i hope people know i mean this in jest

anonymous asked:

Are you actually offended by witch costumes? If yes, why?

I’m irked by witch costumes, the evil witch stereotype, the green makeup, and the way witches have been portrayed in pop culture. People forget that being a witch is a lifestyle and even a religious choice that dates back to ancient times. But I know that these associations won’t truly ever go away. I will teach my children the truth and won’t let them think that being a witch is just a costume and some makeup. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Harry Potter, enjoy witch movies, and witches in pop culture. I respect JK Rowlings research and even enjoy the nostalgia I get from watching Halloweentown. I know the difference between reality and entertainment, where as a lot of people don’t. I do think the portrayal in pop culture kind of drew all of us to the craft in one way or another. It lets people know that witches and witchcraft exists, even if it’s not the most accurate of portrayals. I mean nothing is sacred anymore and in some ways, I am a little thankful of the misconceptions because it has kept our craft and religion from getting killed by mainstream society, only mimicked and shown in jest. I hope this all makes sense!

Blessed Be )O(