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Could you make art or writing ( you can pick but i would say art !! ) of Billdip and Pinescone, both Bill and Wirt like Dipper?? ;) You don't have to if you're uncomfortable with both of the ships being mixed together, I understand some people really hate that :0

Hope you like it!


Childhood Friends / 5341 words

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March 2017

Part One - Harry

“Lulu’s coming.” He leant against the kitchen counter, trying to hold back his smile.

“Lulu? As in Lulu Lambert?” His mother asked, brows low as she prepared their meal.


Harry caught his sister rolling her eyes knowingly, sticking his middle finger up at her for the split second that his mother wasn’t watching. She returned the gesture smugly.

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on Big Deal Moments in Discworld

Guards! Guards! has one of the first Big Deal Discworld moments for me, and I’m not very good at articulating what that means.

The moment I’m thinking of is the dragon’s speech to Wonse – “we were supposed to be cruel, cunning, heartless and terrible. But…we never burned and tortured and ripped one another apart and called it morality.” That’s a passage that always makes me stop and reread it a couple of times. And it’s a small moment – it’s the only time we hear the dragon speak at all, and it’s a speech that has no bearing on the rest of the story. It could have been taken out of the book entirely and nothing would feel like it was missing. But the fact that it’s there is a Big Deal moment. The great big monstrous antagonist’s judgment of humanity is unavoidable in its accuracy.

And the Discworld series is full of moments like that. Sometimes it’s just one line, sometimes it’s a full scene, and most of the book is so full of shenanigans coming so quickly one after another that you don’t always see the Big Deal moments coming. We think of Pratchett as a humor/satire writer and yes, the books are hilarious, but in between the jokes are these Big Deal moments that casually rearrange our perspective and stick with us even after we think we’ve forgotten.

Then there are the other Big Deal Moments, that are Emotional Meteorite Strike Moments (e.g. the phrase “that is not my cow” can now instantly put me in the fetal position) but I’m having a hard enough time describing this one as it is so I’ll probably go on a tirade about those ‘round about that One Part in Feet of Clay. (You know the one.)

It hit me today that I have made headcanons for so many different things, but out of all of them, I have never made Reibert ones. I was really into Reibert like two years ago, so these are way overdue, but finally, here they are.

  • Reiner calls Bertholdt every pet name possible while Bertholdt tends to call him “love”. This kills Reiner every time.
  • They literally share an entire wardrobe. They still have their separate clothes, but after some time, everything got piled together. Bertholdt is wearing a shirt that’s loose around the shoulders? That’s because it’s Reiner’s. Reiner is wearing a pair of pants that are too long? They’re Bertholdt’s. 
  • Bertholdt never shops without Reiner. Reiner will happily go up to employees to ask for help or will make conversation with the cashier so Bertholdt doesn’t have to.
  • Since Reiner is an extrovert and Bertholdt is an introvert, it took Reiner a bit to understand that Bertholdt sometimes needs time to himself and only himself. Now, he doesn’t think too much of it when Bertholdt distances himself a bit or recluses himself to one room. 
  • Reiner has really nice photos of Bertholdt, such as the light hitting his face at a certain angle and what not, but Bertholdt mostly has really blurry selfies of Reiner. Of course, he does have good photos of him too, but the blurry ones always get him to laugh.
  • Bertholdt cuts Reiner’s hair.
  • Reiner gets really confused when people comment on how quiet Bertholdt is because Reiner knows how he actually is. Bertholdt will talk and joke around more when he’s only with Reiner compared to being in a group.
  • When they first moved in together, they decided to buy a new bed frame. This project took them almost five hours to complete because Reiner thought they would be able to assemble it without instructions and Bertholdt put some pieces together incorrectly due to not having said instructions. In the middle of putting it together, Reiner stopped and proclaimed it was getting late. It was 6:30 pm.
  • I headcanon that Reiner has glasses and Bertholdt thinks he looks so cute when he wears them.
  • Being childhood friends, they love going through photos of when they were little kids and reminiscing in general. 
  • Reiner: One time, my boyfriend and I were-wait, did I ever mention I have a boyfriend? His name is Bertholdt. Bertholdt is the best boyfriend ever. I love him. I really love him. I love my boyfriend, which if you didn’t catch it, his name is Bertholdt. Bertholdt is my boyfriend. He’s the best.
  • A lot of people don’t know they’re dating unless they say so. They don’t do too much PDA, so to strangers, they just seem like they have a really strong friendship. They just have one of those types of relationships.

Vilde has learned nothing.

She knows the context of why Elias called Sana a slave.

She knows why Elias was trying to get everyone out of the house.

