”

“Babe…” I kiss her temple. “I would never leave you. Never. You are stuck with me forever.” I chuckle, pick her up bridal style, and walk us to the bedroom.

“But I’m all shitty, my mind sometimes doesn’t work very well, I don’t like myself… I don’t know what to do.” She says and pouts, letting a tear come off her left eyes. I kiss it clean and smile to her, and then I place her on the bathtub. Being clothed at home wasn’t her thing, so I didn’t have much work to do.

“Don’t you worry about it, love. I adore every part of you.” I enter in the bathtub with her and take her to lay on my chest. “I love your hair, love your nose” I pinch her nose and she chuckle “I love your lips and the way they connect to mine.” I give a peck on her lips. “I love your tummy and how soft it is under my touch. And your dancer legs are perfect.” I run my hands through her body and massage every part of it, making bubbles appear on the water. “So don’t you worry if you don’t love yourself… I have enough of it to share for me and for you.” I kiss her on the lips and she smile through it. “And I can wait until the day you figure out a way to like you as much as I love you.”

I have a headcanon that Malia deliberately threw Stiles against that wall so hard in the hopes of knocking him out. Why? Because she knew he would always do anything in his power to help her, and she was worried that it would get him killed. For example, if he’d fallen on that huge shard of glass a little more centrally AFTER ATTACKING A FREAKING SUPERNATURAL CREATURE TO SAVE HER.

Oneshot: This Embrace

Regina gets social anxiety after an incident in town, Regina has a panic attack in front of the whole town and panics more knowing everyone is watching. Snow and Charming and the Charming kids go up and talk to their ‘Big sister Regina’ and talk her through it until Emma gets there. – anonymous

Thanks for the prompt. TW for a shooting and panic attacks. Apologies for any mistakes. I don’t own Once or its characters. SQ and SwanMillsCharming Family feels. Hope you enjoy :)


“Okay,” Regina says, “If that’s everything then this meeting can be adjourned.”

“I have something,” a voice calls out and so Regina pauses trying to locate the voice in the crowded town hall. She looks at her watch before nodding seeing that she has another thirty minutes before Henry finishes school.

“You have the floor,” she announces hoping it won’t take too long.

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Request: Say Goodbye

Request: Hi hun, could I have a Cas one shot where the reader is Sam and Dean’s sister, Sam’s twin, and she and human!Cas are engaged. She sold her soul after Cas dies during a hunt, and gets two years. She and Cas get married. When the hellhounds attack, she says tearful goodbyes to her brothers and Cas, as she lays dying. She and Cas kiss before she dies in his arms. Lots of bittersweet fluff please. It’s long sorry xxx

Word Count: 2,776 (oops)

Okay, this is sad. Also, I changed the end slightly, which is why there’s a warning. I think it still works. I hope you like it, thanks!<3

WARNING: Euthanasia-style suicide, in a lesser-of-two-evils situation.

“We’ll be fine, yeah?” You assure Cas, and he nods, squeezing your hand once more. He doesn’t talk, though, the nerves obviously striking his system like lightning over the sea. Instead, he laces his hand with yours, bringing it to his lips and kissing your knuckles. His eyes remain focused on yours as he runs his thumb over the ring on your finger. He blinks once, remembering the promise he made to you.

Always. He’d said, Always. Every day for the rest of our lives. If you’ll have me, that is.

He’d proposed just over three weeks ago, with your brothers’ blessings – somewhat ironic, for a man who was once an angel to need the blessings of humans. Nonetheless, with the encouragement of the Winchester brothers, he popped the question and you accepted with zero hesitation.

This hunt is something you’ve all been no less than terrified of for what seems like forever. Demons, strategically moving through towns and cities, causing bloodshed and terror in the name of demonic superiority. This kind of massacre is something you’ve all been dreading having to deal with – this time, you don’t have angel grace on your side. This time, it’s do or die – literally.


“Cas! No!” You cry, lunging towards your fiancé. His cobalt eyes stare at you in widened horror as the blood-slicked blade is yanked back out from between his ribs. In desperation, you hurl the engraved knife towards the demon, burying it into the thing’s stomach. You couldn’t care less for the meatsuit at the moment; catching Cas as he collapses to the floor.

“No, no, no.” You shake your head, your braid further falling out – you lost the tie somewhere in the chaos. The frazzled hair falls around your face, “No, Cas! Stay with me!”

