i hope ppl actually want to join this

controversial woso asks

for the record I already regret this but i’m a hoe for drama so

  1. Do you think Jill Ellis should be fired?
  2. Do you think Carli Lloyd should be the captain?
  3. do you think Carli Lloyd should be a starter?
  4. If not Carli and Becky, who should be the captains?
  5. If they could play the 3 back exclusively or not at all, which would you pick?
  6. If possible, which journalist would you ban from twitter? (pick only one)
  7. Do you think Press and Alex have chemistry? (on the pitch, shippers)
  8. Who do you think should be the starting forwards? (in a 4-4-2)
  9. Who do you think would win in the hypothetical grudge match, PTFC or OL?
  10. Who do you think should be the USWNT’s #1 keeper?
  11. Do you think Ashlyn is Bernie Sanders and Alyssa is Hillary?
  12. What did you think about the Ashlyn/Marta comments from after NCC vs Pride?
  13. Would you bring Hope back?
  14. Dirtiest team in the NWSL?
  15. Most underrated team in the NWSL?
  16. Do you think Mal is worth the hype?
  17. What should Mal do for Mal’s sake?
  18. Do you think shipping is okay?
  19. Do you think reading/writing fanfic is okay?
  20. Youtube or Go90?
  21. What city should the Barca team go to?
  22. Worst owner in the league?
  23. Worst owner in the league besides Lynch?
  24. Should the NWSL have salary caps?
  25. Should Div 1 Feminine have salary caps?
  26. What do you think is the best league in the world?
  27. Who do you think is the best player in the world?
  28. Which country would win the World Cup if held today?
  29. Which team would win this year in a ‘women’s world league’?
  30. If you could pick the next 5 (NWSL) expansion teams, when would you allow them to join and where would they play?