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some movie night headcanons

- movie night Saturday is a BIG thing at the firehouse. 

- Kevin takes the lack of couch space as an opportunity to put all the pillows and blankets on the floor. it becomes a Saturday night tradition.

- they all take turns picking a movie each week and Patty has yet to pick something that isn’t a documentary or a musical. everyone complains that the songs will get stuck in their heads, but deep down they love it. 

- Patty knows this so she tries to pick a different style of musical every time it’s her turn. everyone is singing the show tunes until the next movie night.

- Abby alternates between comedies and 80s coming-of-age films which she shamelessly cries at a good majority of. 

- Erin trying to hide her obvious tears makes Holtz flirtatiously tease her about crying over a movie. the teasing usually doesn’t last long because Holtz is a sympathetic crier who “only teared up a little bit, I swear.” 

- Holtzmann doesn’t get that there is a limit to how many bad 70s-80s sci-fi films you can watch per lifetime and that she has greatly exceeded that limit.

- Kevin has no real pattern to his picks, but he has a soft spot for Disney. when it isn’t Disney, it’s something everyone ends up liking anyways. (except for the one time he picked a really metaphorical indie film and no one knew what was going on but him.) 

- Erin’s choices have yet to stray from Harry Potter after she got the girls to finally read all the books over a span of three weeks. 

-Patty didn’t mind rereading them for a third time. her book club dreams came true. Abby took some extra convincing. Holtz was adamant about finishing them as fast as possible. (it’s not because she liked seeing Erin’s smile when she’d go on about the characters that she held so close to her heart or anything.) 

- Abby is a night owl, so when everyone falls asleep in a big cuddled up heap she makes sure to take a picture. if that picture just so happens to make it to instagram then whoops.

Top 5 ships

Sorry this took me so long, but @problematicbellarke tagged me to name my top 5 ships. I have way more than 5 OTPs (and I multiship) so this was really difficult haha

1. Bellarke - The 100

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2. rebelcaptain - Rogue One

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3. Jamie x Claire - Outlander

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4. Clexa (The 100)

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5. Jon x Ygritte (Game of Thrones)

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therewillbesparkles  asked:

I think they dropped the ball in general when it comes to LGBT+ relationships, if everything we've heard is true. I'm still excited for ME:A and I still love Bioware but my excitement has dimmed incredibly in the wake of this, and I just feel like... Bioware should know better by now. After everything with the trilogy, and hell, DA:I has more diversity!! So it's not like they can't do it. Idk, I'm just... kinda really bummed and depressed. :/ But I'm still looking forward to playing Andromeda.

Yeah. I think I agree with you. And I’m still very excited to play it.

I hope people realize by now I don’t like extremes. I’m very honest about my excitement to play this game. I’m also very honest about the parts that make me critical. It’s not all or nothing here. And if it gets too depressing or annoying to see all those critical discussions, I hope people will blacklist or unfollow. I also hope they know they won’t only see critical discussions. 

Idk, I’m a bit wary right now because I can definitely recognize some shitty things happening with MEA but I think people forget I’m a huge ME fan with a ME blog who has waited for MEA for a very long time and still need to be positive sometimes. I don’t want to apologize for that. 

So yeah, I like your message. It’s okay to have mixed feelings. 

Castlefanfics Prompt Challenge

So I thought I’d start a little fic writing challenge, for a few reasons. I think there’s little inspiration for many at the moment, and people are either not wanting to write, or not knowing what to (not saying this is everyone, but just in general), and so the amount of fics published has gone down. It thought it would be nice to put out some vague prompts for people to write from, that aren’t stemming from season 8 and aren’t from the prompts blog. This is in no way a contest, or anything that anyone should feel obliged to do, but I thought it would be fun, and maybe inspire some new fics. Please message me with any further questions you may have!!


  • Write a fic based off one of the following prompts, under 5000 words
  • Post it on fanfiction.net or tumblr
  • I will reblog every entry and then make a list of all at the end
  • Tag it as ‘Castlefanfics Prompt Challenge’ (first five tags in original posts only) or tag me in it so I can see, or put it in the summary on ffn
  • If you want to fill more than one prompt go for it!!!
  • Challenge is open until the 9th of April, giving you a month.