“Y/N-” He tries, but you shake your head, “Sam! Dean!” You cry out into the darkness, the sound of Cas’ ragged breathing too loud in your ears. He coughs weakly, a spurt of crimson making you cringe.

“Cas, no. Please. I need you.” You whisper, “Please, baby. Hold on. For me, please.”

“Y/N,” He chokes, more blood trickling over his cheek, “I – I love you.”

“I love you too, baby. I love you too. So much.” Tears fill your eyes, and you cradle his head to your chest. Reaching over, you wipe the blood from his cheek and lips with your sleeve, “So much, Cas.”

His eyes close and you watch as his chest rises and falls. You continue whispering reassurances; his ragged, shallow breaths fill the room for another moment. Then, they stop.

“Oh, Cas.” You whisper, a sob threatening each of your words, “Cas.” His hands are limp by his side and his head lolls helplessly in your arms. You hold him close to you, rocking him like you would a child.

A child. A life together. A home, a family. To be normal.

The ring on your finger seems too tight and so does your chest, you can’t breathe, and a you can hear a horrible wailing. It takes until Sam and Dean appear in the room for you to realise that it’s actually you.

And then they just drag you away from him, whispering words that you can’t hear; don’t want to hear.


“Just let me say goodbye,” You plead, wiping at your eyes for the billionth time, “Give me until morning. Please.”

“Y/N…” Dean seems reluctant, but Sam lays a hand on his older brother’s shoulder.

“Let her, Dean,” He says softly, “Just one night. It’ll help her heal. Being able to goodbye properly…” He trails off, and you just know he’s thinking about Jess. Dean knows, too, and he nods slightly.

“One night, alright? Try to get some sleep.”

You nod, knowing fine well you won’t. Instead, you push the door open, almost collapsing to your knees as you see him lying on the bed, bloody and beaten and limp and not Cas. Not your Cas. Not the strong and infallible and-

“Oh, Cas,” You whisper, sitting on the floor beside the bed and taking his hand in yours, “Don’t you see how much I need you? The world is so big; so scary. But you know it so well and I can’t do this alone. I don’t want to do it alone. Everything is pointless without you.” You admit, tears streaming down your cheeks, “I don’t want to be here if you’re not.”

I don’t want to be here if you’re not. I don’t want to be here if you’re not.

And then it hits you like three tons of bricks. There are other options. You don’t have to live without him.

You’re on your feet in a matter of moments, scrambling around your room for the right things. You’ve kept the little tin in your bottom drawer for years, just in case.


“Well, well, well,” The thing speaks from behind you, “Another Winchester?”

You don’t answer – you don’t even turn around; just inspect your fingernails. The dust surrounding them serves as a reminder of what you’re doing.

“What can I do you for?” He asks, suddenly speaking from right over your shoulder. You spin in shock, gasping at his proximity.

“I- Cas.” You say simply, “I need Cas.”

“Oh, a sacrifice in the name of love?” He grins, touching your cheek with a rough hand. Too rough. Not like Cas – his hands, though calloused, never fail to have the gentlest of intentions behind them, “How adorable. I can give you two.”


“Two years.”

“No way. I want my ten. Why can’t I have my ten?”

“Well, its gonna be hard, dragging one of the most wanted beings in all of existence back to our earthly plane,” He shrugs nonchalantly, “Plus, you are a Winchester, and you’ve caused us utter havoc over the past few years. I think the two years is pretty generous, if you ask me.”

“I didn’t.” You snap, “Please… is there a shred of humanity within you?” As the man’s eyes flicker to blood red, you shudder, “Stupid question.”

“It’s a lovely long life without your dear Cas, or two years with. What do you choose?”

“Cas.” You don’t hesitate, “Cas. Give me the two, I don’t care. Bring him back to me.” For the first time, you feel a stony resolution settling in your gut. The man grins, that shiteating smirk eating away at you.

“Well, you know the drill, sweetheart.”

For Cas, you think to yourself as he plants his lips on yours for a moment that seems to last a lifetime.

“See you in two years.”


“Y/N? Where the hell have you been?” Dean asks, but he already knows. You know he knows because of the raw panic on his face as he stands up. You can tell you look ragged as hell, but you don’t care.

You shrug, “I had to, Dean.”

“Y/N?” He doesn’t want to believe it because he’s been there and he’s done that and he’d never wish it upon his worst enemy, never mind his own sister.

“Where is he?”

“Bedroom. He’s asking for you.”

