i hope people still realise the joke

140315 Rice Cake Soup - Jin's Blog Post

2014 Rice Cake Soup

Firstly the ingredients are frozen dumplings,  1 packet of rice cakes, 1 packet of spicy rice cakes and 3 packets of beef bone soup

And some other ingredients

This year we’re poor so no meat

Firstly let’s soak the rice cakes in water

And we’re cooking the beef bone soup.

We don’t have anchovies to put in the broth, neither do we have meat, or the time so what is there to do other than this that only takes 3 minutes

Or at least that’s what is written hehe

The stew pot has gotten quite rusty.. 

Mom.. I’ll steal one of the good stew pots from home. I’m apologizing in advance.

Getting the cooking duration and amount right

While that’s cooking let’s break an egg

Now let’s start cooking for real

Throwing in 1 packet of frozen dumplings

There’s 30 dumplings in there

Next is to throw in the rice cakes that are swollen from soaking in water

This too is a 6-person serving

Right beside that, we’re starting to cook the Honey Rice Cakes

We’re using olive oil. Hweek-hweek 

Throwing in rice cakes swollen from soaking in water

They look like brothers in a good relationship

Adding peanuts, later we’ve to add honey and sesame seeds too.

Ah when water comes in contact with oil it might spurt so do be careful. I put it on low fire so it’s not spurting hoot

Both stirred in and cooked, sub standard-looking photos.

In the middle (of cooking) the beef bone soup wasn’t enough so I added more water, diced garlic, pepper and egg

The timing’s whenever you deem fit

Having completed it would look perfect with a bowl but since there’s no bowl - Fail..

But seriously why is this happening while we’re living here in the dorms

Why does the bowls disappear, spoons and chopsticks disappear, there’s no one who’d take it and go off with them (Namjoon ah I’m not being suspicious of you)

With that in mind, I end up with large brass bowls for practical use.

We’ll just eat with that used as substitutes

Visuals solo shot-☆

Now you kids ought to know better and do the dishes

That’s being considerate tok-tok


We ate rather senselessly so that’s omitted

Thankful to the members who ate it deliciously. Actually there are things I forgot and also couldn’t buy so I got my nice older brother to buy it for me..

Since its for 7 people the food costs are more extravagant than what I thought ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

It’s not like I just realised .. what ..

I hope you read this post and know it too hyung, next time I’ll definitely cook it for you to eat

with that said I still hope you’ll buy the ingredients haha

I’m joking ~heh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

List of Sponsorships

Stew pot sponsored by Mom 

Scoop sponsored by Mom 

Plates sponsored by Mom

Spoons sponsored by Mom 

Salt sponsored by Mom 

Honey sponsored by Mom

I’m here to rob everything after all

Mom I’m sorry. . I love you. . 

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Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans

Hey America

- or at least that portion of America which doesn’t support Trump. I know you lot are out there, even if it turns out you aren’t as numerous as the rest of us were hoping.

The day after the EU referendum was the worst day I remember living through in quite a while now. It was like living through an inescapable nightmare. Everywhere I turned there was nothing but Brexit, it was all anyone could talk about as the pound crashed and burned, various members of government resigned or just mysteriously disappeared, smug Brexiteers sang the praises of our ‘Independence Day’ while everyone else frantically scrabbled for a loophole, for some kind of ctrl+alt+delete that would magically put everything back to normal. People said they voted as a joke. People said they’d been misled. People said they hadn’t understood, that they didn’t realise that their vote would count. But the nightmare continued: the result still stood, and the world carried on disintegrating in front of my eyes.

I really wanted to stay in the EU, all right. My whole future was there. Is there. To put it into perspective, after the results were announced I couldn’t write for a couple of weeks because I punched a wall where I had once hung an EU flag.

I really hoped for all of your sakes that there would never be another day like that, but I bet that’s what you’re going through right now. The sick feeling of watching everything you prayed wouldn’t happen come to pass. The desperate search for an emergency exit, an ‘undo’ button, anything. The scalding shame of seeing your country front page of the world’s news for the worst reason possible. The fear and uncertainty of what the future will be like. The suspicion: every time you look at a fellow American for the next few weeks you’ll wonder if it was their tiny vote that made the difference.

You guys have my condolences. And I want to say I’m not laughing at your country, I’m not calling you all stupid, and I’m not going to forget that huge amounts of you never wanted this. I know what it’s like to see your country turn its back on everything you stand for as a person, and I’m not going to forget you all, the minority who lost. I hope things turn out better than everyone’s expecting, I really do. I fervently hope that this man doesn’t turn out to be the warmongering misogynistic racist he’s presented himself as throughout his campaign; I hope he doesn’t do half the things he said he would. I hope you all come through this okay.

Stay strong.

- A European.