These are reasonably vague so they can have many interpretations and no one will worry about stepping on toes etc. I gave them a time frame because it gives some specificity but still allowing lots of directions, though if you are so inclined I won’t protest if you change it :) I wrote a bunch and was going to cut it down, buuuut I couldn’t choose which ones to cut, so you get them all. Have fun!!!!

  • Season 1 - “I need help”
  • Season 1 - Broken glass everywhere
  • Season 1 - “I didn’t think you were the type of person who”
  • Season 1 - Beckett loses her necklace
  • Season 2 - Lost
  • Season 2 - “This storm is getting bad”
  • Season 2 - The water is cold
  • Season 2 - “I fell over”
  • Season 3 - Hotel
  • Season 3 - Running too fast
  • Season 3 - At the doctors
  • Season 3 - “Don’t touch that”
  • Season 4 - Candles
  • Season 4 - Travelling to a different state
  • Season 4 - “I’m in pain”
  • Season 4 - “We’re running out of time”
  • Season 5 - Blood
  • Season 5 - Penguins
  • Season 5 - “You bought this for me?”
  • Season 5 - “But it’s date night”
  • Season 6 - Blanket
  • Season 6 - Finding a spider web
  • Season 6 - “Stop frowning at me”
  • Season 6 - Disney Princess
  • Season 7 - Game
  • Season 7 - “Why did you do this?”
  • Season 7 - Babysitting Sarah Grace
  • Season 7 - “I’m just not sure anymore”
  • AU - Ocean
  • AU - A meeting involving any type of animal
  • AU - Meet outside of New York
  • AU - “Are you stalking me?”
  • Future fic - Dinosaur
  • Future fic - “Please stop crying”
  • Future fic - Cooking dinner
  • Future fic - “But he’s sick”
So the phenomenon...

…“ageism“ continues throughout every fandom.

A former Korean actor and now president of his own entertainment agency got married to one of his starlets. She will turn 30 this year and he is in his early 40s. And what kind of comments can you read under blog posts or news articles!?

About her they say: “She is a gold digger” - He is rich so of course she only got married to an “old” man because of that.

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He on the other hand is a “old man who only wanted to marry a woman who could be his daughter” - Excuse me but he is 43 and she is 30 - how can he be old enough to be her father? What kind of argument is this?!

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Why does age even matter!? WHY? This is so immature and narrow-minded.

Of course there are limits: like he/she is a minor. Nobody supports that.

But as long as the man or the woman are adults and capable of making their own decisions, e.g. Elizabeth Keen (32) in The Blacklist, then ageism should be invalid.

I mean I read a book review and the writer was happy about the age gap and I thought “okay what age gap?”. So I googled spoilers for the book and I had a good laugh because the heroine was 25 and the guy was turning 33 in the book. So it’s a age gap of merely 8 years but it’s already something special to get mentioned in a book review. Seriously? 

So when is it okay for people to fall in love without being told he/she is too old for her/him? Same age?! 1 year gap?! Two year gap?!

Obviously 8+ years are worth being mentioned in a book review and 10+ years he could be “old enough to be her father” or she could be “old enough to be his mother”.

And my fellow Lizzington shippers know the drill. We had to listen to insults like “ewww you ship them? They’re like father and daughter” or “gross! She is like a daughter to him”. Yes the age gap between Red (James: 55) and Liz (Megan: 32) is 20+ years but this doesn’t mean they can’t be attracted to eachother or fall in love.

I know some people use the “he could be her father”/”he is her mentor”-explanation just because they don’t see any romance between Red and Liz. Which is fine because I don’t expect everyone to ship Lizzington.

But to use the age gap as a reason to make the possibility to fall in love invalid doesn’t make any sense. And it makes me think those people never experienced true love.

Because if we would follow their reasoning my mother who was married to a man 20 years her senior was never in love with him. Because the age gap makes it impossible to have romantic feelings for somebody so much older than her. Because she had a father complex. If I would tell my mother about it she would be either sad or insulted or both. And she would share a few words with those people. Because it’s bullsh**! Up until her husband’s death he and my mother had a wonderful relationship which was based on love and mutual respect.

So to say something like this about fictional characters can hurt people in RL as well. Because even though some people can’t imagine falling in love with a much older person doesn’t mean it’s impossible… it doesn’t mean it’s less precious or beautiful.

It doesn’t matter if it’s reality or fiction. When it comes to love age shouldn’t matter!