She knows that being on Russ isn’t disrespectful to Islam.

But she’s so low key fucking racist like you just honestly can’t forgive it.

I hope that Sana finally realizes some people don’t deserve your compassion, understanding, and time cause they never fucking learn.

Now I want to read a Swan Queen fanfic based on Tabula Rasa (the Buffy episode)! Since ouat likes to copy Buffy and LOVES memory spells, it would work perfectly! Just think about it!

All of the main characters wake up and don’t remember who they are, so they try to figure it out. They get some things right, like the fact that Henry is Regina’s son and some things wrong like… They think Rumple and Snow are a couple :P

And while they have to deal with this, they are attacked by some random villain! Emma and Regina accidentally find out they have magic so they decide they’re going to protect the others from the villains because they’re ‘superheroes or something’

So the others go to the hospital while they go out looking for the villains together. Emma and Regina feel the sexual tension between them and don’t know how to deal with it. Emma could say 'I think I’m kinda gay’ to someone

Anyway, they eventually kiss and the spell breaks while they’re kissing, and now they have to understand what happened and face the fact that they’re in love! I think this sounds fun!

I’ve been reading chapter 122 over again (because I’m obsessed) and I really have to thank Ishida for how he wrote the TouKen talk. It wasn’t cliché at all, I really liked the way he portrayed Touka’s feelings without doing it in a way that seemed out of character. I also liked how subtle it was how Touka admits that she has feeling for Kaneki at the same time exposing his as well through Haise.

With the rest of the talk we got to see Kaneki’s perspective of things and how he doesn’t want Touka to disappear and Touka relating to how he feels and how he had done the same with her therefore they see eye to eye. I’m glad they got these things out into the open because its about time they talked about this kind of stuff and now I believe they understand each other a bit more now.

Once again I’m happy Ishida didn’t write anything too cliché as well as Tsukiyama bursting trough the doors he was there for an important reason as well as moving the plot along. The rest of Goat didn’t just come in for coffee just to interrupt or to make things awkward. 

At the end you get to see Kaneki’s character development by not leaving Touka behind therefore showing that Kaneki has listened to Touka and acknowledged her feelings which I think is great, I think it really shows how powerful Touks’s words are showing they can have effect much like the bridge talk were Kaneki realized that he was wrong because of Touka proving that she can help him in reaching his ultimate goal.

This is the first time I have written a post like this I don’t want to write too much because everybody else had probably said it hundreds of times already but that’s basically it. 

I know I’m late but Iv’e been re-reading this chapter over and over again. Now just to wait two weeks until the next chapter. I hope people can understand what I said. Thanks for reading ^__^

No, Yuri!!! on Ice isn't a yaoi

It’s not even a shounen ai.
It’s a sports anime with a canon gay couple.

Please please please, I don’t want to alienate LGBT representation in anime any further than it already has by placing YOI in the yaoi category just because of Victuuri. Rarely do we see gay representation outside of yaoi (if you even consider that representative…) so I want to keep this intact.

Okay, guys, I don’t want to answer “Am I Jewish?” questions from complicated family histories.

  • According to Jewish law, you’re Jewish if your mother is Jewish.
  • Alternatively, in Reform Judaism, you’re accepted as Jewish if only your father is Jewish and you were raised in Judaism.
  • If either of your parents are ethnic Jews, you partly share their ethnicity.
  • Adopted children have to be converted to be Jewish.
  • Any example of, “There’s Jewish blood in my near-ancestry, but not my parents” means that you have Jewish ancestry, not that you’re Jewish yourself. You’d need to convert.
  • If you want to research and explore Jewish culture, that’s genuinely great.
  • If you’re unsure, don’t ask Tumblr, ask a Rabbi.

Rabbis – for the most part – aren’t scary. You can find contact details on the majority of synagogue websites and then even send an email if you’re unsure or nervous.

I’m really not comfortable answering and sharing those kinds of personal questions. Thank you.

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Will Tomco be more of a thing is the show? I'm a little worried if LGBT support is just being used as a trend and to gain popularity. I don't mind Tomco but would hate if it gets pushed just to get attention. I'm a huge LGBT supporter by the way, no hate.

Hi anon,
I don’t blame you for having this concern, but we need to unpack your question to get to the root of it. Where should I start…

I guess I’ll start by letting you know that nobody on this crew is using LGBT to make the show “gain popularity,” and I can say with confidence that the people I know on this crew are strong supporters. No one is sitting in a board meeting saying, “You know what’s popular these days? LGBT! Let’s trick these kids into watching by sneakily inserting more of it into the show, just to get more viewers.” 

