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Comic By Cioccolatodorima @rainbow-taishi

Dub organized by Michaela Laws @thebunnyofevil

Suzuki Rei - Hayden Daviau @haydenwings
Ogami Yuuto (Senpai) - Alejandro Saab @alejandrosaabva
Literary Club Members - Austin Hively, Patrick Seymour @pmseymourva , Michaela Laws
Music - “Madness” by Christopher Escalante @thechristopherescalante

A Tale of English VA’s and Yuri on Ice

A girl, with subscriptions that allow her both, watches in tandem the sub and dub of Yuri!!! on Ice. On a cold Monday night, the episode featuring this ridiculous man airs in English. 

ie Christophe Giacometti. 

This girl has been excited for this moment, and isn’t disappointed. It’s not what she heard in her head, but he delights her nonetheless. That bit even managed the exact same amount of cringe as the Japanese without being too much (you know the scene to which I refer).

But alas, her voice actor geekery has failed her. Who is this man who’s so awesomely given her favorite side character a second voice to enjoy (this one in her native tongue)? 

“Can it be…him? No, that can’t be right. He’s playing Celestino. Perhaps it’s?….No no no, not deep enough. Oh how utterly vexing!”

And in her dismay, she sends a missive out to the world, a digital message in a bottle, hoping her song of devotion will reach the right set of ears. 

But lo, plagued by sleeplessness, she tosses and turns with these ideas. And goodly so, for she’s awake to receive the reply. 

And thus she rejoices, for not only is the mystery solved, but said actor is one of her favorites and has marked upon this day her gratitude. 

In short:

The English voice of Vegeta, Piccolo, Shenron, Alex Louis Armstrong, AllMight, Garterbelt, Kitz Woerman, Batou (in Arise), Ritsu Kasanoda (OHSHC), and Eflman Straus among many many other badass dudes….is this guy in Yuri on Ice.

The world is a magical place. 

“Happy Birthday- Hajime!”- Hajime from @skillshotlabs‘ awesome app game Notice Me Senpai had a birthday on the 26th of November, and birthday or not, I REALLY wanted to draw one of my favourite senpai’s with his favourite cafe item- the Japanese Taiko drum. Had to do a bit of research to find some good references of the drum, and I fought to get his contagious smile the way I like it, but I made it!

@pearlrebs I would like to thank you for a lot of things. First for enabling me to set a up a die hard TJLC branch of three in my rural Irish school. We lost track of time and school many nights, watching your videos. They would back me up in saying that you are clever, colourful and charismatic individual who deserve all sucess possible in your writing.
Also, thank you for pointing out the beauty in a well set up story and the importance of taking your audience seriously. Even if Moftiss hasn’t, you always did. You have energerised me to try and write complex and layered LGBT positive works which what we deserve.
Mostly I’d like to thank for you humour and enthusiasm. I’ve been in this fan base since the beginning and your addition made the entire landscape a /lot/ better.
You have my eternal esteem, all my support and my thanks. I think you’re fantastic and you will be brilliant.


My very first redraw, and it’s of beautiful Keith.

I hope you like it

If you like my work please check out more of it on this blog. I have a couple other voltron arts posted.

Happy Birthday Haruka-sensei! ^^  @skillshotlabs

Acacia flower: confined love
Azalea flower: “please take care of yourself for me”
Gardenias: sweetness, purity

I had this idea in mind before I greeted him and it was a happy surprise to see him say the exact words I found in the flower language meaning of Azalea flowers.

anonymous asked:

High school au where escavalier is a highschool girl, and he is noticed by accelgor-senpai

…Ugh, I said no more to these, but…I can’t resist adding one for these two…

“Uwaaa! I can’t be late for Sifu Rhydon’s class! He’ll be furious with me if I miss the beginning again! It’s a brand new day today, so I just have to make it there on time, or I’ll–” *bump* “Ah!”

“Oh, sorry about that Escavalier-san. You’re on your way to Rhydon-sama’s class now, right?”

“O-oh, Ac-Accelgor-san! Y-y-yes, I’m on my way there now.” *blush*

“Ok, don’t let me keep you then. But hey, would you want to come with Gardevoir and I after classes today? We’re going to check out the new cafe that opened. It should be pretty cool, and I’d like it if you could come.”

“Ah…ah, sure! Yeah, I can come!”

“Cool. See you later, Escavalier-san!”

“B-bye!” *deep blush* “W-ow…senpai noticed me today! And invited me out with her to the arcade? She must actually like me! …AH, I’m going to be late!!”

Mistletoe Mischief💋💕

Happy Holidays to @summer-sky !!!! I’m your Notice me Senpai secret santa!
You requested Viktor and Itsuki being romantic and I was more than happy to draw it!!!

Viktor sneaked up on Itsuki while he was fetching their hot chocolate and he couldn’t escape without spilling it!! (he does get him back later tho :3c)

I hope you like it and have a lovely day!✨

Thank you @notice-mesenpai for the event!

Just some little sketchy gift for @keiid bday cause I know you love this bae very much ( am I right BTW??)