“Did you tell him?”


You nod gratefully, “Thanks, Dean.”

You’re surprised he doesn’t make a comment about how stupid you were. Maybe he knew you’d do it. You walk past him, avoiding his imploring gaze and walking straight into your room. Cas sees you and his eyes light up, and he propels himself from the bed and you launch yourself into his arms.

“Y/N,” He whispers, “What happened?”

“The demon… he stabbed you.” You say quietly. As much as you don’t want to tell him the truth, you can’t lie to him. You just can’t. “You died.”

“Then how am I…” He gasps, pulling away and holding you at arms length, “You didn’t.”

You nod, “Yeah, I did.”

“Y/N, no. I thought we’d discussed this.” He intones, “No deals, remember?”

“Try watching the person you love most in the world die before your eyes, Cas. It’s a whole new story.”

“Yeah, I’m going to have to in ten years.”

He sees that you’re avoiding his gaze and inhales sharply.

“How many? Five? One?”


“You’re so stupid sometimes. I’m not worth it. You have so much life to live.”

“Not without you I don’t. Anyway, it’s not about the time you get, it’s about what you do with it.” You smile with false enthusiasm, “Let’s make the most of what I’ve got, yeah?”


The wedding is nothing short of stunning. It’s in a small village church, nothing special, just a handful of friends – the ones you have alive. You refuse to let the sad undertones of the situation have any impact on the day as you head back to the bunker with a ton of junk food and beer for you two and the friends. In favour of the usual reception, you hang out with the people you love most in the world.

Yet, the morning after, wrapped in the soft cocoon of Cas’ arms, you can’t help but wonder where you go from here. You’re reluctant to hunt and you’re 90% sure Cas wouldn’t want either of you hunting. But how do you make the most of the two years you have left?

One year, eleven months, three days.

So that’s exactly what you do – you make the most of it. You visit glorious beaches and trashy amusement parks and ancient museums and old farms and anything and everything that catches your eye. No obligations, no goals. Just the four of you (occasionally two, if Sam and Dean head off to hunt something) doing whatever you want, whenever you want to.

It’s almost as if time will never end.


As all things do, your time comes to an end. You have just one day until your deal is up, when you finally snap.

“Will you quit looking at me like I’m about to drop dead?” You snap as your brothers, who’d been observing you from across the room, “I have another day, you bastards!”

“Y/N, I-” Sam begins, but you interrupt him.

“No, Sam. I know what’s going to happen. I’ve accepted it. It’s time you do, too. I know you’re still hoping for a way out, but if either of you dare endanger yourselves…”

Your brothers look at each other, then over at you. Then, Dean nods.

“I know how you feel, kid. We’re sorry. It’s just… hard.”

“I know.” You nod, “I gotta go. I’ll be back soon, tell Cas not to worry.”

You leave before they can ask any questions.


“You want to what?” Sam lurches forward, trying to grab the small paper bag form your hand. You snatch it away.

“It’s not about what I want, it’s about what I don’t want.” You say, calmer than you thought you’d be, “Please.”

“But… Y/N?” Cas looks incredibly hurt by your proposition, “I thought… all the time we can get, remember?”

“I know. I know,” You say quietly, clutching the bag to your chest, “But it’s so much easier this way. I want to go on my terms. I’m sorry, I don’t want you to have to deal with hellhound leftovers.”

You’d disappeared off earlier to find a contact you’d hoped you’d never have to use. It’s simple, it’s painless, and it’s a million times better then being hellhound chow.

“I just… you’re not killing yourself, Y/N.” Dean is stood with his arms folded, that stony mask settled into his features, “That’s not happening.”

“So you’d rather I got ripped up by rabid dogs? Come on, you have to see that this is the better option. Quick, easy, painless, not messy…”

Surprisingly, Cas is the first to accept it.

“I agree,” He says suddenly, “It’s less violent. Quiet. It’s what she wants.” He wraps an arm around your waist, holding you closer to him. Not that he’s let you go too far for the past two years.


Goodbyes are hard. Anyone can go up to someone and say hi, using the time they have together over the next few days or weeks or months or years to learn with them and have experiences with them. Goodbyes are different. Goodbyes are like trying to sum up everything you feel in a paragraph when you need an entire novel.