Listen…we are making a show that is consumed by people all over the world– a very broad audience–who ultimately have different views of LGBT representation. And unfortunately, the way things still are, anything that might even hint at any LGBT themes is considered a risk for a corporation as big as Disney, because that very broad audience is how they make money, and they don’t want to rock that boat. 

So if and/or when you detect LGBT-friendly themes on this show, it’s most likely there because the creators fought hard to put it there. They did the best they could to get any form of representation over, under or around those censors. They put it there to make a positive change in media.

So instead of having concern over something being written into the show just for attention–especially something that sensitive– please consider that the artists here are doing the best they can to put representation out there where we think there should already be more. 

I hope this helps answer your concern? And I hope I don’t come across sounding harsh! I just wanna help people understand!

Remember that you don’t have to have anything to offer to be wanted, you’ll find people that just appreciate your presence in their lives because they like you.


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Kind of a weird question, but do any of the tots have autism/ADHD?

Hi, and don’t worry, it’s not a weird question. Now on to actually answering it.

I’m afraid I’m not actually well read on such issues to actually put it in-canon. I know this is a case of representation and it’d be nice to have a character to relate to on that level, but with the amount of knowledge I have on the subject, I’d rather not just throw in something like that. And the last thing I want to do is offend or misrepresent anyone by doing so. I hope people understand. 

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I /think/ that maybe what's going on are some differences with genre? Some trans and nonbinary people have expressed discomfort with a particular kind of genderbend in visual art, where "genderbending" means sticking a bunch of stereotypically male or female physical traits on them, e.g. a square jaw, breasts. This reifies the idea that gender is binary and determined by physical attributes, which is wrong and transphobic. But with cosplay, genderbends work actively against those binaries.

(( OOC: I can understand  that viewpoint and why some may feel that gender bending re-enforces gender stereotypes. But I’ll explain why I think that isn’t a case in a minute. If we are to promote the idea of gender as a spectrum, then we must also acknowledge the spectrum has two opposite ends to it. Taking a male character and giving them female-coded physical traits shouldn’t invalidate those who fall elsewhere on the spectrum. The spectrum encompasses all experiences of gender and therefore it will draw from those two polar opposites to varying degrees wherever you fall on it. 

So I agree, gender bending within cosplay works in favour of this. When we are gender bending characters, we’re not simply giving them a square jaw, or breasts, and asking people to accept that these physical traits alone make them male/female. It is about transferring the character and their personality to a different place on the spectrum, and exploring how this impacts their relationships, how they react to situations, and how their dynamics with other characters change. But also how they remain the same person they were before. Fem!Sirius is still just as domineering and hot-headed as Male!Sirius, Fem!Fenrir doesn’t suddenly become less aggressive and violent because she is female. We are disregarding gender stereotypes, because the focus is on the character, not their gender. 

Gender bending works against the gender binary by seeing people as people - as humans - and demonstrating that though they have been placed elsewhere on the spectrum, their stories remain fundamentally unchanged, and their experiences are still just as valid. If we can translate these concepts across to the real world and normalise them, society would be much better for it. ))


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wait so does Frisk wan't to be hurting people? Or is he(I don't know what pronoun to use please don't hurt me) only doing it to LV up? Or is it both?

(whatever the pronouns for frisk in this post I’ll call frisk a he for this post)

Actually y’all read this

I hope people understand that Frisk is doing it because it IS the only way at this point.

Had he tackled this issue the pacifist way from the beginning and maybe the outcome would’ve been different, but decisions and mistakes were made, now he only has to face consequences and think of another way out that won’t end up with the timeline being erased, and without everyone dead in the process.

Imagine yourself playing a game and get to the final boss, suddenly the game goes all like “oh but wait you have to win this battle in 1 go, no going back, and if you lose the game will delete itself forever, k good luck!”

That’s basically Frisk’s situation. And on top of it all, they’re at LV 1 with unstable determination because of his close friends being in pain or killed.

True the ways he used to achieve the ending he got were wrong and selfish. But he can’t un-do it anymore. From now on Frisk will have to carry with that guilt the rest of his life and start to think on how to make things better despite their horrible decisions and mistakes from the past.

His best option is to try and win right? And to be honest his chances are VERY slim in his situation, so what was the only chance he saw… increase his LV, push away his personal relationships, push away the things he loved and cared about because that might affect his determination in battle. He HAS to go for the kill, there’s no way he can spare Betty and he knows that, mentally he has to prepare to KILL someone, so he can’t AFFORD to be kind or have empathy anymore, or everything will go downhill, EVEN MORE. 

As wrong as it looks, to him, pushing away everyone and being as emotionless as possible is giving him the best chance he has right now to win the battle