London Spy and the trope of the tragic homosexual

(This is a response from pennypaperbrain to “When gayness isn’t a joke,” some thoughts of mine on London Spy. Tumblr in its infinite wisdom has made it impossible to edit a reblog so that you don’t have to scroll through the entire original post, so I’ve just cut-and-pasted here. Hope that’s okay.)

I was very interested to read this, because personally I feel that so far (episode 3) while many of the individual painful experiences have been well handled, cumulatively they overbalance into grimdark. I’ve only seen it all once, and am observing gay history from my armchair without even having been adult during the first HIV crises, but that was what struck me.

This is a non-spoilery thread so I won’t go into details, but Scottie for example seems to have had nothing *except* stigma-induced/-enhanced suffering in his life. Each of his stories is real, but doesn’t add up to the man we see, who has a nice flat and a club membership whatever else has befallen him. I wish we were getting the harsh stories in a wider context, rather than what currently feels like a race to cram in more and more harsh.

The characters are tragically isolated, when I would expect a balanced depiction of a stigmatised community to focus on that - community - as well as the challenges. Warts and all, community gets minorities through, but there isn’t one here. We just get Mark Gatiss chewing the scenery, an opposition between his bad gay and Danny’s good gay.

I loved the ‘Are you out?’ moment because it was a prosaic meld of hope and caution, so it really did pull the viewers out of that ‘Are you gay?’ (are you one of those poor stigmatised specimens?) headspace into the context of normal humans just trying to get by in the situation life’s handed them. I don’t think most of the rest of the show lives up to it, though.

Give me Blue references over gay jokes or an erasure of history any time, but if I was so inclined I could have sat back in my armchair at the end of ep 3 thinking ‘Those poor tragic gays, I do hope my son doesn’t turn out to be one,’ unchallenged. Not entirely, but for the majority of the time London Spy feels to me like a throwback to the time when just getting people to realise gay men deserved an ordinary level of human consideration was the battle. Maybe I’m naive and it still is, just not in my personal London-dwelling bubble.

PFG responds:

You’re right, Penny, so far London Spy looks an awful lot like just another tale of lonely, doomed gay men. But it is a spy story, after all, not a domestic drama or a romance. It’s going to be about crime, danger, intrigue, and the secrets of individuals and nations. (There are no happy spy stories, really, unless you go the campy-Bond route.) But I think your point about community can’t be overstated: Danny and Scotty are terribly isolated, and club culture, both of the dancing and sherry-sipping sort, doesn’t have to be destructive or stultifying. Danny and Scotty’s cross-generational relationship allows for interesting reflection on recent gay history, but yes, it can feel like a throwback.  (The show does another sketchy thing, too, when it links homophobia to a fear of kink, so that homosexuality is as sick as it is kinky, and kink=death.)

In short, I agree with everything you say here, and I can only hope the last two episodes mitigate the tragic-gay aspect. Your response makes clear to me that my post was motivated more in answer to Tumblr conversations about queer representation than about London Spy itself. I wrote it after coming across another of those posts saying that if I don’t agree with TJLC, if I don’t think that Gatiss et al secretly intend to make Johnlock canon, then I’m homophobic and blinded by heteronormativity. (x)  I think part of my resentment of TJLC readings is how they sometimes operate in ignorance of the past few decades of gay history. They say they know Gatiss’ attitude toward representation, when they show no awareness of what it was like to live through the AIDS crisis, when “SILENCE=DEATH” was our watchword. I’m sorry, I’d like to think a man who dealt with that is not going to straight-up lie about whether he’s writing a queer show. (x) When I think of “better queer representation,” I don’t think of a six-year tease whose queer subtext is so easy to overlook or deny.** I think of something like London Spy, with an out gay actor playing an out gay character from an out gay creator and writer. Whether or not that representation is “positive,” it’s honest, and unapologetically represents the lived gay experience of its creators without tittering jokes or mind-games.

*Because I know I’ll be asked for my bona fides: I was part of the group that brought ACT-UP to Durham, North Carolina, when Senator Jesse Helms was demanding that PBS be defunded for showing black men kissing. I lost friends to AIDS, and that probably makes me hypersensitive and prone to resentment.

**And because I always have to say this: I SHIP JOHNLOCK.


eternallyphan is karen

she is literally my fave person ever and i don’t want people to give her shit because karen is so awesome she is just one person and her blog is awesome and although her blog would probably make my grandma cry i love it so yeah here we have a list of some reasons why karen is awesome

1. We nearly share a birthday mine is the day after hers

2. She cares so much about people

3. She loves phil and thinks he is daddy af

4. She’s a lot like Dan, she may or may not be him

5. She has an epic taste in music

6. She’s really pretty i hope she realises that

7. from what i can gather she’s been through some tough stuff but she is still here thank goodness

8. She’s hilarious and is so so funny but sometimes people don’t get her jokes which is stupid

9. She wants her blog to be a safe place

10. she is literally so chill

11. she was the first person to rickroll me ever

nobody needs to know who i am because that would ruin the fun.

ok bye