“Hey, Dean.” You grab your older brother’s shoulders, holding back your tears, “You look after yourself, okay? Because I know you won’t. But I want you to. Be happy, because you don’t do that enough. You deserve the best in life. I don’t care if you think you do or not, but I say so, so you be nice to yourself, okay? You’ve been the best big brother a little brat like me could ever want, so thank you. I love you.” You say, before wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling yourself closer to him. He hugs you tightly, and clings to your shirt for a moment before letting you go.

“I don’t want you to be down there. It’s horrible.” He whispers, a tear slipping down his cheek. You offer a smile.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m practically best friends with the king of hell, I’m a VIP.”

He smiles, ruffling your hair.

“See you later, kid.”

Sam. What the hell do you say to Sam? Your twin brother, (older by six minutes, as he’s never failed to remind you) your other half, your partner in crime. He’s not even holding back the tears, just biting his lip to keep back the sobs.

“Aw, Sammy. Don’t cry. I ain’t worth it.” You say gently, squeezing his hand, “You gotta be happy too, you hear me? You get yourself out of this life and you find yourself a dog and maybe a pretty girl – or a guy, whatever you decide you’re into – and you do what makes you happy. Don’t do it for mom, or dad, or me or Dean or anyone. I think you forget how much you matter, yeah? Don’t worry about me, either. I’ll be fine.”

He smiles, grabbing you and holding you close to him like he would when you were kids and something had scared you. You can feel him shaking with sobs and you hold in your own.

When he finally lets you go, he can’t bring himself to say anything. Instead, he kisses your forehead.

You turn to Cas, but he shakes his head.

“I’m coming in with you.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to.”

You don’t protest him. He wouldn’t give in anyway. You just take his hand.

“I’ll see you guys later, yeah?” You offer a tearful smile to your brothers, who nod in turn and let you go. You retreat to your room, looking at the pill in your hand.

“Let’s do this, yeah?” You say quietly. Cas nods.

Before you can stop yourself, you down the pill with water, and take a deep breath. Sitting on the bed, you look around.

“Just like falling asleep, that’s what he said.” You say softly, and Cas wraps his arms around you, pulling you into him like you actually were about to go to sleep. You smile serenely – this isn’t as scary as you’d thought.

“Y/N?” Cas says softly, his tears falling into your hair. You look up at him.


“You – you shouldn’t have, you know. I’m not worth-”

“You are, Cas. You are.” You take a breath, “Just one thing?”


“Well… don’t tax yourself or anything, but if you happen to find yourself with a pair of wings and a lump of spare time…”

“You’re my first priority.” He promises, kissing you again and again all over your face, “You always were, always will be.”

“Much appreciated.” You laugh, grabbing his face and kissing his lips.

And that’s how you stay, curled up together and talking and laughing. There’s no real goodbye, because no word – no words are big enough. A thousand novels couldn’t do your story any justice. And you’re with him when your eyelids begin drooping and you can’t stay awake anymore.

It really is just as easy as felling asleep.

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Cleo was swimming rather quickly to meet her friends at the Moon Pool.  It was her idea to look into this water tenticle some more, and honestly, she didn’t see why they shouldn’t.  It was attacking them.  It attacked her.  And it nearly killed Rikki, not to mention almost turned Bella into water.  So they needed to figure out what was going on with them.  Before the next full moon.

But her thoughts were erased the moment she saw a blue tail about halfway to the Moon Pool from her house.  It stopped her straight in her tracks.  Although she had never seen a mermaid with a blue tail, the shape was unmistakable.

Cleo rushed to a hiding space closer to the tail to get a better look.  Was it… a man?  Was it possible to have a merman?  She hadn’t thought so.  Besides, the original three were three girls.  No one said anything about an original 3 having a merman friend.


Will you guys stop?!

Riley said one thing about Maya,and all of you hate her!

She started defending herself!!And I cheer for her..

But when Maya said ‘How am I in a triangle with that’ people are throwing it under a carpet!

Of course she would say that!Everyone loves Maya,everyone pays attention on Maya,Riley wants to know if someone is above Maya,because she thinks she isn’t!

So stop attacking her!

Get over it!

Riley needs to defend herself and I am glad she finally did something like that!

What do you LM shippers want her to do?

Get herself in a hole and never get out,so she doesn’t say anything,so you don’t get mad?!

I am getting sick of this!

I hope Riley defends herself more,and that she defends herself against Maya!

Because it’s making me sick,that when Maya says something you guys are always on her side,even if it hurts Riley..But when Riley says something to her,people need to attack her!